How Nigerian security forces killed 150 pro-Biafra protesters – Amnesty International

Pro-Biafra protesters [Photo: TodayNG]

A new report by Amnesty International (AI) has revealed how extrajudicial execution and torture by Nigeria security forces, especially the Nigerian Army, led to the death of at least 150 pro-Biafra protesters across Nigeria’s south-east, between August 2015 and August 2016.

The report titled: “Bullets Were Raining Everywhere”: Deadly Repression of Pro-Biafra Activists,released on Thursday relied on the analysis of 87 videos, 122 photographs and 146 eye witness testimonies that revealed soldiers of the Nigeria military firing live ammunition to disperse protesters, most of them members of the separatist group, Indigenous People of the Biafra (IPOB), without warning.

According to AI, at least 60 defenceless IPOB protesters were shot dead within two days leading to the Biafra Remembrance Day of May 30.

The AI report corroborated PREMIUM TIMES’ investigations published in June showing the vicious clampdown and wanton executions of members of IPOB by soldiers of the Nigeria Army, the police and operatives of the Nigeria’s secret police, the State Security Services (SSS).

IPOB, which was formed by Nnamdi Kanu, seeks the restoration of breakaway sovereign state of Republic of Biafra from Nigeria. Biafra was a secessionist state in the south-east region of Nigeria that existed from May 30, 1967 to January 1970. The secession of Biafra was the main cause of the Nigeria Civil War. Over 1 million people died in the war.

Mr. Kanu was arrested on October 14, and is being tried for treason. There has been an increase in the agitation of pro-Biafra activists since his arrest.

President Muhammadu Buhari is strongly opposed to the creation of Biafra. In May 2016 during a visit to the palace of the Emir of Katsina, Mr. Buhari suggested that it is better for Nigerians to commit mass suicide than for the actualization of the breakaway state of Biafra.

“We will not let that happen. For Nigeria to divide now, it is better for all of us to jump into the sea and get drowned,” he said.


Extrajudicial Killings

The Amnesty International report revealed that the largest number of IPOB members were killed during the Biafra Remembrance Day of May 30, 2016. It stated that as over 1,000 members of the group gathered for a rally in Onitsha, Anambra State, security forces swooped on their homes and a church where they were sleeping.

“On Remembrance Day itself, the security forces shot people in several locations. Amnesty International has not been able to verify the exact number of extrajudicial executions, but estimates that at least 60 people were killed and 70 injured in these two days. The real number is likely to be higher,” the organisation revealed in a statement accompanying the report.


Recounting some of the chilling incidents that happened on the day, AI spoke to a woman named simply as Ngozi (not her real name), the 28-year-old wife of one of the slain members of IPOB.

Ngozi told AI that her husband called her shortly after he left for work in the morning that soldiers have shot him in his abdomen. He said he was in a military vehicle with six others, four of whom were already dead.

“He started whispering and said they just stopped [the vehicle]. He was scared they would kill the remaining three of them that were alive… He paused and told me they were coming closer. I heard gunshots and I did not hear a word from him after that.”

The next day after searching for her husband, Ngozi found his body in a nearby mortuary. The attendants at the mortuary told her that the military had brought him and six others. She said he had three gunshot wounds one in his abdomen and two in his chest, which confirmed that the military had executed him.

Similarly, Chukwuemeka (not his real name), a 25-year-old trader, told AI that he was shot and taken together with corpses to the barracks.

“They dumped us on the ground beside a pit. There were two soldiers beside the pit. The pit was very big and so many dead people were inside the pit. I cannot estimate the number of people in the grave. … We were dumped on the ground.”

He said that he escaped and hid in the bushes.

The organization said it reviewed videos of a peaceful gathering of IPOB members at Aba National High School on February 9. The Nigerian military surrounded the group and then opened fire on everyone in sight without any warning.

Many of the protesters were then rounded up and taken away. Four days later, 13 corpses including some of the men taken away were found near the Aba Highway.

According to AI, the military took the bodies of people killed and injured in Onitsha and Asaba to the military barracks in Onitsha. Video footage shows soldiers loading dead and wounded people into their Hilux van.

“Initially, when they were still dumping corpses, I could see 10 to 12 lifeless bodies. That was in the morning. In the evening, there were more but I could not estimate,” A man who was detained in the barracks and who saw the corpses dumped in front of the military mortuary said.


The report also revealed the disturbing use of widespread torture and ill-treatment of those arrested by the military.

Vincent Ogbodo (not his real name), a 26-year-old trader, said he was shot on May30, 2016 in Nkpor and hid in a gutter. He said when soldiers found him they poured acid on him.

“I covered my face. I would have been blind by now. He poured acid on my hands. My hands and body started burning. The flesh was burning… They dragged me out of the gutter. They said I’ll die slowly.”

A man detained at the Onitsha Barracks revealed that “those in the guard room were flogged every morning. The soldiers tagged it ‘Morning Tea’.”

“This deadly repression of pro-Biafra activists is further stoking tensions in the south east of Nigeria. This reckless and trigger-happy approach to crowd control has caused at least 150 deaths and we fear the actual total might be far higher,” said Makmid Kamara, Interim Director of Amnesty International Nigeria.

“The Nigerian government’s decision to send in the military to respond to pro-Biafra events seems to be in large part to blame for this excessive bloodshed. The authorities must immediately launch an impartial investigation and bring the perpetrators to book.”

“It is chilling to see how these soldiers gunned down peaceful IPOB members. The video evidence shows that this was a military operation with intent to kill and injure,” said Mr. Kamara.

AI stated that most IPOB protests have been largely peaceful. It however, added that on occasions, protesters hurled stones, burned tyres and in one case shot a police officer.

“Regardless, these acts of violence and disorder did not justify the level of force used against the whole assembly,” AI stated.



AI stated that despite overwhelming evidence detailing the extrajudicial killings and torture of protesters, no action has been taken by Nigerian authorities to investigate them or punish perpetrators.


It stated that this lack of accountability for human rights violations by the military is similar to documented cases in other parts of the country especially in the country’s north-east region where the military fights a war against Boko Haram.

“Amnesty International has repeatedly called on the government of Nigeria to initiate independent investigations into evidence of crimes under international law, and President Buhari has repeatedly promised that Amnesty International’s reports would be looked into. However, no concrete steps have been taken,” said Mr. Kamara.

AI stated that the “Nigerian government must ensure adequate reparations for the victims, including the families. They should end all use of military in policing demonstrations and ensure the police are adequately instructed, trained and equipped to deal with crowd-control situations in line with international law and standards. In particular, firearms must never be used as a tool for crowd control.”

Army’s denial

Meanwhile, in a move aimed at countering the planned release of AI’s report on Thursday, the Nigeria army on Wednesday evening released a statement denying that soldiers killed and tortured defenceless pro-Biafra agitators.

It stated that the report was an attempt to tarnish the reputation of Nigerian security forces and that of the army especially.

The statement by the acting director of army public relations, Sani Usman, a colonel, stated that IPOB members relished in the use of violence that threatens the security of the country.

It claimed that IPOB members attacked and killed people from other ethnic groups in the south-east and injured several soldiers and policemen. The statement also claimed that the protesters vandalised military and police vehicles.

He stated that the military acted within its mandate and in fact, approached the protesters with restrain despite their use of “unjustifiable violence”.

“The evidence of MASSOB/IPOB violent secessionist agitations is widely known across the national and international domains.  Their modus operandi has continued to relish violence that threatens national security.  Indeed between August 2015 and August 2016, the groups’ violent protests have manifested unimaginable atrocities to unhinge the reign of peace, security and stability in several parts of the South East Nigeria,” the statement read.

“A number of persons from the settler communities that hailed from other parts of the Country were selected for attack, killed and burnt.  Such reign of hate, terror and ethno-religious controversies that portend grave consequences for national security have been averted severally through the responsiveness of the Nigerian Army and members of the security agencies.

“These security agencies are always targeted for attack by the MASSOB/IPOB instruments of barbarism and cruelty.  For instance, in the protests of 30 – 31 May 2016, more than 5 personnel of the Nigeria Police were killed, while several soldiers were wounded, Nigeria Police vehicles were burnt down same as several others of the Nigerian Army that were vandalized.

“The strategic Niger Bridge at Onitsha came under threat thus leading to disruption of socio-economic activities.  In the aftermath of the encounter that ensued between security agencies and MASSOB/IPOB militants many of own troops sustained varying degrees of injury.  In addition, the MASSOB/IPOB recurrent use of firearms, crude weapons as well as other cocktails such as acid and dynamites to cause mayhem remain a huge security threat across the region.

“Therefore, it is rather unfortunate for the Amnesty International to allow itself to be lured into this cheap and unpopular venture that aims to discredit the undeniable professionalism as well as responsiveness of the Nigerian Army in the discharge of its constitutional roles.”


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  • Solomon Brown

    Boko haram will be history, if the Army took this rage to the battle front with those terrorists, but Buhari will rather treat them with kid gloves, while arrogantly refusing to watch a video of his army summarily executing unarmed protesters in the south east…. an intolerant Sunni fanatic like buhari isn’t fit to be elected “dog catcher” yet he is president of Nigeria. What a shame!

  • Intrepid

    Buhari, Burutai and those divisional commanders, ICC awaits all of you. 4/8 years is not eternity.

  • share Idea

    I said it in one of this forum sometime ago, that as 2019 approaches, this administration will be faces with so many of the atrocities his committed against Nigerian state.

    It started with bombshell of America blocking Brazil from selling arms to Buhari (even when the administration claimed that US is their best friend), now, Obsanjo have joined, Tinubu and his staunch APC governors does not want to be seen with Buhari while in their zone, Atiku is openly declaring his presidential ambition.

    AI have joined the fray, very soon, they will release other reports involving the administration killings in other parts of the country. Nigeria we hail thee

  • olufemi T Mario

    There are lots of questions on the accounts of witnesses in the article. Amnesty Inter. need to stop being sentimental and dig deep. I am not saying the army did go beyond their duty on the matter. For example, one man said they carried him along with dead bodies into an army barrack, and two soldiers were standing guarding them, and he escaped. Pls how could he have escaped? and how did he get out of a barrack with a gunshot wound


      Many in Onitsha are even suspected to have been buried alive as they were still breathing, in fact some escaped and were taken to hospitals for bullet wounds, the Army then started going to hospitals in Onitsha rearresting those undergoing treatment and killing them in order to cover evidence so Biafran doctors organised and converted homes to emergency hospitals to treat survivors who were all removed from hospitals.

      It is quite a pity that you Yoruba often support this type of barbarity, I really do not understand you guys over there in the SW, how do you explain the constant support for genocide right from 1967 to your children ? they even abolished teaching history in schools in order to cover crimes and you Yorubas supported it .

  • Abdulkadir

    I think anyone who claims IPOB, MASSOB or any other secessionist group are not violent is only trying to win sympathy. Kanu, an arrow head of one of the group has never shied away from mentioning that they are going to bomb the country till the country beg them to have Biafra. He mentioned severally that people from other parts of the country should be killed so that a massage is sent to those people that they meant business. He has solicited for weapons from members of his group to facilitate his nefarious agenda. He was only cut short by the vigilance and effectiveness of our reinvigorated security architecture. Kudos to Mr. Buhari.

    • Brendan

      Yo! Ibos are peace loving people, no matter the rage we know fully well that we can’t attack the military because they will shoot at will and yet no attack they still shot and poured acid in people. Kanu never asked people to bomb or instigate violence in the country.. So if you don’t understand the language please don’t open your gworo mouth and spew Shit. Buhari refused to watch his army he gave orders to shoot at will on aljazeera there are videos and photos to back up amnesty claim. When Buhari gets to Hague you will see compelling evidences rolling out. My advice to you is to think with your head first before writing anything just because of your love for a half baked educated tyrant who doesn’t know his left from his right in governance.

  • Rommel

    Tales by moonlight to curry sympathy and castigate the government,soldiers shot you and even went as far as pouring acid,another one had opportunity of calling his wife on phone while being watched together with only sis other bodies,there is no evidence to support this claim from amnesty international,these stories are easy to dismiss,as brutal as Nigerian soldiers are,such fantastic stories in this era of post-truth cannot and should not be allowed to hold.We have visual images of the Shia massacres in Zaria,it was done in broad daylight,what this means is that if the the Nigerian military has this capable of unleashing such in broad daylight,why would they need to secretly eliminate MASSOB members? and who are even these members? we need evidence and not cooked tales

    • Tyler

      Don’t mind these fools. Anyone familiar with these iPob folks would know how far they can go just to gain sympathy. Idiots will attack you and still play victim. We’re used to these victim hymns already. They should keep singing it to Amnesty Gullible international. Nigerians aren’t buying it

    • Höly Wähala

      The video of the Aba schoolyard massacre is on u-tube, others abound. How about the recent Kano mass murder, was that also cooked up? It is evil people like you who live in denial that will be consumed by the evils of this brainless Buhari’s administration, you hia? Fake Igbo man, see how easily you have revealed your Yoro identity hidden in faraway equally evil German Nazi’s identity. Uselss old foool.

      • Rommel

        Are there any fake Igbo people? Nobody is persecuting Ndi Igbo,we are the ones persecuting ourselves with fake stories thinking that we will get people to feel sorry for us,Ndi Igbo are not cowards like you,we are not cry babies like people like you

        • Höly Wähala

          Get lost! You are a frail lair and a panderer for Yoro acceptance and silly upvotes. I noticed you failed to say anything about the Aba video that is allover the net. Well, those who wrote that report saw that video, the videos of Nigerian Army bury murdered BH suspects, the Zaria ati Kano mass murders… I am not here for the sake of Ndigbo alone, I am calling on the international community to do something about Buhari and Buratai’s militarization of our democractic process. Monkey… I am more core Igbo than any Igbo you find online anywhere. Asshole!

          • Rommel

            Ain’t gonna get lost and I don’t have time for news that circulates on social media because 95% of the information contained on social media like facebook and youtube are fabricated,people could get a clip from movie and circulate as real just to generate mass hysteria, had it been real video,youtube would have censored it so I am not gonna comment about trash.You can say whatever you like,my Igboness has never been doubted by any sane person,only low lives and scum talk like you do.


      Keep goading them on to the Hague….Shameless Nazi glorifier !!

      • Rommel

        If you believe those stories from amnesty international,then you can believe anything.


          If you deny that more than 150 Funerals held in different parts of Igbo land and those bodies with bullet wounds were not fact then you are not fit to be part of the human race .

          • Rommel

            Show me real evidence of the said burials and not these fake stories,I spent my hard earned money,employed people with some expertise to verify the said rumour and nothing was found,a few miscreants may have lost their lives but it was nowhere near the quoted figures,people that died as much as it was regrettable were less than 6


            I do not need to show you, the ones who need to know have the information already meticulously verified in Igbo land complete with statements from family . You can keep denying after all some nutters are still denying the holocaust of 1939-45.

          • Otile

            You are a hopeless tout. Your silly arguments are always naive. Why do you sadists always insist that you should be shown hard evidence of 4 eye witnesses who raped a woman before you can her? Show you real evidence of the said burials bla bla bla… Go to hell, scumbag.

          • Rommel

            You can say whatever you like,fact remains that I just told you what I did and found nothing remotely resembling what they claimed,people should know that blackmailing your own home government with such stories because you are looking for asylum aint gonna help

          • Otile

            See that you are almost a mad man. This article is about how brutes in Buhari regime are massacring people, you are here defending them with lies.


            Asylum will thrive once a regime is killing it’s own people in droves and holding people indefinitely incommunicado without trial.

          • Rommel

            Almost like that Igbo guy who was seeking asylum in Iceland under the claim that he fled from Boko Haram who were threatening that it was either he converts and joins them or they would kill him,another 49 year old lady seeking asylum in Japan recently said she fled Nigeria to avoid genital mutilation,why do people do such demeaning things about their own country?

          • Otile

            Do not deliberately distort events, it was in Kano and other Northern cities that Muslims started attacking Igbo when the portrait of prophet Mohammed was displayed in Sweden. No Igbo was attacked in Iceland.


            If the evil dictator stops killing ,no Nigerian will do such but he is giving reasonable grounds for Asylum seeking


            OK, Just put your middle finger in your anus, after 5 mins when the heat is on ,bring it out and stick it into your mouth, the evidence will appear right in your face and you will change your mind.

  • Rumournaire

    This is a bogus report. Let’s see the names and addresses of those 150 supposedly killed by the security forces. By the way, how can we trust a report that is based on interviewing the would-be secessionists? They can throw up any number as having been killed by the security forces. Amnesty International is turning itself into some big clownish propagandist organisation.

    • Ahmed Kana

      Now you have called it bogus report and required the names and details of those killed, When the Government representatives comes out with annual expenditure saying that Millions of Naira has been spent on Electricity, Have you ever asked them which area is having light. They always gives us there Annual Budget in Billions of naira, Have you ever demand on how the money and contract are been executed, Now it comes to Biafra and you now required the names of those been killed because your love one are not involve. Assuming your love ones are there. I know you will not come out here to write this trash.

      • Rumournaire

        You sure know nothing about me. I am very, very close to where these things are happening and I can tell you there is a lot of false propaganda out there. When the marauding herdsmen invaded Enugu State earlier this year, eye witnesses established that six people were killed. But the propagandists threw up all kinds of numbers – some said 30, some said 53, just to win more sympathy. It has nothing to do with whether my loved ones were involved or not. Certainly, even if it is only one person killed, that is too many. But you can spoil a good case by exaggeration. The moment the public knows that you are exaggerating things, you lose sympathy.

        • Decimator

          Honestly I find it difficult to establish what your problem is. You acknowledged yourself that even a lesser number of casualties do not reduce the heinousness of the said atrocities. If you and your military, police, DSS or Fulani herdsmen etc. knew that, why commit the crime in the first place only to come out later to ague on the number of casualties? It simply makes no sense. Sorry

        • Fred Duke

          I dont think you’re truthful abt this. There are videos according to this reports. My point is, why shd the government use soldiers for internal security? Either they scrap the police force and Civil defence, or they allow police do their work. The earlier Nigeria sits down to work out their continued stay the better. It is not by force that people shd live together. If the South East says they want to be on their own, just let them. Is it by force? Or are they owing Nigeria anything? If they’re owing, lets sit down and discuss the allotment of liabilities and assets. After that, people shd be allowed to be at where they want to be. Two cannot work together except they agree. Brexit is a clear example. The former large soviet union that divided into many countries is another example. Or is it that the other regions are just some big powerful parasites that are too lazy to produce for themselves but too strong to let the host be? I dont understand. What is the problem. People say they’re marginalized and are ready to work away. What is the problem? I need an answer. I heard abt how the groundnut pyramids of the North was feeding the nation (pls for how many years? Maybe for 10 or 15 yrs (i.e. 1960-1975 tops)). And from the mid 70s till now (abt 40 years), the oil of the south has fed the entire country. If any segment of the country feels marginalized and asks to secede, why shd it be a problem? The North has carried the national burden for 15 years or 20 at most while the South has carried the burden for 40 years or 35 at least. Why is it difficult for the Nigerian govt to allow those who want to secede to go ahead and leave the trap called Nigeria?


            Stop misrepresenting facts, the groundnut was used to develop the north, the Cocoa was used to develop the west while the East was developed with palm oil , rubber , coal exports and other cash crops. Nigeria was practising fiscal federalism and regions contributed 50% to the centre.

          • Rumournaire

            I am responding to you because you have put forward a solid argument as regards the substantive issue. First, let me make it clear that I fully agree, as the UN says, that every distinct people that seek self-determination should be free to pursue it. Consequently, I have no issue whatsoever with the Igbos seeking to secede. However, the UN has articulated the process of secession, and we all saw that work in the case of South Sudan. You do not achieve secession by staging protests, or by false propaganda against the larger state from which you want to break away. You do so by first getting the mandate of the majority of your people. That was how South Sudan secured independence, and I encourage would-be Biafrans to do likewise.

            I also object to the Nigerian government forces attacking peaceful protesters. It only leads to increased resentment and eventually erupts into violence. However, what we saw happened in the case of IPOB protests was intimidation and violent attacks, by Igbos, against Igbos who did not support secession. It is similar to what happened (and I witnessed it) in Ogoniland in the early nineties, which eventually, but unfortunately, led to the killing of Ken Saro-Wiwa. That is definitely unacceptable.

            Let me re-state my earlier position: No matter how good a case you have, do not exaggerate the facts. When you do, you risk losing the sympathy of those who would otherwise be supporting you. If 1 person got killed, don’t go to CNN and say it is 100. It is all about retaining your credibility. The moment people know that you exaggerate, they will no longer believe you, even when you are speaking the truth.

            Finally, my candid advise to would-be Biafrans is this: All of you should return to your anticipated Biafra territory, make it the best place on earth, and from the strength of such a territory, win the support of your people, and then approach the UN to kick-start the process of secession. Sitting in London with a UK passport and launching false propaganda against the Nigeria state is just not the way.

          • Fred Duke

            I am not Igbo. And would never be part of the proposed Biafra Republic, if for no reason at all, for the atrocity, greed and torture that they visited on our parents in the Cross River State during the Biafran war. But yes, they have the right to secede.

            And thanks for taking pains to explain your position. It is well taken, and I hope that the Igbos would have one sane soul that would read this and then goes back to the drawing board.

            My interest is in the Niger Delta Republic. And like i usually say, theres no need for protest. One day, we will have it. And when the time comes, no mass killing by nigerian security forces will stop us.

          • Ahmed Kana

            I will only respond to you when you feel the hurt of loosing one person from your Family. You are sarcastic in nature, You are telling me that those people that died are not human. My friend please take down your comment for it tells who you are. Whether 1 or 2 Human life is important and you will not actually understand till you loose your love one in recklessly

          • blueeyedkitten



          Do videos tell lies too ?

          • Rumournaire

            Sure! Videos can be acted – and they do get acted by propagandists. Do you not recall videos of soldiers purportedly raping women at Choba (near Port Harcourt) some years ago? They turned out to have been acted as propaganda against the army as the uniforms, including the boots of the supposed rapists did not match the Nigerian military’s. Also, recall that some foreign organisation (maybe it was also Amnesty International, I do not recall) published a report of supposed brutality of the Nigerian military in the North East around 2012. The report had pictures of burnt houses – supposedly burnt by the army. But an eagle-eyed international journalist recognised one of the pictures as being from the Rwandan war of the nineties. That knocked the bottom off the entire report.

            There may have been indeed some brutality by the military against Biafran protesters. I oppose all forms of brutality against peaceful protesters. But, don’t create fake scenes for propaganda – when people get to know it is fake, you’ll struggle to regain credibility, even when you are saying the truth.

          • MaskedPhantom

            Your grouse therefore is that AI based its report on false evidence?

          • Rumournaire

            Precisely! And I am saying it does not help the Biafran cause at all!

          • MaskedPhantom

            That would be true in an ideal world, but it just happens to be that lving in a world of politics, strife and war, would such propaganda not serve better to advance a partisan “cause” than altruisic posturing?

          • Rumournaire

            I’m not sure I understand your point here. Are you saying that false propaganda could be beneficial to a political cause? Honestly, I think the pro-Biafra leaders need to step back and show some intellectual muscle by:
            (1) Making a case for Biafra among their own people, such that they can say they truly represent them, and later demonstrating that in a referendum
            (2) Educating themselves on the UN-supported process for secession. At present, they act like they are unaware of that process. This is a shame, considering the intellectual capacity in Igbo land.
            (3) Committing to verifiable truth and rejecting all falsehood in promoting their cause. Imagine their leaders claiming on their website that the European countries already recognise the Biafran passport! It seemed so amateurish!

          • MaskedPhantom

            For the record, good sir, I am not a supporter of secession neither do I hold that the model of Biafra agitations offer any meaningful solution to the problems of Igbo or Nigeria as a whole. Mind, we’re just exploring ideas here…
            You ask if false propaganda is beneficial to a political cause? I’ll simply let Buhari, Liar Mohammed and APC answer that one!
            You adduce that the Biafra agitators should make a case among the Igbo with a view to properly representing them. Well, what with the insensitivity and crassness of the Buhari regime towards the Igbo, I’d say that the government is doing a great job in fanning the embers of discontent and rebellion in the south east such that no case needs to be made again. As for a referendum, be minded that this is Nigeria, in the dark continent of Africa, and not Glasgow Scotland.
            Further, I don’t think that the promoters of Biafra Independence are ignorant of the UN protocols. It just happens that the rules of engagement in our clime does not afford such niceties. Over here, its dog eat dog.
            Again, we come back to the issue of propaganda. It’s machievellian, you know. The end justifies the means!

          • Decimator

            I am afraid you are missing the point. The pro- Biafran agitators in reality have less case now to make .Your repressive tyrannical state have just made the case for them. If your Nigerian state is sensible at all, they would have impossed the Referendum you are talking of on the Biafrans to prove themseves right when the Referendum fails, rather than resort to genocide against peaceful demonstration.

          • Otile

            You cannot hate Igbo more than your master, yet the Northern sadists hanged him without mercy. You can try your best to rubbish Biafra or discredit every glaring evidence of brutality against Biafrans but one day Biafra will be free.


            These videos have the already identified faces of police and army officers, it has numbers of their vehicles with insignias , it has the faces of Biafrans as they prayed, it had the times when gushots will ring out and even the dead bodies, it had numbered AK 47 rifles carried by these men.

            Please be reasonable, what about the bodies with bullet wounds in the mortuaries , what about autopsy reports etc


        The names have been meticulously verified before the report and mind you those who need to know even know more about Buhari’s bloody regime, they do not need Amnesty international.

      • Aminu

        This is nothing less than hoax to distract the executive as there is no documented evidences on when, where the violence took place and how many people were involved both the civilians, militants and security personnel s. Someone is playing to the gallery knowing fully all haters are gullible ready to agree on any garbage thrown at them without little or expanded research just pity THE GULLIBLE S.

    • Otile

      What killed your Ogoni Resistace Movement? Too bad some of you traitors received money and turned against your brothers.

      • Rumournaire

        My friend Otile, you know I cannot be hard on you because you’re my in-law. In case you’ve forgotten, I have a daughter married to an Enugu man. I love my extremely pleasant son-in-law and my two grandchildren. So, I won’t be mad at you.

        But I am not from Ogoni. I was an outsider observer to the Ogoni crisis. One problem I have engaging you in a discourse is that you don’t even give a chance that there can be a sincere alternative view to yours on issues. As far as you are concerned, anyone who suggests that an Igbo did anything wrong must be an “Igbo hater”. But life does not work like that. I observed the Ogoni crisis and saw two clear factions, just as today there are respectable Igbos who prefer to remain a part of Nigeria. One Ogoni faction believed the Ogonis stood to gain more by working with the multinationals who provided them jobs. Another faction believed the multinationals should be kicked out of the land. These were simply different views, and it didn’t mean one was bribed!

        I want to suggest that you step back and not assume that anyone with a different view from yours must be an enemy, or must have a compromised integrity. Life just ain’t that way!

    • Charles

      the names will be release soon and your name will be there.

  • Decimator

    The seeds of Tyranny and jihadism the Muslim president of United States Barrack Hussein Obama worked so hard to sow in the Nigerian enclave has germinated and started bearing fruits for him long ago. Here among other atrocities is just one of the bounty harvests of the Jihadist tyranny Obama planted.
    He Barrack Hussein Obama and his American officials of the day can keep pretending as they could in this digital age not to know that the Tyranny they helped plant is long delivering the goods they expected of him, all to no avail.

  • Höly Wähala

    I expect many crass comments disparaging Amnesty International but fact is, whatever their reports say prove a guiding principle behind most America and EU foreign policy decisions. AI’s reports are why the US is not selling sophistcated weaponry to Nigeria and blocking other countries from doind so. The AI Report is why foreign lenders are putting tight strings to loans meant for 3rd World countries because lenders know most of them are diverted to punitive military actions against folks. The Aba, Kaduna and Kano video evidences are enough to send Buhari and Buratai to The Hague for crimes against humanity… and unless such charges are filed against Nigeria’s political and military leadership, these senseless killings of innocent citizens will not stop. Buhari thinks democracy can only be secured by brutal use of his military buddies… Nonsense!


    It is overwhelmingly evident that the various bloody massacres, torture and other human rights infringements taking place on the watch of Muhammadu Buhari, his chief executioner who operates as chief of army Tukur Buratai and the Minister for interior Abdulrahman Dambazzau is systemic in nature. All the massacres of Biafran agitators who are unarmed Christians from the SE and unarmed Shiite Muslims from the north are orchestrated and ordered from the highest echelon of Buhari’s Sunni-Muslim dominated security apparatus.

    It is clear that the Buhari regime is not interested in serving justice or any form of accountability to it’s victims hence it has become imperative for the civilized world led by the USA and Europe to wade in and demand justice and accountability before Nigerians start self help which might degenerate to full blown military conflict. The civilized world has to realise that thousands of innocents have been brutally mowed down by this regime through extra-judicial means, Nigerian Shiites are denied their constitutional right to freedom of worship and religious assembly, the SE Biafrans are denied the right to free speech and peaceful demonstrations ,the bail system is abused and many Nigerians are facing indefinite detention and are being held incommunicado, Judges are being harassed in fact the regime is so lawless and is destroying our democracy in so many ways.


  • Cleartruth

    We call USA the leader of the free world to come to the rescue of biafrans. Buhari and his gang of murderers are murdering the igbos on daily basis. They must be held accountable for these atrocities.

  • blueeyedkitten

    F king propaganda! Ok, we’ve heard one side of the story, and it was indeed terrible. What about the other side?

    • Decimator

      Exactly the point. The other side who should be at the fore front of the investigation, never even thought an investigation of any sought is worth it. Basically they do not see the people their military massacred as their own Citizens. Periode

    • mikapower

      Your father will tell the otherside

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    While I am against groups trying to brake up or destabilizing Nigeria, extra judicial killing or torture is unacceptable. I do not subscribe to these group killing members of Nigerian Police or military.
    Amnesty International will be doing a proper job by reporting Nigerians killed by these miscreants. This is not to justify extrajudicial killing I have already disavowed.
    We need peace in Nigeria to develop. Biafra miscreants are heating up Nigeria. Their demonstration is anything but peaceful, full of aggression.


      You are a liar, they only sing songs of freedom as they march, they do not look for trouble, your untrained soldiers were instructed to kill and that is what they did.

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        Blockading Niger Bridge, shooting at Nigeria Police can only be call peaceful by you.
        There are Igbo among Nigerian Police & Military..

        • North/West Allies

          Do you have evidence that they shoot policemen? If not keep quite

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Where is you own evidence.

          • North/West Allies

            Mumu AI has videos, pictures and interview people. So your so called clueless military should at least show them evidence that IPOB started the killing..hater!


          Another lie, only one policeman who shot and killed two unarmed youth was surrounded by a crowd out of anger and thrown into the river by an irate mob of passers-by who witnessed his dastardly act of cowardice.. That is exactly what happened and on that occasion , the Army and police had killed over 60 youth on that day all unarmed.

          There is no law in Nigeria which prescribes summary mass extra-judicial execution for unarmed civilians who block roads .They were entitled to arrest and due process besides, there are other forms of crowd control like tear gas, water cannon, and negotiated persuation, the use of live ammunition as a first round of action was an illegal act designed for the purposes of killing.

          Your lies do not make sense any more because events have completely overtaken them.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            The Scots are demanding independence from UK, they don’t cause trouble like Biafra miscreants.


            Peaceful marches can only be classified as “trouble” by troubled undemocratic minds. In spain the Catalans march, Biafrans never declared armed conflict nor are they armed. You are just an insincere piece of humanity.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            That is who little you know.
            Spain has had Wars with Bass & Catalan separatist until recently when both parties were moderated by EU rules.
            No one will attack you for petitioning Parliament in Enugu or Abuja to advance your cause.
            I signed petition for the release of Mandala in UK. I was a member of Edo delegation to The House of Common to lobby for the release of Benin Artifax in 1997.



          • Izedomi Ohirein

            You have no rights to infringe on other peoples right. I condemn extra judicial killing.
            You can not have Igbo in every Nigerian Village and start disturbing our peace about Biafra that was defeated in 1970.
            Please learn to make you point like civilized people. Collect Petition to parliament, AU & UN. Stop disrobing our peace.


            Stop being silly, peaceful protests do not infringe on anyone’s rights, Buhari and his killers cannot stop it, it is an essential part of our democratic fabric. It is not for you to instruct any Nigerian on how they must express themselves politically , all those inalienable rights are already guaranteed by the constitution.

            Biafra is our history and we reserve the right to propagate our history world-wide as long as we are peaceful about it. Biafra cannot be wished away, we lost 3 million of our people, we shall continue to remember them each year all over the globe….TELL BUHARI THAT WE ARE VERY READY TO DO THAT IN A VERY DETERMINED AND RESOLUTE MANNER. TELL HIM TO BUY MORE BULLETS AND GET READY FOR NEXT YEARS EXTRA-JUDICIAL KILLINGS !!

    • emeka

      Short up ,u crazy and uncivilized person,everyone has right for self determination,

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        Your rights end, when it infringes on my tight to a peaceful Nigeria.
        You can tell me about civilized behaviour, when you learn to moderate your bestial behaviour.
        Scottish Independent movement is lead in Parliament, not by miscreants, like yours.
        We have Parliaments in Nigeria you could petition. Igbo have their State Parliaments to start from.

    • mikapower


  • dami

    Amnesty forgot the part of where the IPOB demonstrators killed policemen and threw them off the bridge…

    • Emmanuel

      In retaliation to the killings from the police…….yes or no??

    • North/West Allies

      You are very evil, infarct worst than the devil. So you believed that IPOB killed policemen? How ? with gun or stone? and for your information IPOB is a non violent group ok, we don’t carry arms or ammunition. The next series of protest come 2017 will expose Nigeria and their security forces, the whole world will hear it

    • mikapower

      Satan will punish u and yourbgenetatikn.olodo.pig!


      Liar, only one police man who shot and killed two protesting youth at point-blank range, the crowd of people angered at his cowardly act surrounded him and disarmed him and threw him into the river. Do not forget that Onitsha is a big town and the killing of their youth angered them.

  • Lina

    If over thousand years after Christ’s death and resurrection, with all the evidence to support it, people still don’t believe I am not surprised that people like Rumournaire and Rommel still exist.
    The good thing about this life is that we will all die one day whether in the hands of Nigerian army or by other means, and will have to face our Maker. We will all have to give account of all the insensitive and careless words we uttered.

  • Dan Daura

    Saddam Hussien was executed for the killing of 123 protesters in a village in Iraq. What prevents Buhuri from facing the same fate as Saddam Hussien?

    • Decimator

      I do not doubt such a possibility, but for now with all certainty his illiteracy and Tyranny has just made the case for Biafra.Periode

  • Chinedu

    Soldiers killing Ipob,killing shites,killing militants including pastor and footballer,killing boko haram and other community people. Is it a wonder that the people feel nothing when a soldier is killed even when doing the job of defending us? I think a lot of intelligence and wisdom are required to tackle the uprisings in the different parts of the country. Like the council of Gameliel in the good book says that we should observe some of these events with a view of discerning God’s intentions.



  • Randle Oke

    Is it not unethical for our mainstream media to boycott this story? How much more disillusioned can our younger generation get at the erosion of their fundamental human rights? And I listened to these tribal bigots from the South West on the BBC claiming there was no shooting… opportunists who have never really had the interest of this country at heart but revel in its unity now only because it benefits them!

    • Decimator

      If really somebody could go making the claim in BBC that there was no shooting despite the clear facts from such a credible organization like Amnesty International, it goes further down to confirm the point of deep ethnic divide among the different entities of the enclave called Nigeria as stipulated in the United Nations report recently. That, couple with the targeted extermination as demonstrated by the tyrannical actions of the military forces of a nationwithout question from the authorities that sent them, also hinted on in that report by the UN, poses the serious question of the Biafrans further trusting their security of lives and property on a tyrannical state that goes killing them at will, thus making the case for Biafra ever more glaring. I maintain the illiteracy and tyranny of the Nigeria authorities of the day have just made the case for Biafra.Thanks