INVESTIGATION: Despite neighbours’ anxiety, controversial Islamic sect preaches tolerance


As mystery creates fear and anxiety, so is the rising influence of an Islamic sect, Jama’atul Ta’awunil Muslimeen, creating alarm in Osun State, particularly in the minds of residents of Iwo, headquarters of the organisation.

Drawing from the experience of Nigerians who are still grappling with the atrocities of Boko Haram, the people are worried by the way Ta’awunil is propagating in their midst without check by the authorities.

The organisation has existed for about 22 years, having started in 1994 in Iwo. But its recent rapid expansion to other states is raising concerns. The organisation now has 56 branches across the country and a membership of about 7000. img_3007

There is a growing fear in observers of the group that it contains a magma that may soon erupt to wreak another round of sectarian havoc on Nigeria.

Iwo, a sprawling town with a large Muslim population, has many mosques and Islamic centres befitting its status as one of the earliest towns in the South-west to embrace the religion. But there are also many churches and Christian centres in the town, including Bowen University of the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that in spite of this mix, the people have enjoyed relative religious harmony.

For Alhaji Abdulrahseed, a resident of Iwo, this harmony must not be toyed with through an unnecessary stress on religious fault lines. Although he could not pinpoint any obnoxious doctrine that contradicts Islamic principles, he is afraid that the staunch anti-Christian and anti-Western posture of the Ta’awunil sect could produce a conflagration in the near future if not checked.

A member of the sect, who would not want to be named, said other Muslims are afraid because of the high level of organisation and articulation of programmes of the sect.

“Ta’awunil is so departmentalised and organised. We have departments for every focus of the movement,” he said.

“We have departments for education, orphanage and charity, the media, security, economic development and other areas. This is the reason why some Muslims are afraid because it is more than just the usual praying five times a day and going to the mosque.”

Nursery, primary school of Ta'awunil
Nursery, primary school of Ta’awunil

The brotherhood found a haven in an area known to the people of Iwo as Sharia Road. Many members of the sect own houses and lands in the area. Most of Ta’awunil centres are located there. They run an Islamic nursery and primary school as well as a secondary school. They also own a well-built structure for orphanage which they run as part of their charity work. Its Islamic College of Education has just taken off and has commenced admission for students.

The sect operates an online radio and television station, and seeks through its political department to influence government policies and the emergence of political leaders during elections. It has a human rights committee specifically charged with the responsibility of defending the rights of Muslims where they are perceived to be violated.

Sources told PREMIUM TIMES that the organisation has bought much of the lands in the community and was assisting its members to purchase lands and build houses around the Ta’awunil centres.

According to concerned residents, non-members living around the place are no longer comfortable and have been relocating to other places, further creating room for the sect to dominate the area.

One of the residents who spoke to Premium Times on condition of anonymity, because he lives close to the group and fears reprisal, said he was sure the group was up to something untoward because of the kind of training being received by its paramilitary arm.

“The group is training its security force and when you watch them, they are trained in combats and martial arts,” he said.
“And during the time of politics, these security men are used by politicians, and that is really dangerous.”

He also alleged that the trainer, popularly called “Coach” was brought from Libya to train the members in martial arts and other combat techniques.

A PREMIUM TIMES correspondent observed that members of the security arm of the organisation were kitted in a uniform – black shirts over green khaki trousers with fitting black boots and black beret.

Ameer's residence
Ameer’s residence

At the time our correspondent visited the location last week, the organisation was holding its 18th annual conference, which was well attended by members from across South-west states. The security men were also found keeping watch at the residence of the National President of Ta’awunil, the schools, the orphanage and the places where they held their programmes. It was gathered that the men also watched over members during their prayers at the mosque.

All the female members attending the conference were completely veiled so one could barely see their faces and their feet. Most of the males who interacted with our correspondent had long beards.

The national president of the group, Daood Molasan, known as the Ameer, is revered among the adherents as one who leads by example and walks in the footsteps of the prophets and the Quran.

He is believed to have a strong hold on his followers, who would do whatever he bids them under any circumstance. His lifestyle, according to his followers, is worthy of emulation, as he chose to be humble. Although he owns an SUV and lives in a sprawling accommodation in the area, the Ameer often prefers to ride on a motor bike in company with his guards who are also mounted on bikes.

An adherent described the act as humble and exemplary, saying it was one of the reasons he is so loved by members of the group.

In spite of the apprehensions of some residents, the group is influential and closely connected with those in authority. PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the group enjoys the support of the Osum State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, and the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Adekanbi.

The governor was billed to declare open its 18th annual conference on Sunday with a keynote address. The group also prides in its relationship with the Iwo monarch who often took out time to hold the Friday Jumat services with members at their mosque.


As the Ameer himself disclosed to PREMIUM TIMES, the group is involved in politics because it is interested in who fill positions of leadership in the state and the country.

He said politicians come to seek the group’s support, both Christians and Muslims alike, during campaigns, but the group would only support candidates who would remember the poor and deliver good governance to the people irrespective of religion.

Mr. Molasan denies any link with terrorism and terrorist groups, saying those who accused them of terrorism were ignorant.

“They are ignorant about our organisation. Since the beginning of the organisation, there is no form of attack from us against any Christian,” he said.

Training field for Ta’awunil security

“Even, there are many Christians who are supporting us in our stand in the city. We are against Boko Haram. And we organise press conference on it. Not only press conference, but lectures for our brothers on it. We go on radio and television to explain Islam’s stand on terrorism and Boko Haram activities.

“We are calling on all Muslims to let them know that Boko Haram is not representing their interest. They are representing the interest of other people, not Muslims. Because in Islam, you are not allowed to kill others because they are infidels. If someone is a kafir, you will call him. If you kill him, what is the benefit?

“The Prophet did not kill to force people to Islam. The war fought by the Prophet was to defend Islam and not that he started it. They fought against him and he had to defend himself. In the Quran, Allah urged us to live with other kufar (non-Muslims), and not to criticise their worship.

“Those who say we are terrorists should name one example where Ta’awunil attacked any church or any person. So we are not a terrorist group.”

On the security outfit, Mr. Molasan explained that the sports and security section in the organisation were not trained to kill or attack people but to protect the congregation of Muslims during their activities, ensure smooth traffic flow on the roads and to help other people, either Muslims or non-Muslims.

“Our security men are well known in any city they are operating in. We are always working together with government,” he further explained.

“If Ta’awunil is a terrorist group, it will not sell its services to the people. The Police is well aware of the security of Ta’awunil. As Ta’awunil has security, other churches also have the same. We are not terrorists, and we will never be terrorists.

“There is no difference between our security and churches’ security and other security. If we are training them for anything, it is also what others are doing. They are like Sheriff guards, or Man O’ War. We are not operating illegally, we are operating in line with the country’s constitution.”

On the various programmes of the organisation, the Ameer, said Ta’awunil was established to correct and build the Muslim community, which he said has been backward in education, health and economic power.

He said these problems formed the major weaknesses of Muslims, which would be addressed by finding ways of ensuring improved welfare and resources to the people.

“Our major focus is to ensure that our community is strong in education, health, media and other areas of life, because we believe that Islam is a comprehensive religion. Islam is not against education, it is not against development,” he said.

According to Mr. Molasan, preachings alone could not convince the people of the organisation’s true intentions. Through its charity organisation and educational support to the poor, he said the group was able to tell the real story and intentions of Ta’awunil.

Ta'awunil orphanage
Ta’awunil orphanage

He stressed that Ta’awunil had made efforts to avoid any clashes with other religious organisations, saying, “We are preaching Islam, not terrorism. Our members understand this way. We don’t incite our members against other religions, like Christianity.”

“We are not Christians and we are not against Christians. We will not be Christians, but we are not against Christians. We can only try to call Christians to come to Islam, not to fight them. Islam is against compulsion of others to Islam,” he added.

On its doctrines, Mr. Molasan noted that it had no new teachings that are strange to the Quran. He said its practices are based on the Quran and the Sunna (sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad), and challenged those who have contrary views to make their questions known.

He further said the organisation is not a political party, but participates in politics as its constitutional right.

“We can assist anybody to become governor or chairman of local government if we believe he can do good when he gets to power. This is our constitutional right and it is right in Islam also. Islam does not forbid politics, Islam is politics, but it must be politics of truth, not corruption as we are seeing now,” he said.

“We are not a political party, but we will participate to elect a good candidate. If that candidate is a Christian and he will do well, we will support him. Nigeria is for both Christians and Muslims and it is a right granted by the constitution.”

When contacted, the Commissioner of Police in Osun State, Fimihan Adeoye, told PREMIUM TIMES that the police command had done its research on the group and has yet to find any threat to peace among them.

He said the group’s members are well known to the general public and there was no cause for alarm.

“As far as we are concerned, we think every member of the group is known,” he said.

“We don’t think it is a terrorist group and we are not aware of any of their activities that is a threat.

“That is our opinion for now.”


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  • ukoette ibekwe

    If so called Christians continue to live blindly in the midst of enemies and wolves, well they would have no one to blame when they become steak for Muslims as is happening in majority Islamic nations.
    You people cease to defend their rights to life as human beings then their extinction should move blamed on others.
    I have read so many times of people waiting for Trump to work miracles to save them. And my question is is Donald Trump a Nigerian? What obligation does Trump have concerning Nigeria and any other country that waits to be saved.

  • Abdullah Musa

    Christians should stop crying wolf where there is none.
    It may be pleasing to them to see Islaam obliterated, but then they should not expect Muslims to share their phobia.
    At the roots of it one sees a turf war, but it ought to be a battle of ideas, not scaremongering.

    • Abe Lawrence

      Can’t many of you just be objective for once?? You know the attendant violence being caused by Muslims around the world and the issue of Boko Haram is still fresh. Why would you be talking like this ?? I believe you’re not a Yoruba person, you’re a Northerner who are fond of extremism and intolerance and as a result of that you guys have soaked your land with much blood

      • Abdullah Musa

        Who is more intolerant than you Mr Abe?
        So because I am a Northerner I am fond of intolerance and extremism!
        Do you think the people of North East enjoyed the status they found themselves in?
        Do you think we enjoyed it when mosques were bombed in Kano?
        In this particular instance known security sources investigated the organisation and found nothing wrong with them.
        And you still want to attach the tag of terrorism to them.
        Are you not a human being? Are you not capable of bias?
        May be you are a Christian, possibly a Pastor.
        Will it not make sense that you will resent the flourishing of Islaam?
        My observation remains valid: it is a turf war.
        And turf war means desire to control territory.
        You may want all the spaces to be occupied by Christianity, it is your right to wish so.
        But others will also wish same for their religion.
        Danger comes when you insist on labeling people with which they are not.

        • Charles


          • Abdullah Musa

            Many thanks Charlie.
            And it takes guts for you to reply this way.
            Merry Xmas in arrears and Happy New Year in advance.

        • Patriot01

          I couldn’t agree more.

          • Abdullah Musa

            And I believe you are Patriot 01.

        • Rommel

          Yes I think you enjoy it because I have never heard any Muslim in Nigeria raining curses on Boko Haram,it is not enough just to say,we condemn or I condemn, say that all followers and their supporters of jihadist groups are forever cursed,say they will rot in hell,tell them that whoever kills himself in suicide goes straight to hell fire,that is how Christians preach,only then will I believe that you have condemned them.

          • Abdullah Musa

            You can withhold your belief.
            We know what we have done.

          • Rommel

            I don’t have any problem with faith as long as it does not infringe on the liberties and rights of the next individual

          • Abdullah Musa

            In that you are not alone.

          • Dr Abba

            Yeah tell him, he doesn’t need to know what we have done.

          • Dr Abba

            He reserve the right to remain ignorant.

          • Abdullah Musa


        • JOHN

          Turf war? Only the violent talk war. If you mean to win territory the Godly way, you must have a Godly message. The Christian message is that recieve Jesus and renounce your sin nature and be saved. Please tell this forum your message that you think can convince any body to follow you apart from violence, threat and compulsion. So any territory gained from violence is wickedness.

          • Abdullah Musa

            I am laughing at your perception Mr John.
            Have you never heard of ‘war of words’?
            I was just commenting on what might have driven Christians to raise alarm.
            And for the peace of your heart, I am not inviting anybody to follow me, I am a follower myself.

      • Mallam

        If religion organization are to be abolished, then all christian sects such as RCCN, Catholic, DL, etc must all be banned not only Islamic sect. The important issue is their modus operandi, if they are threat to security. Please let’s avoid this hatred.

        • JOHN

          Christianity is life and any where they are, they promote peace and love practically all over the world. You only ban organizations that promote intolerance, violence, killings, compulsion, destruction. Period

  • Galantman

    From the write up, I did not see anything wrong with this Islamic organization. Afterall they are just a carbon copy of the big churches where the General overserer is revered as a mini god having private jets, SUV, stupendously rich and enjoying the good life with his wife/children, while the average church member is really not more than a church rat.
    I call on government to tax all religious institutions like this and churches BUSINESS activities because people are living fat hiding under the veil of religion. Let us touch the ” anointed” business activities. Sentiments about religion must stop so move forward as nation.

    • Abe Lawrence

      Such Islamic stuff creates suspicion, many terrorists organisations started like that. Now the best thing is to investigate their funding, where their money is coming from

    • Peter_Edo

      After-all they are just a carbon copy of the big churches where the
      General overseer is revered as a mini god having private jets, SUV,
      stupendously rich and enjoying the good life with his wife/children,
      while the average church member is really not more than a church rat.


      • Galantman

        Gbam. Thanks bros

      • Daniel Maths

        That’s it my brother even while preaching, their armed security men are with some of them!

  • Dazmillion

    Is this not Rauf Aregbesola domain? not surprised


    This is a very interesting development in Nigeria. God has established a divine system on earth whereby there will be perpetual competition in everything that has to do with humanity. Many decades ago, nobody could imagine what is happening now in Nigeria. Christians felt there is no way Islam could rise because of their intellectual achievements in the country, see what God has done. TAAWUUN should know that this publication by Premium Times is a show of media strength, the leadership of TAAWUUN should think fast on how to set up a powerful media outlet to reach the people.
    Nigerian leaders have failed us, if religious group like TAAWUUN can help us we would be ready to support them. KUDOS to Premium news that has published these achievements of Taawuun even though it may be a target of destroying the organization but many of us abroad can now see clearly that muslims can give Nigerian masses what other religious group has commercialized.

    • Abdullah Musa

      Many thanks.

  • Isaac Azor

    Terrorism all over the world is mostly associated with Islam, therefore, the fear being expressed by some people in not totally misplaced. As citizens of this country they are free to practice their religion as long as the don’t infringed on other people’s rights. However, we should guide against the misuse of the group by misguided and selfish politicians. Boko haram is still a lesson to all well meaning Nigerians.

    • Daniel Maths

      This is the most sensible and unbiased comment I read. Thank you!

  • lukman solahudeen

    you cannot give what you don’t have and there is no way you will know this organisation more than us. i live in Iwo and the security u made mention of are not trained by anybody from Libya. that is one of the areas you got it wrong. Ta’awun is a social organisation that beliefs in empowering the less privileged, widows and orphans in the society. It is a people’s organisation and well loved by the people of the community. it provide 24hr security across Iwo and other areas where it has its branches across the nation. Well known by all the security agents. It is a member of PCRC and vigilante group. having almost 45 primary and secondary schools across the nation. likewise, its newly established college of education, along Iwo-Ibadan express road, State of Osun. it has numbers of hospitals, cyber cafe and information centers. A publication company that produces a national Newspapers and religious magazine and many more for Islamic development. it collaborates with so many local and international secular organisation like WAMY and FREDRIC foundation, a Germany base foundation. it preaches peace and has a very strong anti-Boko Haram stance. Premium times and others should made further investigation about the activities of the well known organisation to avoid misleading the public. thanks

    • Rommel

      There is a reason why we no longer require such Islamist movements in Nigeria,even Turkey,I mean Ottoman Turks are today purging themselves of followers of the Islamist Fethullah Gülen how much more this group that sounds and behaves like another Boko Haram,perhaps you should find out how Boko started as well as Shia movement of Northern Nigeria

      • Dr Abba

        From the way you associate Shi’a’s IMN with terrorism shows how ignorant you are. Rommel will you pls tell me how on earth a competent court of law in any country will ask the sitting govt to unconditionally release a terrorist leader and pay him compensation even though he was never taken to court in person? If he is a terrorist why couldn’t they make him appear in court, convict him once and for all? For God’s sake where is it done. I need an answer.

        • Rommel

          Because courts in Nigeria have lost credibility considering what we now know about them,this means that they may easily have been compromised for personal reasons evidence exists to that effect

  • Salami Sakiru

    I am a member of Taawunu security, we brought a coach from Lybia is a big lie, is totally wrong, he is origin of Iwo (Yoruba tribe),we are not confinent any neighbourhood or any body living with us, there are many churches around the residence of our Ameer there is nothing with them, even there many Christian and the member of community came to our Ameer for assistanc, all marketers in Iwo are enjoying the operation of Taawunu security. Our training is not beyond other religious security and the Nigeria constition, we are not terrorist, we are anti bokoharam.

    • Rommel

      Do you understand why many people feel that your group must be crushed now?

      • lukman solahudeen


        • Rommel

          Because your group has the same original characteristics with al-Wilāyat al-Islāmiyya Gharb Afrīqiyyah, and Jamā’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da’wah wa’l-Jihād

      • Salami Sakiru

        Why sir

        • Rommel

          Because al-Wilāyat al-Islāmiyya Gharb Afrīqiyyah, and Jamā’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da’wah wa’l-Jihād started just like that

          • wode

            I don’t think that is enough a reason for stopping anybody from associating with any group or practice whatever faith s/he believes in as long as there is no traceable threat to the society or the nation at large. And should there be any threat whatsoever from any quarters, I believe that the Security agencies are equal to task to tame any untoward move from any quarters.
            There are other religions bodies in Nigeria that are far more organized and well-established than what is described here of Ta’awunil, an organization that I’m getting to hear of for the first time. Nobody has seen or described them as threat. Being an Islamic organization shouldn’t be a reason to proscribe or maltreat them whatsoever. There are a number of other Islamic organization that have been existing for decades and have contributed so much to the development of the country. Ta’awunil’s may end up being one of them.

      • Equano2016

        why are you worried? you’re the same igbo traitor who backs anything APC.

      • Babagordy

        Rommel we should not misunderstand this people, The average Muslim from Iwo is very enlightened and tolerant. I am from Delta state and did my higher school in this city more than twenty years ago. Muslims you know in school will invite you to their homes on all Muslims festivals. surprisingly most of the friends I had then are committed Muslims who are holding doctorate degrees in different facets of Islamic studies today. A good number of them are products of Baptist mission education and they are merely trying to replicate what the Baptist Mission has been doing in Iwo and old Oyo state for the past one hundred years.

  • JOHN

    Look at the whole world today, the cult religion is the gravest singular most potent dangerous threat to national and world security and peace. From September eleven where thousands of innocent persons were mindlessly murdered, other killings by IS, Boko Haram, Al shabaab, Al Quads, Usman Dan fodio jihad in Nigeria and so many other human right abuses by these terrorists whose only instigating factor is their cult religion. This group in Osun state are following the footsteps of other killer groups that started the same way. They will lie and deceive their neighbors that they are peaceful only to consolidate and start causing trouble. The police and other security organs should immediately begin to vet their activities now so that if need be they should be proscribed. A stitch in time saves nine.

    • Salami Sakiru

      Don’t comment with hatred of the religion, and fear God in all ur comments

      • JOHN

        The truth must be told. You cannot intimate those saying the truth. Please comment on the very truth and tell the world the religion that is the worst threat to national security and world peace. That kills mindlessly.

        • Daniel Maths

          The only religion that is a threat to national security is the religion of hatred where you belong. This is not the Christianity I know!

          • JOHN

            Nigeria has over five hundred religions. I don’t know the one you belong to but I don’t belong to anyone. Tell us frankly the one you call the religion of hated. They all have their characteristics. Otherwise you write out of ignorance.

          • JOHN

            Daniel, I am a man full of love and am very peaceful. There is no hatred in me at all. I only say the truth that appears bitter to you.

    • Mallam Musa

      Pls, if you lack the maturity, you better keep silient. The hatred is what is causing problems in Nigeria. There must be tolerance and freedom of worship as stipulated in Nigerian constitution. Muslim and Christians must live peacefully together in Nigeria as a secular country.

      • JOHN

        It is the person lying that lack maturity. You lied. Who actually is not promoting peaceful coexistence? Who are those that killed the innocent woman evangelist and other innocent Nigerians because of their faith. Who forcefully defiled infants and force them into evil marriage? Who are those who abducted the Chibok Christian girls? Please be matured and know that only the truth can set you free.

        • omobabalemomu

          And who burnt the mosque in Enugu state yesterday?

          • JOHN

            The number of innocent Enugu indigenes that have been mindlessly murdered by the Fulani herdsmen have become uncountable. This will answer your question. Please answer mine.

    • I Rep Buhari

      Oga, please read well b4 u comment. All we need is love and not hatred. People like you are the cause of NIgeria’s religious problem. Nothing in this report says they are threat, even the police said so. So, what do you mean by “a stitch in time saves nine”? Does that mean that if you buy a gun today (for your person self defence, maybe due to nature of your business) is it right for your neighbour to accuse you of arm robbery or potential arm robber? I’m a Christian but what I see you wrote is nothing but hypocrisy!

      • JOHN

        You miss the point. Please answer these questions. How did Boko Haram. IMN, the killer fulani herdsmen, Maitasine etc. start. Are you worried about their mindless killings and destruction of life and properties and their abuse of human right of other Nigerians by these other groups?. You deceive yourself when you hide behind your one finger. A stitch in time save nine. Be bold to analyze and say the truth please.

  • Stanley

    Where the national security is not planned to adequately protect its citizens, the people are bound to use the loophole to group themselves for protection. People that fail to secure their lives and interest are bound to be exposed and preyed upon by these groups. In Nigeria they have come mainly in form of tribal, community, religion, cult groups, youth movement, etc. Nothing threatens the Union of Nigeria like these groupings. The economic depression that we are at the moment is likely a buster and each of these group will have their pretentious humble yet militant inclined leaders to listen to for self defense and protection, not the government. Government must rise up, not to crush them but to play their role of good governance and providing and protecting the people equally. This will make these groups disband their private security.

  • Equano2016

    Some Yorubas (APC supporting including so called Christians) are the Trojan horse that will be used to islamise Nigerian south. We can see the signs.

  • lukman solahudeen


    Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen was established on the 17th of Ramadan 1414 A.H equivalent to the 28th of February, 1994 as a result of the absence of ideal Islamic understanding and unstable condition of Muslims. The Idea to established the Organisation was conceived by Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan while at Islahudeen Arabic and Islamic School, Iwo and was supported by few of his colleagues who keyed in into his vision.

    Taawun according to Arabic-English Translation, means Cooperation, Alliance or Help on a certain Project. The name “Ta’awun was derived from the Holy Qur’an Chapter 5 verse 2 which says “Help one another in Virtue, Righteousness and piety but do not help one another in sin and transgression”.

    The concept of Ta’awun is wider than a responsibility restricted to an organisation or an individual, but directly meant for the general Muslims which made the founder and those around him worked harder to ensure its plans and programmes are known to all Muslims

    Since then, the Organisation has been working to build a reliable Islamic movement that will protect the Muslim Ummah and provide better environment to practice their religion according to the will of Allah. To achieve this, Ta’awun expanded its tentacle from where it was established in Iwo to other towns in Osun State and states like , Oyo, Ondo, Lagos, Ekiti, Ogun, Kwara, Zamfara, Abuja, Sokoto, Kano among other States of the federation and even beyond the shores of Nigeria.

    In each town where the organisation is established, they are headed by Naqeeb who coordinates their followers and tutor then inline with the dictates of the Quran and hadeeths of the Prophet. Ta’awun is one of the prominent Islamic Organizations in the South-Western part of Nigeria and the country as a whole that has made a land mark achievements in all spheres.

    Among the achievements of the organisation include the first Islamic internet radio in Nigeria, more than 40 Nursery and Primary schools, including secondary schools across the South West of Nigeria, Orphanage home in Iwo, Baytul Maal for widow and less privilege in the society and establishment of The Majority Newspapers, At-Tamkeen Magazine and Albadr Construction Company.

    Others are the establishment of Al-Ummah College of Arabic and Islamic studies affiliated with the University of Ilorin for Diploma Programmes, establishment Al-Ummah College of Education, Hospitals, Cooperatives societies, Al-Qudus multimedia and computer centres, the newly established Al-Ummah College of Shari’ah and Legal studies awarding Diploma in law as well as the Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies where arebic language can be learnt within a short period.

    Ta’awun Organisation has relationship World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), Muslim World League, Muslim organisations across the country, Political organisations, Social clubs, Market women, youths and students among others.

    Ta’awun has always been cooperating and supportive to every State Government since its Creation and has played a vital role in bringing many people back to the fold of Islam through their programmes and achievements.

    It has several Departments within the Organisation to include, Dawah, Health, first Aid, Security, press called Al-Iblag, Education, Social and Charity Affairs Department for widows, orphans and the Needy. The Organisation priotize both western and Islamic Education and that is why its members are found in all fields including, law, medicine, teaching, journalism among others within and outside the country.


  • Freedom Bini

    Another enslavement .