Nigeria commences social security programme, pays N5,000 monthly to poorest citizens

Beggars used to illustrate the story

The Federal Government has commenced the payment of N5,000 monthly to one million vulnerable Nigerians.

In a statement released, Monday, by Laolu Akande, Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to Vice president Yemi Osinbajo, the government stated that the payment was effected through the Conditional Cash Transfer, CCT, of the government’s Social Investment Programmes, SIP.

According to the statement, one million Nigerians would receive N5,000 monthly payments under the CCT as a form of social safety net for the poorest and most vulnerable as budgeted for in the 2016 Budget.

Mr. Akande added that many of the beneficiaries have already reported receiving their first payments in the first batch that commenced last week.

“In the first batch that commenced last week, nine states would be covered, and many of the beneficiaries have already reported receiving their first payments by Friday last week, December 30, 2016.

“Funds for the commencement of the payments in four states were released last week to the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) – the platform that hosts and validates payments for all government’s social intervention programmes. Funds for another set of five states to complete the first batch of nine states would follow soon.”

The statement listed Borno, Kwara, Bauchi, Cross Rivers, Niger, Kogi, Oyo, Ogun and Ekiti states as states in the first batch to commence the CCT statement. It however said that the states were selected because they had a social register that identified the vulnerable and poorest Nigerians.

“Though the sequence for the payment of the money would be operationally managed by NIBSS, beneficiaries in Borno, Kwara and Bauchi States have started receiving the money. The other states in the first batch to commence the CCT payments are Cross Rivers, Niger, Kogi, Oyo, Ogun & Ekiti States,” Mr. Akande said.

“The nine pilot states were chosen because they have an existing Social Register that successfully identified the most vulnerable and poorest Nigerians through a tried and tested community based targeting (CBT) method working with the World Bank. However other states have already begun developing their Social Registers and would be included in subsequent phases of the CCT implementation.”

According to the statement, the federal government, with the support of the World Bank, has adopted the CBT for developing the social register in the other states around the country for transparency, objectivity and credibility in the selection of the poorest and vulnerable Nigerians. Hence, the federal government will soon commence community mobilisation for the creation of the register in more states, to expand the scope and reach of the CCT across the country.

Other states listed to have complied with the stipulated framework provided and are set for the community based targeting method for development of social register include Plateau, Jigawa, Adamawa, Anambra, Benue, Enugu, Katsina and Taraba States.

These states, Mr. Akande said, are to be followed by Delta, Gombe, Kaduna, Kano, Imo and Ogun States. The government also assured that once the information garnered are entered into the social register, cash transfers would be disbursed to beneficiaries.

“Once the community mobilisation, identification and selection processes are completed, the information garnered from the poorest households would be entered onto the Social Register in the
states and the National Register at NIBSS, after which the cash transfers would be disbursed to the beneficiaries.”

The statement also disclosed that funds approved for the SIP are domiciled with the Ministry of Budget and National Planning.

Meanwhile, the federal government said that with the commencement of the CCT, the Buhari administration is now implementing four of the federal government’s SIP.
Mr. Akande said the N-Power Volunteer Corps designed to hire half a million unemployed graduates has now engaged 200,000, and the National Homegrown School Feeding Programme now runs in three states.

He said the Buhari administration has also kicked-off the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme, GEEP.

“Under GEEP, soft loans ranging from N10,000 to 100,000 have been designed for artisans, traders, market women among others. Already, thousands of cooperatives, market women associations, farmers and enterprising youths, have been identified and registered for the purpose, on an ongoing basis, and the disbursement of the soft loans through the Bank of Industry have started since Nov 25, 2016.

“At the last count, for the first phase, beneficiaries have been drawn from the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abia, Adamawa, Bauchi, Delta, Imo, Kwara, Kano, Katsina, Lagos, Osun, Oyo, Ogun and Kogi States.”

The statement however said that regarding the GEEP, disbursements were halted and deferred until after the festive season but vetting and approval of beneficiaries are now being continued
Commenting on the 200,000 beneficiaries of the N-power programme, Mr. Akande said about 100,000 graduates have been physically verified, adding that they have started receiving their N30,000 stipends.

“Regarding the 200,000 beneficiaries of the N-Power programme, close to 50 per cent of the graduates, have now been physically verified, and started receiving their monthly stipends of N30,000 last week. A second batch of 300,000 unemployed graduates are expected to be
selected early this year to make up the half a million target set by the Buhari administration.

“The verified graduates are now being deployed to work as assistant teachers in schools, as community health aides and as agricultural extension workers, in more than 20 States of the Federation. These sates include; Abia, Adamawa, Bauchi, Anambra, Benue, Cross Rivers, Borno, Gombe, Edo, Jigawa, Katsina, Plateau, Kogi, Osun, Rivers, Zamfara, Niger, Sokoto, Ogun and Taraba.”

In the same vein, the government said it has also started the implementation of the National Home-grown School Feeding programme designed to feed 5.5 million school children for 200 school days in the first phase of the programme. According to the statement, the initial design was to
feed pupils in 18 States but funding challenges had affected an earlier take-off. It however said that the programme has now commenced in Osun, Kaduna and Anambra States, adding that more states are expected to join this new year.

The federal government reiterated its commitment to touching the lives of millions of vulnerable Nigerians, especially in the new year, in fulfilment of its Change agenda.

“In the new year, it is the plan of the Federal Government to scale up the implementation of the SIP to touch the lives of millions of Nigerians in fulfilment of its promises and in furtherance of its Change agenda,” Mr. Akande said.


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  • The Optimist

    They should call it beggars fund. Instead of keeping them institutionalized and teach them vocational jobs, the ‘plate in hand’ population is being encouraged to expand.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      What job are you training an 80 yr. old illiterate, tired peasant farmer or trader for? Be real and rational about the good government can do by reaching out to the least of us by this relief.

      • Victor

        Bro just siddon dey look. There’s nothing you can do to satisfy the naysayers. They’d rather you share it to thugs and political hangers-on or CAN. Pro bono politico doesn’t make any sense to some

        • Emeka

          These naysayers are worse than devil himself…

          • ogechi

            They r not naysayers but people from the Godforsaken ibo land

          • Victoria

            Have they paid the workers salary up to date yet? Have they paid the pensioners their money? Have they put all measures in place to make sure the money did not end up in the people they put in charge’s pocket? If all this Questions are yes. is a good idea to pay poor people 5000 naira.

          • Netanyahu

            By the end of 1Q I will like to hear from you on this project.

          • Peter_Edo

            abeg oh, lets not be tribalistic here. this is good news!!!

    • Paul Young

      But when they do similar social security payments in the US and UK you praise it. You are nothing but a hypocrite my friend!

      • omotosho olanipekun

        You hypocrite!

        • Paul Young

          To the best of my knowledge the FG isn’t owing salaries. States are the ones owing salaries despite receiving bail out twice. Most states started owing salary from January 2015 b4 the election that brought Buhari to power. If you weren’t so filled with hate you will remember that one of buhari’s first major actions as President was bailing out states so they could pay salaries. 27 states were owing average of 3 months. Some of them were owing 6months. Buhari bailed them out 2 months after taking office. Anyway I’m not here to lecture you. Your comment doesn’t even make sense in the first place. If your state governor isn’t paying salaries go and hold him and stop disturbing us here

          • Dgreatest

            It’s like u have so much love for PMB and it’s affecting your will to analyze properly

  • XXX

    it was 5K proposed for the unemployed graduate in Nigeria. But as soon as
    statistics collected showed that the South, East and West will benefit more,
    the Nothern politicians, AREWA and Boko Haram terrorists advised Buhari to
    forget the idea since the North will not benefit as much as other 3 regions
    because of their lack of educated people. Hence the shift/change in policy to
    pay the “poorest” of Nigerians where data can never be accurate and north
    benefitting more.

    • princegab

      That is your conspiracy theory.
      What about the N Power?

    • Lanre

      How do you give people money who have not contributed into a pool? Social Security is paid to those who have paid over the years. I agree with you. This is free money to buy votes. Let’s see how long it will last.

      • larry

        You are right. They have started campaigning for 2019 election. Nigerians, being who they are, will vote Buhari again into power because of 5,000 Naira.

        Moreover, we do not know if the payment is designed for social security or welfare distribution.

  • Otile

    Buhari is a conman. Where is the N5000 promised unemployed graduates? Boo hoo, we told you so.

  • princegab

    Good job, fg is serious about stimulating the economy.

    • Kudo

      Hahahaha! I pity una. How does 5000 naira hand out stimulate the economy?

      • Wale

        Use your head dude.
        5000 x 1,000,000 = 5, 000,000,000 when you multiply the answer by 12 you get 60,000,000,000.
        got it now?

        • princegab


        • ogechi

          ….but this program was in the 500bn in 2016 budget!

          • Peter_Edo

            Yea, but due to funding issues, it had to be carried over to this year where they expect less funding issues.

        • larry

          It depends on the purchasing power of 5,000 Naira. If the purchasing power of 5,000 Naira is little, It can be argued that it can’t stimulate the economy. If the purchasing power is high, it will increase productivity and will in turn increase employment.

          Currently in Nigeria, what can $5,000 buy? A stick of cigarette? One piece of akara? What?

          • larry

            Correction: 5,000 Naira and NOT $5,000 (US dollar.)

      • princegab

        See @wale bellow

      • Peter_Edo

        you my friend, are a DULLARD!!!

    • PolyGon2013

      Easy. They will use the money to purchase good and services. Multiply the monthly stipend by the number of recipients. Then you will know.

  • Let make sure none of this fund ends up helping the enemies of the state.

  • thusspokez

    According to the statement, one million Nigerians would receive N5,000 monthly payments under the CCT as a form of social safety net for the poorest and most vulnerable as budgeted for in the 2016 Budget.

    This government is not serious, it budgeted for it in 2016 and within a short period of time, it has acquired the office buildings, built the system, including the acquisition of software and hardware; employed and trained require staff; and identified the so-called one million poor and vulnerable Nigerians?–But how?

    Even advanced countries needed 5 or more years to put such a system in place. But Nigeria seem to have accomplished it in less than a year? This is too good to be true! Also, wouldn’t it require an Act of parliament to introduce it?

    • Paul Young

      Which ‘advanced country’ are you talking about that needs 5 years to compile a register of Poor people? Your talk just doesn’t make any sense, sorry

      • thusspokez

        compile a register of Poor peopleCan’t you read properly?

        acquired the office buildings, built the system, including the acquisition of software and hardware; employed and trained require staff; and identified the so-called one million poor and vulnerable Nigerians”

        You think that the programme only involves compiling a registrar?

        • Paul Young

          They have told you that the program has commenced. If you like doubt from now till thy kingdom come, that’s your cup of kunu. If you are so keen on investigating how they were able to achieve the feat in less than 5 years(as u think it should have taken) then go and look for one of the beneficiaries and ask them if it’s true. I don’t even know how you came about the 5 years. Absolutely ludicrous

          • thusspokez

            They have told you that the program has commenced.

            This is what they claim, but those who know about welfare systems say that it is not possible within one year.

            Studies of similar systems in more advanced countries, with better existing systems and infrastructure, would tell you that it is not possible to implement such a system in less than one year. You can chose to believe what clueless officials tell you or use the Internet to read how other countries had done theirs; the cost, duration, and the problems they encountered.

            And don’t forget the cost of implementing the programme. I doubt that the government hasn’t even factor this in.

        • makenaijagreat

          So it will take them 5 years to acquire buildings (even if they are building the so called building sef..ahn ahn..also pls what do they need new buildings for exactly?) and employ and train staff to disburse #5000..(na PhD?) Also, pls which hardware and software are you looking for agn abi no be the already existing transfer software wey we dey use transfer money dem go use?

          Also with regards to your compilation which should take 5 years, take the time to read the article–> “The nine pilot states were chosen because they have an existing Social Register that successfully identified the most vulnerable and poorest Nigerians through a tried and tested community based targeting (CBT) method working with the World Bank. “…they are starting with states that already have compiled lists and plan to build more lists for other states as time goes on…

          • thusspokez

            No wonder you Nigerians can’t and don’t do any thing right. I feel pity for you as a nation.

            Any country would have spent some time learning how other countries have implemented theirs, but Nigerians with their ignorance and mumu ways think it is easy. It is not Ph.D-o! Just walk down the street-o and give N500 to anyone-o who appear poor-o and vulnerable-o!

          • makenaijagreat

            There is obviously no point trying to discuss reasonably with people like you…so 1.5 yrs is not enough to develop a plan and study these so called mysterious advanced countries…the fact that they r using an already compiled tested social register by an international organisation doesnt mean anything…they r just walking down the street now…we thank God the fate of Nigeria is not in your hands ..we can and will continue to do things right regardless of naysayers like you..the country will continue to make progress whether you like it or not!

          • thusspokez

            There is obviously no point trying to discuss reasonably with people like you…so 1.5 yrs is not enough to develop a plan and study these so called mysterious advanced countries…

            Discuss with me no further. I get headache trying to enlighten people like you to the real world outside Nigeria but often to no avail. It is like explaining the quality of meals served in a 3 Michelin-Star restaurants to someone who had never eating out. You are entitled to your ignorance! But I feel pity for Nigeria for carrying the burden of having so many ignorant people who are unaware of how ignorant they are.

            Enlighten yourself: Use the Internet to find out how long it took countries like the UK, France, Australia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Holland, etc., to set up their own systems.

          • Dgreatest

            Pension office has a register and the pension funds are still looted

      • Dgreatest

        Lol, money when dem wan loot , except u can tell me how they will identify the poorest , and ensure the funds get to them.

        Go and check out the existing looting of funds in the pension scheme where registered , well known pensioners with official records don’t get paid, is it this new scheme where they can’t even identify the poorest that they will handle without stealing.

        That guy u are countering too make sense

    • Mufu Ola

      I think u’re been too pessimistic. Let’s give it a try!

      • Dgreatest

        Lol, money when dem wan loot , except u can tell me how they will identify the poorest , and ensure the funds get to them.

        Go and check out the existing looting of funds in the pension scheme where registered , well known pensioners with official records don’t get paid, is it this new scheme where they can’t even identify the poorest that they will handle without stealing

        • Mufu Ola

          Looks like all your mentally revolves around stealing.Are u a thief?

  • thusspokez

    Expect every Nigerian — including the dead ones — to try to claim it!

  • thusspokez

    The statement listed Borno, Kwara, Bauchi, Cross Rivers, Niger, Kogi, Oyo, Ogun and Ekiti states as states in the first batch to commence the CCT statement.

    So, this means that people in states who receive the payment months or year later will get back payments up to and including the month payment was first made.

  • Otile

    Haphazard and shoddy work you can say, pay some and leave some out to cause bitterness. By doing such shoddy work what is supposed to be a worthy cause will end up to divide the populace. Buhari’s employees are brainless to the last man.

  • Demeji

    What we need Random ,radical and geographical industrialization.How long will this last our APC Approach is appreciated but it not the current solutions to our pressing issues.We are not productive in Nigeria,we need to start to develop our human resources and manufacturing sector,develop our agricultural sector.Then start to export the finished product to firstly other African countries like Gambia,Togo,Benin Republic,Chad,Upper Volta,Equatorial Guinea ,Guinea Bissau etcetera We can’t survive on White Elephant projects.For HOW long will we as a Nation be going around in circles.Teach be to be more productive and creative through vocational training,education both formal and informal learning.We haven’t learnt from the advance Nations,we to burn sentiments and differences between each and work together to make Nigeria Great again!!
    We are importing 90% of what,we as a Nation should be producing .We can’t continue like this ,we should learn from China and Japan with Singapore

  • Lanre

    =N=5,000.00 multiplied by 1million is =N=5 billion Naira. In one year, that is =N=60B. Money that is wasted. How much will it cost to ensure industries that generate employment have constant electricity – 24 hours of the day? That when the worker gets home, he can open his refridgerator and his butter/margarine is not melted. Redistributing the resources of those who work and giving it those who do not has never solved any problem. Go and ask the communists. What am I saying. Venezuela is right there.

    • jon

      Nigerians do not pay taxes. Nigeria does generate income from sales tax, from individual income tax or from corporate income tax. The bulk of income is from sale of crude oil. My point is that Nigerian do not contribute much to the treasury.

      • Aloy Kris

        Nigerians pay taxes. Go and ask people earning salaries and they’ll show you their pay slips: it is deducted at source. You could say most businesses don’t pay tax, and that’ll be partially true. However, the multitude of tickets and sundry levies unleashed on this category of people by toutish government agents is worse than were they to be properly taxed!!! I expected you to say (and which is the truth) that 95% of the taxes we pay end up in private pockets of politicians, civil servants, and revenue collection agents/officers.

    • Kay Obodo

      You are brilliant, God bless you.

    • tony H

      You continue to impress me with your posts. Wow!

    • Peter_Edo

      This is quite different from communism. THIS IS SOCIAL SECURITY. as it is practiced in most if not ALL developed countries. according to your analogy, the desperate and disparate poor without any skill/education or suffering disabilities will still be left out. you are concerned about creating jobs and paying salaries, policies to stimulate that are already on the go, the N-power and other initiatives are taking care of that, they are reviving ajaokuta this year, and so on. Social Security is a lofty achievement of any state. there should ALWAYS be an arrangement for the desperately poor especially if you claim to be a functioning government.

      • Dgreatest

        How will they even identify the poorest people, what criteria will be used.
        How will they ensure the funds are not stolen or diverted.

        The basic issue is that this is one of the simplest ways to loot funds, with no stress

        This is nothing close to social security program but social looting programe

        • Peter_Edo

          please feel free to read up on it…

        • Mufu Ola

          I think some people are simply trying to demean this initiative out of their frustration & desperate bid to disparage any good initiative of Buhari govt.Since their lord Jonathan never even imagined anything of such except looting, they are baffled how such a programme could take off in Nigeria.It may have initial hiccups but things will shape up later.It’s sheer lunacy only searching for the “likely” loopholes instead of hoping for d success.

          • Dgreatest

            Stop punchimg the air Mr man,

            how will they identify the poorest people, who is about it in search for them ,and what criteria will they use in identifying the poorest people. Answet the qst

            Don’t even mention Jonathan , that guy had nothing to offer Nigeria, it was good he was voted out, and why must u think once a person is opposed to Buhari then the person automatically supports Jonathan

      • Lanre

        So where they pay Social Security, the governments there just give money to people. Is that how it is done?

    • Mufu Ola

      You cannot continue to quantify all in that way. That 60b is providing succour to some people. Those that can never be employed in those imaginary industries.

      • Dgreatest

        How will they even identify the poorest people, what criteria will be used.
        How will they ensure the funds are not stolen or diverted.

        The basic issue is that this is one of the simplest ways to loot funds, with no stress.

  • Ladi

    …this is a simple ploy by Buhari and his gang to pay Boko Haram terrorists on a monthly basis. How evil a government can be?…a government that did not want to pay hard working victorious Falcons (Female National Team) has suddenly got monies to pay N5,000 monthly to poorst Nigerians. What qualifies one for that category? How will you determine poorest Nigerians? How come the states of the South Central that produce the wealth have only one representative (Delta)?

    • Dgreatest

      ***How will you determine poorest Nigerians?**

      The scheme is a scam.
      How do they come about knowing where the poorest people .
      They have not solved the issues of ghost workers, how will they run this initiative without the funds being stolen

  • Economist 2017


    Muhamadu Buhari is brainless and it shows. This is the most bone-headed thing a wobbly government does.
    The Buhari government simply doesn’t know what to do to develop Nigeria and it just wastes everyone’s time.
    There is no theory of development whatever behind 5,000 Naira a month to some mythic poorest Nigerians.
    This is what a fumbling government does when it reaches the depth of cluelessness not knowing what to do.

    • Dokoku

      Morning shows the day…..

      Within 60 days of resuming office on May 29 2015,
      with civil servants owed 6 months’ salaries in at least 22 states, President Muhamadu Buhari
      went straight to the Central Bank and carried away one billion Naira – all within 60 days of
      resuming office! Buhari then stuffed the whole one billion Naira into the pockets
      of his crony, Brigadier Buba Marwa, with a whisper and with Buhari’s forefinger
      firmly on his lips, signalling that secrets be kept secret. That first decision
      in office burnt up the borrowed robes of ‘integrity’ that Nigeria’s
      unthinking journalists dressed Muhamadu Buhari in.

      • I dey laugh

        Hahahahaha! This means President Buhari decided immediately upon taking his oath of office
        that Brigadier Buba Marwa is the poorest of the poorest Nigerians. Or how else can we explain this
        one billion Naira dole to Brigadier Marwa compared to five thousand Naira to all poorest Nigerians?

  • Burning Spear


    • Broadway2

      Why don’t you read the entire news content properly first or better still, seek for the information you are referring to using other means. Your use of foul words shows you have nothing to offer.

      • Dgreatest

        Instead of punching the air, why don’t u counter his point by telling him how it goes since you feel he is not informed


    LOL! Nigeria giving folks a few dollars, should NOT be called Social Security Programme!

    Don’t let these goofy politicians use semantics to disgrace Africans anymore. The above program is a sharia, beggar stuff. Call it what it is.

    Nigeria needs to throw these bastards out; go back to capitalism, education, entrepreneurial spirit and merit!

    I’m glad you now had a taste of Buhari, and Osibajo, right? Good! The worst is yet to come. These people are as corrupt and crazy as they come.

  • Noxtradamus


    Twelve dollars per month to be freely given to some handpicked people is DOLE
    by another name. Dole deepens poverty and adds no value to the lives of the receiver;
    just as it deepens poverty, and, makes Nigerians all the poorer as taxpayers get no value.

  • LionHeart

    It’s a good development and a good start for the New Year. Now the government should work on creating jobs.

  • John

    GBAGAM! GBAGAM!!This is to inform the General Republic, concerning the; Purchase of Dangote 3X Cement at a promo price of #1000 per bag and rice at a promo price of #8500 per bag. Transportation for cement is #150 per bag and rice is #500 per bag. Contact the Sales Manager, Pastor Isaac Umoru on 07038534730. NOTE: COST OF TRANSPORTATION IS MADE BEFORE DELIVERY.

  • Right Minded

    How many times will the FG commence this program? This is the 3rd time am hearing about this so called commencement of N5,000 payment. Who is Buhari fooling?

  • Peter_Edo

    Sai Buhari!

  • Mentus

    Now I understand why this inept government has been saying 2017 will be a better year for Nigerians. This is simply a scheme set up to woo the underprivileged for votes in two years time.
    It has nothing to do with altruism as this is a heartless government and it is being set up to fail.
    Both Federal and States workers are owed months of salaries, while retired ones wait for their gratuity for up to three years before they are even considered for pension.
    This scheme is simply putting the cart before the horse. A labourer is worthy of his wages.
    If this administration really means business, let them ensure outstanding workers debts are paid, and pay monthly salaries regularly.
    The administration should create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship through provision of infrastructure, pour money into education and health and genuine security (not Fulani) for the nation and those genuinely requiring your monthly handout will be reduced to minimum – the poor will always be in our midst.

    It will be interesting to read the figures for each state. I guess this is a scheme that will legalise laziness and the entrenched begging habit in the north while other hard working citizens are made to pay.
    This is electioneering pure and simple.

    • Mufu Ola

      So you’re sad that some vulnerable people are being helped?Well your sadness have just started.

      • Dgreatest

        It’s not a bad initiative, but what Mentus said is to put structures in place whereby those requiring the 5k can get engaged in some jobs and become self sufficient.

        Besides with the country not having proper database of her citizens, don’t you think the money for this initiative will be diverted, how did they come up with the names of the poorest people. If in a smaller setting in the ministries we have ghost workers, where database of workers can be easily verified, do u think this scheme won’t experience such fate where there are no means to verify who the poor are, where they live, if they have been paid or not.
        Also consider the corruption in the pension scheme where there is a database of pensioners, yet people don’t get paid, the funds are stolen

        • Mufu Ola

          No nation can give all her citizens job & become “self sufficient”. Even communist countries at their peak. Why do even rich countries offer “social funds” to their jobless citizens?

      • Senator D

        Explain the word “Vulnerable”? Or you just think you can use words without meaning to mesmerize us here??? Keyboard Champion!

        • Mufu Ola

          Go back to school to get d meaning.I can’t be your teacher at this stage.

    • Gibson Bosah

      U need to see ur doctor those drugs r nt effective

      • Dgreatest

        He made an intelligent comment worthy of consideration. .Or maybe you don’t know how to read and get the point

      • Senator D

        What has he said wrong? With recurrent expenditures skyrocketing is that NOT a clear sign of ineptitude?

  • imagine_2012

    The zoo

  • Senator D

    Create Jobs for Nigerians by liberalizing the monopolistic economy of Nigeria. From the Sea Ports to the International Airports. Allow for the dredging of River Niger for Lighter Berth and ship docking. Do you know how many jobs that will create? Dredge the Oguta Lake and allow bigger Vessels to enter through the Atlantic Ocean. Force state Government to Invest in IPP (Independent Power Projects) or grant enough licenses for Investors to go into IPP without all the bottlenecks from any Nigeria Power Regulatory Authority or NERC. If all 36-Government Houses are off the National Power Grid the you know how much electricity we have saved for Nigeria which can be used to power our Industries? Imagine if all Presidency and National Assembly is off the National Grid? Do you know that alone can power a small cottage industry? Imagine if we remove all the Federal Ministries and Departments from the National Grid how many textile industries that will power. The level of Power waste in Ministries and Departments is monstrous and evil. Give Nigeria enough power and see how jobs will begin to crop up here and there. All we need is Power NOT peanuts…


    Dear AVENGERS, Dear MEND,
    Have you seen what Buhari and his Northern power drunk oligarchy are doing? They have begun payments for those they call “poorest” Nigerians so that people of Niger Republic and Boko Haram members can have access to free monthly pay from the resources of the Niger Delta. Meanwhile the same government has refused to pay the freedom fighters in the Niger Delta our monthly ‘peace keeping’ allowance. Meanwhile the people of the Niger Delta are suffering and the Nigerian government cannot even clean up our rivers so that our mothers and young men can fish and farm? Won’t you people react to this? Please MEND, AVENGERS dont abandon us in this critical times.

  • Senator D

    Lagos State should be able to generate 24-hours light from it’s beaches and wind. Borno and other Northern states can generate 24-hours light from solar plants to their government lodges and MDAs. Same goes for the Eastern part of Nigeria who can invest in Geothermal Plants. What is wrong with those Professors in Nigeria? How can you have Professors of Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Electronics and big big titles yet they can’t NOT use their Initiatives? Do you know we can generate light using Concave and Convex mirrors? If we build huge Concave lenses we can use it to generate enough heat from the Sunlight and project it to thermal engines that convert it to electricity or heat. What is wrong with Nigeria????

    • Dgreatest

      It’s not a problem of the professors or university but the government who won’t fund their technological findings

      • Senator D

        Let us start from the Universities first Bro. Let those Professors start from there departments. Charity begins at home is that not true? It is appalling that Germans keep telling me if ONLY they had the kind of Sunlight we have in Nigeria what they can achieve with that. Do you know that Norway and Sweden are investing heavily into Ocean current to generate electricity? South Africa is pushing for it’s Airports to have IPP because of the huge potentials and job sustainability of these power plants. With enough electricity jobs will be created such as Barbers, Hairdressers, Metal Forgers/Fabricators, Small cottage industries will spring-up here and there. Storage facilities for perishable goods will be feasible. Wifi hotspots can become sustainable and lots lots more…

        • Dgreatest

          What u said is correct but it all depends on the willingness of the Nigerian govt and not on our Nigerian scientists.

          There are so many findings coming out of our universities but when proposed to govt for assistance, to make it a nation wide project, they get ignored

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            We The Nigerian scientist are working. But Banks wont fund us. so we turn to government for support. Then the same Government officials steal our ideas and either impliment it or take it to china to have it reinvented and renamed and brought back to Nigeria just so they can make peanuts like N52B, whilst Nigeria looses out $Billions. I am a victim of this in 4 different Nigeria advancing and economic benefit inventions of mine implemented wrongly and destroyed that way.

          • Senator D

            Don’t you agree we should limit the number of Universities inorder to increase funding?

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            yes we should. And also make private university owners donate a percentage of their schools income to these schools rather than to the NUC and partner the research and development institutes.

          • Senator D

            That is why it is mandatory to promulgate a law that will make it treasonable felony for any idea to be stolen and also for Industries to refuse to sponsor ideas incubated in the Laboratories presented to them and instead seek alternatives abroad…

  • Senator D

    Is it NOT time for government establishments to have there own IPP (Independent Power Plant)? From the Presidency to the Ministries and Departments down to the State Government Lodges, National Assembly and so on… The amount of money wasted on Generator maintenance and fueling is enough to have an independent power plant with 24-hours light supplied to that complex without undue demand on the NATIONAL power grid… Every year millions and billions are budgeted for Power consumption both home and abroad. Even Airports in are supposed to have independent power plants supplying 24-hours light. The same goes to the Universities in Nigeria with all the Graduates of Physics, Chemistry and Electrical Electronics they churn out every year they still can’t generate independent power for 24-hours! Can we please stop this madness? Do you know how many jobs we can create with IPP????

  • Semintari

    When will the Federal Govt clean up the Niger Delta so that the poor people can go back to their fishing and farms? We are not lazy people and we reject this N5,000 monthly payments. This is insult to our people. We prefer to fish and farm our lands.

  • Amingo

    Break up of Nigeria is still the only solution. This government is useless and clueless. How do you determine poorest Nigerians in this critical times? What yardstick would be used?

    This is clearly a campaign strategy. From where will this monies continue to be generated?

    Why not allow each state pay what they can pay instead of placing the burden once more on the people of the East and South who generate Nigeria’s wealth?

    • Eluba Inas

      Go back and read the article. The answers to your vitriolic comments are there.

      • Senator D

        There are NO anwsers! But questions, questions, and questions from every right thinking progressive Nigerian…

        • Eluba Inas

          Being challenged by mental acuity?

  • RAPE on the NigerDelta

    There is massive poverty in the Niger Delta. There is nothing to show for the wealth of the region as monies from the region are used to develop Abuja and the rest of the country. The only benefit the oil producing and resource owners – Biafra and Niger Delta regions benefit from Nigeria are :
    – Pollution
    – Neglect
    – Violence
    – Military Occupation
    – Wanton arrest of its citizens
    – Harassment
    – Sponsored propaganda to defame
    – Bypass in political appointments
    – Hate, hate and more hate
    – Etc etc, etc

    SECESSION is the only way for the Niger Delta and the East if they must achieve their potentials. Buhari can remain president of the rest of Nigeria and those of us who do not want to be associated with Nigeria in any way should be left alone to live our dreams and fly to our destination – have our own country. And this is what we must do.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Sponsored propaganda to defame and Hate, hate and more hate. Those, well said.

  • Senator D

    Enough of hand-outs from these thieves in POWER… How can a governor build road and then the PRESIDENT comes to commission it? Is that NOT our social right and the social responsibility of the governor? Is Building roads an achievement? Sinking a borehole in my community is that supposed to be a fanfare? 5,000-naira stipend is that the security, Jobs and 24-hour power supply we should be celebrating now? What is happening? Buhari plus APC plus PDP God-Almighty will make sure your children and your children’s children reap all the evils and hardships you all have put Nigerians through both directly and indirectly. I pray and curse everyone of you for this monstrous and evil wickedness… Can your son or daughter feed on 5,000-naira daily?

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Kai my brother you just said it all. God will Bless you infinity

    • Eluba Inas

      How about if you take a break from the internet and go breathe fresh air outside. You sounded like you are about to burst.

      • Senator D

        And why would I do that? Is there fresh air in the Presidency?

        • Eluba Inas

          Yes there is fresh air outside your mom’s basement.

      • Senator D

        Why should I? Is there fresh air in the Presidency?

  • Senator D

    APC came with the populist agenda promising us immediate relief. They came with their blame game causing people to be swayed towards them. But now we see they are NO different from those they demonized before coming to power. In 2019 we do not want these populist campaign anymore we want a BLUEPRINT… Yes we want a national debate and Master Plan for the FOUR years of power…Anyone who can not go on national debate and show us four-years of solid Economic, Security, Infrastructural and Financial Plan will not see our vote… Let the sensitization begin NOW!!!

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      i will be a better president and i can guarantee Nigerians that i will take us to Singapore level in less than 4 years. and If i dont i will resign. I have a good master plan for Nigeria i know the rest of the third world would copy to grow. But i will never be elected even if i show Nigerians the master plan and economits from all over the world back me saying it will work and you know why?

      1) CLO’s, CSO’s, Youth Orgs, Associations, Unions etc wouldnt back me because they have sold their sole to corrupt politicians, as for me i wont bribe or give them handouts for their corrupt support
      2) I am from the SE/SS (Tribalism comes 1st when Nigerians wanna make decision)
      3) I dont espect or give a shit about religious leaders
      4) Emir of Kano wont support me
      5) The Kabal wont support mr because i wont deal with them
      6) The west (USA, UK, EU) wont support me because i will make Nigeria great and put us in economic and military power competition with them and looted funds from Nigeria that goes to their banks will stop.
      7) I have better anti-corruption Fight scheme that will end corruption completely. Nigerians are corrupt people naturally and they feed from corruption so i wont be wanted
      8) The media wont back me or tell the truth because they belongs to the corrupt thieving politicians
      9) I fear not or bow to no man. meaning i wont give a shit about our traditional and religious rulers
      10) I will fund the police more and the Nigerian Army and DSS dont want the Nigerian police to be anything like the US and UK police.

      So for the above reason i know i can never be Elected. for now.

      • Senator D


        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          That is a good point. How can i have forgotten that so soon. But we must remember that the American Electoral process rest on the so called Electoral colleges which makes their own election based not on highest public vote. And also we must consider the psychology of the people and their society. Americans are more advanced mentally and intellectually than Nigerians. What i mean is in the US the people vote for whom they choose by analysing campaign promises, debates and candidate charisma. In Nigeria, please everyone should take note that i am not a tribalist so i am not picking on the Northerners. with that being said, My point i was getting to was that My northern Brothers and sister have so much Godlike respect for their traditional rulers (Emirs and Sultan) and follow the orders of the Northern High and Mighty even if that is a bad order. so for these two factors it will be difficult for me to win if the Northern rulers dont endorse me (commanding the citizens to vote for me) because lets face the fact that the North population makes up 60% of eligible voters

    • Olatubosun

      The previous administration failed us in many things.
      Apc came to rescue us but the previous administration did not save for the dry season…
      Buhari needs to start at fresh..
      Wait and see.
      Nigeria is coming up

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        Thats what we were told. I ask you, Do you have access to the countries account? have you seen the books? or its just what they tell the media and the media in return tells us.

      • Senator D

        PDP has failed we agree. Yet, Buhari has no clear-cut BLUEPRINT. That will be the requirement in 2018/2019 general elections. Gas flaring wasted by MNOC can be used for Power generation which can help revive our industries yet Buhari is NOT doing enough there. The medical tourism of the Presidency is the same under Buhari same goes for education tourism. Buhari’s kids are schooling in UK why can’ they school in Nasarawa State University? Why can’t Abba Kyari get medical treatment in the National Hospital? Why fly him abroad despite scarce foreign reserves? Why do we have to fuel the Generator plant in the Presidency when the Presidency should have an Independent Power Plant using Solar for 24-hours light saving us the millions of yearly budget? Why can’t the Presidency wear all-made-in-Nigeria attires from Shoes to Underwear? Why? Why?? Why???

  • Olatubosun

    Thank God…. Our country is progressing let’s support the agent of change for the brighter future of our glorious country

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Lol. Smh..

    • Senator D

      You just confirmed my worst fears! This so-called social welfare will be the major campaign banner in 2018/2019. Any other person who says otherwise will be crucified…

  • Olatubosun

    GjdGod bless Nigeria and God bless buhari and his cabinets

  • Olatubosun

    Buhari you’re wonderful

  • Nigerian Patriot

    Some comments here are incredibly vain.. Well I have a simple message for you guys.. You are a disgrace to humanity.. It is only a heartless human being who can ever feel bad about a fellow underprivileged person receiving succour no matter how little. It seems that people still regale in the absurdity of the past where our common patrimony was diverted to serve a few fat cats. Now that the era of mindless lootocracy and kleptomania is over, and national resources being utilized and deployed in the right places; the greedy, myopic, self-centred and unpatriotic sympathisers of the old order are understandably not happy. Well, shame on you. Change has come to stay whether you like it or not.

    • Senator D

      How are we sure you will not abuse this “hand-out”? How are we sure the money gets to the so-called “fellow underprivileged person”? Are you using quota system, biometrics or what to know those who need this hand-out? Come on stop fo*ling around and man-up. What structure are you using to ascertain the people who need this hand-out? APC states or PDP states which gets the hand-out?

      • Eluba Inas

        As a patriotic Nigerian how about if you get off the computer and go on the ground and verify your claims that would be more helpful to the nation than sitting here and pouring venom.

        • Senator D

          Keybaord Champion… Geraway from here!!!!

          • Eluba Inas

            e-rat… count how many postings you made on this article alone and then come back and answer the question, who is the really Keyboard Champion.

    • Senator D

      Are you kidding me? Just like the relief materials to the IDP’s were stolen by the same custodians? I didn’t call the President’s men ooooo. Lest you say I called the SGF as one of the beneficiaries of the IDP crisis in the North East…

  • Stella Dominic


  • Sharp Sharp

    Rejoice all ye almajiri your Lord and Master buhari has approved your life line of 12 dollars per month !!! Even if his daughter in England would not accept 12 dollars for snacks !!! Are you happy now ????

    • Senator D

      Am just reeling with laughter here oooo… You are really crazy…

  • westman

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  • Freedom Bini

    A beggar in the street of Lagos gets more than 5,000 NGN a week?

    • No-Comment

      “The government says payments started last week in nine out of 36
      Nigeria’s states. There have been concerns that the authorities may find
      it hard to select beneficiaries as there is no proper database in the country.
      Nigeria is in the grip of a recession, making it more difficult for people to
      come out financially.”

      ……….Naziru Mikailu

      (BBC Editor, Abuja)

  • Kickboxer


    Brainless Buhari has created another source of Corruption.

    Hahahaa…oohh, Nigerians, do not believe the APC/brainless Buhari’s “social security for the poor” propaganda. It has nothing to do with the SOCIAL SECURITY in developed countries.

    As everything Nigeria, this is an APC’s/brainless Buhari’s decoy to use taxpayers’ funds to finance their former & future thugs & terrorists for election riggings.

    That is how they created “security vote” to steal taxpayers’ funds.

    Notice how hypocritical this is, coming from a brainless Buhari who bamboozled low-information Nigerians into believing that he is “fighting corruption.”Nothing could be farther from the available evidence. For example, brainless Buhari used N325 million for kitchen equipment at Aso Rock in 2016 and now stole another N100 million from the 2017 budget for same kitchen equipment.

    Now the same brainless Buhari, who is supposedly “fighting corruption” has created a MAJOR SOURCE OF CORRUPTION by creating an avenue for politicians to finance their thugs and terrorists, in the name of “social security for the poor.”

    Kai,…brainless Buhari is clearly, well, brainless.

  • Alfsanni

    School, Churches, Masjids/Mosques and community Centers/Oba’s Palaces should be used to pass this kind of help to the needy. Help to build nice neat kitchens to provide daily free lunch. It is not wise just ti give N5,000.00 to poor people because that will just equivalent to five ports of soup, with or without meat and fish. And you still need gari and yam to make eba or fufu. Use thhat kind of money to run community farm and these able bodied men and women can be transported to the farm by idle military vehicles to produce food to cook in the free lunch kitchens. One of my Uncle who was King did it and community had a place to visit for help. otherwise these kids will keep prostituting and rubbing cause no help plce in sight.

  • westman

    This is good that if it doesn’t end up in one man’s pocket or family.
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  • Idowu Folasade Adetunji

    My fellow Nigerians, I do not, I repeat, DO NOT believe in this programme at all at all. Who are the poorest of the poor in Nigeria? How are these people identified? Do we have a database designed for this programme? If yes, have we made provision for how it will be administered (maintained/updated)? What are the requirements to qualify for this N5,000? For how long will these recipients be able to draw from this account? Hmmm…’POOREST OF THE POOR’, the APC government should please make the names and addresses of these so called poorest of poor public. You may ask me why? I am afraid 90% of this money may be going into WRONG HANDS or whatever you call it. Poorest of the poor INDEED!