Kaduna Govt. labels Shiite IMN an “insurgent group”, vows to prosecute El-Zakzaky

IMN protesters

The Kaduna State Government has officially labelled the Shiite Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN, an insurgent group.

This is contained in a White Paper released by the state government on Monday in Kaduna.

“For all intent and purpose, the IMN is an insurgent group and ought to be treated as such,” the government said n the white paper.

The government also said the detained Shiite leader, Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, will be held responsible for all acts carried out by the group’s members.

“Members of the IMN owe absolute loyalty to Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky,” the white paper states. “He therefore bears responsibility for all the acts of lawlessness committed by the organisation and should therefore be held responsible, fully investigated and prosecuted.”

In the white paper, the state government also indicated it may not prosecute the soldiers involved in the killing of over 300 members of the IMN in December last year, but may leave their prosecution to the federal government.

Details later…


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  • Conitnu

    Hahahahahahaahahahaha! And so it begins

  • raji

    Good one El Rufai, justice Kolawole want to be use to cause more problems to the north

  • Fatai Fehintola

    time to talk by those who are discerning enough for a stitch in time saves nine!

  • MamaHannatu

    Very dangerous group!


      More dangerous than your Sunni saints of Al-quaeda, Al-Nusra, Al-Shabab, Taliban, ISIS, Boko-haram. The Shiites of Nigeria do not kill any citizen, they are free to perform the rites or all rituals of worship as guaranteed by the constitution, you Sunni who even sponsored 9/11 are the known Islamic terrorists killing innocent men, women and children all over the world.

      This Sunni government of Buhari has released Boko-haram terrorists in detention without trial back into society, these are terrorists with the blood of more than 25,000 Nigerians on their hands yet you are busy killing unarmed Shiites and burying secretly.

    • mayGodpunishopressors

      You are more dangerous than shia muslems. You belong to same group as Osama bin laden, ISIS, Boko haram. Devil incarnate!!!


    LOL! See all the sunnis supporting the midget el rufai.


    They are playing monkey games with the Nigerian constitution because a bunch of Sunni zealots led by the Kaduna dwarf governor think that Sharia law set up more than a thousand years ago by nomadic desert Arabs is superior to Nigeria’s constitution

  • Abdul

    El Rufia, obey the law of the land simple. Allow everybody to practice their religion.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    It seems like Kaduna state has become a country on its own. The state made religious laws that clearly contravenes the Constitution, which provides for freedom of worship. Now it set up a panel to determine the national security.
    Yet South East and South South governments are afraid to make laws to check the occupation of their lands and the murder of its people.
    Why shouldn’t the North rule over us?

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      The one that has the interest of its people at heart will not sit down crying like a baby while things get bad. Ekiti did something on herdsmen but Enugu keeps accusing fulani without taking any step. SE,SS made law to grant death penalty for kidnappers but did nothing with herdsmen. Maybe herdsmen don’t kill the rich, they only deal with poor farmers and those are important to their governors. Or could all the herdsmen’s stories be ruse?…………


        When any state law conflicts with the constitution, that law becomes null and void to the extent of the conflict. THE NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION EXPRESSLY GRANTS FREEDOM OF RELIGIOUS WORSHIP AND ASSEMBLY TO ALL CITIZENS . THE SHIITES ARE FULL CITIZENS OF NIGERIA FOR YOUR INFORMATION !!

      • Julius

        Good point but, look at the folks you are trying to reason with.

  • All these men and been dumb with religion, They give the thing a bad name

  • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

    Sometimes one wonders how anyone could hope for peace in this apparition called Nigeria. Every elements of conflict is present in the make up: from incompatible tribal tendencies to caustic religious ideals. Even class make up is toxic. There is always one valid reason to protest violently except for those who can reason at a very high level beyond base animal intent. Unfortunately, these are in the minority, infinitesimal indeed. Now, some foreign countries will belch in support of IMN. Some human right groups will get doles and drum up support for them too. Kaduna govt claims this is vital to forestall a newer BHlike group. The SE, SS, NE are already enmeshed in violence; now Kaduna may be in for something similar. Where will the peace come from? I’m afraid some lazy bones and criminal minded fellas may soon start something in SW but how SW is blessed that we don’t get easily brainwashed into things as this….forget that our churches have the fattest tithe in the world and the biggest contributors are the poor, the thieves and the public looters, that’s probably preferred to having the largest amount of ammunition. Will prayer solve these problems? NO! We need more than that. The war to bring peace might be closer after all……


      Nigeria has a constitution and that is what matters not prayers. The denial of religious rights to any group is a constitutional crime.

      • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

        You wish.


          You are better served facing my logic head-on instead of name calling ….you have not made a counter point because you have none.

      • Julius

        Well, you remember how BK started ?..I believe they also proclaimed themselves as a religion set and still does. So, these people should be thoughly investigated.

        • mayGodpunishopressors

          You see, the shia muslems are more peaceful than the sunnis which Buhari and elrufai represents. It was a planned move by buhari and burutai to annihilate shia.

          • Julius

            I wouldnt know.


            You are shamelessly dishonest


          There are millions of Shiite Muslims around the globe, the religion is more tha n 1000 years old. This is not the same as your Boko-haram sect.

  • Alex

    It time we cut this people call moslems lose no matter any form they go about their prictise call Islam. All they dream about is wars and how to start one.

    • DePrince Hab

      You are senseless to comment negative about what you have no knowledge about

  • Capt

    Kaduna State government why did you bother to set up panel to investigate Shiite killings? Just when you think someone is doing something right they just mess everything in one go

    • Decimator

      Yielding to international pressure, nothing else.

  • Walter Debosky

    You label a group insurgent,when they have not bore arms against you, rather they have been massacred,decimated, the leader is in your custody with no communication to the outside world ,yet you say he is liable for the actions of the group , how petty and mischievous can that be ?

  • sab

    Where is Rommel? Has he gone under again?

  • Gary

    It is time for people of goodwill in and out of Nigeria to focus world attention on the ground being laid by the the Midget of Kaduna to commit genocide against a religious sect in his state.
    On our part, we are keeping US policy-makers and key legislators abreast of the deadly antics of Nasir El-Rufai as the arrowhead of the now-transparent campaign by the Sunni-led regime of Muhammadu Buhari to kill off the adherents of the Shiite sect from Northern Nigeria.
    We need the help of the victimized to identify the key players of the regime, especially those in the secuity services, to press the in-coming Trump administration to deny them and their family members from visas and their accounts frozen in the US.

    It is our hope that Nigerians resident in other Western countries will pressure their governments to take similar steps against El–Rufai and his fellow Sunni fanatics now using the levers of government to eliminate a religious minority.
    It is the Shiites today, which group is next after they wipe them off?

  • Decimator

    The extermination of the Shia Muslim being one of the key demands of the Boko Haram sect, now being legitimately carried out by an elected government of a country unquestioned, leaves no doubt anymore that the Government of the day to the very top has become a direct official representative of the Boko Haram sect, or rather Boko Haram has become the official government of the country and has been diversified
    into other branches like the Fulani herdsmen.

    The same El-Rufai, who could shamelessly admit to have bribed his fellow Fulani Herdsmen to stop killing his citizens in southern Kaduna rather than declare them Terrorists which they are, is here abolishing the Shia religion. This becomes even worse when he could openly claim that those Fulani herdsmen killing his citizens in southern Kaduna are from different other African countries. Basically armed foreigners invading and violating the territorial integrity of the Nigerian Enclave and instead of declaring war on them, El-Rufai and his fellow Fulani complots are
    paying them compensation (bribe).

    In reality EL-Rufai and his Fellow Fulani’s to the very top seems to bear more allegiance to their larger Fulani Nation which according to them is spread from Niger, Chad, Cameroon, etc. By their election into government, the larger Fulani Nation has through them taken the rest of the Nigeria enclave hostage. Why for God sake do they claim to find oneness with the rest of the Nigerian enclave rather than their larger Fulani Nation as they steadily demonstrate?, Oil?

    What a national handicap?

  • Ogben

    While I take exception to Senator Shehu Sani casting aspersion on Governor Nasir El Rufai on account of his height per se, I must confess that character wise, the Kaduna State Governor is a most irritating creature, indeed.

    As a matter of fact, Mr. El Rufai, a man with the mentality of a hyena and whose world view may be validly condemned as reptilian in nature, is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous politicians in Nigerial today.

    He is, in many ways, clearly a psychopath who despises the poor while having nothing but pathological hatred for the weak.

    This is the complete disgrace of a Governor, who in concert with Generals Buratai and Oyebade, is enthusiastically creating a new insurgency in the North with his imbecilic handling of the Shites, who regardless of their unconscionable excesses do not by any means deserve to be exterminated.

    So we have a criminally insane Governor in Kaduna who, lacking any vision for the people of the state, now seeks some release from his embarrassing status as a serial failure by appointing himself the chief advocate of genocide against those of his constituents with whom he happens to have religious differences.

    What a degenerate approach to public service!

    I hope that by 2019, this pathetic excuse for a human being will be a mere historical footnote having been relegated to the dustbin of our political history.

    His main rival in Kaduna, Senator Shehu Sani, on the other hand, is an authentic man of the people who would have done much better as Governor.

    At least he is normal, humble and positively intelligent unlike Nasir whose only claim to distinction is that he is just another basket case of a human being having neither sense nor conscience.