Boko Haram ‘not crushed’, Shekau says in new video

Shekau New 1

Less than a week after President Muhammadu Buhari announced the “final crushing” of Boko Haram, the leader of the terror group has released a new video saying the group remained alive.

“We are safe. We have not been flushed out of anywhere. And tactics and strategies cannot reveal our location except if Allah wills by his decree,” Mr. Shekau said in the 25-minute video seen my French newswire, AFP on Thursday.

Mr. Buhari said in a Christmas Eve statement that the takeover of Sambisa Forest by Nigerian troops marked the country’s triumph over Boko Haram.

The military has celebrated the victory in subsequent statements since then.

But Mr. Shekau said the government “should not be telling lies to the people”.

“If you indeed crushed us, how can you see me like this? How many times have you killed us in your bogus death?” he asked.

The AFP reported that it was not immediately clear when the new video was shot, but Mr. Shekau, who spoke in both Hausa and Arabic, said it was filmed on Christmas Day.

The latest video came two months after the sect leader released a footage to deny military’s claims that he had been killed and mocked the Nigerian government.

More details later.


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  • Rommel

    Between the trio of Shekau,Wike and Fayose,I wonder who is the real face of the PDP

    • Kevin Peter

      Wike and Fayose have nothing to do with this. The truth is war such as fighting terrorism cannot be achieved by propaganda. The onus now lies on the federal government to disprove this seeming confusion.

      • Son of Jihad

        “You should not be telling lies to the people. We are safe.
        We have not been flushed out of anywhere. And tactics and strategies
        cannot reveal our location except if Allah wills by his decree, If you indeed
        crushed us, how can you see me like this? How many times have you killed us in
        your bogus death? The war is not over. There is still more. Our aim is to
        establish an Islamic Caliphate and we have our own Caliphate, we are not part
        of Nigeria”.

        …………….Abubakar Shekahu

        [Leader, Boko Haram]

        (December 29th, 2016)

    • John A

      You can’t face the truth when it stared you in the face.
      trying to shift he goal post won’t help you.

      • Rommel

        Tell your man Shekau to show us his Koran,the very one he has been flashing each time he makes his rabid appearance

        • sab

          Rommel is always shifting attention, especially when his pay masters are concerned. Govt said they have crushed Boko Haram. Nigeria said, glory be to God. Suddenly Shekau surfaces in a video. Rather than cross check facts, determine if indeed the the Boko Haram have been truly flushed out as claimed compared to the new video, he chose to divert attention to his sworn enemies. Wike and Fayose will cross carpet tomorrow and this same Rommel will begin to sing their praises. We saw it in Orji Kalu, Timipriye Sylva, (late) Audu Abubakar, Jim Nwobodo etc.

        • okenwa

          So among shekau, boko haram’s arms and amunition, fake chibok girls, flag and koran, its only koran and flag your gallant army can capture?

          • Julius

            They once captured the whole Biafraud land. Remember ?

        • John A

          I told you earlier to STOP THE KILLINGS IN SOUTHERN KADUNA.
          Your ideology and that of boko haram are the same.
          Your believe to shed blood to get anything done is worse than that of boko haram

    • Julius

      hahahahahaha, I would say all 3 of them.

    • suleiman

      PDP is long gone. Please settle down and deliver. It is almost two years now that you have been in government. Blaming PDP only exposes your incompetence!

      • Powerlessconscious

        PDP is not gone. They ate the saboteur to the progress of the present government. They created lot of evil and they continue to back them up. All the evil in the country have the support of pdp because they see it as an avenue to disrupt the present day government so that they can gain more support from their followers who have always predict regression of Nigeria. But despite this, nigeria is progressing and there is hope for good future.

  • Bayo

    At least shekau admitted he is working for allah.

    • amazing2012

      Does his statement made his claims true ? Joseph Kone of lords resistance army claimed to be working for establishing Christian society govern by the bible. He killed hundreds of thousand. DOES HIS CLAIM BECOME TRUE ?
      2. Christian knight Anders Brievik killed 140 innocent peo

      • Otile

        Death to government lairs.

        • amazing2012

          ….your words comeout from only cursed mind ! death, destruction and suffering coming out from mind everytime !

  • Kevin Peter

    Government is always quick at going to the press in matters of terrorism which comes by asymmetric tactics. Until a realistic capture in physical form like that of Osama Ibn Laden is made of Shekau, Nigerians will begin to doubt the “sincerity” of this defeat of Boko Haram.

    • Julius

      You do know this is a propaganda nvideo by the BK, don’t you ? You also know that till today, some people are still saying Osama bin laden is alive. Don’t believe that video sir.

      • suleiman

        If you can defeat terrorism, we will not be talking about Al-Qaeda and ISIS today. President Buhari must quit deceiving himself and the good people of Nigeria. If he is an illiterate, at least his handlers should know better not to deceive him into fooling himself. As a general who fought in the Biafran war, he should know better

        • Powerlessconscious

          What do you mean by illiterate? Obama must also be an illiterate.

      • okenwa

        Point of correction! It is a propaganda video by gej, nnamdi kanu, dasuki and pdp.

        • Julius

          Genius, your Dear leader Kanu cant make a video in a cage in prison. I know you don’t know that since you are all so powerful and brave.

          • okenwa

            Another animal from animal kingdom.

          • Julius

            Yea, you and kanu the dog !

  • Alfsanni

    We are sorry for Black People fighting with foreign made machine guns killing themselves instead of Farming to save the hungry black innocent people. God of the Bible and Kuran said do something to feed the poor so that you may prevent going into hell. This World is temporary stay for every body. Using these weapons from civilized countries is evil to black men. If black men are cursed for using it that curse will act on the users.

    • B

      I like the phrase” God of bible and Kuran” I wish black will learn. May GOD us al

  • Taiwo

    I wrote it categorically in this forum that Buhari’s victory claim was a lie.

    He wanted to create a north east development commission to mimic NDDC and fund it generously through borrowings leaving generations of innocent southern Nigerias in debt. But part of the money will also be routed to his 2019 presidential campaign.

    The man’s heart is full of envy in his private and official life. Economic and social advancements in the south are a thing of pain to him!

    • Powerlessconscious

      You can continue to make yourself happy based on your wish. You are the product of your decisions.

  • Man_Enough

    This is not surprising. Even after over 45 years of biafran surrender to General Obasanjo, some Ibos are still claiming that biafra was never defeated. There will always be some die hard fantasizers.

    • Otile

      Was the semi Islamic Republic of Oduduwa conquered? There are still pockets of resistance.

  • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

    relocate to bauchi forest ………….

  • Voice Out

    The indefatigable Shekau or what? Who is fooling who?

  • Amin

    in my opinion, the government should stop going to the press every now and then to advertise their victories rather, they should face the enemies and finish everything first. besides, how can you begin to make noise when shekau is still at large? please, you are losing the confidence of majority of nigerians

    • Otile

      Death to government propagandists.

  • okenwa

    Did they flushed out boko boys along with chibok girls?

  • Otile

    Death to government propagandists.
    Death to government lairs.