Again, Tinubu, Aregbesola, Ambode boycott APC Ondo rally

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Two of the four governors of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress in the south-western part of the country on Saturday boycotted the party’s rally in Akure, the Ondo State capital.

Governors Rauf Aregbesola of Osun and Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos were conspicuously absent as the APC held its major rally for its Ondo governorship candidate, Rotimi Akeredolu.

Both men are loyalists of the a national leader of the party, Bola Tinubu, who has made it clear he was opposed to the candidacy of Mr. Akeredolu.

Mr Tinubu had accused the APC National Chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun, of manipulating the process that saw Mr. Akeredolu emerge candidate.

Saturday’s rally, the second major one boycotted by Mr. Tinubu and his loyalists was, however, attended by President Muhammadu Buhari at the Democracy Park, Akure.

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  • Mama Kay

    Tinubu cannot have everything his own way.

    He shouldn’t think he is that important in Yoruba land. People are fed up with his imposition of candidates.

    He may just lose everything with his greed.

    • lordsface

      Which people fed up with tinubu? You better say you don’t like the man. As for me and my people here we will always respect and admire Bola Ahmed tinubu.

      • Mama Kay

        That is the beauty of democracy. Everyone is entitled to his opinion and we respect each other’s right to that opinion.

        • ayi-baba

          You could have been more objective even with your opinion and just speak for yourself. When you say “people” then you got it wrong. Tell me one man he imposed, and I will tell you the wonderful thing such man did. Take for instance, Aregbesola, Babatunde, Ambode etc, I prefer such impositions. What greed are you talking about, could you be more explicit? It is good to be unassuming, it takes away error in judgement.

          • Mama Kay

            I personally know people Tinubu imposed and deposed in LGAs. He is not the only one in APC. I have to confess that I am not a fan of Tinubu but I admire some of the things he did in Lagos but also detest the way he was compromised in 2011.

            I also know that at grassroots, many people complain but are scared to come out.

            In life, you win some you lose some. You don’t throw your toys out of the pram just because you lost out.

          • ayi-baba

            Nobody is perfect, and the world don’t need a perfect man, but a sincere man. Please don’t judge the man.

          • Nkem

            Wonderful thing that man did? Like Aregbe leaving his state on its knees?

          • ayi-baba

            Nkem, like I said in the comment you responded to, don’t rely on hearsay. Have you been to Osun State lately? I will advise you to go there first and see whether your present opinion will stand. When you do an MBA and get introduced to good way of doing business, then you will know something called good debt and bad debt. You can borrow for capital projects like Aregbesola did in Osun, don’t let me belabor you with my story, just ask anyone living in Osun.

          • Mufu Ola

            Is it only Aregbe that leaves his state on its knees? What about your own state.At least the people of Osun can see what he did with their money & he was d 1st to honestly acknowledge the state of his state’s finances at a time other govs were fooling their citizens with imaginary bouyancy. Go to Osun physically & stop your stereotyping.All States except Lagos are bankrupt & only few can showcase anything. Aregbe has a lot to showcase.

      • Arogbo

        Me too!

      • FineBoy

        Respect and admire doesn’t mean he always right.
        You can as well hand over your PVC to him

        • Arogbo

          The man Tinubu never said he has monopoly over wisdom, but we know a leader when we see one. That’s why is called Asiwaju. The man is genuine like a true dollar bill, period.

    • sab

      But two years ago when he was throwing his money around, flying this same people in his private jet and flying boat he was your hero. Now he can go to hell, isn’t it? Nigeria we hail thee!

    • John A

      Very very untrustworthy people, now he has no more value in yoruba land?

      • Mama Kay

        And you are trustworthy? Politics is fluid. Move on. People cannot be taken granted. The people of Ondo chose their candidate, no need to sulk about it. Wait for next time.

    • Layo

      Tinubu is very important in Yoruba land. Keep your personal opinion to yourself. He is well respected.

      • Mama Kay

        Obvious very important to you but don’t be offended if he isn’t very important to others.

        His importance is your opinion and you are entitled to it just as I am entitled to mine.

        A word is enough for the wise don’t wait till the king is naked.

    • Arogbo

      He’s our leader and we love him.

  • Chibobo

    Something tells me that Tinubu’s opposition to Aketi candidacy is a grand plan designed by APC to win Ondo state. After the election he would be the first person to congratulate the Akeredolu. The only opposition in Ondo is from people who are not comfortable with Tinubu, but now they are comfortable with APC candidate. What a grand plan!

    • Sani Saleh

      Sharp boy !

  • Arogbo

    Chief Odigie Oyegun and his acolytes in APC are playing dirty politics with the current crisis rocking the party at the center. It’s quite evident that the reason why Chief Oyegun invited the former Abia Governor to join APC was to shore up the SE support for the 2019 election. I will not be surprised if Asiwaju Tinubu quit the party by the end of the year to form a formidable party with like minded progressives in the country.
    President Buhari has failed to honor his own side of the agreement that brought about the alliance between the two major party the formed APC. Inspite of the misgivings of Aisha Buhari and others over the way national leader has been treated, the President and the cabal behind the throne has relegated Asiwaju Tinubu to the background. In politics, loyalty reciprocates. Time will surely tell.

    • FineBoy

      U can only win elections by give and take and alliances. No one legally has more than one vote. King makers of yesterday can remain king makers for ever. Tinubu can form anything, time to vote, we electorate will determine winner

      • Bayo Ola

        You electorates in the SE can decide what you want if you are from there. The dynamics are different for we Yoruba. Tinubu deserves better treatment from Buhari, even Buhari’s wife thinks as such. Buhari is a bad manager of success and of people. He did it in 1983. He is doing it again.

        • John A

          Why the complain?
          where you not the one campaigning for buhari to be elected president when you fully know who he is?
          Jonathan was very inexperience, but far better than buhari.
          It would have been of great benefit to the SW to ally with him in the last election, but hatred beclouded your reasoning capacity.
          Now you are crying, good luck with your yet to be announced party.

        • Ken

          Keep cool. You don’t know what is nemesis? That is the issue here. Tinubu would suffer more for all the sufferings that he has caused Nigerians

        • FineBoy

          Yoruba 6 States can never win elections.
          You need alliances.
          As Tinubu became relevant recently, so will other king makers arise.
          Shock you have consigned your destiny to Tunubu without a kuck

          • Arogbo

            Let’s see what your king makers from your own neck of the wood will do. Please let see who are they are. We want them to step out to the plate and be recognized. Biko!

      • Arogbo

        Yes of course that’s democracy for you. Please stop seething over the loss of the President Jonathan in the last election. Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu did the right thing at the time and if Buhari fails to honor his own side of the bargain that brought him to power, he can kiss our support in South West goodbye. We stand by Asiwaju Tinubu and we will continue to support the good policies of Buhari until we are convinced that he no longer satisfy the mandate of the good people of SW who voted for him.

        • FineBoy

          Surrender your PVC to him

  • wode

    It’s now crystal clear that there is major division within the leaderships of APC. This is rather unfortunate. If this is not resolved on time, it would erupt into a major crisis of cataclysmic proportion and unimaginable consequences. The followers of each of the camps, most especially the ones in current government, would get more entangled in the complexities.

    • ubong

      Tinubu and his followers boycotting Arewa People Congress (APC) do not have any positive impact to those that blinded and fooled him to make sure political power return to North. He is not matched to late MKO or Pa Awo. He must tread carefully else the regional DSS.AND EFCC will act with impunity against him and nothing will happen. As usual there will be empty noise making that will equally be matched by brute force by same military that is becoming more partisan and regional.than national army

  • Adamson

    In this matter, Tinubu IS RIGHT and PMB IS DEAD WRONG! Ondo people no longer see TINUBU as an enemy. NOW WE SEE BUHARI AS A USURPER….


  • realist

    Buhari wants to plant loyalist to Yoruba land at the expense of Tinubu. So as to dictate the pace but he has forgotten that Fulani Will be Fulani. The people in due course will resist it out of fear of Fulani domination. Presently Buhari is not doing well in government so on what basis should he be followed. Majority of Yorubas will definitely prefer their kinsmen as their leader than a foreigner.

    • KennBest

      Buhari can never succeed against Tinubu. He’s an ingrate and his wife has told him so publicly. Let’s see how the election turns out.

      • Sean

        Shut your mouth you bloody biafran.. What do you know about politics? Have you ever been on the winning side before? Never! So keep your daft opinion to yourself, it’s useless to everyone

        • ikenna

          Still masturbating about Biafra?

    • Sean


  • evidence

    Since Tinubu refused to learn from history, he will pay the price that Awolowo, Akintola, Afonja and Abiola paid for for going into alliance with the fulanis who think they own Nigeria. 

    • Sean

      Who was the 1st politician to go into alliance with the socalled ‘fulanis’? You forgot your history, was it not your SE man? Lol! You bloody illiterates come here and spew bulshit thinking everyone on the forum is daft like you, Google is a friend, check before posting where history is concerned!!

      • Adrusa

        Indeed, the Igbos have always teamed up with the North. Azikiwe abandoned his independence struggle colleagues to team up with the North in the first post-independence government. When democracy returned in 1979, the East again teamed up with the North (Shagari/Ekwueme). In 1993, Bashir Tofa teamed up with another Igbo against Abiola and Kingibe. Buhari contested for President 4 times. In the first two contests, he teamed up with two Igbo people; Chuba Okadigbo and Ume Ezeoke. In the history of Nigeria, the East has joined forces with the North more times and much longer than any other tribe. Interestingly, they mostly played SECOND FIDDLE to their Hausa/Fulani overlords. The Igbos are the most trusted Hausa/Fulani’s slaves in Nigeria.

    • zygote

      Without alliance you can only win your ward. Politics is alliance and stealing of the poeples’s hope.

  • Spoken word

    Who cares.who are Tinubu,Aregbe or Ambode is the scheme of things anyway.Nigeria has moved on

    • Thomas

      Thank you!!!

  • Arabakpura

    Is Ondo state cursed or is it the cause?

  • Ni No

    To be a politician is not as easy as we asume, if buhari n oyegun dance with tinubu on this one u will hv people saying another tin. As we speak check d appiointees in this govt , even if tinubu is d president I don’t think the list will be much different.

  • Olusola Rotimi

    Who wants to associate with FAILURE? Who?

  • Femi Fasoranti

    Nobody is ready to associate with Pa Bubu/ APC’s empty promises again. Though Thiefnubu who is sponsoring his stooge in AD also wants to loot our money and pack to Lagos via his despirate Olusola Oke and Ondo people will reject them with their votes on Saturday. We have made up our mind to vote for Dr. Olu Agunloye/SDP.

  • Femi Fasoranti

    We don’t even want godfatherism in Ondo State. Thiefnubu who looted Ekiti treasury during Fayemi’s regime and Aregbesola who is currently paying half salary, is not fit to sponsor any candidate, it will not fly in Ondo state. They only want to pack our money to Lagos.