EXCLUSIVE: Obasanjo to Awujale: You are a rumour monger, a liar

Oba Sikiru Adetona, Awujale of Ijebuland

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has written to the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona, describing the monarch as a serial liar and a manipulative rumour monger.

In the letter dated December 30, 2016 but obtained by PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday, Mr. Obasanjo described the claims made about him by the Awujale in his autobiography as a tissue of lies and untruths.

In the book, entitled “Awujale: The Autobiography of Alaiyeluwa Oba S. K. Adetona, Ogbagba II”, the Ijebu monarch had accused Mr. Obasanjo of having used the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to blackmail and extort during his tenure as president.

The book was published by Mosuro Publishers in 2010, but the aspect about the former President was extracted by unknown persons and widely circulated in the past few weeks.

Mr. Obasanjo has now written to Oba Adetona, saying his claims in the book and the spreading of falsehood about him was unbecoming of a monarch of his standing.

Read the former President’s letter below.

Also posted below Mr. Obasanjo’s letter is the excerpt from the book which triggered the former president’s missive to the Oba.



December 30, 2016

His Royal Highness,
Oba Alaiyeluwa S. K. Adetona,
The Awujale & Paramount Ruler of Ijebuland,
Oba Adetona Road,
P. O. Box 263, Ijebu Ode.

The extract from your Autobiography “Awujale: The Autobiography of Alaiyeluwa Oba S. K. Adetona, Ogbagba II”, published by Mosuro Publishers 2010, pp. 187-195, which I attach to this letter was presented to me for my attention.

Your assertion in the publication was a tissue of lies and untruths. Olopade is one of my best friends and yes, I would be at his birthday celebration but I would not have invited Mike, your cousin, to meet me anywhere other than my office or official residence as President of Nigeria. Kabiyesi, do you think I would set the press up to capture me and Mike in a photograph for the newspapers? That would be puerile of me as President. Of course, I could not say that Mike could not do that. That you think that I, as President of Nigeria, would descend to such depravity makes me think of you much less than I thought of you, until now.

The invitation to Mike to contribute to the building of the Library block of Bells University was issued to him by the then Vice-Chancellor, Professor Julius Okogie, who never told me about inviting Mike to so contribute until Mike pulled out. And that I have not and I will not talk to Mike about it should convince you that I know nothing about its genesis.

Under my watch, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, was free to do its job as it saw fit. Common sense would suggest that wild rumours should not be perpetrated by an Oba of your calibre. Kabiyesi, your cousin did not tell you that My Chief of Staff, Abdul Mohammed, put his reputation on line by assuring EFCC that Mike would go nowhere and they should trust him to give him his passport. I did not even know that Abdul had done that until the Chairman of EFCC, Nuhu Ribadu, reported the case of my Chief of Staff seemingly colluding with Mike to run out of the country. But I had implicit confidence in my Chief of Staff and I was to resolve the issue. Should your cousin not have mentioned to Abdul who guaranteed the release of his passport his fears and intention to go on exile?

On several occasions, Nuhu Ribadu has asserted that, under my watch, he was a free agent to do his work as he deemed fit. Where it was necessary, he reported the outcome of his work to me and the subsequent or follow-up actions he intended to take. On no occasion did I guide, lead or direct him on what to do.

Mike did not need to send anything to me to satisfy me, he needed to satisfy EFCC and so your sending any documents to me was insinuating that I am the one to be satisfied rather than the EFCC. So, such documents were not paid any attention by me. You, as the cousin and part beneficiary from Mike as you have told me in the past, would not be able to see the tree from the forest as far as the mode of operation of Nuhu Ribadu was concerned viz-a-viz Mike. If the EFCC was investigating anybody, I did not consider it right for me as the President of Nigeria to be undermining EFCC by hobnobbing with that person. EFCC must be given free hand to do its work. Even if such a person was my child, the best I could do would be to secure a good lawyer to handle the matter before the EFCC for that child.

It is not only in the case of Obajana Cement that you were rumour-mongering about me. You have done that repeatedly on many occasions. The latest one you did in 2016 was you telling me that you heard that I had gone to Rasak Okoya to seek to marry her daughter, Abiola, when it was the girl that came to appeal to me to intervene to placate and appeal to her father to forgive her for all her misbehaviour to her father. I did and the father and daughter were reconciled. I told you even then that it was unbecoming of an Oba. Of course, I am used to such rumours, slandering and insinuations since my days as a Unit Commander in the Army and I have developed thick skin. If ten per cent of the rumours ascribing businesses and properties I know nothing about were true, I would be the richest man on earth.

But recently, when Aliko, yourself and myself were together, Aliko assured you that I never ever had a single share in any of Aliko’s business interests but whenever he has called on me to help within and without to promote his business interest, I have always helped and I will always do because that is part of my job as a Nigerian leader – to help Nigerians grow their businesses or interests – and I have done that for other Nigerians and indeed for non-Nigerians, Africans and non-Africans who have requested me for help.

It was revealing to me on that occasion when Aliko made the point that one of his directors on his cement company is somebody very close to you.

I owed nobody any apologies in the course of doing my work as I believe I should do it or in the course of defending the interest of Nigeria and defending my integrity. As I could not open the treasury for S. O. Bakare for your so-called political support to me, I did not regard that as an offence. To the extent that I believed and regarded as proper, I instructed Tony Anenih as Minister of Works to patronize S. O. Bakare as a Peugeot car dealer. I will not comment on Atiku issue that you touched upon in your book because I have dealt with that elsewhere and you were only dabbling into an area where and thing you are absolutely ignorant about.

All that you wanted me to do in respect of Mike was improper whether when I was President or when I was out of office. I must not be seen to be in the way of allowing law to take its natural course. All I should do is to help the course of the law and help secure a good lawyer to help the process.

It is of interest to me that Mike did not tell you that when he wanted national honour, he came to me and I did not react until Babangida recommended him and said, “Of all those I have helped, Mike is one of the most appreciative.”

Kabiyesi, if I have squandered all the goodwill I had, you would not have contacted me on behalf of All Progressive Party, APC, to receive them in 2014 and you would not have been personally present when I received them as I demanded. I probably have greater goodwill today internally and externally than I had in office.

Kabiyesi, the total sum of what you have put down in those pages of your book is that I dislike Mike. Maybe I need to remind you that if there was any iota of truth in such a position or mindset, Mike would not have been granted the mobile telephone licence which made him a billionaire. It was my prerogative as the President so to do. You may also be reminded that in the first round of the auction which Mike did not make, the country earned US$285 million for each licence. The country earned only US$200 million from the licence transaction with Mike and in the subsequent transaction with Etisalat, the country earned US$400 million. It was a deliberate action on my part that a Nigerian should own one of the licences. Anybody else but Mike could have been that Nigerian.

Kabiyesi, the type of hate propaganda you have tried to project in that section of your book against my person is grossly unbecoming of an Oba let alone an Oba of your status and stature.

However, I still accord you the respect which I believe an Oba should be accorded and one for that matter who I presume to be a friend. In spite of your unfortunate projection, my position remains the same – respect for you as an Oba and a friend.

Kabiyesi, I believe that I should set the record straight for posterity and to caution you from engaging in unedifying rumour-mongering and untruth. Accept the assurances of my highest consideration.




“ The EFCC in Lagos had come calling brusquely on Mike Adenuga (Jnr), Chairman Globacom on 9 July 2006. They broke his gate, swarmed into his house and kept him under ‘arrest’. When I heard about the arrest, I called the legal firms, of Ayanlaja SAN & Adesanya SAN as well as Professor Biodun Adesanya SAN to take up the matter and secure Mike’s release. They swung into action and gave indication that they would take the matter to court.

By evening, it was no longer necessary to go to court as Mike, following his statement to EFCC, had been released with instructions to report regularly to the EFCC headquarters in Abuja. Mike proceeded to Abuja, accompanied by his lawyer, Prof. Biodun Adesanya SAN. Indirectly related to this case, the EFCC had quizzed and released Mohammed Babangida, Ibrahim Babangida’s son. The EFCC purportedly were on the trail of some money belonging to the Petroleum Trust Development Fund (PTDF), but there was really more beneath the veneer.

While Mike was in Abuja, he was counselled to see Obasanjo to extricate himself. For four days, he made attempts to see Obasanjo but was unsuccessful. After a few days in Abuja with no case pressed against him by EFCC, he returned to Lagos. Not long afterwards, and in the heat of this mess, Obasanjo did two things that puzzled me. He called Mike to meet him at a social event in Lagos –Engr. Olapade’s birthday celebration. Mike and Obasanjo were both captured by press photographers in the newspapers at the event. Following the celebration, Obasanjo asked Mike to accompany him to Ota. It was in Ota that he solicited for the construction of the Administration Block of his university, Bells University in Ota. Mike agreed and Carchez Turnkey Projects Ltd handled the project for him. It appeared the whole matter, the EFCC hunt, simmered and Mike continued about his business. On a trip to Ghana, he ran through his Nigerian daily newspapers and discovered that the situation was unfolding in a more revealing version. The EFCC had arrested Mohammed Babangida. Mike read between the lines and proceeded to the UK on exile. When I visited the UK, Mike came to see me, and wanted me to facilitate a meeting with Obasanjo so that he could present his side of the case. The allegations against him were as follows:

a. That Abubakar Atiku, the Vice-President, gave Mike Adenuga money from the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) which were invested in Mike’s bank, Equatorial Trust Bank (ETB), and that the funds were used in paying for the Globacom licence.

b. That as a result of the connection in (a) Atiku was a major shareholder in Globacom. And Atiku used his clout to ensure that PTDF money got into ETB.

c. That General Ibrahim Babangida, the former Head of State, was also a major shareholder in Globacom.

It was not enough for Mike to merely present his case to EFCC, for it seemed the EFCC was under some remote control. The Presidency was after Atiku. Atiku at some point was the Chairman of the PTDF; an attempt was being made to indict him for alleged illegal and unauthorized channelling of PTDF money into Globacom. All sorts of rumours were flying around and the Presidency wanted to pin down the case against Atiku. If Ibrahim Babangida also fell into the trap, so much the better.

A wide opening presented itself and EFCC seized it.

G.Subair is Mike’s second cousin. His father died young and he grew up, just as I did in my early life, living with Mike’s mother. He worked for Mike and was seconded, amongst other things, to open the Kaduna office for Globacom. In need of accommodation or office space, he leased, on behalf of Globacom, a house, at 2-3 Dawaki Road in Kaduna belonging to Mohammed Badamasi Babangida and used that address in official correspondence and memoranda. Mohammed is the first son of President Ibrahim Babangida. This was Babangida connection to which EFCC hung on when they were rummaging through Globacom documents. This was, according to them, irrefutable evidence that Babangida was a major shareholder in Globacom and that his son, Mohammed Babangida, or G.Subair or Mike was fronting for Babangida in this venture.

Mike told me how he had raised money through the BNP Paribas Bank in France and how he paid to New York for the Globacom licensing fees. All the money involved could be traced with supporting documents to France and New York in the form of a huge loan. The Bank BNP Paribas on its part had a letter stating clearly their involvement in the transaction and Mike wanted to present this among other documents to President Obasanjo. I called Obasanjo and relayed the facts as I had them from Mike to him. I requested for his fax number so that I could fax Mike’s letter explaining all the transactions and the Bank of Paribas letter to him. As soon as he gave me the fax number, I faxed the documents to him. Still, Obasanjo was not satisfied. It seemed that it was all a ruse because they were really after Atiku and Babangida and wanted Mike to implicate them. Mike refused to cooperate. If he was not going to cooperate, they thought, harassment would do it. On 19 August 2006, I made a statement to the press asking Obasanjo to caution Nuhu Ribadu, the head of the EFCC, about his mode of operations. I denounced the harassment of citizens by EFCC and urged them to go to court if they had anything concrete against anyone.

While Mike was in exile, we shared a moment of relaxation together. We took a holiday together in south of France with some members of our families. I had with me my wife Olori Kemi, my daughter, Ronke and Oba Adekoya, the Dagburewe of Idowa. Mike came along with his two daughters and his niece.

While on this holiday, the President of France, Jacques Chirac, was going to be holding a conference with African Heads of State in Nice. Coincidentally, we got to know that Obasanjo was booked to stay in the same hotel where we were staying. Later, we learnt he had changed his mind and would not be attending the conference. Then not long afterwards, we were told he had decided to attend after all. By the time he finally decided to attend, all the rooms in the hotel were fully booked and he was now booked into another, Embassy Hotel, which was a stone’s throw from when we were. I got to know that he would check in at 8.00am on the day of the conference. At 8.330am, I went to his hotel and took Mike along with me. From the reception, I spoke to him on the phone. When he asked from where I was speaking, I told him I was downstairs in the lobby of his hotel! He said he would send someone down immediately to lead me up to his suite, and he did so. I left Mike behind in the hotel lobby. When I got to his suite, there were already a number of people in the corridor, in his living room and the dining room waiting to see him. His ADC took me straight to see him in his bedroom. I had hardly settled down when he started talking to me about his deputy, Abubakar Atiku. He was at daggers drawn with Atiku. When he exhausted all he had to say about Atiku, he jumped on Theophilus Danjuma, his estranged friend. They fell out after Danjuma had served him as Minister of Defence. I sat there just listening. He needed to get a lot off his chest. He told me how would leave the Chirac conference immediately after the opening because he wanted to attend a PDP campaign in Gombe at 5.00pm that same day. He was lead campaigner for the PDP and Umaru Yar’adua for President.

He reeled off a number of events where he was going to be engaged in the coming months, including the opening of the Obajana Cement Factory. Wait a minute! Something struck me at the mention of Obajana Cement Factory.I told him that I had heard that he and Aliko Dangote jointly owned the cement factory. I told him that I heard Dangote was fronting for him in the venture. His reply was to query whether I believed what I heard. I countered by saying whether I believed it or not was irrelevant to the question that I had asked him. He said nothing further on this. Before we left his room, I pointed out to him that now that he was approaching the end of his term in office, there were some people to whom he owed apologies: Chief S.O. Bakare (Oluwalogbon) was one. Chief Bakare gave everything to support Obasanjo when he was down. In spite of Obasanjo’s condemnation by the populace, Bakare still stood by him. I had forewarned Bakare that Obasanjo would eventually dump him. Notwithstanding, he stood by Obasanjo. In the end Obasanjo walked away. A few months in office they separated as friends.

I told Obasanjo that Mike Adenuga was in Cannes and that I had brought him with me. He was waiting in the foyer downstairs. I told him that the reason I brought Mike along was that it was not unlikely that Obasanjo would hear that Mike was in Cannes while he was in town and would deem it discourteous if Mike did not show up to pay his respect. Now that I had told him, that Mike was downstairs, it was now up to him, if he wanted to see Mike, to send someone to bring him up. Obasanjo objected to Mike coming to see him in his suite. Instead, he said he would see Mike downstairs on his way to the conference. At this point, I volunteered to go downstairs and wait with Mike. Obasanjo again objected, insisting that he and I should go down together. Soon after, his ADC came into the room to remind him about the time. He went into his bathroom, got ready and we went to the lift with his Foreign Minister.

When we got down, Mike came forward to greet him. ‘I have nothing against you, it is a matter of principle’ Obasanjo told Mike. Mike in turn said, ‘Your Excellency, I understand. Thank you.’ That was all the exchange they had.

When Obasanjo left office in 2007, we met at the 90th birthday ceremony for Chief T.O.S Benson in Lagos on 23 July 2007. As a matter of fact, we sat side by side. In the course of our conversation, I told him I was going to be in Abeokuta the following day. He said he would be in Ota when I was there, but that he would specifically come to Abeokuta to host me for lunch. He kept his word. So much so that he called me on the phone when lunch was ready! I assured him that I would not miss lunch and I would be with him as soon as I was through with my meeting.

I went as promised for lunch with Oba Adekoya, the Dagburewa of Idowa. When we got there, Obasanjo also had Alhaji Ola Yusuf from Owu, Abeokuta, who had come to see him and he too joined us for lunch. We were four at table. It was sumptuous lunch, and I had never been treated to anything like it in our long relationship.

Mike Adenuga was still in exile abroad and Obasanjo steered the lunch talk in his direction. He asked me to ask my son meaning Mike Adenuga, to return home. I requested that he should leave the matter until after lunch and it would be tackled on a one-to-one basis between us. He agreed.

After lunch, we went into his private sitting room. I declared that what Nuhu Ribadu, Chairman of EFCC, was doing in respect of Mike Adenuga was wrong and he was doing it at Obasanjo’s behest. I told him that I refrained from interfering because I wanted to see how the law would pan out on the issue. The kernel of the matter really, as I told him, was his disagreement with Abubakar Atiku, his deputy, and they had taken the matter almost life-and –death level. Mike Adenuga was a pawn in the crisis and he should be given the right to defend himself.

I reminded Obasanjo that he was no longer in office and he should back off in his pursuit of Mike. I went further to let him know that if Nuhu Ribadu did not desist from molesting Mike, I would go into the ring with them. Here I made clear that I would take him and Ribadu to unnecessarily and unjustifiably pursue Mike. Obasanjo promised to see Ribadu and to ask him to back off. He further promised to give me a feedback on this.

When I did not get his feedback, I called him a number of times, but the phone would ring and not be answered. Eventually, I called his aide, Bodunde Adeyanju, who on picking my call passed the phone to Obasanjo to speak to me. Obasanjo told me Ribadu was out of the country and he would get back again to me on Ribadu’s return. I told Obasanjo how difficult it had been to reach him on the phone. I offered a solution. I would ask Mike to send him a phone which he would give his aide, Bodunde, as an intermediary. This way, all I had to do was call that number and Bodunde would pass it to him if he wanted to speak to me. He agreed and Mike sent the phone down the next day. But still Obasanjo did not come back to me on the issue.

Mike remained in exile in London and nothing much was heard again or raised by the EFCC about him. Later in 2007, I called Mike in London and told him I wanted to know why he had refused to return home. Since he had no skeleton in his cupboard, then he should return home. I explained to him that the purpose of the wealth with which he had been divinely endowed was to care for his needs, and his interests. It was also for use to defend his honour and integrity. For these reasons, I urged him to return home.

Thereafter, Mike returned home. Nobody touched him and no institution has prosecuted him because there was no genuine reason from the onset for anybody to touch him. However, the construction project at Bells University slowed considerably while Mike was in exile and a few solicitous calls from Obasanjo to Mike while he was in exile did not change the pace of work. On his return from exile, the school Bells University had the temerity to write to him seeking for a meeting to discuss the continuation of the project. When I got to know, I offered to be in attendance at the meeting and sent word round that I would be in attendance. I had the intention to lambast all of them. They must have sensed it because up till now, the meeting has not been held!

All the enormous goodwill which Obasanjo carried into office was squandered with a performance that left him with a second term short of tangible achievements. Eight years in office was ample time to put electricity on a very strong footing. Eight years was enough to put down a strong foot against corruption and make a clear difference. Eight years was adequate for orderliness and the rule of law to triumph in every facet of our society. These were the basis upon which I gave him my support for the office. Some new State Governors have shown how much good can be achieved in a shorter time.”

‘Awujale: The Autobiography of Alaiyeluwa Oba S.K Adetona, Ogbagba II’ , Mosuro Publishers, 2010, pp. 187-195


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  • emi natan

    Truth is OBJ is the serial liar here and we all know

    • Ekwu


      Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo has no abiding virtue anyone on earth can respect –
      not honesty or knowledge or any reputation for good thinking. In life, human beings
      don’t just go about falling down before an 80-year-old wrinkled rustic described by
      the South African media on a state visit as “the ugliest creature on the face of the earth
      if that horrifying reality is not compensated for with any virtue, but escalated with ignorance;
      like here, where he’s firstly stated in his letter’s opening paragraph that Oba Sikiru Adesina
      of Ijebuland is a SERIAL LIAR, and then closed the letter with dripping hypocrisy professing
      his own high esteem and personal respect for the same Oba Sikiru Adesina – the serial liar.
      Ask General Obasanjo why he can’t avoid crooked thinking and he’ll likely tell you that it is
      his own village understanding of the meaning of the word ‘diplomacy’. What a creature!

      • Oooduuwa



        • duwdu

          Your own nitpicking is too much na! Why didn’t you instead assume that his autocorrect algorithm preferred “Adesina,” which name he’d typed many times over, over “Adetona,” which name for this purpose had hardly been previously used?


  • duwdu

    Obasanjo, in this his rejoinder, just admitted, in many ways, that he interfered and fiddled most inappropriately with his beuracracy and law enforcement agencies while he was President!

    Of course, Obasanjo could and can still do NO wrong… in his own eyes, he was — and still is — the best and perfect leader of and for Nigeria. Obasanjo has consistently claimed he holds the panacea to all afflictions bedeviling the country, yet he can’t, in all honesty, point to any tangible national institution he did not compromise while in government? Did that amount to or result in real and sustainable national development and growth? No!

    This Obasanjo “sef.”


  • Abdullah Musa

    Awujale made sense to me.
    It seems OBJ does not like the taste of his own medicine.

    • Hero

      He is not a good Yoruba leader. An Oba of his caliber should be more circumspect. This is not the first time!

      • Abdullah Musa

        Signs of the time Hero.
        Neither the traditional rulers ,nor Clergy, nor politicians are measuring up to expectations.
        Driven by selfishness ,they can’t pay the price of being noble.

  • Kekedu

    Na wa o. Extract from book published in 2010 suddenly becoming headlines in late 2016 just to cause rift amongst Yoruba leaders! This Atiku’s presidential ambition is so creepy. Watch out for Atiku in 2017 Ojude Oba festival in prep for 2019.

  • Humpty Grundy

    Editor Premium Times

    OBASANJO as the problem with NIGERIA

    General Olusegun Obasanjo was promoted above his level of mental competence
    and became so supercilious to describe himself as “statesman” without having any
    relevant knowledge in either Law, Political Science, Economics, or International Relations;
    and having nothing sensible to contribute to international affairs with an informed opinion
    on any subject. He then made up for his crass ignorance by spewing bullshit as humour.
    But he also sought sought photo opportunity with world leaders; and with those photos,
    and nothing else, he declared himself as “a member of the international community”.

    General Olusegun Obasanjo joined an illiterate Army in the 1950s and then measured
    himself by the standards of illiterates. Like a dwarf who competed for height with pygmies,
    General Obasanjo put himself above the illiterates he met in uniform inside the barracks,
    many of whom prance around today as self-promoted GENERALS with no thought-process.
    All his life Obasanjo has competed with those sub human beings who being dim themselves,
    saw Obasanjo as a one eyed-king in their army barracks of the blind and the un-enlightened,
    where stealing was and likely remains the overriding passion.

    • Williams Johnson Fortune

      And what have you achieved with your level? Nothing.

      • Baba Ashara

        @williamsjohnsonfortune:disqus: Well, if @Humpty Grundy has not achieved any theft,
        he’s succeeded far better than General Olusegun Obasanjo because a good name
        is better than gold. Anyone who is a billionaire in Nigeria today is a thief, said the
        past Foreign Affairs Minister, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi. I agree with that verdict.
        All i will add to it is that theft is not an achievement and good men should not
        be compared with rotten rogues because good men are thinking men,
        and thinking men do not steal or negage in promiscuous incest.

        • Williams Johnson Fortune

          And what good name are you talking about? So in your lazy mind, you believe wealth cannot be mad legitimately? I hardly believe things without facts, I don’t swallow trash. Can you define incest? Because the last time I checked, Obasanjo still celebrated the Christmas with his children and their families. Who is the saint please? Good name my foot. Keep encouraging yourself

          • DXT2000


            General Olusegun Obasanjo did nothing right in public office and thus did everything wrong.

            He announced creation of ICPC to curb corruption but castrated ICPC in the establishment law. Obasanjo deprived ICPC of the most necessary tool to fight corruption; i.e, INITIATIVE to act of its
            own volition. Under the intentionally useless law Obasanjo signed, ICPC was barred from arresting any person who is obviously corrupt in public office.

            The law limited ICPC to arrest only a public officer who is reported to ICPC by any other person – which law then wrongly placed investigative Police duties impossibly on the ordinary citizens.

            Olusegun Obasanjo took to buffoonery, howling, dramatics, silly humour and and tomfoolery to while away the time, and in consequence, to waste away Nigeria’s lives. He simply did not know what to do because corruption lurked in his inner soul. He flattered to deceive as an anti-corruption campaigner but he was far from it. He was a money-guzzling rural rustic who tucked his personal interest behind policy proposals, including the oil blocs he allocated in the year 2005, with disguised self-interest.

        • David Adeniran

          How many fraudulent IDs are you going to use on the same platform?

      • Julius

        Writing trash online using different ids !

    • Wale Bolodeoku

      In your literate life, how many books have you written for posterity? How many people are in your employ? How many families wake up every morning giving glory to God that your impotent father came their way? Obasanjo vanquished the best of your father’s house cleanly and used your heritage as platform for higher accomplishments in life. Yet, you call him an illiterate. Go back to your father’s house, no, to all of your clan and bring out ten thousand whose combined accomplishment can measure up to one Obasanjo. Oni eye, ale Amuda, Omo iran k’iran.

      • emmanuel

        You sound like a slave. People whose minds are broadened by sound academics do not talk like you. Do you know the antecedents of a lot of people here? A man who uses state powers through partisan means to build fraudulent businesses where he employ others or better his cronnies, cannot be compared to those who work hard and better the lots of others

        • Wale Bolodeoku

          What do you know about academics? Who were your teachers? What did you learn? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. If you can glibly belittle the accomplishments of others, it’s a proof that nobody within 500 kilometers of your miserable existence has done anything close to. If indeed you’re running the race of life to win and not a mere spectator with diarrhea of the mouth you will doff your hat for those who survived in spite of the odds. Not all the Generals that fought in the civil came back home: OBJ did. February 13, 1976. He was marked to be killed as the Chief of Staff Defence HQs alongside the Head of State, Muritala Muhammed. He survived. 1995, he was to be killed for a phantom coup d’tat. But after three years in prison he came back to win the presidency of Nigeria. Now, aN ABSOLUTE NONENTITY like you, who haven’t done anything for himself or family or clan or nation, hiding under the anonymity of the of the net, is casting aspersions on such a man with a starller and illustrious career. Shame on you and the unfortunate womb that carried such a thoughtless buffoon like you.

          • emmanuel

            If you have my type as a nonentity, your family must be fortunate. If you have read my post from SR, 234NEXXT, ETC, YOU WOULD KNOW THAT I AM NOT A PUSHOVER OR LACK DETAILS.
            Still better than your slavish tendencies.
            I do not worship men, not to talk of crooks and rogues. Obasanjo’s life is distateful to me. Sorry

          • Wale Bolodeoku

            You know why your world, and I mean the whole gamut of your existence: you and everything and everyone of your clan- do you know why there is no semblance of order and evident token of progress? Empty boastfulness, acephaly ( I know you won’t know what that means, they didn’t teach you that in academy), and destructive pride. I said bring ten thousand of your clan and put them beside the man you deride and they won’t measure up.

  • Aare

    Thank you Baba OBJ for stating your own side of the story for posterity’s sake. You own version of events is much more plausible to right-thinking Nigerians. If you hated Mike Adenuga with so much passion as the Awujale would like us to believe, would Glo have been the only indigenous company awarded a GSM licence by your government?

    It is those who want to rubbish your legacy & achievements in office that have gone to dig up excerpts of a book best categorised as a work of fiction rather than an autobiography. This is high-wire politicking for 2019 at work, and the characters behind all these remixed stories know themselves. We also know them and their paymaster. The person positioning himself to be the leader of the Yorubas has a good foot soldier in the person of the Awujale to do his dirty work by systematically rubbishing the legacy other Yoruba leaders. This is what they successfully did to the late Ooni Sijuwade with the same “super Story” book a few years ago.

    OBJ is certainly no saint but whether they like it or not, Almighty God made him president of this country twice and they cannot take that away from him. He remains a Yoruba elder statesman and it is very unbecoming of a Yoruba man talk-less of an Oba to vilify and castigate him publicly for not doing his bidding. The gods and ancestors of Yorubaland are not asleep and will continue to judge those who are working for their self-interest and against the collective interest of Yorubas accordingly.

  • Omo Eleniyan 2


    In practising
    his wholly nonsensical amateur letter-writing skills here again – the same traits;
    the despicable traits that made America refuse him invitation since the year 2007
    to any America’s official event – General Obasanjo scribbled trash as letter here
    and then went to the mirror to smile widely at himself and wonder, “Why have
    I not been given a Nobel Award for Literature?
    ” He surely provokes real pity
    and scornful laughter for becoming an unfunny village jester to be laughed at,
    rather than revered.

    • Aare

      Mr Man, how much are you being paid?
      Within 10 minutes you have attacked Obasanjo with 3 different IDs: Omo Eleniyan, Ekwu and Humpty Dumpty.

      Writing style of all 3 comments and the use of unnecessary big words and italics is the same!

    • Williams Johnson Fortune

      What a trash. Now present your father and let’s compare him with Obasanjo

      • ?????????


        – WITH OBASANJO?

        • Williams Johnson Fortune

          I beg make him present his papa. Let’s see his fathers version of Churchill

      • Arogbo

        Abi oooo! Don’t mind that fellow there, he’s just talking trash.

    • Julius

      Hahahahahaha, you just can’t help yourself. Na wa oo. Look at your life with your imaginary phd and your “letter-writing skills “. You actually think that Obj care ? By the way, each time he came to the U S on an official engagements, the event is always filled to the capacity…talking about letter writing skill. Have you or your father been awarded a Nobel Award for literature ? Here you are using a Yoruba name to post a comment. That says a lot about you.

    • Arogbo

      What are you talking about? Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was at the recently concluded Clinton Global Initiative in New York. The man is well respected outside the shores of Nigeria.

  • Stella Dominic


  • TruthTeller

    Irrespective of what former president Obasanjo has written as his response, there are millions of readers in Yoruba land and elsewhere who would rather believe the Awujale’s version of the flying stories rather than pitch their with the former president. The reason for this is not farfetched. The Awujale is known to speak truth in all situations! His integrity is not in doubt, and he can’t be suddenly painted the colour of a liar by Chief Obasanjo, of all people!

    While the former president has attempted, within his constitutional rights, to defend himself, this response of his, unfortunately, has helped to further damage his already tainted personality. I wish he had refrained from joining issues with the Awujale: a much more realiabe Oba in the nation.

    • Aare

      Truthteller please speak for yourself.
      The millions of educated and discerning Yorubas will never believe the Awujale over Obasanjo.

      It is only those that are being sentimental that will blindly believe anything the Awujale says as the gospel truth.
      Time and time again, he has proved that he he is ever ready to paint other Yoruba leaders black and himself white, regardless of what damage it does to Yoruba progress and unity. Only a discerning mind can tell the difference between factual happenings and his “Super Stories”.

    • David Adeniran

      You really need to speak for yourself and forget about the millions of Yoruba readers! In law, Awujale’s evidence will be treated with A LOT OF RESERVATION because Mike Adenuga is his cousin therefore he is more a TAINTED WITNESS in matters regarding Adenuga. That is, he is not likely to provide an objective and unbiased evidence. As a lawyer of over twenty three years of experience, carefully reading through both statements from Awujale and OBJ, I will believe more what is contained in OBJ’s Statement. I have no passion for either of both personalities though. If one looks at both Statements with an unbiased and objective mind, it is not unlikely that OBJ’s will rate higher.

    • ayo

      obj: like him or hate him, he still stands taller than the Awujale in many ways. From the account especially of Mike having a glo license, of course we know if obj wanted to it would have been blocked. in that regard, obj account is plausible.

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      we yorubas know who we believe. The awujale is absolutely wrong. At least we all know that GSM came during OBJ. We know that OBJ sold license! So how can the awujale turn around that OBJ hated Mike, when the latter was made into a billionaire by the OBJ regime??? The awujale story doesnt just add up. Yorubas are wiser than most of you.

      • Arogbo

        Thank you sir, you’re absolutely right on point.

      • emmanuel

        Yorubas are not wiser, you are only crafty and that is not wisdom. That Obasanjo shortchanged Nigeria to please his Ogun state man is wisdom.
        But when someone else does to make a Tompolo a Billionaire you go up in arms?
        That is devilish.

    • Julius

      Though the Oba has the right to say or write a book but, I would have thought he would refrain from rumors which unfortunately he didn’t. Don’t put us the Yorubas in one basket, I respect the Oba but, I believe Obj in this saga.

  • David Adeniran

    The response from OBJ seems to me to be much more plausible.

    • Hero

      and responsible.

      • Watchman

        @abiodunadeniran:disqus & @adetiloyeka:disqus

        If only ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo had a reputation for honesty he’d have a
        commanding voice on the affairs of Nigeria and prevail over Oba Sikiru Adetona
        in this public spat. Alas, Obasanjo has no belieavibility even if he says good
        morning at 6.00am. His rhetoric is bound to ring hollow regardless of the
        actual facts.

        Obasanjo attempts to depict Oba Sikiru Adetona as a liar and he
        deployed the facts he has but still meets with derision because Obasanjo had
        wasted a chance to a moral person in his acquisitive lust after money whilst in
        public office – exemplified by his public confession that he (illicitly) sold
        Nigeria’s telecommunications license at 80 million dollars less the actual
        price to Mike Adenuga, thus putting 80 million dollars in Mike Adenuga’s pocket
        in one minute with a corrupt official signature without any backing of the law.

        How did Miss Uduak Akpan in Etinan benefit as a Nigerian citizen by Obasanjo putting
        80 million dollars of Nigeria’s money into Mike Adenuga’s back pocket? How? The usually
        crooked and corrupt General Olusegun Obasanjo still cannot explain.

        • L’homme Diplomatique

          Obasanjo’s proclivity for corruption has lately become a stench, as the British government got numerous complaints from around the world that Obasanjo used a bogus foundation he set up disguisedly for charity as a front for collecting bribes and commission from massive loot stolen
          by other African heads of government and Ministers who needed to take the looted money out
          of their own country and needed a cover to launder their loot in Europe.

          General Obasanjo allegedly took 10% of each tranche of loot and helped launder the remainder
          90% under the cover of donations made to his OBASANJO FOUNDATION. The British Police have
          just lately pounced on the dubious and likely criminal Obasanjo Foundation, and also on General Obasanjo himself, for international moneylaundering. The criminal investigation is live and ongoing.

        • staaaaaaaaaaa

          Nigerians, you are a difficult set of animals. you mean youdidnt read his reasons in the article? So by allowing a rebate of 50 million USd for a nigerian. he has done wrong? This is why many of you still wallow in poverty. Get a life, you wailer!

          • Questo



          • emmanuel

            Fayose all called him father of bastsrads when Olagunsoye Oyinlola had his mothers remembrance service at Okuku. Obasanjo has no honour

          • Julius

            You should know that Obj can not do or say anything to will be good news to people like him. Like he said himself, he is used to rumous !

          • emmanuel

            That what? We all knew Atiku the crook handed PTDF funds to get share in Glo. My question, why should he not be hunted for Obajana cement, Haliburton, NIPP money etc they way he hunted Atiku for PTDF and other monies?
            which rumours are you talking about? That Obj did not make attempt at chopping Okoyas daughter while undertaking the reconciliation? how did he chop his daughter in-law, abi that one na rumour?
            Adetona get im own for body too and have participated in acts on manipulation through the military regimes.

          • Julius

            lol@ We all knew. Yah , you all do.

        • Arogbo

          I hope @staaaaaaaaaaa: answer satisfy your question as to rebate given to Nigerian companies over non Nigerian companies that bid for the same license.

      • Arogbo

        True talk!

    • Julius

      Indeed and straight forward point by point.

    • Arogbo

      You’re absolutely right!

    • KennBest

      I agree.

  • Take Nigeria Back! Movement

    It is not that Nigerians do not have the facts of the problems and the perpetrators it is that the players are only committed to themselves and the people have been boxed into a corner where the majority do not care whilst only scratching something for themselves. It is apt to say that “bribe makes a man blind” as stated in The Holy Bible, but someday, soon, Nigeria shall be free!

    • Uncle Benedict O.

      @TakeNigeriaBack:disqus Obasanjo lives above his means;
      and that means he is very corrupt. Obasanjo hasn’t explained the whereabouts
      of Haliburton bribes his personal assistant was sent to collect. Obasanjo can’t explain
      how he got money to buy 200million+ units of Transcorp shares. Obasanjo cannot say
      that he pocketed or did not pocket all or most of the NLG dividends found missing from
      2004 to 2007. So, amongst criminals of the same smell, there is nothing to choose.

      • Julius

        Any of your list in the Oba’s book of which Obj was responding to ? I’m surprised you did not list a question about his waec certificate.

      • Take Nigeria Back! Movement

        As I posted, we know the problems and the perpetrators are being revealed, but how do we rally Nigerians to a rethink to shake off the yoke that the 1% has placed on a willing and abetting 99%? This is the issue!


    NIGERIA CU-ST((0-)M’)S S-ER-(VIC-E NOTIFICATION (0)F S4LES (0)F IM’P0-UND-ED C4-RS F(0-)R 20-16 AU-c-,-TI–(-0)-N HOTLlNE TO REACH GALBA ABDULLAHI IS 080-6575-0820 H((0))nda Acc((0))rd # 550,000H(0)nda City # 500,000 H((0))nda Civic # 500,000 H((0))nda Cr(0)sst(0)ur # 850,000 H((0))nda C-R-V # 750,000 H((0))nda (0)dys-s-ey # 650,000 H((0))nda Pil(0)t # 850,000 T(0)y(0)ta 4R-un-ne-r # 850,000 T(0)y(0)ta Aval(0)n # 600,000 T(0)y(0)ta Av-en-sis # 750,000 T(0)y(0)ta Ca-M’–ry T(0)y(0)ta C(0)-r-(-0)-lla # 550,000 T(0)y(0)ta -FJ -Cr-u-i-s-er # 750,000 T(0)y(0)ta Hi-ac-e T(0)y(0)ta H-igh-l-a–nder T(0)y(0)ta H-iL-ux- # 900,000 T(0)y(0)ta M’-at-r-ix # 550,000 -Ni-ssa-n X-te-rra # 550,000 Peu–g-e-(0)t 4-06 # 430,000 Peu-g-e(0)t 407 # 500,000 Pe-ug-e(0)t -60-7 # 650,000 T(0)y(0)ta 4-Ru-nne-r # 850,000 T(0)y(0)ta Av-al(-0)n # 600,000 T(0)y(0)ta Av-en-s-is # 750,000 T(0)y(0)ta Ca-M’-ry # T(0)y(0)ta C(-0-)r(-0)lla # 550,000 T(0)y(0)ta FJ- Cr-ui-ser # 750,000 T(0)y(0)ta Hi-ac-e # T(0)y(0)ta H-ig-hlan-der T(0)y(0)ta Hi-Lu-x # 900,000 T(0)y(0)ta M’a-tr-ix # 550,000 T(0)y(0)ta Pr-a-d-(0) # T(0)y(0)ta R-a-v-4 # 700,000 T(0)y(0)ta S-equ-(0)ia # 450,000 T(0)y(0)ta Sie-n-na- # 650,000 T(0)y(0)ta T-ac(-0)-M’a # 400,000 T(0)y(0)ta Tu-n-dr—–a # 800,000 T(0)y(0)ta V-e-n-za # 600,000 T(0)y(0)ta Yaris # 550,000 .,

  • thusspokez

    Tosh! Two so-called elders (in traditional African sense) insulting each other in public. What an example these two drama queens are showing those who look up to them.

  • persona

    Atiku is clearly shadow boxing and cowardly cant show his face.
    A 2010 book now used as tool to split brothers? If Atiku thinks he can succeed Buhari and OBJ as generals, he should be high on some very potent crap.
    With regards to both letters, OBJ spoke with different characters corroborating his story, Awujale had a parochial view from only his prism or stories he heard and tried to dress OBJ up.
    Okoya’s daughter as OBJ’s wife? OBJ will take any woman parading around him without keeping her, this is where wisdom failed the monarch. Atiku, for this, landmines will be ahead of you by your detractors, I will advice you play with caution.

    • Nkem

      Brilliant! Brilliant!! Brilliant!!!

  • ODOFIN, Lagos

    Awujale and his enmity with Egba people. The other time was Alake of Egbaland and now it is Balogun of Owu-Egba…

  • KennBest

    Vintage OBJ, the best Nigeria ever had as President. What a clear and concise reply to an awujale who’s used his monarchy to steal from his people. Obasanjo may not be a saint, but we still prefer his contribution to Nigeria’s growth to any other Nigerian out there.

  • honesty

    I think obasanjo is a necessary evil that we need to keep. It is a good thing that he is still alive.

    • Papa Ogihwriodo


      What is there now in very simple. Let us beg America to forgive anything General
      Olusegun Obasanjo has done, even if he gassed and spoilt the air inside White
      House or even if he used his hand to inside his nose before putting the take
      food from presidential pot in the White House. America has punished Obasanjo
      enough. America banned him from Barack Obama inauguration in the year 2008 and
      banned him again in the year 2012. Let us beg Donald Trump not to ban him
      Obasanjo on 20th January. To forgive is divine, please!

      • Edward N.T Ovwhiiri


        No newspaper has reported that ex-President passed gas to spoil the air in White House. No newspaper
        has reported that ex President Obasanjo picked his nose with his hand and then put the same hand
        inside the serving pot at a presidential banquet in the White House. The issue is not personal at all.

        America decides on the type of African leaders they want to invite to their country’s major events.
        Obasanjo has not been invited since the year 2007, but that is due to America’s foreign policy.

        It’s not about a personal matter, like Obasanjo passing gas or picking his nose with his hand.
        America invited Nelson Mandela to the Barack Obama inauguration in 2008, for example.
        That will show you that mental qualities are assessed in deciding who to invite to come.
        There’s therefore no way Donald Trump will ever invite General Olusegun Obasanjo.

    • emmanuel

      Obasanjo is the greatest problem of Nigeria. How is he a necessary evil? Someone who shortchanged Nigeria to please Mike his Ogun state brother? Should he have bent back to give out the licence at such a low ampount?
      Obasanjo never collected signature bonus for the Oil blocks he issued to Danjuma and others. What kind of patrotism is that?

  • emmanuel

    I have come to conclusion over time that Ogun State people are the actual problem of Nigeria. They aided and abetted the rampaging foolanis to undo Nigeria.
    Obasanjo is actually right on Adenuga. We all knew over time how one company led to another ETB came and Conoil – IBB signature. Then bid for GSM operators came and OBJ came under same Ogun state pressure after he Adenuga lost out on the first round and from nowehere, the crooked OBJ opened the window for him to come in. Hear him say how he shortchanged Nigeria with $85 million or $200 million as in case of Etisalat. Only to realised that Atiku negotiated interest into it and funded ETB with PTDF.
    Adetona is indeed a liar, because BNP paribas got a Guarantee from ETB based PTDF liquidity to fund the GSM. i did see bank printouts of ETB and PTDF relevant accounts at EFCC and it was very correct that Obasanjo eventually intervened after he left office for the case to die a natural death as in ‘e ma pa om youba’. Every Nigerian know Adenuga’s is one of the Treasuers to IBB and Atiku
    In the case of Obajana; which crystallised to Obajana to one partner and Ibeshe to the other, we all know that the NIPP at Geregu was established to serve Obajana, Papalanto to serve Ibeshe and Omotosho to serve the defunct and Olokonla LNG – all his private interest. The three were the only NIPP he commissioned before he left office.
    Obj is the most selfish man alive. Ask obj how Joseph Makanju left as power minister and became his eye in the Dangote deal? It pressuposes that part of the NIPP monies found its way into the Cement thing for Makanju to become well rooted there till date. These bunch of old people are the problems Nigeria. i laughed when i saw the video of the commedy songs they did recently
    See how Ogun people teamed up against Jagajaga ban

    • Aare

      Emmanuel please don’t generalize and accuse Ogun State people falsely.
      Ogun State indigenes have in the past and present contributed immensely to the growth and development of this nation in too many ways. They don’t blow their own trumpet but you cannot say people like Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Akintola Williams, FRA Williams, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, or even Vice- President Yemi Osibajo are the undoing Nigeria? Open your mind and see that even today, Ogun State indigenes like MKO Abiola, and even OBJ himself are appreciated and celebrated for building bridges and helping Nigerians from all works of life.
      They are a hospitable, peace-loving people and I challenge anybody to say if there is any area of Ogun State where Nigerians from every ethnic group & tribe do not live in peace and harmony.

      But among every 12 disciples, there must be a Judas.
      If you look closely you will see that it is only one character in this whole saga that is always known to be an agent of division. An agent of tribalism, clannishness and disharmony.

      • emmanuel

        FRA Williams, eh hen? Make we gig deep into how compromising judges began? Abi na Bolaji Akinyemi and Obasanjo of signing away Bakassi?
        Or the general wey kneel down for major?

        • Aare

          Yes. F.R.A. Williams.
          If you’re not ashamed of yourself, please tell us which State you are from and name one (1) Lawyer (living or dead) that your state has produced that could have been considered worthy enough to carry FRA’s gown and books into the courtroom for him.

          • emmanuel

            The thinking of little minds. Non from my state. We are all illitrates, but have never lied about our ancestry and origin.
            We have natural integrity

    • Gary

      Interesting insight in showing the wheelings and dealings of Nigeria’s power elite and how they use political influence into economic affluence.
      But this is not an Ogun State affliction but rather an instance of intra-elite squabbles in the struggle for self-serving power and influence. Afterall, it is the same Ogun State that has given Nigeria the likes of Tai Solarin, Wole Soyinka, Awo, Abiola and great entrepreneurs of trade and commerce. We have to acknowledge that even as we marvel at their penchant for back-stabbing within the clan.

      While this seems to be a face off between two Ogun State titans, OBJ and the Awujale, curiously over an autobiography published six years ago without this much fanfare (a sad commentary on the reading culture in Nigeria); most of our usual suspects are all represented.
      It is not hard to figure out the unseen hands of Atiku’s presidential ambition behind this drama as a counter-punch to OBJ’s abiding opposition to seeing him become President.

      Then there’s the confluence of kinship and business interests linking the Awujale and his cousin Mike Adenuga who himself is linked to IBB, who has business links to Atiku. Both Atiku and OBJ in turn enjoy the mutually beneficial goodwill of Aliko Dangote who is friends to all and enemy of none in building and maintaining his stranglehold on Nigeria’s domestic economy.

      And this is just a subset of the power elite who play God with the lives and dreams of ordinary Nigerians across the land.

      Abacha had his own network of which Muhammadu Buhari played a role, despite the latter’s outward pretensions of piety and integrity.

      This is what Jonathan and his own inept Ijaw kinsmen clumsily tried to replicate before being undercut by Fifth Columnists who felt he had inherited a mandate stolen from the North.

      The Nigerian people seem content to remain as spectators in the drama of their own lives.

      • emmanuel

        I did say the Ogun guys have played their games with the foolanis to undercut Nigeria. Check out those who back stabbed Awo, Abiola, Tinubu to please the foolanis, How Obasanjo agreed that Kano population was more than Lagos, because Tinubu played a role in scuttling his third term agenda.
        I never said that Ogun people are bad. NOOOOOO!
        I actually made a very broad statement which is not correct, but lots of Ogun state politicians are culpable in helping the foolanis hold Nigerian down from meaningful development.

  • Emmanuel Maluba

    I will believe the Awujale a thousand times because he has proven over the years that he would risk his life to tell the truth. I don’t believe one line of Obasanjo because he has proven over the years that he is selfish and vindictive.

    • Aare

      Mechonu !
      Please tell us, which truth did he tell and how did he risk his life to tell it?

      • emmanuel

        Is your flag that of Ijebu Republic or Oduduwa Republic?

        • Aare

          Na the flag dey disturb you?
          Guy, answer the question above and stop the diversion.

          I hate people who argue with sentiments and hearsay instead of with facts and evidence.

          • emmanuel

            i answered your comment below. Have you come across me as someone who carry rumour like Adetona or talk without facts? I recall how Gbadebo tongue lashed him for lies. I told you about Glo (CIL), Obajana, ETB, Conoil, Geregu, Omotosho, Papalanto, NIPP monies etc?

      • Emmanuel Maluba

        I dont need to ask you how you contribute to discussion where you might have come from. I have gladly mechonu for you so you can satisfy your ego. You have all the megabyte and all the space here. Pls enjoy the opportunity to ask others to mechonu in a discussion that you did not start. Well done!

    • Sir Louis

      Awujale is an honourable man.

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    “Daughter Of Former President Obasanjo Writes Father, Says He Is Liar, Manipulator And Hypocrite –VANGUARD Newspaper” — Posted: Dec, 17 2013, 10:12PM

    The above was the headline as posted in Vanguard Newspapers on Dec 17 3013 @10:12pm moments after the news medium received the letter directly from Iyabo (Obasanjo’s daughter). Is Saint Obasanjo saying that Iyabo is also a “rumour monger” and “liar” like this Oba? Or is it because Iyabo and his Royal Highness did not include Assassination, Rape and Incest as part of your area of specialization?

    • emmanuel


      • Akin Akinlade


        People are fed up with hearing the name OLUSEGUN OBASANJO. It reminds Nigerians of the evil
        that befell their country. Premium Times has a duty of care to delete that name from news-stories
        to save vulnerable and over-stressed Nigerians from nervous shock. Nigerians have been badly
        robbed by Olusegun Obasanjo who also assaulted public morality with sex without boundaries,
        and, across blood lines, according to a court affidavit filed by General Obasanjo’s own son.
        Premium Times should show sensitivity by ostracizing Olusegun Obasanjo from memory.
        It is bad enough to be under an ignorant rulership of MUHAMADU BUHARI in year 2017.
        We have not had any electricity for one minute in my neighbourhood in this new year.
        Premium Times itself has published there was zero megawatts during Christmas.
        Is that darkling existence not painful enough without any memory of Obasanjo?

        • emmanuel

          unfortunaately, i was shocked PT published all these comments on Obasanjo which they never did in the past.
          I raised the first alarm when PT rode behind Osoba to give Tinubu his first upper cut through the press in 2015 before the final great fall, that something had gone wrong.
          For publishing this, Obj may have been sidelined by PT.

        • Sir Louis


    • aisha ani

      So where is the daughter today?

  • Ade

    Honestly with some useless old men still alive, Nigeria will have no peace.

    • pajerow


  • Odus

    Let the truth be told that OBJ market Nigeria to investor like non other. He called Nigeria “the gateway to Africa”. if you want to do business in Africa, you must come through Nigeria. As a result, Nigeria economy and employment is better than the opposite of doing nothing. The king should have kept is rumor amongst his circle of friends. The fact that OBJ did not interfere during and after his term in office shows he didn’t want to get involve no matter who’s giving the pressure.

    • emmanuel

      Obj was after Atiku; hence he did not interfere. It was not for the good of Nigeria. Adenuga should be in jail and stripped of part of his wealth if Obj did not intervene eventually.
      At EFCC, they did clinical job on the GLO thing and they did spend lot of tax payers monies to handle their investigation. It was a night and day team work, only to be kept away Nigerian way.
      Now, tell me what change you have asked for through Buhari?

      • Odus

        …..and what’s your point exactly?

        • emmanuel

          you act a camelon.
          Obj and Adetona are bad. The fact that someone is partisan does not make him good

          • Odus

            No matter what it cost you son, get understanding!

          • emmanuel

            Did you just realise that i lack understanding? That means that your cognitive domain must be shallow!

  • Deputy

    Obj has developed a thick skin over the years. i wish he didn’t respond to a stale comment that went virile on social media. The book was written in 2010, evidently somebody (politician) is behind the extract from the book going virile for public discussion/reaction. Gossip is interesting in Nigeria, while socio and economic discussions of our dear country don’t go virile. President Obasanjo has contributed immensely to the development of Africa let alone Nigeria. How many present politician can boast of the kind of CV that this great son of Abeokuta has……… Few!!!!!!
    God Bless Nigeria and God Bless our leaders.

  • Muhammad

    This more seriously reveals the fear of the mentioned heads of Nigeria’s government to comfront poverty for Nigerians . In their consistent escapism they arranged to secure themselves .
    The present challenge should be UNCOVERING such attempts , for better leadership .

  • westman

    That’s their headache.

  • westman

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  • Noble

    How can somebody degrade a royal stool and call the KING a liar? Well this is anact of YORUBAISM washing their dirty linen in public.