FACT-CHECK: Senate Confirmation: How SSS lied against EFCC boss, Magu

EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu
EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

On Thursday, the Nigerian Senate declined to confirm the appointment of Ibrahim Magu as substantive chair of the country’s premier anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The upper legislative chamber claimed it could not approve the presidency’s request to confirm Mr. Magu based on a security report forwarded to it by the State Security Service.

“The Senate wishes to inform the public that based on available security report, the Senate cannot proceed with the confirmation of Ibrahim Magu as Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,” the spokesperson for the Senate, Aliyu Abdullahi, said in a statement read to journalists.

“The nomination of Ibrahim Magu is hereby rejected and has been returned to the President for further action,” Mr. Abdullahi said.

The Senate did not provide the EFCC chairman an opportunity to respond to the allegations against him.

PREMIUM TIMES has obtained details of the security report on which the lawmakers based their decision and has investigated the claims against Mr. Magu.

We fact-checked some of the claims made by the SSS, and below are our findings:

ALLEGATION ONE: That during the tenure of Farida Waziri as EFCC chairperson, sensitive documents were found in Mr. Magu’s home.

The facts do not support that claim. A reporter for this newspaper extensively reported that event in 2008 when it happened, and is familiar with what transpired at the time.

Based on pressure from political gladiators of the period (among which were former Governors James Ibori and Bukola Saraki), then President Musa Yar’Adua unceremoniously removed Nuhu Ribadu as chairman of the EFCC.

After Mr. Ribadu’s departure, his successor, Mrs. Waziri, frustrated some of his closest and most resourceful aides in the commission, and harassed them for prolonged period.

Mr. Magu, who was a chief superintendent of police at the time, was sent away from the EFCC and his Lagos and Abuja homes were raided by operatives even before he had the opportunity to hand over to Umar Sanda as head of the Economic Governance Unit of the commission. He was later detained for three weeks.

Following complaints by Mrs. Waziri, the then Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro, queried Mr. Magu, accusing him of serious misconduct. One of the allegations against him was that he removed and withheld EFCC files.

On August 25, 2008, Mr. Magu replied the query, explaining to the IGP that no unauthorized EFCC official documents were found in his home.

“I wish to state that the nature of my assignment at the EFCC is such that I worked round the clock and it was impossible for me to do my work effectively without working on some documents at home,” he wrote to Mr. Okiro at the time. “This is the reason I maintain an office bag where documents relating to investigations were kept. The documents listed were found in my office bag which I was in the process of handing over and were not found hidden anywhere in my house.

“It is therefore not the correct position to say that I bluntly refused to hand over EFCC’s property and documents. I had just concluded handing over the Abuja office and I was in Lagos to conclude handing over the Lagos office when the search was conducted. At the time of the search, I had not reported to my new command. It could therefore not be my intention to keep government documents in my house.

“I have suffered untold humiliation within the past one month. My home was ransacked, vandalized and my properties destroyed by men of the EFCC. I was detained in a cell meant for hardened criminals most of whom are armed robbers for three weeks. My health condition deteriorated as a result of his inhuman treatment meted out to me for doing my job diligently and with the pride required of a senior police officer of my rank in the Nigerian Police Force.

“I humbly implore the Inspector General of Police to totally exonerate me from blame and the said acts of serious misconduct because I was not involved and I am not involved. I will never be discouraged in my unrelenting war against crime and its associated manifestations as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

After investigation, the police IG exonerated Mr. Magu, posted him to the police’s Special Fraud Unit and promoted him to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police shortly afterwards.

ALLEGATION TWO: That Mr. Magu currently occupies a residence rented for N40 million at N20 million per annum. This accommodation was not paid [for] from the commission’s (EFCC) finances, but by one Umar Mohammed, air commodore retired.

This claim is also untrue.

PREMIUM TIMES has obtained evidence showing the property in question was paid for by the Federal Capital Development Administration, and not Mr. Umar.

The E-Payment schedule, dated March 31, was issued by to the branch controller of Central Bank, Abuja, in favour of M/S Valcour SA Nigeria Limited.scan-15

The company was paid N39.628 million as payment for two-year rent and furnishing of the property, located in upscale Maitama district of Abuja.

The payment schedule was signed by Isiyaku Ismaila and confirmed by Zanna A. Hamza.

Mr. Magu lived in Karu, a suburb of Abuja, before his appointment as acting EFCC chair. With his new position, Mr. Magu moved into an official residence provided by the FCDA.

ALLEGATION 3: That the acting EFCC chairman regularly embarked on official and private trips through a private jet owned by embattled Air Commodore Mohammed Umar (Rtd).

PREMIUM TIMES checks show that this is not entirely correct. Our investigations indicate that Mr. Magu first met Mr. Umar when both of them worked as members of the Presidential Committee on the investigation of arms procurement. At the time, Mr. Umar was very close to President Muhammadu Buhari and had unlimited access to the presidential villa. Both men became close during the assignment.

Our investigations indicate that once this year, Mr. Magu travelled to Kano in company of EFCC’s director of finance and that in charge of organizational support. Those familiar with the trip said on their way back to Abuja, Mr. Umar, who at the time remained Mr. Magu’s colleague at the presidential committee, and who was at the time not in any trouble with the SSS, gave the two officials a lift.

We are unable to find any evidence that Mr. Magu flew in Mr. Umar’s private jet at any other time. Neither were we able to establish that the EFCC chairman flew to Maiduguri alongside Mr. Umar and a bank MD being investigated by the EFCC over complicity in funds allegedly stolen by former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke.

While some insiders at the commission denied the allegation, we could not independently verify the claims.

ALLEGATION 4: On 24 June, 2016, he (Magu) flew Emirate airlines first-class to Saudi Arabia to perform lesser hajj at the cost of N2.9m. This is in spite of Mr President’s directive to all public servants to fly economy class.

Insiders say while it was true that Mr. Magu indeed flew first class to Saudi Arabia for lesser hajj, he did not pay for the ticket with public funds. We could not however confirm this claim independently.


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  • Abdullah Musa

    The new name of Nigeria’s Senate should be den of blackmailers.

    • Funtain

      Is DSS who wrote the report now under the Senate or Presidency?
      If the report turns out to be a deliberate blackmail then God save Nigeria and help the Judges currently under trial.

      • Abdullah Musa

        May be you do not intend to follow the trail up to the source of mischief.
        The Senate is the one institution that wants to derail the fight against corruption.
        After all to whom should a report on presidential nominee go first, to Senate or President who appointed him?
        Unless someone has decided it is better to be chummy with Saraki than to fight corruption, in that case DSS is doing the bidding of its Master: send Magu to the Senate, let them lynch him.
        Can there be a sweeter Christmas gift to Saraki?

        • Gary

          And you have evidence that Buhari did not see the SSS report before it was given to the Senate? His own “blood” (to use your word) he brought out of retirement to head the secret police will go around him to undermine his presidency and conspire with Saraki, your favorite bogeyman, to reject Magu?

          You guys cannot sleep at night without weaving Saraki into your conspiracy theories. The same Saraki that has been helping to push Buhari’s legislative agenda but has stood for democratic principles in the running of the Senate.
          Some of you want a good party man but Nigeria needs committed democrats leading the key branches of our government.

          Manu’s problems have nothing to do with Bukola Saraki but rather he bit more than he could chew taking on powerful interests inside Aso Rock. The same folks who recommended him for the job now want him out. And from the look of things, they’ve found enough to nail him.

          If I Buhari too, I will not bet my Presidency on the fortunes of Ibrahim Magu.

          • Abdullah Musa

            Hear! Hear!
            Saraki should decorate you as he decorated Dino Melaye.
            You do not see the contradiction in an administration sending someone for Senate’s confirmation and following up with a damning DSS report?
            I am sure it will give them lots of dividends when they take Nigerians for fools.
            Let it not be written: Buhari, the end of a myth!

          • Gary

            No, the SSS should have been instructed to do a thorough background check on Magu BEFORE he was initially named acting EFCC Chairman. But he was in the good books of the insiders then.
            Just goes to show how the shoddy job of the kitchen cabinet and how they have badly served this President.
            I can name at least TEN other cabinet members and agency appointees who have similar baggage as Ibrahim Magu and owe their current jobs to the insiders in Aso Rock. And as Aisha Buhari said, the man does not even know most of these people in his government.
            Cry all you want but Saraki had no role in picking people for the government. But he has refused to be a rubber stamp or to go along with just anything the Executive wants. And that, in my book, is his duty on behalf of the people and our constitution.

          • Abdullah Musa

            I have nothing personal against Saraki, I have never met him.
            Nobody wants Saraki to be another’s rubber stamp.
            But he has a charge against him which he refuses to answer, and this is public knowledge.
            This camouflage of protecting democracy is a ruse.
            You don’t protect democracy by being a thief, by being one who forges rules to occupy an office.
            It is not his fault though, Buhari said he can work with anybody, and this is what he got.
            When Nigerians were asked to vote they did not vote just anybody, they thought they voted one with integrity, who later came not to care whether rogues became leaders of National Assembly.

          • sab

            Point of correction. It was not Buhari that forwarded Magu’s name to the Senate. Instead, it was Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, when PMB traveled to London for medical attention. Yes, Buhari appointed him, like others, but did not forward his name to the senate, instead he chose to forward the names of the others to the Senate and left out that of Magu. Doesn’t that suggest something to you?. Get your facts correctly.

          • Abdullah Musa

            Does it mean we have two governments, one headed by Buhari the other by Osinbajo?
            Wonders never end in Nigeria.

    • ojomaje ijato

      And what is the new name of the DSS? Department of Super Storytellers?

      • Abdullah Musa

        Since when did you decide to reject your own cousin?
        Remember blood is thicker than water!

  • Isi Agwo

    According to Premium Times, Magu, the former EFCC acting chairman was an angel. Sorry, Holy Angel! Fact: Magu is not going to be EFCC substantive chairman because Buhari has used him to hunt and intimidate his political opponents and dumped him like trash. Go and deal with that. You can cry all the way from Lagos to Sambisa Forest, that fact will not change.

    • Femi

      Your response is nt a surprise in all sense cos ur name clearly identified wht ur response will be, hater of truth

    • Siyaka Momoh

      Stop displaying your frustration, because none of those in efcc net ever denying their involvement in the crime.

      • Höly Wähala

        Are you that stoopid? Did Saraki plead guilty to the charges profered against him… in fact, did FFK, Olisa Metuh, Sule Lamido, and so many other accept their guilts in their crimes? Name just one person not denying his involvement in the crime they are charged with, can you? Amadioha fire you and all the mugus who upvoted your stupidity. Morons!

  • Kamalu

    Unfortunately we hear that the head of DSS which did the hatchet job for the Nigerian Senate and Bukola Saraki is one of the most trusted allies of Mr. President. While we wait for the full conspiracy theory to evolve, I can only caution that Mr. Muhammad Buhari must constantly watch his back.

    • Isi Agwo

      My friend, you want to know who should be watching his back? It’s imbeciles like Magu, who abuse their offices or are used by Buhari to terrorize his political opponents. The next to be thrown out and jailed will be the INEC so-called chairman.

      • Dualpolemedia

        Common, this is not an Isi Ewu joint. If Magu abuses his office he has not done that to an innocent persons but to the criminals who have criminal like you as their back up.

  • bib

    Corruption is really fighting back. But it will be defeated.

  • Galantman

    My heart sank after reading this news!!!!! Honestly I fervently pray that this news is not true. If it is true it portends a grave danger to this country.

  • ed

    Living in a glass house, you just don’t throw stone.
    Premium Times tried hard to clear Magu.
    Based on evidence provided in his defence is found guilty as charges.
    You don’t have to be guilty of all charges to be found guilty. He nailed people with much less than you’re reporting here.
    He travel at the expense of someone that is doing business with his agency.
    He violated the order of no first class travel by the President.
    The ideas that Northern Muslin has to lead all our military and law enforcement is insane. That’s the beginning of separation of the country.

    • princegab

      Please read the article again and again
      Dss fabricated a report on Magu

      • ed


      • Gary

        So says Magu and his diehard supporters.

        Soon we’ll know what’s true by who BuharI chooses to go or stay in his government.
        If Daura fabricated the report or acted without Buhari’s consent, surely he will have to go and Buhari will make a full-throated defense of Magu getting confirmed.

        If the status quo persists, then you have your answer.

        • Höly Wähala

          See why I insist, “logic procession of thoughts” must be taught at Nigerian universities? How can so many Nigerians not be able to reason like fully-evolved human beings? You and only two people have actually made sense on this thread, the rest are suffering zombie mentality, I follow talk’am! Truly sad what that country has degraded to academically.

          • Gary

            Thanks. Unfortunately, too many of our people allow emotion and prejudice to drive their thinking and positions on issues and come across as bone-headed.

      • sab

        Are you saying for sure the report was fabricated or based on the PT report? For once, the DSS and EFCC bosses are from the same part of Northern Nigeria. They are same muslims. They hold key positions in PMB’s government. So, beyond the rhetoric of who wrote what, it is clear there is something fundamentally wrong between the two. And for the President to have kept mute over this suggests something is wrong somewhere along the line. And again, recall that PMB listed Magu for the job but did not forward his name to the Senate like others? Secondly, it was only when he traveled out for medical reasons that Vice President forwarded Magu’s name to the Senate? Since PMB returned, has he asked Senate why they have not confirmed Magu since the name had been forwarded to them? If not, why? You see, in all of these drama, or riddle, it appears Magu is not really wanted for the job. If not, why has the President kept quiet?

        • Sword of Damocles

          my thoughts exactly.. it appears Nigeria must be such an unlovable land that not ONE politician can demonstrate love, devotion and patriotism towards its people. Such a monumental SHAME

          • aisha ani

            They only love each other when it comes to sharing looted funds.

        • princegab

          Yes fabricated. Dss is working with figh-backers. You just reminded us of something and ie pmb’s quietness, this quietness has nothing to do with his taciturnity and it’s not the type that enhances the quality of his leadership. Quietly, he has been hijacked. Half a word, for now.
          Magu is that provabal “taste” of the pudging.

    • Mufu Ola

      Premium Times have not failed. It’s people like seeking failure.

    • olat

      Kindly upvote yrself 1,000,000 times
      Truth is always constant n a million upvote against it can’t stand

    • Ade Omowest

      Bukola Saraki’s errand boy, go on with your e-rat campaign. It Senate connives with the cabal in the Presidency to stop Magu, then Col. Ahmadu Alli of NPA or Ribadu will be deployed and Saraki will not escape with Kwara State money he stole.

  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    Everything You Hear & Read In The Papers or TV Everyday Is About A Politician & His Friends Trying To Get More Money, More Power & More Influence.

    They Dont Care About You, Your Children or Your Future.

    If You Come To This Platform With The Aim Of Fighting Your Fellow Suffering Nigeria Because Of These Politicians,

    Then You Are A Big ***** and Also Part of Nigeria’s Problem.

    Fight For Yourself, Fight For Your Family, Fight For Your Future

    Don’t Defend Thieving Politician Whose Only Religion & God IS MONEY!

  • Boss

    Is there anyone who can bring this report to the attention of Buhari? We know that his wife told him the truth but he did not listen. This report should be a wake up call for him to know that a President does not have to rely on incompetent relatives to do a good job.
    Kidnapping is threatening our national security, why is the President not asking the DSS what he is doing about the scourge.

    • Gary

      I hate to say this since the man is already accused of nepotism but Buhari sorely needs the counsel of his wife right now to rescue him from the sharks swimming around him.

      The only reliable person in the inner circle I see now is the NSA, Mr Mungonu. He can help Buhari and his wife (in an informal capacity) clean house inside Aso Rock for the good of his presidency and the country at large.

      • Watch man

        Good point, provided Aso rock demons are not on the loose.

  • Sanssouci

    Bottom line Buhari wants him out, ur inveatigation should focus on why. Even if all these allegations are 100% true is it enough to reject him? Lawal Daura cannot write a negative report without Buhari’s consent period.

  • Ferdinand

    Gentlemen & Ladies, Is Nigeria really worth dying for?

    Nuhu Ribadu gave his best for the service of his country through the fight against corruption and we all saw what happened to him as a result. The government of the day then empowered criminals to go after him. Now we have the same music playing out. This time criminals from within the presidency and NASS have been let loose on Ibrahim Magu.

    Which way Nigeria?

    • serubawon70

      We have not heard from Bihari. let’s hope things work out differently this time around.

  • Ken

    Si it is okay for Magu to be staying in an apartment that is N40m for two years? That means N20m yearly. What! The rent is almost N2m monthly. That is corruption. These guys are too sectional and one sided. Ribadu is the same. Put a neutral man there. Put General Ishiola Williams there. You would know how EFCC would be run.

    • Burning Spear

      the only clean person to head efcc is General Ishola Williams——sadly efcc has outlived her usefulness to our society–cause it was cloned to protect the Fulani EMIRATE

    • Emeka

      So he should stay in a “face-me I-face-you” building for hired assassins like you to come and eliminate him abi?

      • vay

        Hahaha! Why now?

  • John

    GBAGAM! GBAGAM!!This is to inform the General Republic, concerning the; Purchase of Dangote 3X Cement at a promo price of #1000 per bag and rice at a promo price of #8500 per bag. Transportation for cement is #150 per bag and rice is #500 per bag. Contact the Sales Manager, Pastor Isaac Umoru on 07038534730. NOTE: COST OF TRANSPORTATION IS MADE BEFORE DELIVERY.

  • This rebuttals fail to explain Magu’s selective and retributive anti corruption campaign majorly against the opposition. If Magu was once unjustly prosecuted by EFCC, that’s still not an excuse to compromise the ethics of his office. We need a chairman who does not seek vendetta but one who is fair and just. Magu has too much garbage. We need another chairman.

    • OGK

      Even if God was made the head of EFCC, evil men like you would still cry witch-hunt.

      • Emeka

        Are minding that son of gorilla?

      • It’s been the same deception and garbage Buhari and his generation of dictators had been feeding Nigerians for more than 50 yrs. Every Nigerian and every government is corrupt except himself or theirs. Now Buhari wants one party State and a return to dictatorship. What a crap.

    • Mufu Ola

      Crooks love the words “selective”& “vendata” a lot.

      • sab

        Without sounding immodest, if Magu’s fight against corruption is not selective, how come he has not been able to investigate Buratai, Dambazzau, Amaechi, Babachir Lawal etc who have allegations against them that bother on corruption? Why has he not gone after those governors that misappropriated the bail out funds given to them by the Federal Government even when ICPC had conducted their investigations and concluded that most of the governors misappropriated the huge monies that ran into billions of naira?

  • Burning Spear

    if Premium Times does not know that Nigerians now see her as the mouth piece of Magu and the Apes in Apc then she needs to seek the face of a Native doctor–to understand that Nigerians no longer take PT serious———–The said files that Magu stole had something to do with the 31 governors Ribadu told the Senate stole the Nation blind—via their states—————-Magu is a thief and a drug addict——Sadly——–Nigeria is the type of country where thieves like Magu are celebrated———————because of the money used in settling the media by efcc———-the agency which was created for only Northerners to head like NIGERIAN PORTS AUTHORITY———-Soon ribadu would again be asked to take over from MAGU———–AGAIN——Animals

    • serubawon70

      Are you for real?

      • aisha ani

        Something just ain’t right with the guy.

        • vay


  • Watch man

    “The Senate did not provide the EFCC chairman an opportunity to respond to the allegations against him.”

    This alone is unfair. Besides, it is inappropriate for an agency (SSS) under the presidency to investigate and forward shady report to Senate except with the president’s permission. If Daura of SSS indeed forwarded a report to Senate without authorization from the president that means the man Daura is undermining the presidency and should be sacked and perhaps punished.
    It is clear that this case is a clear case of witch hunt against Magu for doing his job. Consequently, Magu should be retained and supported by the presidency to ensure that he goes after those corrupt destroyers of Nigeria especially those criminals in NASS headed by the Lootocrat General Saraki.

    • thusspokez

      This alone is unfair.

      It is also an infringement of Mugu’s human rights — the right to fair hearing, which he was denied.

  • Holy truth

    I posted my comments ystday dat Bukola saraki & his criminal gangs are hell bent in rubbishing buhari & his anti corruption campaign, but some low lifers on dis forum who only live their lives on singing praise worship to d criminals like saraki & his criminal gangs came out in droves attacking me calling me all sorts of names. Am I vindicated now or not with dis facts checked reports.
    I know dat some criminals on dis forum are so lazy in their minds & brains to do follow ups of saraki’s criminal activities right 4rm socitte generale bank days how himself & father swindled innocent Nigerians of their hard earned monies & how he massively looted kwara state money & other criminal activities. Some of u guys attacking me calling me names are so dumb dat u couldn’t see ur thief godfather’s hands of Esau face of Jacob in d disqualification of magu. Bcos magu is squeezing ur thief godfather in d balls. Whatever insults & names all of u called me are back at ur shameless faces now.
    God in HIS wrath will visit all d looters of Nigeria pple’s monies with deadly pains & destruction bcos innocent citizens of Nigeria are going through pains & agonies bcos of d wicked activities of dis criminals called politicians in Nigeria.

    • Abdullah Musa

      You are absolutely right.
      Our gratitude.

  • thusspokez


    Nigeria’s unfit-for-purpose SSS [aka DSS] — which can’t even get its name right — is not capable of conducting proper investigation and collation of intelligence. I should be very worried if I were Buhari — how accurate is the briefings he receives from the SSS — given its mediocrity?

    But then what do Nigerians expect? Their agents — you have seen them! — are gun-toting brawn-filled muscle-men instead of (as minimum) university graduates with brains.

    Unlike intelligence agencies across the world, it would seem that to be an SSS agent, the qualification you require is brawn, menace-looking and an ability to use guns and raid homes/offices at dusk and before dawn. It is indeed a puzzlement!

    • Mufu Ola

      The minimal educational requirement for entrance into SSS (DSS ?) is university education.I’m fairly certain about that.

  • Gary

    Can PT help do some digging and tell us the true owner/s of the said company from which the FCDA rented Magu’s controversial residence?

    • persona

      Even as this may be necessary, it becomes unnecessary as FCDA is the client and Magu was just an occupier.
      FCDA is charged with housing all government official of his class and clearly, most of the details the labelled as security actually have no security tangent talkless of implication.
      The NASS has yet again confirmed that the cabal in the executive wing and the DSS did their work to try to pull this man down.
      Buhari should therefore ensure the following:
      1- Ensure that a reliable team watches the watchers
      2- Offload those behind this plot
      3- Watch his alliance with the NASS.
      The corruption under this anti-corruption regime of Buhari has taken a new turn. He either checks it or he will be the scapegoat of his own template.

      • sab

        In all of this, one can deduce that :
        1. There is a cabal within the Presidency
        2. These cabal members are the ones plotting the non confirmation of Magu as EFCC chairman.
        3. No matter on which side of the divide one stands, Magu must have one way or the other offended some members of the cabal or stepped on some powerful toes.
        4. This could be attested to by the recent face-off between him and the DSS chairman over the arrest of judges. If one can recall, when Magu was invited by the Senate or is it House of Reps Committee, he said clearly that it was not supposed to be the DSS launching the operation. He also condemned the method of the DSS operation in invading the judges residences in the dead of the night.
        Given all these, it is clear there is a division in the workings of the PMB inner circle. And when such is the case, the whistle blower becomes the immediate casualty as was the case with Jibrin, the House of Reps Committee Chairman on Appropriation.

  • Steve

    Same cup EFCC uses for people. Magu was not allowed to defend himself before media carried the report. Same way EFCC don’t allow ppl defend themselves before flooding media with huge figures. This is good

    • Mufu Ola

      Very good for fraudsters like you.

      • Steve

        It pains you right? Sorry. It might interest you to know who I am. You can check out.

    • West

      There is no doubt you have serious problem understanding simple English. Guess I can attempt to help you out here. Now what the report said was that Magu was not allowed to defend those allegations before those rouges parading themselves as lawmakers declined his confirmation and NOT before the reports were released to the press. Be guided.

      • Samira

        Senate has returned Magu’s file to the Presidency for further action. The Presidency, whether Buhari or Fake Pastor Osinbajo is free to take further action on Magu.

      • Steve

        I don’t want to exchange words with you dear. Thanks to God that You understand simple English. My comment never said they took right step. I only tried to frown on illegalities going on in Nigeria of which even Magu rides on.
        You wanted them to CONFIRN him before publishing the report? Just like Magu free their accuse before investigation. Illegalities thrive bcos we are always one sided. If someone like me and you comes out every time to condemn the illegal ways of both Legistrative,executive and Judiciary without taking sides we may not be where we are today. They do any thing they like and go away bcos ppl will always support either base on tribe or religion. I hope you do understand my comment.

      • Steve

        Again, If I am SENATE I will disqualify Magu because of his unprofessional moves since he assumed Acting Chairman. Our unemployment rate has increase all thanks to Magu. Remember many company were shutdown even while investigation were in process. What is professional about this. The country I am, government will take over the management of the company while investigating the company to avoid throwing out employees on the street. Unfortunately, in Nigeria Magu will detain and shutdown the company while investigating. If you know the impact of this to Nigeria economy then you will understand. I don’t support SENATE and Dss but if there facts are correct i do support them. I am begging on media to always investigate issues like they do for Magu for all bcos they have also contributed to illegalities in Nigeria bcos they investigate cases of only the person they choose while turning the other side for the one they hate. Maybe there have been many evidence provided by DSS and EFCC alike and yet the media carried them like that without proper investigation. if we keep turning the other side when it does not concern us, one day it will surely concern us. I hope you understand me.

  • St

    There’s actually nothing here, just seems like the senate and sss are just looking for dust under the rug… they should face other issues cos their unserious acts and empty skull is just being displayed by themselves…. their best acts is enjoying taxpayers money

  • serubawon70

    What the senators are doing is an insult to the collective intelligence of Nigerians. If they actually think that we cannot read between the lines they are in for a surprise. Doomsday awaits them at the end of their political careers

    • Emeka

      My dear it would only mean been economical with the truth if I say all your senses are firing with all cylinders, because you are indeed using your extra spare sense in your submission. I thank PremiumTimes for this in depth analysis and investigations, so as to puncture the lies of the thieves in the NASS

      • Factsay

        i disagree. There is no analysis. Have you seen any document?

        Speak what u know. You dont know Magu personally. Human being is still human being. He was a Nigerian police man and therefore must have elements of fraudulent behaviour in him.

        • aisha ani

          Yes, I know Magu personally…Olubukola is my cousin so is Coker.

          • Factsay


        • Emeka

          My dear you have the right to disagree on issues you don’t believe in, whether rightly or wrongly, because the essence to which God created the world and people inhabiting in it, is to use our stupidity and wisdom to accomplish HIS words. God created some people to argue foolishly and some others wisely or intelligently if you like, so HIS words would be fulfilled. I don’t think you did the wrong thing for disagreeing with my submission based on my above illustration of the two kinds of people one may belong to. It’s a free world my dear, and what we think or say does not change the fact, but rather it defines who we are.

          • Impulse400



            (lol) You cracked me up. You just havent said he is st……

            You’re good.

          • Factsay

            I like that foolishly submission aspect of ur comment. It seals it

  • Freedom Bini

    EFCC as an extension of Police is fraud.

  • Jack

    Daura Secret Service, DSS? First Class to less than hajj?

  • Samira

    Premium Times fact check appears to have confirmed every single allegation of corruption in the DSS security report although Magu is trying to provide white washed explanations. From the headline I expected outright denials from Magu but the article is simply Fake Pastorian big English whitewash. Facts are that in a few short months Magu went from a poor police officer living in Karu suburb to private jet hopping efcc chair living in an unnecessary N40 million abuja house when he already had accommodation in abuja at a time Buhari claimed to be cutting the costs of governance. Magu was even flying first class on Emirates “at his own cost”. If that is not corrupt enrichment then what is corruption?

    • realist

      If all police officers and all those in EFCC, including all in the 3 arms of government were to undergo integrity test. Even if all allegations that the Senate use to disqualify him were true. Magu would still be the most credible. His error likely to be the smallest. So he is the best Nigerians at the moment.

      • Samira

        Your observation on integrity testing may well be true, but that is no excuse. Nigeria’s problem lies in the inappropriate personalisation of appointments to leadership of executive agencies. The agencies themselves should be strengthened institutionally to the point that whoever is appointed to head the agencies are immaterial to their impartiality and efficacy. There is no doubt that Magu is a crook, even his shoddy excuse for hobnobbing with the now arrested Umar being that he met him as close to the presidency is lame and corrupt. Was Magu not similarly recently hobnobbing with the president’s wife who would certainly struggle and fail to justify her income sources if a basic integrity test was applied?

      • Factsay

        He is the best in ur family not in place.

        He should account for all the money he recovered and the sources of all his wealth

        • realist

          I don’t understand why people like you will be demonstrating their lack of home training in this forum. What law have I contravene for saying my opinion. That now resulted to abuse.

          • MindYourself

            Thank you! You have captured the guy aptly. He lacks home training. I am sure the parents are not at home to let him know what it means to be an African. He will insult you and also encourage use of insults and name callings. I am sure it runs in his blood. When you give it back to him he starts reminding you that you did it too. Above all, he is so unintelligent! Check his posts above. He claims exalted position of a senate president can be occupied by a criminal, simply because it is political.

          • Factsay

            I didnt abuse you mate, You abused me by saying he is the best Nigerian, that’s y I say he’s best in your family

  • MindYourself

    A friend of mine raised some issues of great concern to me while discussing the refusal of the Senate to confirm Mr Magu as the chair of EFCC. He blamed the cabals surrounding the President as the architect of this apparent dastardly act. He went on a memory lane to remind us of the silence of the President on issue of Hon Jibril. He concluded that the President may loose the war against corruption.

    This is my response:

    Your comment raised some dust that would take time to settle, I must admit. But the mischievous and unreasonable stance of the supposed opposition did not permit people like me to dwell on this issue in the manner it deserves. The opposition in Nigeria are not opposed to the idea or policies of the government as expected, but are only opposed to the personalities of Mr President. This to me is asinine.

    Hon Jibrin: Even APC as a party does not seem to support the Honourable ; consequently, if Buhari should ‘play the card’ of Mr Integrity to the extent of listening to him, I am sure his wife would be the first to berate him. People expect him to play ‘small politics’.

    Talking about the cabals surrounding the office of the President, the Secretary to the Government is in trouble now whether Magu is there or not. I hope Mr President looks into the matter, urgently.

    Furthermore, I hope the government use the same issue to bring some other public officers to book. Although, this may not yield the expected fruits with the crop of people conducting the investigation as enunciated below.

    The fact is that Buhari made a slight blunder in even allowing the re-use of those who benefited largely from the largesse of Jonathan for his administration at the top level. I warned against this; and the consequence of not adhering to my advice is part of what we are witnessing now. The other issue is that we would be loosing an enormous amount of what is recoverable from the large scale of misappropriation during the last era.

    I once advised that President M. Buhari should bring in new creme of people for the running of his administration; and should totally overhaul and re-organise the institutions and systems that would aid him in the anti-corruption crusade. This he didnt do. He continued to use Mr Lamorde as EFCC until he was disgraced out of office. The same is happening to Magu and I am sure there is no one with untainted past records in the present crop of people in EFCC for now.

    The war against corruption may have failed but we cannot completely blame him (Buhari), the public have a share of the blame too. On the contrary, I would want to praise his genuine leadership, straightforwardness and doggedness in introducing the spirit of war on corruption into our polity once again.

    It is quite unfortunate that we are all gullible in Nigeria and those who are enslaving us are brazenly taking us for a ride. I dare say that one thousand ‘Buharis’ cannot remove us from the clutch of the slavery, until we are ready to braze up to the challenges.

    Our large population is part of our hindrance, since large proportion of the size are illiterates and some literates who are prideful, self-centred and tribalist are not ready to champion the course of the truth over their selfish agenda.

    The illiterates and prideful, self centred and tribalist literates are lending their support to the crooks (our leaders), thinking it would allow them achieve their agenda. But unfortunately, the crooks (our leaders) wouldn’t allow the actualization of their agenda because it would reduce their access to the loot. So we are stuck with the crooks/looters!

  • MindYourself

    ALLEGATION 4: On 24 June 2016, he (Magu) flew Emirate Airlines first-class to Saudi Arabia to perform lesser hajj at the cost of N2.9m. Mr. Magu indeed flew first class to Saudi Arabia for lesser hajj but payment funded from his private pocket.

    My opinion
    It appears this is the only solid accusation against Mr Magu. All other accusations were debunked by him. Just as I said in my previous commentary that they didn’t have any hold on him except for that he flew on first class ticket.

    So, if Mr Magu must be dealt with for flying on first ticket, then what should happen to Mr Senate President? If the harassment of the Senate President is political and also an act of vengeance, my friend, what would you call this?

    Those who said Buhari is vindictive are not here to say the same about Saraki. Don’t keep mute, let us have your perspective. I say, let Magu go back to the Police barracks and remove Saraki as well. Nothing will be more equitable!

    • Factsay

      Stop comparing public officials or offences. Whoever breaches the law should face the music. It doesnt matter whether the type of offence.
      Magu was not elected by anybody, he is a an appointee public servant.

      We must defeat all corruptions.

      Whoever is EFCC chairman must be someone with impeccable character

      • MindYourself

        So you meant the position of a Senate President doesn’t require a person of an impeccable character? What a wonderful expression! But I am not proud of you at all.
        Well let me end our discussion on the note that I didn’t mean to address people of your calibre. Your level of intelligence surpasses my imagination. At least you didn’t preceed your comment with name callings. Abuse and name callings are common with people that reasons like you. All the same, you are welcome!

        • Factsay

          Senate president is a political post. Any politicIan can be senate president without being of impeccable character.

          We are talking about EFCC post which is not a political post and EFCC is an institution that fights corruption

          • MindYourself

            I raise my cap for your sense of reasoning! This could explain why you wouldn’t mind a reknown armed robber and a looter as President. This is simply because the No 1 position of President just like No 3 position of Senate President are both political. When you say EFCC fights corruption; are you insuniating Senate, the hallowed chamber, promotes corruption?
            Don’ t let your children see this your remark.

          • Agwo n’ Akpi

            Stop rambling. Go and take your medicine or whatever you’re on.

          • MindYourself

            I have said it that we don’t have intelligent people in Nigeria. Instead we have illiterates,” baranda” boys, spare parts dealers who can only boast of being able to copy and paste insults. Why people from that part of your area are guilty of this name callings still baffles me? Go ahead and search for where people post insults for you to copy. I doubt if you can intelligently read this message.

          • Factsay

            stop commenting like an unintelligent spoilt child.

            You accuse him of insulting u while ur comments are full of insults

          • Fighting corruption in Africa is almost a waste of time. There is an institutional problem. Leaders are often stronger than state institutions. There is a problem of followers. Followers who are either confused, or are divided by their “leaders” based on ethnicity or religion. Also, there is a problem of leadership. For instance, most leadership positions in Nigeria are currently occupied by criminals of different shapes. Thus, If you elect to fight corruption in such a clime as Magu is doing and as Ribadu did, you might as well assume your reward is in heaven, as the most attractive option is to join the gravy train.
            we all saw what happened to Nuhu Ribadu as a result when he gave his best for the service of his country through the fight against corruption. The government of the day then empowered criminals to go after him. Now we have the same music playing out. This tienterprme criminals from within the presidency and NASS doing everything possible to frustrate any move that can expose them , but what am sure of is one day they will all be exposed. honestly I blame no one but Buhari that allowed Saraki to be the president of the Senate in the first instance, It seems Buhari doesn’t understand the politics of this country well, I am happy Magu was rejected by the Senate, it shows he really knows and good for Job. But honestly, This is a big test for Buhari: stand with the people and keep Magu, or side with the criminal enterprise and abandon him. It’s his choice,

          • Shokoloko Bangoshay

            I almost agreed with you until you got Buhari involved for allowing a Saraki to be president of the senate. By this, are you insinuating that Buhari should have been a maximum ruler who appoints or approves who leads other arm of govt? However, my take on Magu is that “he who goes to equity must come with a clean hand”. It is also quite surprising that PT has chosen to act as media aide to Magu whilst EFCC spokesperson is yet to make official statement on the alleged non-confirmation. More so, SSS report on Magu is their words against him, let Magu set the record straight with his own “version of the truth”. What I sincerely believe is that everybody gets recompensed here on earth for his deeds

          • Factsay

            Thanks for uprightness

          • Factsay

            You complain of institutional problem, u complained of leaders being stronger than institution, but then, you went further to suggest that Buhari should have prevented Saraki from being senate president.

            Isn’t ur suggestion contradictory to what you said earlier?

            How do you expect Buhari being the head of executive to dictate who becomes the senate president (legislative arm of govt)? Is that not against separation of power and check and balances? Is that not corruption?

            We the masses are the problem because majority of us don’t know what we want. We don’t even know what is democracy

          • MindYourself

            I agree with you. It is really a wate of time! I submitted a long commentary on this page on what is wrong with us. You need to read to appreciate my perspective on this whole ugly situation. The illiterates amongst us are not helping matters at all. They don’t apply intelligence in their comments and responses. They are just here to insult others, all because they are vexed and frustrated. They are baranda boys, spare parts dealers! One of them is likely to have responded negatively to your well composed piece. They respond to issues with only purpose to nail the personality of the president and cause confusion. When you try to educate them, they respond with insults. A guy here claimed that an exalted position of a Senate President could be occupied by a renowed corrupt man ; this is simply because the position is political! Politics to him is reserved for the hooligans! How can you be proud of having such person as a fellow Nigerian? This is definitely one of the hired thugs ravaging the country. Highly unintelligent person! I guess the guy did not finish his secondary education, or was just pushed out of school. His response to me was pack of insults. That insult and name callings are in their blood.

          • Factsay

            Buhari is a coupist, a murderer and a forger.

            You problem is that u know know the imporatnce of strong institutions in a democracy. Politicians are generally dodgy , and in Africa generally corrupt, we need a person with impeccable character as EFCC chairman so that no politician can point hands to his mess.

            Stop commenting like an unintelligent child

      • Gary

        Thank you. The Magu hailers are being selective with their facts. If there are six charges against an accused and the prosecution can only prove two, the defense cannot insist on acquittal when there are two charges to secure conviction.
        The PT/Magu defence does not address the charge of EFCC files found in the home of Umar, Magu’s friend and benefactor.
        Magu does not deny knowing the said Umar and only tried to explain how he met him.

        Umar is facing serious corruption charges of blackmailing people and the mere fact that the head of EFCC can be linked to such a person, raises questions about Magu’s judgment and ethical conflicts. The latter alone is a disqualifier for anyone holding such a sensitive position as EFCC Chief.
        There’s little doubt that a camp inside Aso Rock had the knives out for Magu but he made himself a target and easy for them to finish him off.
        What I find amusing is the irrational bid to blame Saraki for Magu’s downfall. He might be Senate President but he has only one vote and does not teleguide a chamber full of zombies who do his bidding. Folks want Saraki to run the Senate for the APC like the barely literate soldier David Mark did on behalf of the PDP. And that has only fueled the animosity towards him for the way he emerged as leader.
        The SSS Chief was appointed and reports to his cousin, Buhari. He does not work with or for Saraki for them to have conspired to blocked Ibrahim Magu.

        • onome yansh

          On point. Does Buhari truly wants Magu to be confirmed by the NASS? I have my doubt. Buhari is damn too close to the DSS boss that he cannot be unaware that he has such a damning report against Magu which he sent to the NASS. I strongly believe there are some intrigues here we as outsiders do not understand. I find it hard to believe that Daura the DSS boss deliberately sent this report without the knowledge of the President.

  • Factsay

    When same SSS hunted the judges there was no fact-checking.

    Magu’s integrity has been damaged. He should honorably bow out and another person with impeccable character should be appointed.

    Such new person must probe Ribadu, Waziri, Lamorde and Magu and make public accounts of all monies recovered by EFCC from Ribadu time till date

    • Demo

      You are that impeccable person.Maybe you can just help do the job for Nigeria.

      • Factsay

        Thanks, Yes I can

    • Osakue

      Lie lie we love Magu so far the best since OBj started the shit.

      By the way the big theives fly first class so Magu flying first class to see if he will find any theif on board is part of his duty. Na poor people full economy class

      • Factsay

        You are something else

      • Factsay

        in the land of the blind, one eyed person is a leader.

        They call ur place zoo, they might be right if this is the way u see life

  • Man_Enough

    Classical case of “giving the dog a bad name in order to hang it”

  • Logico

    Editor Premium Times,

    The Use and Abuse of Security Report

    The reason Nigeria is a weak state in global affairs is the monopolization of its Security Office by near-illiterates.
    Whereas, Condolezzza Rice, a scholar, was the National security Adviser to the U.S President; even at war time.
    What Premium Times publishes as “security report” is an example of the high-level illiteracy besetting Nigeria.

    A Security report must be logical, factual, and conclusive, but here, there’s no sense in the allegations against Magu.
    Does Magu become a security risk by moving into official residence; or, by flying in the same plane with his colleague?
    This watery and illogical “security report” does not answer either question; or infer any reasonable conclusion from facts.

    • Logico

      ……(2) The Use and Abuse of Security Report

      First of all there is nothing called Department of State Services {D.S.S] under the laws of Nigeria.
      A directive by the then General Abdulsalam Abubakar that SSS be thenceforth called DSS, is void.
      That directive is an utterance in ignorance of law because no executive directive amends a statute.
      Better educated journalists in Nigeria should not be led by the nose by illiterates to say after them.

      Second of all, it is illiteracy of the highest order that the word “security” is conflated with “military” in Nigeria.
      Security does not mean military activity or military endeavour; no! Security means strategic analysis of events.
      For example, the election of Donald Trump shall have strategic, not necessarily military implications for Nigeria.
      It will decide if crude oil will sell higher or at lesser price if energy diversification were to be pursued by America.
      But the best the SSS under Alhaji Daura can think up as priority is that Mr. Magu worked on EFCC files at home.

  • Sharpy


    • Osakue


    • Shokoloko Bangoshay

      This to you is an investigative journalism? Why are some people gullible to swallow every balderdash line, hook and sinker? Was there attached document to buttress the investigation of PT albeit Magu’s mouth-piece? Is PT now Magu’s media consultant? SSS report on Magu is not final. Magu has right to come up with a better argument to nullify the “lies” of SSS but unfortunately, he has none. Life is a bitch…He who must destroy to succeed, must meet destruction at the apex of his career.

    • Abdullah Musa

      Problem is, they will say nobody has constitutional right to dissolve the Senate.
      We can of course initiate the recall process but we may not, either because we are too weak, disorganised, or politically irrelevant.

  • Du Covenant

    This is corruption fighting back in Nigeria and it is a pity we are sitting down and watching a bunch of criminals dictating what is right in our country. What a shame!. Why can we match to the NASS and force the confirmation for this man?, in my opinion he appears to be one of the only public servants whose work has been cut out for him due to the high level of corruption in our country.Where are the sensible Nigerians?, has the senate not just confirmed they are rotten to the core with corruption as most of us already think?, Why did they not give the opportunity to fair hearing to defend those allegations by the SSS if true?, what type of democracy do we claim to have in our country?, Is the confirmation hearing not an opportunity to clear out any doubts about a proposed candidate?…..etc….

    • Shokoloko Bangoshay

      You have shown that your are ridiculously gullible and myopic.

  • paul irumundomon

    I have police officers as family members, inlaws, friends. What is magu salary, that he can afford to fly first class. First class is not meant for civil servants, if the government is not paying for it. He operates two addresses, who is paying him and on what ground.
    I read their investigations, what is their conclusions. With all these accusations, who is behind this man, that he still remain a police officer. You look at theIraq investigations punch holes where they try to be bias or amend their findings, that is not what genuine investigation is supposed to be, the investigation was not objective. It is unfair to Nigerians and Nigeria.

    • Endtime Prophet

      While you may be correct in saying hi salary cannot afford those so called luxuries like a first class seat, remember that he like other high ranking officers have means you cannot really search. Those means may have been from earlier times but that is the reality in Nigeria.
      My friend having two residences does not mean you are so rich. At his level I expect nothing less. No one said he had mansions to live in. In carrying out his work this man has shown extraordinary dedication and courage. The way you talk it seems you have a beef with him or maybe you have someone who is being investigated by him or EFCC.
      I think we should encourage his kind of person in the present clime we find ourselves.

      • onome yansh

        Let us be objective, what “extraordinary dedication and courage” has Magu shown? Right from the days of Ribadu, the EFCC goes after big fishes that the President wants prosecuted. It is still the same today. Is it the arrest and prosecution of corrupt opposition leaders that makes Magu extraordinarily courageous? What effort did Magu make to investigate and possibly prosecute Abba Kyari, Danbazzau, Buruntai and the SGF, Lawal in the face of weighty allegations against them? These are cases that would convince us that he is extraordinary, courageous and independent.

        • Osakue

          Opposition or ruling party the ones that EFCC have caught so far in the opposition are they guilty or not. That should be the worry of a true concern citizen not where they belong

      • fowl yas don open

        I beg make we hear better words—–ojare————with yr double tongue———-what happened hen Oil MinisterMrs Madueke flew to meetings —-in a chartered plane–Did Magu not investigate her and called for her head———–Sadly Magu is now free to fly first class–and rent an apartment worth 40m—————Yesterday when Fulani Ribadu was asked where he got the money to buy his mansion in Abuja–he lied that his inlaw who is a lecturer gave him the money to purchase the said mansion—————–Now Nigerians from the old regions of the country are now trying to justify the waste in the brain of a drug addict like Magu

      • Osakue

        Jah bless

  • Burning Spear

    if Premium Times does not know that Nigerians now see her as the mouth piece of Magu and the Apes in Apc then she needs to seek the face of a Native doctor–to understand that Nigerians no longer take PT serious———–The said files that Magu stole had something to do with the 31 governors Ribadu told the Senate stole the Nation blind—via their states—————-Magu is a thief and a drug addict——Sadly——–Nigeria is the type of country where thieves like Magu are celebrated———————because of the money used in settling the media by efcc———-the agency which was created for only Northerners to head like NIGERIAN PORTS AUTHORITY—where only the Fulanis are allowed to head—-to the detriment of-other regions——Soon ribadu would again be asked to take over from MAGU———–AGAIN——Animals

    • Osakue

      Find somewhere else to rest I beg. You need rest PDP 16yrs done run you mad

    • Adegboye Bukoye

      BODE GEORGE and TONY ANENIH are original Fulani men from Adamawa and Sokoto. Keep on the hate campaign

    • Ogbeni Leke Olowe

      Must u talk or contribute to every discussions, aren’t u tired if PDP bitterness, is Aneni tony and bode George from kastina ,and Borno? I pity ur up string.

    • Bittertruth

      Good! If he is a thief, then, he is right for the job
      because, we need a thief to catch Nigerian when be correct thief. Cunny man die, na cunny man dey bury am. Our
      problem don solve then, because any style you bring, he already knows.

  • Man_Enough

    If the above are truly the crimes of magu, then the man is an “angel” by Nigerian standards. To disqualify this man is a great disservice to the country.

  • olat


    • skingsfu

      u’ll stand till ur legs will pain u, then u’ll sit down.

      • Manuel Tobby

        What will stand for? He has said his.

        • Williams Johnson Fortune

          He will as usual stand with corruption

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        lol. true.

  • Stella Dominic


  • Manuel Tobby

    If these are all they could dig up against magu after all these years in government, then I think we have an angel here. Even let all the allegations be true, magu is still an angel by every nigerian standars.

    • Rabi’u

      You are very right. Senate wants give dog a bad name just to hang it

  • Rufus

    i know there are several who do not want Magu confirmed, and some of these allegations are not true. But so are the rebuttals. Mage and Umar have always been friends. infant, Umar got the president to nominate Magu. But Umar fell out himself…. he is suspected to have an eye for Aisha Buhari….and this is the reason for his travails…

    • Bittertruth

      Have eyes for somebody wife when babes full everywhere. That
      is stealing by eyeballing. Let me believe that this is a joke…

      • Rufus

        hear it as a joke,….. but its real enough.

    • Gary

      Seriously sir, you really think you’re pleading Magu’s case with this bombshell and tendentious charge you just made that Magu is chasing the President’s wife?
      Are you being mischievous or just plain crazy? You should be ashamed of yourself for using the web to spread calumny and trying to break up a family.

      • Rufus

        what you don’t know, won’t hurt you. But since you’ve inquired, i was referring to Umar. Its no news in the inner circle that he and Aisha had something uncommon…. which was why he let her use his jet for free. She wasn’t using jets in the Presidential fleet. It was why he was locked up without prosecution, and when she tried to get him released, out of frustration she castigated the president. Right now, PMB and the president are distant and Ice cold to each other….in fact, no other room matter between them. Even if you leave in abuja, these are privileged matter, but i’m glad to led you know….because the powerful also cry!!!!

        • tundemash

          If you give education as much time as you give rumors in your life, you would be better off. It is excruciatingly painful reading through the rumour you wrote.

          • Rufus

            and you took time to read through and reply a rumour?….illiteracy must be good….

          • tundemash

            M0ron, the keyword is “excruciatingly painful reading through”.

          • Rufus

            That’s a phrase dimwit… you should learn the difference between words, phrases and sentences before you refer to them. Over sabi….

          • tundemash

            Mor0n, keep your rumours to yourself or within your amnesty camp village and you ought to thank me after you corrected the gibberish you wrote earlier.

          • Rufus

            Otunnba Babatunde… i can imagine you, our your folks…. or grandfolks with razor sharp tribal marks, struggling for amala in front of Adedibu’s palace…. despite having an education. Sorry, an education is not a guarantee to stupidity or cryonism….. else, Yorubaland would be heaven. Think…. then reply. Professor Babatunde Agbalagba….

          • tundemash

            Obviously a semi-illiterate would not value education and would rather be excited in rumours. Cl0wn provide proof of your rumours here else crawl back into that hole you came from.

          • Rufus

            semi-illiterate sa?.. ejoo sa, me no go sku sa. my ed no shap at hall sa. ma fuen honly yoruba. ko si hinglsh sa. appy kristmasi sa. am going bak to my ‘ole sa…

          • tundemash

            I don’t expect that much from you; those before are known to be house-helps in lagos.

          • Rufus

            ahh… awus-elp ke? me n fulkanyza i be,,, ejoo oga tunde//// helep me o!!!!

          • Rufus

            i bet all the 12491 comments you’ve made on DISQUS are based on rumours…

          • tundemash

            Go sort out your education first instead of spreading “beer-parlor” gist all over the place.

  • Bittertruth

    This I think is the case of kettle calling pot black. Who
    among the senate has no fantastic sin? Let him throw the first stone and see if
    his stone would leave his palm, how much more go through the window even when
    it does leave the palm, it could drop on the foot and hurt someone.

    I’m not saying the man is a saint. Even angels would refuse to be sent
    to Nigeria for fear of being bribed to renounce God. If the man is doing his
    job and doing it good, pick your pens and sign him in-we need to move on.
    However, what are you afraid of if, you are innocent. Those involved alone
    should worry. please stop this witch hurting and do your job.

    Next please…

  • Alos

    MR> MAGU don’t be sad at all. There’s nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. Saraki nad other Legislooters fighting tooth and nail to STOP you from doing your good work will NEVER KNOW peace again in their lives.
    We commoners support your efforts and pray that GOD will soon exonerate you.
    Mr. President, please resubmit Magu’s name and let the Senate conduct ALL investigations”as stated by SSS or which ever security agents involved” in a MORE TRANSPARENT MODE for the whole world to see if the man is “guilty or not”.

  • Towjhu

    Everything rises and falls on integrity. As much as I’m inclined to believe the Premium Times Report, why should Magu even be staying in a N20m house? Thought this was a frugal govt