OndoDecides: INEC officially declares Rotimi Akeredolu governor-elect


The electoral commission, INEC, has formally declared Rotimi Akeredolu the governor-elect of Ondo State.

Mr. Akeredolu of Nigeria’s ruling APC scored 244,842 votes to defeat 27 others in the governorship election held on Saturday.

Eyitatyo Jegede of the PDP came second with 150,380 votes while Olusola Oke of the AD scored 126,889 votes to come third, the INEC returning officer, Abdul-Ganiyu Ambali, said.

Mr. Akeredolu, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, will take over office from the outgoing governor of the state, Olusegun Mimiko of the PDP.

Mr. Akeredolu is a former president of the Nigeria Bar Association and enjoyed the support of President Muhammadu Buhari and majority of the members of his party during his campaign.

The lawyer won the election despite not enjoying the full support of some leaders of his party, including ex-governor Bola Tinubu of Lagos and his loyalists. Mr. Tinubu, as well as Governors Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos and Rauf Aregbesola of Osun boycotted all the campaign rallies of Mr. Akeredolu.

Mr. Akeredolu won in 14 of Ondo’s 18 local governments to clinch victory including surprise victories in the two local governments of Akure, the state capital, considered a stronghold of the PDP.

The first runner-up, Mr. Jegede, had a troubled campaign and was not officially declared candidate by INEC until Wednesday, less than three days to the election. He and his party’s call for postponement of the election was rejected by the electoral commission. He won in two local governments, both in Ondo town.

The second runner-up, Mr. Oke, was a member of the APC until he lost the party’s primaries to Mr. Akeredolu. He alleged fraud in the primaries and subsequently joined the AD. He also won in two local governments, Ilaje and Okitipupa.


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    • omoeleniyan


      What next for Bola Tinubu?

      Bola Ahmed Tinubu might still be panting and sweating nervously
      to make the dead walk, after staging protest march as a show of force
      last month in Lagos, just to prove he’s got heft and is not yet dead, politically,
      after he’d entered into a daft alliance with Muhamadu Buhari to form the most
      useless political party in Nigerian history – called APC. Since then, Bola Tinubu
      has lost face and alienated people, partly for entering into that APC alliance with
      more or less an empty head. Today, Bola Tinubu is the worse for it.

      Bola Tinubu at outset entered into that Buhari/APC alliance as the senior partner,
      with four [4] ACN party states under his wings; whilst Buhari’s shambolic CPC party
      had just one [1] state in central Nigeria. Bola Tinubu conceded the presidential slot
      to Muhamadu Buhari on the false calculation that Buhari would then automatically
      pick him (as ACN party Leader) to come on board as the vice presidential candidate.
      But once Buhari was given the certificate of return as the APC presidential candidate
      he shoddily rejected Bola Tinubu as running mate on grounds inter alia that he would
      prefer a Christian as a running mate. From that point on Bola Tinubu became irrelevant.

      • omoeleniyan

        ……(2) What next for Bola Tinubu?

        Muhamadu Buhari as the APC presidential candidate went on to win 18 northern states
        to turn the tables against Bola Tinubu – whose ACN faction inside the shambolic APC
        alliance instantly became the junior and disposable partner in Buhari’s own eyes.

        A year after the shambolic APC party was ensconced in power inside the presidential villa,
        Bola Tinubu counts his losses, with today’s Ondo state result as his latest tragedy because
        Bola Tinubu who based his politics in Yoruba south-west region of Nigeria is the one looking
        for his whereabouts, as the APC party he helped forge, by-passes him in Yorubaland to win
        election in Yorubaland all the same.

        Before today Bola Tinubu had control of just two Yorubaland states – Oshun and Lagos states –
        with the Buhari faction controlling both Ogun and Oyo states, also in Yorubaland. If the APC wins
        the Ondo governorship election as correctly projected by Premium Times, and if the APC goes on
        to win both the Ekiti and Oshun state governorship duein two years’ time, Buhari will be going into
        the 2019 presidential election with majority five [5] states in Yorubaland versus Bola Tinubu’s one.
        That horrific fact will effectively lay Bola Ahmed Tinubu to rest in perfect peace – with Lagos state
        only to count on at that time. Fools die!

        • SamPsalm

          You obviously have some wahala for Mr. Tinubu.

          He has the right not to support an adult candidate. And the adult candidate has the right to forge ahead and win in spite of that. GEJ once better statistics than you are giving to Buhari nationally. Where is he now.

          Can you allow Buhari be? Before you derail him telling him how powerful he has become – an obvious lie?

          APC needs to come out of the shadows of Tinubu, Buhari or any of the other strongmen. That is the the Nigeria we all need. Not the enthronement of the propagandist of Buhari and malevolent prasiee-singers like you. He does not need that

        • daniel

          What is happening to Tinubu is just perfect for our fortunes. We don’t need a godfather at the National level. The president should be free of all encumbrances. We can’t have Tinubu controlling the president as he has been doing in Lagos state.

      • Authority

        Guy dont kill yourself because of Tinubu… That man is already made and his name can never be forgotten in Nigeria history. Pray for your stricken poor father to try achieve quarter of Tinubu achievement.

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

          Adara 4u jare daadaa

        • Kikimillenium


          I don’t know the father of @omoeleniyan but if his father does not steal or lie
          about on things like schools attended it would be wrong to ask him to wish he
          had another father like Bola Tinubu, because honour is more important in life
          than money, and in my own opinion, anyone who goes into an alliance to lose his
          political territory to his alliance party cannot be a wise man even if it is
          not polite of me to say that Bola Tinubu is daft. The only justification for an
          alliance is to be better than how one was before the synergy. Bola Tinubu is
          not in my own definition of a leader. I cannot be led by anybody that cannot
          think better than me. All I want to say therefore is that Bola Tinubu is a
          leader of his followers and you are a confessed follower of Bola Tinubu’s
          level of thinking. What a shame!

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            It is not difficult to identify people without modesty. In age or wordly achievement,Tinubu is not your match. However,sometimes betrayers always looking smarter than the betrayed,yes at the beginning, but in the long run,you will see the betrayer hiding, and running for the invisiblea(the evils which he has done). So, never call the betrayed a fool,but reserved. Remember, he who laugh last,laugh best. Jagaban is used to being betrayed,he is not shocked nor dazed as you might be made to believe,but rather,he will come out with a bigger and bolder strategy. So,watch out soon. You shall soon grab your own copy.

      • Jon Lawrence

        So this is your warped version of our political history? You need help into reality.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Your hatred for jagaban is only a boil in your scrotum,so manage it very well.

        • digital2000



          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Why don’t you save your data for another discussion, rather than typing this kind of things

          • EKO TI BAJE O!

            ……..Bola Tinubu can still get enough illiterates in Yorubaland to vote for his new party…..
            ………..There’s no scarcity of Muslims in Yorubaland too….Those are the two catchment areas……

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        History doesn’t lie,go and check,jagaban has always survive much difficult challenges. God has not changed, he has honoured Tinubu with leadership role. Whoever, betrays him always ending up disgraced. That is one thing God has given to jagaban. Go and check what ended the burknor akerele,femi Pedro,koro,Jonathan himself, this just disgraced mimiko of ondo state,tokunbo afikuyomi,adeniji Adele, and many other traitors. Watch out for what will befall those who betrayed him now,the Tambuwal of this world,the oyeguns,saraki and co,baba himself if he is involved,and many other fellow traitors.

        • A.A Pablus


          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            You are on that thing again. Animal. Islam is your night mare. Goat

          • A.A Pablus

            “Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his group
            were warned of the possible outcome of the gamble and the gambit deployed in
            producing the Buhari Presidency. Tinubu was so blinded by the pursuit of power
            that he failed to take cognisance of the lessons of history and take caution.

            Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu hid under the cover of the Jonathan tragedy to bring
            back to power an ethnic oligarchy that has held Nigeria hostage for over five
            decades. In doing this, he spent money, energy, skills, goodwill, time, sweat
            and put in everything he got to ensure the success of the coalition he put

            His hope of getting positioned for greater influence in the run of things
            was dashed by those he has helped back to power, because as in the nature of
            this ethnic oligarchy, they are not the type that shares “control and domination”
            with anyone, not even the best of their friends, as history has shown and events
            have continued to validate.”

            ………………..Remi Oyeyemi

            (June 15th, 2015)

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            No longer islam again. I guess you are not making any sensible point. Politics is about lose and gain. A lot of people fought trump in the run up to the election,but what would you call them today loser? I guess you should always be sensible while contributing.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Whatever,your Christian pastor Jonathan brought us here. Your Christian pastor obasanjo brought that mumu as a president over the sensible Muslims. Tinubu, a Muslim,buhari a Muslim, fashola,a Muslim. Check their political sagacity,and popularity,it is a no match. Bring any Christian who can match them. Fools!

          • Papa Oghwriodo

            MY CHILDREN,

            Una good morning.
            I hope you sleep well yesterday? Me could not sleep until around
            5.00am when breeze started blowing. We have no electricity here. The useless
            Minister they call Raji Fashola is just sitting there to share money even to
            himself. One day that Raji Fashola will go to market and not come back. I have
            seen somebody like him before. That was in 1964. You people were not born then.

            This topic that
            you people are talking about this morning is a bit difficult for me to
            understand. There is no single Muslim in my area here. I don’t know about
            COALITION OF MUSLIMS. But if the Bola Tinubu wants to do coalition of Muslims,
            should he not have sense to know that he cannot get Christian supporters for
            such a thing?

            The thing that has now
            actually convinced me that this Bola Tinubu has no sense is that he wants
            to do coalition of Muslims with Hausa, Fulani and Kanuri people. But the Islam
            they say they are doing in Nigeria already says that the Fulani Sultan of Sokoto
            Sokoto is permanent Leader of Nigerian Muslims. That means that Bola Tinubu
            has no sense to want to coalition of Muslims and become Leader at the same time.

          • Kenke2016

            @abdulmojeednojeemdeen:disqus : Please let us rest here with your pro BOLA TINUBU PROPAGANDA.
            if you want to support Bola Tinubu why not go to Bourdillon Road in Ikoyi to console him. Bola Tinubu
            needs all the handkerchief he can get now. There are tears, sorrows and blood all over the place.
            Bola Tinubu has lost his political territories to Muhamadu Buhari. That is the true situation on ground.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            You are a complete failure. Come under whatever name,your senses will still remain the same. Yoruba,a race I know very well are the most advanced in Nigeria, they are the most tolerant of all the Nigerian tribes. In a family in Yoruba,you have everything in the same family,hausas,igbos, kanuris,ebiras,name them,you have christians, Muslims,pagans,in the same family without any quarrel. But you think Tinubu is your likes. He is a Muslim,yet his wife is a Christian,fashola is a Muslim,yet his wife is a Christian. Can you you tolerate that in your backward family. Go and sell your bigotry to your God forsaken family. It is no longer in vogue. Your contribution is fake and senseless. This is the game you have been playing in the past,it is no longer working. CAN tried recently,where are they now,disgraced by God the Almighty. Your evil plots using the religious and ethnic propaganda has been exposed. So,you must be living in the past to believe any sensible person will be deceived by your idiocy.

  • aisha ani

    Congratulations to Aketi and the people of Ondo state, hopefully he will not disappoint them.

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    its becoming very clear that PDP
    can never win elections in Nigeria
    in an organized atmosphere …
    Congrats Mr Akeredolu..

  • Nkem

    Next stop Ekiti – 2018!!!

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    And finally,PDP is buried. May they know no peace in the bottom of hell where they are being admitted. Having destroyed this country for the unforgettable and unforgivable 16years. Under what disguise are they hoping to be accepted by the same people they have willingly and deliberately destroyed. Any way APC is equally and hastily preparing the ground for their own disgraceful destruction if they don’t amend their ways.

    • Reginald Dandeson

      EXACTING balanced analysis!!! Keep it up.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


  • SamPsalm

    If APC comes out of the shadows of its strong men in every region, that is a good thing. If there would be more politicians who would forge ahead as adults with or without certain vital supports, that is also nice – and good for Nigeria.

    But please, let’s stop that myth of this being about Tinubu against Buhari. A candidate wanted to ride Tinubu’s coat-tail to the Governorship. He did not do badly placing 3rd with a third party platform. He may in fact have helped to divide the PDP votes by confusing voters as to the actual alternative to Akeredolu. That can only be good for the APC in the long run.

    Tinubu’s men are now too invested in the Buhari Presidency for any overt fight to be useful. His success would lie n their sucess. But knowing that does not mean he can not take positions on principle alone even if he loses. And he has lost this one

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Did he context?no! He only abstained. So the word “lost” should not feature in the discussion. People claimed he supported a candidate that was rigged out at the primary,and he abstained . For people to celebrate his loss as a win for some people baffles me,have they forgotten so soon that the man Tinubu ensured Bihari emerged at the primary against the war chest of greedy Atiku? Where are those wailers wanting to celebrate any perceived misfortune that may befall jagaban then. Any way he has stumbled many times before and he remained on his feet. Only time will tell when those sidelining him today will come begging later.

      • Austin Uduogu

        The man himself has said that he still supports President Buhari and the APC Government that he helped bring in place. There are internal party dynamics, that is not entirely bad for progress. The key thing is that we should trust the maturity of all the key players involved to work things out for good of party and country.. Bola is a first class organizer, and Oyegun is a fine gentle man. The two men and all the others involved will/should sit down and talk at some point.

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


      • Justice

        The yorubas never learn. Bunch of betrayers. People who sell their conscience over a pot of porridge. Even in their smartness ther were outsmarted by the hausa/fulani. The day of judgement is near. If only the yorubas will learn to have a mind of their own and fight for what is right. Y’all can clearly see that Nigeria is in chaos worse than it was before yet u still stand and support Buhari. The day of reckoning has come. You all can feel the heat and no one will be speared including the so called jagaban…. the Bushmeat don catch the hunter!

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

          You are lost kind. If politics were how you played it in the past and according to your shallow view or conscience,then no wonder,why some claim to be igbos and unable to produce a useful technology,other the one in drug and other crimes. Politics is played to be developed and forge ahead in progressions. But you will remain behind because you chose to stay behind. Keep up your sad mode. As we discard your likes in ffk,fayose,Dasuki,kanu,and all others who are not for the well being of this great country,they shall continue to meet you in the past and behind. Thank you for keeping behind us,and we shall continue to be ahead.

  • Henry

    This was the expected end, from the organized chaos in the courts with Jimmoh Ibrahim, to INEC deliberately playing an obvious partisan role. To APC all is fair in elections in Nigeria. Welcome to change.

    • Paul Young

      PDP’s failure has nothing to do with APC. It’s just a simple case of the evil that men do lives with them. Even if APC sent sheriff as a spy to PDP, what business did fayose and wike have forcing sheriff on the party as chairman for their own selfish interests. That was pretty dumb of the so called ‘political stalwarts’. Besides sheriff went to PDP BEFORE 2015 election which we all expected GEJ to win. The day PDP will realise that their problems are self inflicted that’s when thinks will start getting better for them. I just hope it won’t be too late

    • Austin Uduogu

      The court drama and ruling that ensued actually provided a late momentum for Jimmoh Ibrahim’s campaign. The people of Ondo were however too wise to be swayed by noise, lies and baseless propaganda

  • Aminu Baba

    It is a big sigh of relief for us out here and very gkadenning indeed to note that Ondo people did not behave like their Ekiti Neighbours. They showed the world how sophisticated they are by not allowing stomach infrastructure or any form of monetary inducement to play a part in their voting pattern. They are not “Professors” state for nothing.

    This election, more than any other should serve as a final warning to so-called godfathers and party leaders to come down from their high horses and allow democracy to prevail in the choice of their party’s candidate. The days of imposition should be over as it is now clear from the trouncing of PDP and AD that the power now is really in the hand of the electorate. Thanks to the “lovely card reader”.

    Another significant lesson to be learnt is that taught to perennial carpet crossers and unpricipled politicians who take party politics as a business venture. It sheer madness for someone to cross from LP to PDP then to APC and then to AD within a prior of four years! It is only in Nigeria that this kind of irresponsible adult behavior can be tolerated. Again, the people of Ondo state have delightfully demonstrated to the world that they are too matured to tolerate such type of greedy behavior from unruly candidates and their pompous sponsors

    • wode

      Well said! It wasn’t actually the Ekiti people that behaved the way it seemed. It was the PDP rigging machines. PDP don’t know how to win election normally, it’s only by rigging. Now that change has come and culture of rigging has no place again, there is no where to get winning votes. It’s a strong signal to Fayose and other PDP, (and in deed ALL the) Governors too to govern well because there would always come the day of recompense.

  • Ayodele Oki


    I think the people of Ondo state made a good choice. Rotimi Akeredolu has relevant education for the job,
    as a past Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, but he will need more relevant knowledge to make
    a good governor. I don’t know the thinking of the people of Ondo state because they are on the ground
    and they are the only ones who can say where the shoe is pinching them. All i can say as an outsider
    is that Rotimi Akeredolu is not a bad choice in the circumstances. The only thing i don’t like so much
    is that Rotimi Akeredolu was boasting in the newspaper before the APC primaries that he will shock
    Bola Ahmed Tinubu – the APC Leader – who did not support him. Yes, Rotimi Akeredolu later won
    the primaries and defeated Bola Tinubu’s anointed candidate. But that kind of boast tells me that
    Rotimi Akeredolu was probably sponsored and put there by President Muhamadu Buhari.

    • redalert2000

      It is not
      in the interest of the Yoruba for APC under Muhamadu Buhari to control the six
      states inside Yorubaland. Something must be done to stop this trend. PDP is
      too fractured and busy fighting. There’s be need for another party to save
      Yorubaland before it is totally overrun by Fulani hegemonic Islamists.

    • Austin Uduogu

      I do not think that the President is in the business of sponsoring candidates, particularly in a manner that could weaken the APC structure. He is too matured for that. The party’s electoral system produced a candidate through a popular free and fair primaries after learning a brutal lesson from Bayelsa State. The President only had to go with the wishes of the people. It’s a shame that Bola didn’t tag along this time. I sincerely hope that he’s physically well.. He’s a good man and a strong APC needs him

  • Lanre

    This must be a sad day for Tinubu. Leadership not only involves maturity, it includes using tact, when necessary. Tinubu was clearly tactless. And so another Yoruba leader bites the dust!

    • Burning Spear

      Jonathan gave Nigeria a free and fair election but when it got to the turn of the Fulanis and Yorubas they gave us operation wetie————–introduced the same Akintola like rigging machine that set the wild west on fire………Separation is the answer not another fake election in 2019”””’Now the Yorubas have gone back to Atiku another Fulani———with a view to installing him in aso rock———in 2019————-when they cannot even impose their own candidate on the people of Ondo state———Tinubu would soon be sent to prison————to take care of the remains of Obj—-very soon———————-another tribalism abi—————? It is the truth——–nothing but the truth———-animals

  • Burning Spear

    SERVES the YORUBAS who aligned —————-with the Fulanis to pull Jonathan down—RIGHT—now the same Fulanis are dealing with them Yorubas as if they are rats—————with no conscience———or mind of their own————This was how they took money from Obj and sold their dirty souls to him instead of late Chief Gani–who could not even win his own local government area in Ondo state———–Look at the— Mumu Yorubas voting for the same Bingo Buhari who dumped Pa Ajasin in his gulag until he became a vegetable—Sadly they the unthinking Yorubas —have now gone back to their vomit——-what a shame——————–where is the so-called political clout of Tinubu—————–whom the Fulanis have told in clear terms that Buhari became President without his help-or that of the entire YORUBA NATION——An indication that FFK IS JUST A LOUD MOUTH —JIMOH–ABRAHIM would have given the Fulanis and the Apes in Apc a run for their money—-But FFK quietly working as an agent of the rogues in Tinubu sold his Yorubas ethnic group to the Fulani cowhands in–Aso rock—–Animals

  • O’ Oshoh Gabby

    Why is Premium Times always celebrating when INEC says APC has won anything, why?

    I will not be surprised if Premium Times has declared work-free day for its workers today.

    Premium Times will still regret this thing it is doing because APC is a terrible organization.

    APC is a party of dunces and it has no leadership, ideology, purpose, ideas or gumption.

    In short, ehn, this nonsense contraption you call APC is a party of all illiterates in Nigeria.

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  • Grace

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    Gold=6,500 Royal stallion=6,500 Otunba=6,500
    Rising sun=6,500 Special rice=6,500 Mama
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    #5,000 TURKEY OIL= #5,000 WE DELIVER TO ANY
    DELIVERY.ATM Transfer and Quick Teller is allowed….

  • Noble

    I congratulate the Yorubas of Ondo state who are not being myopic and do not see APC belonging to Hausa/Fulani. Congratulation to Baba Governor-elect! We hope the same to happen in Ekiti by the Grace of God. There is need to remove the foul-mouthed Fayose from the undeserved seat.