APC Senator blasts El-Rufai: You are a failure, a “dubious progressive”

Governor of Kaduna State Nasir El-Rufai

The lawmaker representing Kaduna Central in the Senate, Shehu Sani, has attacked Governor Nasir El-Rufai, describing him as a “dubious progressive.”

Mr. Sani, who was controversially suspended by a faction of the party in his home ward, blamed the governor for the act.

“My “Indefinite suspension” by Governor Nasiru elrufai controlled, induced and misinformed self acclaimed “APC excos” and the paper it was written upon is as worthless and as useless as the used sanitary pads in the toilets of his family official residence,” the lawmaker wrote on his official facebook page.

PREMIUM TIMES reported the controversial suspension amidst allegations that Mr. El-Rufai’s political adviser bribed the ward officials to execute the act.

Mr. Sani and Mr. El-Rufai, despite being elected on the same APC platform, have had no love lost between them.

Efforts to get the reaction of the governor to Mr. Sani’s claim were unsuccessful. Calls to Mr. El-Rufai’s spokespersons, Samuel Aruwan and Muyiwa Adekeye, were not picked. Mr. Aruwan did not also respond to a text message sent to him.

Read the Senator’s facebook post below:

My “Indefinite suspension” by Governor Nasiru elrufai controlled,Induced and misinformed self acclaimed “APC excos” and the paper it was written upon is as worthless and as useless as the used sanitary pads in the toilets of his family official residence.It’s as valueless as the used tissue papers of his gluttonous and bulging poodles and lackeys.

I wish to fully assure the bespectacled pygmy and his running dogs that the “new suspension” will not give them the public support they couldn’t gather with the “first suspension”.

For a man who has been unable to address the pervasive insecurity and genocide in southern Kaduna for a man who has been unable to stem the tide of rampant kidnapping and abductions in Kaduna, “suspending” Shehu Sani cannot be counted as an achievement. Mr Governor, My suspension will not increase your physical height nor give you the flesh or muscle of a macho.

Elrufai remains a typical establishment man,who was brought to limelight by the PDP,nurtured by the PDP.He is a dubious progressive and a bogus representation of change. If elrufai represent change, then Mabutu,Batista,Kamuzu Banda represent change.Elrufai is a bug, a lice and a parasite to PMB administration.

His loyalty to PMB is nothing but self serving and self preservation.Elrufai is a foul air to any serious concept of change. Elrufai remains the excrement of the toilets of PDP wadata House and no broom or deodorant of change can give him a new identity.

We will continue to work for the masses and defend their interest.”

Editor’s note: The last sentence of the main story was edited to reflect which of the spokespersons a text message was sent to.


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  • Hamza

    Used sanitary pads! Choi! Ladies where are you? Was it same man that “declared” his wives as “assets”? Lol. Funny. Interesting times! The controversial Senator as always.

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      If not for him, the governor may have gone far with Kaduna State funds.

      • musa aliyu

        Does shehu sani have access to Kaduna state coffers? Make we hear word, jaare!

  • mogaino

    Na dem dem

  • Ola

    If Senator Sani detest the Governor so much and can’t stand him, let him defect to PDP or form his own party. He seems to be the one who knows best. Haba !

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      He’s right to say El-Rufa’i can represent anything but the progressives.

      • Smart

        El rufai the cracker! The dodo of criminals, kaduna, zaria are now safe from gullible mischief makers.
        Carry on elrufai.

  • dike offor

    big fool…na by force to be senator or governor?

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      He’s a senator, whether by force or anything

  • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

    The Senator is right to likened El-Rufai with Kamuzu Banda, Seseseko etc.
    He is only riding on other peoples’ popularity to achieve political goals.

  • thusspokez

    These thieving Nigerian politicians with their massive ego divide their time between thieving and inventing discord to massage their egos — leaving their constituencies without leadership or improvement in welfare.

  • blueeyedkitten

    this is so immature!

    • Dazmillion

      I was thinking the same

  • Man_Enough

    Gutter language at its highest! This man is not supposed to be any where near the Senate. A lawmaker taking the law into his hands and throwing the courts to the dogs. The fact that he could be suspended even in his own constituency by an outsider shows how unpopular he is. Instead of seeking redress in law which he represents, he chose to run mad.

    • haba mallam

      I agree with you sir, that’s how he started his campaign for governor by attacking a sitting governor from the same party. He should be expelled immediately.

      • Jon

        Sani should call the Governor a dwarf instead of pygmy. What is your thought on that?

        • haba mallam

          Sir, this is called gutter politics, the physical looks of someone is a God given gift and has no role in politics. The question is what alternative Sani is proposing to current solutions Elrufai is presenting. How do we get out of our current economic, social and political problems. This not about Sani or Rufai is about the people, the common man.

          • Otile

            Separation is the answer.

          • haba mallam

            What are you waiting for?

          • Otile

            Withdraw your Fulani murderers from our place then the long awaited separation will commence.

          • haba mallam

            Oh no, you must succumb to us for ever, a military base is under construction so we can keep an eye on you unruly people.

          • Otile

            Even the strongest military barracks do fall suddenly. Where are Hitler’s concentration camps today?

          • Jon

            This is about your dwarf governor continuous harassment of Sani. Sani got to fight back. There is always a natural tendency for humans to fight back when attacked.

          • haba mallam

            I though you have some brain in your head

    • Jon

      I wish he had used the word “Dwarf” instead of “Pygmy.” No Nigerian wants to called a “Dwarf.” Calling someone dwarf can result in someone committing suicide. People would rather be called a short man than be called a dwarf.

  • Otile

    The Fulani elites are a big cause to Nigeria. May Allah humiliate and humble them so that they see reason to respect other people. All say amen.

    • haba mallam

      In your dreams boi, Allah has given Nigeria to the Fulani and there is nothing you can do about it. When Allah gave your people power they looted, stole and kill. ONE WOMAN has $175 mln dollars in her account claiming her mother gave her the money.. We Fulani as you just said are elites we do no wrong and you’re our infinite subjects.

      • Otile

        May Allahu blind all the thieving arrogant elite Fulanis. Aboki say amen.

        • haba mallam

          Ifa Orunmilla, Egbesu so you’re a pagan too Otile, you don finish, you will burn in hell fire for ever.

          • Otile

            Then may your god Beelzebub/Baal also known as Allahu paralyze all the thieving Fulani elites. You now agree with me.

          • haba mallam

            A typical pagan aka “Arne” you even hate God himself, no wonder you’re such a looser.

          • Otile

            Did you say that you even hate God Himself? In other words you are kafir. Now you’re ready to pray with me that your god Baal also known as Allahu may strike all thieving Fulani elites dumb.

    • Otile

      … a big curse, I mean to say, and every godly person agrees with me.

      • haba mallam

        And of course you’re even a bigger CURSE, you contribute nothing to Nigeria beside busting our oil pipe line, arm robbery, kidnapping, exporting prostitutes to Europe, 419ners, militants, erats, monumental corruption never seen before and terrorist like you. Our oil in deep waters is on nobody’s land yet you appropriate it as if it belongs to you. You’re worthless citizens and enemies of progress.

        • Otile

          May Ifa Orunmilla paralyze all thieving Fulani elites. Aboki say amen. This is a good prayer and you know it.

          • haba mallam

            Otile you’re a liar, a hater, hypocrite,militant, terrorist, obstructionist, confusionist and an enemy to my beloved country Nigeria and my people in Africa. You’re divisive and a war monger. Allah wadaranka. I will never say ameen to your Prayer

          • Otile

            May Egbesu strike all thieving Fulani elites dumb. Aboki say amen this time.

  • Ashibogu

    Sunni Extremist Nasir El Rufai again!

  • TrueFairGame

    This man lacks the attitude of decent and educated human. How can one be so vulgar just because of politics? He cannot even win his ward politically neither does he possesses the intellectual capacity to near the man he is criticizing. This man did not realize that it is not the physical size of a man that makes him what he is but the mental capacity otherwise majority japanese and chinese would have been nothing on earth.

    • Champ

      The man has told you suspending him is no achievement. You can decide to pick the one that suits you of all he said

  • stanejike

    Chai, na only El Rufai get all these insults? Nigeria go hot for 2019 o. But why smallish people dey give plenty wahala sef… Iol..

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Because they possess big engine as in Mercedes Benz 320.

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Softly, softly now. Why is this man so fixated on toilets and sanitary pads?

  • Champ

    See bashing… El Rufai kai

    • Aminu Baba

      Yeah, u don’t go to school to learn that junk. It is cheap. One can pick it up even in Ajegunle streets. Shehu Sani has degraded Nigerian senators with such horrible smelling language

      • Champ

        And what do you make up of “Ajegunle street”? But you go to school to celebrate killing those who does not practice your religion and openly placing a ban on their public procession

  • princegab

    El Rufai has been an identified specimen amongst the progressives. Sani may put an end to Rufai’s political ambitions.

    • Gary

      El-Rufai has himself put an end to his political ambitions beyond Governor or the NASS with his open bigotry against the Shiites and people of Southern Kaduna. Like his mentor in Abuja, the Kaduna people elected a Sunni extremist as Governor and are now paying dearly for that mistake.

      • princegab

        It is unfortunate bro, Good fruits don’t come forth easily from obj, El is actually a spoilt Child of obj. I love the guy wish he succeed but the odds stark against him.

  • Höly Wähala

    Hahahahahahhaaa… chai oooh!
    Obviously, many people have now learned to write like me, reading Sen. Shehu Sani and Femi Fani-Kayode vs Jimoh Ibrahim, is like reading Holy Wahala fending off online tsetse flies. This is serious ass-whupping of KD Dwarf… again, Hahahahaha chei o!

    • Zoologist2000

      Premium Times Editor,

      Nasir El Rufai as a bespectacled pygmy

      I actually love pygmies.
      Pygmies are nice and pleasant things; though loud and noisy but
      harmless and fretful. Since pygmies must look up to everyone else, quite
      literally from ground level, pygmies usually tend to overcompensate by making
      noise or acting tough. But pygmies are not tough at all. They just make it up.
      My knowledge of pygmies is actually deeper than this. Pygmies I have studied
      are usually mentally empty. They don’t seem to have the same reasoning ability
      as other humans of usual height. I am yet to meet a brilliant pygmy. I am looking
      forward. My point though is that I do not know the traits of all pygmies because
      I have not met all of them or met a bespectacled pygmy, like Nair El Rufai.

      I have never met
      any bespectacled pygmy – which Senator Shehu Sani describes the rather shortish
      Nasir El Rufai as. I cannot say if dwarfs who wear glasses show the same traits
      as the other pygmies I have met and won’t know the answer until I meet with
      Nasir El Rufai in person. All I can say about bespectacled pygmies is hearsay;
      and that is perhaps by assessing the intelligence quotient of the known friends
      to Nasir El Rufai – such as Lamido Sanusi Lamido – for a hypothetical estimate,
      since birds of the same feather flock together.

      • Hanna

        Please! Were you not aware that when the alleged thief was in charge of Central Bank of Nigeria that he awarded billions and upon billion contract to the dwarf or pygmy – Governor of Kaduna State? According to you, birds of the same feather flock together.

      • Bigtin


    • persona

      you be confirmed yeye man bros. You dey count those wey don join your yabiz party.
      How ya side?

      • Höly Wähala

        Hahaha… I’m gaining popularity where it matters, let them curse out each other in lewd lingua… e k’am “pygmy” just like I called el-Rufai, “Dwarf Gov.” and you’re there telling me I’m not a legend… I dey o’jare, Thanks. You? Lol!

        • persona

          Abeg, form party make Sani see road park. Jimoh sef get PDP for front, Accord for behind. As party chairman, who be your spokesperson abi na do it yourself? lol….I dey bro.

  • Tunde

    My Goodness! That was very sick language! And you’re a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria! And you’re one of the better ones, oh God! We’re in trouble as a nation…..

    • olu

      Sani is trying to defend himself by any means necessary. So, calling him a dwarf or pygmy is not going to cause any physical harm.

      • Aminu Baba

        I agree with u, dude, the slight is aimed at El-Rufai’s creator!

  • Republican in VI

    I have said before, any one working or exchanging ideas with someone like Sani will be constantly annoyed. He has one of the most annoying traits I have ever witnessed in human beings, THE CONTRARIAN. That particular type of fake intellectual that insists on always taking the opposite view of logic just to show people that they have some sort of higher understanding meanwhile they are really of below average intelligence. Just try it with these people take the view you know in your mind on a subject matter(a view that is wrong) they will suddenly say “well actually ….”(the right view of the subject matter you already knew). Do the opposite take the view that is right and start with them, they will come back to you with with the clearly wrong view. These are contrarians, I have an in-law like this. When I tested him and he fell for the trick I said from that moment I will no respect for any opinion this guy has., there is no point debating any issue with them. Senator Sani is a first class example of this particular type of annoying people.

  • Höly Wähala

    Hihihi… but, you started out laffing abi? Lol!

  • Jikandalhayola

    Distinguished Senator, I am afraid you need to refine your language. It is quite uncalled for, as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to be seen or heard of using such a vulgar language, under whatever provocation. Please do not allow unnecessary anger to take the better half of you as to becloud your sense of responsibility. Your integrity as a responsible personality will be eroded in the eyes of discerning minds by behaving in such a manner. Politics played with an uncontrolled bitterness is one easy way of contracting a high blood pressure which no doctor can treat successfully. Please reconcile yourselves.

  • Aminu Baba

    Disgraceful to hear such stench from a Nigerian senator. You don’t go to school to learn that junk. It is so cheap that any rogue can pick it up even in Ajegunle streets. Shehu Sani has degraded Nigerian senators with such horrible smelling verbiage

  • NonPartisanElder

    Patient: Senator Sani Shehu
    Diagnosis: Megalomaniac delusions, a modern-day Don Quizote
    Treatment: Incurable