Security operatives raid Jonathan’s brother’s house

Patience Jonathan
Patience Jonathan

Security operatives, Wednesday evening, laid siege to an Abuja house belonging to a brother-in-law to Nigeria’s former president Goodluck Jonathan, sources close to the former leader confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES.

The house is located in Maitama, one of the enclaves of Nigeria’s rich in Abuja.

The spokespersons for the headquarters and Abuja command of the police said they were not aware of the operation, but security sources confirmed that police officers in uniform carried out the raid.

According to our sources, the operatives searched all the rooms in the house.

The house was allegedly bought for her brother by Patience Jonathan, who was said to be in Port Harcourt when the raid occurred on Wednesday.

Although Mrs. Jonathan has been having a running battle with the anti-graft agency, EFCC, over the ownership of a controversial $15 million, sources at the commission said the EFCC did not carry out the raid.

More details to follow…


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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Be it Jonathan’s brother or Jonathan’s brother-in-law, the big question is: When will security operatives raid the homes of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi and Rabiu Kwankwaso? Certificate forger and perjure Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption war is clearly a partisan crusade.

    • Shahokaya

      When their wives accounts are found loaded with dollars and the wives claims inheritance of the dollars from their akamu, koko, and bole hawking mothers.

    • Rommel

      Because none of these people you mentioned benefitted from the Boko Haram arms purchase money that was siphoned off while soldiers were being killed and Nigerians were being lied to under that evil administration

      • kumi

        They made all there money from sallary I ask you where did they get all there money which they are using to intimidate Nigeria including you that is there supporter

      • stlords

        Hope you love the game , wait when it move to the other side , remember 2019 is around the corner ooo

        • Rommel

          And what about 2019? you lost power even when you bankrupted Nigeria to buy votes,allocated votes to yourselves in places like Delta,Rivers and Akwa Ibom and will still lose again if you are able to present a candidate,oh I forgot,PDP is master of imposition of candidates and with Modu Sherrif being your favorite,we’ll see how that would pan out

  • trueWord

    …Why not Buhari and his blood thirsty cabinet pursue/investigate the sponsors of Boko Haram with this kind of momentum devoted to a woman? Just because she is a Niger Deltan? Byhari must remember that even after he has traveled on that journey of no return, some president someday will harrass Aisha and all her relatives the same way. No two ways about it!

    • omobabalemomu

      She said Buhari is brain dead and that anybody shouting change must be stoned. May be she is already being stoned. Chai thea his godu oooo chai.

  • Eziokwubundu

    APC, govt usual antics; wherever they are under scrutiny for their evil they go after their boogeyman GEJ, to distract Nigerians. We are not fooled, nothing can distract Nigerians from the GENOCIDE Buhari and elrufai are committing in southern Kaduna

    • Rommel

      I am not sure you are reacting to what was written here,seems you are reading something else in your mind perhaps

      • stlords

        My brother , must you attack the wicker family , why Jonathan family always , as if they are the only one in this country ,

  • Rommel

    If there is prima facie for a crime,should the police not carry out their duty because the person involved is one of the people considered in some quarters to be untouchable? this story is not newsworthy

  • kumi

    Apc and Buhari have distroy Nigeria is gen and his friend and family the only corrupt persons in Nigeria I want to ask is it because that gen is from the south that Buhari will not have respect for apc will never remain in power for ever after they have use there brom to sweep all Nigeria money and left nothing they said it is gej Buhari and all his friends and family will be investigated when they leave power

  • omotosho olanipekun

    Here we go again. When the APC scorecard for 2017 is read, it will include breaking into the home of patience jonathans brother’s home.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    This is what all the fools in the Niger Delta get for their delusions that there is one Nigeria.

  • yelwa

    haba! this one na original witch hunting. Na only dem jonah people thief naija commonwealth ne?

    • Holy truth

      If u are not a witch will be hunted? So don’t be a witch to be hunted 4.

    • yelwa

      Thank you for answering part (a) of my comment.
      Now please answer part (b): Na only dem jonah people thief naija commonwealth ne?

  • Gary

    Can anyone imagine how much developed the Niger Delta and South East would have been if just HALF of the real estate investments the citizens of these two regions have are located in their home regions? The Igbo and Niger Deltans have made a fetish of building or buying homes in Lagos and Abuja while their homes states have glorified townships as capitals and none of the urban infrastructure they desire in those two cities.
    The Jonathans and their crew were in Abuja for only six years and proceeded to plunk down on properties as if they planned to live there forever.
    Timipre Sylva allegedly owns 48 houses in Abuja that he now gets to keep since he defected to the APC.

    It’s time for Madam Patience to declare for the APC so they can leave her alone to enjoy her loot like Maryam Abacha and Turai Yar Adua.

    • thusspokez

      The Igbo and Niger Deltans

      Excuse me, I wish you would stop dreaming about forced married and white wedding between the South-East and South-South. Leave the South-South alone. Ibos should stop trying to ingratiate themselves with South-Southerners. The old Eastern region is gone! And Ibos should move on with their own lives!

      Mind you that the Niger Deltans first started their struggle for Independence from the Eastern region; and the civil war came as a blessing. Rivers state and Cross-Rivers state were the result of that struggle and demand granted by Gowan to get their supports. Now where was I?

      • Gary

        There’s wisdom in looking before leaping or just reveling in being a contrarian in every issue. Pointing out a common trait about two peoples is a far cry from “marrying” them as impishly noted. That you and I show the same trait does not make us married or or twins. Niger Deltans and Igbos, not conjoined, both have more properties outside than in their home states. Read and comprehend before leaping to contradict.

        • thusspokez

          There’s wisdom in looking before leaping

          This is given, hence we have eyes. It is therefore not worth describing as wisdom!

          …or just reveling in being a contrarian in every issue.

          How do you know that someone is being contrarian? Is it because you don’t agree with their views? And if so, do you consider your own view as the conventional wisdom that everyone must follow? Well we don’t live in North Korean and you are not Supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

          Now, other things being equal, if you consider opposing views as contrarian, then by implication, your own views can equally be described as contrarian too.

          That you and I show the same trait does not make us married or or twins

          If you seek, you would find the data that will show that the Niger Deltans have shared common traits with almost every Nigerian (and indeed West African) ethnic groups. So what is so unique about your so-called common traits between the South-South and South-East that you were highlighting, and that should lead the two down the wedding path?

      • Kings

        Sharaaaap my friend. Why must you cry more than the bereaved? What is your business if the South and East integrate? By the way, a people who are inextricably bonded need no integration. You’ve got to learn to deal with this hard truth and stop deceiving yourselves. There is nothing noble in being a parasite and it’s time you people from that cowardly region stopped being lazy – Lepers who never admit they have leprosy! Stay in your West and if you want go with the North. We must restructure Nigeria to reflect the administrative and geographical boundaries that existed pre-British invasion (terrorism).

        • Rommel

          Igbo,Ijaw ,Urhobo,Itsekiri,Bini have nothing in common apart from geography

          • thusspokez

            What is your point exactly?

          • Arogbo

            @Rommel point is that Binis, Itsekiris, Urhobos and Ijaws have nothing in common with the Igbos, period.

        • thusspokez


      • Tunji Olarewaju

        You are here telling one mumu called Gary some home truths

        • thusspokez

          Gary is not a mumu but one of the few clever posters on this website. I don’t agree with his methods, that’s all.

  • evidence

    Meanwhile grass cutter Babachir and super saver Babachir’s house are sitting pretty.
    Useless government.

  • Dadus




    • Gary

      Yeah, like they haven’t done that before. Ask the judges. At least they didn’t strike after midnite this time. There’s hope.

    • sab

      Let Police move in for the SGF, Magu, Burattai, Danbazzau, others who have been fingered in one fraud, embezzlement, self enrichment etc

  • thusspokez

    PremiumTimes, given the number of times this same photo has appeared on this website, I am beginning to wonder if some of your journalists have kinky taste, i.e., that Mrs Jonathan’s wide-open mouth turns them on and even give them erections. (pardon my French!)

    Kinky indeed, but horses for courses if you ask me; and I don’t envy your journalists at all, but Mrs Jonathan’s wide-open mouth does nothing for me. Maybe I need Viagra for enhancement and then concentrate, just concentrate, concentrate on Patience’s wide-open mouth and let the imagination run wild!

    • lala


    • Tunji Olarewaju

      You dey craze, this man. Lolzzzz!!!

    • Noble

      She is yelling “Chei, there is God ooooo!!”

  • westman

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    • Holy truth

      U be d most mumu thief wey think say him smart. Na only person wey mumu pas u go fall 4 ur dumb ass 419. Go find better work do. If efcc catch u now u go begin blame buhari, blame recession

  • Mentus

    Garry, just how the Youruba and Hausa have enriched Panama, Cities of USA, England and Dubai.
    Can anybody imagine what Yorubaland and Hausaland will be like if the monies and houses owned by them in those countries were relocated to Nigeria.
    We are living in a global village and your kind of reasoning should not be entertained in the here and now except for fascists who incidentally are making a come back.

    • Gary

      Sorry, it is not fascism to insist that people should invest in livable cities in their home regions and bring development to their own people. It is sensible and patriotic.

      We cannot and should not have a country of 180m with undue concentrations of wealth and development in only a handful of cities. By now Nigeria should boast of at least 37 cities (state capitals and Abuja).
      I mean planned or modern cities that Nigerians see in Lagos and Abuja. That will ensure a better quality of life and even development across the country. Lagos is bursting at the seams because the infrastructure is straining to cope with its population. The same trend is now underway in Abuja.

      Remember the saying about doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

  • tsunami1earthquake

    When are the security operatives going to raid the residences of Turai Yar’Adua?

  • Daniel

    Even APC loyalists are tired of this so-called vendetta against perceived or real enemies. If Amaechi, Burutai, the SGF, the CoS to Presido, Dambazzu and many others are all walking tall at the corridors of power then I think we can no longer dance to this propaganda remix by DJ Buhari… Please remove the chewing stick from your (Buhari) eyes before you see the IROKO Tree in the eyes of others…