Buhari breaks silence on Southern Kaduna killings

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has, over the past week, given instructions for decisive measures aimed at bringing an end to the recurring violence in the Southern part of Kaduna State, his office said Thursday.

On his directive, the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, was in the area on Saturday and Sunday to assess the situation first hand, President Buhari’s spokesperson, Garba Shehu, said in a statement.

Clashes between Fulani herdsmen and southern Kaduna residents have left many dead. A curfew imposed by the government in December 2016, was relaxed Wednesday.

The Catholic Church said over 800 people had been killed, but the police chief, Mr. Idris, disputed the figure. He did not however give a different figure.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai said the attackers were herdsmen from neighbouring countries, who had returned to avenge attacks on their relatives and livestock back in 2011.

The governor came under fire after admitting he had sent payments to the attackers to compensate for their losses, as part of efforts by his government to end the bloodshed.

President Buhari also faced fierce criticisms for his deafening silence.

Remarks by his special adviser on public affairs, Femi Adesina, that the president could not “comment on everything”, especially as Gov. El-Rufai had handled the crisis properly, infuriated Nigerians even more.

The statement signed by Mr. Shehu said in addition to conventional policemen deployed in the area, a squadron of mobile policemen has now been stationed there.

It said the president had “once again, sent condolences to the people of Southern Kaduna, who have lost loved ones in the recent violence”.

The Nigerian army is also in the process of setting up two battalions in Southern Kaduna while the military continues to carry out air surveillance across flash points of the area, Mr. Shehu said.

“President Buhari has equally directed the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to carry out a joint assessment of the situation with the sister agency in Kaduna, SEMA, to determine the level of response required for urgent aid to the victims of the violence,” the statement said.

“These measures should soon ensure the return of normalcy to the region, while the Kaduna State government continues its peace building efforts.”

The statement said Mr. Buhari commended efforts of the State government and the security agencies in the steps taken so far to curtail the violence.


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  • Abidilagungun

    Deaf and dumb, if people no shout he no go hear word!

  • Bayo

    Too little too little.
    Shame on you Buhari.

  • Factsay

    Thats his spokesman speaking. Buhari hates those infidels in the south kaduna

    • Iskacountryman

      word…they eat dogs…

      • emmanuel

        Bastard you are. They eat Dog nko? You want them to serve your unknown god of violence? That way a man bend down to urinate?

      • Solomon Brown

        U are known for your unrelated, out of topic one liners. Who gives a hoot what they eat or don’t eat, huh? So much for a moderate Moslem. You have been exposed. Silly mfer.

        • Iskacountryman

          dog eater!

  • Tunde

    Ah! I voted for you PMB! This is shameful! I am not one for responding to tribal and religious bias! This episode of incompetence, Tribal and religious bias by all and sundry involved in this southern Kaduna debacle has completely dented my position. El-rufai has made sure of that with his feeble attempt to pay murderers compensation! And he is the more enlightened of you lot! He has completely fallen short of his duty as the CSO of Kaduna and made mockery of the Nigerian constitution that enshrines the protection of all Nigerians from blood thirsty foreign murderers! El-rural has shown that he is not qualified to rule his state let alone rule this country! May Almighty God require the blood of those that have been slain from you and ensure that this is your last position in this country! Evil Man!

    • Solomon Brown

      You voted wrong, not trying to negate anything in your comment, but you should’ve read the signs, they were all around you, for crying out loud! A man who uprooted a democratically elected government by a coup, should never have been sold as a repentant democrat in the first place.

  • Odus

    To me, that’s a little too late. What kind of assessment? it’s too late to cry when the head is cut off. The governor know who these people are because he already sent them money. If they are outside Nigeria, then that’s an act of war and a shame on the governor to pay off people who terrorist your state and your citizens. Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!

  • Suleiman

    The president is quick to send condolences to France, Germany, the US and Britain, his headmasters but turns a bind eye to the very citizens he swore to protect. The God of the heavens and the earth sees everything and will require the blood of all the innocent souls that have perished from you, mr. Buhari. Just keep hating the people you swore to protect. Judgement day is coming!

    • Solomon Brown

      It is what I’ll term as window dressing, looks good from the outside, but inside is as ugly as it can get. We are in for a long and tumultuous ride.

  • Kickboxer

    Brainless Buhari and his Islamist kitchen cabinet knows sponsoring the killings of Nigerians. Brainless is scared that the fire he ignited will consume him and his terrorists.

  • emmanuel

    Buhari is a terrible bigot and ethnicist. His level of hate for people of other tribe is unimaginable. i indeed appreciate IBB and co for overthrowing him in 1985, because he deserve no better treatment.
    Same reason he has refused to send Onoghen’s name to the NASS.
    I know that someday, the Rwanda thing will happen in Nigeria, the foolanis are only living in their future wiith so much evil unleashed on the indigenous people of Nigeria.
    Southern Kaduna people are unwise and are paying dearly for their indiscretion. I iwshed they revalued Buhari in the mid 1980’s before 2015 election, they may have queued behind someone else but not El-Rufai, but it is too late. The man wo pays foreigners and allow Nigerians to be mauled down by them.
    God bless Fayose for his actions.

  • Okokondem

    “Governor Nasir El-Rufai said the attackers were herdsmen from neighbouring countries, who had returned to avenge attacks on their relatives and livestock back in 2011.”

    This is Nasir El-Rufai implicitly making excuses for and justifying the actions of the fulani herdsmen, and the statement is troubling on different levels. I suppose calling the killers foreigners shifts the responsibility away from the governor of the state.

    I lived in Kaduna many years ago as a young man, and even then there was obvious bias against the people known as southern zaria who were and I believe still are predominantly Christians. So it doesn’t surprise me that the governor and the president for that matter would be indifferent to the plight of these Christians.

    I don’t know why we continue to delude ourselves in thinking there’s enough Camaraderie or common cause to justify hanging onto the contraption known as Nigeria. Every group has a beef against any group.

    It’s unconscionable and inexplicable that Nigeria’s president who is often the first among world leaders to send messages of condolences to other countries in events that may not be as catastrophic as what the people of southern Kaduna /southern Zaria have to endure.

  • Otile

    God forbid. Little did we know that El-Rufai and Mohamed Buhari have been paying the attackers who happen to be their fellow Fulanis money to kill non Fulanis in Southern Kaduna. El-Rufai had handled the crisis properly my foot.

    • Solomon Brown

      Hell Rufai is Buhari’s Achilles heel, they just don’t know it, their alternate universe is about to come crashing down on them like a house of cards.

    • aboki

      Killing in Southern Kaduna is not a one way traffic please as you want us to believe noise makers.
      Most of you on this flat form are ignorant of Southern Kaduna set up and would remain that because of your inbuilt HATRED on PMB person and the government of the day.
      2019 is by the corner and voters would vote in the polling station not through internet or premium time.
      When saboteurs are busy destroying the only economic sector you people are justifying the action.
      When someone is busy trading DRUGS and 419ning you are mute.
      When CULTS are rampaging killing innocent souls you people are quiet because you are members
      When Government are Employing hundreds of thousands Nigerian Youth it’s non issue because of your sadistic wishes on Nigeria.
      When ten thousands Nigerian Youth are short listed in NIGERIAN POLICE it’s non issue
      When relative peace return to NE the WAILERS are not grateful to God.
      When looters are arrested and charged to court it’s witch hunting and northern AGENDA.
      Haba WAILERS it’s time to understand things on governance otherwise concentrate on your BIAFRA REPUBLIC agenda and OGAS SHOP.

      • Decimator

        Have you finished enumerating the successes of your messiah PMB?

        Now get it clear; Mohammadu Buhari has demonstrated without doubt that he is a Tyrant, a renowned sadist, a blood sucking Vampire and a known Vendetta.

        Remember that this was the, should be statesman who threatened to Soak the Dogs and Baboons (citizens of the Nigerian
        enclave) with blood should he lose the election of 2015.

        A new version of this threat of violence is exactly what he is carrying out through his Fulani herdsmen criminals in Southern Kaduna and has done in Agatu, Ukpabi-Nimbo, Logo und Ukom etc. through them. Talk less of the broad day light murderous activities of the state security forces under his high command and with his blessing in Zaria, Onitsha, Aba, Asaba, etc.

        If you think you can play down on these repugnant qualities of Mohammadu Buhari and his cronies of the larger Fulani Nation by tagging those who tell him that his hatters, then I am proudly one of them and will continue to hate these distasful qualities of his.

        And please be reminded that there is no law anywhere in the world that prohibits hatred of some body’s evil qualities. Thanks

        • aboki

          Soaking blood is more pronounced in your area were there no respect of life as money is is things that matter.
          As earlier stated the killing at southern zaria aka Kaduna is not a one way traffic.
          The people in Southern Kaduna are living peacefully regardless of their tribes or religion for hundreds of years. You don’t know the set up there you are just trying to be mischievous and advocates war mongering.
          Are the achievement mentioned in my earlier presentation?
          Let add more which you people would never be happy including the locally made RICE tagged LAKE in Lagos in conjunction with Kebbi State.
          The appointment of Hajiya Amina as Deputy Secretary General of United Nations I hoped you remember that also
          MR MAN you can intimidate us we have facts and evidence to proof the enormous achievement of this government despite all odds which you may wish to ignore.
          If really love Nigeria and care for it’s problems pray and contribute positively nna.

          • Decimator

            Sorry nobody is trying to intimidate you if that is how you interpret it. Just get me clearer

            Human life is sacrosanct and the utmost gift of nature. If you or Mohammadu Buhari love your own, which I should presume, do not under any disguise or excuse intentionally take it away from another person or play down on it if it is taken away from somebody. Maybe we can agree on that. OK

            As for the highly welcomed appointment of Hajiya Amina as the Deputy secretary general of the United Nation; of cause her impeccable records speaks for itself and that is what we have been hammering on, that people of merit should be in positions of responsibility.

            But please for God sake, killing of fellow Citizens under whatever disguise, playing down on that or even boasting or threatening such, does not and will never be accorded any merit.


          • aboki

            My brother thanks for understanding me as nobody should be happy with blood letting among us.
            Nigeria is moving towards greater length despite all odds.
            Nigeria we hail thee!

  • nixon

    The only reason he did this is because international news outlets have picked up the story. Foxnews reported the news today, bbc has reported it too. Nigerian youths are united for the first time in criticizing Buhari on the forum, that’s good news. El rufai handling of crisis in kaduna dey shock me oo, I bin think say this man get brain before o….We could look back 40 yrs and remember real Nigerian leaders, the ones we have now- el rufai, okorocha, orji Uzo kalu(biggest political party ashawo Nigeria have ever seen), fashola, Tinubu, dogara, wike, all of them na dog shit them be.

    • Politico 2017

      @NixonCanada:disqus : Morning shows the day. Muhamadu Buhari sought political power but used the worst means.
      He decided to form a coalition of Muslims to win the far northern states and to win huge votes in the
      middle-belt states with a slightly nuanced appeal to AREWA SOLIDARITY (regardless of any merits).
      Muhamadu Buhari then struck an alliance with a naive Yoruba Muslim politician called BOLA TINUBU,
      who joined the Buhari Islamist Jihad on a more naive assumption of being selected as Vice President.
      With the Islamist coalition built across northern and western Nigeria Muhamadu Buhari divided Nigeria.
      That ethno-religious division of Nigeria now dogs Muhamadu Buhari at every step of his term in office.

    • okenwa

      Gbam and am standing out there to be shot dead for saying gbam to your comment.

  • Nigerian Builder

    That’s a President who wants his countrymen to regard him as their father ,leader and President.
    That’s the President who says that the change he promised must begin with the traumatized, perplexed and agonizing citizens suffering from his inefficiency ,calamitous ineptitude and myopia in government.
    Buhari,the holy book says that it is an abomination for the leader of a nation to show partiality, injustice and bias.
    Southern Kaduna citizens are Nigerian citizens irrespective of their tribe,faith and religion, they deserve to live like those in daura emirate ,the deserve to be protected like those living in aso villa who are budgeting billions every year to buy latest model bullet proof cars and jeeps.
    The life of a single soul lost in southern Kaduna to Fulani herdsmen is as valuable as the life of any of your children.
    May God save Nigeria from discriminatory, biased and bigoted leadership. 2019 is Nigerian date with history,away with this brand of deceitful, hypocritical and cunning crafty leadership. May God raise for our nation sincere, unbiased, not bigot,non discriminatory leadership that loves every Nigerian no matter his tribe,race,ethnicity or religion. So help our nation lord.

  • Decimator

    The statement said Mr. Buhari commended efforts of the State government and the security agencies in
    the steps taken so far to curtail the violence. PT

    I wonder which efforts the security agencies and Nasir El-Rufai has taken so far that is commendable from Mohammadu Buhari.

    The same old stories we heard days after his Fulani herdsmen Kinsmen attacked Ukpabi-Nimbo Enugu State from Mohammadu Buhari. After intentionally hanging the distress call from the Governor of Enugu state for hours when the attack was going on, he came days later to task the security agencies to restore law and order at all cost, summarily to prevent a back clash of attack on his Fulani Kinsmen.

    And the same old excuses keep coming from them following such attacks in defense of their fellow Fulani herdsmen kinsmen criminals; they are avenging attacks on their relatives and livestock, with full backing of the state apparatus they are heading though.

    To this I may ask does Mohammadu Buhari, Nasir El Rufai and other extracts of their larger Fulani Nation presently in charge of the security apparatus of the Nigerian Enclave believe in earnest that they and their folks of their larger Fulani Nation have the monopoly of Vengeance.

    Mohammadu Buhari keeps demonstrating ( cheaply by the way), just like Nasir El Rufai and other extracts of their Larger Fulani Nation in charge of the present security apparatus of the Nigerian Enclave, that they are in reality WOLVES IN SHEEP´S CLOTHING. SORRY

  • Martins

    Too late Mr President. You have lost some of us already. I regret voting for you, you are a complete disgrace to the office of the Presidency. To imagine that you appeared in Zamfara state in full military camouflage to lunch the military offensive against cattle rustling and yet you had to be forced to send your condolences to victims in Southern Kaduna leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. So sorry and ashamed for voting you. You’re the most parochial individual ever to have ruled this country and El-Rufai will end up at the Hague tribunal.

    • Gary

      The tenets of Buhari’s fundamentalist Wahabbi Islam forbids him from siding with “infidels” in a dispute or conflict with fellow Moslems.

      It is unfortunate that most of the people who voted for Buhari did not really know the man they supported but fell for the media packaged image of an anti-corruption man of integrity that was sold to them.
      Now we all know better, at great cost to lives and pursuit of happiness.

    • Lanre

      Too late for the regrets. You Nigerians will never learn. In 2019, Obasanjo and Tinubu will again come out to tell all of you who to vote for and like sheep, you will all follow suit. Once again, too late for the regrets. As long as Nigeria is structured as it is currently, people like Buhari will continue to rule all of you. Get ready, I understand El-Rufai is your next president.

      • okenwa

        Tell them bros but they may attack you and call you igbo.

    • okenwa

      Hayi, my bros one odeku and full isi ewu for you. May God bless you and happy new year.

  • rayray

    This attitude of deafening silence on issues that bother on security of the country is beginning to cast doubt on this administrations claim of protecting and creating enabling environment for business to thrive. The entire country will have to debate on the issue for weeks before the presidential media goons will make any statement on an issue that is very critical as this. am very disappointed.

    • Solomon Brown

      It is a well thought out and orchestrated plan, nothing random here.

      • okenwa

        Gbam bros.

    • okenwa

      May God keep and bless you and your generation. Amen.

  • Henoz

    So shameful, 21st century Nigeria under the leadership of Bubu terrorist. So unfortunate

  • zung

    Too late…..You dug your grave so deep already. You thought you dug it for others. Too late…… Too late.

  • real

    why would Nigeria expect a president with no capacity to comment on something he has no solution for. This president and his team have clearly shown they lack the capacity for dealing with any situation. from the minute he was elected , it has being proven that he lack the communication to govern a 21st century country or deal with the economy. for five months we waited for minister. almost a year we waited for action on forex. we waited for months for him to speak on the niger delta problem. waited for him for month before he said anything on herdsmen killing, yet this president can quickly run to other foreign country to speak on what is not his business. Nigeria is on fire, Nigeria is struggling and we don’t hear from the president often enough.

  • Isiagwo

    Terrorist Bokohari’s mental retardedness is mistaken for many things including “a calculating planner.” The brain cells have gone past use by date, and that was back in 1961, when he discovered that education and learning were “sin” and happily chose illiteracy.

  • Okokondem

    Just curious!
    How the heck did a nation that started out with so much potential end up a ‘banana republic?’ My goodness, why can’t there be a good news, a positive development reported about this country of us.

    Just out of curiosity, how many Nigerians are bothered (shamed) by the fact that a country of this size, of this importance and regional influence, with expatriates involved in oil exploration requiring them regularly flying in and out of the country, can not operate a national airline? We shamelessly hop on Ethiopia, Ghana and every other country’s airline.

    How many other oil producing countries are without optimally functioning oil refineries? We indulge in the most absurd practices and behavior for so long that we become immune to the absurdity.

    I have no knowledge of any other society in the world where people insist on being addressed as Engineer so and so, Architect so and so. Heck I have even come across people wanting to be called Surveyor so and so. Imagine that! How about engineer chief so and so. Why am bothered? It’s like Nigerians live in their own alternate reality. We have gotten so accustomed to our own set facts, our own set of rules and our own alternate realities that we cannot be bothered.

    What entitles Nigeria to the dubious honor of having the highest paid members of Parliament in the world. The highest paid civil servants on the surface of the earth.

    People awarded lucrative contracts to develop the country’s infrastructure would not only abandon the projects, but would shamelessly take the money, gather their friends and family, and head to Dubai to celebrate birthdays and naming ceremonies etc.

    Who are we? How much of these absurdities bother Nigerians? How long do they plan to tolerate these absurdities?

    We commit all sorts of crimes, indulge in all sorts of supernatural activities in pursuit of money so we can drive the best cars that we can’t afford, on the worst road conditions that exist.

    We aspire to build the biggest mansion in our village even though these houses are for the most part underused. In doing so, we recklessly cut down trees our ancestors depended on for sustenance. No trees are planted to replace the ones chopped down.

    Nobody is interested in farming anymore, yet we have developed appetite for foreign foods, toothpicks made overseas. Heck we even import palm oil from is it Malaysia or Indonesia.

    Who are we, really?

    • princegab

      Nature abhors vacuum sir, nothing wrong with the people but leaders.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Are these leaders from Mars? A people gets the type leaders it deserves!
        As Okokondem observed something is really wrong with us

        • princegab

          Nothing wrong with you and i, neither is anything wrong with him or her, sir. Once governance is not done as defined, the people will remain miserable. The problem is leadership, bad governance. Corruption is killing Nigeria. Pmb government is corrupt just like other before it.

      • Okokondem

        I disagree. The leaders come from among us meaning there’s a good chance every one of us, okay, majority of us would succumb to the same allure of money and materials if we were to find ourselves in the position whereby we are entrusted with money appropriated for roads and bridges, hospitals and schools, etc.

        We must as Nigerians do some serious introspection, a serious soul searching. Unfortunately, you have disregarded every point raised in my comment and instead deflected the causes for the disfunction in our society by blaming someone else, the leaders. Who are the leaders and where do they come from, the moon?

        Nigerians we have an appetite for grandiose. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to be successful. Being successful in life doesn’t necessarily mean being rich. That’s what separates an average Nigerian from a Ghanaian or Kenyan or Ethiopian. The average Nigerian’s definition of success is becoming rich and he is prepared to trade his soul to achieve that.

        So, don’t tell me it’s the leaders.

    • Decimator

      The structure is the core of all the mishap in the Nigerian Enclave of today. Periode

      The Citizens of the Nigerian Enclave are among the most law abiding and hard working in the world, qoute me. And this they always clearly demonstrate when they are out of the shores of the Nigerian Enclave in another structure driven by knowhow and hard work.
      Remember there is no where in the world that is problem free. The major issue here in the Nigerian Enclave is not the existence of problems so to say, but rather the total lack of committment to tackling those problems.

      Under the military hierarchy structured non-existing one Nigeria Unity Enclave, with manna from heaven economy not requiring any input or knowhow from the citizens, you cannot avoid getting used to the word shearing for there is nothing to build, but rather the struggle is to control.

      It is exactly this same cultural handicap of struggling for the supreme power in a military hierarchy structured Enclave with or without merit that enabled an illiterate to be heading the economy of the Nigerian Enclave in this 21st century, in a country of erudite scholars and

      And the same is what is promoting the notion of assuming the supreme names attached to a profession rather than exercising professionalism in the Enclave. Thanks

  • real

    This is what Nigeria get for electing a man with no idea no thoughts, no knowledge and a man that destroy the country in the 80. I said it over and over, the man has no capacity to govern Nigeria and he is proving it every single day. his fight for corruption is just a witch hunt and that is being proven everything. yes Nigeria want someone to clean the country out of corruption, to move the economy forward, to secure the country, this president is not the man at all. And it is the hope of mine that Nigerian’s send him packing come 2019. four more years of this man would be a complete and total disaster.


      Retaliation should be in Southern Nigeria’s lexicon. Get ready, it’s going to boil over in 2019. Buhari did NOT come in peace. Every coward will find out in 2019.

    • Samadani

      Why can’t you suggest a possible replacement come 2019 so that Nigerians would screen the name.

  • sab

    Please where is Rommel? Has he traveled to his village where there is no light to charge his battery or better still where there is no data for him to buy?

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Luka Bnniyat wrote “It was over that market that the Hausa-Muslim settlers of Zangon Kataf and the natives took on one another in killings that later spilled to Zaria, Kaduna and Katsina 24 years ago, specifically, in May 1992. The Hausa opposed the relocation of the market to the new spacious area, preferring it remained in the cramped town of Zango Kataf.”

    “Gen. Zamani Lekwot (retd), a former Military Governor of old Rivers State and five other Atyap leaders were arrested and put in a controversial trial that not only divided the state along ethno-religious line, but also the entire country. Two years after, Lekwot and 16 others were sentenced to death under the Gen. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida administration, the regime of Gen. Sani Abacha granted them state pardon in 1995.”

    Then, it was fuelled by ethno-religious politics, today the emphasis is on the religion!

    It took this Presidency over 168 HOURS, to determine if it was worth saying ‘halt’, halt the pogrom, that emotion provoking word, and no more senseless killings!

    Yesteryears, it was Mukhtar Ramalan Yero of Kaduna that ‘ignored’ families of those who died in the killings in Zangon Kataf local government area. Now, The Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan, in its assessment of the crisis, claims that ” the unrest has seen the attack on four local government areas with 808 people killed, 53 villages destroyed, 1,422 houses razed, 16 Churches attacked, 19 shops, and one primary school destroyed.”

    Is it not interesting that the number of Shiites killed was also over 800?

    El Rufai, Buhari, Osibanjo, the world is CLOSELY watching how this evil plan is unfolding:

    ‘US State Department spokesman John Kirby condemned the deadly assault perpetrated by the Nigerian government forces earlier this week, calling the carnage a “disproportionate response” of the police in the violence.’

    to the point that Obama is asking that you effect the recommendation of the judicial inquiry that concluded that Nigerian troops should be prosecuted for the killing of Shia Muslims in the northern city of Zaria last year.

    Now Christians are being ‘cleaned out’ by this nebulous “Fulani Herdsmen” and according to El Rufai, they are from “Mars”, and not from Nigeria!

  • westman

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  • Arabakpura

    I have one advice for the President: if you cannot comment on internal unfortunate incidents like this arising from conflicts, do not also comment to look good when similar things happen outside Nigeria in other countries! They give you out as very partisan; you either speak on all or you don’t speak at all so that your supporters will be able to defend you!

  • muazu wali

    Action speak better than words. At this moment what are needed most are containment of the situation, humanitarian assistance, measures to prevent future occurance and of course find out the perpetrators and punidh tgen. Most of these measures are already in place as directed by the President. Harm has already been done let everyone else come and play a role, the state governor, religious leaders, community leaders, NGOs and philanthropists. Only God answers our prayers. Buhari is not God and will not answer the prayers of Catholic bishops to speak!

  • abodes_124

    Mr President Kaffirs lives matter. You have not broken your silence. One media aide thought the death of hundreds of kaffirs in southern Kaduna was not worthy of your comment the second one has trotted out a for of words. Same pattern as when the Agatu slaughter happened. Lai told us what he thought your thoughts on the matter was. Similar to Zaria etc.

  • Analyst

    Is a one term president. No need to border.

  • Stella Dominic


  • Patriotic Nigerian

    The failure of Babangida and Abacha regimes to sentence Gen Zamani lekwot and his team to death for comitting genocide against hausa fulani muslims in 1992 set precedence for all the ugly, babaric and inhumane evils we are are experiencing today under the guise of ethno reliogious nationalism. So long as perpetrators of crime will go unpunished, we shall continue to live in a cycle of crisis and violence. We are now blaming the herdsmen, what was our comment when the southern kaduna natives are killing other people including travelers. They saw the seed and now they are reaping the ugly fruit of their stupidity.

    • Karl Imom

      Don’t understand your argument. What has that got to do with the present attacks by Hausa -Fulani on poor farmers, many of whom were NOT even born when Babangida was in power? How come these people are allowed to openly carry firearms and enter Nigerian territories without questions? What is the duty of Nigeria Police, Immigration, and Customs? To work only at the airports and leave the rest of Nigerian borders unprotected and farmers vulnerable to attacks by foreign invaders?

      • Gary

        The Fulani, at least those who wield power in Nigeria, have always seen themselves as one people, irrespective of citizenship or national borders.
        And they have an open-door policy to Fulani pastoralists from all over West Africa across Nigeria’s vast northern borders.

        We can deduce the implications for the integrity of national elections and now see the dire consequences of that for the country’s indigenous peoples now fighting for their lives from local and foreign Fulani herdsmen in search of grazing lands.

        It is interesting to ask why the pastoralists are seeking resettlement mostly in Nigeria. Kaduna State’s Nasir El-Rufai provided an answer in his infamous interview by disclosing that he had sent tributes and a welcome mat to his kindred “now that a Fulani man is Governor”.

        And for that, Mr. Buhari has in turn applauded his handling of the situation in southern Kaduna.

  • Abdul

    This is so annoying and disgraceful. Why is the president sending police to fight foreign invaders? why? sometimes i wonder the kind of “leaders” leading this country. What we want to hear is a comprehensive statement from the office of the president about steps being take by the military to secure our country from foreign invaders who penetrate our boarders with the aim of killing our people. A REASONABLE GOVT WOULD HAVE TERMED THIS AN ACT OF WAR and take appropriate measures. For a govt to even say foreigners are retaliating for an act committed against them some years ago makes me cringe. Why does our leaders 99% of the time behave like imbeciles? why?

  • Otile

    You cannot catch julius, tundemash, and burbank alive or dead in this type of topic, because this is not about, oil, SS SE. Awon ass-lickers.

  • Gbokobase

    My submission on this fulani menace is that over time, it has been fanned by the silience of many. First, i want to say that this issue has some form of pattern