Again, Iwo monarch shuns court

Abdulrasheed Akanbi
Oluwo of Iwo, AbdulRasheed Akanbi

The Oluwo of Iwo, Abdulrasheed Akanbi, has again refused to honour the order of an Osogbo Magistrate Court, demanding his appearance to defend himself against allegations of fraud.

The allegations were brought against him by the Oluwo-Oke of Iwo- Oke, Kadiri Adeoye.

An arrest warrant issued on Tuesday ordering the Commissioner of Police of Osun State, Fimihan Adeoye, to arrest the monarch and present him in court on Friday, December 30, was brought to no effect as Mr. Akanbi was not in court when the case was called for mention.

The Chief Magistrate,  Olusola Aluko, whose orders had not been carried out, had no choice but to give another chance to Mr. Adeoye to arrest the monarch and make him available in court at the next adjourned date, January 6, 2017.

Mr. Aluko gave what he described as the last order to the Commissioner of Police to produce the monarch in court.

When the case came up on Friday, the counsel to the applicant, Soji Oyetayo, informed the court that the counsel to the accused monarch sent a later that he would not come to the court.

He said the counsel did not state that the first respondent, Mr. Akanbi, would not appear in court as ordered by the magistrate.

The magistrate, who was very furious when he learnt that the monarch refused to comply with his order to appear in court, stated that the claim of the commissioner of police that he was not aware of the court order “is a joke of the century.”

“I am baffled that the CP is claiming ignorance of the court order,” he said angrily. “It must be a joke of the century. I am not joking with my order. My order remains my order.”

He insisted that he would deal with the threat by the monarch to issue ‘traditional arrest warrant’ against the magistrate before he would hear the substantive case against Mr. Akanbi

The Oluwo-Oke of Iwo-Oke, Mr. Adeoye, had instituted a case forgery against Mr. Akanbi, alleging that the monarch was involved in internet fraud among other allegations.

The monarch’s earlier refusal to appear in court resulted in the December 20 bench warrant by the court which he shunned, threatening the magistrate with a traditional warrant of arrest.

The magistrate court reissued another order on December 27 that the Commissioner of Police arrest the monarch and detain him until the next adjourned date, December 30.

None of the orders was carried out.

When PREMIUM TIMES contacted the police commissioner last week, he said he would reach the command’s legal department to see if the court order had been received.

The magistrate is, however, considering the threat of the Oluwo as a major issue to be addressed, saying he made photocopies of the newspapers where the monarch issued the threats as evidence.

“I personally read and watched it on Channels Television on Friday 23rd of December 2016. Then on Monday 26th December 2016, Punch newspaper published it at page 12 a story caption: I’ll not appear before Osun magistrate,” Mr. Aluko said.

“The story was also promoted on the front page of the paper; in the body of the story the first respondent was quoted that ‘It is a shame on judiciary to have such magistrate sitting.’

“I have the print out of the statement base on channels television and newspaper publication.

“It is no doubt that the statement is contemptuous in nature and they are meant to embarrass and humiliate this court under the law. It is contempt espacal which attracts punitive action and this court has a duty to protect itself from assault and preserve the sanctity of judiciary and due process.

“Therefore the case which brought the parties before me is hereby step-down until this issue of contempt is cleared.

“When the first defendant failed to appear in this court; the court in exercising his power as provided by law issues bench warrant to compel the first respondent Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi to appear before this court.

“By implication he should be arrested and kept in prison till next adjourn date of sitting for his failure to appear as ordered by the court.”

When PREMIUM TIMES reached the Oluwo for his reaction, he said, “Go and meet my lawyer.”

The police commissioner could not be reached on Friday.  Although he picked a call to his phone, poor network meant communication was not possible. He is, however, yet to respond to a text message on whether the new directive would be honoured.


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  • Drama-King

    No one is above the law, however the magistrate should tread carefully because our brothers from the west don’t joke with their traditional institutions.

    • Lanre

      Thank you for this comment.

    • tundemash

      We don’t joke with law and order, let the cl0wn Oluwo obey the law !

      • Dr Olusegun Fakoya

        True, the relevance of traditional institutions in Yoruba land is becoming questionable. Nevertheless, Yoruba land does not exist in a vacuum. If other ethnic groupings venerate their traditional institutions, I think it will amount to rascality for us to ridicule ours. True, there are set laws in Nigeria, however, in executing same allowances and consideration should be given to established traditions. I perceive two wrongs here. The magistrate in question should be persevere in issuing an order that may not be implemented. This is inviting ridicule to the already ridiculed bench. At the same time, the Oluwo of Iwo should have shown moderation and better wisdom in his replies to the magistrate order. For crying out loud, he is still the Oluwo (even though accused of internet fraud and other unholy acts) and has many options at his disposal without resorting to contempt of court in his actions. An amicable solution solution could be found using the instrumentality of traditional settings ad political leverage to resolve this imbroglio. True, no one is above the law and Yoruba land does not practice absolute monarchy, nevertheless ridiculing our traditional institutions in this manner does not do us any good as a group. Magistrate Aluko should take it easy. If at the end of it all, this Oluwo is found culpable, appropriate sanctions should be applied, deposition being one of the options. Thank you.

        • Dr Olusegun Fakoya

          “magistrate should have persevere …..” Sorry, typo.

        • tundemash

          U claimed “Nevertheless, Yoruba land does not exist in a vacuum. If other ethnic groupings venerate their traditional institutions, I think it will amount to rascality for us to ridicule ours. ”

          Let the cl0wn respect the law and he will be respected. Being an Oba does not give you teh right to be unruly. Another Oba took him to court and you are just preaching anarchy. If this impostor woke up on the wrong side one day and decide to annex your land, where would you go for redress because you don;t want to ridicule some yeye stool ?

          U claimed “An amicable solution solution could be found using the instrumentality of traditional settings ad political leverage to resolve this imbroglio. ”

          The unruly man became a king using the instrumentality of same law he’s dragging in the mud now. HE MUST OBEY THE LAW ! Tribal sentiments won; help him.

  • Omoba1

    Can this man respect himself and appear before the magistrate!

    • CeeCee1818

      Lol, a man and his throne!

  • Man_Enough

    The man should be dragged on the ground to the court. After trial he should be deposed for showing bad example to his subjects and the extended community.

  • Mufu Ola

    The sun glasses he had on are classic ‘yahoo’ glasses.

  • Taiwo

    This is the sort of problems that I foresaw when Buhari decided to invade the residences of some judges. And it is the beginning.

    • dami

      Fayose was already beating judges before Buhari started arresting them…so nothing new there.

      • Kickboxer

        admitting now that there is no CHANGII then….zombie

        • Mufu Ola

          You’re an ‘ode buruku’.What has this issue got to do with Buhari or change?

        • dami

          There’s change naa…from beating to arrest is that not change?
          Now that Buhari has arrested judges and njc suspended them then that means they are not available to be beaten – that’s change if you ask me.

      • aisha ani


    • tundemash

      Out of your desperacy to castigate Buhari, you keep making a f00l out of yourself. Mor0n, impunity started way before you were born!

  • Lanre

    I have no problem with the judiciary handling issues of a criminal nature. However, in Yorubaland, the Traditional Institution of Rulership is venerated. If a King has misbehaved, there are ways he should be handled; an investigating authority can submit a petition to the appointing authority to have him removed. The kingmakers of Iwo should be given a certain deadline to deal with the matter or the State Government steps in. Ridiculing Iwo on the pages of the newspaper is not really very decent. Moreover, what does it achieve if the Oba cannot be removed or punished? Eyin ara Iwo, o di owo yin o.

    • Eroli Reuben

      Yoruba land is not an absolute monarchy. It is situated in Nigeria and laws of Nigeria supersedes any traditional monarchy. A criminal is criminal whether he is an Oba, Emir, Obi or a beggar!

      • Lanre

        This is Yorubaland. The reason why some of us want our own country. Nobody should be above the law but the Traditional Institution of Obaship which still subsists in my land cannot be ridiculed. There are protective laws for certain exposed persons (such as elected personnel) against frivolous claimants, the reason for immunity clauses in the constitution. In this case, the Traditional Stool of the Oluwo of Iwo must not be ridiculed hence my post.

        • Mufu Ola

          The Oba is trying very hard to ridicule the magistrate also.

        • tundemash

          As at now Yorubaland exist within the country governed by a constitution. Until such a time when your wishful thinking comes true, the internet fraudster masquerading as Oluwo is subject to the dictates of teh Nigerian constitution!

  • Rominiyis

    The way out to all sons and daughter of Iwo.

    I am historically one. Our father told us that his great grand father was a prince from Ile Lamuye in Iwo Osun state Nigeria before he resettle at present day Isale Osun, Osogbo and from where we migrate outward within Nigeria and America etc.. Iwo is the oldest inhabited town in Western Nigeria by science carbon dating experiment. The above account was handed down to us as a family history. I believe there is Lamuye somewhere there.

    Back to the present. The kingmakers should summon the Oluwo Oke and resolved the issue according to Yoruba tradition which predate the present European Judicial system. The elders and the Associations of Iwo sons and daughters should wade in. It is not in anyone interest to drag the throne and esteem historical town through the mood.

    • Lanre

      Thank you for this post. There should be a way of handling this without ridiculing the stool of the Oluwo. Many Yoruba Towns and Cities have institutions to deal with claims against an Oba. Moreover, at this point, I think the State Government should step in and ask the Oluwo (as custodian of culture and history of the people of Iwo) to have this matter resolved or prepare to abdicate or be removed. An Oba cannot be accused by his own subject of a crime without consequences.

      • tundemash

        Asking him to come to court isn’t ridiculing any stool of Oluwo; the Oluwo stool isn’t above the law infact the stool is subject to the dictates of a local govt chairman so stop cl0wning here !

  • Engineer

    pride on display

  • SAM .A

    The Oba must be made to comply with the court order , failure to do so is an invitation to anarchy . If the commissioner of police Mr Fimihan Adeoye fails to comply with the next order IG should fire him and get an automatic replacement who will comply with the law of the land . Without being told a day old in Nigeria knows what police is capable of doing .