I will make sure Nigeria’s 2017 budget is not padded, Buhari vows

Muhammadu Buhari talking
President Muhammadu Buhari

The distortions that happened to the 2016 budget, in which series of rogue projects and figures were injected into the financial document won’t happen to next year’s budget, President Muhammadu Buhari has vowed.

Receiving in audience members of the Governance Support Group, GSG, led by Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, at State House, Abuja, Friday, the President said: “I am waiting for the 2017 budget to be brought to us in Council. Any sign of padding anywhere, I will remove it.”

President Buhari reiterated that he had been in government since 1975, variously as governor, oil minister, head of state, and Chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), “and never did I hear the word ‘padding’ till the 2016 Budget.”

He promised that such would never happen again under his watch.

The President said the government stands by its tripod campaign promises of securing the country, reviving the economy, and fighting corruption, but lamented that some people are deliberately turning blind eyes to prevailing realities in the country.

“They don’t want to reflect on the situation in which we are, economically. They want to live the same way; they simply want business as usual,” he said.

On violence that attend re-run elections in the country, President Buhari stated:

“I agonized over the elections in Kogi, Bayelsa and Rivers states. We should have passed the stage in which people are beheaded, and killed because of who occupies certain offices. If we can’t guarantee decent elections, then we have no business being around. Edo State election was good, and I expect Ondo State election to be better.”

Speaking on the anti-corruption cases before the courts, the President said he believed the cleansing currently going on “will lead to a better judiciary. When people are sentenced, Nigerians will believe that we are serious.”

President Buhari equally told his guests that the progress being made in agriculture and exploitation of solid minerals “gives a lot of hope,” adding:

“Our grains go up to Central African Republic, to Burkina Faso, but they can’t buy all the grains harvested this year. And next season should be even better. We will focus on other products like cocoa, palm oil, palm kernel, along with the grains. We can start exporting rice in 18 months, and we are getting fertilizers and pesticides in readiness for next year.”

Speaking on behalf of members of GSG, Mr. Nwajiuba said the government had succeeded to a large extent on the security and anti-corruption fronts, adding that the group was positive that the economy would soon experience a turnaround, “as the government is working very hard in that direction.”

The group said the biggest constituency of the President was the poor and lowly, and thus recommended what it calls “a social re-armament of the poor.”


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  • Rommel

    While commending the govt on the expected progress in the agric sector,I would add that as long as those who did the last padding were not punished,padding has come to stay.

    • Samadani

      I share your view too. God have mercy.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      According to the hourable padders, padding is not illegal.

  • Charles

    you agonized what happened in Bayelsa, Rivers and Kogi. Did you also agonized on the violence that took place in some part of the north when you lost an election.? or do you think we have forgotten. you have suddenly become a saint. nobody could emerge the level of death and destruction that would have befallen this country if you had lost the past election.

    • Samadani

      Sorry! If PDP had rigged the last election!!!

  • luvnaija

    A pipe dream. With the grand children of OBJ that fill up the House of Assembly. I meant to say the unarmed robbers in the HOA. sorry

  • B. Messi

    What about the ILLEGAL CBN RECRUITMENT which was padded with the name of your nephew? Have you removed his name?
    What about your asset declaration which you promised to make public?

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      I guess you are not sleeping.

  • Muhammad

    Administration is not exactly the same with governance . The President should give leadership and get administrators to work . The two can not go together without unnecessary stress and poor performance .

  • Tanko na Mata

    As if he understood the figures and arithmetic in the 2016 budget.
    The day I watched him in the (in)Famous Aljazeera interview, I realised buhari just doesn’t have the mental capacity to govern this country.
    Sadly, instead of getting competent hands to do the job, he has filled the place with largely incompetent appointees based on ethnicity and religion.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      I wonder what is in your head that you are struggling to call a brain. I suggest that white is not a brain but fufu. Your president does not know the figures in the budget. Idiocy at its peak. It is either you are a kid or in need of urgent psychiatric assistant.

      • Solomon Brown

        You must be one of the incompetent hands Tanko Na Mata is talking about.

  • Wale

    Mr President; what did you do about the padded 2016 budget and the perpetrators that were responsible for the couching.

  • Layo

    If you do nothing about the rogues who padded the last one and you look the other way, they only need to come up with another gimmick for padding like the usual way of hiding figure under the MDA’s . Ko le werk. They will continue to pad.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Can you imaging,they are even threatening the president,that unimplemented budget will not be passed.

  • Hanna

    Padding is stealing. Let jails those that padded (stole) in 2016 budget so as to serve as deterrent to future thieves. What Buhari is saying is that let’s allow those that stole (padded) in Budget 2016 to keep their loot and not allow it in 2017. Buhari, govern NOW and not what you are going to do tomorrow.

    • Paul Young

      There’s not much Buhari can do about the padding in 2016 budget. The National assembly will frustrate his life. Nigeria is in big trouble with those men and women in the National assembly

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Baba,people need you to show leadership. DEAL WITH CORRUPTION AND ALL ITS SIGNS!!!

    • Solomon Brown

      Your baba is as inept as they come.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Are you pained? May be something dey worry u

        • Solomon Brown

          Pained by whom exactly? I’m enjoying watching your butt get raped. I got Vaseline to help with the pain though.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Senseless as usual,I know you have some homo-whatever challenges. Approach your mate to relive your miserable self.

          • Solomon Brown

            Nothing against gays, you are the queer here who doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with his partner(buhari) . You are allowed to break up, it is your fundamental human right. Got it?

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            I knew you belong to the outcasts. Nevertheless, I dislike it since it is a sin against God and His natures,are you with me?use your brain.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Premium times are you hacked?is your moderator sleeping? What kind of unnecessary adver is this. Abi market no dey ni? And you kon dey take this one do pp

    • Solomon Brown

      If you are asking them to gag comments you don’t like, sorry not happening.

  • Okokndem

    “I am waiting for the 2017 budget to be brought to us in Council. Any sign of padding anywhere, I will remove it.”

    “Remove it”, really? Despite repeated cries by the indomitable congressman JIBRIN over what he knows, and what everybody else believes or suspects goes on in the Nigeria parliament regarding how the country’s wealth is continually being misappropriated by these crooks, despite making a direct appeal to Buhari to look into the allegations, ‘Mr President’ turned a blind eye.

    To make the matter worse this man, without any willingness to address these allegations, is proposing to borrow a whopping $30 billion in loans that would take future generations, generations to repay. Money that would without any doubt end up in the hands of the same group of people in the Parliament that he has turned a blind eye.

    I have tried to keep an open mind regarding Buhari’s capacity to lead a country such as Nigeria, or any country for that matter, but I am beginning to see why his detractors think otherwise. It is becoming obvious that the single purpose of his presidency is to right some personal held conviction that every naira in revenue earned by the country in the last 6 years, looted or otherwise, must be recovered for the rehabilitation of the northeast of Nigeria in particular and northern Nigeria in general.

    Is there anyone out there who believe Buhari would have made reference to ‘budget padding’ which he has ignored despite Mr Jibrin’s repeated out cries had Obasanjo not spoken out against that phenomenon just days ago? At the risk of redundancy, it’s simply perplexing that Buhari would aspire to borrow such an outrageous sum of money (that would be an albatross to Nigeria’s economy long after the man is long GONE) without due concern how this loan would be managed beyond,
    “I am waiting for the 2017 budget to be brought to us in Council. Any sign of padding anywhere, I will remove it.”

    I am so discouraged with this country of mine. May God help us.

  • Man_Enough

    Investigating jibrin’s allegations will have more weight than this assertion.

  • Ikenna Okwuchi

    Na wah for this our anti corruption president. I would have thought prosecuting those responsible for this year’s padding would be a more effective deterrent. Am I missing something here or isn’t this conclusive evidence that our president has just given dogara and his cohorts a “get out of jail free card”