Jimoh Ibrahim sacked, Jegede is PDP candidate, Appeal Court rules


The Court of Appeal has sacked Jimoh Ibrahim as the candidate of the PDP in Saturday’s governorship election in Ondo State.

The court, therefore, ordered that Mr. Ibrahim be replaced with Eyitayo Jegede, who belongs to the Ahmed Makarfi faction of the party.

The Appeal Court set aside a ruling of the Federal High Court by Justice Okon Abang which declared Mr. Ibrahim the candidate.

All the objections filed by Mr. Ibrahim and his loyalists at the Appeal Court were also dismissed.

Details later…


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  • KBE

    This is another judgement that shows that Okon Abang is an agent of APC at the bench always acting out the scripts of his masters. Okon Abang is menace and he should burry his head in shame. I hope it is not too late in the day for PDP.

    • Babso

      NJC investigated Okon Abang and discharged him of any wrongdoings. Who said supreme court cannot overturn this judgement? That is law for us and it should be respected. Congrats to Eyitayo.

  • Daniel

    Thank God. Now, what is left is to watch the Buhari rigging machine.

    • Doyin

      Leave God out of your dirty deals and looting in Nigeria. Anything that looks like anti-corruption is “thank God” to you in as much as you think it would make APC unhappy. But don’t you think with PDP’s divided house AD and APC are leading contenders in the scheduled election? So concentrate on your wounds at EFCC.

      • Lala Hansy

        You can go to hell with your pay masters for turning a blind eye to injustice and manipulation. That same God you and your folks disgust is turning your wisdom into foolishness, Rubbish.

        • Doyin

          Look around you very well, see dumbos, wikes, fayoses and the Devil itself your master. We need sanity in this country where you can get money only through hardwork and blessings from the above- God. This is justice.

          • Daniel

            Sanity should begin with a very CLUELESS man in Aso Rock.

          • Doyin

            Nwanne Dumbo. Your pastor cannot be perfect. And because he is not perfect that does not mean he would be allowing nonsense in his church. Buhari and his aides are not perfect and not qualified to throw first stone but they have to put a stop to your crazy looting attitudes and your loots must be returned. After Buhari leaves office, you and your master looters can work hard and go Aso Rock. It is then your business if you make satan your aide and victimized Buhari and his APC. I do not care. So shut up your dirty trap. Am not in your group be it Buhari or dumbo.

          • Daniel

            They are not just not perfect.

            The are actually UNFIT to remain in that office.

      • Daniel

        Hahahahahaa! You are paranoid.

        The true corruption fight begins with Buhari’s and his cabinet members.

        Where is WAEC result?

        You know those who own houses in Dubai.

        The one who ‘does not sign checks’ and builds a an indescribable website.

        And the other one who hosted Soyinka with 82 million naira.

        What about that one whose name was omitted from the arms probe?

        Have they investigated and prosecuted those involved in ILLEGAL RECRUITMENT?

        How about BUDGET PADDING?


    • Mufu Ola

      The rigging machine planted by PDP since 1999.

      • Daniel

        APC went away with it, with the defectors from PDP…

        • el Matty

          Guy you too wicked, so the rigging machine are PDP 5 now APC bigwig .

  • donMe$$i

    Another heavy blow to the APC cabal.
    Why won’t the cabal also send the DSS on their so called sting OP to that Abangs house??

    • AyPoint Blank

      the devil dealing with you don follow Zik die … no cure for your dull brain!

      • emmanuel

        Na dat devil frustrate Awolowo to die of depression. The thing sef don dey do Jagjaga ban Politician. Osinbajo is having his own share of depression, as his wife is seen in Commercial Aircraft most of the time, because the foolani boys do not recognise Your brother and her husband as VP.
        How about Kemi, she could not provide basis for the benckmark, interest rates, Inflation rates and exchange rate projections for the MTEF 2017-2019. She thought, the NASS does not have brainers and professionals who would sip through the document. Now, they are stuck and cannot even begin the 2017 budget process uptil now.
        Yorubas think say propaganda and manipulation hold for too long.
        Fashola is very confused with his typical Yoruba brain. The only achievement of the Communication Minister is that he has been able to change his eye glasses to designer stuff.
        What a disaster having Yoruba people run a government led by a blank brain foolani.

        • emmanuel

          Just read today’s proceedings at the Senate on the MTEF, imagine. Nigeria will sson be under receivership, because there is no hope of revival.
          Yet Buhari want to do 2019, instead of planning to resign before then for a better person to take over. Not even Osinbajo who during the HITDA function is still campaigning of the need to diversify Nigeria economy 18 clear months after they came to office. By the way, who should the ehad of the economic team tell of the need to diversify the economy? Na me or the Nigerian who cannot even produce anymore?
          $29.9 billion external loan also has no basis. which kind wash wash people dey lead us?

          • Baba

            Why should Buhari resign when your brother, Jonathan, who handed over part of Nigeria to shekau didn’t resign at that time for failure as commander in chief to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

          • emmanuel

            Jonathan is my brother i cannot deny, he is a great achiever but a weakling (that made him hand his political and security apparatus to the foolanis who dealt him a shrewd blow).
            Trust i would have replaced Jega pronto, but he thought he had a friend in a foolani, same way Tinubu thought he had one in buhari.
            Tinubu capitalised on his weakness to undo him. Unfortunately, Buhari after eighteen months has not achieved a single mile stone. Who then is better?
            The Automobile plant have all closed, Rice Production dead, Fertiliser e-wallet killed to give the Emirs.
            TSA, TIN, BVN, Almajeri School, Cashless economy, doubled FDIs, massive elimination of ghost workers were all the laudable policies of Jonathan.
            Now tell me what Buhari has achieved?

        • Mufu Ola

          You Igbos/ parts of SS are desperately fighting to take over your natural role as appendage to Hausa/Fulani. That has always been your role since independence despite Awo’s forward looking strategy to refine your mentalities. So it’s now u know who or who’s not Fulani’s boys?Let your parents tell u your race history. Buhari have started “wooing” Ibos to “counter” Tinubu/ Yoruba. He doesn’t need to woo. Igbos are already positioning themselves for d bones. They are natural scanvangers. Very interesting!

    • Babso

      How is this a blow APC? Let’s be objective in our comment. This judgement has nothing to do with APC. The Ondo people will decide come Saturday who to pioneer the affairs of the state for the next four years.

      • B. Messi

        If you were objective, you would’ve realised with Jimoh as PDP candidate, it would’ve been an easier ride for the APC man.

  • Seyi

    Thank you lord!

  • Rollingdollar

    Arrest Justice Okon Abang Now!

  • AyPoint Blank

    These biafrauds are fools! So APC is the reason PDP can’t organise themselves!!! Your disease is incurable!

    • Charles


    • emmanuel

      Your name also show your brain is blank too. INEC is fraud. For your information, INEC will undercut your SW in 2019, then you would understand what you call ‘disorganised’
      Magu is INEC Chair, while Amina Zakari is the defacto head and the Katsina cabal undertaker – Jega’s replacement.

  • ogechi

    Penchantly Disorganised Party.

    • G.G 2000


      If INEC is a responsible organization it should immediately move ONDO election forward by three (3) weeks

      because the PDP candidate cannot now have just one (1) day left to campaign for a free and fair election.

  • emmanuel

    Buhari has refused to raid Abang’s home and accounts, because bribes from the APC would be discovered. Three Abang is equl to the entire Boko Haram insurgents in Nigeria.
    However, i wish to say that part of the APC attempt is to reduce the milage Jegede may have achieved in his campaign, thereby leading to lost of votes.
    Bu i know that Ondo people would rather distance themselves from Budillon’s ownership and candidate – Oke and atsina/Abuja Cabal ownership and candidate Akeredolu.
    Fayose, please get to work with the Iroko. We want to see Trump replayed in your axis. Ekun ati Iroko pari ‘se o!

  • petebisi

    This has been the plans of our current fraudulent presidency and it’s INEC, a well planned delay to reduce the popularity and votes of PDP candidate. If the so called INEC is an independent organisation as they make us believe. Why not shift the date of this election to give everyone equal opportunities in the ballot? Change my foot

    • Pat

      We’ve never seen a fraudulent presidency in Nigeria like the Jonathan led PDP. If that is not fraudulent of highest order there is no such thing as fraudulent. PDP symbolises frauds, period!

  • Owoeye Gbenga

    This is a sheering news for all lover of democracy and rule of law.Judiciary has given us hope where executive have already truncated or dashed our hope.Glory be to God,in spite of intimidation and harassment by DSS and Daura family,our amiable judges can deliver true judgement without fear or favor. What an uncompromised judiciary.May God bless the generation of those Appeal court judges.It is crystal clear now that Buhari govt was witch hunted those arrested judges because I see no reason why Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court Abuja was not arrested for bribery and corruption. What has displayed so far is an evidence that federal govt was behind Justice Okon Abang judgement, if not, why Okon Abang has not be arrested for all his atrocities and bias judgement he has delivered so far. Something is wrong somewhere and I can see conspiracy between APC led govt,Sheriff and Justice Okon Abang.We are waiting for the truth about Justice Okon Abang to be revealed very soon.Meanwhile congratulations for Eyitayo Jegede,the anointed governorship candidate of Ondo state.

    • emmanuel

      There are two justices in Nigeria that should have long been i jail – Abang and Ibrahim Buba. They come secong and third to the devil. Buha must be the richest Justice on earth.

    • Noble

      Wait for the judgement of an appeal by the other party before appreciating your sheering (cheering!) news.

  • Run_Easy

    What is so special about the judgement….a lower court gave a judgement in favors of a party..now an upper court found they were abnormalities in the judgement that was given by the lower court. if we re reasonable and really learned, why do we ve those courts at first place, is to checkmate any aberrations. why all the noise APC this, APC that.
    and the fact that Jegede won the case does that translate to winning the main election.
    the electorate will decide who will be their leader to rule them..sending people to university this days is like waste cus we dont ve people that tink anymore..

  • isaac

    I now have confidence in the Judiciary.

  • Vanguardngrnews