UPDATE: Appeal Court attacks Justice Abang again, declares Jegede PDP candidate, Makarfi chairman

Ali Modu Sherrif Vs Ahmed Makarfi
Ali Modu Sherrif Vs Ahmed Makarfi

Justice Okon Abang’s ruling on the PDP crisis in relation to Ondo was a complete “fraud”, the Court of Appeal said on Wednesday, annulling the judgement.

The Appeal Court nullified the ruling of Mr. Abang’s Federal High Court on October 14 which recognised businessman Jimoh Ibrahim as the authentic candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for the November 26 election.

A three-member panel of Appeal Court judges led by Ibrahim Salauwa said the judgement delivered on October 14 was as fraudulent as it was violent.

“The entire ruling of the 14th of October is a nullity. It is hereby set aside. Everything that was done  at the lower court is a fraud,” the court said.

Photo credit:  Sahara Reporters
Jegede and Mimiko

The court also described the June 29 judgement which gave rise to the October 14 ruling, as a gross abuse of Ahmed Makarfi’s right to fair hearing.

“It is a gross abuse of section 36 (1) of the constitution, particularly the right to fair hearing,” the court said.

“We set aside the highly misplaced; most fraudulent judgement on June 29,” it added.

The June 29 judgement delivered at the lower court led to the recognition of businessman Jimoh Ibrahim as the authentic candidate for the November 26 governorship election in Ondo State.

The court, presided by Mr. Abang, had on June 29 declared Ali Sheriff as the authentic PDP chairman after deciding that the group led by Ahmed Makarfi was a product of impunity.

Mr. Abang ordered Nigeria’s election umpire, INEC, to recognise only the faction endorsed by his court – the Sheriff faction

Justice Okon Abang
Justice Okon Abang

Consequently in October, Mr. Abang nullified the nomination of Eyitayo Jegede from the faction led by Mr. Makarfi and ordered INEC to recognise businessman Jimoh Ibrahim, from Mr. Sheriff’s camp, as the PDP candidate for Saturday’s election.

Messrs. Makarfi and Jegede approached the appellate court to contest Mr. Abang’s ruling.

On Wednesday, the Court of Appeal agreed with the two men and cancelled the rulings by Mr. Abang.

Wednesday’s Court of Appeal’s judgement not only makes Mr. Jegede the authentic candidate of the PDP for Saturday’s election, it also authenticates Mr. Makarfi’s leadership of the PDP, Nigeria’s largest opposition party.

The ruling is not the first time the Appeal Court will attack Mr. Abang.

Jimoh Ibrahim Photo: PointBlank News
Jimoh Ibrahim
Photo: PointBlank News

The appellate court had in August rebuked the controversial judge while delivering a counter judgement regarding the Abia State governorship seat.

The court, then, described Mr. Abang’s previous judgement on the matter as an assault on democracy.


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  • Etomi

    Abang…..child of hell!

    But this heliolatrous gnome whom the appellate court has serially called out for his unabashed and unremitting perfidy is angel in Buhari’s animal farm….

    This criminal that has desecrated the temple of justice with his defecation on its hallowed alters ought to be hung alive and his abominable remains fed to vultures!

    To God be the glory that no matter how megalomaniac Buhari tries to subdue the judiciary, truth shall arise and shine and shall trump subterfuge and the shameless abracadabra of the Bbuhari government….

    • Carl Robshaw

      I blame the NJC for allowing this misfit for remaining on the bench. Not only is he incompetent, he is also intellectually dehydrated. Come on, if you want to fix a judgement, do it with some intelligence.

    • abodes_124

      This government is working hard yo replace our judges with more Abangs so that they will not be getting ‘headaches’

  • sirOscie

    Why has the DSS not moved against this Justice Okon Abang guy?

    • Ubong

      He is a very wealthy/pompous man from Oron, in Akwa Ibom State. Wealthy probably from corrupt money on judgements based on higher bidder (note not on fairness and norms of the legal profession). Nigerians should be worried that this man is still presiding over human being cases and NJC do nothing about it. Similarly, our regional DSS sees nothing wrong in this man still presiding over cases since the corrupt NJC could not see anything wrong despite condemnation by his professional colleagues against Abang turning judgement upside -down etc. Something is seriously wrong with our Judiciary and the sooner nigerians say enough is enough, the better for the nation.

      • sirOscie

        I share your sentiments my friend….EFCC, NJC and DSS are sleeping because he is doing their biddings.

    • Ubong

      Probably, he has partisan interest for APC if you follow his upside down rulings in most cases before him. He is very pompous and wealthy man from Oron, who knows how he amassed his wealth if if not by delivering judgement based on how much you could afford to settle him etc. Okon Abang is doing this because he knows how corrupt members of NJC are and the ineffectiveness of the highly corrupt members of what supposed to be a professional misconduct disciplinary body-NJC,

    • abodes_124

      Because they are on the same side . Simple. everyone knows it. He is the type of judge Buhari likes and wants. One that takes direct instructions or is very conscious of body language and shows gratitude to donations to his retirement fund

      • sirOscie

        The honeymoon will end one day….It’s just time!

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    If what was quoted really happened to be the remarks coming from Appeal Court, the maturity of the judges remains questionable. I remember throughout the raging controversy between Justice Abang’s court and Portharcourt High Court the Judge maintained his stand without making any uncouth remarks against the judgement of the other court. But in the case of the Appeal Court, one hardly ruled out tinge of prejudice in the presiding judges.

    • sab

      Musa, is this the first time Appeal Court is reversing Okon Abang’s judgement with reprimand? Before you bring paint and brush of tribe, religion and whatever into this, kindly google Okon Abang and Appeal Court judgement reversals.

    • smart

      It is obvious you’ve not been to a court room. And if you have, you’ve never followed a case to the appeal or supreme ccourt.
      Haven made my observation known, the case in question where a judge allows a man to sue himself and obtain court order without any form of opposition.. Knowing that this order will directly affect another who was not even sued nor allowed to defend himself leaving him without an option to appeal is simply criminal.. And if he is not cautioned, it will only set negative precedence for others to follow.

      • Bigtin

        Anarchy ….thats the word bro!

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        I doubt if Justice Abang’s ruling is the only judgement trailed by controversy, if at all the one he passed was controversial. Some of us visiting courts in the name of following a case, might be doing so for selfish interest. Otherwise, how many judgements were perverted in the name of technicalities in this country? A situation where truth and facts suppressed on the basis of technicalities.

        Let us continue to view court’s judgements through our political leanings, but recent arrests of some judges said a lot about our judiciary.

    • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

      You are either running errands for Sherrif or Abang or both. Stop disgracing your self, if you dont have anything meaningful to contribute on this matter keep your mouth shut.

    • ericdwise

      Did you actually wrote this????

    • dudu

      I am eager to hear the verdict of the Supreme Court on this matter, personally, I believe Justice Abang is on point and consistent with his judgements on the PDP matter and he has justifiably provided valid reasons for recognising the Sheriff faction. I cannot say same for the Court of Appeal.

      • abodes_124

        Dudu Nigeria’s number 1 legal eagle ! . You are obviously very clear on matters of law and the appellate court decision and the reasons adduced are obviously rubbish to you . One hopes you will agree with what the supreme court rules on this and not revert to asking your friends in the DSS to raid their houses and arrest them if they rule contrary to your expectations.

        • dudu

          Don’t be so sarcastic abodes_124, I have the right to disagree with others regardless of their position or number. I maintain my stance on this issue despite the Supreme court ruling. Pls deal with it and respect it. As regards the raid by the DSS on “corrupt judges”, only people who reason like you do will have a problem with that, defending the indefensible, because last time I checked, the judges are Nigerians like you and me, they didnt fall from mars, and yes, they can be evil. PMB has shown good judgement by dealing with this evil in the manner he chose to, else, they wont not sit up.

          • abodes_124

            Perhaps sarcasm was intended. it is embarrassing to see a grown man run naked into the market place. Was trying to alert you to your nakedness but obviously to no avail . Carry on

  • ojomaje ijato

    I might be wrong but this Okon man looks like a crook from his photos. It is a real shame that our lawyers on the bench and bar have thrown caution to the wind in hot pursuit of money. Looking at their behavior these days, can they still claim to be learned?

  • Olori Magege

    Okon Abang how many judges in history have been lambasted for ineptitude by a superior court liike you?

  • Owoeye Gbenga

    What is DSS or SSS still waiting for?They should get Justice Okon Abang arrested for gross misconduct and abuse of judiciary as well as bribery and corruption. It is a shame that the judge that needed to be arrested is sitting and making judgement whereas those with clean hands have been arrested,coarse,harassed and intimidated with flimsy excuses.God will judge those who humiliated our noble and honourable judges and leave Justice Okon Abang untouched because he is doing the bidding of APC led govt. This is what we called judgement not bias or sentimental.Not fear or favor.

    • McAlfred Uta

      You are damn right. Nobody’s gonna arrest or question Okon Abang. Let us see what INEC will do – I mean how they will reprint ballot papers and replace Jimoh Ibrahim photograph with Jegede and still conduct the election on Saturday as their lame duck Chairman did declare that the date is cast on rock with indelible ink.

  • Michael

    Abang strikes me as someone who means well but is clearly out of his depth. Unfortunately he’s also known in the legal world for not being particularly bright. He makes rulings that even a first year undergraduate at university would not make. At the same time the criticisms from the Appeal Court just seems a tad heavy; I’m sure they are not happy with Abang who has taken up the fight against corruption on behalf of the government.

    • ericdwise

      What are you actually talking about. You contradicted yourself in your analysis. I think okon abang is used by APC to destabilize PDP. Period!!!you can’t confuse pecuniary induced judgement to unintelligence of an individual handling in competently a respectable profession.

      • Michael

        No contradiction at all. I do not think that the APC is deliberately trying to “destabilize” the APC. Where is your evidence of this? And since you don’t have any evidence that his decision is due to pecuniary advantage, you should shut up or put up the evidence. Abang makes silly rulings all the time even in cases which are not political so in my view there is a higher likelihood that his problem is his stupidity rather than anything more sinister.

        • chris

          No need to argue. His rulings should be taken as one who has psychiatric problem, is that what we should assume? If yes, then why is it that INEC & Police obey this man’s rulings instead of his counterparts? Something is fishing…. ko?

        • ericdwise

          My brother we can argue on an issue without resorting to insults but that aside, facts are facts which the two of us agreed to which is “his curious and controversial judgments”. While I tend to incline towards pecuniary reasons for such abnormally you are inclined towards his silliness; both inclinations of ours are all assumptions. You too have no evidence that his actions are based on lack of grasp of the law or not intelligent or silly but speculation as to why he arrives at such curious conclusions. I have taken time to research about the man okon abang which informed my inclination towards pecuniary reasons for such embarrassing judgments of his. Jimoh Ibrahim, senator kashamu , Sherriff to mention but a few always run to his court for judgment even while he was at Lagos division of federal high court. Openly litigants challenge and upright lawyers know him during his days in Lagos. His actions became national embarrassment because he was transferred to Abuja and started handling serious matters. Ask yourself why he is just the judge handling every PDP matter?? Ask yourself why he will always want to seat on appeal in every of his judgements thus; assuming an appeal court unto himself. What will lead him to such a judgement in ondo state guber matter when as a vacation judge he returned jimoh Ibrahim’s file to the chief judge for re-assignment to another judge only for him to fraudulently grant him what wasn’t before his court. To me it is only money not silliness that can make him take such risk.Period!!! Majority of his obnoxious judgements get thrashed at appeal court. I will furnish you with about 10 judgements of his that a 12 year old will scratch his head for an answer on how he arrived at his conclusions!!!!

          • Michael

            I actually have direct knowledge of his stupidity-that is how I know. Not on one occasion but many. I thought maybe you would have gotten the hint when I said that he is known in the legal fraternity for his stupidity etc etc but there is a limit to what I will say here. In any case, you seem to be augmenting my conclusion about his silly judgements having initially come to the conclusion that he is a crook. Maybe he is, I don’t know, but I just don’t like to throw accusations when I know from the way he behaves in court that the guy frequently flouts the most elementary principles of law. I have evidence of the latter, not the former so I am more inclined to the view that his stupidity is letting him down.

          • ericdwise

            My brother, it will be strange if you will term his judgements as mere stupidity – at his level without any influencing factor/s. I have given an in depth analysis of mine and can come up with an only explanation to his madness on the bench. I feel better with my reason other than mere stupidity because he is not a clown. How does he still manage to evade NJC scrutiny????even for his stupidity!!!!

        • abodes_124

          where is your evidence that the sun rises in the east


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  • Gary

    So at what point will the NJC review the conduct of Justice Abang in sabotaging the judicial process or is there no legal recourse or applicable sanction for a judge who’s clearly abusing his office for ignoble ends?

    Should a judge whose decisions are constantly reversed by the appellate court still remain on the bench indefinitely?

    These are relevant questions that our judiciary needs to address to begin the process of restoring the respect and sagacity once associated with Nigeria’s judges. The new CJN needs to weed out the bad apples that have allowed the unprecedented assault on the judiciary.

  • izonkeme

    Only in this failed certificate less president’s administration , a drunkard called Okon Abang will be made a justice by illiterate buhari to carry out the old fashioned ways of impunity on Nigerians and take us fifty years backwards! I weep for my county for what buhari has turned nigeria into.