Nigerian govt ‘recovers 40 new SUVs, other vehicles from Perm Sec’

Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed
Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed

The Federal Government says it has recovered 40 brand new SUVs and other vehicles from a former Permanent Secretary who single-handedly appropriated the vehicles to himself when he left office.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, disclosed this in a statement issued on Thursday in Lagos on the effectiveness of the anti-corruption strategy of the government.

Mr. Mohammed said the government was being guided by a well-articulated strategy in its fight against corruption contrary to the misconception in certain circles that the government is fighting corruption without a strategy.

He said the government was not just fixated on only prosecution, but in taking preventive measures to make corruption unattractive.

“The strategy has proven so effective and that it has led to, among others, the recovery of 40 brand new SUVs and other vehicles from one former Permanent Secretary who single-handedly appropriated the vehicles to himself when he left office,” he said.

Mr. Mohammed did not disclose the identity of the former permanent secretary. He did not also give further details about the case.

The minister said the strict enforcement of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) has largely reduced the diversion of government funds to secret accounts.

He said the TSA has also reduced the constraints in fishing out ghost workers in the public service in most states in the country.

According to him, other measures to strengthen the anti-corruption fight, included the establishment of Presidential Committee on Asset Recovery, Asset Tracing Committee, Asset Register, and the Whistle Blower Policy.

The Minister announced plan by the government, through the Code of Conduct Bureau, to commence trial run of electronic asset declaration starting in 2017.

He said the new method would facilitate compliance and enhance search and retrieval of data on the assets of public officers.

In addition, he said, the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption was working with relevant MDAs, especially the National Bureau of Statistics, to improve data collection on corruption indicators.

”Once perfected, the data will be shared with government periodically if possible, as regularly as government receives data on inflation and unemployment trends.

“The data will indicate trends in corruption and influence government measures to correct the situation before it gets out of hand as we have now,” he said.

The minister explained that the Presidential Committee on Asset Recovery will meet regularly to collate reports from key law enforcement agencies on government’s anti-corruption effort.

He said the committee would share information, intelligence and review challenges faced in anti-corruption efforts and give directives on the way forward.

The minister added that the Asset Register, has made the looting of government physical assets, notably vehicles, very difficult by political appointees, senior and middle level officers.

He said the recent approval of Whistle Blower policy was designed to further enhance government’s effort to recover looted funds.

”People who give credible and useful information to government that leads to recovery of stolen public assets will be rewarded with between 2.5 per cent to 5 per cent of the recovered fund.

“Government will keep the identity of the whistle blower absolutely confidential,” he said.

Mohammed said the government is finalizing the constitution of an Asset Tracing Team to work with internationally reputably bodies to trace and recover public assets in private hands.

”In this regard, government will also escalate the use of non-conviction-based asset recovery methods to boost revenue and diminish corruption and the perception that crime pays or criminals can keep their loot,” he said.

The minister said the administration was collaborating with Nigerians in diaspora and international civil society organizations in the campaign for the return of Nigeria’s looted assets.



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  • Rommel

    Let the mortal games begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the end,Nigeria will be the winner,long live the federal republic

  • YahayaOmaye

    Please name the perm sec to Nigerians. We want to know him. He/she does not deserve any protection.

  • Hajiya Tunsj Soyemi(mai fura)

    ’40 brand new SUV’s”???????
    Hahahahahah! Haba Lai(e)!!!!!
    Another story to distract gullible F••LS!!!
    True to type, see the e-rats who hid when the budget padding news filtered out now rushing out of their holes..foaming in the mouth..led by the likes of rommel!!
    Is Lai now the EFCC chairman?? Why wasn’t the perm sec charged to court??
    Believe this, you will believe any BS!
    Ahahahahaha! Chai!
    APC! LIES!!!

    • Patrick Omokagbo

      I bet you won’t trust yourself either.

    • wode

      That’s why people continue to support all the people in government that steal our money, simply because we didn’t/don’t know the amount of damage they are causing the country and out collective future. Was it not few months ago that the new IGP accused his predecessor of going away with some vehicles. That’s really the practice among the senior civil servants and many political office holders. The level of greed of some people is actually out of this world.

    • Mufu Ola

      You’re one of d “oles” still on d run?

    • okenwa

      They are the new yam eaters.

  • dimuso

    Honourable minister sir! Is your govt aware that staff some federal staff health instead like UCH, National Orthopaedic Hospitals Enugu, and some other institutions have not not received their salaries since october till date?Pls look into the immediate and the remote causes of this deliction of duty.Adeosun and Adewole be not silent on this subject, I sense blackmail of ur govt o.

    • wode

      I think if you listen to news very well, it would be learnt that some ministries have exhausted their budgetary allocations, hence no access to extra funds without proper budgetary appropriation. That’s part of what’s call accountability and discipline. It’s most unfortunate that innocent people are the ones at the receiving end, it’s a lesson for the policy-makers in each of the MDAs to do proper budgeting and strict adherence to the letter of their budgets. The era of mindless spending is gradually fading away. That is not to say that Government wont look into it, but it’s important that there is a water-tight control on Government spending. From what we can hear in the news, government is already working at resolving this.

  • Deji Dan

    Ah! Alhaji Lai, dis one too much ooo!
    40 what?
    40jeep ko, 40suv ni!

  • Wetin Naija

    As long as you cannot disclose the name of the permanent secretary, Alhaji Lai you are lying to Nigerians

    • wode

      And what would you do with the name? What has been done with the names of those revealed? There is no doubt the name would later come out, but for me, that is not the most important thing.

      • musa aliero

        This governments that like giving out names of corrupt people when ever they can plus account details on newspapers if they r sure are now hiding the name of a suspect? This is lies! This is propaganda! They should tell us who he is

        • Mufu Ola

          Looters & their agents of which you’re apparently one will always fight tooth&nail to discredit the corruption war.Your nightmares are just starting.

        • wode

          Thank God, you too said suspect. Why are you so much in hurry to get the name. No doubt, I believe, that would come out later. It can’t be kept perpetually. You don’t expect a Federal Minister making such kind of statement without element of truth.

        • okenwa

          The personified liar want to divert attention from his ministry’s 50billion naira 2017 budget.

    • Rufus

      and you…. you are hiding under an alias, yet you want to unmask kwarraption?

  • Galantman

    Fourty vehicles? He wants to open a car dealer outlet? The man needs a psychiatric test badly. May God help this country because from all indications most people are only interested in there pockets

  • Excisionist

    Propaganda by lying Mohammed. Watch out!

    • Rufus

      you really want to know?…its the former PS of ministry of power. the vehicles are kept in a yard in maitama. No everything is propaganda. if you want to see, i can help you….. privileged info…

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        What stops Lai Mohammed from giving us the information? We don’t want to hear it from one unanimous Rufus online who couldn’t even give us a name.

        • Fada4Life

          I thought you want to deny it, so why did you want lai to say it

          • Tunji Olarewaju

            Deny what? Thinking is not one of your strong points, stop it.

  • wode

    Good one from the Government of PMB. I believe that the positive change is inevitable. It’s really not easy changing the warped and corrupt way of people. They would do everything to stop the change and ensure the status quo, however, with strong determination, focus and unwavering persistence, the change would be actualized.

  • isaac

    Why hide the name of a criminal?

    • CeeCee1818

      Because it’s all lies.

    • okenwa

      Meaning there is no criminal or recovered vehicles.

    • Demeji

      If Nigerian government is going to move forward with progress.Simple expose them!!!Shame them!!! Reduce their immunity from 10 to 3,Jail them !!!Stop all this information and propaganda theme.Since Burahi APC government,how many people have been brought to Justice?The one’s in his government are fantastically Courrpt Fomer River state governor,Senate President,Chief Justice of the Federation too etc.Now where are going in this country ?When we have a country who have the untouchables and godfathers.We have people who are stronger and more powerful than the Sovereign state of Nigeria.Look at the power sector ,some are in charge of importing Generations,how will we have 24 hrs light?Look at the petroleum industry 80% of the oil blocks are in the hands of the Northern political power HOUSE.So lets be reasonable on Nigerian issues.Who is deceiving who?I can go on and on ,we cannot guarantee 3million to 6 million government council houses built for people, more than 70million Nigerians are homeless.So where is Nigerian going since 1960

  • Samson Popoola

    What is the anti corruption news all about if the name of the PS is not disclosed, that shows that we don’t have sincere leaders, because they are all birds of the same feathers, pady pady government, i pray that may God save Nigeria.

  • musa aliero

    Noise making and propaganda. Who is the said perm sec? Tell us who he is now

  • princegab

    Good job, thanks oga Lai. Pmb should keep giving to Magu the free hand he needs for the war on corruption.

    • A Aminu

      Do you for a minute believe him? Talk less of praising him for a good job.

      • princegab

        I wouldn’t have believed if the recovery has been 40 helicopters.

  • Jamil Computer

    It is not easy, the task our government is doing both The Buhari and many others in his close so we really understand how damaged Nigeria is and you are using various ways to simply change it thereby being misunderstood by some. Please let’s be optimistic towards these people struggling to save Nigeria. I swear no matter how u are problemised once the President n his close realised their dream, Nigeria will in no doubt become one of those most conducive country in term of economic stability etc.

  • Nkem

    Lying bast–ds. What is the name of the Perm Sec? Why not mention his name and prosecute him the way you have been doing others? Except you are saying that you want to continue to shield corrupt people the way the previous government was doing.

    • GbemigaO

      You were reading my mind! These people are the worst set of 419 government officials that have ever ran this country! So the only thing you will do is to take back the vehicles ? What about naming and prosecuting. If it concerned your fellow PDP looters, you will pass the information to Punch and Sahara . Absolute irritating rubbish !

      • K-kay

        Trust efcc to soon announce the prosecution of the perpetrator. And u would have been shamed.

        • GbemigaO

          I pray that you will be ashamed forever if EFCC does not announce the prosecution of the culprit in the next 4 weeks . You dumb nigga ! Internet sponsored rat!

  • A Aminu

    Is the honorable minister trying to say 4 (four) SUV vehicles and was misquoted to have said 40 (forty) vehicles. What the minister said was not true, and an unbelievable tale. It is up to our investigative journalists to follow up the story. They should corner the lying minister to confirm the figure. I honestly don’t want to believe this exergerated tale. No federal ministry has 40 SUVs in one place, let alone cart them away, and still leave some more operational vehicles.

    • okenwa

      Can they name the PS. Liar mohammed has reached the stage of being stoned to death.


    Most of the readers are hypocrites and this is the reason. When Buhari administration tried to prosecute the looters, most of are people crying wolves are coming to get them. Then, the looters are taken to the courts and Buhari realized that the judiciary is part of the systematic problems in Nigeria. Buhari is caught in between the do nothing judiciary and the smart looters who knew the corrupt judiciary than Buhari administration. So, Nigeria is dying of corruption and that is contrary to Buhari quote that if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill us. Corruption is killing us already because of numerous count of people that died daily. Over one hundred life lost during Christmas period, building collapsed at Police barracks killing two persons, markets caught on fire at various places, fake products showing up everywhere, bomb explosions at Maiduguri and Yola, life being lost at hospitals because you either pay know or you pay in heaven later. Where are the people that are charged with responsibility of all these incidents. Some heads should have been fired by now but who is going to fire these incompetent heads. Most of them have delivered corrupt money to their boss. Now, if the name of the Permanent Secretary is published, most people will cry foul if the person is Christian or non-Northerner. I am a Christian and from South West but do not want person Christian or Southwestern charged with looting or fraud to be prosecuted. We are all talking about crime, then who are the criminals. We have called Buhari administration all names and the administration has scaled back because of tribal and religious reference from some writers that never being in leadership or management. If you have family, relative or friends, one of them is dying or a victim of corruption. We have to either say Nigeria is corrupt or labelling Buhari administration as Northerner that come to Islamize Nigeria and then forget that corruption is killing Nigeria.

  • Carry-go

    What can we call this ? Wickedness or craziness . 40 SUVs for what ? Oh my God ! People forgot six feet and burial day.

  • Noble

    Naija my home! I was in the UK in late 1980’s when a national minister had to resign because he used government’s tractor to clear his farmland. Today in Naija, at the local govt level, even a councilor can keep a tractor belonging to the Local Govt Coulncil for himself and for the whole rainy season. God save Naija.

  • Abimbola

    Perhaps the guy wants to open a car mart. Wetin be the name sef? Abi the PS too na ghost?

  • Otile

    Death to government liars.

  • Tiger Autos

    See his mouth like that of a catfish, it’s obvious he’s lying.