Why Buhari is silent on Southern Kaduna killings – Spokesperson

Map showing Southern Kaduna
Map showing Southern Kaduna

President Muhammadu Buhari is silent on the ongoing violence in southern part of Kaduna State because the state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, is handling it, presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, has said.

Mr. Adesina stated this Monday morning on Channels Television during its Sunrise Daily programme.

At least six persons were killed in Goska village, Jema’a local Government Area in the early hours of Christmas.

The victims included a teenage secondary school student, Gimbia Morik, daughter of a former council chairman in Jema’a.

The killings, by suspected herdsmen, occurred despite Jema’a and two other local governments – Kaura and Zango Kataf – being under a 24-hour curfew.

The state government after a meeting of heads of various security agencies in the state, had on December 21 imposed the 24-hour curfew to prevent violence during the festive season.

Scores of people have been killed in ethno-religious violence in Southern Kaduna in 2016.

As the killings continue, Mr. Buhari had come under criticism from Nigerians for his silence.

Citing Nigeria’s federal structure, Mr. Adesina said there was no need for Mr. Buhari to speak since Mr. El-Rufai is “on top of the matter.”

The presidential aide said as the chief security officer of his state, it rests on Mr. El-Rufai, who has pledged to bring perpetrators to book, to deal with the matter.

“You don’t have to hear from the president on that matter. When it pays us, we talk about federalism and true federalism; yet you want the president and presidency to talk about everything,” Mr. Adesina said.

He also said “when a thing like this happens in a state, there is a chief security officer and he is supposed to be on top of the matter.

“Governor El-Rufai Rufai was at the villa on Thursday to brief the president, so why should the president then be talking about it?

“True federalism is the governor should be in charge and he is in charge of it,” he said.


The killings in Southern Kaduna are suspected to be due to violence between the locals and migrating Fulani herdsmen.

Apart from Kaduna, similar violence between locals, mainly farmers, and migrating herdsmen has caused the death of hundreds of people in several other states including Benue and Taraba.

Mr. Adesina on Monday said local authorities must play a crucial role in stopping the violence.

He said state and local governments have a major role to play in dealing with herdsmen crisis.

He said Mr. Buhari is always in constant touch with governors whenever an attack occurs to get timely updates.

The spokesperson said Mr. Buhari has consistently maintained that the best way to stop the killings is through collaboration  between the states and the grassroots leaders in local governments.

“The federal government has roles to play but not as much as the state and local governments,” he said.


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  • RestructureNigeriaNow

    So leave Boko Haram for Borno State governor you liar from hell.

    • Records2016


      “So why is the President [Buhari] appearing weak, as if he has to beg some political “Overlords”
      to do his work in the name of “political stability”? Mr President, you are playing into the hands
      of people who do not believe in you and your government.

      A President must repel blackmail with all his arsenals, or, give up the presidency.
      Mr President, such “political stability” and “harmony” that compels you to turn away your face
      where you shouldn’t is useless to our country! You cannot be an effective president,
      while in hostage!”

      ……………..Representative Abdulmumin Jibrin
      (December 26th, 2016)

      • linkhadj.

        Thank you, Honourable Jibrin. We all have no choice now. We will all endure our fate untill 2019.

  • callistus u owuamanam

    When our president phones other countries and sympathize with them, does he not know that someone is on top of their matter? In our president’s watch the fulani herdsmen, are slaugthering nigerians everyday, the president keeps silent. All those presidents, you call and sympathize, will be the first that will appear in person, to solidarize if anything happens to any of their citizens. We celebrate the defeat of BH, Fulani Herdsmen that kill everyday, nothing is said about them by the president.

  • Essissien

    So Buhari was silent about the mass killings and burial in mass graves of peaceful Biafran protesters in Anambra and Delta states because the Governors of those two states were handling the issues effectively!!!……… Oh ONE Nigeria!!!

    When Femi Adesina dies, where will he go? Choose an option from below:
    (a) Hell Fire
    (b) Hottest part of Hell Fire
    (c) Bottom of Hell Fire
    (d) Middle of Hell Fire
    (e) All from ‘a’ – ‘d’

    • carson

      The answer is – B

    • onyearmy

      “E” all from a to d

    • Xray001

      If Adesina is destined for Hell Fire where then will Liar Mohammed go?

    • Netanyahu

      Answer is surely “e”.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Adesina, will you keep quiet if you don’t know what to say! So El-rufai is now the president? Whose job is it to handle such situations? You better stop talking.

    • A. Ikoba


      Femi Adesina needs to learn how to think. He leaps before he thinks. That makes him sound hilarious,
      than serious. Educated Nigerians know that security matters are exclusively centralized in the presidency
      under the 1999 Constitution, hence, the President (Buhari) is in charge of the Police and the whole military.

  • SS&SE to BOYCOTT 2019 Election

    …Are you a Niger Deltan? Do you come from Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers, Delta, Edo, or Rivers states?
    …Are you a Biafran? Do you come from Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu or Imo states? Then the time to act is now!

    This is a call to all of you to BOYCOTT the next General elections in Nigeria except the Buhariand his cohorts RESTRUCTURE Nigeria to that will guarantee the following:
    1. Regional autonomy
    2. Resource Control
    3. Healthy competition amongst federating units (i.e., Stop exalting incompetence over excellence)

    The MO will be simple:
    a) Do not register as a voter
    b) Do not vote (i.e., if you have already registered in the last election)
    c) Do not present yourself for any so called national election – Presidency, Senate & House of Reps
    d) Do not attend any political rally anywhere in your state or region mentioned above.
    e) You can only vote for your state Governor and State Assembly & LG elections

    More details later…

    • Lanre

      It is not enough to boycott the elections. People in those states need to stop paying taxes so El-Rufai can make payments to Fulani Cattle Herders. You will never get freedom without a struggle.

    • Gbola

      Boycott election all you want.
      One of your very own people would still campaign and run for public office (Governors, Senators, Reps, LGA charimen etc) in the Niger Delta states.

      And at least his family members, friends, neighbors, church members, associates etc would vote for him in addition to his personal vote.

      Even if it’s a hundred votes, someone amongst you will still win.

      So your shallow myopic solution here is bereft of sensibilities and Rationalities.

      Back To Sender.

      • Murphy

        Y is it that it is only Yariba people who are responding? So you pple really want One Nigeria at all costs? Enemies of progress!

  • taiwo

    El Rural compensated these murderer. So can he see the senselessness of such move as killing has not abated despite being a Fulani himself?

  • curious

    Why then did Buhari speak on the terrorist truck attack in Europe? Could it be because the government of “West Germany” was not handling the matter?

  • Buhari d daft cow.

    Infact buhari is a pig 4 crying out loud u are d fucking president,wot is wrong with dis plonker called buhari.

  • Lanre

    Femi Adesina. Eru Fulani. E wo enu e bi eni to sese je Amala ati Gbegiri tan. Ko ni da fun gbogbo yin lapapo. From the days of Zamani Lekwot to Daniel Yakowa, they have been killing these Southern Kaduna people like sacrifice to the Hausa-Fulani Islamic Political leadership. It will never end!

  • onyearmy

    Illiterate certificate forger ass fucker buhari, the living skeleton have spoken thru his basket mouthed lair extraordinary.

  • think this Adesina is an unwise person. So the life of one person in southern Kaduna is not sufficient to attract comments from Buhari? If Adesina is dumb must the president behave likewise? Was it El Rufai that campaigned on behalf of Buhari in Kaduna state? Where was the federal structure of Femi Adesina when Buhari directly canvassed for votes from the people of Southern Kaduna? This Adesina is just proud useless fellow.

  • Adesina must retract this distasteful comment and apologise to Nigerians.

    • Gary

      Why? He’s only echoing his master’s voice. Adesina does not make policy, he only announces it and defends it to earn his salary.
      He is at liberty to quit if he disagrees with current policies but there’s no indication that that is the case. So why ask him to apologize for policies he agrees with?

  • Ajayi balogun

    Useless government sketching for answers! El rufai that said in news that his government track down fulani murderers and pay them some money to stop killing, is the chief security of state that is on top of the issues?… Chai! I think south East see more than us.

    • Lanre

      I remember the online fight with Chinua Achebe when he came out with his last work disparaging my leader, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. I will not take anyone insulting Chief Awolowo. Never! However, Achebe was right to the extent that the South needs to come together. Not to form a single country. No. But to agree for separate independent states for the Igbos and the Yorubas. Once we both agree, the minority Hausa-Fulani Islamic Political Oligarchy will crumble. Our generation must lead this struggle.

      • SS&SE to BOYCOTT 2019 Election

        …Are you a Niger Deltan? Do you come from Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers, Delta, Edo, or Rivers states?
        …Are you a Biafran? Do you come from Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu or Imo states? Then the time to act is now!

        This is a call to all of you to BOYCOTT the next General elections in Nigeria except the Buhariand his cohorts RESTRUCTURE Nigeria to that will guarantee the following:
        1. Regional autonomy
        2. Resource Control
        3. Healthy competition amongst federating units (i.e., Stop exalting incompetence over excellence)
        4. Secession

        The MO will be simple:
        a) Do not register as a voter
        b) Do not vote (i.e., if you have already registered in the last election)
        c) Do not present yourself for any so called national election – Presidency, Senate & House of Reps
        d) Do not attend any political rally anywhere in your state or region mentioned above.
        e) You can only vote for your state Governor and State Assembly & LG elections

        More details later…

        • Gbola

          Every Political party would have a base in the Niger Delta States.
          APC would have theirs, APGA would have theirs, PDP would have theirs AND the new Mega Party would also have theirs.

          Your online campaign here is INCONSEQUENTIAL.

          Whether you vote or not, a President shall emerge.

          So stop being silly and kiddish in your thoughts.
          It’s very shallow and myopic.

          • SS&SE to BOYCOTT 2019 Election

            …Are you a Niger Deltan? Do you come from Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers, Delta, Edo, or Rivers states?
            …Are you a Biafran? Do you come from Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu or Imo states? Then the time to act is now!

            This is a call to all of you to BOYCOTT the next General elections in Nigeria except the Buhariand his cohorts RESTRUCTURE Nigeria to that will guarantee the following:
            1. Regional autonomy
            2. Resource Control
            3. Healthy competition amongst federating units (i.e., Stop exalting incompetence over excellence)
            4. Secession

            MODE OF OPERATION (MO)
            The MO will be simple:
            a) Do not register as a voter
            b) Do not vote (i.e., if you have already registered in the last election)
            c) Do not present yourself for any so called national election – Presidency, Senate & House of Reps
            d) Do not attend any political rally anywhere in your state or region mentioned above.
            e) You can only vote for your state Governor and State Assembly & LG elections

            More details later…

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        The fact that you have set a narrative of personalizing a man like he is God is why you are seen as a court jester by the outside world. You are nowhere close to enlightenment my friend (or you are trying to pit people against each other). After all, does your idea help the people of Southern Kaduna?

        • Lanre

          I have studied carefully your reaction to my posts. It does not matter what you call me. The joke is on your Nigeria. A country that has the resources at its disposal and cannot generate electricity because its leaders have stolen the wealth, resources, equipment meant to provide electricity, a common basic amenity in every decent society; after serial mismanagement. The same leaders that are venerated by the mass of illiterate, poor folk who beg and cower to the same gluttons ruling them; subserviently reciting “Ranka Dede, Baba Rere, Baba ke.”
          Today, your Nigeria has the highest number of asylum seekers from Africa seeking refuge in the West. No. Chief Awolowo is not a god. And yes, I respect him and no one, the stature of Chinua Achebe, will propagate a lie about him. Chief Awolowo, set the foundation for Yorubas to take off in the Global World. The first TV Station in Africa. Do you know the revolutionary impact of that achievement in today’s Information, Communication and Technology world? The only link I have to my people is because of Chief Awolowo. The mistake he made in keeping us in Nigeria (without the full democratic consent of The People of Yorubaland) will be corrected.
          As to the people of Southern Kaduna, clearly you have no empathy or feeling for this people. If you do, you will know that Yorubaland and Biafra will be sanctuaries to provide refuge from the killings by the barbarians who are suspected Hausa-Fulani Cattle herders.
          Finally, it appears a couple of you on this website and others (like Sahara Reporters) are obsessed with me. Get off it. Stop trolling and masturbating over me. It is a free world of ideas and I don’t go around responding to yours or Kaysoyemi, Tundemash, Gbola, Bayo Ola, Julius, Tunsj, Mufu Ola because I recognize scum when I see one. That is how long I have been on this earth. Now fcuk off, Chukwuka Okoroafor. This is my last and only response to your despicable, ignorant, uncaring, selfish being.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            No sir. My view is to push for unity against this jihad because it will not stop with secession. It may slow but it won’t stop. Remember that what is happening today is a repeat of the 1800s. Also, there are Muslims in your hypothetical (and it is hypothetical at this stage) Oduduwa state. They can always work for the jihad. Not all will but it takes a certain number. Once you begin on the foundation of division, it will come back to you later. Also, the Nigeria that you mock today was once a destination of real asylum seekers and immigrants (I don’t know where you got the statistic of Nigeria having the largest group of asylum seekers in Africa as most are actually economic immigrants, there is a difference). That Nigeria was (and still is although downgraded) a major power in Africa. That Nigeria intervened on its own resources in Liberia and Sierra Leone. No one else in Africa was capable of what Nigeria was capable of. Mind you that Nigeria was under a unitary system and its full potential was not being fully utilized. So I am not sure what your perception of Nigerian history is because if you had a decent, balanced understanding, you would never have responded to me in the way that you have. Also, Awolowo had called Nigeria ‘a mere geographical expression’ and knowing that full well. He even threatened to pull out of Nigeria at a point, yet he still resolved to keep Nigeria one. So I strongly believe there is a divine destiny for Nigeria. Also, no one is masturbating over you. As you said, this is a world of free ideas and I just expressed mine (maybe with emotion attached to it). Nigeria is capable of leading the black world and even being a global leader (it already is a global leader in entertainment, business, culture, etc). It is the massive growth of the population along with a system that can no longer endure under such pressures as well as an Occult/Islamist force in government that is bringing the current chaos now. I have said time and time again that Nigeria is not the problem but the structure and the people running it are the problem. I have no apologies to you or anyone else for stating that fact.

  • Jason

    This man PMB is so so unfit to lead a country as complex as Nigeria. The fraudulent characters that repackaged him as a reborn democrat capable of pulling our dear country out of the destructive pathway that GEJ set us on are the real evil men and women that are responsible for this desperate state of affairs. They should search their conscience as ask Almighty for forgiveness in this season of love and turn a new leave so that they can in turn lead the retrieval of the leadership from this incompetence and mismanagement.

  • Ade

    buhari and Elrufai are a hardcore Jihadist carrying out allah duties as ordered by his prophet mohammed

    Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”.
    Quran (5:33) – “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned;
    Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle.
    Quran (8:39) – “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah”
    Quran (8:57) – “If thou comest on them in the war, deal with them so as to strike fear in those who are behind them, that haply they may remember.”
    Quran (8:67) – “It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war until he had made a great slaughter in the land…”
    Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush,

  • Ade

    Muhammad Was a Sex Addict”, we learned that Muhammad enjoyed having sex with all nine of his wives in one night
    . rushing from wife to wife during his sex marathons would leave Islam’s patron saint of sex addicts covered in semen.
    Muhammad’s child-bride Aisha, who’s called “the mother of the faithful” in Islam, was honored with the never-ending task of scrubbing Muhammad’s semen off his clothes.
    Sahih al-Bukhari, Number 232:
    Narrated Aisha: “I used to wash the semen off the clothes of the Prophet and even then I used to notice one or more spots on them.”
    Sahih Muslim, Number 669:
    It was narrated that Aishah said concerning semen: “I used to scratch it from the garment of the Messenger of Allah.”
    Sunan Ibn Majah, Number 537:
    It was narrated that Aishah said: “I often scraped it (semen) from the garment of the Messenger of Allah with my hand.”
    Aisha was especially careful to wash the semen off Muhammad’s clothes when he was heading to the mosque for prayer.
    Sahih al-Bukhari, Number 230:
    Narrated Sulaiman bin Yasar: “I asked Aishah about the clothes soiled with semen. She replied, ‘I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah’s Messenger and he would go for the Salat (prayer) while water spots were still visible.’”
    So, when Muhammad’s followers saw wet spots on his clothes at the mosque, they knew that he’d gotten covered with semen during his nightly sexcapades with nine women and girls, and that his child-bride, the “Mother of the Faithful,” had carefully washed away the semen, so that he would be pure before Allah.
    Welcome to Islam, the only religion whose followers are so obsessed with their prophet’s bodily fluids, that they just can’t stop sharing stories about his child-bride dedicating her life to scrubbing his semen stains.

    • Musa

      May Almight God punish you in this world and in the world hereafter. You are the bigots that always instigate crisis. Peaole like you hate peaceful atmosphere. May the evil you are inviting accompany you at all times.

      • Ade

        Must, pls leave me out of your prophet perverted inmoral sexual act.

        What Is Best in Life? Read below what Mohammed the prophet of allah considered the best thing/act in life according to his wife Aisha and his closest friends.
        Narrated `Abdullah bin Masud:
        I asked Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ), “O Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ)! What is the best deed?” He replied, “To offer the prayers at their early stated fixed times.” I asked, “What is next in goodness?” He replied, “To be good and dutiful to your parents.” I further asked, what is next in goodness?” He replied, “To participate in Jihad in Allah’s Cause.” I did not ask Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) anymore and if I had asked him more, he would have told me more.
        Narrated Ibn `Abbas:
        Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “There is no Hijra (i.e. migration) (from Mecca to Medina) after the Conquest (of Mecca), but Jihad and good intention remain; and if you are called (by the Muslim ruler) for fighting, go forth immediately.
        Narrated `Aisha:
        (That she said), “O Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ)! We consider Jihad as the best deed. Should we not fight in Allah’s Cause?” He said, “The best Jihad (for women) is Hajj-Mabrur (i.e. Hajj which is done according to the Prophet’s tradition and is accepted by Allah).
        Narrated Abu Huraira:
        A man came to Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) and said, “Instruct me as to such a deed as equals Jihad (in reward).” He replied, “I do not find such a deed.” Then he added, “Can you, while the Muslim fighter is in the battle-field, enter your mosque to perform prayers without cease and fast and never break your fast?” The man said, “But who can do that?” Abu- Huraira added, “The Mujahid (i.e. Muslim fighter) is rewarded even for the footsteps of his horse while it wanders bout (for grazing) tied in a long rope.”
        Narrated Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri:
        Somebody asked, “O Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ)! Who is the best among the people?” Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) replied “A believer who strives his utmost in Allah’s Cause with his life and property.” They asked, “Who is next?” He replied, “A believer who stays in one of the mountain paths worshipping Allah and leaving the people secure from his mischief.”
        Narrated Anas bin Malik:
        The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “A single endeavor (of fighting) in Allah’s Cause in the forenoon or in the afternoon is better than the world and whatever is in it.”
        Sahih al-Bukhari 2782
        Sahih al-Bukhari 2785
        Sahih al-Bukhari 2795

        • shamsu umar

          prophet muhammad s.a.w was not a sex addict he’s purely respected prophet good behaviours shame kind All these act addicted to him.there was a fake musulim who put those fake hadith into islamic books so prophet muhammad was very highly respected and shameful person among the best all mankind

  • Elderman Manny


    Muhamadu Buhari shares all the rhetoric of an Islamist Jihadist and sees nothing wrong in threatening
    bloodshed three months to the actual election if he were not declared the winner of the 2015 election.
    Such a character is unfit for 21st century modern leadership and will remain a big mistake every day.
    All those who voted for Muhamadu Buhari in 2015 extolled illiteracy and put Islamism above all things.
    The result is a fast sinking country today where Christmas was mourned yesterday in total darkness.
    It will be a miracle if Nigeria survives Muhamadu Buhari’s ignorant leadership for another two years.

    • ??????questo


  • Wale Allen

    Nice comments from all. Disparaging this current government is not enough but searching for a way forward. The big question is what is the way forward for Nigeria as an entity?

    • Okey Agugua

      The only way forward is to divide Nigeria. There is no oher way. Nigeria requires tons of bloods daily to keep it together. Support the division of this human misery called Nigeria. Support Oduduwa, Support Biafra, Support Arewa(Boko Haram). Millions of lives have already been wasted and unity is no where to be found.

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        So dividing Nigeria will save the Christian minorities in Kaduna? What planet did you come from?

        • Okey Agugua

          Buhari and El Rufai are slaughtering them. The have the choice to live with those Islamists and get slaughtered or relocate to Oduduwa or Biafra. Nigeria is not a normal country. Life is worthless in Nigeria. It should be dismantled as soon as possible. Nigerian army have never fought any external agressor in its history. Bakassi was given out without firing a shot. The army is used solely for killing Nigerian citizens. Do you call Nigeria a mormal country? Its a huge joke of a country.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            Nigeria intervened in Liberia and Sierra Leone in the 1990s. In fact no intervention would have happened in these countries without Nigeria. Also, Nigeria is the only country in modern African history to deploy forces far beyond its own borders. It is now that we have fifth columnists who have now weakened the military (perhaps in the name of preventing future coups from 1999 on but I will call them fifth columnists). I have been warning of a jihad coming since 2013 and dividing Nigeria will not stop the jihad. It must be confronted by the nation. It is the only way to stop it. Remember that Hausa Muslims have also been victims of this jihad (as they were victims back in 1804).

    • Sule

      Dissolution. Got it? Bye the way, Wale, “Olopa mbo.” Police is coming, run. Uptil today, I do not know why Yorubas run at the common sight of policemen.

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        So you also believe that the minorities in Kaduna will be saved by simply dividing Nigeria. You really are missing brain cells my friend. Go get yourself checked out at a hospital.

        • suleiman

          Biafra forever!

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            Okay, I know operatives and trolls like you are getting a little jittery and excited. Calm down my friend and enjoy your Christmas. Take some time off.

    • Arogbo

      You’re right on point!

  • imagine_2012

    Evil spokesman

  • Gary

    There we have it from Femi Adesins’s mouth no less. El-Rufai is on top of the situation in southern Kaduna and doing a fine job of overseeing the ethnic cleansing of its peoples by Fulani militia in search of grazing lands.
    Rufai has presidential approval to conduct his own foreign policy by sending emissaries to Fulani marauders outside Nigeria with tributes and peace offerings to appease them from invading and killing the Kaduna Christians.
    The President also approved the curfew imposed on these people over Christmas and made them sitting ducks for more killings while Christendom celebrated the birth of Jesus. Imagine a Christian Governor imposing a curfew on Moslems over the Sallah celebration. And having rogue Christian militia come in to slaughtering them. And a Christian President saying he’s fine with the handling of what happening to the Moslems. And the security services, all headed by Christians, doing absolutely nothing to drop the killings.

    That is the fate now befalling the people of Southern Kaduna for their decision to trust El-Rufai and Buhari with their votes. Elections have consequences.

    • ojays

      The evil befalling Nigeria not only southern Kaduna.

  • Okey Agugua

    Defend yourselves or die.

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    I don’t believe that Buhari is involved in this, but there are Northern elites (including those in his security apparatus) who want to lay the foundation for Sharia in Nigeria. This is the aim of the violence. With the herdsmen, it may be about land as the extreme North is becoming a desert. But with the solution bill being presented by certain Senators and by El Rufai himself, it looks like soft jihad to many of us.

  • Ndui

    I never knew Adesina is this daft. Anyway, like Buhari like Media spokesperson. Birds of the same feather. Liar Mohammed has baptized Adesina with the demons of lies.

  • princegab

    Oga kulikuli you are a misfit. The President’s silence is the very evil emboldening the marunderers. You would have been wiser muted.

  • Monsieur Glavda

    Premium Times Editor,

    Donald Trump and the mad Muslims

    President-elect Donald Trump is on a distinguished road in America.
    He’s aptly defined Islam in practice today as the worst threat to world peace. He
    is right and President Vladmir Putin of Russia too agrees. Donald Trump vows to
    bomb the hell out of all Muslims who feel mad enough to be so supercilious that
    simply for being Muslims they MUST be heads of state of all countries on earth by mass
    murder – which is the only murderous goal of the mad men in Al Qaeda, ISIS and Boko
    Haram. These assorted mad Muslims can’t thereafter be heard to say Islam is a religion,
    if it is less falsely conceded as just another a political party of batty crazies; riff-raff,
    illiterates, sub-humans and ill-clad vagabonds roaming the surface of the earth for
    the only purpose of continuously killing innocent people at will on a daily basis.

    These latest killings in southern Kaduna of central Nigeria
    illustrate the public nuisance Islam has viciously become in the hands of
    its most illiterate and dirty adherents. The right to kill on a whim and without
    reference to any guilt of the person wantonly killed – which Islam textually
    hoists as banner
    – makes Donald Trump call Islam “a religion of benighted
    and backward people”. But the government of Angola took a different view few
    years ago when it banned Islam throughout Angola. According to the Angolan
    Cabinet Minister in charge of culture, Islam is not a religion, but a “cult of hate

    • Logician2000

      @Monsieur Glavda,

      ….I studied philosophy and specialized in Logic…..I am always impressed by good thinking……like yours…..
      ..but permit me some rough and steady syllogism…..since we must agree that Islam is not a religion……
      ……..and if we must concur that Islam is a political party…..by syllogism, then, the APC party in Nigeria….
      ….by sheer force of logical inference……is pure Islam……without a doubt….since Islam can’t be a religion……
      …………..if Hinduism is a religion and if equally sensible and meditative Buddhism is also a religion……

    • straight-to-the-point


      • gere

        Then be ready for your certain doom.
        “They plan and Allah plans and Allah is the Best of Planners”

  • Fantastic

    Buhari wants Fulani to take over southern Kaduna before sending troops. They know what the game is all about but adeshina is being used to do the cover up.

  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    For many years to come, Nigerians shall live to regret the lack of vigilance and the error of judgment that allowed the axis of evil party to take over the leadership of Nigeria.
    When the effect of the calamitous ineptitude have not gotten to your side, one may be tempted to wish away the pain, agony, sorrow, death that Nigerians have been passing through in the hands of this negativity called change, but the truth is that the vast majority of citizens of Nigeria have a very bad story to tell since buhari and his Chain agents swooped on Nigerian.
    May God deliver our citizens before it is too late. A government that careth not that murderous Fulani herdsmen are killing her citizens in their homes, farms and communities, is nothing but a scorge and plaque upon Nigeria.
    May God use the opportunity presented by 2019 to deliver Nigeria from this calamity.

  • Burning Spear

    Only God knows the type of Journalism training the so-called presidential spokespersons got before being appointed as special advisers to Bingo Fulani Buhari———-This is one of the most insultive assertion ever to be made by a mumu media man————That Buhari cannot express his sympathy with those killed because his Fulani brother El Rufai is in control-of the situation–is the highest level of madness———Bingo Buhari refused to show concern over the murder of the natives Nigerians in that state–simply because those who carried out the gruesome murder are his Fulani tribesmen from Niger Republic and Mali–Now killing real Nigerians—in the Fulani North on behalf of the boko haram and the Sultan of Sokoto—Sadly the blame for these terrible acts by the Fulanis—————lies on the doorstep of the Yorubas and the CIA that imposed Bingo Buhari on Nigerians—-in 2015—————period–

  • Intrepid

    There exist a massive ethnic cleansing going on in, not just Southern kaduna, but the entire Kaduna State. The fulani, just like in many states in the north, are not the progenitors of the places they call theirs. Nigerians should watch out, Killer herdsmen are like the Sudanese janjaweeds.

  • Factsay

    When President sent python dancing soldiers to South East did he seek permission of the governors?

    This lying federal govt self. Looks like there is element of truth in this islamisation allegations against this APC govt

  • victor

    This is one of the most irresponsible statement I’ve heard. It actually captures the callous, immoral and insensitive policies of dis govt. A segment of ur people are being slaughtered by the day with no end in sight. And your president has no say about that! How is El Rufai abating the carnage? This is sickening, to say the least. I wonder the set of people that wld come out to vote for Buhari in 2019.Of course, they wld hv to be people who are as callous as he is!

    • Otile

      If these killings took part in Europe Buhari would be loudly crying more than the bereaved.

  • Liegeria

    Simply irresponsible. I give up on Buhari administration.

  • GbemigaO

    It is either this Adeshina chap is daft or a 5th columnist in Buhari’s govt. He is creating more enemies for his principal by his insensitive commentaries in national affairs. Is it that Buhari should not even show concern over the killings of his countrymen or is it that the incidences and numbers are just too much for him to follow up on. I could recall that when there was a bomb attacck in Maduguri, he expressed sympathy. Is it that there was no governor in Borno? What rubbish !

    • Julius

      Don’t you think he got the go-ahead from his principal/ boss before he made that statement ? Don’t blame Mr. Adeshina for the commentaries .

      • Gary

        I quite agree with you. Even his staunch supporters can no longer separate Buhari from the comments or actions of his appointees.
        Femi Adesina is a perfect fit for his boss and friend who became President: incompetent at his job, intellectually challenged with a psychopathic lack of empathy for the lives and sufferings of those he sees as opponents.

        Adesina is one appointee one can easily claim is Buhari’s brother from another mother; as our American cousins would say.

        • Julius

          Genius, so you think a presidential spokesman/press secretary will diaplay his smartness or competency by going against what his boss, the presidents wants to tell the country. You are too smart for me buddy ! So, Bush/Obama spokesmen were smart and perfect fit for their bosses with all their press briefings ? See your logic so. Yea, like they also says here…you full of shit !

          • Gary

            Since you’re pretending to be dumb just to defend your kinsman and his clueless boss; let me break it down for you:

            Femi Adesina is as incompetent, unintelligent and heartless as Muhammadu Buhari.

            Hope you understand me now.

          • Decimator

            You can say it again.
            Tyrrants in governance, periode.

  • Decimator

    “You don’t have to hear from the president on that matter. When it pays us, we talk about federalism and true federalism; yet you want the president and presidency to talk about everything,” Mr. Adesina said.

    No Mr, Adesina; Mohammadu Buhari would not say anything because he and Nasir El-Rufai are part and parcel of the barbaric act. They sat down in a secret meeting to perfect the act of imposing a curfew to allow in their larger Fulani Nations Killers the way to come in without interference from the citizens of southern Kaduna, knowing of cause that they have no intention of stopping them or bringing them to book with their state assigned security agencies.

    El- Rufai has said clearly that he has the blessing of Mohammadu Buhari, so why should Buhari interfere again when his full backing is already obtained in the cowardice act?

  • ojays

    Adesina you got it wrong, I can see that falsehood is the hallmark of that position you occupy. How can a president who swore to protect Nigerians turn blind eye when his tribesmen kill other Nigerians. It’s noticeable that fulanis killed far more people in this mistake called PMB administration in <2years than 16 of previous govt.
    This is why more people are calling for breakup of the country, so that Fulani in Ibadan or PH will know his parents do not have land there. That will bring about mutual respect rather than Fulani seeing other Nigerians as second class citizens.
    Don't forget you'll soon leave that post, how will people receive you in your village.

  • Wale Allen

    This Adesina of a guy needs to be purged of his slave mentality. Why not let Garba Shehu issue that gibberish of a press statement. Federalism my foot! Meanwhile PMB is quick to announce himself as the chief mourner when the terrorists strike in other countries but he keeps mute when the herdsmen kill hundreds right here in his backyard. This is the height of hypocrisy from a leader that should be father to all in a complex nation like Nigeria.

  • chuks

    i know that Adesina is trying to do his job,but he should apply wisdom.Nigerian are not fools,we know what is going on in southern. PMB,el-rufi and their Fulani kinsmen should know that the whole world is seeing and nothing last forever,he has few years to the end of his evil and murderous regime and all this evil will be visited. Adesina, please use wisdom in doing your job.