INTERVIEW: Our actions to resolve Shiite IMN, Southern Kaduna crises – El-Rufai

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai
Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai

Gov. Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State spoke to journalists recently on a wide range of issues, notably, the deadly Kaduna South and Shiite IMN crises in the state.

The governor’s comments admitting to paying Fulani herdsmen who raided communities and slaughtered many in the state were earlier reported as brief quotes.

PREMIUM TIMES brings you the full transcript of what Mr. El Rufai said on the two crises bedeviling his state.

QUESTION: There have been a lot of hues and cries over the banning of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) as activists argued that their human rights have been violated. Why did the government decide to infringe on the Shiites’ freedom of association and the freedom to practice their religion? 

Gov. El Rufai: The issue of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and their declaration as an unlawful society is something that we did with all sense of responsibility. Many media outlets have presented what we did in various ways which are misleading.

What we did was not to ban any organization; we have no power to ban an organisation if it exists, we cannot ban religion or religious practice. What we did is to say that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is an unlawful society and we derived the powers to do this under the Penal Code that was passed in 1963, so it is not a new thing that we did. The governor can declare any organisation an unlawful society, if it poses a threat to the security, peace and governance of the state. And we concluded, after receiving the report of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry that looked into the clashes between the IMN and the army, that the IMN poses a threat to the peace, security and good governance of Kaduna state. That is what we did.

We did not ban Shiism, we did not ban Shiites. We did not say they cannot practise their religion, because in Kaduna state, there are at least two Shiites organisations that we know. There is Al-Thaqalayn Foundation, there is Rasul A’azam Society. These are all Shiites organisations and they are not outlawed. They are not outlawed because all they do is to preach their brand of Islam and they practise their brand of Islam and they are free to do so. Both of them are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), they recognise the constitutional order in Nigeria, they recognise President Muhammadu Buhari as president of Nigeria. They recognize Nasiru El-Rufai as governor of Kaduna state and they obey the laws of Nigeria and Kaduna state. They have no paramilitary arm, they do not carry arms, they do not block public highways, they do not occupy schools.

The IMN does not recognise the constitution of Nigeria, they do not recognize Buhari as President of Nigeria, they do not recognise me as governor of Kaduna state because they had their governor in Tudun Wada. They have their para military wing, the call them ‘Hurras’. They train them in violation of our laws. They do not accept that any law in Nigeria applies to them. They block public high ways, they occupy schools when they are doing their processions and they feel that to practice their religion, they have to infringe on the right of others. That is completely wrong!

There is also a misconception that IMN is the same as Shiites, IMN is only one out of many Shiites organisations. There is a prominent Shiite organisation with its headquarters here in Kaduna that is headed by Sheikh Hamza Lawal.

Because IMN doesn’t recognise Nigerian laws, they are not registered with CAC, so they cannot be sued or held responsible. They build anywhere they want without approval. They don’t even bother to acquire title to land. Their allegiance is not to Nigerian government, their allegiance is to somewhere else.  I want to ask you, if you put all these facts together, what does IMN look like? IMN looks like an insurgency waiting to happen.

The report of the commission of inquiry recommended that we should proscribe IMN because they are not registered, they can’t sue or be sued in their own name. The media should stop referring to the IMN as Shiites because they are just one group out of many others. I will like you to speak with other groups to hear what they think of IMN. The IMN is a political organisation. The objective of El-Zakzaky is to gather enough followers to effect an Iranian type Islamic Revolution in Nigeria and you know what that can cause! Nigeria is not 100 per cent a Muslim country that you can do Islamic Revolution, it is a recipe for crisis.

I laugh when some people that are not informed on this subject are sympathetic to him, talking about human rights. What he has in plan for you, you will not have any human rights. Anybody that tries to say Nigeria will be an Islamic country, do you know how much crisis he is trying to create? That is the agenda. So let us understand this problem.

We remain open to talk to their members like any citizen, not as IMN because they are unlawful and if you claimed to be a member of IMN, it is seven year imprisonment. That is why we are looking for Ibrahim Musa who has signed a statement as their spokesman. We are raising the reward for exposing him to N500, 000. Anyone that knows where he is should tell us so that the police can collect him, we are going to try him for signing a statement that he is a spokesman for IMN after the publication of an order outlawing the organisation.

QUESTION: The crises in Southern Kaduna have been recurrent and there seem not to be an end in sight. Recently, the Centre of Humanitarian Dialogue started a peace-building effort. Will this initiative make any difference? 

Gov. El-Rufai: When we came to office, the two problems we faced in the area of security were cattle rustling in Birnin Gwari/Giwa axis and this communal killings in southern Kaduna. We were very concerned about both and we did two things. We needed to understand what was happening in southern Kaduna. We understood cattle rustling and we convened a meeting of all the north-west governors because the problem was centred around the forest ranges of Kuyambana and we felt state cooperation was necessary. We came together and launched an operation to deal with cattle rustling. We were successful because we degraded their ability to do cattle rustling, even though that created a problem of kidnapping, because they moved from cattle rustling to kidnapping we are still facing.

For southern Kaduna, we didn’t understand what was going on and we decided to set up a committee under Gen. Martin Luther Agwai (rtd) to find out what was going on there. What was established was that the root of the problem has a history starting from the 2011 post-election violence. Fulani herdsmen from across Africa bring their cattle down towards middle belt and southern Nigeria. The moment the rains starts around March, April, they start moving them up to go back to their various communities and countries. Unfortunately, it was when they were moving up with their cattle across southern Kaduna that the elections of 2011 took place and the crisis trapped some of them. Some of them were from Niger, Cameroon, Chad, Mali and Senegal. Fulanis are in 14 African countries and they traverse this country with the cattle. So many of these people were killed, cattle lost and they organised themselves and came back to revenge.

So, a lot of what was happening in southern Kaduna was actually from outside Nigeria. We got a hint that the late Governor Patrick Yakowa got this information and he sent someone to go round some of these Fulani communities, but of course after he died, the whole thing stopped. That is what we inherited. But the Agwai committee established that.

We took certain steps. We got a group of people that were going round trying to trace some of these people, trying to trace some of these people in Cameroon, Niger Republic and so on to tell them that there is a new governor who is Fulani like them and has no problem paying compensations for lives lost and he is begging you to stop killing. In most of the communities, once that appeal was made to them, they said they have forgiven. There are one or two that asked for monetary compensation. They said they have forgiven the death of human beings, but want compensation for cattle. We said no problem, some we paid. As recently as two weeks ago, the team went to Niger Republic to attend one Fulani gathering that they do every year with a message from me.

So this was the problem, we knew this by August last year and we started taking steps. But what is happening now, I don’t want it to be restricted to southern Kaduna. I noticed that some people are trying to bring religion or ethnicity into it. What about Zamfara State? Are there southern Kaduna people in Zamfara? That is why I considered the statement by the President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) as regrettable. Some people don’t understand the burden of leadership. The same Fulani are killing Fulani in Zamfara, it is not about religion or ethnicity, this is a pure case of banditry! They are criminals, their ethnicity, their religion does not matter. Let’s fight the problem, let’s not bring sentiments, sensationalism and division into it. What is happening in southern Kaduna today, in my opinion, has roots in banditry, it has nothing to do with what has happened in the past to a large extent.

It was a small problem that started in Ninte village, Godogodo that could have been handled better by the local communities; but the leaders of the Fulanis and the leaders of the communities did not do it well. I was very sad, I went there. Any life lost in Kaduna state is a burden on me because as the governor, I have to defend the life of every one. As a government, we regret the loss of lives. We regret the destruction of property.

Today in Kaduna State we have arrested 400 people for kidnapping and cattle rustling and armed robbery. All except about five of them are Fulanis. I am Fulani, does it mean I should not have them arrested and prosecuted? I don’t consider them Fulani, I consider them criminals. Whenever I sit with Fulani leaders I tell them that we arrested over 400 suspects and 99 per cent of them are Fulanis and they should ask themselves why is it only Fulanis that are doing this. Is that part of the culture of the Fulanis? Since when did they start carrying AK47 rifles and so on?

From a small problem in Ninte, some people found a way to add fuel to the fire, because it is politically expedient to do so not caring how many people get killed. Over time, the culture of impunity has permeated all segments of society, people think they can do anything and get away with it. There is very weak law enforcement or uneven law enforcement. If you are from this ethnic group or religion, you can do something and get away with it but the other one cannot. There is a mindset that you can take the law into your hands. This is what has been happening and escalating the problem. So it is most unfortunate, but honestly the whole challenge is that of banditry and it has to be addressed.

Secondly I think that those that preach the message that this one is a settler, he shouldn’t he here or this one is of different tribe and religion, he should not live with you, are more responsible for what is happening than anything else. How can you look at somebody that has stayed in a place for 200 years and say he is a settler. How long have you lived there? We all came from somewhere.

The media should not give these kind of people the oxygen that they need to propagate this. Those that think that there is any profit to be made from this kind of narrative and division should go to Plateau State and ask. Jos is quiet, peaceful, because after years of killing each other both sides realised that it doesn’t make any sense. That is why when we went to Samarun Kataf for the unveiling of the apology, we invited the Gbong Gwom Jos, His Majesty Da Buba Gyang, because he has been through it, he has seen it.

We must have peace for any progress and there is no problem in the world that you can solve through violence. Even if you go to war, the war doesn’t end until you come to a table and discuss peace. Why not start with the peace?

For some of the politicians from the southern Kaduna that are trying to politicise this, they should go to Plateau State and find out or talk to former Governor Jonah Jang and find out what happens when you add fuel to the fire of this kind of division.

We are deploying more and more security to the crisis prone areas. It is costing us tons of money at a time when we don’t have resources, but we have to do it because security is the foundation of everything.

There are people that are sending a message, defend yourselves, we will get them; defend yourself is hate speech. You can’t defend yourself if there is a government. We are going to arrest and prosecute all those that pass that message.

The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) has done a lot and they have been very successful in helping bring peace to Plateau State, this is why we asked them to come and help us in Kaduna. We have made a lot of progress with the Kafanchan declaration, but there are people bent on frustrating that and we know them and they are being monitored by the security agencies.


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  • Paul

    The same Fulani are killing Fulani in Zamfara, it is not about religion or ethnicity, this is a pure case of banditry!
    They are criminals, their ethnicity, their religion does not matter. Let’s fight the problem, let’s not bring sentiments, sensationalism and division into it. What is happening in southern Kaduna today, in my opinion, has roots in banditry, it has nothing to do with what has happened in the past to a large extent.
    Spot on!

    • Otile

      You are no Paul. Change your fake moniker to Malik, and stop defending your jihadist friends.

    • Ade

      Prophet mohammed is satan firstborn

  • Felix Omoragbon

    Keep justifying nonsense elrufai.
    You pay foreigners for trespassing.
    Keep justifying rubbish.

  • isaac

    Paying killers and criminals to stop killing innocent people? I don’t understand!!!

  • Solomon Brown

    If you won’t post my comment, believe me premium times, we will take you guys off the internet. What part of free speech is so difficult to understand?

  • Rommel

    Almost like how president Jonathan was paying criminals in the Niger delta to stop them from disturbing the peace

    • sab

      You must always make GEJ your reference point. Anyway Rommel how about the $2.5billion scandal rocking PINE? Or is it that you are still thinking of how to coin GEJ into it?

      • Hamza

        2.5 billion NAIRA not $. I don’t know why some Nigerians can be so mischievous and wicked! Always deliberately spreading falsehood. So sad

    • Hamza

      Wrong comparison. This payment I believe is done once as compensation.

    • Otile

      Did you get your own cut in the PINE theft? Thieving parasites.

  • john

    This is how the likes of el rufai bring into
    Nigeria foreigners to kill innocent Nigerians. CG Immigration and Minister of Interior Affairs should be sacked. No wonder he is forcing southern Kaduna indigenes to accept grazing reserves for the occupation of these foreigners. If needed, the governor should establish such reserve in Zaria – his constituency and environs.

    • Broadway2

      You certainly didn’t read the interview well enough.

      • Charles Uzoma

        It’s sad that most people do not read to comprehend issues.

        • Hamza

          So sad indeed! But perhaps they comprehend but they are just utterly being mischievous and wicked

  • Lina

    Why has ‘Cattle Rustling’ become the default discussion whenever questions are asked about Fulani herdsmen.
    The dicussion should centre around Fulani herdsmen killing innocent and unsuspecting villagers trying to survive on subsistence farming and converting their land to grazing reserves. These interviewers should steer them to the real issue and stop them from veering off to ‘cattle rustling’ every time.
    So because he identified with the bandits as a fellow Fulani they were able to agree solution, what chance has any other leader who is not a Fulani?
    As far as I can see the Fulani herdsmen In their non recognition of government laws about trespassing, illegal possession of arms and total disregard for laws of host states, are not different to the IMN members in their non-recognition of El Rufai as governor, which by the way is what galls him.
    The only differece is that IMN are Shiites, and Fulani herdsmen are Sunnis. El Rufai will therefore only discuss the Fulanis in the light of cattle rustling.

    • Broadway2

      Common. Read with understanding. The herdsmen are killing as REVENGE not for anything else.

      • GameChanger

        REVENGE of what exactly ? Of being told to stop destroying people’s farmlands which they worked hard on?

      • Moses

        There was no killing in Godogodo in 2011 which revenge for God sake

    • Gary

      God bless you for accurately dissecting El-Rufai’s attempt at being clever by half.
      In one breath, he denounces the actions of the alleged “foreign” Fulanis as banditry but at the same time he sends emissaries to them to seek peace and offer compensation for their lost cattle; huh? The same group of people are bandits and victims at the same time?

      So what has that got to do with the people of Southern Kaduna who just happen to be non-Fulani and mostly Christian and are now victims of ethnic-cleansing to forcefully take their farmlands by the bandits that Rufai has compensated?

      What if they want land for grazing and not money? Will Rufai then give them other people’s land to placate them as he slyly indicated about not recognizing a settler-indigene dichotomy.
      Should foreign Sunni Fulani herdsmen become the new “settlers” in Christian southern Kaduna as seems to be their goal that Rufai obfuscates here as “banditry”?
      One should not even bother to dwell on his futile bid to to cover his transparent anti-Shiite bigotry in semantics. There is a difference between the animals in the wild and those in the zoo. Mr. El-Rufai wants to play zoo-keeper to the Shiites in Kaduna State. Starting with having them acknowledge him, all five feet of his frame, as their custodian.

  • Intrepid

    The Liliputian in government house Kaduna, is a Sunny fanatic. They blindly think alike, behead the infidels is their anthem.

  • franknaija

    Yea. Remembered in 1996 the destroyed and killed mercilessly in a village in Adamawa state. They wasted over 300 lives including mopols. The same happened in a village in Sokoto in 2003. We were working around the village. They destroyed the village and killed women and children. Over 70 lives were lost. All in the name of revenge. Recently, i was in adapka area in bukuyyum LGA, three villages were completely destroyed. They people were leaving in fear. I quickly abandoned what I was doing and left the state. This fulanis issues is not religion. I pray this regime will be able to handle this. Now they are going further into Nigeria because of desertification. We don’t have border control. They move in and out at ease. The ones that sold all their cows and drank and womanize with the money are now the kidnappers, robbers, bandits, rustlers, and hired killers in the north. You will never believe the quantity of alcohol one Fulani will consume. I bet u.

    • Moses

      We can not be deceive any more we know their aim

  • GameChanger

    IMN and El-Zakyzaky are a threat and insurgents merely based on speculation of what will happen if they unleash their plans on kaduna citizens while Fulani herdsmen that have carried out concrete action of murdering kaduna citizens are saints deserving of compensation Abi?

    Also El-Ruffian says “Defend yourself” is hate speech.

    Clearly, this governor is running mad!

  • thusspokez

    This journalist Garba Muhammad should think of the readers who will be reading the interviewee’s response. Allowing very lengthy response to question in newspaper interviews is unique to Nigerian journalism. This journalist could have asked a dozen questions instead of just two questions in the same amount of time.

  • thusspokez

    El-Rufai’s role as leading protagonist in the dispute and antagonist of the Shiites should disqualify him from also assuming the role of the problem solver.

  • Dr Abba

    El rufai. Keep deceiving yourself.

  • True Nigerian

    Nice interview and well understood. However, the governor must call for amnesty for the Fulanis carrying guns to surrender their arms, especially in Kaduna state. That is the beginning of the peace process, if you don’t do that it will be unfair to say people should not defend themselves and the people of southern Kaduna won’t believe you are serious anyway.

    Secondly, we need to find out where and how the Fulani herders buy the arms they carry, and who trains them to shoot. Nigeria does not manufacture AK 47 for God sake.

  • Baha’ullah

    People of Southern Kaduna MUST rise up and defend themselves, like the Civilian JTF in Borno and parts of northest if truly those attacking them come from outside Nigeria. Nigeria and especially Kaduna state government must buy them arms to defend themselves against those lunatic trespassers and terrorist Fulanis from other countries.


    The international community especially the USA, UK and ICC at den Haag must view critically the hijack of the state justice machinery and state security apparatus for waging a war of extermination against the Shiites of northern Nigeria. The continual deployment of state apparatus to wage a sectarian conflict in Kaduna state which is tacitly backed by the powers that be at Abuja may degenerate into another asymmetrical conflict if theSunni zealots in power are not restrained now,

    • IMN is not registered it’s an unlawful organization go to the courts and prove otherwise

      • Decimator

        IMN whether registered or not registered does not give the Sunni Fulani led state or federal government the right to extra-judicial killing(genocide),which even happens to be one of the key demands of the Boko Haram sect.That is just despicable and deserves no arguement .


        There is no provision in the constitution which prescribes any form of registration before one may worship in any form. The pygmy tyrant of Kaduna has no clue about how the law is interpreted , that is why he and other Sunni zealots invoke that obnoxious law .

  • John Doe

    When the 85 year old traditional ruler of in Misisi village, in Kaninkon Chiefdom, in Jema’a LGA, John Zogo was killed by Fulani armed men with six others during a phony meeting with soldiers, instead of a Fulani ardo to be held to account for the killings, it was the district head of late baba Zogo, the District Head of Goska, Mr Moses Barde that was arrested and detained illegally for weeks by the police in Kaduna. God is the judge, and none of those perpetrating this evil will go free as God lives.

  • mayGodpunishopressors

    Elrufai is a man of half truth, which more dangerous than absolute lies. Every Friday, all roads and streets in the north are blocked by sunni muslems, claiming there are praying. Right on highway, someone will just put his mat and bock the road. Shiites’ are better.

  • @gambohamisu2016

    Compensation indeed! Who deserve to be compensated? The person who kill and destroy property or the person whose life and property is destroyed?

  • najabbiri goga

    El Rufai is a sadistic person. His actions will only aggravate the problems.

  • Decimator

    “There are people that are sending a message, defend yourselves, we will get them; defend yourself is hate speech. You can’t defend yourself if there is a government. We are going to arrest and prosecute all those that pass that message”.

    Without mixing word to Mr. El Rufai; Self-defense is inscribed in the local and international laws and remains an option for anybody in danger irrespective of the circumstances. He should not confuse that with people taking the laws into their hands, which according to his own narrative here is what his fellow Fulani’s are doing in southern Kaduna.

    I would also like to remind him that the post-election violence of 2011 he was referring to, basically erupted following the inflammatory statements emanating from Mohammadu Buhari his fellow Fulani, which led to the loss of hundreds of lives of innocent citizens including youth corpers. Till date to the best of my knowledge, Mohammadu Buhari has not in any form apologized for that incident, rather he later went even further to proclaim that the worst would even happen if he lost the 2015 election, whereby dogs and Baboons will be soaked with blood. If his fellow Fulani’s who he claimed were caught in this violence have a case to make, why has he and them chosen the innocents in southern Kaduna rather than the man whose inflammatory speech basically ignited that crisis.

    If El- Rufai could trace his Fellow Fulani’s who have taken the laws into their hands in southern Kaduna all the way to Niger and other African countries and has admitted to paying them compensation for their lost cattle, then the problem of identity is completely out of the way here.
    He also went further to label them criminals and bandits, which would then mean that we are dealing here with identified criminals and bandits. That added to the fact that he claimed that they are from Niger, Chad, Cameron, Senegal and Mali, brings us to a situation where we have identified armed foreign invaders violating the territorial integrity of the country, killing and maiming the citizens he was supposed to govern unchallenged from the state security apparatus, which he is heading.

    That notwithstanding, he is here threatening to arrest and prosecute the people asking the affected citizens to exercise their rights to self-defense. Through that he is treasonably emboldening and inviting his fellow Fulani invaders to come in and kill his citizens at will, while asking the citizens to surrender themselves as prey to them. At the same time his state security apparatus deem protection and
    payment of compensation for their lost cattle a priority. What an act of irresponsibilty?

    To be a little clearer, it should have been El-Rufai himself, as the chief state security officer, asking his citizens to be at high alert and defend themselves from the invaders to augment his efforts as he declares war on them, if their plight matters to his office at all.

    The only plausible explanation to his inaction and unclear stands from the above narrative could just be that he as well as other Fulanis to the very top, bear more allegiance to their larger Fulani Nation who they naturally see themselves as part of (that are spread in Niger, Chad, Cameron, Senegal, Mali etc.), than the other citizens of the Nigerian Enclave they claimed to have found oneness and Unity with. The Unity they claimed to find with the rest of the citizens of the Nigerian enclave is in effect a resource dominance strategy.

    It is exactly this self-gilt that El-Rufai and his fellow Sni Fulanis are extrapolating to the Shiite, as wanting to establish a revolution through the IMN, which would be a threat to their established extended Sunni Fulani Nation in the Nigerian enclave and should be stopped by the Fulani authorities of the day at all cost.

    Why for God sake is El-Rufai and other extracts of his fellow Sunni Fulani Nation, the only group mostly concerned and supposedly threatened by the Shiite and IMN in a multi-cultural, multi religious and multi ethnic society like the Nigerian Enclave?

    • Deji

      I hope you will be sincere to your God to narrate what happened in Kaduna South in 2011 in the process of electing Late Yakowa as Governor.
      The people affected lacks media patronage or were blacked out by the media mischievously, it was clear ethnic cleansing. Let anyone in doubt go and get details about it. I am neither Hausa /Fulani nor Southern Kaduna, but I participated in a study on the affected axis.
      Whenever a people sow wind, the tendency has always been to reap Whirlwind. Regrettably, that is the situation in Southern Kaduna, and I don’t see any workable remedy than as being implemented by the Governor because the Fulani, naturally are vindictive and could wait for even five or more generations to revenge. I pray they are placated.

      • Factsay

        And they have monopoly of revenge?

        • So the bloodshed should continue ?

          • Factsay

            Pay the terrorists are they emboldened the more

      • Decimator

        Revenge simply means one taking the laws into his or her hands. OK

      • Moses

        I am also from southern kaduna to tell you the truth no single Fulani man was kill in godogodo in 2011 all the narrative are trash the community that kill Fulani in southern kaduna are not in any way affect by this crisis if you want to know the truth carry out an independent study there was no crisis in Godogodo in 2011 why now

    • Gary

      Pride goes before the fall…the Book says.
      The ethno-sectarian arrogance and overreach of the current Fulani leadership in Nigeria might be their undoing that will spark a resurgence of nationalism by the ethnicities they have long dominated since the days of Uthman Dan Fodio.
      What was once seen as the organic unity of the North is now breaking from the winner-take-all triumphalism of Buhari and his insular Sunni Fulani inner circle. It is not only Southern Christians now growing weary of their excesses but fellow Northerners of other ethnicities and religious sects feel under attack by the actions of the regime and its viceroys like the Kaduna State Governor. Junaid Mohammed from Kano openly complains about nepotism, the Shiites are facing genocide, leaders from the Kanuri region are warning Rufai to learn from their trauma with the Sunni fanatics of Boko Haram. Fulani herdsmen from the Sahel region are terrorizing the entire Middle Belt to forcefully seize farmlands for grazing and resettlement as the Sahara desert drives them southwards into Nigeria. While a sympathetic Buhari looks the other way to accommodate his tribesmen at the expense of his fellow citizens, the people he took an oath to protect their lives and territorial integrity.
      The foregoing taking place amid a crushing recession that has spread hunger and poverty across the country. And no let up in the mindless Jihad of Boko Haram that has displaced millions of people in the Northeast.
      Is this the scenario in which any rational person expects Mr. Buhari to win re-election by fair means in 2019? Will the country stay together if ethno-sectarian bigotry and discrimination remains a cardinal policy of his government?

  • JasV

    Well done Governor. Anyone who breaks the law, whether fulani or shehu sanni of boko haram or shiites of el akisa must be given the army treatment period.


    This guy ElRufai is a criminal sadist. It is clear the goal is to turn the Shiites into insurgents so they can justify the killing of hundreds and dumping them in a grave an action that will definitely one day land Elrufai in jail either here or at The Hague. The Shiite leader lost 6 of his sons and hundreds of followers yet none of us living in the North can tell you that they killed even a chicken in retaliation. Their leaders have said their struggle is intellectual and will remain so. If the Government is serious why not debate them publically and let the masses know their stand? This serial liar is wanting to be believed? Paying killers billions and refusing to dialogue with the Shiites? Shame on you El Tufai. May what you reap what you sow.

  • Factsay

    Go and arrest Amaechi first

  • The Optimist

    I beg to disagree with El Rufai on certain core issues. #1. Settlers. Nomads are wanderers whereas majority of the other ethnicities have an attachment to their ancestral land. #2. The southern Kaduna killings have been attributed by him to Fulanis that came RECENTLY (2011) from other African countries. Yet, rather than arrest and prosecute them, he paid them monetary compensation. This tells the ‘blood is thicker than water’ ideology. #3. Defense belongs to government but it is glaringly evident that government has failed. He said that the people should arm/defend themselves against these criminal foreign Fulanis but the same MSN is paying out money to the killers. Isn’t this obvious sponsoring of the killers? #4. We all came from somewhere but the migration is a result of the same kind of ruthless attacks by similar marauders. All in all, it is clear that El Rufai is supporting and encouraging the evil deeds of the nomadic Fulanis. He should be ASHAMED that today in Kaduna State we have arrested 98.8 percent of people arrested for cattle rustling and kidnapping are Fulanis. Does this not make them a disgrace to themselves? Governor El Rufai should TAME his stock!

    • Did you at all read or understood anything there ? I weep for Nigeria you are part of the people that want to preach violence at all cost, he said something And you turned it to something please give peace a chance

  • Yahaya Mohammed

    Some people are talking rubbish, what el rufai are saying is true. Because 2011 many Fulani herdsmen attack and kill for southern.stop giving bad comment again el rufai

  • Political ninja

    I am beginning to believe a mans height plays a big role in his intellect, and El rufai is a very short man!

  • Mustapha Sani

    Governor, just say your actions to aggrevate security challenges in kaduna state. You are a sadist, always out to make life difficult. You don’t even want to see us even pretending to be happy. May Allah bring your government to an end.