EXCLUSIVE: Customs DG Hammed Ali blasts SSS boss Lawal Daura; accuses him of unprofessionalism

Comptoller-General of Nigeria Customs Service, Hamid Ali, addressing the agency's personnel
Comptoller-General of Nigeria Customs Service, Hamid Ali, addressing the agency's personnel

The heads of two key federal agencies who are also close allies of President Muhammadu Buhari have been sparring over allegations and counter allegations of unprofessionalism and illegality.

The disagreement by the two officials appear to confirm insinuations of division among some leading lights of the Buhari administration.

New Director General of SSS, Lawan Daura
Director General of SSS, Lawan Daura.

The turf war stems from a letter written by the Director-General of the State Security Service (SSS), Lawal Daura, to Mr. Buhari on September 8.

In the letter, the security chief accused the Nigerian Customs Service, (NCS), of introducing a $25,000 as new Temporary Import Permit (TIP), levy on each vessel that berths to discharge petroleum products in Nigeria.

PREMIUM TIMES sighted correspondences revealing wrangling between Mr. Daura, a kinsman of the President, and the Director-General of NCS, Hameed Ali, a retired colonel and ally of Mr. Buhari.

The said levy, as Mr. Daura reported to the President, was illegal as it was not provided for on the PPRA template, not receipted, and could increase the cost of petrol by 56 kobo per litre.

In international trade circle, TIP is a customs’ procedure under which certain goods can be brought into a country without payment of duties or taxes and without import prohibition and restriction.

Ports insiders further explained that it is a condition that the goods will be issued for certain period of time and exported back at the expiration of TIP.

But before it is issued, those knowledgeable about NCS operations regarding the issuance said an applicant must post a bond to cover the import duty and other charges inclusive of the 25 per cent penalty in case of violation of the terms.

In Mr. Daura’s memo, he further reported that the alleged introduction of $25,000 TIP levy followed the detention of a vessel, MT Histria Ivory, at Apapa by NCS operatives.

He reported to the President that Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN) made the complaint that formed the basis of his memo.

A week after receiving the memo, Mr. Buhari forwarded it to Mr. Ali, demanding his “summary report of your considered view”. president-buhari-jets-out-to-germany

In his response, Mr. Ali told the President that the SSS under Mr. Daura appeared to be more interested in smear campaign and personal vendetta than in thorough investigation and anti-corruption efforts of the administration.

He explained that the said vessel, MT Histria Ivory, was truly detained but that was after it was sighted discharging cargo at Apapa Jetty.

He said the detention was to ascertain whether it had TIP or liable for payment of duty.

While the investigation was ongoing, before Mr. Daura’s memo to the President, MOMAN alleged imposition of $25,000 TIP levy per vessel by the NCS via a letter copied to the Minister for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu; Minister for Finance, Kemi Adeosun; the SSS and the Customs chief.

MOMAN, PREMIUM TIMES learnt, wrote the complaint letter one week before Mr. Daura sent the memo to the president.

Mr. Ali told the President: “It was this letter copied to the DSS that the Department relied on without any investigation and reported to Mr. President that NCS is collecting $25 thousand TIP levy without issuing receipt any receipt.

“The DSS copied all the allegations of MOMAN almost verbatim without any input from them. The Department should have investigated the matter with a view to bringing the perpetrators of the alleged dastardly act to justice.

“This would have been in line with the Federal Government’s efforts of stamping out corruption in the country. It seems however that the DSS is more interested in smear campaign than doing what is right.”

Mr. Ali insisted that the issuance of TIP does not involve payment of money and that the NCS had stopped conducting cash transactions since 2001.

He further reported to the President that MOMAN which made the original complaint was invited by the NCS to bring evidence its members were being charged TIP levy.

In the MOMAN statement understood to have been attached to Mr. Ali’s reply to the President, the body reportedly said the payment which increased from $5,000 to $25,000 was made through shipping agents.

Mr. Ali said the NCS further pressed MOMAN to help identify culpable Customs officials involved in such shady deals.

However, up to the time of writing the letter no response was received from MOMAN despite numerous follow-up telephone calls, the retired colonel said.

He added that the agent of the detained ship, Integrated Shipping Service Limited, was also interviewed, and that stated “no Customs officer demanded for an unreceipted payment of $25 thousand from us or our client…”

The agent’s statement was attached to the NCS’ reply to the President, PREMIUM TIMES understands.

“Proper investigation should always be carried out on complaints such as this which casts serious doubt on the integrity of services and organisations with a view to ascertaining the truth or otherwise of such allegations before reporting such to the Mr. President.

“The DGSS should therefore be advised to approach issues professionally and not allow sentiments or personal vendetta to drive his actions,” Mr. Ali told the President and copied Mr. Daura, saying “above for your information please.”

The disagreement between the officials came to light weeks after Mr. Daura was caught in another controversy after he levelled allegations against the acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, to frustrate the confirmation of his appointment by the Senate.

A fact-check by this newspaper showed that the allegations made by the SSS were substantially false.


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  • Ferdinand

    Yes Hamid Ali your are on the money.

  • Omoba1

    From this publication, it appears DG DSS Daura likes gossip too much and attention and can do deadly things to get it. All of these deadly things involves a lot of unethical tactics and no proper investigation

    • That’s something new to you? your group seems confused as to what fact and fiction is.

  • Maria

    What concerns DSS with tax?

    • Factsay

      Same thing u should have asked wen they invaded judges.

      What goes around comes around.

      If you ask SSS, they would say they are fighting corruption and it is national security matter.

      • persona

        Sir, this happened before the raid on judges.
        “The turf war stems from a letter written by the Director-General of the State Security Service (SSS), Lawal Daura, to Mr. Buhari on September 8.”—-PT
        The judges I actually have no pity on except Dimgba and I expect DSS to apologize.
        For the singular reason they all had something against Amechi and co and kept quiet until they were exposed, they seem to be either corrupt or tolerant of corruption.
        Ignorance is no excuse in law and they say, their silence is tacit corruption if indeed Amechi and Onu approached them with or without inducement.

        • iwe paul

          But I thought the Supreme Court judges involved in the case you allude to reported the matter to the then Chief Justice of Nigeria,with no denial so far by the then Chief Justice. Just saying.

          • persona

            No denial but his action that they should step down and face their charges is rather instructive than whatever he could have said.
            If the DSS does its job, I will support them, if they do terribly, I will castigate them. My interest is Nigeria making progress and not the building of persons against institutions.

      • aroun..

      • Kensty

        Pls you guys should read your constitution and check the roles of sss. They can operate any where.

    • your’e still on that? see his lawyer. perhaps you’re talking of payroll taxes? lol

    • Höly Wähala

      DSS mandate includes fighting corruption… and Customs is the HQ of corruption in Nigeria, next to the NNPC.

    • Kensty

      In case you don’t read your constitution, sss has no bound as far as Government interest is concern. The sss can investigate and monitor any thing harmful to the Government. Mind you it is directly under the Presidency. The President can direct them any time.

      • Nebukadineze Adiele

        But Daura did not investigate anything here, he merely passed over rumors to the president in an official capacity; that is a solid ground for instant dismissal. You guys should stop encouraging stupidity, backbiting, and unprofessionalism by a person holding such a powerful position. If he could do such evil things to powerful figures like EFCC Chairman Magu and Customs boss Ali, what evil do you think he wouldn’t do to ordinary folks?

        • Kensty

          Maria is trying to know the role of the sss.

          • Nebukadineze Adiele

            Treason and similarly related matters — that’s what the constitution says. I am aware that some quack lawyers have dishonestly distorted DSS function to include corruption fight, but it is not so.

          • Höly Wähala

            What are you waiting for, fraudster? Upvote your comment like you’ve been doing… talk about corruption and you damn sure lack the moral mandate to be a part of this thread, you’re a cheat!

          • Nebukadineze Adiele

            All you do is unleash childish insults like a street urchin. I can curse you back, except that Premium Times has censored two such responses from me. No rule says that one cannot up vote one’s comment at all. In fact, voting for oneself is encouraged, for it reminds other readers to vote along. You are an uninformed wretch whose intelligence is so limited that you should be relating with kindergarten kids. You are too unintelligent to know that MOMAN, like most Nigerian corrupt persons and institutions, do initiate a fraudulent and baseless petition just to get rid of incorruptible officials. No professional forwards to the president a petition whose merit has not been established, as did Daura. I would have asked you to prove that Ali’s position is not what happened within his agency, except that you are an abject ignoramus. A thoughtless punk like you would believe such a rumor, just as you believed and have shamelessly repeated the rumors spread against Magu.

          • Höly Wähala

            But you now agree that it is not a “rumor” as you foolishly believed? Now claiming their petition is “fraudulent” yet, you are here defending the response by Hammed Ali… see your stupidity again? Again, you are unfit for intellectual dialogue whether you call it childish or not, your otiosity is glaring to erudite minds like mine. You know nothing and will remain in the dark since you’ve refused to drop the bottle so your eyes can see reason and common sense logic. I’m done with you fraudster, I hate moronic cheats… Middle-Finger!

          • Kensty

            Go deep down and check, economic crime of national security dimension and any other responsibilities as directed by the C-in-C. Pls check Instrument No
            1 of the 99 constitution.

        • Kensty

          You don’t call that evil, let Magu defend himself simple. As for this write up, wait to hear Daura version don’t run into conclusion.

          • Nebukadineze Adiele

            Daura’s version was the rumor he relayed to the president; Ali’s version is the debunking of that rumor. How is this difficult to comprehend unless some people are up to some mischief? Magu was not given a chance to defend himself before his nomination was rejected. Were the senate acting in good faith, it should have invited and confronted him with those charges — that’s what senate hearings (even for confirmation) are all about. This is evil because they concoted a lie and used it to thwart the promotion of a public officer. Have you not read Magu’s denial of this silly rumors?

          • Höly Wähala

            Are you foolishly saying that MOMAN who sent the original petition are the rumor-givers? A rumor is unverifable information but a petition is in black & white so, quit embarrassing academia here with your silly comments. Like I’ve advised you… Drop the bottle, you’re drunk!

  • serubawon70

    So. So. Senseless.

  • persona

    “The DGSS should therefore be advised to approach issues professionally and not allow sentiments or personal vendetta to drive his actions”…..Ali
    Clearly Daura is to be asked to go. The beginning of this administration, there was a fight about DSS in Aso rock and a copy and past allegation simply tells that Daura is busy trying to bad mouth everyone to Buhari. I had said, Buhari should ensure that he cleans house soon. The guys who tend to want to be everywhere will end up doing a bad job as we have seen with Daura. Intelligence gathering is not done, if Ali is mentioning vendetta and lack of professionalism, there are no better words to describe who Daura is and Buhari should be very careful.

  • Factsay

    What goes around comes around.

    First, it was judges, now customs, who next?

    One thing is common in all the SSS actions , it is always a fight against corruption

  • Jacky

    The SSS boss was forced out of the service during the Jonathan administration but President Buhari brought him back to head the agency. Mr Daura dabbles into areas outside his brief, creating controversies everywhere in the executive branch and acting without proper investigations in matters of national importance as evidenced in the case of Magu. But he has found a match in Col.Ali because Ali takes no prisoners! President Buhari must cut Mr Daura to size or release him before he does more damages to his administration with unnecessary power play, sycophancy and personal vendettas. Truly, Col. Ali is correct to imply that the SSS D.G lacks professionalism, he sure does!

    • so go investigate it.

    • Rommel

      Forced out you said? what agency was Marilyn Ogar representing?

  • Arabakpura

    Buhari, show your teeth; do not be more clueless than the real clueless one! You are really disappointing those who thought you were going to be firmly in charge!

  • Isaac Azor

    Certainly, Daura is up to something! Buhari should watch his back!

  • Spoken word

    Daura is a serial bungler

  • Charlie

    The Nigerian Customs is a cesspool of corruption and Hammed Ali is either incompetent, bamboozled, corrupt, or all of the above. Instead of conducting his own investigation, he is asking the complainant to provide evidence, what a croak. The only way forward is to create a new agency that will perform its functions, because customs is irredeemable. It is sad that the only person (Daura) in the administration that is truly interested in fighting corruption is under fire from all angles with the help of the clueless and corrupt media.

    • Man_Enough

      A complainant ought to come with evidence to prove his allegations or keep mum. The onus of proof lies with the accuser.

      • Kensty

        This is Hameed Ali’s version mind you. Wait for Daura’s version before conclusion.

        • blackdove

          Daura first gave his own version, and Col Hamid is reacting to Daura’s misrepresentation.

          • Kensty

            When Daura gave his version was it on Premium Times?

    • Nebukadineze Adiele

      You did not comprehend what Mr Ali wrote, so you just made yourself appear ” incompetent, bamboozled, corrupt, or all of the above”. Hamid Ali is incorruptible and well respected, even during his days in the military and as military governor. He has minimize the wanton corruption that existed in Customs since he took over and today, all Customs personnel know that if they are caught in corrupt acts, not only will they lose their jobs, they will also be prosecuted. Some of you should educate yourselves on a subject matter before making comments.

      • Charlie

        “He has minimize the wanton corruption that existed in Customs” Is that what Nigerians are looking for? If you’ve ever had any business with the Nigerian Customs you would not have written what you just wrote. Good will or good intentions are not enough to fight corruption, you need ruthlessness and competence and I don’t think Mr. Ali has none of the two from what’s still going on at the ports and the airports.

        • Nebukadineze Adiele

          Rome was not built in a year, my brother. Give the man sometime and I believe that he will make a deep dent in checkmating corruption within the Customs. Nigerian organized crooks always use lies and rumors to get rid of any official who stands between them and corruption — they used to do the same thing to Buhari when he was a Minister and later HoS. I am sure that’s what they are doing to Ali and Magu, using Daura’s DSS, which Nigerians are beginning to realize is unprofessional and corruption laden.

        • blackdove

          Your assertions are based on hear say.
          Go and ask customs personnel if it is still business as usual since the Col came on board. Ask importers if they can bribe or manipulate the system as was done during previous administrations.

          • Manuel Tobby

            Bros please tell me more about these changes in custom. Thanks

  • Ifeanyi

    DSS under Daura seems to be going outside of it’s mandate. It’s difficult to understand whether it’s mandate covers import taxes?

    • Kensty

      The job of the sss has no bound. It covers all aspects of Government interest and is directly under the Presidency.

    • Höly Wähala

      If you don’t know their mandate better research and find out instead of making crass comments… DSS are within their mandate to fight corruption, NCS is a bastion of corruption hence, DSS has interest in what’s going on there. Klar?

      • Nebukadineze Adiele

        No, you guys are misinformed and are trying to misinform others. The DSS jurisdiction, as spelt out in the constitution, is strictly with treason or such related matters — I dare you to excerpt the constitution’s section that says otherwise. By no means am I saying that the DSS cannot report a matter like this one to the president (this kind of levy could actually destabilize the country’s economy), what I am saying, which Colonel Ali also said, is that DSS must report facts in its official capacity, not rumors. It had an obligation to investigate whatever it hears before making such hearsays official. Daura officially communicated a rumor, which was falsely generated by aggrieved crooks, to the president. Why don’t you guys find this disturbing?

        • Höly Wähala

          Only foools market ignorance authoritatively… DSS mandate cover corruption as evidenced by their raids on Justices who accepted bribes and other corruption-related offenses. Do your research, I’m not going to do it for you since I know already what DSS mandate clearly says. Again, get lost!

          • Nebukadineze Adiele

            You are an ignoramus who runs off with ignorant declarations. Cite the section of the constitution that supports your claim. DSS’s raiding of the Justices’ homes was an abuse of position, even though I support the bringing of corrupt judges and justices to book. In a country where the rule of law reigns, that illegal arrest would jeopardize any case against those justices. I will not bail you out by citing the relevant section of the constitution — over DSS authority — you have to cite it to support your assertion and I will interpret it to you since you are obviously not a lawyer.

          • Guest

            You know your onions

    • Kensty

      Read your constitution.

  • Man_Enough

    The way and manner daura conducted magu’s investigation has exposed his incompetence. Buhari needs more of a professional in that position than “a brother” the man will continue to embarrass the government.

    • Höly Wähala

      What he exposed is Magu as a double-faced liar who lives large in N83million “apartment” while Ministers are given N20millio/yr housing allowance, where in Abuja does an uncompleted apartment cost N40/2yrs? Some of you are truly too damn stoopid to be allowed to make comments in public. Did Magu disobey the President or not when he flew First-Class to Mecca, yes or no, is the bottom line and proof the DSS did an excellent job on thief Ibrahim Magu.

      • okpada

        Did you read that report,thoroughly. The said report was wrongly conveyed because the rent for two years plus furnitures and agency fees totalled #40 million; and it was done by FCDA ,and not Magu.

        • Nebukadineze Adiele

          This fellow is a lying, rumor mongering character assassin. He repeats lies that have been debunked and makes up lies of his own — like his lies that DSS is constitutionally authorized to fight corruption; that only Ali’s version of the story has been heard. This guy is devious and not bright, so I intend to no longer read or respond to his ignorant and mischievous utterances.

  • Nebukadineze Adiele

    I have always had a likening for this Hamid Ali, who I did not know but have now found out is incorruptible right from his days in the military. The man exudes a degree of poise and confidence that I admire, and which every public functionary should imbibe.

    Nothing attests to his confidence and intelligence better than the tone of his letter to the president. Unlike other low self esteem sycophants who would have sought a meeting with the president or riddled their reply with “your excellency” like obsequiousness, Mr. Ali did not just go straight to the point and through it made Daura look petty and ignorant, he also appealed to the president to reprimand Daura over his unprofessional method of operating the DSS.

    Hamid Ali is one of the few bright spots in president Buhari’s appointments and administration and I hope that criminal minded idiots like Daura do not mislead the president into self sabotaging his own presidency.

    • sab

      Let me digress a bit. Today DSS and NCS bosses are at war. Yesterday it was DSS and EFCC. The other day, SGF was on firing range. Recall that Abba Kyari also has the ropes tied around his neck over alleged MTN N400m bribe. Sports Minister has not fared better. Fashola, Amaechi are in the public purview for the wrong reasons. Name them. Tell me which of them has fared better amongst these PMB cabinet members?

    • Yaffo

      I particularly like the fact that he also copied his concerns/criticism/side of the story and recommendations to Lawan Daura.
      Being straightforward gives you a poise.

    • blackdove

      Col. Hamid Ali drove a 505 car by himself until recently. It has been rumored that he presses his own clothes and his only assets are a small scale farm and a modest 3 bedroom bungalow. As military administrator of kaduna state during the Abacha era, he was a strict, incorruptible, no nonsense, iron fisted soldier.
      President Buhari trust him with finance and that is why he appointed him to clean up and head the 2nd highest government income generating agency after NNPC – Nigerian Customs Service.

      • Höly Wähala

        Praise-singer… it is called, NPA (Nigerian Ports Authority) and it includes airports and land borders, your silly human-worshipping does not eliminate the blunder of partial news coverage aimed to destroy the good work of another govt. agency, DSS, just because you think Hammed Ali is as clean as his pressed clothes… Didn’t we hear the same BS about Buhari before the elections? One house in Kaduna, one car with Igbo man as driver, etc. Today nko, how far… have you seen his assets declaration forms to assertain his true worth? How many Igbos are in his kitchen cabinet or Govt? How many aircraft are in his presidential fleet? Nigeria is the only country in the world where a mugu is born every minute… Quit thinking! you mess it up.

    • arewethishopeless

      Couldn’t agree with you more. If Mr President feels he desperately needs to reward Daura’s past loyalty and keep him in a job, it would be better for him and the nation if he swaps Hameed Ali and Daura positions/portfolios. Hameed Ali as DG SS will be a big boost to the nations security services.

      Unfortunately, Daura does not have what it takes to run the DSS. If Mr President has not come to this conclusion yet, then he is on his own ….

    • dudu

      Bless you Adiele for your comment. That your last statement is saying it as it is. I hope that Daura does not mislead PMB to shoot himself in the foot!

    • realist

      Why his report on Magu should be disregarded. This is an eye opener for the sleeping President.

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    What business does DSS has with customs duties? The cup of this DSS Director is about to be full. Buhari should realize by now that kinsmen are not necessarily more trustworthy and loyal.

    • Say the truth

      This man was recalled from retirement to head DSS because Buhari only preferred his brother for the position. All those who are in active service that should have been director were ignored.

    • Höly Wähala

      DSS has a broad mandate that covers investigating corruption… do your research well-wellu before coming to market ignorance in public. Corruption is a national security threat since you don’t know, and DSS stands for, Directorate for State Security… my bet is you didn’t also know that before now. Now, go out and continue riding your bike and leave mature discussion for big boys who understand government. Nonsense!

      • tuby NY

        WELL said..

      • dareolu1

        Yoro ass master!!…….hahahahahaah…..lol

    • Kensty

      Read your constitution before displaying your ignorance.

  • Höly Wähala

    This account is not balanced in that Premium Times did not give us Mamman Daura’s version or reaction to charges of unprofessionalism, this is ojoro-journalism hence, the contents of this report are unacceptable to discerning minds. Hammid Ali does not come across as convincing, his watery explanation to the President is even more damning of his claims to innocence than an acquittal of his corrupt NCS from charges of illegality. No one should judge by listening to one-side story… Discard!

    • Nebukadineze Adiele

      Hamid Ali just gave an account of what happened within his agency. Unless he is contradicted, his statement stands, especially since he has always had the reputation of incorruptibility and impeccability. Lawan Duara did not investigate a rumor heard, instead he passed it over to the president as a legitimate carrying out of his official function. If that’s not unprofessionalism, then unprofessionalism does not exist. If you take into consideration that Daura habitually passes over falsehoods as facts (the case of Magu is a glaring example) and that he was fired for unprofessionalism by former president Jonathan, only to be recalled and made head of DSS by president Buhari on account of kinship, then no sensible person should trust his words or actions. Frankly, if I were the president I would fire him for passing rumors and gossips to him officially.

      • Höly Wähala

        Did you hear the side of Lawal or just believing Hamid Ali? Does it make sense to you that DSS would just copy a complaint verbatim and pass it on to the President? Why do most of you suspend your brains and talk trash through your anus? What is glaring in the case of Magu if you have any common sense are a) Magu lives in a house that cost taxpayers N83million, and that is “lavish lifestyle” as validly concluded by the DSS… b) Ibrahim Magu too a first-class flight to Mecca against presidential order, that is “insubordination” as validly concluded by the DSS. Either case, Ibrahim is guilty of the bottom line conclusion drawn by the DSS if you remove sentiments and zombie mentality from your analysis. Go siddon jor, I hate discussing with people with glaringly limited scope in critical analysis. Get Lost!

        • Nebukadineze Adiele

          “Magu lives in a house that cost taxpayers N83million, and that is “lavish lifestyle” as validly concluded by the DSS… b) Ibrahim Magu too a first-class flight to Mecca against presidential order, that is “insubordination” as validly concluded by the DSS.”

          Rumor mongering brainless punks like you are a part of Nigeria’s problems. The rumor you shamelessly repeated above has been denied and explained by Magu. Were Daura a professional and acted as such, he would not have transmitted career ruining rumors to the senate. You seem too imbecilic and too quick to unleashing childish abuses for me to continue to dignify with responses.

          • Höly Wähala

            See ignorant yourself now? The scandal that has been in the news since the Senate bounced thief Magu without even bothering to hear a word from him yet, your lazy ass does not know he lives in an “apartment” that cost taxpayers N20million/yr for 2yrs… which was furnished with another N43million for a total equal to..??? Oya! simple arithmatics gives you what? Punk, simply research the story here to bring your slow ass to speed, you know nada just as I was sure in sending you to research the mandate and job description of the DSS. Olodo buruku, only the dumb are scared of intellectual debate based on common sense concept of logic… you are Dumb! Shikena.

        • blackdove

          This guy has floored you with superior argument. Learn from him, and stop this childish argument.

          • Höly Wähala

            Moron, like you who doesn’t even that DSS inspects every ship that enters Nigeria for bombs and illegal arms, doesn’ know Article 9 of the Act establishing the DSS empowers them to fight coruption… you are merely a bigot with biased mind, nothimg to learn from obstinate foools like both of you, my bottom line remains Lawan’s side ought to be told. Now, buzz off monkey, I’m not here to win any arguements. ASSHOLE!

        • emmanuel

          The DSS inspects every Ship and Container that berths at the Ports, so Ali cannot tell us his cheap lies.

        • Bastylee

          When your Aunt took her renumeration in dollars in grave violation of the law, you did not see it as corruption but it is corruption for a guy to fly first class.Fairness and justice should not be subjected to emotions.

      • Höly Wähala

        Did this report tell you anything about the DSS other than what Hamid Ali said they did? Do you judge by listening to only one side of a story? You are childish and poorly educated in the field/art of in-depth analysis… Go siddon jor, you are a scavenger for news, any news. Nonsence!

        • Nebukadineze Adiele

          You did not comprehend what Hamid Ali wrote. He refuted Daura’s rumor mongering and backbiting by detailing what actually took place over the matter. He even wondered why Daura, a supposedly professional, did not conduct any investigation before making the rumor an official matter. Again, unless Mr. Ali statement is contradicted, which is highly unlikely since he is a man of unblemished integrity, his statement stands. You are not being honest in your argument by asserting, falsely, that only Ali’s side of the story was heard. Daura first gave his story, which Ali countered. How can any honest person consider that a hearing of only one side of the story?

      • emmanuel

        Both Daura and Ali are corrupt. Corruption is not stealing alone.
        The DSS has operatives in every port, jetty and landing space in the Nigeria. Only ignorant people like you would ask an agency to investigate what they get daily report from.
        Shame of ignorant Nigerians pretending to be social commentators and drive discuss on socia-economic issues.
        The DSS inspect documents and contents of every cargo.

    • Hamza

      Mamman Daura? Or DG Lawal Daura? Not every Daura is Mamman Daura. Learn to open your eyes and digest facts before you rush to comment and muddle up facts like some rumour-loving gullible folk. Thank you

      • Höly Wähala

        Is that all? His name for emphasis is Lawan Daura, everyone but you knows who I was referring to so comment on the topic and leave aboki names for aboki speakers… you hia me so? Namahead like you, get lost jare!

        • Hamza

          Just like the frustrated psychopathic dumbo I think you are. Bone head. Wish u best of luck in your madness!

          • Höly Wähala

            Aboki dan daudu… better concentrate on marketing your anus to your ilk before I blow a fuse on an ignorant, arid mutum banza like your uneducated self… both Ali and Lawan are your useless uncles responsible for the state of the nation now, if anyone is frustrated it must be idiotic morons like you who no longer have innocent Nigerians to slaughter since you’ve been routed from Sambisa Forest… blood-sucking terrorist like you. Punk!

          • Hamza

            I didn’t read all, your insults.

            Anyway, thank you.

          • Höly Wähala

            I know you lack balls, aboki can’t argue without daggers drawn. Dan Daudu, I live in the EU and quite a long distance from your sharpened daggers, not even a bow & arrow can get to me so, better battle intellectually or curse like the desert tout you are because that’s all we can do here. You start with the insults but run when shit hits mosque, I would’ve thrown the qaran at your infidel ass had you made further silly observations about me, a person you know nada about… May Amadioha rip out your sun-dried anus right there for mouthing-off at me. Shege, uwaka!

          • Hamza

            Psycho. Continue.
            Thank you

          • emmanuel

            People who are insane hardly know that they are. The foolanis are the worst cowards on earth who fight with arms when they reach their limits which is usually shallow because of improper development.
            Read the thread of your posts with Wahala, so you tell us where and when your weaknesses showed up.
            I nor blame you, when we advised them against foolani extremist in Buhari, they did not hear us. We have lived in regrets for almost two years and going down at the speed of light. Yet some rag-heads are hear singing praises of your very confused foolani elites

          • emmanuel

            Biko, who is Dumbo? Even unborn children in Nigeria, International community, investing and civilised World knows that the one who lead Nigeria today has no brain in his skull.
            The only two things that stuck in his autistic brain before he ran away from School to join the Army were Foolani and Islam. His brain stopped developing thereafter. That man is not even qualified to be a dumb – Dumbs can hear,articulate and act but cannot speak.
            Tell me who is better? a DUMB OR THE ONE THAT IS AUTISTIC?

  • Kensty

    Unbalanced reporting, This Hameed Ali complaining, what about Daura’s version???

  • Kensty

    Premium Times were against Daura when he wrote on Magu, how am I sure about this. Seems to have problem with Daura?

  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    This is a collection of mind imbeciles, mental Lilliputians, soul dwarfs running ring round Nigerian nation in a brazen almajiri somersaults.this bunch of buharis clan men, by the time they finish with Nigeria,the case of osun state shall be a child play. May God Almighty come to the rescue of Nigeria before it is too late to remedy the situation.

  • Saint black

    DSS is right. Customs receive non-receiptable payment for TIP from shipping agents in all the ports. Its for ships carrying petroleum products. Customs Boss may not know. Customs responsible may have begged agent for protection or cover. But its true. Customs Boss must set up secret team for undercover opn otherwise he will embarrass himself. DSS would have carried out secret investigation and arrest officer responsible. Some ports, customs direct an outsider to receive the money on its behalf before allowing disch of cargo. I like steps taken by DSS so far. Saint Black.

    • wode

      Good comment. Meanwhile, I believe that the DSS boss should have had a direct communication with the NCS boss, trying to get first hand information and allow him to do internal findings before reporting to the President. It’s possible that there are some bad elements still cutting corners, activities of whom may not yet be known to the DSS boss being new in the system. For me, reporting the issue to the President within a week, without contacting the NCS boss (if in deed that is not done) leaves much to be desired in the part of the DSS boss.

      Another angle is that, has the WOMAN reported the issue to the DSS Boss? If Yes, what’s his response to it? If No, that may not be good enough? If what’s in this report is true, why hasn’t WOMAN presented their evidence to the NCS Boss as requested? Don’t they have evidence?

      Anyway, as the days go by, more details would be known. All in all, it’s a good development that all these are coming out and people now know that nothing is hidden again. One of the potent ways to fight corruption. Nigeria, forward ever…

    • Peter_Edo

      I don’t trust Daura anymore… You might be giving him more credit than he deserves…

    • arewethishopeless

      For one who sent 2 conflicting security reports to the Senate regarding the confirmation of Magu? I would dine with Daura with a terribly long spoon or get him to concentrate on his own department since he does not seem to be a team player.

      At this moment in PMB’s cabinet, its all about egos rather than working together as a team to further the President’s cause. No wonder everything is at a standstill. Mr President, control you team members …

      • emmanuel

        everything at a standstill? are you tired of allowing him do what is right? Or you think we have forgotten comments made by minions like you last year?
        Everything is working fine, yeye fowl.
        Recall i told you lot early in the year that hunger will smoke you out from the queue behind Bokohari. Continue to wait until you kidnap your children and ask your wife who still have a job to pay ransome.

  • Saint black

    Daura of DSS acted based on petition from MOMAN. DSS never acted on rumur but facts. TIP issue is very controversial and has generated lots of debate. Customs are aware. Only in Lagos people pay in usd. Other ports its in Naira. Its corruption by senior customs officers particularly, CAC and Marine unit. Mr President must investigate it and put a stop to it.

    • Daniel

      Can you now accept Nigeria is in the hands of clowns?

      ‘See as the country come be’.

      So who is the president of Nigeria now?

  • samG60

    The level of incompetence in this govt is truly mind boggling. Who is in charge? how are heads of different agencies allowed to be fighting publicly? The customs service is truly a cesspool of corruption and the good old colonel has not shown that he has the skills and competencies to reform that organisation. The SSS is allowed to continue to function in the same way it functioned in the past with zero accountability, abuse of power and a total disregard for the rule of law. There is also huge corruption at the very top of that agency, same with efcc. These stories that keep getting planted on this medium and SR do a lot of damage to this administration, and how they do not see it and allow it to go on truly beggars belief.

  • thusspokez

    Mr. Ali told the President: “It was this letter copied to the DSS that the Department relied on without any investigation and reported to Mr. President that NCS is collecting $25 thousand TIP levy without issuing receipt any receipt.

    The nation’s intelligence agency receives a letter from an organisation and without first undertaking thorough investigation of its own went to report the matter to the president. I truly despair for Nigeria. Is this the sort of illiterates and mumus you take to be your public servants? These first-class mediocre are not fit to run a primary school, let alone federal government departments.

    Economic crime is the responsibility of the EFCC, Yet again, the SSS is usurping the role of the EFCC. It would seem that the EFCC is paralysed by the weight of existing corruption cases and therefore unable to do keep up with its other jobs like this MOMAN allegations. MOMAN even sent the complaint to the wrong department instead of the EFCC — which is the proper body to handler such cases.

    • Noble

      Thank you. This is the most sensible analysis of the news. This is how an intellegent person analyses a situation.More grease to your elbow so that we learn more from you. God bless.

  • Burning Spear

    The Apes in APC have started—–their madness again—————This is because the Comptroller General of Customs is an outsider not a professional Customs officer—– so doe not know his left from his right———BINGO BUHARI removed the Ijaw man Dr. Atte who was supposed to be the DG of Customs and brought a novice to replace him//sadly both d head of SS and Ali are Fulani mumus from MALI POSING as Nigerians—Ali is completely wrong–and a rogue–Aware any introduction of a tarrif which was not there before his arrival was supposed to be captured in the National Budget———————–what he tried to do was to steal the 25000 grand without letting the Ministry of Finance and aso rock know about it——when we say the apes in apc are rogues some would say nay–this daylight robbery nko–Ali should be sacked period——–

    • emmanuel

      Same way Buhari has pended Onoghen’s recommendation to the Senate. If you know a man that is a bigot and ethnic centric it is Buhari.
      He came to the Presidency to further Foolani agenda. If it is not foolani or extreme Islam, he is not interested. Buhari belong to early 20th century, only st**id people asked such a man to be President.
      A man who dissolved Boards of Agencies and Parastatals and refused to inaugurate new ones, run INEC without Commissioners is not fit to be a Local Government Chairman.
      When he ran Nigeria without relevant bureaucracies, those Nigerian mediocre said he should be left alone to do what he thought was right; not minding that human existence has no provisions for vacuums, until the vacuums led to the biggest recession and depression Nigeria has ever had.
      A man close to 90 years claiming to be 74 years.

  • Lanre

    Gambari pa Fulani; Fulani pa Gambari. Who cares? Leeches appropriating resources that don’t belong to them!

  • Ben Ikari

    Col. Hammed Ali was a bribed military officer on the illegal tribunal under Sanni Abacha which without due process but procured statements hanged Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 others in 1995, Nov. 10. Buhari was the PTF chairman during this criminal and disgraceful murder. This dastard and barbaric hanging forced Nigeria out of the Common Wealth of Nations until military dictatorship, which Ali and Buhari were part was forced out of power in 1999. Not only did Buhari reward Mr. Ali for a job well done in the killing of Ogoni Nine like Goodluck Jonathan and his Hausa cabal cohorts did for the discredited Ibrahim Auta who was also bribed to head the tribunal. He kept mute when Ali, claiming the need for professionalism instead of personal vendetta, seized Ken Saro-Wiwa and others’ Bus Memorial that’s donated by Platform, a London-based civil society group to Ogonis as a gift for the 20th Anniversary of said hanging. Mr. Ali is therefore guilty of the same thing he’s accusing Mr. Daura of doing in this report. Nigeria is in serious trouble when considering the kinds of corrupt, ethnic bigots and criminals, deadly, incompetent and unfit persons running its affairs and are shameless.

    • Lanre

      Thank you Ben Ikari. Amnesia has taken permanent residence in Nigeria.

  • sammyctu ode

    PMB needs to get his house in order urgently. It’s unprecedented that his trusted aides will be opposing each other in public. If they continue these shameful behaviors then his government might collapse. The First Lady is right with her famous interview and I hope Mr President will act fast to ask all these illiterates to resign and go. It has now shown that appointing people from thesame ethnic tribe does not any president, also what’s going on with PMB shows that all his kitchen cabinet members have been part of the people that brought Nigeria to the sorry state we are. These illiterates can’t be serving the president and at thesame time bringing his government down.

    • emmanuel

      Are they not supposed to be the best?
      The man who suspended quota system and produced the best for Nigeria from among his tribesmen, those who have proved to be nothing but bunch of classless individuals who rode on quota system to attain recognition without requisite academics or experience.
      Where is the evil Obasanjo with his notorious letters?

      • Senator D

        Don’t forget he went on 6-months “Gulder Ultimate Search” to get these “best” ooooo… We siddon dey look…

  • justice and equity

    This daura sef,always causing trouble, rushing to smear reputation without concrete evidence. Na waa o

  • emmanuel

    The DSS, Police Bomb Unit, Plant Quarantine, SON, Customs all inspects cargoes and examine documentation which captures payments made. Hameed Ali cannot tell us the notorious DSS law breaker wrote to the President without carrying out investigation.
    Bunch of liar and inglorious operators of today’s Nigeria FG. Classless men!

  • emmanuel

    The head of the team produced his WAEC Certificate in 2015 purported to have been issued in 1953. He celebrated his 74th birthday few days ago. Going by his timing, he may have written the so-called examination at 11 years to make him be at 74 this year.
    Meanwhile, as at that time, children of the peasants began school at much older age. Assume he began Primary school at 8 years, he could not have been anything below 82 years today.
    Lies begat lies and give birth to lying machines.

    • David

      You must be a monkey. It was 1961

      • Liz megafu

        It can not be 1961…Because Buhari was and the Commander that Massacre the Biafrians in 1966 to-1970 Civil war…Then and When Did he joined the Army? …Are you with your thinking faculty at all my Friend.. David….ha.ha

      • emmanuel

        Am i not suppose to be an e-rat? how come you changed me from a rat to monkey? anyway, nothing spoil.
        Are you confirming you saw the fake result posted on Buhari’s facebook wall?
        Please give details of what you did see, so we can continue the discuss along that line.

      • Senator D

        Buhari joined the army in 1961 and became a full fledged commissioned officer in how many years before the civil war? Please explain…Averagely it takes 3-years to undergo military training before your get commissioned into regular combatant. If your case is true that means Buhari is NOT 74-years old he is in his 60’s… Abeg try harder…

    • Senator D

      You know they’ve assumed as all to be cerfisticate (not certificate) forgers… So we don’t know simple addition and subtraction anymore. Abeg Nigeria Police please release my Cerfisticate ooooo I left it with you guys when I graduated from University on Malu in Katsina state… Ask General Mungono he was my classmate… And it was Reuben Abati that was the WAEC registrar who issued it…Lolz..

  • realist

    A house that devide against itself cannot stand. This is as a result of Buhari’ wrong decisions, planting friends and relatives in sensitive positions. Turning Nigeria into a personal property because people voted for him. Daura understands his uncle’s weakness so let him continue to drive him until…

    • liz megafu

      Than you all…..you nailed it……. and “I rest my case”

  • RAPE on Niger Delta

    There is massive poverty in the Niger Delta. There is nothing to show for the wealth of the region as monies from the region are used to develop Abuja and the rest of the country. The only benefit the oil producing and resource owners – Biafra and Niger Delta regions benefit from Nigeria are :
    – Pollution
    – Neglect
    – Violence
    – Military Occupation
    – Wanton arrest of its citizens
    – Harassment
    – Sponsored propaganda to defame
    – Bypass in political appointments
    – Hate, hate and more hate
    – Etc etc, etc

    …yet, the parasitic regions (Vultures) that feast on the resources of the Niger Delta want it to remain part of Nigeria even as they care not about the many artificial problems that oil exploration has brought to the people –Health issues / Diseases arising from toxic pollutants. Buhari never borrowed to clean up the Niger Delta or rehabilitate the displaced farmers and fishermen. But he borrows to resettle those reportedly displaced by Islamic terrorists – a people (Terrorists) he claims must not be killed.

    SECESSION is the only way for the Niger Delta and Biafran regions if they must achieve their potentials. Buhari can remain president of the rest of Nigeria and those of us who do not want to be associated with Nigeria in any way should be left alone to live our dreams and fly to our destination – have our own country. And this is what we must do. May God be with our freedom fighting savior – the AVENGERS.

    • Lawrence Aje

      Ask your grand master Ibori and his successors where they keep your development and wealth and stop harassing Good Nigerians.

  • Tacloban

    Are we still making payment in Dollar not Naira ?

  • Whether $5000 or $25,000 TIP , the customs was wrong to collect such levy. TIP is temporary import permit applicable only to goods that will be used temporarily in the country, within a confined space like offshore platforms and will be brought back for inspection by the NCS before they are shipped back. No physical money is to be involved only bonds.