Presidency’s ‘kitchen equipment’ gets N100 million despite N325 million spent before

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo and President Muhammadu Buhari at the National Economic Council Retreat ... On March 21, 2016 PHOTO CREDIT: STATE HOUSE PHOTO

Nigeria’s Presidency is planning to buy new “kitchen and catering equipment” for N100.8 million in 2017, a proposal sent to the National Assembly says.

The huge amount, coming as Nigerians groan under the weight of economic recession, will add to hundreds of million of naira spent on the recurring item over the years.

Between 2015 and 2016, N325.5 million was spent on purchase of the same “catering and kitchen equipment”.

President Buhari, a former army general, took office in 2015 with a promise to tackle corruption and check waste of public funds. But the president has been accused of not doing enough to fulfil those promises.

His first budget in office – 2016 Appropriation Act – contained evidently shady and repetitive items.

The “kitchen and catering equipment” is an example of a line item that has appeared in national budgets nearly every year since the return of democracy in 1999.

In 2015 budget, jointly executed by the Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari administrations, N237. 4 million was allocated for kitchen items. In 2016, the new government assigned N88.1 million for the same items

The budget merely says the 2017 proposal would cover “Payment of outstanding balance on acquired canteen/kitchen equipment for banquet hall, auditorium and defence house.”

But analysts have questioned why items bought cannot be reused in subsequent years.

Presidential spokespersons, Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu, did not provide any clue. Mr. Adesina advised PREMIUM TIMES to contact the Minister for Budget and National Planning.

The Minister for Budget and National Planning, Udoma Udoma, did not respond or return multiple phone calls. He did not also respond to text messages.

If the new budget is approved by the National Assembly as proposed, it would mean that in three years the State House has spent nearly half a billion naira on catering items – that is exclusive of food items and cooking fuel.

That amount, over N420 million, can help address the problem of “severe acute malnutrition” faced by thousands of children in camps meant for persons displaced by Boko Haram in the North East. It can provide at least 20 basic health centres at N20 million each.

Apart from the “catering and kitchen equipment”, the State House in 2017 also plans to spend N123.2 million on “food stuffs and catering materials supplies”, higher than N102, 939,746 for same item in 2016.

Separately the president and the vice-president have budgets for “food stuff and catering material supplies”.

For the President, N114.97 million – same as 2016 – is proposed for food stuff and catering materials, while the Vice-president, Yemi Osinbajo’s office, is to get N53.50 million for same expenditure line.

Mr. Osinbajo’s proposed allocation is higher N16.7 million and N11.7 spent in 2016 and 2015 respectively.

The proposed food and catering allocations for the president and vice president are cumulatively more than the proposed capital vote for each of Nigeria’s federal teaching hospitals, except Bayero University Teaching Hospital, Kano, which has N202.9 million.

No other teaching hospital besides BUTH has up to N200 million as capital expenditure in the 2017 budget.


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  • growthengine

    Corruption incorporated.

    • msoxfam


      President Muhamadu Buhari is not the solution to corruption. He is also not the solution
      to any aspect of Nigeria’s crisis. Muhamadu Buhari is part and parcel of Nigeria’s crisis.

    • Iskacountryman

      corruption is fighting back…

      • Otile

        Buhari is corruption personified.

  • This is sad. Is Nigeria doomed to be badly governed for ever?

  • Finitri

    The fact it was budgeted for doesn’t mean it was spent. Efforts should be made to obtain budget performance details.

    • zygote

      who told you that my little friend? How many presidential proposal has ever been reversed during budget consideration?

      • Delta_Quagmire

        Are you surprised at such an empty remark from Finitri? With my whole being and all things considered, I have rejected Nigeria and looking forward to a new future with the realization Biafra. That said, one can come his own summation with the perpetual rot and reality of living in Nigeria. When citizens who claim to be enlightened continually provide the platform to gang-stars we have as leaders and defend them; what future do we real have in such an entity?

        I am never shocked at the Nigerian quagmire because every country deserves the leadership they get. These people were shouting “Sai-Baba Sai-Baba Sai-Baba” and drumming out any rational attempt to question and possibly validate Buhari’s candidacy. Not until we restructure the country in such a way that our leaders are held accountable at every level of leadership, we will continue to put round pegs in square holes.

    • sab

      Would you have held this view two years ago? Why not call a spade its proper name? If the budget proposal was not spent, why? Why the increase in the budgetary estimate? Can you point to just a single project budgetted in 2016 that was executed, just name one?

      • okenwa

        Killing of innocent nigerians by fulani herdsmen and security agencies and starving nigerians to death by fedral govt was executed.

    • The Optimist

      Oh, so you must wait for the snake to bite before you kill it?

    • Iskacountryman


  • zygote

    ..can corruption be more than this? I hoped so much on the daft without considering what age has done to his mental state.

  • Gary

    This is how the budget is padded at the Presidency and allows the kitchen cabinet to cater for themselves, note the pun.
    So let’s add this to the N400m the SGF wants to replace cars for former leaders and Lai’s N1b plus for propaganda. All in a budget that will be mostly financed by borrowing.
    And Nigeria is mired in recession.

    Folks, this is your “Change” and anti-corruption government at work again after all the brouhaha over the 2016 budget.

    P.S. Hope the relevant Appropriations Committees of the NASS will hire professional consultants to go over the budget proposals with a fine comb to expunge waste and leakages for corrupt enrichment from the proposals. It is time to stop the legitimization of theft in budgeting.

    PT, why the focus on only the federal budget? Hope you folks know that even greater stealing is going on with state budgets. All 36 of them. That is enough stories to keep you occupied for 2017. Get your Economics desk to look into the state budgets.

    • sab

      During the campaign for ‘chain’ sorry chanji, did the state governments make promises of swift departure from the old order or was it not the intending Aso Rock landlords? Why now bring the state governments into this mess or are you trying as usual to divert attention?

      • Gary

        Don’t be silly. Whether stolen in Abuja or state capitals, it is still OUR money, from the national treasury, that is being stolen.
        So I wonder why you seek a dubious distinction between federal theft and state because the latter did not make a commitment to stop stealing public funds.
        Go to bed if you’ve been drinking because you make no sense.

        • The Optimist

          Funny quarrels! This forum is getting heated up. Never mind those state level looters supporters.

          • Riltin

            What of the LGAs? Dem no dey tif?

          • Gary

            Na dem tif pass. Most of them collect “weekend allowance” as a line item in their budgets. That is not a joke.

  • No-Comment

    “The whole Nigerian system – including the public themselves,
    wants oppressors – not people working for their collective progress;
    and so, when no one is planning the future of a country, such a country
    can have no future. Nigeria has descended into a hellish reality where –
    for smart and capable people to ‘survive’ and have their daily bread –
    they must prostrate for imbeciles.”

    ……………Iyabo Obasanjo

    (Letter to my father, December 18, 2013)

    • marc umeh

      That is the honest -to -God truth.

      • Goxy333


        THAT MEANS IF WE ADD THE OTHER ₦100million FOR PLATES AND SPOONS, IT’s = ₦390million.

        FOOD for two PEOPLE = ₦390million? IT MEANS NOBODY IS PLANNING THE FUTURE OF Nigeria.

        • M.X.T


          Those Nigerians call “Leaders” are criminals and thieves, certificate forgers and drug-runners.

          How can such a country ever make progress? Thieves are in total control of the useless country!!

        • marc umeh

          We have a senate. We have the NBA, we have the profs , the SANS.
          The silence is deafening.

          • The Optimist

            They are in the same boat!

        • The Optimist

          Prof, prof! They are gluttons!

        • Pearl

          That is N32.5 million monthly for the president and the Vice.
          then a professor earns N6.5m annually! Which way Nigeria. Please I thank PT for this info and I pray Buhari sees it and acts immediately. I know he will.

  • marc umeh

    We are doomed because we are not blessed with honest men. In better climes you would expect at least ONE honest citizen to register his disapproval by RESIGNING his official position .
    JUST ONE !!!!
    But these Bozos stay put. Nothing will deny them their official perks .Let the country fend for itself.

  • emmanuel

    Two thieves went out to steal, one was positioned as spy, while the other handled the act and was caught. Then he began to run away as mob chased after him.
    The spy joined in shouting thief thief, in his bid to get away from the scene.
    Was there just one thief or two thieves?
    Let those whose brains have been programmed to make case for this current thief continue with their evils, same way they beautify Mago, Bbabchir, Ali, Saraki, Dogara, Burutai etc.

    • Gary

      This na heavy parable: The Parable of the Two Thieves!

      • Uncle Benedict O.

        @disqus_37tUayk10K:disqus This is the problem with Premium Times. They write the facts and go to sleep.
        They will not draw any conclusion. That is the kind of journalism we don’t want here at all.
        Nigeria is not England or America. We want brutal journalism, we want roforofo journalism.
        If somebody takes 100 million to say he wants to buy pots call that person for what he is.
        If he is OLE, say it, don’t say the word OLE is not in dictionary, just say it for truth sake.

      • Factsay


      • okenwa

        They guy always listen to his papa.

    • Epsilon_Delta

      @Rommel has vanished into thin air!
      So called budget of Recovery!

      • Gary

        The e-rats are lying low for now, since Lai Mohammed stupidly put payment for propaganda services as a line item in the federal budget. Now they’re all exposed as the anti-corruption hypocrites and media mercenaries that they are.
        Let’s see if they will continue the campaign of disinformation without getting paid by the Information Ministry.

        • emmanuel

          Liar is a big rogue. He worked with PT and SR to use unlockers get into or compromise PC’s, Tablets and phones used by commentators online to their medium. That way, they do not get to post anything, such that the budget for propaganda gets funneled into his pocket un used
          I see the character of their unlocker as i type
          Reply to most of our post are automatically deleted. This has lasted for four months.
          But they should note that we will ensure no adverts come the way of their cheap online mediums again. That is if they do not yet know.

  • taiwo

    Buhari should put his house in order. Remove the log in your eye first then people will believe in your fight against corruption

    • S.B. Badru


      It is a tragedy that Muhamadu Buhari has not
      made any ethical impact by force of personal example on Nigeria’s corrupt practices.
      Muhamadu Buhari came into office and just grabbed all the corrupt perks of office he
      inherited rather than reject them. This is a huge tragedy. Nigeria must now hurriedly
      look for ANOTHER CHANGE to replace this counterfeit one. Muhamadu Buhari is a
      let-down before Man and God.

      • Akowaba333



  • ijelejames

    What are these people cooking when many Nigerians cannot afford one meal in 24 hours?

  • The Optimist

    Hmmm! It is not surprising. Did oga not say it in Germany that Aisha belongs in the kitchen? All for love!

  • Essien Essien

    This is total madness and colossal wastage. If a professor’s total annual emolument is not up to ten million (N10, 000,000) Naira, then that will tell you what is wrong with Nigeria.

  • Essien Essien

    It is true that if we know all that is happening in this country, we will bleed.

    • Politico 2017


      Nigeria under BUHARI is a crime scene

      Under President Buhari Nigerians no longer have any
      standard of living inside their perpetual darkness from whole weeks of
      power outages under the usually incompetent and misfit Minister of Power, Raji
      Fashola. Now, Nigeria’s newspaper journalists write in consensus that President
      Buhari’s cabinet of Ministers is corrupt and hopelessly useless; mediocre, dull,
      daft and bereft of thought; and therefore, in dire need of change by complete
      dissolution. President Buhari is reported to have belatedly conceded that point
      and written to inform the Senate of his intention to be rid of his robotic and
      mostly thoughtless, never mind thievish Ministers.

      But President Muhamadu Buhari himself has no moral compass.
      He’s as utterly immoral as any of his predecessors. After nearly two years,
      President Buhari has not laid any marker down for judging right and wrong; and,
      that says everything there is to know on why American newspapers were the first
      to write off President Buhari in the last quarter of 2015 as worse than a fake cheque.
      But the Nigerians who bear the burden of President Buhari chose to give Buhari
      more time. The result of that misjudged perseverance has been wrecking. Today,
      5 million unemployment figure resulted with 18% inflation and 64% devaluation of
      the Naira. Mass poverty inexorably followed along with devastating and continuing
      third quarter economic recession, without a means of escape.

  • Somebody

    @essienessien:disqus , Within 60 days of resuming office on 29th May 2015,
    and with civil servants owed 6 months’ salaries in at least 22 states, President Muhamadu Buhari
    went straight to the Central Bank and carried away one billion Naira – all within 60 days of resuming office!

    Buhari then stuffed the whole one billion Naira into the pockets of his crony, Brigadier Buba Marwa, with a whisper,
    and with Buhari’s forefinger firmly on his lips, signalling that secrets be kept secret. That first decision in office burnt up
    the borrowed robes of ‘integrity’ that Nigeria’s unthinking journalists dressed Muhamadu Buhari in.

  • Otile

    Our oil money from SS SE has gone to waste, so as to prop up the Fulanis and feed their thieves fat. What a waste!

  • Grit Harrison

    One thing is sure,When this APC Leave office we will see corruption that will beat our imagination carried out by this same we are all Sent Administration.So where are the Sahara Reporters,and APC Papers of PDP is so corrupt,bless speak out now and lets be fair and criticize all.I laugh daily when i hear people say President Buhari is Fighting corruption! It is all lies

  • Burning Spear

    This is journalism at its worst————————the billions voted for the said fake kitchen utensils came from the corrupt thieving Satanic government of Bingo Buhari –and not Jonathan——–that climbed on the fake promise of transparency currently camped in the Fulani enclave to destroy Nigeria—————–via the Obama government and the Yorubas to get to where they are in Nigeria now——————-Happily it is the money from the crude oil revenue of the SS– that the Fulanis and Yoruba’s are busy stealing as if there will be no tomorrow again–in Nigeria—————–Sadly instead of blaming–and exposing Bingo Buhari PT—-have been settled by the Apes in APC to make the daylight robbery of my crude oil resources look as if it is the usual system put in place by Jonathan ati Obj head of the Yoruba rogues

  • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

    the N100 million is for wooden spoons and cups ……

    • Dele O. Dina


  • Stella Dominic


  • This is not good, it’s madness. Totally unacceptable! Thank you Premium Times for giving out this information. With valuable projects including those with life-death implications on stand-still because of lack of funds, how could we budget this much to vain things like “kitchen and catering equipment”? This is pure wickedness.

  • Stella Dominic


  • Layo

    Now I know why they kill to get into office, just to steal and destroy. This government is hopeless, I voted for Buhari but this makes me sick to my stomach . This useless kitchen budget has been going on for years and should be scrapped.


    premiums times thank you for this clue, nigerians are suffering ,presidents are enjoying

  • bib

    The presidency and the planning ministry must respond to these worrisome revelations. He who lives in a glass house cannot afford to throw stones. I believe they are not living in glass houses. But they must prove that by accounting clearly every kobo of these budgetary allocations.

  • Rommel

    Since elders statesmen and women, traditional rulers,clergymen and women,pressure groups,countless numbers of sychophants have continued to troop to Aso rock looking with expectations of something,food costs will keep going up,Aso rock kitchen is busier than a functional five star hotel and in such places,utensils that should last 5 years have a short life due to overuse so these things are not strange and should not be sensationalized,it is same all over the world where we have people who behave like Nigerians, it is fashionable in Nigeria to say in a discussion “last week, when I visited the president” or when I went to see the governor,people should stop trooping to Aso rock and state houses and allow the place for only official duties.