Nigeria Police dismiss 6 officers linked to Governor Wike

Wike linked cops dismissed by the police

The Nigeria Police Force on Friday dismissed six officers attached to the Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State over alleged professional misconducts during legislative rerun elections that held in the oil-rich state last year, the spokesperson for the force said.

The six dismissed cops are an inspector, Eyong Victor; and five sergeants, Peter Ekpo, Oguni Goodluck, Orji Nwoke, Tanko Akor and Okpe Ezekiel.

The spokesperson for the police, Don Awunah, who paraded them in Abuja on Friday disclosed that they misused firearms and sabotaged the Independent National Electoral Commission while on the side of Mr. Wike during a collation exercise in Port Harcourt.

Mr. Awunah said they acted contrary to the stipulation of Force Order 237 and strict warning issued by the Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim.

He said: “These aforementioned police personnel while in the convoy of the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, on the date of election on December 10, 2016 misused the firearms in their possession contrary to the provisions of Force Order 237.

“The personnel became overzealous, took laws into their hands and opened fire, causing panic in the crowd.

“They joined in storming the Port Harcourt City Council Secretariat and prevented the movement of election results of Emouha polling unit to the appropriate collation centre designated by INEC, in flagrant disregard and disobedience to senior police officers present at the venue.”

He added that the officials, who were handcuffed as they were paraded, were eventually dismissed from the police force after subjecting them to internal disciplinary measures wherein they were found culpable.

“They will be prosecuted under the Electoral Act to serve as deterrent to others.

“Their actions are capable of bringing the entire Nigeria Police Force to disrepute and portray the Force in a very bad light as a lawless organisation not guided by the rule of law,” Mr. Awunah said.

The December 10 electoral exercise was marred by widespread violence and irregularities. At least two police officers were killed during the election.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, INEC said a total 61 electoral offenders have been successfully prosecuted since 2015 with the cooperation of the police.


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  • Sam

    Good one.

    But don’t politicize this. Punish police/millitary offenders in other APC, PDP states too.

  • john peters

    IGP,what of those police officers attached to amaechi that were moving from polling both to another or are still investigating?

    • Tayo

      do you have evidence of those officers? if you do let the world know rather than make noise your not sure of.

      • iwe paul

        I find it difficult believing the police in electoral matters.

    • aca

      Do those that followed ameachi disregard lawful instructions from their superior officers?

      • iwe paul

        You are such a child!

      • stlords

        Am sorry for you

        • aca

          Sorry for me? For the truth I said? U rather be sorry for yourself

  • Shahokaya

    How would they obey their superiors when Wicked Wike is threatening to kill anybody that stands on his way?

  • Bulus Khunzaar

    Another fallen Christian victims of Bulari’s administration in the disguise of political rivery .

    • Black or White

      Speak sense

      • Suleiman Alatise

        Or keep shut.

    • Guest

      Nice try! Now get lost, and crawl back into your cave…

  • Rollingdollar

    Good. So who will sack the officers that followed Amaechi to the polling unit? This government is just a bad omen

    • Arabakpura

      If you have evidence, take it to them! Wike confirmed what he did for which Fayose applauded him! This is one of the results of talking irresponsibly!

      • GbemigaO

        I don’t know how you want to link that to the sacked policemen. Did you want them to disobey the governor when he asked them to follow him to go out? The ones that Amaechi and Abe had, have they been sacked ? The ones that the Police Afor e denied are their men while carting away ballot boxes, have they found them yet? Yeye people!

        • Arabakpura

          Exactly my point! They are not supposed to listen to illegality from the governor unless they want to resign and work for him! You will see that policemen will become more careful with politicians!

          • emmanuel

            So tell us, a senior Police officer guarding the collation canter said they should not fire arms and they fired? or what exactly did they do?
            I wish you read my post and commented objectively.. If they came into collation center with Wike, they sure had a superior whose orders they should obey.
            If you understand how the forces works, you r opinion which is warped my change.
            It is like having the commander of an army troop and somewhere along their line of operations come across the commander of another troop who is superior to him give him order to redirect their operations, such order must never be taken else he put his men to danger of sabotage.
            Learn, you this Amaechi boy!

          • Arabakpura

            Listen again my friend! Life is about choices! The dismissed police officers have made their choices and they are going to live with them! This is my ground point! You can choose your own point, but if I were a policeman, I would not take instructions from politicians; I would only do my constitutional duty of protecting them! Filthy lucre is usually the attraction but I would resist it! Wike I am sure can settle them very well; they can hang on to that for solace!

          • emmanuel

            Even if he does not, they are still young.
            My friend left the police several years ago after the Police tried to gag him in his aspirations and he is now very successful doing business. He had his MSC a year before my MBA.
            Truth must be told, Nigeria is heading for her dooms day which is only lingering.
            We are back to Obasanjo and Abacha days combined.

          • Arabakpura

            I will also join you in wishing them luck and hoping that they have learnt veritable lessons!

      • emmanuel

        You are a shameless supporter of wrong. If Nigeria must be changed, then everyone who played negative role during that election must be brought to book.
        I was in PH 2 days after the election, i can came across lots of Mobile Police before they were evacuated. Amaechi, Paterside and Magnus Abe used lot of them to rig. Unfortunately, the people rejected them.
        For Magnus Abe, he knelt down to beg everywhere he went, paid N5,000.00 to voters and rigged his way with Police and Soldiers.
        You saw some of those videos, but want evidence in Court.
        56 years after independence, Nigeria is in reverse gear.
        Jonathan cleaned up our electoral system which Jega spoilt before he left and Buhari has fully destroyed again

        • Arabakpura

          You can call me shameless but not emotional! The Police did not ask policemen not to be with politicians; the instructions given to them was: do not escort politicians to poling and collation centers! If you claim you also saw policemen, it means you were at the collation center and we shall discuss how to sanction you separately!

          Please my dear; I have always warned that discretion is a better part of valour! Casualties are not only those in hospital emergency units! You should only take instructions from the people you work directly for: your bosses if you still like your job!

          • emmaanuel

            There you go, their Boss at this point in-time was Wike – the Chief security Officer, who never went to collation center to snatch ballot boxes.
            A senior Police officer on electoral duty not in-line of authority over a policeman cannot issue him orders; only one under whose command he is posted. Every officer had their brief at that event. Please note.
            This FG is just being reckless and playing on the ignorance of a lot of Nigerians like you.

          • Arabakpura

            Oh my God! You are so so wrong! Their boss is not Wike! They are on a constitutional role to protect the government house – a government facility, regardless of the occupant and then the occupant who is the governor and whose name this time happens to be Wike!

            If the policemen are deficient in their duties, they can only be sanctioned by the police authorities and no one else! Wike cannot even stop policemen from protecting the government house! His right only stops in choosing the security on the inner perimeter of his protection! He has no other control!

  • Akiika

    This is a good start. When police officers realize they risk throwing their career into the mud over of paltry sum from politicians, they’ll think twice before running dirty errands for politicians. This is the change i advocated for. Small small, you will receive sense back in that country. To those of you screaming Amaechi, please go to the police headquarter and provide evidence at your disposal. I personally want to see all corrupt law enforcement officers punished, no sacred cow.

    • Reginald Dandeson

      I am inclined to conclude that this post is simply partisan.

    • Dfg

      So who provided the ‘evidence’ that formed the basis for the dismissal of the affected policemen? The public? Such an unfortunate, puerile comment.

      • Reginald Dandeson

        Never mind empty-headed Nigerians.

      • Arabakpura

        Did you not read the report that there were superior police officers at the venue who tried to stop those policemen but they chose to take instructions from politicians?

        • emmanuel

          report? rumor? whose report?
          You sure attended school, but such schools never passed through you. I hear your kind of comment when free readers gather by the vendors. You need to go for lots of training programmes to broaden your mind!
          You are a dissapointment

          • Arabakpura

            The police report; read a comprehensive one in Thisday newspaper!

          • emmanuel

            Police report? The same kind of report we have heard of Samisa, Bok Haram, recession over etc, price of food crashed? of poor Nigerians receiving N5,000.00 without data or account numbers anywhere? how did the vulnerable open bank account, did they submit BVN numbers from their very remote locations?
            I beg waka pass

          • Arabakpura

            The Igbo will say that: it is what you have eaten that you go home with! It is upto these policemen to choose whom they will serve!

          • emmanuel

            In life, even those who exercise the best control in their operations sometime suffer difficult moments. No condition is permanent.
            Tinubu is suffering such mis-treatment today.
            The APC FG must look for a scapegoat to protest their failed coup. In this case, the men.
            Why was the had of DSS and IGP not sanction when they mislead Nigeria to postpone Edo election for a phantom danger which was reported would occur three clear days after the initial election date?

          • Arabakpura

            That is why I defined casualties for you earlier on; they are not only those in hospital emergency wards!

      • Akiika

        I am sure the IG was not there when the incident they were accused of happened, they must’ve gathered the information from INEC officials they held hostage and the public. I am only encouraging anyone with evidence to provide them to the police. I know most of you see everything through the prism of partisanship. Police officers misbehaved, they were brought to book, that is all that matters to me.

  • westman

    Rubbish. Who will now sack the police that followed Amaechi to the INEC secretariat ? Who will sack the ones that followed El-Ruffai?
    Anyway, that’s the system for u.
    Opportunity knocks.
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    • Nkem

      I think they also sacked Governor Amaechi’s ADC in 2013 during the Rivers’s House of Assembly crisis when the officer was caught in a video pounding a legislator on the head with one big iron in the chambers of the State House of Assembly. Remember the days of five is greater than twenty-something?

    • Man_Enough

      When pdp returns to power, they can feel free to sack those ones. There is no expiry date for trial and punishment of criminals.

  • Nkem

    In other words, Fayose’s police orderlies should beware during next year’s governorship election in Ekiti.

  • Holy truth

    Dey will come out & turn to armed robbers or ND scavengers then blowing oil pipelines.

  • Rommel

    Had such things been going on,the level of impunity would have gone down in Nigeria

    • Scrutiny

      All the signs point to Buhari being rubbished at the end of the day. Obvious infractions on the part Fakorode and Hasso do not matter, to the extent that they acted in the interest of APC. Such glaring one sidedness will turn to hunt the President

    • ’70

      I agree with you in totality

    • sab

      Hahahaha ! Rommel, are you back? So like I posted yesterday, it’s only when PDP man is on the firing range that you find your voice. But let’s ask, what happens to those ‘officers’ we saw in videos during the Rivers re-run committing atrocities? They are now shielded away and only supporters of Wike are being presented in bad light.


    It is a welcome development to me. It will serve as a warning to every career person who allowed himself or herself to be used by miscreant call politicians. Whether you surport APC or PDP you will think twice before getting involved.

  • Es3

    What of the other videos that were also posted that clearly showed SARS Rivers State commander and officers doing far more terrible things, IGP is yet to see those ones???!

    Or, is it the one that showed a polling center located for another place being in Magnus Abe’s personal house at his home with all the police, SSS and military officers guarding to ensure no interference???!

    In the order of severity,which is more severe and more urgent???!

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Unless you have insider information, you cannot conclude that SARS commander has escaped justice. In public service including police two different case cannot be treated togther but independently.

      • Es3

        Is it about insider information or the dispatch with which the IGP was willing to handle and conclude on the case involving Wike’s Police security team in comparison with that of Rivers SARS with abounding video evidences everywhere???!

        How possible is it to handle cases involving ‘two persons’ that the incidents occurred within the same locality, within the same time frame and on the same same event differently and what is that saying about “justice delayed being….?!

    • ’70

      There you go, so if Magnus and his guys did worse things, does that make what these 6 did good?

      • Es3

        Why is it so easy for you guys to miss the point in all these???

        Is there nothing you guys can see as being totally wrong and unacceptable on the selective justice done by this current IGP on issue that happened within same locality, on the same time and on same event???!

        • ’70

          Selective justice I agree with you is very wrong, & I know the man Buhari has the fear of God in him to do the right thing, just that the politicians have a way of twisting things. I am sure in the long run, all will get straightened out. But the fact remains that WIKE WAS WRONG!!!

          • Es3

            Good to know that you have taken of this extremely sad reality!

            But also bear in mind that selective justice is, at best, injustice to others!

          • ’70

            I don’t see that as injustice, they all committed a crime and should be punished for it

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Others including the Rivers State, SARS commander and other civilians involved must be fished out and visit with similar penalty regardless of who they are and their influence.Also, those state-INEC coordinators that governor Nyesom Wike, allocated bribes to subvert and rig the election must all be dismissed from the service and prosecuted.

    • emmanuel

      Mumunatu, did you not watch videos of Polcie and Soldiers who accompanied APC stalwats who shot and snatched ballot boxes?
      Same kind of Buharis attitude in the 1980s are playing up again.
      Does the man not know when to beat retreat in wars that become messy?
      You too, must your mumuship be a constant?
      Amaechi want to fully destroy River State

      • Comfortkay

        Bros take your evident and complain to court

        • nigerian

          now it is about evidence and complain to court , most of you here are payed by the government . How long will it last?This is not how society is build and l see this ending terribly for nigeria

        • emmanuel

          Those who helped to create Hiltler, Pinochet, Abacha all got consumed by them. I am not bothered by Buhari setting the constitution aside to kill, main, plunder, starve and destroy Nigeria economy.
          Only your likes who think you would get benefits from his very destructive governance will wait un-end and leave in pains of his facism.
          I wish you would recall names of most APC hands like you who praised Buhari to high heavens before the error was foisted on Nigeria. They have all gone under, just like Thiefnubu.
          You want me to go to court? My question to your shameless attitude, are the courts made for those with opinion different from the FG’s? If your answer is yes? then you have just created a monster which will also consume you!
          What is change? Is this change for the better or for the worse? Your dead conscience has no answer

      • blow fissh

        Do you know the meaning of “others” before you made your comment?

  • God is washin

    Evil from the highest oder. What if wike was to be assassinated or kill? The Almighty God Government is greater than this and he wil pay every man according to his work. So do what u like

    • Tosin Banksy

      ……..and what if their bullets had hit innocent bystanders?

  • Reginald Dandeson

    The wool can’t be pulled over the eyes of us
    all at the same time. This move is simply a politically motivated punitive action. I don’t really care what party anybody belongs to, but the truth needs to be cracked. The
    officers are dismissed simply because Governor Wike is an opposition governor. If these officers had committed the same offense while attached to an APC governor, they wouldn’t have been dismissed, Insha Allah.

    It is becoming a frightening development where our democracy is threatened by government using all manner of tools and techniques to muscle outspoken opposition personalities. Granted, Wike is not a political angel, and none of our politicians is. Great electoral malfeasance has been and is still being committed by security personnel in favor of both major parties. Disciplinary action as in the prevailing case should be applied across board. Then and only then will this administration come clean in their fight against electoral offenses.

    • hard knock

      Are you with your sense ? Check yourself

      • Reginald Dandeson

        Mr, I observe you’ve used your very same senseless and robotic response to a few other posts by other commenters on this forum. Whether you’re a paid online agent or whatever, if you have nothing in your empty skull to counter any comments then you better just keep quiet and stop disgracing yourself publicly. Unfortunately, you’re too scared and ashamed to identify yourself properly.

  • Isi Agwo

    Dictator and terrorist Buhari, Nigeria’s Idi Amin, turns attention to the police.

  • Bebeteidoh Oyinkepreye Lucky


    The Rivers State Government notes with infinite sadness the decision of the Nigeria Police Force to dismiss six police officers attached to governor Nyesom Wike.
    The police officers were subjected to a secret and unfair trial, on totally fictitious charges of professional misconduct, during the rerun elections in Rivers State on the 10th of December 2016.
    This is a tragic day for professionalism and the respect for human rights in the Nigeria police force.
    The dismissed officers committed no crime, other than foil a carefully orchestrated electoral heist by officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), in collusion with the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Nigeria Police force.
    The claim by the Police that the affected officers misused their firearms, while in the convoy of governor Wike on the 10th of December 2016, is a wrong and cruel fabrication.
    Governor Wike did not depart from his official premises on the day of the election, and therefore had no use for an armed convoy.
    Two days after the elections, on the 12th of December 2016, thousands of Rivers people, led by Governor Wike, resisted an invasion by the police on the premises of the Port Harcourt City Local Government Council, in a brazen attempt to rig the elections in favour of the APC.
    The Port Harcourt City Council was the Election Collation Centre for the Rivers East Senatorial District.
    Throughout the period of the stand off between the invading police officers and the thousands of citizens who resisted them, governor Wike and the officers around him conducted themselves with utmost restraint.
    The dismissed officers are therefore the latest victims of the medieval dictatorship of the APC government. A government that seems to lurch blindly in the miasma of its own incompetence and intolerance.
    We urge Nigerians to demand the immediate reinstatement of these officers, and for the Inspector General of Police to allow an independent inquiry.
    The APC government has never hidden it’s desperation to overrun Rivers State, “colonize” its people and loot the treasury of the State.
    But the Rivers people will continue to resist all attempts to enslave them.

    Dr Austin Tam-George, Commissioner for Information and Communication, Rivers State.

    • princegab

      This is how bad and dangerous it has become in rivers state when a commissioner for information does not know the truth. It is unfortunate that you don’t know the working of Wike’s mind and you are so close to him and you are supposed to be a Dr.
      Be rest assured that the rest of know the truth, the police officers in question are not innocent.

      • King

        @princegab; you are talking blindly, the policemen are innocent this is openly a political witch-hunting by the APC led administration and it has gone so bad that even the Police authorities are dancing to their tune. What about other policemen attached to other radical APC governors how many have been sacked. Just know that dismissing these officers is part of their hatred against Wike.

      • emmanuel

        So, the working of Wikes mind is directed by you or Punch Newspapers?
        Read through his press release and tell me what he stated that you confirmed.
        A wise person will make contacts, calls and carry out investigations before taking you kind of position.

        • princegab

          Wike will be disbowelled soon, his castustry will lay bare for all to see and pretenders will return to their vomits.

  • nigerian

    other countries are moving forward but Nigerian is moving backward and you guys are celebrating with the population like nigeria l do not know what will be left if Buhari remained the president for next eight years

    • Sarah

      Buhari is not likely to be re-elected unless there is fundamental improvement.
      6 months without cabinet, kitchen cabinet from same nepotistic circle, massive economic recession.
      Can he turn this around??
      Nothing is impossible for God, but I am a realist. So I expect a new President come 2019.

      • Tunsj

        Really? You got to be kidding. So you want another PDP President? I will surely appreciate it if you can tell me what PDP did in 16 years.

        • emmanuel

          Did she mention PDP? Why are you bereft of ideas?
          Your like who read Punch, The Nation regularly are unlikely to think far on Political issues.
          Your comment also show that you thrive on rumour and lost out on effective brain development in your childhood!
          Are there not other parties or better Nigerians, are you cursed?

          • Tunsj

            Wrong. I do not waste my time reading Punch and The Nation. My favorites are Premium Times and Saharareporters. I believe that you win the moron of the day award. Surely you’re not too blind or brainwashed to see that.

      • Mufu Ola

        Put yourself in for Presidency in 2019.

  • realist

    Whose order should they obey? The order of governor Wike of course, as the state chief security officer. This punishment is vindictive.

    • Edward Osadebay

      Policemen are duty bound to obey their superior officers at all times. Wike had no business storming a collation centre and the police over stepped their call of duty by shooting indiscriminately. They surely deserve their punishment and much more

      • realist

        Who is the superior officer in this instance. Your biased leanings has beclouded your reasoning.

        • Edward Osadebay

          Every police officer takes instruction from Nigeria Police Force not from politicians. It may interest you to know that even the governor of a state has absolutely no control over the state commissioner of police and his men. The problem with your guys is that you don’t done any research before you start blabbing.

          • realist

            Like you don’t listen to yourself. Even if the IG is assigned to Wike. He would do whatever Wike or any governor ask him to do. This the reality, that doesn’t call for any research.

          • Edward Osadebay

            No policeman takes order operational order from a politician without the express permission of your superior officer. I have told you that police are not under the governor but their IG. This is the way it is. Wike knows he has no powers over the police so asking his orderlies to shoot sporadically and irrationally was wrong. For taking illegal instructions from Wike is what has got them dismissal and facing prosecution. You and I can argue this for ever but it won’t change any thing. There is need for you to find out the true position of what I have been trying to explain to you. It is easy.

    • Julius

      No, they ought to obey the law and their superior !

  • Edward Osadebay

    First step one toward clipping the wings of the thug governor of Rivers state. The way and manner Wike brazenly offended all known laws of Nigeria affecting the conduct of elections in Rivers state can not go unpunished. Wike will still answer to his crimes.

  • Gabriel Olasebikan

    This is a welcome development.We are moving towards more battle grounds…the battle fronts will soon overwhelm the government of the day.
    The offence of these policemen is that the APC spent so much money in the Rivers re-run elections,without return in investment.This saddened the government and these guys are the scape goats of APC’s wrong investment.

    • hard knock

      Park well. Are you with your sense ?

  • Man_Enough

    Good move! At least the officers are not immuned to prosecution. Wike can hire them as thugs.

  • Mufu Ola

    ‘They can join Wike’s thug brigade after their trial or join robbery gang. Can’t understand why some security personnels don’t know that politicians are bad medicine.

    • Julius

      That’s exactly what they will do. He might even have them on call,,retainer !

  • rayray

    Wike will have to settle them naaaa, they have done well for their oga

  • Boss Kay

    What will happen to the policeman who stole ballot boxes for Apc?

  • Lanre

    But of course. The miscreants have to be southerners, first.

  • McAlfred Uta

    How i wish the same Police treated similar case in Edo with similar dispatch? I fear for the brutality that may ensue in Ekiti, not to talk of 2019 elections.