Buhari accuses UN, others of exaggerating crisis in North-east Nigeria

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)
Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday said the reports by local and international humanitarian agencies detailing the high level of deprivation in the war-ravaged north-east Nigeria were exaggerated.

The president said the United Nations and other private humanitarian groups are deliberately hyping the level of the crisis for financial gains.

The reproach came two days after the United Nations warned that more than five million victims of Boko Haram face serious food shortages in the coming year.

“A projected 5.1 million people will face serious food shortages as the conflict and risk of unexploded improvised devices prevented farmers planting for the third year in a row, causing a major food crisis,” the U.N. Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator, Peter Lundberg, said in a statement Friday.

Mr. Lundberg’s alert followed a similar one issued by a sister agency, UNICEF, in September.

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

UNICEF, which focuses on humanitarian assistance for children and mothers, said more than two million people remained trapped in Boko Haram-controlled areas while about 400,000 children were at risk of acute malnutrition.

The agency said more than half of the children could die within 12 months unless urgent measures were taken by the concerned authorities.

But in a statement signed by his media aide, Garba Shehu, Mr. Buhari faulted the findings of the UN and also added some non-governmental organisations raising concerns about looming food crisis for the victims of the seven-year-long insurgency.

“We are concerned about the blatant attempts to whip up a non-existent fear of mass starvation by some aid agencies, a type of hype that does not provide a solution to the situation on the ground but more to do with calculations for operations financing locally and abroad,” the president said.

The president highlighted contradictions in some of the claims made by different humanitarian groups about the crisis.

“In a recent instance, one arm of the United Nations screamed that 100,000 people will die due to starvation next year. A different group says a million will die.”

“So while local and international humanitarian responders including the United Nations have done an immeasurable amount of effort filling in the gaps wherever they existed, it is not true as these reports have indicated that 100,000 or even a million people will die because the government is unable to provide care at the camps.

“This country has a responsible government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, which is doing a lot to bring relief to the displaced people,” the statement said.

Boko Haram
Boko Haram

While acknowledging a decline in socio-economic activities of the people of north-east, Mr. Buhari said his administration is making efforts to resolve the crisis and improve the living conditions there.

“There can be no doubt that the effect of the Boko Haram terrorism and their occupation of communities and destruction of houses, infrastructure and means of livelihood has been manifested in the decline of socio-economic activities throughout the North-East.

“Arising from this, farming, pastoralism, trade, exchange of goods and services and social interaction among the people have negatively been impacted leading to the displacement of more than two million people, mostly women and children. Consequently, there is death, there is hunger and there is poor nutrition.

“The Nigerian government which has been making the most efforts in the entire endeavour will continue to work closely with the local and international response groups to overcome this humanitarian crisis. At this time when the focus is gradually shifting to towards rehabilitation, reconstruction, resettlement, recovery and the dignified return of IDPs back home, we can do with all the support out there in the donor community,” the statement said.

But in the interim, the president warned that humanitarian agencies should desist from continuing to blow the situation out of proportion for financial gratification.

“We do not, however, see the reason for the  theories and hyperbolic claims being made ostensibly to draw donor support by some of the aid agencies.

“The situation on the ground, as it exists, provides sufficient motivation to all well-meaning donors to come and do a decent part.

“The hype, especially that which suggests that the government is doing nothing is, therefore, uncharitable and unnecessary,” Mr. Buhari said.


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  • Epsilon_Delta

    Buhari is perfect, his government is perfect and cannot be criticized. Nigerians are perfect too… for suffering and smiling.

    • jjgenius


      • Burbank

        Of course. In 2023

        With Yemi Osinbajo as federal president.

  • FreeNigeria

    Buhari, oh Buhari, why don’t you just resign. Buhari, oh Buhari.

    • Burbank


      • FreeNigeria

        In your dreams. Buhari is already 117 years old. Now you know why he’s so out of touch

        • Burbank

          And younger than Nelson Mandela when he was elected as South Africa president.

          • Netanyahu

            Don’t compare this daft with a world renowned figure like Madiba. Compare the dullard with Idi Amin, Abacha, Mobutu etc

          • Burbank

            We already included Jonathan among those and voted him out!

  • growthengine

    Cant wait for 2019 so this guy can go back home, at least he was given a chance to recede and depress us.

    • Burbank

      You have to wait until 2023

  • Gary

    Una dey see dis man? People are starving at the camps and even the Borno State Governor has confessed government’s inability to provide the needed resources to help the millions of the displaced within and outside the borders.
    So rather than beg, yes BEG, for massive foreign assistance to save our people in the midst of a crushing recession, here comes Mr. Buhari and his foot in mouth disease of pooh-poohing the situation as an exaggeration by aid agencies.
    Simply unbelievable that Nigerians woke up one day and decided to make this man President.

    • EDDY

      May God punish all the useless journalists
      who used their newspapers and internet publications to campaign for BUHARI.
      In a sensible country those journalists would be nursing injuries from mob action.
      But because Nigerians are peace-loving these useless journalists feel no duty to apologize.
      How any journalist can mislead his country into utter illiteracy as governing principle is strange.

      • Dokita Payne


        The worst thing that happened to Nigeria is to have moved blindly
        from Goodluck Jonathan’s corrupt incompetence, right into a Jihad.
        For that is not CHANGE….since any type of incompetence is more
        easily resolved than an unthinking leadership badly bleeding Nigeria.

        • Burbank

          If GEJ had remained president, Nigeria would have been worse than Syria today.

          • Solomon Brown

            Who would have made it worse than Syria? Not Jonathan, but the feudal elements in the corridors of power. Those same people you defend relentlessly.

          • Burbank

            Wrong again.
            Those same people – Dasuki Sambo, Bukola Saraki, Nyako, Kwankwaso, Jafaru Isa, Patience, Diezani, Tompolo – that I condemned relentlessly,

          • Solomon Brown

            Yet your dude is in bed with two or three out of all the people you listed. Doesn’t that speak volumes of his (Buhari) character? Ha.

          • Burbank

            And the same people in my bed are also facing prosecution, regardless of the bed. Ha.

          • Solomon Brown

            You are a sham, just as the corruption case against saraki.

          • Burbank

            Thanks for admitting there is a corruption case against Saraki.

      • Burbank

        Freedom of the press is a pillar of democracy.
        You can always switch which media you wants to read.
        North Korea is not a journalist’s paradise

  • Decimator

    Fighting with everybody including himself, please check this man’s blood pressure, he definitely needs help.

    • L’homme diplomatique



      • Burbank

        And a PhD docorate president Jonathan led Nigeria into a US-led arms embargo !

        • paul irumundomon

          It is Nigeria senate and not US, who did not want western help. They set up Boko haram, God has blessed them ten fold. Isha allah, it will continue to consume them.

          • Burbank

            The Leahy Law stop the aid!
            Check your facts!

            “Nigeria’s ambassador to the US Adebowale Ibidapo Adefuye has criticised Washington for refusing to sell his government “lethal” weapons to fight militant Islamists.
            The US has previously ruled out heavily arming the Nigerian military because of its alleged poor human rights record. ”
            www bbc com/news/world-africa-30006066

          • paul irumundomon

            I read all about how the US refused to sell arms to Nigeria government. Yes the US actually refused, what did nigeria senate do, just keep collecting their salaries.
            The SSS, said just after interviewing the Boko haram member arrested, that they have been able to link sponsors from regional politicians. They stopped there, because the power that be in the north won’t allow them to expose them.
            One of the most wanted Boko haram member, was arrested, a commisioner of police, by name biu, freed him. Commisioner biu, was dismissed by obj, the entire northern political elite, forced jonathan, to reinstate him, they knew their mission. The governor of kano, bauchi, and gonbe were linked, did you hear of one going to trial. Your president, told the nation, that niger delta militant is why you have Boko haram. If any one Nigerian blames the senators, is even an understatement, America is not the only nation, in the world that sell weapons. Even the Nigeria ambassador, needed to encourage nigeria goverment, if he knew what his job entails, he would have looked else where where these weapons are sold, like akara and tuho.
            I can buy weapons, if the goverment of nigeria gives me the go ahead, if you tell me, because US Congress refused to sell nigeria weapons, that is why we could not buy weapons to defend nigerians, is laughable, to speak the least.

      • Netanyahu

        They should check his sanity and not blood pressure per se. I know one madman whose stock in trade was blaming anything and everything. He even looked like buhari, haggard.

    • Burbank

      His health is better than Nnamdi Kanu.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The worse aspect of it is that most of those international news agencies and media outlets with the press, did not contribute any support to lift up the welfare and health condition of the victims affected in the reegion by the Boko Haram crisis in the North Eastern region of Nigeria. under former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,s regime there was denial of the abduction of the Chibok government secondary school girls from their dormitory by GEJ and his wife,Dame Patience Jonathan initially.Even, when Nigeria-national assembly, appropriated funds for purchase of weapons to fight Boko Haram insurgency, GEJ.instructed his security adviser,Col Sambo Dazuki, to distribute most of the funds in billions of naira to his PDP-top members,political allies and friends.

    • sab

      Do you see the problem with us? You saw the problem Nigeria was facing and offered yourself as solution. Rather than face issues squarely, you believed blame game is the solution. How many times have you told Nigerians that Boko Haram has been ‘technically defeated’?. Now each time Nigerians take by your words you resort to blame game; blaming GEJ and PDP. Let me ask, since GEJ did not buy weapons but managed to acquire some to repel the insurgents, paving the way for the elections last year, how much worth of arms have bought for close to two years now? Please this blame game and propaganda is no more selling and the earlier you realized this, the better.

      • Burbank

        Had GEJ did his job honestly and effectively, the Boko Haram menace would not exist today.

        • Netanyahu

          This man combines imbecility with bad English. Had GEJ done…….. not had gej did…….. Abeg.

          • Burbank

            Thanks for the correction.

            Had GEJ done his job honestly and effectively, the Boko Haram menace would not exist today.

      • paul irumundomon

        He is now blaming UN. He would start to blame Muhammed soon.

    • Burbank

      And the PDP is currently led by the notorious Boko Haram founder sponsor Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff,supported by Wike Fayose and Seriake.

    • paul irumundomon

      You failed to include your president buhari, who vehemently objected to violence against Boko haram. A fight against them, was a direct fight against the north.
      It was not proper and normal, for jonathan, to carry arms to fight Boko haram, i dont think you know how many governors and senators, from the north, who also opposed him in the fight against Boko haram, you know how much money mtn paid buhari chief of staff. Does it bother you to see only pdp members, as the only criminals in nigeria. Do states in Nigeria print their curencies, or they use the same currency federal government spend. Be objective, when you criticize not that it will count, but try to.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Thanks for being bold.

  • Mariam, Col.

    Buhari is wrong o.
    They are starting to block my posts o.

    • A.T Ikomi


  • Buhari now accuses the International Aid Agencies of “corruption”. This is how low it gets.

    • Burbank

      And even the UN admitted it!

      “Corrupt United Nations staff in Nairobi extorted millions of pounds from refugees desperate for a fresh start in western countries including Britain, UN investigators said yesterday.”
      www theguardian com/world/2002/jan/26/immigration.immigrationandpublicservices

      • To say the conditions of these innocent IDPs are not dire is an understatement. If Buhari continues to deny these reports then he’s in denial and smarks of abdication of responsibility and utter ineptitude.

        • Burbank

          Buhari did not!

          • paul irumundomon

            He find it difficult to understand, that is the problem. The same man, is an expert, when bias attitude come to play.

          • Burbank

            Wrong, again.

          • Netanyahu

            Let ibok go and wipe out boko haram in the north east. What is difficult about that. Abeg make we hear word.

          • Burbank

            Buratai’s in the NE wiping out Boko Haram militants while Ibok-Ete Ibas is wiping out biafra terrorists in the Niger Delta.
            It’s called division of labour.

          • Sandra

            What about your herdsmen brothers rampaging, slaughtering, raping and destroying their way through the country (AKA the 4th deadly terrorist group in the world), who is wiping them out..??? Just asking…!!!

      • Burning Spear

        is that the issue at stake now—–monkey————–?

        • Burbank


  • Otile

    Nobody should be surprised at Buhari’s behavior. The man is an ingrate, treating the generous world bodies as he treats the Niger Delta region. Yes, use their precious resources and money and turn around to damn them.

    • Burbank

      Have your Nyesom Wike lifted his ban against biafrans?

  • paul irumundomon

    UN has joined pdp members, the only people that can speak truth and not lie, are apc members, what a change campaign.

  • Anjus Oliha

    Editor Sir,

    I am resident overseas. I am careful not to sound ignorant. The agonies of Nigerians everyday are touching.
    My heart bleeds. Nigerians write here to cry they have been living in total darkness under President Buhari.
    Only wild animals are put in such conditions; but by Nature. Nigerians say they have no potable water either.
    Why do Nigerians need polling booths to get this sort of existence that can be got for free, without voting?

    I am just wondering if Nigeria’s Constitution has a recall clause. It could be easily invoked by Parliament.
    In South Korea today such a clause is the country’s saving grace to ask the head of government to quit.
    Nigerian legislators need meet and confer to use such a clause and demand that Buhari resign his post.
    It is better to save Nigeria from this economic destruction than to save a fumbling incumbent government.

    • Burbank

      And you should stay and REMAINED overseas!

      • Netanyahu

        Truth gives you sleepless nights. Na me talk this one too? @bingo buhari is a calamitous failure. You can’t defend mediocrity. Buhari is a disaster.

        • Burbank

          And your falsehoods and deceits give you pleasant dreams.

    • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

      Ignorance is on the front burner men. There’s a Recall clause in the Constitution that has never been activated! Ignorance thrives, read the reviews above. Nobody, even the government has disproved the hyped assertions like Boko haram activities ha prevented farmers from cultivating for 3 years in a row! Who is doubt that Buhari is head of government? The issue of displaced persons is worse than destitution and the government must tell us how they have been coping with these camps.

  • Burning Spear

    Sad the same Western Agencies the Apes in Apc used to demonize the government of Jonathan are now after the clowns destroying the country in AS ROCK——————————-Bingo Buhari borrowed 2.1b from the world bank to fix the North east—which is still at war with Boko Haram–Fulani fighters from Mali–As if that was not enough————then Quickly——–sets up the fake North east development commission——within months—————— while the Petroleum Bill————remains in the dark room of the smelly conscience of the Fulani emirate

    • Burbank

      And your Wike Seriake Obiano Udom Emmanuel still banned you biafrans from Niger Delta!


    Buhari’s propaganda about how the Boko-haram has been wiped out has reached it’s elastic limit. It is not just possible to wish away the millions of starving IDPs who cannot return to unsafe villages and towns away. The world is busy sounding an alarm on an impending humanitarian disaster while Buhari still dwelling in his bubble of propaganda is more concerned about wishing reality away for political reasons .

    • Burbank

      And your Boko Haram sponsor founder Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff, who is responsible for this disaster, became the supreme boss of your PDP.

      • Gary

        E-rat, you are working really hard here to earn your thirty pieces of silver from Lai. Hope you enjoy the blood money from dismissing the plight of your fellow citizens starving and raped in the IDP camps.
        We shall all account to a Higher Power for what we did on our Earthly journey. That I firmly believe.

        • Burbank

          And you are so hypocritically silent when a Boko Haram sponsor founder Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff became the boss of PDP.!

    • musa aliero

      Nice analysis! Even if they r Exaggerating this, the money they get from donors and donor nations benefit the IDP. He should not spite them and make them forget Nigerian and move on because of his ego, because they will spell doom on us.

    • Aminu Mahmoud

      When you chose to be a slave you behave & remained a slave till eternity.If not inferiority complex why should u easily without having a little research go ahead to accept propaganda by western propaganda machine?If really you care about condition in the Northeast what stops people like you from finding out their condition but rely on propaganda while as the saying goes if you want hide knowledge from Black put it in books cause they are lazy in conducting research or reading extensively to find out the truth.


        With more than a million IDP who cannot go home due to insecurity…..what does one need to find out ?

  • Solomon Brown

    Good job PT, those brown envelopes must have found their way to your pockets, guess why you guys have reverted to your old tactics of gagging comments. You guys are a f****** joke.

  • Babagordy

    The international agencies and local non profits are the people taking care of the situation on the ground not filling in gaps as the government wants us believe. Therefore the international aid agencies and local NGOs taking care of the situation has a better picture than the government.

  • laredo

    President Buhari is right on this one.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    Buhari does not care for anyone except his feudal hegemony.
    Buhari in his quest for aso Rock said that the blood of monkeys and baboons would be shed.
    Buhari supported and perhaps even enabled boko haram.
    Does Buhari and his northern house of Lords care for the common people. Obviously not. The common people are just fodder and fuel for the Buhari’s and his gang.
    All the tears that Buhari and his gang have shed, if any, for the sake of the IDPs is just strategy to steal the budget and cajole Westerners who refuse to accept that Buhari and his gang are just warlords that rode on the backs of Nigerians ignorance and abdication of their civic responsibilities.
    Buhari’s only agenda is to connect all the Muslims nations and build political friendships in order to continue the subjugation of the indigent people of the northern and use military might to silence opposition from the South.
    What am I rambling about? Simply, that Buhari is a wolf and that the sheep clothing will wear off with time.

  • DD

    The situation is actually exaggerated by the international organizations. Reports from people who went there said it’s not so bad anymore, at least people are not under direct threat of starvation to death.

    • Gary

      So they now get to eat three square melas a day of whatever food they want; just like the rest of us? But have they been resettled for them to lead normal lives, educate and care for their families?
      Or we should be content with just leaving them as refugees in their own country? Do you folks think at all or you’re just too selfish or ignorant when it comes defending this clueless regime at all cost?

      • DD

        You don’t settle hundreds of thousands of people overnight. It’s a gradual process which sometimes takes years and it involves a lot of resources. Saying they’re starving to death is alarmist and serves no purpose. Any country that wants to donate to their cause is free to do so. They shouldn’t be turned into a rallying cry for other people’s selfish purposes.

        And when did “selfless” you start sympathizing with the people of the North East?

  • Grace

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    Gold=6,500 Royal stallion=6,500 Otunba=6,500
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    DELIVERY.ATM Transfer and Quick Teller is allowed…

  • bootypoppin

    Nigerians should go out more and ask people who live in borno how things are. its not hard or rocket science. go to the market you will see plenty people from borno. stop swallowing everything people with fair skin say. they are not sent from above nor are they sin or lust-for-material proof. It seems most of us here would rather castigate the government before anything. even if it means taking the side of Mr Clark and Mrs Richardson and co. I tire wo. I wonder how a country can move forward when its people refuse to move forward.

    • Abdullah Musa

      May the blessings of Allah be with you and family.

  • Freedom Bini

    Those men ,women and children ( destitute) in Egbeda,Iyanoba,Okokomiko,Mile 2 all over Lagos are they products of Boko Haram?Entire Country now bereft of Commence is a product of BOko Haram?

  • Buhari d daft cow.

    Buhari u are sick in d brain,u need brain transplant as soon as possible.Wot a mad man can’t u see or go on a surprise visit.Useless old man.

  • Abdullah Musa

    President Buhari.
    The name of international politics is treachery.
    Black nations are to be maligned, their governments derided.
    Western media are the constant attack dogs unleashed on black nations, to cow them into submission.
    The earlier you retrace your steps the better.

    • Rumournaire

      You got it. All the western media want to show in Africa are children with running nose and kwashiorkor. As the Presidency said, these things are hyped for financial gains. But, you know what? Nigerians in these online forum would start insulting and deriding their own president on the basis of these exaggerated political reports.

      • Abdullah Musa

        Certainly my brother.
        We aid our enemies while fighting our internal battles.

    • Decimator

      I could not agree with you less if we realise that these treacherous western Nations and their attack media dogs including CNN and Barrack Obama helped immensely to enthrone a known dictator and illiterate as the countries president in this 21st century, definitely as you rightly stated to malign the most populous black enclave. Very Interesting

      • Abdullah Musa


  • nigerianunity

    Nna mehn, Buhari dey tire person. He’s accused UN & humanitarian agencies we are begging for help of exaggerating North-East crisis. Chai. Isn’t there crisis all over the country, is the crisis only in NEast, is the hunger & starvation sweeping across Nigeria not enough crisis. It’s the same Buhari & APC that cooked up all manners of negative reports & drew the attention of the international community to the NEast! If you’re 1 of those that voted Buhari, ask him to leave Aso Rock. He has no business with national leadership, he can go & lead his farm.

  • kayode Olufade

    Instead of the president refuting claims by these agencies I’d have suggested asks them for their data and go through it. Our data gathering has been hampered by lack of funds (so the head of the statistics agency claimed). The government gave a warning about grains being taken out Nigeria by the truck loads and was the first to warn about an imminent famine. Now with no case of famine we see cases of malnutrition in the idp camps what then happens in case of famine? It is only in Nigeria we hear cases of sex for food and clearing of camps for 350 million naira. A responsible government will have its facts right first before going public with a reffutal. There are people ready to give false information just to fleece the coffers dry as being done with the idp. Some people like babachir secretary to the federal government are making huge gains in the name idp’s. The president should route his information from other sources or the sychophants around him will cause his ultimate downfall just like they did the Jonathan administration. God bless us all