PDP governor assures Buhari of state’s vote in next election

President Muhammadu Buhari during the Campaign prior to the 2015 Presidential election

The governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, says Ebonyi people will vote overwhelmingly for President Muhamadu Buhari if he contests any election in the future.

The governor, elected on the platform of the People Democratic Party (PDP), poured encomiums on President Buhari, saying that he was the only recognisable APC member in Ebonyi State.

The president, said the governor, regards Ebonyi State with deep affection unlike APC members from the state who do not care about the welfare of the people.

Pledging the unflinching loyalty of the people of the state to the Buhari administration, Mr. Umahi said the only vote APC would get in the state would be for the president.

“I have always said that APC is one man and that’s the president. The president is a man with good character and that’s why we are supporting him and he is supporting Ebonyi State.

“Ebonyi State is very dear in the heart of the President but not in the hearts of the masquerades who have not given anybody chalk.

“If APC will get a vote in Ebonyi State, it will get vote by the President alone and nobody else”.

The governor spoke when a delegation from Ohaozara, Onicha and Ivo Federal constituency as well as leaders from Onicha-East constituency paid him a New Year homage in Ohaozara LGA.

He said that his efforts to transform the state had made it impossible for the APC to be useful.

Referring to the APC and its symbol, broom, the governor added jokingly that “our people doing handiwork have refused to produce brooms again”.

Mr. Umahi, according the statement, said: “When you have broom in Ebonyi State where will you sweep? Is there any place to be swept? Is Ebonyi not clean? Is Ebonyi not neat?

“There is nothing to sweep. They have to take it (broom) to places that are dirty and continue their sweeping. But in Ebonyi State and because of the kind of people in APC, our people doing handiwork have refused to produce brooms again. So, there are no brooms in Ebonyi State because we have made everywhere to be very clean.

“When you’re walking on our roads you will be seeing yourself because the light will be on. So you will be seeing your shadow on the road. So there is nothing to sweep,” he said.

Mr. Umahi advised the people not to be deceived by those who had opportunity to help others but rather used it to care for themselves alone.

“We have seen the need for unity in Ebonyi State. We’ve seen the need for equity and fair play in the land of Ebonyi and God is helping us so much in this direction because that’s why we have absolute peace in Ebonyi State and that’s why there is no other party.

“People have been deceiving our people for years. Every time they deceive our people and they have had opportunity to buy houses in Abuja. Whom have they sent to school? Whom have they paid their school fees? The time of deceit is gone.”


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  • Emeka

    There is a time limit to which one holds or hides truth within his or her heart, before letting it out, which in simple English word, may be called “confession,” failing to do so would amount to implosion, which would ultimately lead to crisis, or even death. That is exactly what just transpired between the governor of Ebonyi state and the rest of the world. The governor could not hold on to falsehood anymore, hence he speaks.

    • thusspokez

      hence he speaks.

      How about: “hence, he resigns and defects?”

    • Peter_Edo


  • Bayo

    Kukuma decamp if you wan decamp. Shameless animal.

  • Zallo

    I don’t think PMB will be impress by this kind of jingoistic character. Remember you will always be regarded as a member of 5% electorate community.

  • Höly Wähala

    Buhari should not even dream of contesting for re-election given his abysmal performance so far, therefore, this is pure songs of praises poured down the drainage. Nigerians can’t wait for Buhari to go either via elections or the Abacha way, his govt. has been a homicidal torture on millions of Nigerians. Gov. Umuahi or whatever he’s called should stop speaking through his anus and concentrate on governing the good people of Ebonyi… Buhari was a mega mistake, shikena!

    • Gary

      Wow…you’re on a roll today. Spoiling for a fight with the PMB cult-worshippers? They don’t take kindly to anyone who says the man isn’t God’s gift to the country.

      • Höly Wähala

        Any one of them who rears an ugly face on this thread will take a foot in the asshole…
        Buhari has, ‘Nothing to Display!’ Absolutely nothing to show for his 19months in office, even Boko Haram struck and killed 9 in suicide bombings in our North East, this is a war he lied has been won and lost. The man is a curse, no wonder the devil waited fo so long to spring him on Nigerians, but we go show’am for dat 9ja just we showed others before him… stay tuned! How jare? se, we talk, Happy New Year? Mtchwww… dey de wonder about a 90yr fossil man go quick forget his courtesy conduct. Blessings!

        • Amir

          You are surely an online lunatic.

          • Höly Wähala

            Clap for me nah… lol!

    • Rommel

      You just heard from the governor or did you think he was talking about the last elections? PMB has already won the 2019 mainly because Nigerians of goodwill are gradually seeing what the man is talking about as the economy begins to turn around sustainably,only the lazy ones who depend on govt handouts in the name of amnesty stipends and criminals are complaining

      • Höly Wähala

        Get lost moron… I’ve got no patience with political job-seekers like your ignorant ass, how often do I have tell you morons that no one gets hired for singing online songs of praises like you and @Ndidi et al, often do? Buhari’s health may not even see him through to 2019 before you plan on picking crumbs from under his table. Nkapia, jobless tout. Fuck-off! ASCHLOCH.

        • Rommel

          Hugging live wire will do you a lot of good so I suggest you give it serious thoughts

    • Mufu Ola

      Well groomed & well informed Nigerians know Buhari is trying & on the right path. Things could have been catastrophic if not for divine intervention.

      • Höly Wähala

        Mufa, I held you to a better intellectual prowess than what you have just posted. Emir Sanusi, Mllm. Balarabe Musa, Cardinal Okogie, Fr. Mbaka, Pst. Tunde Bakare and virtually all sane Nigerians know and have told Buhari that he is fucking up full-time. Quit praise singing, no one gets a job by clapping and cheering everything a President does if that’s your aim. Get Lost!

        • Mufu Ola

          None of them said Buhari has failed. They individually have specific agendas they are criticizing.And that’s normal.No govt in the world ever get 100%. I’m not a dye in d wool Buhari addict but there are some people here especially who are determined to distort facts & we won’t allow them. Sanusi is obsessed about exchange rate. Balarabe & Okogie are incoherent,just generalizing & following bus stop discussions, Mbaka said what “everybody” is saying about “people are hungry” while Tunde Bakare appears more concerned about the National Conference he attended.All these are normal motley of opinions but we must be honest to admit that things would have been far worse if Jonathan have continue.Nobody can convince me otherwise.

          • marc umeh

            Nobody is trying to convince you of that !!
            What we are trying to convince you and others is that Buhari is dropping the ball in many areas. Nigeria has a golden opportunity to save itself just like Singapore did. It won’t take much. Those who stole our common wealth should return the money and go to prison. He should have condemned the fulani herdsmen and promptly stationed troops in that area. That would have saved hundreds of lives. These are the obvious ones . Despite the claimed og successes, the war against BH is being mismanaged. Let me give you an example , a terrorist bombed a new year party in turkey. How did the govt react.? They sprang into action , displayed the picture og the terrorist throughout the whole world , arrested his friends and relatives for interrogation etc . In nigeria it is a totally different picture. They tell you they killed a terrorist and that’s it. Incompetency upon incompetency and people are keeping quite . I can go on and on. To save this country requires total commitment.

          • Mufu Ola

            Arresting or indentifying criminals in advanced countries is easy because all citizens are indentifiable from birth & immigration.When a crime is commited,d authorities merely need a witness or two to give the “slightest” description of the fellow and d security agents just need to go to data base & profile the criminal. Do we have these in Nigeria? When Lagos Stata proposed CCTV in Lagos during Fashola era, was it not sabotaged by FG under GEJ & some that were said to be installed in Abuja were vandalized.Concerning condemnations, I don’t know how many issues “condemnations” have solved.People talk of condemn as if all you just need to do is condemn something & bingo! d problem is solved.How many times have world leaders & bodies condemn one thing or other & it still remain the same?

  • T-Rex


  • thusspokez

    The governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, says Ebonyi people will vote overwhelmingly for President Muhamadu Buhari if he contests any election in the future.

    Pinocchio’s nose grows as he lies; this shameless governor shrinks in size as he ingratiates himself with Buhari. Buhari must hold him in greater contempt than ever before.– At least, I would.

    • Arabakpura

      The man is smarter than you thought! He knows that the electoral contest will be between Buhari and Buhari’s brother and he has decided to stick with the devil he knows and you hold a grudge for that?

      • thusspokez

        What is smart about being unprincipled? He reinforces the stereotype and perception of the Igbo man by northerners, as someone who will do anything to get by; someone not to be trusted.

    • Powerlessconscious

      The rice production in enboyi was through the support of the federal government. Enboyi can produce rice like kebbi state. The governor is very happy for that because the president did not politicised the agricultural programme….

  • Spoken word

    my governor, my governor

  • marc umeh

    And the igbos are talking of honesty and even Biafra.

  • IFEANYI From Asaba

    David Umahi or whatever he is called must be drunk and very stewpid.
    Pure and Simple. There is no other explanation. If after killing and
    burying over 278 IPOB Biafrans this is all a sitting Governor can say,
    then it would have been better he wasn’t born. I lost a brother and a
    cousin in that massacre.

    • Arabakpura

      He cannot be stewpid because you don’t know whether he eats stew or ofe-akwu!

    • brown charles

      You lost your brother because of lack of focus and nothing more. For the Governor, he has his right of speech

    • Powerlessconscious

      The rice production in enboyi was through the support of the federal government. Enboyi can produce rice like kebbi state. The governor is very happy for that because the president did not politicised the agricultural programme…

  • Marcus Ijele

    This is sabotage. He should be sanctioned for that betrayal.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    How many votes does this governor have, if not one-man-one-vote?

  • Rommel

    People who speak vaguely have nothing to say, let this governor name names and crimes of such people if he is to be taken seriously

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Looks like the governor was high on something when he was speaking. He made no sense at all. Anyway which one concern agbero with overload? Carry on governor!

    • Powerlessconscious

      The rice production in enboyi was through the support of the federal government. Enboyi can produce rice like kebbi state. The governor is very happy for that because the president did not politicised the agricultural programme.

  • hawayee

    The governor is playing games with Buhari, for money reasons. Here’s what is happening: Remember when the killings and rape by Fulani herdsmen were at their highest? Most Igbo governors considered banning the herdsmen from their land altogether, but governor Umahi instead said the herdsmen were welcome in Ebonyi, and would be allocated grazing routes. Buhari was so happy with him that he gave Ebony secret bailout money, such that Ebonyi had surplus revenue. With that surplus the governor was able to send Ebonyi assembly men/women to Christian pilgrimage in Israel, buy Toyota SUVs for ALL former governors and notable politicians, include Anyim Pius Anyium. Recently he has begun buying Toyota SUVs for the 88 traditional chiefs. Just last week, he said Ebonyi would begin paying pension to all former political appointees, including those that served only at the federal level. So guess what? With that statement to deliver Ebonyi to Buhari in next elections, more secret bailout money is coming to Ebonyi. Other Igbo states are having problem paying salaries, but Ebonyi has surplus. The governor knows what he is doing.

  • A Aminu

    This Is a clear case of anti-party activity. Let him speak for himself and his state but not PDP Governors. Beside even if PDP Governors wants him voted for second term, we the APC members, and our governors must present him first for re-election. Which we will not.

    • Mufu Ola

      Who are the “we”? Where do you come from? Conman.

      • A Aminu

        I don’t see the need for use of abusive language on discussants. I thought the forum is meant for airing of ones opinion, not for abusive language on discussant. Allow superior argument to prevail, and not fowl language.
        If you understand the collective pronoun of we, I don’t think you will bother asking who are the “we” I am referring to. Please address the subject under discussion, and not where I come from, or what I mean by we. Would you rather I say, I ? That is cheap and personal.

  • Flora Akabueze

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  • mbewalu ogodo

    Drunk man…

  • Amy Amin

    Thank you Governor for supporting the peoples President. I hope Biafrauds are listening.

  • David Adeniran

    See a politician talking!