SSS accuses Wike, Saraki’s aide, others of plotting to destabilise Abuja

Governor Nyesom Wike
Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike Photo:

The State Security Service, SSS, has accused the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, of working with an aide to Senate President Bukola Saraki to destabilise the Federal Capital Territory during yuletide with a view to casting federal authorities in bad light.

The said aide to the Senate President, Ikenga Ugochinyere, is to help Mr. Wike mobilise hoodlums to execute the violent plan, SSS alleged in a statement signed by an official, Tony Opuiyo, and distributed by PR Nigeria.

“The Department of State Services (DSS) wishes to inform the general public that it has uncovered a sinister plot by the Rivers State Governor Nyesom WIKE to disrupt machinery of governance in strategic Federal Government agencies by provoking a violent breach of peace in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, today, 22nd December, 2016 and beyond especially at this yuletide season.

“To achieve this, the Governor had secured the services of one Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, a Personal Aide to the Senate President, Bukola Saraki (Sen), to mobilise some hoodlums to execute their plan,” the statement read.

Mr. Wike through his state’s commissioner for information, Austin Tam- George, has denied the allegation as “false, baseless and irresponsible scaremongering”.

The SSS raised the alarm amid counter-accusations of culpability in the violence and irregularities that characterized Rivers State federal and state legislative elections held on December 10.

Mr. Wike and the Peoples Democratic Party have accused officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission, the military and police of bias and aiding the violence.

But an audio recording has emerged portraying Mr. Wike as admitting to giving money to some electoral officials and threatening to kill them if they did not act to instructions.

Based on the recording, the All Progressives Congress and INEC have hit back with counter claims the Governor was himself behind the violence and irregularities that attended the elections.

The police said it would enlist service of foreign forensic experts to investigate the leaked audio recording.

The alleged plot by Mr. Wike to destabilize Abuja, according to the SSS, is intended to divert public and international attention from the ongoing police investigation into “the unwholesome role played by the Governor and some of his cronies in the violence that trailed the re-run election in Rivers State which resulted in the gruesome murder of civilians including the beheading of DSP Mohammed Alkali and some of his colleagues as well as the brutalization of INEC staff who failed to do the bidding of the Governor.”

In its statement, SSS, disclosed details of the alleged plot by Wike.

“In furtherance of this plot, protesters are to besiege the National Human Rights Commission, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), National Assembly, the Nigerian Army and Police Headquarters as well as British High Commission, US Embassy and the UN Secretariat, Abuja; all in an effort to raise false alarm that Rivers State was under siege of security agencies during the elections.

“While the obvious aim is to draw public sympathy and international attention to spurious allegations of involvement of Federal agencies in violence during the last elections in Rivers State, the actual objective is really to trigger a round of violent action against the government and create opportunity for idlers to join the deceitful protest.

“Part of the orchestration is to provoke the security agencies and prompt them to take action against the protesters that could result in bloodletting. It is in this line that Ikenga had gone to the outskirts of Abuja to mobilise unemployed youth to carry out his bidding. All this was to be done for a fee and resources to be provided from the treasury of the Rivers State Government.

“It is also worrisome that Ikenga would engage in this nefarious plot when, after his last arrest earlier this year by the Service, he had pledged to be law abiding and not to cause a breach of the peace.

“Though Ikenga is now at large, the trio of Emeka Idibia, Ugo Apuamagha and Ejike Nwachukwu have been arrested and are helping with further investigations. These men were picked up at the mobilisation venue trying to perfect the logistics for this unholy enterprise. The young men were hired by Ikenga to take custody of items and materials for the planned violent protest.

“The recovered items include banners, placards and posters with denigrating, inciting and hate inscriptions meant to impinge the authority of the federal government and further subvert the entire machinery of governance in the country.

“In order to make this look credible, Ikenga and his cohorts had adopted such groups as Lawyers in Defence of Democracy (LDD) and Citizens for Good Governance (CGG) as cover to supposedly make them look like serious minded civil rights groups and thus bring them into collision course with security agencies.

“Investigations have so far revealed that while IKENGA is the field organizer and coordinator of the planned protest, Governor WIKE is his sole financial sponsor. The DSS is disturbed that the Governor who is the Chief Security Officer of the State will stoop so low to hire thugs and hoodlums to attack the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and create an atmosphere of chaos and disorder at this yuletide season.”

The SSS, however, said it would not be cowed or intimidated to stop it and other agencies from conducting concluding investigations into the Rivers State electoral violence.

In reaction to the alarm raised by the SSS, Mr. Tam-George, the information commissioner, speaking for Mr. Wike, said the “Governor is a man of peace, and would never orchestrate disturbance in any part of the country.

“The Rivers State Government challenges the SSS to leave Governor Wike alone and instead focus their operational attention on Boko Haram insurgency that has killed over 70,000 people and displaced 6 million Nigerians in the past six years..”

He said the Rivers State Government would not “succumb to cheap blackmail” by any federal agency.

In his reaction, Mr. Saraki, in a statement through his spokesperson, Yusuph Olaniyonu, confirmed Mr. Ikenga is his aide.

The Senate President said he has not been officially informed by the SSS of the alleged plot.

The statement said the Senate President “will never condone any action by any of his aides that threatens the peace of any part of the country or provision of the law.”

“Dr. Saraki hereby calls on the DSS to properly investigate the allegations against Mr. Ikenga and if he is found to have acted against the law, then the law should take its natural course.”


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  • Rommel

    If this is what the SSS is telling us,then I think they have outlived their usefulness

    • B. Messi


  • Sean

    DSS should do the needy! Wike perpetrated murders in Rivers and getting away, he has now moved to Abuja. Let the DSS organise how to take Wike down as he’s not bigger than Nigeria, what a mess!

    • Arogbo

      I blame President Buhari because I don’t believe the man is in charge, maybe old age is affecting his sense of reasoning and if not how can he allow Governor Wike to be terrorizing the country. There’s nothing wrong with being a reformed democrat, but there has to be a point where you draw the line . I think Governor Wike has crossed the rubicon and he must be dealt with, now.

      • Man_Enough

        I agree with you. Where is the “soldier” in my president? Every dick and Harry can just rubbish him and go free.

    • sab

      And you have believed Wike has done what the DSS alleged? Why didn’t you believe the DSS report to the Senate that denied Magu the EFCC job confirmation? Or is it when it comes to Wike and Rivers State issue that you take DSS as saints and infallible while in other matters, they are ‘liers’. This country self!

  • Bigtin

    Haba DSS ….this is too cheap!

  • Gary

    Who knew that Wike is so powerful and diabolical enough to reduce our fearsome SSS to whine like crybabies?
    A Governor with his hands full facing all manner of allegations can from Port Harcourt orchestrate mayhem in Abuja to alarm the Secret Police that just dealt with him and his suppporters in Rivers State, including denying him any Police protection.
    If the SSS has evidence, make arrests and charge the suspects to court for planning to breach the peace or cause insurrection against the government as herein indicated. Otherwise this is simply giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

    P.S. They have roped in Saraki too, for good measure. The same Saraki that Magu’s media mob spun the narrative that he conspired with the SSS to fabricate the report to kill his Senate confirmation as substantive EFCC Chairman.
    Over to you E-rats, what’s the spin this time: Saraki and Wike want to overthrow the government, abi?

    • emmanuel

      Amaechi has sacrificed too many River State people in his bid to remain politically relevant by making it look like Wike is responsible. I recalled how he orchestrated a crises with the Police in the days of Mbu on a Sunday morning and said the Police tear gased Magnus Abe and was rushed to the UK in an Air Ambulance. Only for my friend to see Abe inside the same Airplane he boarded to the UK. The man ordered for additional spirit on board
      Rotimi should be banished from the SS to the SW where he would be accepted to fully live out his ROTIMI life!

      • Arabakpura

        Remember how they grounded his aircraft, remember also how he was suspended by the PDP and the structures taken from him! Remember also how he told the then President Jonathan to intervene as his leader! We saw it all coming and I remember that many people advised Jonathan to resolve that issue as it could cost him his presidency; many people said that Amaechi was a small boy to rattle the President (Ahmed Gulak, then Political advisor to the President said so)! Before you knew it, they found Wike whom they handed the PDP structures in Rivers state and Amaechi went to war! The rest is history as they say and this is the reason why many people support Amaechi! So, we continue to insist that Amaechi should not be blamed because his was a war of survival! Wike even told him that they would block all the exit routes out on May 29 and make sure they deal with him!

        • sab

          From your comment, you have completely exonerated Wike while heaping the blame on Amaechi for all that is happening because ‘he is fighting back’. If party structure was removed from him, does that amount to violence and deaths?

          • Samadani

            And what is wrong in fighting back? Like one wailer wrote above ” Amaechi is given Wike close marking, shoulder to shoulder” good riddance to bad rubbish. Mtchewwwww!!!!!

          • Arabakpura

            Are they still in the same party? Occasions have changed and tables turned; these are the procedures in human events!

  • emmanuel

    Rotimi Amaechi is the most reckless and useless Vice President we will never have in Nigeria. The man is practically working to destroy River State as a price to become Nigeria Vice President. That is why this his DSS story sound very stu**d.
    Lawan is over due to return back to Katsina State.

    • Arabakpura

      The war has already begun! I don’t know how it shall be curtailed now but there shall be casualties! This was the way the last secession crept in! Carefully think about it; Wike picking up quarrel openly with the security operatives caused his aides line to be tapped through which they got him! In an attempt to deflate that case because once he is pronounced guilty, he will be ineligible to contest the next elections; so he needs to do something to divert attention or create doubts but from what I am seeing, they don’t want to offer him a political solution this time! I just wish that he would become more tactful in navigating this because the country is already under various tensions!

  • Man_Enough

    Unfortunately wike is immuned to prosecution but his alleged conspirators are not. Let the dss arrest them, charge them to court and prove their allegations.

  • udo mbakara

    A plot to declare a state of emergency in Rivers state? Abeg o! Politicians and DSS should leave us alone.

  • Arabakpura

    The clouds are gathering! If it is desirable to have a federal republic of Rivers state, I think it would be wise to grant that but this Rivers issue is getting ominous by the day and I am not seeing a palatable end to it! I pity the residents of Rivers state who have not known peace and may likely not know peace for a forseable future!

    • Gary

      Thanks for your contribution to this transparent attempt to lay the groundwork to blackmail Saraki and the Senate to declare a state of emergency in Rivers State. You and the SSS have expressed no alarm at the systematic campaign of ethnic-cleansing going on in Southern Kaduna, where the Senate has in fact called for a state of emergency. No, not needed since the trusted viceroy El-Rufai is handling the situation over there well. Plus, there’s no oil revenues coming from that region, so why bother?
      Your focus is take control of Rivers State, by hook or crook ahead of 2019. If only Wike and his people will cooperate.

      • Rommel

        Obasanjo declared state of emergency in some states for fas less,Wike has proven that he is a gavoon and until he is taken down,he would not stop

        • sab

          I’m not from Rivers State but I recall Wike’s cry before the election that his Chief security Officer, CSO, had been withdrawn, a move he claimed was to expose him and get him off his feet. I recall also that APC were the first to deny it, saying it was a ploy to scurry sympathy. Few days later, Nigeria Police Force claimed they were not aware of such withdrawal. It was not until a few days before the election that the Inspector General of Police, IGP admitted the withdrawal. He said the action was based on the alleged presence of the CSO at an (APC) opposition party rally. It is difficult to understand or believe this. Rommel and many others on this forum never see anything true in whatever Wike stands for. We all heard, read and even saw videos of what transpired during the Rivers re-run. But many here only blame Wike for whatever simply because he refused to be outsmarted. When he complained of his CSO withdrawal, some said same measure was meted out to Amaechi during the 2015 election and I ask, where is the change? I thought change is a complete departure from the old order? If you are retaliating a wrong perceivedly done against you in the past even when you rode to power on the mantra of change, is that not deceit rather CHANGE? Recently when Wike claimed he intercepted security report on allegedly planned mayhem, Rommel and others shut him down, saying which security report? Why not wait and see it happen before raising alarm? Now, same Rommel has swallowed the alleged plot hook, line and sinker without proper consideration simply because a hated one is on the firing stake. So sad indeed!

          • iwe paul

            Do you still reply Rommel? A waste of effort and time my brother. I support you

          • T-Rex

            God bless you,brother.

          • Guest

            It appears you, like so many southerners, do not know that revenge is an integral part of Islam. The Fulanis pass on perceived grievances from generation to generation until they exact revenge. The ‘change’ southerners voted for is different from the ‘change’ northern muslims voted for. The former was ‘to change Nigeria to become better’ while the latter was for ‘power shift from infidels to muslims’.
            That is a major reason for Buhari’s in-your-face nepotism, genocidal tendencies and moronic policies (except of course for the ‘anti-kwarapshan’ bit).
            You guys are in for one hell of a ride, with your case worsened by southern, zombie-like hailing hailers!

          • Rommel

            When Wike was Amaechi’s boi boi,he was the only Amaechi appointee that was indicted for stealing money,to escape it,he ran to his godmother Shippopo in Abuja to pledge loyalty and the rest as they say is history,we know him as a very dubious man and nothing he has done has shown that he has turned a new leaf,he is the man that will wake up screaming that thieves visited his house last night even when no one else knew about it,so he would not be a suspect as he decides to rob people the next day,that is the man Wike,if you don’t know,go and ask questions from those who know him well

        • Otile

          As always, you’re fuming like a crazy Islamist murderer. Your people deserve what is going on in the North East.

          • meeku

            Y do like talking from ur anus.. not only muslim r murder in NE even Christians.

      • Arabakpura

        El Rufai was stoned by the women the other day! To me, that’s punishment for him! Every state is unique whether you produce oil or gold; God knows that I am trying to be objective in this case because of certain personal relationships and so, we should analyze thus carefully! It is really very unfortunate the way the Rivers case is growing but if you ask my opinion, I think governor Wike can tone down his rhetoric because he is acting as if he has sovereignty! The only sovereign right now is Buhari and everybody handles their sovereignty differently! I would wish for Wike to really be careful as he is slipping in gradually into a cul de sac! Look at the sister SS states how peaceful they are!

        The Igbo have an adage that says that it is better to have bravery in the mind and present a weak facade! It is a better position of strength than the reverse!

      • emmanuel

        Yougot the gist. Amaechi is descend so low to bring River State to naught

  • Rommel

    The SSS is now behaving like how they used to be under Dumbo

  • Factsay

    Funny but childish DSS.

  • NwaIgbo

    Insurrection is treasonable felony if proven.

    • Gary

      And treason is not covered by immunity. Again if proven in a court of law.

  • Bayo

    Saraki’s aide is a thug.

  • Bayo Ola

    Shame on you DSS/SSS or na JSS you be sef. This must be becoming more of Marylyn Ogar DSS. If you have any evidence against Wike, go for his jugular legally. Immunity does not cover treasonable offences. Governors are not covered with immunity if they commit treason. So if DSS/SSS has any evidence against Wike, seek his prosecution. Rod Blagojevich, former Governor of Illinois and his Chief of Staff John Harris were charged with corruption by federal prosecutor. Blagojevic was impeached and imprisoned. Tony Opuiyo is fast becoming Marilyn Ogar. Nigeria is becoming a joke!

    • aisha ani

      Correction Nigeria is and has always been a joke!

  • Intrepid

    Mediocrity rearing its ugly face in every government establishment in Nigeria. Nigeria will ever remain a big for nothing country. I gave up on her when I left the suffocationg heat call Nigeria. Where a President will make a common Arithmetical calculation of 97% + 5% = 100. A Sunni moslem Fanatic is her Ruler.

    • Samadani

      Go hug a transformer my friend !!!

  • Gabriel Olasebikan

    Comments here are fair enough and very reasonable.

  • ese

    wike knows his days are numbered and his trying everything he can to buy himself time, thank God for exposing his plans.

    • Kudo

      Please do not believe everything you read.

    • Right Minded

      You must be a dumb person for believing this baseless story.

  • Scatter

    So what is the said Ikenga Ugochinyere, a questionable character, doing in the employ of Senate President Bukola Saraki? Are there more of such creatures in Saraki’s entourage? Inquiring minds would very much like to know.

    • Fred Duke

      We all know that politicians are surrounded or they deliberately surround themselves with all sorts of dubious characters who do the politician’s dirty deals ALWAYS.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      How many Nigerians outta 200m are not of Questionable Characters? i can count them on my excessively large but still human sized palm

      • Scatter

        True, but does that answer the question? No.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          I see all Nigerians as a type 1 race beings (a species that still uses fossil fuels as means of energy generation) with questionable characters. Until they prove they are European by good behaviour.

  • government

    This Wike sef,na spirit e be.E Don comot for PH reach Abuja.small time we go seam for Ghana or even Liberia.Na wah for Wike.E dey disappear and appear like Willie Willie.

  • Thomas

    “Governor Wike is a man of peace, and would never orchestrate disturbance in any part of the country.”
    Hilarious ..

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    What does this Saraki and his stooges, such as Melaye and Ikenga really want for their people, or even for themselves, instead of always constituting themselves into annoying agents of mayhem?

    • Right Minded

      So u believe this nonsense DSS report? Your head must be examined.

      • FirecloudOFGOD

        Loose words! Some of you just spew meaningless statements in the name of just saying something so as to be noticed. Who then really needs their “head must be examined”?

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    Hmmm. Here is a story about two groups Wike and DSS.

    Nigeria D’DSS (D for Muaman Daura): a Top Top secret organization shrouded in topmost secrecy, with a mandate to Protect the Reputation of the Government in power (presidency only) by covering up government dirty deeds, Do their Dirty biddings, arrest, intimidate and in some cases assassinate anyone who would bring down the government through scandals and exposure of the malpractices by the executive arm of government, experts in entrapment and frame-ups, An Organization that cant be scrutinized or answerable to the public or the Law (courts) of the country. A corrupt agency being managed by the worst of all ever so corruptible black humans

    Wike:A Cultist before politics. A Political Thug before 1999 along with Amechi, Wike the sponsor of Armed groups like Amechi, Wike a thief, Wike the corrupt, Wike the murderer, Wike the Governor with Immunity.

    Now with all the above being said, who (wike or Daura DSS) is the liar here. This one is hard to tell oh!

    • utolason

      No, it isn’t hard to tell. Wike is a thug and will always be one. Only those ignorant of his activities will fail to recognise his antics.

      • emmanuel

        It is good having a learned thug in a family. That put the crafty and manipulators in check. We cannot all be mumus.
        DSS arrange to postpone Edo election for effective rigging which went through and you think Wike would take that, so you can call him Dumbo like GEJ (The weakling who took everything)? The APC knew ahead that it may be difficult for Amina Zakari to deliver the re-ryn elections, so the DSS and Police were recruited to do the rigging. Rivers people resisted; only Magnus Abe place where it was do or die claimed life (he felt it would be humiliation after kneeling down severally in public to beg for vote and sharing N5,000.00 to voters)
        Common, only mumus are called gentlemen in Africa Politics where the heads want to sit tight without anything to show for it.
        Fayose you call Thug also, check-mated foolani herdsmen in Southern Nigeria, even when Buhari wanted them to keep mauling people down. All Governors must not be like Enugu State Governor who would cry repeatedly after such killings and remain the mumu you want Wike to be.

  • Ezekben

    This is just a case between the federal government and rivers state. So buhari is using all his military apparatus to make sure he deal with wike because it appear that the gov is the only one that can challenge the federal mighty shoulder to shoulder.

    • Arabakpura

      Since Wike is not the only governor in Nigeria but the only one that can put up a challenge against the sovereignty of Nigeria, I wish him more powers to his elbows so that he will be adequately endowed for the confrontation! I guess the other governors are mumus!

      • GTW

        Are sure you him can stand the heat?

        • Arabakpura

          His language is always:” we shall resist it” so, we believe that there must be something that makes him think he can act in safety!

      • emmanuel

        What about Nigerias sovereign state is challenged by Wike? Is there anywhere where protest are not organised to register mis or mal-governnce? Is anything working in Nigeria? Should you rather commit suicide for inability to pay bill and meet up with financial responsibilities or join in protest to tell a government that managed Nigeria into depression to seat up?
        The Democratic party organised protest against Trump’s victory and the APC sponsored a protest in Ph last week. What is wrong in a protest in Abuja? Is it so that the World would not know that Buharis government has failed? If you think they do not know, ask them why there are no more FDIs and why the last Loan Nigeria shopped for was turned down abroad?
        Should all Nigerians be mumus, then we are in for total doom. By the way, by middle of January, Nigeria will be officially declared to be in depression.
        We already know that the FG/APC is working for the Bureau of statistics to state otherwise, but all economic and financial watch organisations in the World already have details and data

        • Arabakpura

          Right, would it not be better the general populace take to the street which in all honesty I will support than have one man’s name mentioned in all brutal approaches? In spite of all Fayose’s malfeasance, this is where he has an edge over Wike because he can add drama sometimes and relax tense situations but Wike is not gifted with similar gestures! His body language has no lighter moods associated with him and that’s why he needs to be more careful!

      • Ezekben

        It is not the issue of wike challenging against the sovereignty of the nation but about political oppression use Nigeria security. The federal government should stop using the security forces for political vendetta, as long as this things goes on there is no hope for Nigeria under this government.

        • Arabakpura

          Wike unfortunately did the same when he had the opportunity! No condition is permanent!

    • GTW

      Is this how your brain works ?

      • Right Minded

        Maybe you can borrow him your own shallow brain.

        • Africa

          Wrong minded ass….

  • Right Minded

    These lawless DSS are really stepping beyond their boundaries wallahi . The Director of DSS has vowed to deal with Gov Wike for stopping his men from arresting the Judge in Rivers, hence all these malicious allegations against the governor. The only person i pity is Judas Amaechi, because he will surely be at the receiving end of these whole nonsense scenario. The war has been drawn between Daura Secret services and the people of Rivers State. It was EFCC+DSS versus Fayose but when the latter defeated them, they shifted their base to Rivers State. let them bring all the armory to Rivers State, the people will still defeat them. Its Daura versus Wike!

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    • emmanuel

      Olosi. Joseph Makonju is the former Minister for Power and Special Assistant to Dangote (Obasanjo’s eye on his Ibeshe Dangote Factory).
      You are just too cheap a fraudster. You cannot differentiate between Zero and Oh in your phone numbers.

  • Right Minded

    Try and go over your comments and see if you made any sense?

    • Africa

      The guy is a thug and the wrong person to govern Rivers State. How’s that so difficult to understand?

  • emmanuel

    This issue make me feel like vomiting. Has there been anywhere in the World where protest are not organised (sponsored)? Who print posters? who pay allowances for BBOG protesters to remain at Unity Fountain? Who funded Anti-subsidy protest of January 2012?
    This whole thing shows that Buhari has failed woefully and is afraid of his own shadow.
    The DSS has become a rubber stamp having abandoned their trainings to take operational instructions from politicians who are not security personnel.
    If you know protest would be violent, is it not for them to closemark protesters and prepare ahead? What a cheap blackmail? If Fayose gets hot, you block his account and unblock it when he cools down.
    When Wike gets hot, you kill people on his neck and blackmail him for violent protest.
    When will Buhari stop all these and face governance squarely? Must the APC win a SS State by force? Afterall, they have Edo; let them be contented with that.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      And where in the world is your sterling example of government officials organising protests and demonstrations against the same government they are part of?

      Protests are citizens’ rights, not that of government agents.

      If it were not so, civil servants like the police and the military would also have legal rights to strike.

      Please be better informed in your role as a self-appointed “critic”.

      • Gary

        Tell that to your friends in Lagos State and the huge annual budget allocation to the ministry of information and strategy. Which includes putting sections of the Lagos media and so-called Civil Society Organizations on a retainership to support the agenda of the ruling party and The Godfather.

        Then come and tell us how the Occupy NASS protests were/are funded and who pays the online E-rats for their continued propaganda operations dating back to the campaign to defeat the GEJ government. They just added another “social media assistant” to join Toki Ogunlesi in Aso Rock media team. Care to tell us what they do since they not issue statements or post comments in their own names or official capacity?
        You folks still take Nigerians for fools even as they get wiser by the day and see through the charade of a government that duped the people in a platform of change but has turned out to be worse than its predecessor in bastardizing the institutions of government and national security. The SSS now wants to pick and choose which protests to allow and those to ban by charging them of planning to breach the public peace. We are indeed drifting into dangerous times for democracy and human rights under this regime.

        • emmanuel

          The new job of the e-rats who are paid through the Ministry of Information via the platform of SR and PT is to attempt to drive virus into the sources from where dissenting comments are made. They may need to discover that some people use very powerful and upto-date machines, ‘In vain the bangle cast’.
          Kay Soyemi is one one the beneficiaries of such shenanighans of the failures who have run Nigeria aground in 18 months.
          This was how Buhari infested Nigeria in the mid 1980’s if not for the crooked IBB, the Country would have been taken over by IMF then.
          Wike is a man and i urge him to tackle these miscreants in the FG who are making life difficult for everyone. Imagine Buhari who forgot his brain in his cow farm begining moves to get re-elected in 2019. Na so we like death well well; make Bokohari come again?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            “Kay Soyemi is one of the beneficiaries of such shenanigans of…”

            I rightly insist you are an id!ot for the nonsense that just came out of your senseless head.

      • emmanuel

        How Amaechi and co sponsored protest in River State. How the APC sponsored protest in Edo State. Please tell me how the Debo Adeniran, Mumuni etc get funding for the various protest they organise? Na you dey give them? That includes the USA and UK Governments that fund them indirectly through donor agencies they call foundations (so as not to be seen as meddling with affairs of sovereign states)
        When despots rule, truthful people in their system whose advice are ignored seek out various means of sending their message. Who told you that a violent protest was planned for Abuja? The same DSS that deceived Nigeria on Edo election?
        Soyemi, i beg sidon make we see road. We are still waiting for your Buhari to finish cleaning the stable before constituting the various boards, appoint more commissioners to INEC etc.
        We warned, and i am warning again that it will take more than thirty years to rebuild Nigeria from Buharis ruins.

  • Muhammad

    The DSS can do better than this .
    Fair schooling is never a guarantee for a cultured product .
    And leaders do not have to always fit their times in the perspective of clear reason and moral sense .
    Any of the options will have a following . The superior challenge is check diversion from the center of clear reason and moral sense .

  • onyearmy

    You are an irredentist dumb. Just arguing without focus.

  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun

    Wike, Wike, Wike, all because of POWER, you became a destroyer of your people, homeland and your country. Can someone tell this DORO POLITICAL NUISANCE [governor] that he will leave office after 4 or 8 years, he who pays to destroy will surely be destroyed.