Dogara vows to amend SSS law, condemns raid on ‘corrupt’ judges homes


Speaker Yakubu Dogara on Wednesday said the invasion of the homes of senior judicial officers by the State Security Service was a disorganised and worrisome act.

The Speaker said the clampdown was a duplication of the function of other anti-corruption agencies such as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and promised sweeping reforms to prevent its recurrence.

Mr. Dogara made the observations when he inaugurated a House committee charged with investigating the clampdown and its aftermath.

“It is untidy, it seems, to have multiple agencies exercising similar functions. The EFCC already handles issues of corruption and economic crimes in Nigeria,” Mr. Dogara said. “Should the State Security Service also be charged with the same functions?” dogara

Scores of SSS operatives swooped on the homes of judges in a coordinated raid across the country on October 7. The raid dragged until the next morning on October 8 before the news of the raid filtered to Nigerians.

Two judges of the Supreme Court, an appellate court judge and five high court judges were arrested in the operation.

The SSS also said it recovered a huge amount of money denominated in different currencies from the judicial officers’ homes and said it was the climax of a sting operation launched months before.

Some of the arrested judges are already being prosecuted for corruption while all of them have been granted bail.

President Muhammadu Buhari immediately came out to defend the action of the secret police and said he was fighting corrupt judges and not necessarily the judiciary.

The crackdown created a major fissure amongst Nigerians who immediately took sides on the matter.

While some saw the action of the SSS as needed to fight alleged corruption in the judiciary; others raised alarm that the president is trying to suppress the judiciary and instil fear on judges who might be poised to delivery unfavourable rulings against his administration.

Although Mr. Dogara did not immediately speak out at the time, the House deliberated on the matter during its plenary on October 11, which was the first sitting since the raids.

The deliberation was initiated via a motion of urgent national concern by Kingsley Ogundu, a lawmaker from Rivers State which was part of the affected states.

Mr. Ogundu’s prayer for the House to summon the Director-General of the SSS failed to gain traction amongst lawmakers, but they resolved to raise a committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding arrests.

At the inauguration of the committee today, Mr. Dogara hinted that the executive might have usurped the powers of the legislature.

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“The activities of the State Security Service of late have raised concerns in the Nigerian polity as to the propriety of the conduct of officials of the service and whether their actions are consistent with the law setting it up,” Mr. Dogara read from a prepared speech.

“It is in this regard that I enjoin this Committee to make relevant findings of fact that will enable the National Assembly initiate the necessary amendments to the National Security Agencies Act —and even the Constitution where necessary— to ensure conformity with the constitutional design and framework that envisage that federal legislative power should be domiciled in the National Assembly and not shared with the executive in the manner provided under the Act.”

Mr. Dogara said the Buhari administration was exploiting a decree promulgated by the last military junta led by Abdulsalam Abubakar.

Mr. Abubakar, through an instrument in 1999, expanded the role of SSS to include other functions as dictated by the head of state.

But Mr. Dogara questioned the validity of instrument since the NSA Act is amongst the four extant laws under the Transitional Provisions an Savings component of the Constitution.

“The National Security Agencies Act is specifically protected by Section 315(5) of the Constitution as it cannot be altered like ordinary Acts of the National Assembly. It has the same alteration procedure like the Constitution as laid down in Section 9 (2) thereof,” Mr. Dogara said.

The Speaker said lawmakers serving in the committee will answer all questions that stemmed from the action of the SSS and recommend all necessary means of forestalling a recurrence— including a possible amendment to the Constitution.

The committee is expected to announce sitting days and modalities for its fact-finding in the coming days.


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  • Fernando

    Useless speaker. I don’t know how you manage to be elected by your people.

  • Hamza

    Criminal crooked budget padder! This man has no shame. He is a corrupt lawyer and corrupt politician as well. Whether they like it or not The executive must police them and their corrupt Judicial officers.

    • Korede

      Thanks my brother, Shameless Animal calling himself Speaker. I don’t blame them, cause they don’t know shame, cause they shed innocent blood before getting to power. Budget Padding Manager.

  • Shahokaya

    Corruption is indeed fighting back! If Buhari is serious he should order for audit of ALL the constituency projects that these ‘honorables’ claimed to have executed from 2003 to date and we will know who among them will answer the honorable tag.

    • Gary

      Here comes the e-rat mob! What took you guys so long to flood the zone to defend fascism?
      Una welcome…now proceed to insult all and sundry who stand for the rule of law and due process as “corruption fighting back”.

      • Doyin

        Gary Johnson. A failure and spoiler.

      • douglas edosomwan

        Your definition of rule of law is to allow those that commit crime should go unpunished . I know you will say a suspect remain innocent until he or she have been prove guilty from a competent court. Let me say to you that a person remain guilty until he or she have prove his or her innocent before a competent court, that is why he or she was arrested in the first place.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          ””I know you will say a suspect remain innocent until he or she have been prove guilty from a competent court. Let me say to you that a person remain guilty until he or she have prove his or her innocent before a competent court,””””‘. Your comment above means the same thing which is PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW.

  • Noble

    Very laughable! Dogari is being cautious, incase DSS visits NASS. Hence he would like to change the DSS laws to deter them from doing so.

  • Ed bishop

    It seems this man Dogara is at ease. That is why he has the gut to run mouth. Pls let the dss give him some unrest like his big bros Saraki. I think they should revisit the budget padding issue with Jubrin as witness.

  • Fredodo1

    Does it even matter who catches a thief? Either police, yellow fever, CIA or SSS, even sef Civil defense, what does it matter? I don’t get these people, doesn’t he have other serious businesses to attend to?

  • Amir

    I don’t understand why Nigerias leaders at every cadre always support corruption using all manner of flippant excuses. Are judges above the law or do they also have immunity? This shameless man is not concerned that a judge parades 4 passports under different names or that our law reports are full of irrelevant irresponsible judgments?

    • fernado

      Bro, its so bad my brother.. i dont know when God will bless us with selfless leader like PMB. These love makers dont care about ordinary masses. Someday God will remember us.Amen

      • Chibobo

        Yes my brother, Buhari is selfless as you said. But what can one man achieve in a country like Nigeria where abnormally is a norm; where corruption has almost destroy our value system. A Buhari who is a politician like Obasanjo would have achieved more in terms of not allowing the likes of Saraki and Doraki to sit on the affairs of the NASS. They want to curtail the DSS for fear of the unknown.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        selfless? LOL. Oh please! go check the definition in a dictionary and compare it to the the presidents past, present actions and behaviour. read about jesus, That is a selfless being. Selfless people dont carry vendetta, they dont make decisions based on sentiments, and they dont belong to one group.

    • Babawale

      Check the records of these judges, you will awkward judgements, bad narratives to their judgement. Many of them belong to corrupt caucuses in which some members of the legislative and executive arms belong.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      4 passports under different names? dude thats not possible with biometric today. you cant deceive the Facial or iris recognition algorithm. I dont know where you got that story from. Even James “fucking” Bond or company assets from Langley today cant have more than 3 passports and they are spies.

  • Gary

    Thank you Mr. Speaker, for finally waking up to your legislative responsibility of protecting the people and the constitution from creeping fascism; under the guise of fighting corruption.

    It is alarming to note that the current constitution allows the President to use the SSS as he deems fit. And we claim to be practicing democracy! Shocking. Little wonder then that this President had no qualms bringing his kinsman out of retirement to run the agency with his Gestapo tactics.

    While at it, it’s time for NASS to consider laws that will bar nepotism in public appointments and no public official be allowed to receive gifts nor benefits outside the regular emoluments derived from his job or position. Putting the two statutes in place will strengthen democracy by outlawing nepotism and conflicts of interest in government.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_


    • solomon olushola

      Your National Assembly is full of criminals, that is the more reason they will not want any other agency to look after their shoulder.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        i think the word is “OVER” their shoulders not after. And the EFCC are there so it is naive of them to think of what you said.

  • Shamsuddeen Shehu Saeed

    In Buhari Govt 99% of his ministers,law makers,governors,advicers, are currupt tell hw Buhari can fight curruption d truth of d matter he c’nt fight curruption he need 2 remove lv,like,greadness, in rule i tink if he can b able 2 do so he can achieve but pellower 2 do so he cn’t achieve any thing,,& at d end he need 2 remove selfsh intrest in rulling pples

  • on point

    Idiots they would not discuss what will bring food on table for common man, corruption is really fighting back

  • Chinedu

    Institutionalism can not be compared to one man show. This remains the basic difference between developed nations and the underdeveloped ones. This is both politically and economically speaking. For me this opinion of the speaker is in the right direction. Other bias and prejudice does not arise. We can not have all agencies paid to do the same job. Neither can we approve of the village hunter style of the judges houses invasion and announcement. Since the law remains supreme,then such laws that can be so recklessly deployed by any branch of government needs to be amended. For this I give kudos to the house speaker

    • solomon olushola

      Nonsense. Then who is going to be the watchdog over all this people my friend.? The Executive, Judiciary, and the Legislature, until you have an agency that can arrest and jail this politicians you are not going to move forward in this country. This is like saying the FBI in U.S. does not have power to carry out sting operations on any government officials for wrongdoings.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        that agency you speak of is called the police. But in Nigeria the military, Cabal and politicians have reduced the police to a wretched begging agency so they can control and manipulate the police to do their biddings. The IGP has to beg from emir of kano down to sultan of sokoto to speak to politicians to give them the police its funds, Can you remember the case of Tony Blair when he was pm of GB and petitions where sent to the house in respect of the iraq war lies. He was picked up by the police in a squad car like every other citizen, taken to the station and had his DNA collected just like every other UK citizen. That is why the UK is the only country in the world practising 100% true democracy. They dont have SSS or DSS in the UK because the people are the government. no DSS in the uk means politicians cant hide their dirty deeds. The Mandate of the DSS is to protect and shield the government in power from embarrassments and they would only investigate politicians when a new government orders them to. They arent the good guys as you are all made to believe. If you all want Nigeria to be corrupt free, we need to support our police force, support police reforms that removes the power of appointing senior police officers from the Executive and legislative. if the IGP and DIG’s and AIG’s were appointed by the people in this case the civilian oversight which is the PSC (internal affairs) then they police would be more effective because now they answer to the people and not the politicians.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Well said. spoken as a true lover of justice and rule of law. I do agree with the speaker. The message is what matters not the messenger. We need to address this because its a big problem to our countries security. Jurisdiction hoping is a serious threat to the nations security because it makes security agencies compete, hate each other and always trying to malign each other. In Nigeria we have 5 security agencies doing the same job. That creates competition and mistrust amongst security agencies. and mistrust leads to inability and incompetence. If i became president tomorrow the same changes will be seen. I will divide the DSS into two dept’s. one group would only do the VIP protection and would never leave the premises of the VIP’s and the second would gather intelligence on corruption and organized crimes and forward the intel to the appropriate agencies for investigation, arrest’s and prosecution. and i will remove the DSS powers from the office of the executive and hand them over to the national joint security agency. I hate the words “SECRET” in anything that has to do with government or politicians. because secrets gives people powers and we all know that “ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY”. How can we elect you to serve us then you have secret organizations who’s activities can not be questioned, who answer to no one or citizens except a few politicians?

  • Babawale

    Wow! Good of you Dongari, we know your tactics. Change the constitution to prevent DSS tsunami from flooding you and your colleagues dirty closet out.

  • linkhadj.

    Corruption is indeed fighting back. These Legislooters are useless people. Instead of making laws that will ease the pains and hardship of Nigerians, they want to make laws that will restrict the powers to fight corruption. Does it matter whether a thief is pursued and caught by the Police, the Fire-brigade, the Civil Defence, the Military or even Yellow Fever? Should we now make a law to release any thief caught by the Community Vigilante officials? We should all drive out all these Budget-padders and SUV-loving looters calling themselves our representatives.

    • Statesman

      Justice Ademola was the judge in charge of Buhari’s WAEC case. He gave Buhari’s 13 SANs and 10 lawyers thay Buhari hired in that case a hard time before the case was postpone indefinitely. Few months later, Justice Ademola was raided by the DSS that he was corrupt when Buhari has still been unable to produce his WAEC result to this very day.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        yeah. Good point you made. it bugs the intellectual and focused mind dont it?

      • Edward Osadebay

        Why are you peddling falsehood. When would you learn to stand for something worthwhile, something tangible, something enduring. President Buhari is the only Nigerian leader whose WAEC result was made public in the history of this country. Where you dead when his school published details of his result. Where you in a coma when recently, the man who was WAEC registrar at that time told the world he signed and released his certificate? Have you just regained your sanity? Where were you when the Nigerian Army came out and clarified that his Certificate was never missing?Contribute something positive in your life, Jeez!

        • Jud’Diamond Ani

          And did u see ur beloved presido pose with agbada in the said waec result? Oboy make we rest……

          • Edward Osadebay

            Small brain, his picture was just attached to the result released by the school. It is just a statement of result. In the sixties and early eighties when I left school, pictures are not attached to result. It is a modern practice for small brains like you to identify the owner of the result. Clarity purposes nothing else.



          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            good point

          • Edward Osadebay

            With due respect to your father, check his certificate and check who signed it. Buhari’s own was issued by Alex Ajayi.


            The certificate in question which Buhari presented was signed by a recent principal . The Cambridge result should bear the signature of the white man who was his principal, the same man who gave him a letter that he would be sitting for the exam when he could not present a certificate to the Army.

          • Edward Osadebay

            I would not have replied you but this exhibition of ignorance can not be allowed to pass without educating you a little. Take for example you lost your own certificate and you went to your school to get another one, who is going to authenticate the result for you. Your old principal who is out of the system, probably dead or the sitting principal?


            No I will demand a certified true copy either from WAEC or through the current principal but it must be a certified true copy not a statement of result typed by a Principal with a letter heading which was not in existence as at the time in question. Buhari travels to London and if he wants a certified true copy of his certificate, he can get it in a few hours considering his status, all he has to do is apply stating where he took the exam, his exam number and year !!

          • ijelejames

            Was his father ever in school. I don’t think so.

          • Stephen

            I love all the arguments and the submissions of everyone. My believe is that moving Nigeria forward is not about WAEC result by the President been genuine or not but about good governance. what the poor masses are interested in is good governance that will bring positive change in every area of human endeavours.

          • Statesman

            Justice Ademola was the judge in charge of Buhari’s WAEC case. He gave Buhari’s 13 SANs and 10 lawyers that Buhari hired in that case a hard time before the case was postpone indefinitely. Few months later, Justice Ademola was raided by the DSS that he was corrupt when Buhari has still been unable to produce his WAEC result to this very day, yet some pple still refuse to see the reason why Buhari raided Justice Ademola.
            Pple like Edward Osadebay have stooped so low and also lost their reason in their process of defending Buhari:

            “President Muhammadu Buhari has appealed the ruling of Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court in Abuja who on May 26, 2016 dismissed his preliminary objection in a suit filed by an Abuja-based legal practitioner, Mr. Nnamdi Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe.

            Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe had alleged that Buhari was unqualified to aspire to the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria because he did not sit for the Cambridge West African School Certificate WASC) in 1961 as he claimed.

            Dissatisfied with this ruling, Buhari through his legal team filed a notice of appeal at the Court of Appeal, Abuja Judicial Division on seven grounds of appeal.

            The president’s legal team, which endorsed the notice of appeal, is led by Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN).
            Others are Mr. Lateef O. Fagbemi (SAN), Chief Akin Olujinmi (SAN), Oluwarotimi O. Akeredolu (SAN), Kola Awodein (SAN), Prof. Taiwo Osipitan (SAN), Charles Edosomwan (SAN), Emeka Ngige (SAN), Femi Atoyebi (SAN), Femi Falana (SAN), Funke Aboyade (SAN), H.O. Afolabi (SAN), Muiz Banire (SAN), and 10 other counsel.”

          • Edward Osadebay

            Sometimes I really wonder if people mean some of the things they write about or is it a case of trying to be just mischievous. Why I wonder is because it seem to me that something is clearly missing in the apprehension of simple facts. I won’t join Statesman in this backward way of reasoning, it is absurd. But for the information of people that may be intimidated by the misadventures of Statesman’s flight of fantasy and lies, the registrar of WAEC at the time Buhari left secondary had come out to state categorically that the man indeed sat and passed his examination. The Nigerian Army too came out and said his result is with them. Various classmates has said the same thing. The question that agitates the mind is why Statesman and his ilk won’t get on to more productive ventures. Buhari’s certificate is the least of Nigeria’s problems. The mess left behind by Jonathan and PDP as epitomised in the corrupt charges against looters and bribe takers like Justice Ademola and gang is more of a worry.



          • Edward Osadebay

            Please google and read when WAEC was established. You need a little education. Ignorance is becoming a big issue in Nigeria.


            Cambridge was running O AND A levels till 1963 hence I am not ignorant, Buhari needs to apply to cambridge university which are the custodians of that venture for a true certified copy.

          • ijelejames

            The man is a tribal warrior. He was lost in the jungle and is still lost. No need to waste useful time him.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          “”””the man who was WAEC registrar at that time told the world he signed and released his certificate”””” wow! read what you just said there. a teacher from 1950″s remembered signing and reading a specific students certificate. amongst ten of thousands of students in his history as a teacher. and you buy that? worst of all you repeated that unreasonable statement. wow. SMH…

          • Statesman

            As if the WAEC Registrar knew that Buhari will be president in so many years to come that he’ll take note of signing only Buhari’s WAEC cert among the thousands of results that he signed. That is how pple like Edward Osadebay have stooped so low and also lost their reason in their process of defending Buhari.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            Gbam!!! dont mind edward and his fantasy stories. he should be working for Disney Pixar.

          • Edward Osadebay

            I am pretty sure it is too much for you to apprehend. The kind of education you folks go through these days is very sad. Nothing tasking at all. Well, if your lazy brain will allow you to google, please read Punch Newspaper of November 12. The Registrar said, he personally issued WAEC certificates to not only Buhari but Babangida and even Abacha. His name is Alex Ajayi. He is 86 years and was a pioneer staff of West Africa Examination Council and the first substantial Nigerian Assistant Registrar. Pa Ajayi was the first graduate from Ado Ekiti and a former campaign director to Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            wow! read what you just said there. in 2016 a teacher born in the 1930’s claims to remember signing, seeing and reading a specific students school certificate in the 1950’s, he remembers the kid’s name from amongst ten of thousands of students he thought, met and saw their results in his history as a teacher? The total words in the result he read in his life time as a teacher put together is the equivalent in numbers of every word in the book of psalms and not to add student name similarities. Dude no one is insulting Buhari because i can tell you are a fanatically supporter of old men from a failed destroyers of Nigeria generation. we are just analysing something that defies the law of physics and is strange to any intellectually focused non sentimental minds.

      • James Ojapa

        All that giving them a hard time was posturing so that he could bargain for a higher amount. We know ademola, that is his style

      • D-Roo

        Have you asked OBJ where his is..?Abdulsalam, IBB pls get ur mind right

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          Are those men the president now? and why are you talking like you didnt know those men ruled as not constitutionally elected democratic presidents but as “MILITARY HEADS OF STATE/ DICTATORS”? are you claiming that Nigeria government appointments under the military rule was done based on educational qualifications and merit? its the military, any Officer who successfully plans and successfully executes a coup takes over as head of state. who can ask them of school results? No one brought it up during OBJ and Jonathan era thats why they were not asked. Arent you guys the same people saying “it doesnt matter if the anti-corruption fight is biased, Buhari has to start from somewhere and someone”. So whats the difference in this certificate case?

      • linkhadj.

        Answer these questions first: Was money in foreign currencies found in his house? Can he defend the acquisition? What is his salary? Address the main issue. Do not leave the substance to pursue shadows.

        • Statesman

          I hope u read the news recently about Justice Ngwuta’s case when the FG said that Ungwuta asked his aid to move the bag of the money that contained #27m in order to destroy evidence? These were judges that the DSS said they found Pounds, Euro, Dollar, Japanese yen, etc in their house during the raid. But on the court day, they could not prove it. Instead, the FG lawyer was saying that Ngwuta asked his aid to move the bag that contained #27m away. So how can Ngwuta did that in the presence of the DSS that went as far as seizing his laptop and his bag that contained document of other court cases yet they allow his aid to move a bag away in their presence? That case has exposed Buhari and his DSS.

  • Patrick

    Dogara should defend himself of allegations of massive graft by Abdulmumin instead of hiding behind a finger.This is clarion call for good people,honest and responsible Nigerians to to control other our politype. The Speaker and his National assembly stinks.

    • Ubong

      Dino Maleye, when he was a member HOR, raised more alarms than JIbrim. Dino was fooling Nigerians that he was fighting corruption in then HOR. Today, Dino Malaye, is one of the highly corrupt Nigerian Senator defending all huge salary and allowances, enjoying the looting of our collective wealth by them. Jibrim noise making is not different from Dino Malaye. Dino caused the fight in the last HOR because he was probably sidelined in some aspect of national looting same way Abdulimumin is probably sideline at moment. If he is honest, let him resign and return to the nation all the illegal vast allowances and salary he has collected, then I will personally take him serious, DSS was never fair in their lopsided politically motivated actions against the alleged corrupt Judges. a serving minister was mentioned, a recent retired CJN was mentioned as having being briefed of an attempt by a serving minister to pervert the course of justice, DSS have not done anything about it or see anything wrong in the upside down judgements delivered by Justice Okon Abang

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        God bless you. You really followed this matter. Most people here just like to hear these words “THE RICH ALSO CRY” an old soap which Nigerians loved so much that the way the rushed back home in the 80’s to watch this soap you would think we were all muslims rushing to break fast and pray. So once they hear a big man has been accused of this or that they are happy about that because it means the downfall of the mighty “HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN” (very popular Nigerian joyful phrase). And as for the Dino example to shut the stinky mouths of the fools Jibrin has deceived, 100 points to you for that.

  • Jacky

    Is the arrest of alleged corrupt judges too important and painful to Dogara for him to start thinking of amending the constitution in order to just tinker with the SSS law? Hmmmm, the SSS must have deeply offended him…..his friends and customers have been arrested, maybe!

  • solomon olushola

    This is shameful of this Dogara to set up a panel to look into the activities of the DSS, instead of strenthning or enact laws to aid them in carrying out their duties.
    These so called leaders in my view wants to have all freedom to oppress their poor people without anyone asking them a question.

  • Comfortkay

    Dogara is a lawyer and instead of working as a lawyer he seat in the house padding budget and talking nonesense, am sorry in deed for Nigeria this kind of people should be removed even his own house should be search.He is not clean.

  • JasV

    This is not a speaker this is a dumb sucker.

  • Edward Osadebay

    This is a direct challenge to the powers of the executive who have the constitutional rights to govern the country including initiating and investigating cases of corruption. The DSS is a security outfit under the executive with wide ranging powers. Every time this present government tries to tackle corruption issues, this National Assembly always tries to block them through amendments. High time, the President fought back or his tenure will elapse without a whimper with a ruined legacy. He must mobilise the people against this National Assembly fast. The CCB Act has already been tempered just because of Saraki, just one man. Nigerians must rise and stand by their President or we are doomed.

    • Aminu

      Seconded, i wonder what stop Buhari from landing very hard on corrupt individuals like Saraki, Dogari & co despite numerous evidences against them and funny enough thats why they have the audacity to spew nonsense against the executive any time they chose to do so.


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  • Spoken word

    Our National Assembly has become the protectors of corruption.

    • Keen Observer

      CORRECT…! And this is very unfortunate for Nigeria @ this time.

    • St

      Corruption will not kill Nigeria, these NASS members are the corruption, we need to kill them or isolate them from our society and laws.

      • Spoken word

        I second that

  • Dodondawa

    Dogara, you call yourself a lawyer. So it is appropriate for judges to be taking bribe left, right and center without any check from any quarters. You are a useless man and the least productive speaker in the history of Nigeria. Shame on you.

  • Abey

    Dogara sense u no get.

  • West

    Hahaha. The man is afraid of his evil deeds because he knows what goes round must surely come round. Someone should please tell this man to relax as his days of reckoning is near

  • princegab

    Dogara, a copy of Saraki. Scrapping the dss will not save you from jibrin. Better to come clean and face kirikiri with alacrity. God bless pmb, political offices will soon cease to be money making factories.

  • ijelejames

    Dogara is a rabid dog. His days are numbered.