MEND makes U-turn, accuses Buhari of ‘grand deception’

Armed militants Photo: Buzz Nigeria

The Movement for Emancipation of Niger Delta, a militant group that operates in the Nigerian oil-rich region, appears to have turned hostile against the government of President Muhammadu Buhari whom the group endorsed in the 2015 presidential election.

In a statement through its shadowy spokesperson who signs off releases, Jomo Gbomo, MEND on Sunday passed a vote of no confidence on Mr. Buhari, accusing his government of insincerity and “grand deception” with regards to pledged commitment to the politics and economy of the Niger Delta.

The volatile region has remained largely impoverished, despite decades of oil production that has provided much of the cash Nigeria uses. Trillions of naira in federal allocations to the region have not changed much.

“Without prejudice to the pre-2015 presidential election endorsement freely and voluntarily given to President Muhammadu Buhari on January 6, 2015, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) hereby categorically and unequivocally pass a vote of no confidence on the government of President Buhari,” said Mr. Gbomo.

Before the commencement of an amnesty programme by the federal government under late Umaru Yar’Adua in 2010, MEND had spent years in violent protest of the environmental degradation and socio-economic underdevelopment of the region. It demanded greater share of the proceeds of the oil wealth to improve the region and lives of its people.

Then, the group received global attention, having waged a devastating war on Nigeria’s oil industry, which cut oil production. MEND was also notorious for abducting expatriates for ransom.

Since it became estranged with former President Goodluck Jonathan, an indigene of the Niger Delta, following the arrest of the Okah brothers for alleged terrorism, the group supported Mr. Buhari and demanded dialogue between the government and its representatives as well as other agitators.

But it appears the group now distrusts the president.

“Prior to and after his reluctant meeting with the traditional rulers, opinion leaders and stakeholders of the Niger Delta region, under the auspices of Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) on November 1, 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari has been carrying on arrogantly and making controversial, prejudicial, conflicting and contradictory statements about the politics and economy of the oil-rich region.

“Prior to the inauguration of PANDEF, the several sessions of dialogue held between representatives of MEND, on the one hand; and those of the federal government, on the other hand; where concessions were secured for the release of the Okah Brothers and several other political detainees and prisoners of conscience was a grand deception on the part of the federal government,” the group said.

The group accused Mr. Buhari of “cunning, crafty and unstatesmanlike rhetoric” about the Niger Delta region, and asked him to stop; otherwise, the ‘fragile’ peace of the region would be in jeopardy.”

The statement came days after the president urged the military to end the “political madness” in the Niger Delta, South East and North East.

MEND added that the Buhari government wanted to “truncate the on-going peace process in Nigeria, sabotage the legal options open to Henry Okah and simultaneously influence the on-going trial of Charles Okah and others, at the federal high court in Abuja, in favour of the federal government.”

Furthermore, the group demanded, “all Niger Delta Militant commanders and/or individuals who were tracked and arrested while observing a ceasefire ahead of talks with the FG should be treated well.

“They should be allowed access to their lawyers, the International Red Cross and a delegation from PANDEF so as to ascertain their well-being and ensure they have not been tortured or killed, extra judicially.”

Mr. Buhari, in 2016, launched a programme to clean up Ogoniland devastated by years of oil spillage blamed on multinational Shell.

A MEND hostility with the government may worsen Nigeria’s economy which largely depends on oil if the group returns to violent methods as it did pre-amnesty programme.

The country’s production is already adversely affected by the activities of Niger Delta Avengers and other groups that commenced attacks on oil and gas installations a few months after Mr. Jonathan left power in 2015.


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  • Omoba1

    I think majority of Nigerians have passed a vote of no confidence on Buhari

    • Adelanwa O. Fadairo


      MEND FREEDOM FIGHTERS were not having any sense before.
      How can somebody with sense endorse Muhamadu Buhari in the first place, how can?
      When you want to endorse somebody for a job don’t you look at qualification, education, and so on?
      What knowledge did Buhari show, and which credentials did Buhari show, before MEND endorsed him?
      May Nigerians have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God for using their hands to vote for illiterate.

      • aboki

        Your wishes and prayer would turn in to you by Grace of GOD.
        A person with no proper upbringing and poor background like you would remain doomed in person of you put it on record
        Nigeria would prosper!
        Your abused on Nigerians for voting PMB indicates from you come a Product OF Baby Factories can always behaved awkwardly.
        Premium time please stop creating scenario that does not exist to warrant names calling and abusive comments of OUR Leadership.

        • Azu



          • Baba B

            You muse be standing on your head. Kindly stand upright for you to reason accordingly

        • Senator D

          Your English is bad. And your approach to the above statement is flawed… Big up!

          • aboki

            Mr English I hopeyou are advanced learners

          • Senator D

            “Mr English I hopeyou are advanced learners” Now you just confirmed my worst fears!

        • Otile

          Why are you talking about baby factories to expose your shortcomings? The known baby factories are all in the North in the IDPs. Shame on you senseless pigs.

    • Questo

      Other Nigerians who endorsed Buhari include: SONALA OLUMHENSE, BOLA TINUBU, DELE MOMODU,


      back page of PUNCH newspaper. Are you saying these ones too have have “sinned and fallen short

      of the glory of God for using their hands to vote for illiterate”?

    • S.B. Badru

      @disqus_bEE92CgUYu:disqus: It is a tragedy that Muhamadu Buhari has not
      made any ethical impact by force of personal example on Nigeria’s corrupt practices.
      Muhamadu Buhari came into office and just grabbed all the corrupt perks of office he
      inherited rather than reject them. This is a huge tragedy. Nigeria must now hurriedly
      look for ANOTHER CHANGE to replace this counterfeit one. Muhamadu Buhari is a
      let-down before Man and God.

    • Rommel

      The 18 months of Buhari so far is far better than the wasted 6 years of Jonathan, so many people ate grown in Nigeria rice during this yuletide,that is something to be cheerful about

      • Sanssouci

        upvote for the rice only! lol!

      • Solomon Brown

        Sorry to say but you do sound like a lunatic.

      • abodes_124

        I suppose you must have your personal parameters for measuring ‘better’ but purely on GDP growth you may unbend enough to admit a little difference in the opposite direction to ‘better’ eh ?

  • Senator D

    Who then is the best option for Nigeria? NOT PDP and definitely not APC… All we need is sincerity and political will void of fear or avarice to allow federating units to own their keep, by this I mean, let everyone own 70% or more of what they produce. Say, Lagos, Rivers and so on. The Federal system of Nigeria is messed-up and there’s too much power in the center. 99% of governors in Nigeria are all mentally handicapped as they are NOT productive rather they are counter-productive.

    • Vivarevo2


  • Senator D

    Ways Buhari can generate jobs for Nigerians without foreign investors.

    1. Allow for Lighter Berth dock at River Niger (Onitsha Head Bridge) AND dredge the Oguta Lake for ship dockyard

    2. Sell more GSM licenses and Broadband licenses

    3. Allow the six political regions to have just one INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS each. There’s too much burden on the Federal Government.

    4. Allow for Solar Farms in the Northern regions of Nigeria and let the Governors of those states be taken-off the National grid. Infact all government lodges are supposed to be self-sufficient in power generation by NOW! And remove their burden of power from the NATIONAL POWER GRID!

    5. Allow for Geothermal plants in the Eastern part of Nigeria and Also in Edo state as these places support Geothermal systems

    6. Implement an agricultural policy to buy up excess agricultural produce from farmers so that more people can go into farming without fear of loss

    7. Reduce medical tourism to the barest minimum, if as a President or governor you can’t be treated in Nigeria then you are not fit to for that post.

    8. Reduce Educational tourism to the barest minimum, if as a President or Governor you can’t educate your kids in Nigeria then you should resign.

    9. Allow for ONLY six FEDERAL UNIVERSITIES in the six geopolitical zones to encourage more funding and research capacities. Less is better if result is effective.

    10. Allow for states to create their own Police. The commissioners of police will be an elective office voted by communities and can ONLY a tenure of four years maximum (two years per each tenure).

    11. Revamp the textile mills by giving INCENTIVES to investors like tax relief just as was done the to the GSM companies like MTN and Co.

    12. Stop gas-flaring totally. The MNOC like SHELL, AGIP and Co. are wicked

    Please Buhari stop travelling to China and looking for foreigners to invest in Nigeria. We can do it. Yes we can!

  • O’ Duke


    Let us keep it simple. There is nothing wrong with Nigeria that a revolution cannot solve.
    How many people are stealing and robbing the country? Let us say about 5,000 officials.
    Good! What is the population of Nigeria? Let us say 180 million people. So, see the fact.

    Are you saying 180 million people cannot beat 5,000 people? The solution to Nigeria is
    physical – first and foremost, because no amount of sermon can make thieves and their
    victims stay together in peace inside the same house.

    Therefore, revolution is the answer.
    A physical fight has to take place to get rid of these thieves in government and to seize
    everything that was stolen from the people. There is no other way to resolve Nigeria.
    Stealing is the main problem. You must solve stealing by killing the thieves first.

    • Senator D

      How do we start this revolution?

      • O’ Duke

        @Austine016:disqus: Four steps only. Set up revolutionary committee in each neighborhood;
        each with an intelligence committee to take an inventory of assets put up with dubious
        money in each local government. Two, you’ll train the revolutionary committees in tactics
        of guerrilla warfare. Three, coordinate with all other committees in all local governments
        to choose a zero hour. Four send out the troops at the zero hour to fight and occupy to
        liberate all stolen assets standing, including cars, hotels and houses. The Politburo shall
        then move fast (within 24 hours) to seize all stolen amounts standing in the bank accounts.

        • Senator D

          That requires funding… Not just 10-million or 20 am talking about 50-million for such mobilisation because you know there are such things like a secure line for communication and that doesn’t come cheap…

        • okenwa

          And buhari will wait for you as you do it?

      • Rommel

        There is nothing like 180 million people,that figure is a myth,so far,there is no evidence that suggests remotely that the population of Nigeria is up to 120 million,as long as revenue allocation to states and local governments is based on population,we can never get an accurate census

        • Senator D

          Makes logical sense but on the other hand…ermmm…ermmm…

        • Frank

          are you not sane enough to read from ur sentence? Point to one country in the civilized world which hediorts like u love to compare Nigeria with that practices the primitive system of your “Revenue allocation to states and local governments”? Parasites like you flood the internet space to make comments to preserve parasitic agenda- an agenda for which u are willing to sacrifice anything, even your blood brothers.

          • Senator D

            Waow! You spit fire bro… You are really disgusted with these guys… Kpele my dear…

          • Senator D

            Truth be told NO ONE not even the parasitic NORTH will accept a parasitic relationship. Infact the parasitic tendencies of the average northerner is monstrous and evil… They add nothing to the economy. I mean NOTHING yet they have the largest number of seats in the House of Reps and Senate… Same for the military and paramilitary… These guys are a curse!

        • onyearmy

          I’ve been waiting for your primitive response to Frank below. Almajiri product of quota system. Retards that reason from their warp infested anus.

      • Al

        You start with any next available potential target, either your neighbor or your state government top officials

    • abodes_124

      But Sir there is no need for revolution. Those stealing and robbing only did it during the Jonathan era. Have you heard of any official accused not to talk of arrested for stealing and robbing a.k.a corruption since GMB came into power ? The revolution happened when Jonathan was swept out of power. All has been well with us since then and getting better by the day. Ask LAI if you doubt me.

  • JasV

    Oil in commercial quantities has been discovered in other parts of the country. Drink yours along with ogogoro and then bomb your environment out of existence. Not a single kobo or anini will be used to clean the environment that is fit for you to live in. At least not from Nigeria’s treasury.

    • Shehu Monguno

      Lets keep it simple. The quantity of oil found in my state (Borno) is unknown, Lagos does 13,000 barrels a day and the Niger Delta 2.2million barrel a day.

      • Sanssouci

        Oil is not even the issue, How many barrels a day does Switzerland produce? or what natural resource do they have? yet an average Swiss family has a mean net worth of 500KUS$. I think initiatives like the Lake Rice are a good step in the right direction, it is not comprehensive but its a good boost, if we can but feed ourselves things will start improving gradually

        • Senator D

          Nice comment dear… Keep it!

          • Otile

            Don’t support him, Northerners are parasites.

        • Otile

          You people are ingrates. How can you compare an average Swiss with an average Northerner? The Swiss people are generally well educated and industrious, the average Northern is a parasite. Without oil from the Niger Delta the Northerners will starve to death. With the present little dent in Niger Delta oil don’t you see the deteriorating condition of Nigeria especially Northerners? Go ahead and strike the Niger Delta and starve to death_fools.

          • paul irumundomon

            industrious with stolen money from Africa. One day they will vomit that money.

          • Otile

            Northern elites have stolen more yet they are not industrious. Are majority of Northerners not perishing from hunger?

          • okenwa

            Stolen from africa by abachas or swiss?

          • paul irumundomon


        • paul irumundomon

          swiss trade with stolen money my friend

    • paul irumundomon

      who will risk their lives to come to the north. boko haram and Mohammed and saudi terrorist will be welcomed there.

  • Rommel

    One of the most useless set of people ever created,just slightly above south sudanese,they should resume destruction of oil pipelines hoping for negotiations,then one day, the environment will be cleaned up for them by Shell,animals

    • musa aliyu

      Leave the morons. Den don meet their match now. Let them resume their attack. How big is the whole of the creeks?

  • Rommel

    Onething is very clear and that is,every right thinking honest Nigerian is praying for PMB but the evil ones who incidentally were the only beneficiaries of the inglorious administration of Jonathan will stop at nothing to discredit and antagonize his administration

    • Senator D

      Including Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Atiku Abubakar and even his own Wife!

      • Höly Wähala

        Don’t mind the attention-seeker… he thinks he can a job singing meaningless songs of praises. Nonsense!

      • abodes_124

        …indeed wrong thinkers and dishonest to boot

    • abodes_124

      It does seem there are lots of wrong thinking, dishonest Nigerians about.

  • Mamusca

    The criminal govt of Buhari has just budgeted N29b to fight what it described as “militancy” in the Niger Delta in 2017. This is the same set of crooks who only 3 months ago declared that it was going to seek a private partnership to raise a paltry N20b for the development of the Niger Delta. The question is: How can you BUDGET N29b to fight and kill a people using the proceeds of oil from their land (country) but seek donations and loands from the public to ‘develop’ the region. If this is not sheer stuupidity and evil then what is it?

    Its good news to know that the scales have fallen off the eyes of those gullible MEND members. Our noble AVENGERS & MEND and all other freedom fighting groups in the Niger Delta country must now intensify the sabotage (destruction of oil facilities) and demand a separate state to which we have a right.
    This is the only way out. Secession.

    • Killrommel

      It is really strange to know that Nigeria will seek a loan of 20 billion to supposedly develop a region but Budget 29 billion to fight the same region. What kind of policy is that?

      • Senator D

        It is called Buharinomics… Oya Liar Mohammed come and defend this ooooo…

      • okenwa

        Bring head take head policy of mumuhari

    • Matoku

      I concur. Otherwise our beloved ND will go the way of Ilorin.

    • musa aliyu

      Go back to the trenches now? Why shout here? Shebi all die na die! Abi?

      • Waka

        Go siddon jare. The guy made sense. Go lick Buhari’s wherever…

        • musa aliyu

          I don lie.down even dey wait……

      • walter enang

        Kiss my wet fart aboki beggar. Just like your mothers and sisters are begging for peanuts on our Lagos streets.

        • musa aliyu

          Better remain a beggar than a cocaine or a baby-factory mother or product, as U are

  • PROUDLY Niger Deltan

    What a beautiful news to start a new year. We Niger Deltans always knew that the Judases in our midst who have sold their birthright for a plate of porridge (People like misguided Adams Oshiomhole who place their personal political ambition and affiliation over the welfare of an exploited, raped and threatened Niger Delta people) will one day come to their senses as they realize that they and their families and even the porridge they acquired will become inevitably endangered when the people eventually break away and get their separate Niger Deltan or as is rumoured an inclusive Biafran country. This is our wish – a total break away from Nigeria and total control of our Resources and destiny. No matter the intrigues, the tactics, the press propaganda drive to criminalize those who fight for a free and sovereign Niger Delta, we as a people of the Niger Delta will not waiver in our resolve to achieve the ultimate dream of RESOURCE CONTROL however pungent it sounds in the ears of those to whom truth is alien. MEND, welcome back!

  • Senator D

    Truth be told NO ONE not even the parasitic NORTH will accept a parasitic relationship. Infact the parasitic tendencies of the average northerner is monstrous and evil… They add nothing to the economy. I mean NOTHING yet they have the largest number of seats in the House of Reps and Senate… Same for the military and paramilitary…

  • Finitri

    It’s not like anything was done to better the lot of the ND during the cankerworm years of GEJ. Why were they silent then? Why did they start putting up a resistance all of a sudden with the arrival of GMB?

    • Izon Redeemer

      Another pig headed fool—–from the old regions of Nigeria———–it was not Jonathan that instigated the Niger Deltans into taking up arms again—-it was Buhari———–who attempted to use efcc to chase ijaws in the creeks of the Nigeri delta——–and reduce money budgeted for the silly amnesty scheme that created the crisis——Some of u should think before u post comments–it is not by force that Ijaws must join Biafra—we all have our rights—-and they must be respected–Time for us to stop this master servant relationship–we are all equal before God —–Our present unity is based on our zonal tribal marks not economic needs—

      • Finitri

        Lmaoo. See this mugu. Did EFCC chase all ijaws or ijaws that had a case to answer? You called the amnesty scheme silly and yet vilify the man that tried to wind it down as proposed in the initial amnesty agreement. Honestly you are confused

      • Netanyahu

        I beg, wetin concern Biafra with this one?Who wants you to join Biafra and for what benefits? Na so madness dey start o! Please “redeem” yourself and leave Biafra alone. After being “liberated” 50 years ago, I thought you would have less complaints with your celebrated “northern brothers” in 2017. How market?

      • okenwa

        Hold it there. Who want to join forces with people who threaten with weopons to get what they want? Stay on your own and form your own country or continue with nigeria. To hell with your nonesense.

    • abodes_124


  • musa aliyu

    We pray and beseech them to return to the creeks. All die, na die!

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    I wonder what really happened with this political alliance that has suddenly gone up in smoke.

  • paul irumundomon

    Buhari said the oil in niger delta was discovered with money realized from ground and cocoa proceeds.

  • tony H

    Lemme guess, the cheque did not clear?

  • walter enang

    Nigeria as a country CA never progress so long as ANY aboki has a SAY on how it is managed.

    • Olatubosun

      You are crazy Infact……. You are insane.
      You better go to psychiatric hospital for proper medication

  • Olatubosun

    The niger delta will be demolished soon

    • paul irumundomon

      Do you really believe that would be possible.

    • paul irumundomon

      It is easier said.

    • Noble

      By His will

  • Olatubosun

    Niger delta Boyz are terrorists

    • Noble

      Correct and accurate!

  • paul irumundomon

    Northern mohamend, not the God we serve, it will only work in the north and not in the south. No body will win the war, they are still fixing what was destroyed since buhari came to power, he is going to use your money to fix it and they will destroy it again, we will go back to square one.

  • Noble