EXCLUSIVE: Contrary to SSS claim, documents show how FCTA paid for Magu’s official residence

EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu
EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

Newly obtained documents have shed more light into how the official residence of the embattled chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, was paid for.

The documents showed that Ibrahim Magu’s apartment was paid for and furnished by the Federal Capital Territory Administration.

The additional details provide further backing to a fact-check published by this newspaper over the weekend that highlighted the falsehood in a security report the State Security Service forwarded to the Senate to frustrate the confirmation of Mr. Magu.

New Director General of SSS, Lawan Daura
Director General of SSS, Lawan Daura.

Further investigations have since shown that the SSS actually sent two contradictory reports; one recommending Mr. Magu’s confirmation and the other saying he would be a liability to the anti-corruption war if cleared for the post.

Nigerian senators last Friday declined to approve President Muhammadu Buhari’s nomination of Mr. Magu, who has been functioning in acting capacity since November 9, 2015, because he failed a purported security screening.

The SSS screening report, which was later sighted by this newspaper, made allegations of fraud, lavish lifestyle, insubordination and racketeering against the acting head of the anti-graft agency.

A particular claim in the report was that Mr. Magu suddenly assumed a lifestyle well above his take-home pay. The SSS said the EFCC chief paid about N40 million for an apartment in the exquisite Abuja neighbourhood of Maitama.

But documents obtained after the Senate’s refusal to confirm Mr. Magu show that the SSS might have failed to properly check its fact before presenting it to the Senate.

Mr. Magu’s apartment, which the SSS said was acquired with questionable proceeds, was actually paid for by the FCTA through a contract award on March 30, 2016.

The contractor, Valcour SA Nigeria Ltd., had entered a bid to furnish the apartment with a total of N43.8 million on March 29, 2016.

The firm calculated the bill as N9.8 million for furniture, N1.5 million for plumbing and N414,500 for electrical work and carpentry.

Nigerian Senate
Nigerian Senate

Other activities to be carried out in the apartment, according to the contractor, included purchase and installation of new television set and cable for N1.28 million, window blind for N1.18 million and security, utility and gym equipment for N1.5 million.

Twenty-eight million was budgeted for a two-year rent of the apartment which was described as ‘Rudolf House’ in the document.

In a letter dated March 30, 2016, the proposal was approved by the municipal authorities in Abuja.

The letter, with reference number AMMC/ADM/907, and signed by Ibrahim Gusau, Secretary, Tenders Board at Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, read as follows:

“I am directed to inform you that provisional approval has been given for an emergency award of contract to your company in line with PPA Section 42 (1b and 1f) for rent of residential accommodation for security operatives (EFCC) for two (2) years and furnishing same at the total sum of 43, 800.00 (Forty Three Million Eight Hundred Thousand Naira) only with completion period of 6 (six) weeks for furnishing.

“You are requested to proceed with the service and note that the notification of provisional award is subject to notification by the Federal Capital Territory Administration Tenders Board.

“Accordingly, I am directed to inform you also that “the contract or any part thereof shall not be transferred, sublet or assigned to any person/body in any way.

“You’re requested to indicate in writing your acceptance or otherwise of the award and thereafter report to the Coordinator, Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC) for further instruction. The legal unit (AMMC) is similarly informed by a copy of this letter for their information and records.”

Valcour SA accepted the offer in a letter sent the next day, March 31. A total payment of N43,800,870 was made to the firm through a Zenith Bank account. Payment was made to the contractor through electronic transfer by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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  • absam777

    So much for Senate oversight. The senators lead by Saraki are nothing but criminals. They have a security report which they did not try to verify if it was true. I am happy that they committed this grave error. They are exposed as bunch of selfish parasites who will rather stop the good work done by the EFCC under Magu.

    • Emeka

      My dear, their actions were not deliberate, but rather, a design from heaven, which would expose the dirty characters of our supposed lawmakers. It’s the WILL of God this shenanigans did unfold at this time, so the world could see the lawmakers for what they truly are.

    • Yemi

      Now i beginning to wonder who’s really in charge of ruling this country, this has really confirm what Saharareporters has been talking abt since August 2016,the Cabal within d presidency collaboration wt Saraki to fustrate d PMB corruption drive ,Mr President wake up this’s not abt 2019 bt rather ur integrity

    • Legislative Watch

      @absam777:disqus & @disqus_1P4NU5rbm0:disqus

      Bukola Saraki is total misfit…

      Nobody can give what he doesn’t have. That is the issue. The Senators we have in Nigeria
      wholly if not entirely have empty skulls – which is not to say they are wholly brain dead –
      but they find thinking too hard to do, partly because brain cells can’t usually be told
      to steal and think constructively at the same time. If Bukola Saraki, for example,
      were a thinking person, he would have saved the Senate from this disgrace.
      Two contradictory scurity reports can never equate negative finding in logic.
      But Bukola Saraki does not know better. Bukola Saraki is an utter misfit.

      • Na Weytin?


      • Gary

        Now here comes the e-mob on Sabbatical from SR.
        Saraki wrote or commissioned the alleged SSS reports on your cult hero, Ibrahim Magu. The SSS Chief reports to Saraki or has blood ties to him.
        Now you folks are so mad and lashing out even at Buhari , the boss of your propaganda mentors who pay your stipends. Just how self-destructive can you get?

        You want Buhari to fire his owncousin he chose as SSS Chief ostensibly to watch his back, all over Ibrahim Magu?

        Really, are you guys that dumb?

        • absam777

          No sir, we are not dumb and Dumbonathan is no longer in power. However, we are watching Dumbohari. The president was not voted in to help himself and his family. If he is so insecure, he should bugger off.
          As for your opinion on Saraki, I think you are not objective. Two contradictory reports, refusal to hear the side of the accuse and nonchalant attitude to corruption should tell you that the house is full of unpatriotic and dishonorable people. Please don’t be a Dumbogary on this matter.

  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    The leader of a country or even the MD of a company doesn’t have to be the smartest guy or the most educated or experienced guy.

    What is expected of leaders is for them to be at least smart enough to chose the right team required to achieve their vision and plans.

    Its unfathomable the level and number of incompetent and unqualified people that our dear & respected President has appointed as ‘right hand men’

    Even Donald Trump appointed a Nigerian to his economic team. Trump went out to look for the best and brightest.

    His Excellency President Buhari has failed in appointing the right people. He has delegated his authority and allowed his name to be used by a large number of incompetent and unqualified people. Nigeria is suffering for his poor judgment.

    Thankfully, Its never too late. Nigeria is a resilient and dynamic country and we can survive so much mismanagement. The President must immediate start to look worldwide for the best hands to run this country.

    He should appoint Nigerians for sensitive offices with security implications but for all other positions; he should undertake a world wide search for the best and most qualified. Be they Indian, Russian, American, South African or even Egyptian ! We need most competent hands to run our Airports, Sea Ports, Developmental Agencies etc. We need competent advisors and ministers!

    Please Mr. president, get your act together and stop wasting our valuable time! Run this country properly for God’s sake!

  • share Idea

    When the Kitchen cabinet members of Buhari finish their fight, they should continue with their media propaganda.

  • persona

    Buhari, you asked for investigative journalism, here you have it. If PT can do a better job than Daura, why keep him?
    DSS should be watched as they have shown they MAY go to any lengthy to discredit anyone just because he is against them.
    The integrity of the DSS had been soiled since the dark days of Marylyn Ogar and now that its another cabal, it means they are only loyal to their paymasters(whosoever that may be). the nation has had enough crap and Buhari should take the deeper lesson, he will lose his integrity because of his own kinsmen and may even lose his life if he doesn’t contain the cabal coming for him.
    Aisha was right that people who did work are shut out, those with no credibility are the main people. Buhari, it is time to go to the other room and listen to your one true special “assistant”.

    • Peter_Edo


      • bjay

        Thank you buhari is weaker than Jonathan in policy making,aisha revelations is coming out.

        • Peter_Edo

          Well i didn’t say all that. PMB might not be ultimate in policy formation, but very adept at policy enforcement where GEJ was extremely lacking!

    • CEO

      I can understand your disgust with this whole game, but please do your best to contain your emotions. There may be more to surface. The country is sitting on a powder keg presently, we are not praying for what you’ve expressed here, as it would lead to deleterious consequences for the country. Again your frustration is valid, but let’s take it one day at-a-time.
      Keep in mind that these revelations here may not rescue Magu. Remember my reply to you last week. There could still be plan “B” in the pipeline. Buhari has now asked Magu’s arch enemy, Abubakar Malami to investigate him. Tradition and family may be playing out here.

      • persona

        I am not voicing the worst, in security circles, you plan based on worst case scenarios. It is why personnel are armed to be able to contain an attack.
        Buhari should know that Dimka was close to his leader and took his counsel also and Daura is definitely not doing all he is doing to wrestle Monguno that he should be reporting to, he is doing it to make Buhari take everything he says or suggests afterwards and that can also be a bad suggestion should it come to that.
        Whatever is happening pales in comparison to the failure of what is supposed to be a reputable institution simply because of power grabbers as against professionals who had retired and was brought back but alas, we are still not building institutions but men of power.

        • CEO

          You’ve nailed it right on, and that’s politics for you. It’s got it’s tap dancing aspect, and try as you may as a politician to avoid it, you might as well be trying to run away from your shadow. Buhari’s case has been complicated by his unwavering nepotism ridiculous self righteousness. I will be shocked to my bones should Magu survive this. But he also bears part of the blame for what is happening to him. For him to accept this furnished apartment from FCT, when his agency has its own budget amounts to criminal negligence. Also, being remotely neat Umar Umoru, an indicted member of Buhari’s PACAC is suicidal. This was the same Umoru who it was reported, used his position as a member of the PACAC to shake down individuals and various companies, collecting bribes for Malami and Babachir, in order to shield them from prosecution. We will see how it goes, but I have my doubts, Faura appears to be the substantive president

          • persona

            I very much understand politics but everything we do in this country is built around self and not geared towards institutions.
            There is nothing wrong with him taking official quarters because every civil servant is provided for. Will it surprise you to know how much was spent on Kyari, Daura and Malami’s houses? Every head of parastatal gets his/her house provided for by the same agency. The Budget of EFCC is not for his housing because the FCDA is charged with housing such officials including Kyrai, Daura, ministers, judged etc. Magu did nothing wrong there.
            On the count with Umar, Magu cant walk around as though he has no reason to work or even interact with a member of a panel he was asked to have a sit with on national assignement. The man was headed same way and took a fellow member on his craft, I see nothing wrong there as long as he didn’t compromise himself while onboard. The only challenge I have is with his flight for the Umrah and its not impossible that he either had his own means to have paid for it as long as it was not tainted. To buy a 1m plus ticket is not a crime because it may be what he had set his mind on and chose to fund it. Some of us spend same to not only travel but buy choice items provided we worked hard and can afford it. My kids school fees may be more than what he spent buying the ticket, my kids are my priority, traveling to worship may be his. My issue is, should the DSS tell lies just to indict someone? Farida Waziri did this back then to Ribadu and his team was dismantled and cases became cold. Let us not deceive ourselves, politicians have skeletons in the cupboard. After Ribadu,both Waziri and Lamorde did nothing to fight crime. Once these guys have their lackey in there, the bite of EFCC is gone.
            As much as I detest that we are talking about a man and not an institution, we must also realize that Buhari is seemingly boxed in by these corrupt elements around him. He has made mistakes, he has to correct them to have his expectations on track.

    • Höly Wähala

      You ought to have heard of Brown Envelope in modern Nigerian lingua… wonder why Premium Times and co. keep telling us, “the report sighted by this newspaper”…says this-n-that, why can’t they publish the full report so you and I read the details therein contained? Since when did newspaper investigative journalists start substituting professional security agents trained in criminal investigations? This is not about Aisha or any cabal, ask yourself how come Magu united his enemies at the Presidency and Senate then, you may be able to reason outside the box.

      • Julius

        You also can see the caliber of the people doing the screening. In a sane country, those people will never even be in the Senate. You know why they don’t want this dude as the head of EFCC. Yes, they are scared and covering their own asses. Its not for the love of the country and some floated transparency.

        • Höly Wähala

          @Julius… is it right that Magu spent N83million of taxpayers’ money on his house alone? Forget the Senators, call it as-is make I hear you loud and clear… did he have to travel first class to perform lesser or greater hajj? This same Senators rejected the Ambassadorial nominees sent by Buhari and no hoopla resulted from that, why didn’t Premium Times and SaharaReporters devote so much time investigating why the Senators turned back those people? Magu does not have two heads biko, he is just one gorimapa at Oshodi Bus Stop and many more will soon shave their heads so… Go siddon! LOL.

          • Julius

            No, he is not worth that sort of lifestyle unless he is spending his own money. I agree with you on that , matter of fact, none of them deserves that. Now, you are smart enough to know that the Ambassadors can’t investigate them or investigate corruption . Who Wetin be your toro with the Times and Sahara self ? lolz

          • Höly Wähala

            I’m a straight shooter… No Best Friends, No Worse Enemies. Their relentless coverage of #MaguMatta is simply annoying, my beef is not only Ibrahim Magu can function as EFCC boss, others headed it before him and others will head it after him… PT and SR are making themselves look like errand boys. Glad you agree with me that Magu is living above the skies. On your other question, No! me ke? Head to Nigeria in recession for Xmas? You definitely want them to search my sokoto pockets and steal even my blockus… Sufferheads too many jor. LOL°°°°!

          • Julius

            You are a straight shooter till they write something that you like, then you take side. We are all human . As for Naija, me too, I dey stay put besides my folks are here already, bro u hear me… ALREADY ! smh ,and I’m still spending money. Poor me, lolz. I hear you jare

          • Gary

            Well, I can see that you know better and likely had a first-hand experience but the rest of the world is again seeing an orchestrated media propaganda campaign on behalf of Ibrahim Magu this time. Not the APC and the Buhari campaign as was done in 2014/15.

            Again the uninitiated and gullible Nigerians will be led to think that the sky is falling and corruption triumphant unless one man, Ibrahim Magu, is named EFCC Chairman. As if he’s the only person with the brains and integrity to lead the agency in a nation of 180 million.
            Those on his retainer in and out of the media are now being mobilized to attack the President, the Senate, the SSS and anyone they view as an obstacle to their cult hero.

            It’s weird Karma that the propaganda machine deployed to serve the power brokers of the APC is now being deployed to advance the interest of Ibrahim Magu. To the extent that even the President is being openly threatened on his behalf.
            Is Ibrahim Magu bigger than the country?

        • Honorable Lawal

          It is sad that the fortune of our beloved country is left to the whims and caprices of a fraternity of thieves aka NASS. Are we collectively daft and helpless in bringing down NASS and the cabal strangulating Buhari administration? Like seriously,are we lol? I see a country that cannot move forward.

          • Julius

            Gbam !!

      • persona

        Bros, I am definitely not one that supports any politician nor do I think that any man is indispensable.
        My challenge is this: Must the DSS tell a lie in their bid to nail a man?
        DSS and NASS have refused to provide the “security report” and yet, we have seen document based on the approved e-payment receipt for the building and it was NOT PAID for by Umar.
        You have rightly said that he flew 1st class but its the same PT that confirmed that he did while they debunked the other details.
        The housing issue has nothing to do with him. I can bet you that Daura stays in a more expensive house, Kyari stays in same, Magu should not be the scapegoat.
        The interesting part is that, the rules of civil service determine where certain head of parastatals live and it predates Magu. I recall when we had discussions about your aunt, you did say it was under her purview to negotiate her payment even as the rules was clear that everyone would be paid based on civil service bands.
        I will stand for process and not persons and that is my issue with DSS here. They have told a lie so cheap that PT was able to uncover it and discredit them. The conflicting reports alluded to here is why Buhari has asked for a new report. It will be interesting if his mortal adversary also indict him.
        Daura is the new Marylyn Ogar and the reformation in the DSS is not happening even under the chanji.

  • Gary

    PT how about sending a reporter to CAC to check the directors/owners of Valvcour SA.
    We want to know from whom the FCDA leased the property to clear the air totally that neither Magu nor anyone close to him was involved in the transaction.

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    The fact is that the combination of Abba Kyari, Lawan Daura and Attorney General in colussion with National Assembly have successfully formed a Mafia to ensure Buhari fails. It is gravious mistake as the investigation Panel is to be appointed by the Attorney General.

  • Kunle Adufe

    The conspiracy agenda b/w d Senate & DSS is unfortunate.DSS needs to be re-structure for better efficiency

  • Burning Spear

    It is madness of the highest order for any Journalist ————-or media House to insult the sensibilities of Nigerians with this childish stories designed to cover the thieving habits of drug addicts like Magu——EFCC has its own budget—–so why should the FCT now go out of her way to rent an apartment and furnish it for Magu-?————Can Magu and her mentor Premium Times tell us why efcc had to take money from the FCT for the use of Magu? Is that what the act establishing-efcc says————Besides—what would happen if an official of the FCT commits an offence—————-how would———————such a person be investigated by Magu? The story itself has only succeeded in exposing the stealing habits of magu in that…he must have collected money from his office and gone around to take another from the FCT…….SEPARATION IS THE ONLY WAY OUT————–NOT THESE LIES BY PT—–

  • ParallaxSnap

    N43.8m to furnish an apartment when many Nigerian families go to bed on empty stomach? Still business as usual.

    • Akiika

      Haba, try read the story first now!

      • ParallaxSnap

        Yes. I read the story and according to the story, N43.8m contract was awarded to furnish the EFCC’s chief accommodation. It went further to break the figure down to plumbing work, curtains etc. What then has changed? If in the face of recession and extreme hardship, government or one of it’s agencies is spending that much on mere furnishing. Whether the money came from Magu’s pocket, FCDA ( meanwhile are they his employers) or federal govt, there is no justification to that.

  • Wetin Naija

    The NASS is the big house of criminals and fraudsters. I know they will try to bring down Magu because of his honest fight against corruption, but we Nigerians will not allow these criminals in NASS get away with it. We need more people like Magu to help clean up this dirty and corrupt system that is destroying Nigeria. Any member of the Senate that is not corrupt let him come forward and say so.

    • ijelejames

      Don’t mind the retarded criminals. Nigerians are watching.

  • delbod

    I know from onset that this president is an inept personalty judging from the way he handled the appointment of his ministers . Even Donald Trump has almost finished making appointment into his key areas of his government . This is how you know a serious competent leader. Buhari enjoyed the goodwill from the people in the last election simply because people are tired of massive stealing that were going on then .
    And also the goodwill he enjoyed as a dictator with Tunde Idiagbon, dictating between 1983/85.
    It is now glaring to the public that the man ,Buhari, has nothing to offer Nigerians almost 2 years of his presidency.
    With the kind of people he surrounded himself with he can never succeed in achieving anything.

  • ijelejames

    So why was there a confirmation problem in the first place? Saraki, dogara and the criminal members of NASS and the criminal elite are trying to get rid of Magu for investigating them. Buhari should take note. If they succeed, the war against corruption will fail because they will appoint a corrupt person to head EFCC. They don’t like Magu because he is their nemesis. Buhari, shine your eyes.

    • Burning Spear

      It is really sad that we still have yr likes in Nigeria—would it be right then for us to say that Buhari is after Saraki because it was his father, late Senator Saraki who discovered the theft of 2.8b by Bingo Buhari which he hid in Midland Bank in London—–?——-Aware our only plea to yr likes is to put on yr regional thinking caps before u post yr luciferic comments for us here—————

      • ijelejames

        Anal talk. I will ignore.

  • marc umeh

    Buhari is trying to reform nigerians. But how can anyone fight corruption when people that matter are all oposed to it .
    Maybe that’s mission impossible.

  • Guest

    1. Why did the FCTA rent official accommodation for the EFCC boss rather than the EFCC renting for itself??
    2. Where did the previous EFCC chairpersons stay? Official quarters or rented apartments?
    3.Why is the renting of accommodation categorised by the FCTA as an ’emergency contract’ which means no vetting by BPP?
    4.Is 3 a deliberate act in order to inflate the cost of the contract (e.g 1.5m for ‘plumbing’, why will any tenant pay for plumbing and carpentry works for a house he is renting at 14million per annum?)
    5. Why is it impossible to directly rent the house rather than award an “emergency contract”
    6.If the SSS can manipulate “security reports” to serve a given end as in this case, what sort of damage have they cause this government and Nigeria by other “security reports”?
    7.What is the quaity of the ‘security reports’ the President has been receiving given that the SSS was not even able to the FCTA rather than Air Cdre Umar paid for the accommodation which they are presenting as evidence of ‘corruption” by Magu in their ‘security report’?
    8. The DG of the SSS and the Minister of the FCT are the President’s relatives, given the mess they have made of this affair(directly or indirectly), will it be fair to say they hold their positions not because they are competent but because they are relatives of the President??
    The quality of Buhari’s appointees is below abysmal. He will do well to jettison nepotism in his appointments if he wants to succeed.While Nigeria will survive this onslaught of mediocrity,his government will not survive it.

  • Debaptist

    Just when you think Nigerians have disgraced themselves enough before the international community another shameful episode starts. How do you explain to any sane human being that the very person nominated by an anti corruption regime to lead the fight is now being accused by the secret service arm of the same government of corruption, that instead of forwarding it’s findings to the presidency, they decided to send it to the National Assembly! In case we don’t realise the implications of this unfolding scenario, this implies that the SSS by this action has shown Nigerians that the allegations they have raised against Nigerians so far, the very basis for the present fight against corruption, the incarceration of men like Dasuki are most likely based on false premise, that Buhari has succeeded in assembling a bunch of incompetent people bent on rubbishing whatever efforts he is putting in to fight corruption. If it is still true that a house that is divided against itself will fall, then, those in charge of the present government should check this trend or get ready for a messy fall.

  • Dead End.

    Either anybody likes it or not; Abba Kyari, Lawan Daura, and Bukola Saraki are now the ones ruling Nigeria. The emergence of Saraki and Dogara as the senate president and the speaker of the house of representatives respectively was the highest mistake made by Buhari in the early stage of his government when he said he could work with anybody. All these dubious men, and their cohort have hijacked the change Nigerians voted for; as they’re now reaping where they did not sow, and indirectly caging Nigeria…. Buhari is seriously becoming a disappointment…..

  • CEO

    Burning Spear has asked a valid question here, as to why EFCC with it’s own budget, would have FCT furnish an apartment for it’s Acting Chairman. Looking into who the directors of the furnishing company are, may be crucial to determining what played out behind the scene. There may be more to come.

    • Julius

      FCT is not EFCC.

  • paul irumundomon

    DSS AND SSS, are now part of the lie group, an extention of pdp. what a nation, full of confused citizens. Why must Magu be the man to head EFCC. They did the same mess with the notorious Commisiiner BIU. At the end, the entire nation saw how he released Nigerian most wanted, still he was retired with honor. This time around is Magu, DSS and SSS, have become liars. Premium Times is not more of people with the right information about Magu. Come to the United state and see the life of FBI director, past and present, ro see how people with integrity work and live by their monthly salaries. A police officer in Nigeria, flies first class, mentained two address, one in abuja and another in lagos, so by this alone, somebody is already paying him. Unless you don’t live in Nigeria, you probably won’t understand, how Nigerian poluce, stay on the express ways, begging to get a free ride from lagos to abuja and there fellow ofgicers, paid in the same currency, is flying first class, big shame to buhari and his supporters.

    • Höly Wähala

      DSS and SSS are one and the same organization… IBB called them SSS while OBJ changed their acronym to DSS. Stands for, Directorate for State Security (State Security Services), nothing but goons at the beck of Mr. President…

      • Col. Nemesis Mariam

        Thanks for the lesson.
        Can you also teach us the “times table”?
        We kids are just dying to hear from a grow-up.

        • Höly Wähala

          Quit trolling my comments old drunk… Get Lost!

      • paul irumundomon

        Hmmmmmmmmmm, I’m trying to separate and divide what you just wrote here. What is the right name to call them, or their wrong names. Buhari must have a name chosen for them too.
        You can see the disorganization of that dark, black minded leaders Nigerians chose to have, and die to protect. Name is not really relevant here, must this man lead the efcc, that is my question. What is the catch 21, that Magu, from the small revelations and defence of him, must be the one to lead these bodies (it might be more tgan one), he does not merit that position. We have the cream of the crops, almost everywhere in Nigeria. Is buhari afraid to appoint the best in Nigeria for once, to lead efcc.
        Ribadu, one time was the head of efcc, obj used him to chase his enemies in the bushes. Some money collected from criminals were reported missing under his watch, some were not even registered when stolen money was reciev3d. He move from one political party to another. The west saw him as a good man, they looked at only one side of him. They did not realize that, to deal with a Nigeria, you don’t let no breathing to be loud enough to attract lions. Even if you don’t have a relative in the police force, you must have a friend or a friend to your friends. When police with reputation of ribadu purchased a house in abuja, whether his father inlaw, paid for the house or made a down payment, it bring us back to the fraud that has engulfed every Nigerian. Magu with first class flight, is enough to disqualify him.
        I know the cost of first class tickers, and there some police officers, I give free ride to, when I travel on Nigerian high ways, some I still add free meal, when I listen to them talk about their jobs and salaries. Come to the commisioner’s office in lagos, the first room as you approach the main building, is where officers on special duties sleep. How I wish I can go there now to tell them that Magu, their felloe officer, fly first class and let them know also the cost of one round trip first class ticket.

  • Höly Wähala

    “The SSS screening report, which was later sighted by this newspaper, made allegations of fraud, lavish lifestyle, insubordination and racketeering against the acting head of the anti-graft agency… The contractor, Valcour SA Nigeria Ltd., had entered a bid to furnish the apartment with a total of N43.8 million on March 29, 2016.” – Premium Times

    Three key facts to note here without sentiments are a) Mr. Magu lives in a N40million (2yrs) mansion. b) The mansion cost Nigerian taxpayers N43million to furnish and c) Magu took a first class flight against the directive of the President of Nigeria. Compared to what his predecessors Ribadu/Waziri paid for their housing and you will no doubt agree with the report regardless who paid what to whom, and for what. This media blitz by Magu is not going to erase the fact that he is not the only man qualified to head the EFCC no matter how well he’s doing his job. The partisan disparity in carrying out his job remains uncontested, the man is biased and very corrupt. He ought to “step aside” if he’s as honorable as Premium Times and SaharaReporters want me to believe. Bottom line is, Magu lives a “lavish lifestyle” and was “insubordinate” to the President of Nigeria… Shikena!

    • Julius

      “Compared to what his predecessors Ribadu/Waziri paid for their housing and you will no doubt agree with the report regardless who paid what to whom, and for what”. Can you provide us those figures that Waziri/Ribadu paid for their housing, bare in mind of the year..inflations, please. Oga, you dey go home for the holiday ?

      • paul irumundomon

        I dey fear now, I maybe on Christmas day, are you going?

        • Julius

          lol, you be Wahala ? Anyway, no fear sha..you’ve been fine just let ya folks know your movements. lol

          • paul irumundomon

            Thanks for the good advice

      • emmanuel

        You are dumb and back with this senseless ‘can you produce evidence’? You come up with this slogan when your people are caught napping. Have you forgotten that the DSS have better investigative apparatus that the EFCC?
        Are you in twentieth century Northern Nigeria? Common, summon up courage and jump into a moving Kano bound Train, so we can have some peace.
        The modern World has no value for men without character. N40 million house in 2 years?
        i already mentioned that PT is doing the executioners job by twisting the story, not minding that Lawan Daura is up in arms and Malami will fight this fight dirty too.
        Malami, Daura 1 & 2, Magu, Yakub of INEC, Burutai all questionable characters.

        • Julius

          Jack-ass, which one of those you mentioned is my people ? You dey well so ? You mean you can throw something out and nobody has the right to ask for evidence ? I mean what they paid for their housing is a public record. Dumb ass, do the research.

  • Sword of Damocles

    I cannot believe that President Buhari’s administration has turned out like this. Simply stunning. Only the removal of Daura as DG of SSS & the removal & PROSECUTION of Abba Kyari, will suffice US, who have supported this admin thru nepotism(CBN & family hirings), corruption(the thieves deep in this administration, while shutting out COMPETENT Technocrats), incompetency, no plan to resolve the economic maladies. And most unforgivable COMPLICITY with enemies/traitors of the FRN???(people who have put the people’s money in their pocket). I am truly heartbroken, Our Creator is a JUST God, and we his children will have JUSTICE. Elites have proven without doubt that they have NO redeeming qualities

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Fully behind your sentiments on this, bruv.

      These are the people backstabbing Buhari and lending him fly whiskers to chase flies about his head.

      He needs to get rid of them like yesterday.

    • marig

      Supported! Buhari must show that he is still fully committed to the fight against corruption as promised during the campaign.

  • Burning Spear

    It is madness of the highest order for any Journalist ————-or media House under the control of the Apes in APC—to insult the sensibilities of Nigerians with this childish stories designed to cover the thieving habits of drug addicts like Magu——EFCC has its own budget—–so why should the FCT now go out of her way to rent an apartment and furnish it for Magu-?————Can Magu and her mentor Premium Times tell us why efcc had to take money from the FCT for the use of Magu? Is that what the act establishing-efcc says————Besides—what would happen if an official of the FCT commits an offence—————-how would———————such a person be investigated by Magu? The story itself has only succeeded in exposing the stealing habits of magu in that…he must have collected money from his office and gone around to take another from the FCT…….SEPARATION IS THE ONLY WAY OUT————–NOT THESE LIES BY PT—–

  • Man_Enough

    Daura ought to be sacked

    • David Adeniran

      I completely agree with. The guy is one of the few that has held the President hostage. He may turn out to be a fifth columnist in his administration. This guy may derail the President’s good intention.