Niger Delta Avengers accuses Buhari of stalling peace talks, vows renewed attacks

Armed militants Photo: Buzz Nigeria

The Niger Delta Avengers said on Friday that it had launched two simultaneous operations to restart its disruption of Nigeria’s oil and gas production this year.

In a statement signed by its spokesman, Mudoch Agbinibo, and posted on its website, the group expressed its frustration with President Muhammadu Buhari’s “deaf” approach towards the ongoing dialogue with leaders of the region.

“It has been evidently clear that the Nigerian state is not ready for any form of dialogue and negotiation,” the Avengers said while accusing the Buhari administration of turning “deaf ears” to the plight of the Niger Delta.

Consequently, the Avengers said it had activated its combatants and bases for a wholesale obstruction of Nigeria’s oil production in 2017.

“On this note, we are declaring ‘Operations Walls of Jericho and Hurricane Joshua’ simultaneously to reclaim our motherland,” Mr. Agbinibo said. “All fighters and commands are hereby placed on high readiness in your webs of operations to hit and knock the enemy very hard.”

The group said it would ensure that Nigeria’s 2017 national budget is not funded with the “crude oil production output from the Niger Delta” but “on the newly found oil deposits in the North and the new pipelines construction from the Niger Republic,” in reference to Mr. Buhari’s policies of prospecting crude oil in the North East and constructing cross-border pipelines with the Republic of Niger.

The Niger Delta Avengers gained worldwide notoriety when its fighters launched a string of devastating attacks on oil and gas installations across the oil-rich region last year, forcing major oil companies —including Shell, Agip and Chevron— to cease operations and withdraw their staff.

Between mid-January and mid-November 2016, the Avengers claimed responsibility for some 50 attacks on oil installations, hitting mostly in Delta State with Bayelsa coming in a distant second.

The group said it would bring Nigeria’s oil production to “zero” in its quest to end widespread poverty and environmental degradation across the Niger Delta.

The hostilities also compelled Shell to shut down its export terminal in Forcados, Delta State, significantly decreasing government’s major source of revenue while depriving the economy of much-needed foreign exchange. The government said the group’s activities contributed to the country’s economic woes.

In the third quarter of 2016, Mr. Buhari ordered a military offensive as his administration’s response to the sabotage by the NDA and other similar groups that had emerged in different communities across the region.

The government also adopted a peace talk with leaders of the region as an alternative means of ending the crisis, but did not cancel the military operations.

The dialogue, which was formally launched in November 2016, was rumoured as the reason behind Avengers’ minimal attacks on pipelines since September.

But little progress has been made despite repeated promises by the parties involved that the talks would lead to a lasting peace and economic development of the region.

Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, reportedly blamed a lack of “credible” leadership in the region as a major hindrance to government’s efforts.

Edwin Clark, a former minister and leader of the Pan Niger Delta Forum which is the umbrella body of South-South leaders involved in the negotiations, slammed Mr. Adesina on Thursday and said his statement was capable of undermining the peace process.

Contacted by PREMIUM TIMES on Saturday afternoon, Mr. Adesina declined to confirm or deny whether he actually made the controversial statement. He also declined comments on the latest threats by the Avengers, saying it was not in his place to do so.

Nigerian Army spokesman, Sani Usman, did not respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ requests for comment.

The Buhari administration said about 40 per cent of the N7.29 total appropriation for 2017 would be funded from oil earnings.


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  • ceedog

    Editor Sir,

    President Muhamadu Buhari is highly IMMORAL

    I am a peace-loving person, a peace-loving Nigerian. I always want peace in my
    country, no matter what. I have never agreed before now that “only a bloody
    revolution can save Nigeria
    ” but this morning when I woke up I was shocked to
    hear myself saying “only a bloody revolution can save Nigeria”. It was strange.
    I was shocked.

    That was even before I read the other story here that of all the decent,
    knowledgable and honest Nigerians in a country of 180m people, President Buhari
    picked Wale Babalakin to represent the federal government of Nigeria to
    negotiate with academic and non-academic staff of Nigerians. After I read that
    story I muttered again “only a bloody revolution can save Nigeria”.

    To the best of my memory this same
    Wale Babalakin is facing criminal trial for moneylaundering James Ibori’s
    funds to Mauritius for hiding. How could such criminal credentials appeal to a
    honest person, if President were himself honest, and not just a fake Messiah?
    To me, Muhamadu Buhari is a highly immoral president Nigeria should never have

  • ceedog


    Is President Buhari not breaking bread nowadays inside the villa with another accused criminal called BUKOLA SARAKI.
    I beg forget matter. Buhari is as corrupt as his worst predecessors in office. Remove Islamism from Wale Babalakin,
    you will be able to convince Buhari. But so long as Wale Babalakin is Muslim it does not matter to Buhari if
    Wale Babalakin is also an accused criminal. You Nigerians don’t understand what you voted for in 2015.

    Muhamadu Buhari is very prejudiced and jaundiced. He does not see Nigerians, he sees only Muslims.
    Buhari does not respect the laws of Nigeria either, he takes the Muslim Koran as superior to the 1999 Constitution.
    That is what the slew of useful idiots in Yorubaland voted for under the delusional spirit of their church pastors.

    The Christians are now being killed in thousands under Buhari-inspired Islamism. Southern Kaduna was
    last week or so turned into an abattoir of the naïve Christians in the genocidal order of mass murder
    of the Christians in Agatu, Benue, occurring earlier in time. Buhari’s Islamist immorality is coming
    bloodily soon to your own neighbourhood.

  • Hungry Nigerians Groups (HNG)

    A chicken egg now sells for 40 Naira in Nigeria today. An adult will need minimum of two eggs to manage.
    To fry the egg now the groundnut oil is selling at 750 Naira for smallest water bottle. How about tomatoes
    and onions to slice inside the fried eggs? That one can cost 200 Naira. But since an adult cannot eat egg
    just like that, he has to buy bread. How much is bread today? Bread is 130 Naira for the smallest size.

    You can see! To eat bread with two fried eggs alone at one sitting will cost 1,400 Naira if you have to
    buy kerosene for your stove too, because many people have not seen electricity this year under this
    useless Buhari government. I want to appeal to United Nations to come and intervene in Nigeria
    before it is too late. Minimum wage in Nigeria is 18,000 Naira per month and ten notes of one
    hundred Naira is = one thousand Naira. Over half of the workers in Nigeria are earning less
    than 50,000 Naira per month but even then over five million Nigerians have now lost their
    jobs as at today because of the ignorant policy of President Buhari.

    • marc umeh

      The only people that should intervene in nigeria are Nigerians. !!!

      • Oby



  • marc umeh

    Niger Delta warriors should be careful what they wish for. This should have been a S/S endeavor , that could have overstreched their ability to respond . I’d rather they speak sofly and carry a big , big stick.
    The natural reaction of Buhari will be to flood ND with northern and yoruba soldiers. The ” prisoners of war ” may be sent to Sambista forest for interogation.

  • Willie A Onuoha


    We are supposed to be doing Happy New Year. Today is 7th January, 2017, the first week.
    What we are hearing now is “renewed attacks”. Is ‘renewed attack’ part of happy new year?
    Anyway, if Avengers like to do renewed attack, jeje, if they don’t do renewed attack O, jeje.
    We cannot afford the price of petrol and kerosene. If Avengers blow everything, it is okay.
    The only thing is Avengers must not kill innocent people, when they want to bomb pipelines.
    Innocent people did not do anything. Avengers must bomb only the pipelines, not our souls.

  • ijelejames

    A bunch of niger delta clowns. They want to begin their 2017 clowning show. Madness!

    • Otile

      So you think that free oil for the Fulanis will continue forever while the owners of the oil will go without. Oluwa ma je.

      • Mufu Ola

        That oil was found & prospered with funds from other parts of Nigeria including Fulani’s.Got it??

        • I sigh

          Show us a government record, appropriation or gazette that says that. British funded the oil as they were in control during that period. Coal from Enugu yielded more money than cocoa and onion.

          • Mufu Ola

            Where is that coal today? Oil is going the same way in a few years time.

          • Otile

            Don’t make light of oil. For the foreseeable future Nigerian government, and post politicians cannot survive without oil. Those who deny the importance of oil are ingrates.

          • I sigh

            The money made on all these mineral resources was mismanaged by the same HausuaFulaniYoruba Presidents almost absolutely for 51/56 years. You can never accept that fact but you still want to rule again and again. You HausaYoruba & Fulani want to be the bride in all the weddings, but don’t want to be the deceased in all the funerals.

          • okenwa

            How has that become your headache.

        • Otile

          Shell BP found and prospered crude oil project in Nigeria. It is a pity that ingrates including the roguish Buhari government cannot give Shell that credit. All the pyramids of groundnuts in Northern Nigeria can never buy you one heavy driller for that matter. Be honest for once.

          • Mufu Ola

            So BP told you they fund the project without input from host govt? In any case how was these “oil owners” living before then?Was it not on the revenue of other parts of the country?

          • okenwa

            Hold it there. Nigeria was praticing confedration whereby every region uses their resources to develop their region. Northern nigeria has groundnut and cotton, western nigeria has cocoa and awolowo used the proceed to give his people education and for eastern nigeria, they have palm oil and coal but as soon as oil was found, the north and west abandoned groundnut, cotton and cocoa and pounse on the oil and this was one of the reasons war broke out. So actually its palm oil and coal money that paid for the exploration of oil in eastern nigeria.

        • Excisionist

          Do people actually believe that groundnut pyramid or cocoa or palm oil funded petroleum exploration in Nigeria? That is preposterous. Shell BP was and is richer that all West African countries put together. So why would they need funding from impoverished countries like Nigeria at that time.

          These illiterate Islamists should stop misleading their youth

        • Georgey

          @okorometa:disqus They are floored your argument. At the time the eastern Nigeria was doing very well, there was coal, palm oil and of course business.

        • okenwa

          Havent you stole enough?

          • NigerDelta.

            Abeg, no mind that oil thief jare.

        • NigerDelta.

          Oil thief.

  • Excisionist

    These people are not murdering unarmed civilians, destroying mosques (BH destroyed churches) and places of worship bombing markets or schools, abducting innocent women and children raping and maiming, razing towns and villages etc… All these and more are what Islamic terrorists from the north are doing. To compare them with Boko Haram as Buhari recently did is absolutely preposterous.

    These people are asking for a fair share of what belongs to them which is currently being looted by Sunni Muslim oligarchs, scavengers and sponsors or Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists. These ungodly hypocrites who use terrorism to threaten Nigerians so that they can intensify the plunder and loots need to be punished. When Buhari came to power, the first thing he did was to remove all the people from the oil producing areas and replace them with filthy, greedy uncircumcised, unqualified Mohammedans who treat the rest of Nigeria as conquered territory. They need to be strangled economically and one simple way of doing it is to deny them the control of the oil industry and wealth from it.

    No more flow of crude to Kaduna. It is a very expensive venture to transport and refine oil there. It was a political decision wich sucks more money hat it generates. It is not economically viable. Let the pipes and tankers be blown up.

    Not only that, they should be denied the possession of oil wells and oil blocks. Those of them who are addicted to oil when captured should be forced to drink crude oil until they get a full stomach. Wicked and minless actions demand drastic counter measures.

    To the securty forces
    The members of the security forces (Army, Police DSS, SSS) from the SS, SE, SW and North Central should understand that these people are fighting to protect their interest, to protect them and their loved ones from terrorists and murderers currently invading and plundering their resources. So, do not obey orders to kill your people and strenghten the hands of their oppressors. Dont forget the legitimate struggle started by Major Gideon Okar and Co to excise the oppressors from Nigeria and free the oppressed

    The only way to deal with Mohammedan oppressors is to confront them. Niger Delta Freedom Fighters, I salute you.

    • NigerDelta.

      You are Welcome bro. God will continue to strengthen your resolve.