Gov. Wike reacts to sacking of policemen attached to him

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike

The governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has reacted to the dismissal of six policemen attached to him.

The police on Friday said the six officers – one inspector and five sergeants – were dismissed from service for firing indiscriminately into the air, and thereby causing panic among the crowd, during the recent re-run election in the state.

The incident, according to the police, took place when the policemen were in Mr. Wike’s convoy.

They were also accused of escorting Mr. Wike to polling units during the elections, in contravention of the directive from the inspector general of police, which had barred policemen from moving around polling units with politicians and political office holders.

The Rivers government, in a statement issued by the Commissioner for Information, Austin Tam-George, condemned the action of the police authorities.

“This is a tragic day for professionalism and the respect for human rights in the Nigeria police force,” Mr. Tam-George said in the statement.

“The dismissed officers committed no crime, other than foil a carefully orchestrated electoral heist by officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), in collusion with the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Nigeria Police force.

The statement said the allegation that the affected policemen misused their firearms while in the convoy of the governor was “a wrong and cruel fabrication”, adding that the governor did not leave his official residence on that day.

“Two days after the elections, on the 12th of December 2016, thousands of Rivers people, led by Governor Wike, resisted an invasion by the police on the premises of the Port Harcourt City Local Government Council, in a brazen attempt to rig the elections in favour of the APC.

“The Port Harcourt City Council was the Election Collation Centre for the Rivers East Senatorial District.

“Throughout the period of the standoff between the invading police officers and the thousands of citizens who resisted them, Governor Wike and the officers around him conducted themselves with utmost restraint.

“The dismissed officers are therefore the latest victims of the medieval dictatorship of the APC government,” the statement said.


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  • Peaceometer

    Nigeria is now getting shape, the government will sweep out bad eggs in public service and those that allow politicians to use them.

    • taiwo

      How many bad eggs in public service have been swept out other than those belonging to political opponents. Please stop celebrating what is not worth an achievement.

      • Peaceometer

        Sweeping gradually, you will have more results of that sooner.

        • taiwo

          Such would not have happened if Wike was a APC gov and that’s the point I’m making. So the fight is obviously political.

          • Peaceometer

            Then let it be.

    • Ayinde

      You can them bad eggs. Pray you become a victim of this lawlessness of this administration. Rather than condemn what is wrong you seems to be playing with a Tiger. Your turn is coming …..just wait…

      • Peaceometer

        Sai Bhuari. Government superior to anyone.

      • 9ja Boi

        For you to be taken serious at least make your comment articulate.

  • NwaIgbo

    Nemesis closing in very fast.Fear, fear fear!

  • westman

    Ok o. What of the police that escorted Amaechi?
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  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Yeah right! As if we did not listen to the taped conversation between Wike and Fayose.

  • Gary

    Did the Policemen engage in proven electoral malpractices or what did they do justify losing their jobs and careers with ignominy. Insulating the Police from politics is one thing but using these men as pawns after being assigned as security detail to a serving state Governor is something else.

    Did the IGP himself not redeploy his men and officers in Rivers State on the eve of the elections? What was the purpose for doing that? You applauded the men you deployed to supervise the polls and now sack those whose job was to secure the state governor.
    Hope Nigerians are following the evolution of the NPF since Buhari went over the heads of competent and senior officers to pick this lackey as IGP.
    Mr. Idris, just remember that no condition is permanent. You own day will come too.

    • Arabakpura

      Why have you become too emotional? The thing is that these guys were warned not to behave in a certain way and they had their superiors present who witnessed the whole incident and tried to restrain them but were rebuffed and instead panned to the whims of a controversial figure! Wike’s utterances I continue to say win more enemies for him even within his cabinet than his real deeds!

      Take time and study Buhari’s disposition; he appears to give some latitude to people that work for him to take initiatives! You may argue that they subscribe to his body language but Buhari is a man known for strict discipline! In the past, this type of decision will take months to come out but with this Buhari; it is go ahead and take care of your business! I prefer his methods!

      This is going to serve as a deterrent and I hope the Police sustains this type of action; there is no discipline anymore anywhere!

      • Gary

        I will not exercise my brain cells engaging in a debate with a paid government agent. So just you know, I have chosen to ignore you. My position on this stands. Tell your paymasters to rein in Idris from politicizing the Policr or stop the charade of deploying Policemen to opposition Governors only to sack them for doing the Governor’s bidding.
        The APC will reap what its now sowing in due course.

        • Arabakpura

          I feel your pains and I offer my sympathies!

  • Election

    God will never spare this IGP, let him watch.

  • Godwin

    @Election try to be objective in all your contributions. Well I do not blame you because you Igbo people can never and will not see any good steps or actions taken by this government. Where are u people after listening to the Thugs Governor Fayose and Wike conversations condemning Nigeria military. Are they the only governor in Nigeria abandoned governance? Other serious governors are leaving their state to other state in other to see how they can provide and make life easier for their peoples. We all know that those two governors came in fraudulently and whether you people like it or not they will pay for their atrocities.

    • yelwa

      I wish we could have the opportunity to hear the conversations of other governors as well.
      I bet it will be shocking.

      • Julius

        Well, if night can be day and day can be night… we are dealing with what he said and heard by everybody. Not what we didn’t /hear or know about the other governors.

  • yelwa

    Can someone please tell our APC led government to just accept defeat in Rivers and move on.
    Even if elections are conducted 1,000 times, PDP will still win as far as Rivers State is concerned.

    • Arabakpura

      That’s no more the issue! The issue is the disposition of a governor and his belief that violence and incitements are the best options!

      • yelwa

        Then by all means, let the “issue” apply to ALL the Governors regardless of their parties. Why were you silent when the APC used inec, the police, and even the military to rig elections in some states?

        • Arabakpura

          We cannot reason very well when we let emotions get the better of us! In that same state, a previous sitting governor was restricted from using a particular road to his abode the government house,by the state’s commissioner of police. The governor requested for the commissioner of police to be redeployed but the authorities kept mute and the commissioner of police later described himself as a lion that tamed an animal! Guess what! The current governor was a major player in that macabre dance of insulting a sitting governor; today, the bad designs and machinations are coming back to plague the inventor!

          My reason for the brief history is to point you to the fact of the uniqueness of that state which has become a theatre of the absurd! Rivers issue requires a firm action and I endorse the actions of the police authority! I also support you that impunity should not take place in any state!

          This is a fight that is fought and won with the brains and not the brawn which is what Wike likes to deploy!

    • Julius

      That is not the point. Its the lawlessness of the governor that is the issue here.

      • Temitope Temiloluwa

        And It god Ameachi

  • Netanyahu

    Let general gowon save you this time. By the time your “northern brothers” finish with you, you will drink the water served you for washing your hands. The vultures are circling around you. Yeye. Who are you complaining to? Your traducers or …..?

  • jagus

    Give them another job Mr. Wike

    • Carlos

      Exactly, if Wike feels they have been wrongfully terminated, he should give them another job in Rivers State

      • Temitope Temiloluwa

        Has more than enough he can give them. Mr Goat,Just wait

  • Arabakpura

    Wike: you drew the first blood from the state! Continue! You can now see the foolishness of your rhetoric! You are not more intelligent than the other governors!

    • Temitope Temiloluwa

      Imagine ur judgment,u can’t rig where you are not popular. You remembered during Ekiti governorship election,despite outcry by the TOWN CRIER (APC) There was no single death recorded. A sitting governor lost 16-0 in a violent free election

      • Arabakpura

        A violent free election in which rigging was sponsored by the President using money and army meant to fight insurgency!

  • The Trib3sman

    How about the overzealous soldiers and policemen attached to Rotimi Amaechi? Have they also been sacked? What a gestapo country!

  • paul irumundomon

    Dear Nigerian Youth who wants to die for Nigerian politicians especially that youth who will fight everyone when his political hero (CRIMINALS) are criticized. I have a message for you. Inside this private jet, which you can not see, because i dont have enough air time to show you all their faces, you will see the billionaire son Ahmed Indimi of billionaire Mohammed Indimi (he is the one in front to the right looking at the camera) who just married Zahra, Buhari’s daughter, to his left, also in front, is his brother, Maikanti, who is married to Aisha Dangote and behind them in light blue is Babagana Sherrif, he is the brother of former Borno governor Ali Modu Sheriff and he is married to president Buhari’s daughter, Halima, the one who just finished from law school. Take a second look at your destiny as the children of the politicians have already arranged their own destinies. In this photo, you will see people from PDP and APC background from different tribes from different states but they are all united because the elite is all one big family. They do not care about, your children and your children’s children.