Edo residents protest planned N200 million home for Oshiomhole

Adams Oshiomhole
Adams Oshiomhole

Pro-government and anti-government protesters clashed in Benin on Tuesday over the alleged plan of the Edo Government to build N300 million retirement homes for former Gov. Adams Oshiomhole and his deputy.

The pro-government group and members of some civil society organisations (CSOs) fought at Ring Road, Benin, when the latter marched through the streets over the amendment of the law for the pension of the governor.

Edo State House of Assembly last week amended the 2007 Pension Rights of the Governor and Deputy Governor Law to include the provision of a building valued N200 million for a former governor and N100 million for his deputy.

Justin Okunobor, the speaker of the assembly, had said that the new provision was justified as there was an existing law on pension benefits for former governors and deputies.

Civil society groups have criticised the move.

Anti-government protesters, under the aegis of Edo Civil Society Organisations, had converged on the museum ground in Benin as early 8 a.m. and marched toward the Anthony Enahoro House of Assembly Complex to announce their rejection of the new pension benefits.

The civil society groups were confronted by those who support the amendment, who prevented them from gaining access to the major entrance of the building.

The challenge resulted in the CSO members running away, while security operatives who had taken position at strategic positions around the assembly premises watched.

Some protesters sustained injuries during the fight which lasted about an hour, while some vehicles and public address systems used by the CSOs were vandalised.

As a result of the fight, passersby scampered to safety.

The spokesperson for the civil society groups, Osazee Edigin, said his members were attacked by thugs allegedly sponsored by the government.

‘’They mobilsed thugs to attack us and we are trying to revive a guy who fainted, the thugs have taken over Ring Road,’’ Edigin said.

The Chief Press Secretary to Edo Governor, John Mayaki, said the state government recognised the rights and freedom of citizens to express their opinion on public issues and would not do anything to infringe on their freedom.

Mr. Mayaki said there was no iota of truth in the claim of the CSOs as the government would not in any way attempt to gag the people’s freedom. (NAN)


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  • Charles

    Finally God will judge all this politicians, I hope they are aware that God exist.

    • Isaac_CharitY

      Na poor man prayers. Let go for this axis of evil right away evils in our society

  • uche

    now we finally ask ourselves….is there actually RECESSION????

    • Mufu Ola

      Nigeria had been in recession for about 20 yrs now. It’s only official now.

      • Otile

        You are a damned lair. According to Kemi, Nigeria entered into recession 2nd quarter of this year. Do you understand rudimentary economic at all?

    • Isaac_CharitY

      For me no RECCESSION

  • Julius

    The ex governor should come out against this plan if he is a man of the people as we’ve been made to believe. I would think that he doesnt need to house. We dey wait.

    • Emmanuel

      You are leaving a dream, just wait and see…

      • Julius

        I hope not but, I wont be disappointed if he didnt. Na naija we dey,,abi

      • Julius

        leaving= living ?..right ?


    Edo lawmakers are criminals. I am from Edo state. The house Adams built in his village Iyamu worth N10.0 billion. Why given him another money to build house. Adams has many houses, this is too bad of our lawmakers. Buhari saw Adam’s house in Iyamu, he was shocked. Adams is top criminal in Nigeria. He knows many ways of stealing.

    • Otile

      APC will still use public money to build it for him. They know he helped to put Imam Mohamed Buhari in power.

    • Mufu Ola

      How did u cost Oshiomole’s house in his village?

      • Keen Observer

        ……………lol……… I wonder how the guy behind @PEOPLE cost the house of Oshiomole in his village.

      • paul irumundomon

        You cost it if the cost quoted is wrong

  • michro

    Change! I laugh like I’ve never laughed in my entire life. APC gov’t is the worst thing that has ever happened to Nigeria.

  • Taiwo

    Buhari also promised to find a position for Oshiomole to continue his looting. Despite huge salary and allowances plus security votes over 8 years, he still wants a $200m home. Ole!

    • paul irumundomon

      Apc call it change, they will soon change the name of nigeria



    • FreeNigeria

      at the end, he’ll still die and live the same way he came, naked and no wealth will be taken with you.

  • FreeNigeria

    This APC change, na bad change ooooooooooo

  • Otile

    APC Party is going to bury Nigeria more than 6feet before Buhari’s time is up.

    • Mufu Ola

      Life is about Joy & sadness. Looks like yours is permanent sadness with your obsession with Buhari since your benefactor, the treasury raider was chased out of power.

      • Otile

        Are you calling Rotimi Amaechi Oyenusi treasury raider? He looted our treasury to put your master dullard of Daura in power, now you are talking the side talk of treasury raider. Refund us our money before Ifa Orunmilla paralyzes all ye cheaters.

  • Man_Enough

    Maybe it’s better to just steal the money while he had access. Issues of retirement benefits shouldn’t be a one off thing.The body responsible for fixing salaries and wages should come up with a one for all remuneration. After all minimum wage is fixed across board.

  • Nigerian Citizen

    APC and buha is the worst calamity that ever befall Nigeria, the games are unfolding little by little, by the time the games are over Nigeria would have been like a city afflicted with tsunami, earthquake and Ebola within a space of time. Only God Almighty shall deliver Nigeria from this band of axis of evil.

    • Keen Observer

      Dear @disqus_4EMnuoLK53:disqus , you’ll need to verify your claims with fact that APC is the ”worst calamity that ever befall Nigeria” Not with this case of Oshiomole & pension madness. And in verifying your claims make a quick review of the FG during the past 7 years (6 yrs under PDP GEJ & 1yr+ under APC PMB).
      Then please publish your findings for public view & scrutiny.

      • paul irumundomon

        Almost two years now, tell me what buhari governmemt has done, that is so spectacular, for him to get a good grade.

  • Keen Observer

    Haba ..’…Osho baba…’, after excreting white excreta for about 7yrs, you’re now excreting black ones to soil it up. Ah..ahh..ahhh..! You have spoilt your 1st good works bcos of the Adamic nature (absolute greed) prevalent in you.
    Oshiomole you don’t need N200 or N300m house. The ones you’ve grabbed for these past 8 yrs. are enough.
    Pls leave honorably…..!

  • paul irumundomon

    No one from that sun shine state, bother to ask this man, all the money he collected on behalf of Edo state, he did not spend it all at uselu bad road, where did he keep the differrnce. They should find out, who raise the motion to spend such huge sums of money, on the governor and his deputy. Those are the people Edo state people should go after. Let’s change the style of our protests, go to their homes and embarrass them until they start to change what they started. Workers are not paid and oshomole stole so much why give him more.

  • Emmanuel

    Please before you start posting any News, get your facts right. I live in Edo State and we all witnessed it first hand.
    The Civil society organisations (CSOs) were conducting a peaceful protest which comprises of mostly UNPAID pensioniers. The Governor heard about it and called for his loyal group of thugs (Tony Kabaka – aka Bob Izua’a junior brother) to stop them. The thugs came with battle axes and matchete to attack the group of protesters. Imagine doing harm to elderly men and women fighting for their right.
    You need to see the police standing back and laguhing while they attacked unarmed protesters. And you call that a FIGHT!
    APC has turned Edo State into a land of thugs and crime. God help Edo State.

    • Mufu Ola

      Are u one of the thugs & criminals?