OndoDecides: INEC official results – LIVE UPDATES


After the voting on Saturday by hundreds of thousands of residents of Ondo State, all is now set for the official announcement of results.

Although results have tricked in from various polling units, the final result of each of the local governments will be announced by INEC at its headquarters in Akure.

The results are expected to be a three-horse race between Eyitayo Jegede of the PDP, Olusola Oke of the AD and Rotimi Akeredolu of the APC.

PREMIUM TIMES’ Josiah Oluwole and Nicholas Ibekwe are at the INEC headquarters to bring you live updates of the results.

23.12: Two local government collation officers are on their way to the INEC office, National Electoral Commissioner, Solomon Soyebi, comfirmed.

He said once results from four local governments arrive, the announcement of the results would begin.

“We don’t want to announce two local governments and then wait for a long while before another,” he said.

00.58: Results of two of the 18 local governments just arrived the INEC headquarters. They will be filled into forms to be used to announce the results.

02:48: After waiting several hours for the Independent Electoral Commission to start announcing the results of Saturday’s the governorship election, the commission is finally set to begin reeling out the results.

An officials of the INEC just walked into a hall were journalists were arranged to watch the announcement from a mounted projector screen to announce that declaration of results will commence in five minutes.

Only few media houses are allowed into the room where the results will be announced while other journalists are expected to watch from the hall on a projector screen.

03:04 The necessary collation forms have been opened to show they are blank before the final collation of election results starts.


Registered voters: 45,050

Accredited Voters 15,987

AD: 2,742

APC: 4,253

PDP: 7,317

Total valid votes 15,030.

Rejected Votes: 141.

Total Votes Cast 15, 971


Registered Voters: 66,090

Accredited Voters:26,281

AD: 4,522

APC: 10,681

PDP: 8,306

Valid votes: 24, 545

Rejected votes: 1, 601

Total votes cast: 26,146

Akoko North East

AD – 5, 867

APC – 13, 645

PDP – 6, 496

Total Valid Votes – 29,638

Rejected Votes – 1, 462

Total Votes Cast – 31,100

Ifedore LGA

Total number of Registered Voters – 70359

Total Number of Accredited Voters – 24501

AD – 4,629

APC – 10,958

PDP – 6,747

Total Valid Votes – 23,347

Rejected Votes – 1,087

Total Votes Cast – 24,434

Ifedore LGA

Total number of Registered Voters – 70359

Total Number of Accredited Voters – 24501

AD – 4,629

APC – 10,958

PDP – 6,747

Total Valid Votes – 23,347

Rejected Votes – 1,087

Total Votes Cast – 24,434

Irele LGA

Total number of Registered Voters – 60,264

Total Number of Accredited Voters – 26,225

AD – 6,710

APC – 11,138

PDP – 5,907

Total Valid Votes – 24,586

Rejected Votes – 1,100

Total Votes Cast – 25,686

Ondo West LGA

Total number of Registered Voters – 155,346

Total Number of Accredited Voters – 40,028

AD – 7,154

APC – 10,672

PDP – 17,382

Total Valid Votes – 37,054

Rejected Votes – 2,448

Total Votes Cast – 39502


Total number of Registered Voters – 63,397

Total Number of Accredited Voters – 26,548

AD – 4,272

APC – 13,454

PDP – 6,520

Total Valid Votes – 25,034

Rejected Votes – 1,376

Total Votes Cast – 26,410

INEC goes on break. Announcement of results to resume at 6 a.m.


Registered Voters: 65,268

Accredited voters: 24,076

AD: 4,123

APC: 10,710

PDP: 6,493


Registered Voters: 31,068

Accredited voters: 14,036

AD: 2,270

APC: 6,384

PDP: 4,239


Registered Voters: 93,314

Accredited voters: 40,719

AD: 9,359

APC: 19,892

PDP: 7,691


Registered Voters: 64,735

Accredited voters: 37067

AD: 4,831

APC: 13048

PDP: 6, 049


Registered Voters: 99,359

Accredited voters: 43,518

AD: 16,294

APC: 14,930

PDP: 8,031


Registered Voters: 118131

Accredited voters: 42,759

AD: 2,469

APC: 32,988

PDP: 4,241


Registered Voters: 72,344

Accredited voters: 25,957

AD: 4836

APC: 10,981

PDP: 7,575


Registered Voters: 117,794

Accredited voters: 39,174


APC: 17,581

PDP: 8,668


Registered Voters: 261,281

Accredited voters: 69,916

AD: 12,270

APC: 25,797

PDP: 25,005


Registered Voters: 66,507

Accredited voters: 25,563

AD: 3,562

APC: 10,700

PDP: 8,701


Number of registered voters 124, 558

Number of accredited voters 38, 211

AD – 22,789

APC – 7, 030

PDP – 5, 007


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  • paul irumundomon

    Registered voters in ondo east, 45,050. Accredited voters 15,030. Officers to monitor the election, about 30,000, plus two commisioners of police, the deputy governor was about to pay some voters, to get their votes. Nigeria is a great country, abi my people.

    • Malik

      Mr RightMinded, With all these comments from responsible human beings, You have got to stop saying nonsense and sleep next to your wife/Gf if she is sensible enough to teach you on how to use your phone keyboard without writing irrelevant statement. But if you insist, Please go to Hell.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Hopefully, with the incoming valid votes counted results to date,Ondo State,s APC governorship candidate,Rotimi Akeredolu, from Owo district, will possibly be our next governor as Ondo State, people entrusted their votes to Dr Olusegun Mimiko, eight years ago and again four years ago but Olusegun Mimiko,abused the opportunity given him and the trust reposed in him was abused when he defected to PDP,the looting,stealing and embezzling of public funds and assets political party which rendered Nigeria-people into deep recession.

    • Right Minded

      U r a joker. U think your evil APC can rig the election the way they rigged it in Edo State? I swear by the blood of our fathers ,Ondo will be engulfed in flames if That Santa called Akeredolu is declared d winner. U think all d rituals u made in ur shrine will work for APC? We are not fools like the Edo people who can’t fight for their rights, we will bring Ondo State down if APC rigs to win. Asshole.

      • Pablo Deen

        Why do you cry more than the bereaved? ?? Nothing bad will happen in Ondo no matter who is declared winner. You people should learn to preach peace. I am too sure non of the candidates know you!!!

      • Musbau Hamzat

        Empty Threats!! Nothing will happen. And you are just making mouth, come out as the losing candidate will disown you if anything happens to you

      • Paul Young

        What about if they just win fair and square no rigging like is currently the case. I advice you to go and sit down somewhere with a cold bottle of origin b4 u kill yourself from high BP. Santa has won 11 out of 14 LG’s with very hefty margins. It means he only needs to win one more LG out of the remaining four to be governor elect. For all intents and purposes, it is safe to assume that Santa is your next governor. Now let’s see all d hell that you have been threatening will break lose

      • Ade Omowest

        Mumu man, go and do nonsense in Ondo State and face the law. Jegede your candidate lost his local government without resistance. ‘Abi u think say na only Akure people dey stay for Akure town’? Anun-Ofia.

  • Right Minded

    The evil party called APC think they can rig the election the way they rigged it in Edo State? I swear by the blood of our fathers ,Ondo will be engulfed in flames if That Santa called Akeredolu is declared d winner. We are not fools like the Edo people who can’t fight for their rights, we will bring Ondo State down if APC rigs to win.

    • kinsly

      Bros, i beg try wake up and smell the coffee.

    • SAM .A

      Wrong mind ,this is Yoruba politics , we know better, the people have spoken , we shall collectively move on and forge a common course . Forget about your wishful thinking , nothing will happen ,we accept the winner .

      • Ik

        Does that mean that the Yorubas prefer APC with current hardship in the country than PDP or AD?

    • Superstar

      Truly you are a big full. Does it worth dieing for. Are all the candidates your families. Think my brother, nothing is worth dieing for. Face your business and pray for God’s blessings on it. Lobatan.

    • Rommel

      And who is afraid of your father’s blood,besides,which blood is even that?

    • Williams Johnson Fortune

      May I succeed in splitting that Blood. Good luck!


      Tmg and everybody except pdp commended thevprocess.i am not a fan if aketi but we should learn to accept the outcome of goid process.the marging between bd candidates arent much.I have no iota of doubt that this is real election compare to the era of bogust figure.

    • marki001

      You mean the people of Edo are fools?… SMH for you in slow motion

  • Rommel

    At this stage,it would be fair and safe to declare without fear of contradiction that the candidate for the APC has won that election

  • dike offor

    We should see what will happen in the office of the National Chairman of APC…. ..which time is rounding up..if Buhari and is little partner could get Edo and Ondo State …then the end has come . The election was open and tag the best according to TMG and other groups

  • Stella Dominic


  • Truthtastesbitter

    I was expecting that by now the PDP loyalists and supporters would have emulated their spread-the-so-called-wealth immediate past president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by accepting defeat and move on.