Wike Audio: Nigeria Police invite foreign forensic experts, recover corpse of slain officers


The Nigeria Police will hire foreign forensic experts to investigate the leaked audio where Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike was heard threatening to kill uncooperative electoral officials.

The audio was released days after the Rivers re-run election that was marred by violence leading to the death of at least two police officers.

PREMIUM TIMES reported how Mr. Wike could be heard in the audio threatening to kill some electoral commission, INEC, officials whom he claimed had received money but were yet to deliver on their promise.

On Wednesday, the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, confirmed that the forensic investigators would be invited.

He said that forensic experts from outside the county would assist a panel to analyse the audio recordings.

Mr. Idris said the panel to investigate incidents in Rivers elections would be inaugurated on Thursday. He said the police would legally deal with any of its officials involved in election fraud in Rivers.

The Rivers Government has already set up its own commission to investigate the violence that marred the elections while the PDP has rejected the police investigation and asked President Muhammadu Buhari to set up an independent panel on the matter.

The police chief also promised to prosecute those behind the killing of police officers during the re-run elections.

PREMIUM TIMES reported the killing of at least two police officers during the election.

Alkali Mohammed, a deputy superintendent of police, was beheaded during an ambush at Omoku, Onelga Local Government Area.. He was killed alongside his police aide. Mr. Mohammed has since been buried.

Mr. Idris spoke when the Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Mahmood Yakubu, paid him a condolence visit in Abuja on Wednesday.

“I want to assure you and the country that we will not leave any stone un-turned to prosecute those behind the dastardly act,” he said.

He said that the officers were killed in the line of duty to their fatherland.

The I-G said that the situation in Rivers called for the contribution and support of government and party leaders.

“The incidents in Rivers show that we need the support of the people in the areas where elections were held.

“The situation in Rivers has shown that we must say no to election violence in the country,” he said.

He said that four suspects had been arrested in connection with the killings, while investigations were ongoing to get to the root of the matter.

Mr. Idris said that the severed bodies of the killed police officers had been found.

The I-G urged Nigerians to appreciate the efforts of the police and INEC officers in conducting elections in the country.

“We need the support of government and members of the political parties of the states where elections are held,” he said.

Earlier, the INEC Chairman, Yakubu, said that there could never be peaceful elections in the country without adequate security.

“INEC cannot conduct free and fair elections without the Nigeria Police Force,” he said.

He said that the commission would continue to work with security agencies in the county to conduct peaceful elections.

“We have come to condole you and the police for the loss of your men at the Rivers elections,” he said.


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  • imagine_2012

    Waste of time, just like Nigeria.

  • Drama-King

    I hope something will come out of this exercise.

  • eBusinesz

    What of the Video of the SARS commander! Oh that one is not disputable. Any one sided investigation will be resisted by Rivers people. dont know why INEC could not ensure both PDP and APC sign up for videoing of all the election process, to show neutrality of the agency and lets see who even rigs this election (since both PDP/APC claim its the other)
    Videoing of Material distribution, voting, counting and collation will be the solution to this stories before, during and after election.

    INEC should make both parties sign to this videoing and violence will die a natural death. let the popular party/candidate win and let the votes counts!!

    • Sir Demo

      How will you react if the severed body of the official is that of your father? Me? It might take years but I will never stop until Wike and his entire family members are also DECAPITATED alive.

      • stlords

        Your brain is in sambisa forest , read his comment again

  • ascent

    I wonder what you benefit from politicians that you make comments like these. How would your children and loved ones feel to see your head severed from your body while on official duty just to satisfy a politician, whoever it is? Where has your humanity gone? if you know it is a waste of time you shouldn’t have bothered to read the story in the first place. you defend evil as if you have something to hide too.

  • paul irumundomon

    With all the money spent on Nigeria police, there is no qualified nigerian, to analyze that voice to determine, who’s voice that is, shameful to that nation. That means, Nigerians only knows how to steal, and nothing else.

    • zygote

      In fact, you have voice recognition software like “Nuance Dragon” you dont need any expert or qualified Nigerian. The Nigeria police is a complete disgrace!

    • Sir Demo

      I suspect the move is to be transparent and ensure that the criminals don’t shout of pre determination. The identity of the voices is never in doubt

    • Julius

      Would you accept their report after the investigation if it was done by the Nigeria Police ?

  • Deansmart

    There was election in Edo and ondo state before that of rivers state there was no killing or violent with the same INEC and nigerian police on ground ,that shows the reflections of the characters and manners of rivers people they are uncivilized

    • Arogbo

      You’re absolutely right, it’s happening because of the rudderless leadership of Wike who actually believe he can unleash mayhem on that state with impunity. This madman of Rivers State must be called to order.

    • John A

      Yes they are uncivilized, but their oil is not uncivilized, a mad man that is talking.

      • Julius

        Their oil ? The oil belong to the country just like the country took care of them with other regions resources before oil ? Read your history. Majority of their old elites went to school free in the old Western Region and it wasn’t with ‘their oil’ money. When Ojukwu invaded and took over their land/oil, the whole Nigeria liberated them not their oil. They didn’t claim their oil then.

        • John A

          Remain in your civilized region and leave them alone with your apc nonsense. They don’t like your parasitic nature any longer.

    • oyoko

      You are right on point. These are the same people that seized the properties of Ibos’ after the war. While, other part of Nigeria gave back properties to returnee Ibos, Rivers people(notably Ikwerre) refuse to return back same to Ibos. Most of the properties and land in portharcourt belong to the ibos. They have always acted uncivilized and wicked!

  • marc umeh

    They are afraid to conduct the investigation. They know fully well whose voice is on that tape.
    But who will bail the cat. What will they do after the investigation ? That’s the question. If you have a tape of a gov commiting murder in nigeria , what will you do ?. They have immunity , don’t they ?

    • Osakue

      I have not even seen or read where WIKE says that is not his voice

      • Julius

        Me too. I assume he cant because he was him on the tape.

  • Arogbo

    If care is not taking, Wike might find himself behind bars before this is over. Even OBJ would not allow this wanton bloodletting going on in Rivers State to happen under his watch. The Governor is very lucky that Buhari is now a reformed democrat.

    • Richard Wilson

      Go and look at yourself in the Mirrow and tell me what you saw

      • Powerlessconscious

        Are you wike or why do you want to protect him?

      • John A

        He will see a mentally disturbed man, he needs help.

      • Arogbo

        I see myself as a king and a priest programmed and destined to rule in the earth. How about you?

    • John A

      Jihadish buhari is a reformed democrat, you must be high on drugs.

      • Julius

        If he is not, Fayose and Wike will be in cage in prison by now.

  • Richard Wilson

    By arresting the killers, those that sent them will not be hard to find unless the police will protect the Oga at the top

  • thusspokez

    Nigeria Police invite foreign forensic experts, recover corpse of slain officers

    56 years after independence and the Nigeria police still doesn’t have its own forensic experts. I just want to fall on my knees and cry my eyes out for Nigeria. What a useless damned people!

    • Artful ºDodger

      Have they not told you it is wike, did you believe the police? You should have cried for your lack of a good conscience. Fela said ¨ de thing when black no good na foreign things dem dey like..¨ Do you see why the foreign forensic come in now??

  • John A

    I told some morons on this forum that without forensic expert the police can’t do nothing and they start calling me names.
    That voice can be cloned or real, but only those that are specialized in those areas can scientifically prove the origin of that voice.

    • Julius

      I’m sure you will have something else to say once those experts issue their report and it confirm what we all know that it was Wike on that call threatening people like a thug he is.

      • John A

        Absolutely NOT, he should be dealt with according to as the law prescribe.
        The disheartening issues is that the police and inec look the other way concerning the video showing security officers stealing ballot boxes.

        • Julius

          Why don’t you advice Wike and the rest to provide the video to the police, INEC, Newspaper, tv even to SR and make it public ?

          • John A

            If you have not seen the video, then i advice you to check other newspapers.

    • paul irumundomon

      Nigerians should expert two invitations of experts, to analyze that voice. Voice identification is close than finger prints identifucations. The whole world is going to tune in, on TV when the match is exposed. Let me clear it here very carefully, you can not clone voice, because it will be done twice, the governor will have his time to prove that is not him, Nigerians love to waste money. This is not Gloria Okon, who was deported to london that lead to the death of dele giwa.

      • John A

        They don’t have to match anything, stop telling lies.
        The expert only have to authenticate if the recording is real or not (real meaning a human voice or computer animated period).

        • paul irumundomon

          The only way to learn is listen, you don’t know it and all you need to do is listen. You Match the suspected voice wave lenght with known his voice of wike, if you have sight, you see whether the voices came from the same person. There are video of wike speaking everywhere, copy the voice and compare, with software programme, a total cost of $49.99. You see the waves, is like a shell case from a pistol or a finger print comparison, Is just too basic to for every one to see. I don’t know you, wike nor the IG, and don’t even care about you either, you can die in your misery, you people chose . If you can afford it, buy it and demonstrate it in you regular laptop.

  • Julius

    I hope Wike lawyers are telling him that there is no immunity for criminal offense. Threatening violence, to kill somebody is criminal. We shall see.

  • Artful ºDodger

    The solution to this matter and the police officers killed is simple. The family members should simply plan their own reprisal, locate wike in his weak point and cut off his own head too. There you have it, problem and a deterrent against future occurrence solved.

  • thusspokez

    The whole foreign expert thing will end up costing the police a lot of money and end in a farce. There are to many boxes to tick for it to be accepted in Nigerian courts.

    (1) Is the alleged tape authentic? If yes, says who?

    (2) In how many cases in the past 56 years had the Nigerian police used evidence from phonetics experts? It can’t be that many otherwise it would have setup its own phonetics/voice recognition forensic department and manned by trained phonetics experts.

    (3) So is the phonetics/voice recognition forensic even accepted as evidence in Nigerian courts? Do Nigerian even have a standard for which phonetics/voice recognition forensic should attain in other for it to be used in evidence?

    (4) How familiar is this foreign forensic expert with Nigerian phonetics? A good defence lawyer will have a field day on this question.

    (5) Can a foreign forensic expert without any credential in Nigeria allowed give evidence in Nigerian court?

    (6) Did the Nigerian police legally obtain sample of Wike’s voice or did Wike voluntarily provide sample of his voice to enable the expert undertake the investigation? If not, how did they get one to make the comparison with the one on the alleged tape?

    (7) If the expert had used biometric voice recognition software, is the software certified by Nigeria or reputable world organisation or both?

    …et cetera et cetera