Nigerian Army General who lied about troops’ mutiny escapes lynching by hungry soldiers

FILE PHOTO: Nigerian Army troops clearing Boko Haram enclaves along Bitta to Tokumbere, Sambisa Forest, Borno state
FILE PHOTO: Nigerian Army troops clearing Boko Haram enclaves along Bitta to Tokumbere, Sambisa Forest, Borno state

Victor Ezegwu, the General Officer Commanding of the Nigerian Army 7 Division in Maimalari, escaped being lynched by rampaging Nigerian soldiers on Friday morning, PREMIUM TIMES can report.

Details of the attempted assault on Mr. Ezegwu, a major general, by troops attached to ‘Operation Rescue Finale’ in Sambisa Forest, came a day after he denied our report about a mutiny on the battlefront.

The troops were enraged over poor welfare arrangement and alleged deceit by their commanders, our sources recounted.

Specifically, they accused the commander of leaving them to fight for two days without food. The incident occurred in Sambisa Forest on Friday morning, as this newspaper reported.

Most of the soldiers involved in the mutiny were deployed to Sambisa from 21 Brigade in Bama, Borno State.

PREMIUM TIMES obtained new details of the incident on Saturday, that show that the soldiers went from 9:00 a.m. on December 14 till 6:00 p.m. on December 15 — more than 24 hours — without food.

When Mr. Ezegwu eventually arrived in a helicopter bearing foods and other supplies on Friday morning, the troops swooped on him and scavenged the snacks, food and water he brought. They removed all the supplies, including parts for operational vehicles and other equipment, before moving towards the GOC in an attempt to attack him, our sources said.

“The GOC escaped being lynched because he was immediately shoved into an aircraft and whisked away from the area,” a source said.

With their target having escaped, the troops began sporadic firing, sources said. They also rained curses on their commander.

Army spokesman, Sani Usman, did not immediately respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ request for comments Saturday afternoon.

Shortly after our report about the incident on Friday, Mr. Ezegwu issued a statement to deny our facts.

Mr. Ezegwu said he was at Bama on Friday morning but he did not witness any outbreak of violence amongst the troops, much less against his person.

“I want to assure that nothing like mutiny happened in Bama. Nothing happened,” he told reporters in Maiduguri on Friday. “I just came back from Bama and nothing like that happened.”

Military sources told PREMIUM TIMES that the Army has commenced efforts to evacuate some troops from the area in order to forestall complete breakdown of order. The Army leadership will also increase supply of essential materials to the troops.

The latest tumult over lack of adequate food and water for the troops came eight months after a similar situation played out in Alagarno.

At the time, troops fighting to take control of the town attempted to kill their GOC after they were left for five days without water.

There have been repeated cases of mutiny by Nigerian soldiers since the war against Boko Haram began, and the Army has tried over 100 soldiers for the offence.

The worst case occurred in May 2014 when troops of 7 Division, angered by the death of 12 of their colleagues in a Boko Haram ambush, opened fire on the vehicle of their General Officer Commanding (GOC), Ahmadu Mohammed, a major general.

The soldiers were later arrested, tried and jailed.

The Army launched “Operation Rescue Final” earlier this month to dislodge Boko Haram insurgents from Sambisa Forest — a massive reserve which has long been occupied by the terrorists— and rescue civilians trapped there.

The commanders have claimed success in the operation, with thousands of women and children having been announced rescued.

But the momentum is being threatened by frequent complaints of poor equipment and welfare for the troops.

In October soldiers told PREMIUM TIMES of how they were forced to go without salaries for months.

Similarly, the troops also complained about their allowances being arbitrarily reduced by their commanders as well as how they made do with low-nutrient meals in undignified environments.

Although the Army denied any poor treatment of the personnel, it immediately started paying the soldiers a few days after the report.

Since then, soldiers have regularly reported being timely and appropriately remunerated and expressed their comfort until yesterday’s fallout.


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  • Rommel

    Why this level of incompetence in Nigeria such that people have to riot before anything can be achieved,last week it was super falcons,now this,under Jonathan it was same story,what is responsible for this kind of behavior,are Nigerians a cursed people?

    • okenwa

      Even you comments here are worst than cursed nigerians.

    • Otile

      Your people brought the curse on Nigerians. Consider the bloodshed, disease and hardship they brought to Nigeria since 1967. They’re now beginning to reap what they sowed. Allah ya Sariki.

      • Col. Nemesis Mariam

        It appears to me that you will be fighting that civil war until you take your last puff of fresh air.
        The rest of us have decided to move on.
        Best wishes to you in this perpetual struggle to nowhere.
        Just leave us out of it.

        • Otile

          Which civil war are talking about? You are dishonest to say that Islamic terrorism is a civil war. Since 1967 your masters have been using Gowon, Col Murtala Mohammed, Imam Usuf, Imam Qaqa, and now Imam Abu Shekau to conquer and Islamize Nigeria. Is that what you call civil war?

          • Col. Nemesis Mariam

            Do you admit that before this attempt to “Islamize” Nigeria, the country has been a Christian nation?
            I take it that this is an attempt to stop the rampaging war which you Christians have been silently waging against Nigerians.

          • Otile

            You are still talking about imaginary civil war. Call a spade a spade. All along your islamic masters have been using some greedy, selfish non Moslems to help them carry out jihad. Is that what you call civil war?

          • Young Sojo

            Otile are you Nigeria or Christian if you’re one try no that what you saying is violence against the nation

    • abdul dull daura

      Buhari is the present problem of Nigeria

      • Rommel

        And who was the problem 2 years ago?

        • abdul dull daura

          You. For deceiving the people with Buhari lies.

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    • cheky

      Thank you for not defending your demi-god this time around.

  • Otile

    This is a useless report. It is true the GOC was there and did not witness any mutiny or rowdiness. What happened is that the Muslims were approaching to behead the GOC but he had already finished delivering food and supplies. You know how the Northern Muslim soldiers behave, when they invite you for lunch they have you for lunch. Lucky for the Colonel, he flew off before they had him for lunch, but in their fury they started firing in the air and at one another. That is what happened after he left. There no way Sojajin Najeriya is going to defeat Boko Haram with mutinies and rowdiness.

    • the Young Soja

      Mr.Otile are they only Muslims soldiers in the unit and you there pls try know before talk

    • D Truth

      Otile, you are a brazen swine. How can you be preaching so much hate by asserting falsehood. That shows you are suffering from a cursed and frustrating life and that’s the reason you spread falsehood. Your head will be the one beheaded that’s even if you have one. Ethno-religious hatred can’t take us anywhere. We should learn to be more tolerant and advocate peace and harmony in other to enhance a positive and sustainable growth. …

  • john peters

    pt., why do you keep on referring him as MR.,while he is Brdg.General.victor.,Premium times pls give respect to whom it is due.

  • Jaja Majaja

    Meanwhile Buhari dines and wines in Aso Rock in the name of 74 th Birthday.

    • paul irumundomon

      He don’t know his age, another lie.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_


      • Noble

        doesn’t not don’t

        • paul irumundomon

          What is your background. If you are educated enough, you won’t be the shy to say it here. You are a special school graduate, you are too small to correct me. I wrote it any way I like, and if you can’t read it too bad.

  • B. Messi

    The ‘change’ is getting DEADLY!

    • paul irumundomon

      And getting changer

  • Mosley

    Who do we believe, maybe we wait for Lai Mohammed or the twin presidential spokesmen of the presidency say fame.

    • paul irumundomon

      What do you need to verify, they have no drinking water period. They want to starve the army, so that their boys, Boko haram can have their freedom, can’t you read between the lines.

  • paul irumundomon

    Is a change Nigerians voted for, jonathan is also responsible for this mess. Last in delta, buhari sent army boys into the creeks, without life vest, one army lost his life. In the north, the same government are voting millions to best students, who can recite Quran, the army defending the nation, don’t have enough water to dtink.
    You all can see, buhari have not got what it takes, to lead, but he has bias in excess luggage.
    Where buhari slaves, who believes, this old man is always right regardless of all the mess around him. Nigeria president can’t afford drinking water, for our army, shame on him.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Mr army general is a biafraud who does not want buharia dministration to defeat bokoharam. Buhari has given the boss what they need but the Victor Ezegwu, the General Officer Commanding of the Nigerian Army 7 does not care. is that buhari faults? gej is the bull shit who allowed bokoharam to everly grow.

      • Ben

        You’re a shame to the country. Imagine the shit you’re spilling out of your mouth

        • Powerlessconscious

          You are also a shame to Nigeria. Everyone knows biafraud are enemies of this govt. And they can betray anytime.

      • cheky

        You bigot again? He’s a brave soldier that has fought Boko Haram with all he’s got, survived so many attacks from them unlike your brothers (Gen. Kuti and the one that lost his soldiers to mere armed bandits in Niger state). “He doesn’t want Buhari administration to defeat Boko Haram”, yet he’s right there at Sambisa forest “playing” with them. Hypocrite, you blamed GEJ during his regime and now shifted the blame to the poor general just because he’s Igbo. I though you guys said the soldiers could not defeat Boko haram because they lacked motivation, what is happening now? Buhari should take the responsibility please!

        • Powerlessconscious

          Now they have defeated bokoharam. That is what is happening now.

      • Peter Mokwuah

        some times if feel like not saying a word when Iread these yorobers coconuthead fools vomiting crap on the web, your brother Kuti ran from cow herbsmen on the same battle front so bring it on yorobers goat head.

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          • Peter Mokwuah

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  • D Truth

    Otile, you are a brazen swine. How can you be preaching so much hate by asserting falsehood. That shows you are suffering from a cursed and frustrating life and that’s the reason you spread falsehood. Your head will be the one beheaded that’s even if you have one. Ethno-religious hatred can’t take us anywhere. We should learn to be more tolerant and advocate peace and harmony in other to enhance a positive and sustainable growth.

    • Noble

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