Nigerian Senate calls for removal, prosecution of SGF Babachir Lawal


The Senate has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to suspend and ensure prosecution of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, over alleged breach of Nigeria’s law in handling contracts awarded by the Presidential Initiative for the North East, PINE

The Senate’s resolution on Wednesday followed presentation of the report on mounting humanitarian crisis in the north-east by the Shehu Sani-led ad hoc committee.

Mr. Lawal’s company, Global Vision Ltd., is one of the companies indicted by the committee for allegedly benefiting from inflated and phantom contracts – or ones not executed at all – awarded by the PINE.

Mr. Lawal’s firm was said to have been awarded over N200 million contract to clear ‘invasive plant specie’ in Yobe State.

The committee found that as of the time the contract was awarded in March 2016, Mr. Lawal was still the director of Global Vision and that he just resigned in September.

Yet, currently, Mr. Lawal is the signatory to the company’s account.

Mr. Lawal’s directorship of the Global Vision while being a public official – Secretary General of the Federation – contravened Nigeria’s code of conduct for public officials as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution, the Senate held.

Global Vision was incorporated in 1990 to carry out ICT services; but it received contract to clear grass in 2016 even while the owner is senior government official, the lawmakers found.

“Babachir Lawal is a disgrace to the All Progressives Congress,” said Dino Melaye (APC-Kogi West); adding that the SGF “is exhibiting anti-Buhari tendency”.

Mr. Melaye led the call for Mr. Lawal’s resignation and prosecution, after Mr. Sani (APC-Kaduna) presented his committee’s report.

Also, Isah Misau (APC-Bauchi) said Mr. Lawal should resigned immediately or be suspended and be prosecuted afterwards.

Mr. Misau said the Buhari administration was having challenges with performance delivery “because of people like the SGF”. He said the SGF was the one responsible for non-constitution of many boards of the federal government.

Mr. Misau said Mr. Buhari should sack and ensure prosecution of the SGF to prove seriousness of his anti-corruption campaign.

“Without the prosecution of the SGF, this anti-corruption fight will go nowhere,” he said.

That of SGF was one the numerous scams uncovered by the report, said Adeola Olamilekan (APC-Lagos). He said Mr. Lawal should resign and be prosecuted.

Mr. Sani’s report revealed that the Presidential Initiative for the North East took advantage of the emergency situation to award fraudulent contracts; and also that the realities in the Internally Displaced Persons camps did not commensurate with funds released.

The Senate therefore resolved that PINE should turn in all documents pertaining to contracts it had awarded, and that all government officials, apart from Mr. Lawal, found to have contravened law in the processes of the contracts should be prosecuted.

The Senate also asked the Federal Ministry of Health to immediately deploy its personnel to the IDP camps to support the international humanitarian crisis managers and military hospitals in the north-east.

It also asked the federal government and state governments in the north-east to ensure an end to acute food shortage in the IDPs camps; and that infrastructures in the recaptured villages and towns be rebuilt so that IDPs can go back to their homes.


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  • Charles

    I understand the really meaning of change: it mean changing from one set of looters(PDP) to another(APC)

    • Justice and Truth

      Absolutely and even worse than that

  • Justice and Truth

    Is Babachir Lawal not one of the trusted allies of Buhari, working directly under Buhari? How can Buhari be exempted from this heartless CORRUPTION? Of course maybe Buhari is not in charge after all

  • Abdul

    We can’t tolerate this anymore. Lawal should just resign.

  • otunga

    Abba Kyari is there also causing endless damage control yet with evidence provided the man just keeps quiet. I have lost total confidence in this so called anti corruption war!

  • Sanssouci

    With every day that passes This APC “change” administration is making GEJ’s admin less and less evil

  • B. Messi

    buhari’s ‘square peg in the square hole’
    When the bombshell ws released that the PINE under the supervision of the SGF/presidency was enmeshed in GROSS ACTS OF CORRUPTION, the e-zombies scampered into their holes!
    Suddenly they forgot their ‘anti kwaroption’ chants.
    With this development, the hypocrites will dig even deeper into the Abyss. All sane and discerning Naijas have long discovered that the likes of rommel, kay soyemi, TundeMESS/tunsj/julius/truthometer/nkem, amazing2012, Maria, are actually CORRUPTION(not anti-corruption) CRUSADERS!
    Or how else does one explain a situation where the moment Saraki or jonathans name is mentioned, they post over a thousand comments pretending to be against corruption. But the moment one of buhari’s key men is caught pants down, those clowns go into hiding??
    Shebi the AGF and the e-zombies said financial crimes constitute a threat to ‘national security’? SO WHY NOT ORDER A DSS ‘STING OP’ TO LAWALS HOUSE AT 1am??

    • Baka

      Well, Babacir is one of the Bola Tinubu nominees for Buhari. Babacir confirmed that when he held thanks giving over his appointment.

  • Olori Magege

    They said they are saints; see no evil, touch no evil. Lets see what their EFCC will do NOW

    • Charles

      They will do nothing, the spider web is design to entrap other insects not the spider.

      • Olori Magege

        That is a nice proverb on the spider. I will quote you on it. Thanks

  • imagine_2012

    Buhari is too illiterate to understand the implication. Nothing dey happen.

    • Charles

      He understands the implication, he only pretend not to, since his enemies are not involve.

    • okenwa

      This buhari’s illitracy is being taken to another level. How come judges can be invaded at midnight but abba kyari and babachir lawal are all dinning mumuhari.

  • Nkem

    I said Babachir would not waste any time in showing his true colours. The man is not only grossly incompetent, he is so terribly corrupt. If Baba does not remove this man from office, then his claim to unbiased fight against corruptions becomes thinner and thinner everyday. President Buhari should recall that it was cases like this one involving Abba Moro etc. that accumulated and eventually led to Jonathan’s downfall.

    • Charles

      Why do you think PMB is not aware that babachir is incompetent and corrupt, remember he said that he want to work with people he knows.

    • okenwa

      What about abba kyari, the chief of staff. Buhari has a lot of skeleton in his cupboard.

  • Dualpolemedia

    Transparency and accountability should begin with the legislative house. Except the house first purge itself of corruption, no other arms of government will be deter. Not until then, the business still remain as usual. Satanic Saraki’s lead Senate cannot bring any sanctity into our political space.

    • Charles

      Don’t you think it should begin with the FIRST ARM OF GOVERMENT? or are you saying that as long as there is no transparency and accountability in the legislative house, there is no reason for accountability in the EXECUTIVE arm?. is this now the new definition of the war against corruption?

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      This kind of comment makes one sick. Haba! Let the man speak out to deny this. Even if he does, a sincere govt that is against corruption will give him not longer than a eek notice to hand over and face the music. A is a rogue is never an excuse for rogue B to be rogue.

  • thomas jefferson

    I bet my left nut Buhari ain’t gonna do sh*t about it and the senators ain’t gonna say nothing more about it. A branded Shithole called Nigeria!

    • Gary

      Smart guy…only willing to wager one nut on Buhari.
      That is one too many and you should keep your nuts, if you ask me.
      The hypocrisy of this regime on corruption stinks to high heavens.

  • omotayo omotosho olanipekun

    The Office of the Secretary to the Federal Government falls under the PRESIDENCY..under the President’s DIRECT SUPERVISION.
    Mr President cannot dodge this one..nor can his online spin doctors explain this away with their usual bunkum!
    The instances he has failed to act have become LEGION!

    • Noble

      But this is only an allegation not yet proven. The SFG remains innocent until proved otherwise.

      • okenwa

        Do you say that if it is pdp members.

      • Sule

        This is not an allegation but a fact. The report is telling you what has happened. The man is a big thief. If Mr. President fails to sack him, then, he, Mr. President will be a big thief too..

        • Ade Omowest

          What fact? So, the Senate has now turned to a court of law? A Senate being headed by an indicted criminal Bukola Saraki, on trial in a competent court of law, why has he not step aside to exonerate himself?

          • Emeka

            God bless you my dear!

      • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

        You sound like a Nigerian from the moon. What has been proven against Dasuki? It has been allegations all the way. This is a simple test of sincerity and PMB knows better I’m sure.

    • okenwa

      They obey only petitions against pdp members.

      • Dele ojediran

        It’s really bad and a big set back for the government fight against corruption in the country. No wonder the Secretary to the Government of the Federation , The Chief of Staff to the President and their collaborators denied the Ag DG BPP Engr. Ahmed from being confirmed as DG BPP because he won’t accept such recklessness and corruption in public institution. They informed the president with dueprocess in place they can’t perform their job in 2016. It’s left for the president to prove his seriousness in the fight against corruption. As for the senate and members house of representative it’s the kettle calling the pot black.

        • okenwa

          But buhari is number one tribalist ever known in nigeria. Please check his past records. What about 97% to 5%.

      • Adesuwa


  • Tritcall

    They are all corrupt….

  • Uwaoma, Chigozie

    Nothing is going to happen top the said SGF because he is Buhari’s man and of the APC. Buhari is corrupt, hence works with his fellow corrupt persons.
    Is he not aware of the contracts in the first instance.
    This is the reason why they are fighting Shehu Sani…
    All Progressive Criminals!!!


      true talk and i agreed

  • Charles

    misappropriating fund meant for the IDP is as serious as the arm deal. Over to you PMB.

    • Gary

      Couldn’t agree more with your position. Simply unconscionable that anyone, much less a highly placed member of Buhari’s kitchen cabinet, would engage in profiteering from the misery of displaced fellow citizens from a brutal insurgency.

      This is the ultimate test of Mr Buhari’s sincerity about truly fighting corruption or merely using it as a cover to settle scores with his perceived opponents. So far, evidence supports the latter view: Abba Kyari, Buratai, Dambazzau, Fashola, Amaechi; all have allegations against them that have been swept under the rug.
      Now add this blockbuster charge against Babachir Lawal and Nigerians will have a right to ask if there’s any difference between what they saw under the PDP and now the APC.

  • Sanssouci

    1)Still signatory to the company account
    2)Resigned after having awarded the contract
    3)No qualifications for the job undertaken,
    4)Job poorly handled over billed/not delivered

    Buhari this is the ultimate test to see whether the wailers are right that the anti-corruption war is a farce

  • Lina

    The scale of corruption in Jonathan’s era will pale into insignificance when this government is finally kicked out of office and the next admnistration starts their own probe. At the moment all the hot air In the press to be rid of Lawal and prosecute him will remain simply that.
    It will go the way the call to investigate, Amechi, Fashola, Buratai etc had gone in the past. If the presidency and Magu ignore the call long enough it will be forgotten, or at best gullible Nigerians will be assured that there is no evidence to support the allegation. It will then be business as usual.

  • Curseless

    Melaye, of all men should not even be seeing to be asking for anyone to resign for anything. He is as corrupt as it gets and have failed severally to take the same honorable way of resigning from the assembly when confronted with his own shady deals. This man is running a foreign account in the USA against the law and evidence including receipt and teller copies were published by Sahara Reporter to validate the fact yet he denied. He could not explain the kind of business that he did or he is doing which would have made him the stupendous wealth he brags about. People are just too funny in Nigeria.

  • Dazmillion

    Buhari’s ultimate corruption litmus test. If Buhari fails this test he is finished. But on the other hand something says Buhari might pass this test because Babachir is not a fulani and to make matters worse he is Christian.

    • Gary

      Spot on! They will not lose too much sleep tossing this one guy under the bus. He ain’t Fulani and an “infidel”.
      Getting rid of him actually opens one more slot for a true blood from the Chosen Few of Daura.

  • Kas

    This is evident their so called change mantra is but noise. Lets see what the APC sympathizers will tell us this time around. Change my foot!

    • Emeka

      How can a cripple like you make such sentence as “change my foot?” It’s right for people with their legs and foot intact to make such sentence, and not “onye ngworo” like you..

      • Tunji Olarewaju



    If This Report Is Accurate, Then As Quick As 1,2,3, The SGF Should Be Sacked & Prosecuted.

    The First Action is Suspension While Investigation Takes Place, then Sacking and Prosecution if Allegations are Substantiated.

    Money/Donations Meant For Welfare Of For IDPs Being Stolen!

    N200M to Cut ‘Invasive Plants’!. Have Mercy on The Suffering People of Nigeria!

  • marc umeh

    Looks like the senate is waking up to it’s responsibility. If the president turns a deaf ear , then it will be time for impeachment proceedings.
    Nigeria is bigger than any individual


    Dear All,

    Please thank and congratulate the Senate for the decisiveness of their actions and challenge thrown to the Executive/Buhari.

    We must let the Senate/NASS know Nigerians are more than ready to apply same standards to each and every one of them.

    If SGF is culpable, we must ensure he is punished to the fullest extent of the law , after that, we turn our venom to the NASS.

    The NASS requires cleansing and purification. They are a cancerous growth that must be excised.

    We love and support Nigeria, not political parties, not individuals and certainly not narrow agendas/interests.

    • Ashibogu

      SGF alias Justice Ngwuta!

  • T-Rex

    We are watching,lets see how Oga Bubu is going to respond to this.

  • Muhammad

    That the Senate consists of some corrupt members can not justify discrediting this action .
    The Head of Ministers in such shit . This is embarrassing to the ruling party and the government .

  • kunle akindude

    What a shame for the Senate which comprises of criminals asking anyone to resign and be prosecuted when they are doing worse things all these times
    Am not holding fort for the Secretary to the government at all but these same senators have been getting constituency projects money forever and has never executed any projects ever Let EFCC start cleaning house starting with the constituency projects money

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      That shouldn’t stop the SGF from going to court to defend his integrity

  • Lanre

    There will be retards here who believe Buhari will be different from the past rulers who have misgoverned Nigeria. He cannot. As long as oil money continues to flow from the Niger-Delta, corruption will remain and exist in Nigeria. It is immutable, incontrovertible and permanent.


    I assure you all that PMB will not act on the SGF because be likes him!!!!!