INVESTIGATION: How Nigerian Army ‘killed’ kidnapped pastor and labelled him militant

Late Pastor Anthony

A man the Nigerian Army said its soldiers killed as a senior militant in the restive Niger Delta, was actually a clergyman who had been kidnapped days before, PREMIUM TIMES can report today.

The Army said the man, Andrew Anthony, was killed late August when soldiers raided a hideout of militants in Rivers State ahead of the formal launch of “Operation Crocodile Smile”.

But a PREMIUM TIMES’ investigation showed that soldiers who went for the operation knew Mr. Anthony was a kidnap victim, yet the Army, in its official statement, circulated his photograph to the media as one of five top militants killed in the area.

Mr. Anthony was abducted by gunmen outside his home at Ada George Road in Port Harcourt on August 18, this newspaper confirmed after weeks of examining the case. His family had contacted PREMIUM TIMES and requested the case be investigated.

Our findings refute the Army’s claim, and shed light on the complexities of militant activities in the oil-rich region.

Mr. Anthony was returning to his residence after a church programme when he was attacked by gunmen, his family said.

 A section of the Ambassadors Glory Church under construction
A section of the Ambassadors Glory Church under construction

Ambassadors Glory Churches International, founded by Mr. Anthony in 2007, has over 1000 members now, with branches in Abuja and Bayelsa State.

Armed men swooped on the pastor as he waited for his wife to open the gate to his residence. The assailants bundled him into the trunk of a waiting vehicle and drove off into the night. The time was about 7:00 p.m.

“Everything happened within seconds,” his wife, Becky Anthony, told PREMIUM TIMES in an interview. “I couldn’t even say where they emerged from.”

Mr. Anthony’s twin brother, John Anthony, said the family reported the matter the same night at the police divisional headquarters along Ada George Road. They also filed a complaint at the Port Harcourt field office of the State Security Service, SSS, where officials promised action.

Police step in

The spokesperson for the Rivers State Police Command, Omoni Nnamdi, told PREMIUM TIMES that the command deployed its Anti-Kidnapping Unit to fish out the abductors and secure Mr. Anthony’s release.

Working alongside the family, the detectives established the first contact with Mr. Anthony’s captors three days after. The kidnappers demanded ₦10 million, but the family offered ₦3 million.

The kidnappers promised to revert after considering the offer. Then, things went silent for another three days, leaving the family wondering what might have gone wrong.

“Something could have happened in their hideout? No, we thought they were smarter than that,” Mr. Anthony said.

Police told the distraught family the prolonged silence was unusual with kidnappers. Nonetheless, the anti-kidnapping operatives remained on standby should the all-important call come in, the police spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Anthony’s family members said they worked on raising their offer should their initial bid be rejected. Mr. Anthony contacted his friends for help.

“We decided to prepare ₦5 million because it could be that they were arguing about money in their hideout,” Mr. Anthony. “We didn’t want to take any chances.”

More days went by, no further information still. Then on August 28, Mr. Anthony said he received a phone call from a relative who asked him to return the call immediately.

Felicia Obi, his in-law, said she had seen a photo showing Mr. Anthony’s body on the internet.

Military raid

Ms. Obi had stumbled on a story published by PREMIUM TIMES, based on a press statement distributed by the Nigerian Army. The statement and the accompanying photograph were sourced from the News Agency of Nigeria.

“The Nigerian Army says at least five suspected members of the Niger Delta militants group were killed in Rivers State and a large cache of arms recovered by troops involved in ‘Exercise Crocodile Smile’, which commenced on Saturday,” the opening paragraph of the August 27 story said. The report was published at 7:34 p.m.

Direct quotes from the Army statement, which was signed by its spokesman, Sani Usman, read:

“The 133 Special Forces Battalion of Nigerian Army troops have carried out a precursor operation to Exercise CROCODILE SMILE aimed at getting rid of all forms of criminal activities in the Niger Delta geo-political region of Nigeria.

“In the course of the operation, five militants that attacked the troops were killed in action, while numerous others were injured and 23 suspects were arrested,” Mr. Usman, a colonel, said.

While the statement did not mention the names of militants killed in the operation, Ms. Obi immediately recognised Mr. Anthony’s body, published alongside the statement, as one of the militants.

“I knew him very well and was aware that the family had been looking for him since he was kidnapped,” Ms. Obi told PREMIUM TIMES.

Mr. Anthony, a diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja, said he printed the story on August 29 before driving to the Nigerian Army 2nd Brigade Headquarters at Bori Camp, Port Harcourt.

Upon arrival at Bori Camp, he sought an audience with the public relations officer there, but he was told the PRO was not in the office. He requested to see the commandant but was also rebuffed, he recalled to PREMIUM TIMES.

After waiting for about an hour with little progress, he contacted a friend, a senior military official, to assist.

“He was the one who then put me through to the commandant at the Air Force Base along Aba Road, Port Harcourt,” Mr. Anthony said.

“When I got there, a female flying officer met me at the entrance and took me straight to see the commandant. I narrated my story and showed him the news printout; he was shocked.”

It was at the base that Mr. Anthony learnt for the first time that the operation was jointly carried out by the Army and the Air Force.

“He told me it was a joint operation by the Army and the Air Force,” he said.

The Air Force official followed him back to Bori Camp.

“Immediately, he said we should go to Bori Camp. An Army commandant said the soldiers that carried out the operation were not around, but we said we’ll wait.

Hours later, he was introduced to an officer who reportedly led the operation, who politely introduced himself and began chatting with Mr. Anthony.

PREMIUM TIMES has listened to an audio recording of that conversation Mr. Anthony said he obtained discreetly, and has withheld sensitive details, including the name of the officer.

“He told me that when they got a tip from the SSS that kidnappers were holding people hostage in the Ogbogoro bush, they worked out an operation to drive them out,” the victim’s brother said.

In the recording, the officer could be heard giving detailed narration of the operation.

“On getting to that camp, they were making noise in that camp. You understand? Your brother, they tied him with his hands to the back and tied his eyes. They kept him under a tent, he was lying down when we got there,” he said.

Although the Army officially said its troops killed five militants, and published Mr. Anthony’s photo as one of them, the officer said the man was killed by the kidnappers, not by soldiers.

The Army spokesperson, Mr. Usman, did not respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ requests for comment. He promised to get back to us within days, but did not do so for weeks.

Kidnappers’ haven

Choba River has been a popular waterway in Port Harcourt since the 1970s when it served as a major trading and fishing route. Choba town hosts the University of Port Harcourt, established in 1977.

When Port Harcourt became the centre of Nigeria’s petroleum business, oil and gas executives travelling through what is now the East-West Road, patronised locals of the communities along the river.

One of such communities, next to Choba, is Ogbogoro.

In the last decade, with rampant kidnapping in the Niger Delta, criminals who carry out abductions for ransoms, found a haven in the forests surrounding Choba and Ogbogoro.

The misfortune of the communities was compounded by the withdrawal of Willbros Group, an American firm, from Choba.

Willbros, which is amongst the world’s largest oil contracting firms, helped the local economy there until 2006 when it pulled out. Before then, the firm had been caught in the high-wire oil politics and militancy, and its workers were frequently abducted.

It was the forest surrounding Choba and Ogbogoro that Mr. Anthony was taken to after he was abducted on August 18, his family later found out from police and other security agencies.

Residents there say kidnappers regularly blindfold their victims and cruise them in the water in a loop for some time, to give the victim a false sense of their location.

The Buhari administration recently ordered a military operation in the Niger Delta as militancy flared again, at some time, forcing multinationals like Shell and Chevron, to suspend activities.

Searching for Mr. Anthony

After obtaining from the army officer details of how and where the missing pastor could be found,  Mr. Anthony went to Ogbogoro on August 31, accompanied by Samuel Mariere, a childhood friend and member of Delta State House of Assembly, from Ughelli.

Also on the journey were eight other men. They arrived at 9:00 a.m. in a convoy of four SUVs to search for and possibly retrieve Mr. Anthony’s remains.

Although 10 of them had made the trip, they could not proceed to the forest on their own.

“We were made to understand that a lot of terrible activities were going on in the bush and we cannot go in without being properly armed and escorted,” Mr. Anthony said.

Mr. Anthony said they approached the youth in the community for support.

After over two hours of negotiation, about 120 youth agreed to participate in the mission for ₦750, 000, Mr. Anthony said.

“And we gave them ₦500, 000 in advance payment before they followed us,” he said.

For several hours, they combed the forests for Mr. Anthony. The sky was clear.

Most of the journey was captured in a video seen by this newspaper. Young men could be seen scouring the bush with cutlasses. As they went deeper into the forest, they saw charred bodies of unknown men lying face down.

“We immediately concluded that they might have been other victims whose lives had also recently been wasted in the bush,” Mr. Anthony said.

A few metres away, they found Mr. Anthony’s corpse among a row of shacks rolled down from what appeared like a wooden bench, the decomposing body swarmed by large blowflies.

They also found items used by the kidnappers, including phones, charms, heating equipment and guns. Those items were later handed to the SSS.

After a few minutes, they approached the body and wrapped it in a synthetic fabric before carefully arranging it in a wooden casket.


By 4:00 p.m., they returned to Ogbogoro, where they settled the youth before proceeding to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital to deposit the body. Some of the officers attached to the Anti-Kidnapping Unit who worked on case also joined at Ogbogoro.

Suspects arrested

Based on the evidence collected by Mr. Anthony and the team from the den, the SSS said it was able to make two arrests in connection with the abduction of Mr. Anthony, a father of three.

But the family’s request to have access to the detained men was denied, making it difficult to verify the claims.

PREMIUM TIMES’ efforts to get the state director of SSS in Rivers was unsuccessful. The secret police has not named a new official to take enquiries from the public since its last spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar, retired more than a year ago.

Mr. Anthony was born on January 29, 1948, in Takoradi, Ghana. His father was an employee of Ghana’s Post and Telecommunication Department until his retirement years ago. Mr. Anthony said they were all born in Ghana, where their younger siblings still live till today.

The future clergy won a scholarship to study theology from the Church of God Mission. He launched his missionary career after graduation.

His widow said she and their three children were relying on God for the future.

“We have no one but God,” she told PREMIUM TIMES. “No one but God.”

Mr. Anthony said he will not give up on getting the Army to take full responsibility for killing his brother —if only to secure the future of his children.

“They rained bullets on my brother when they could see he was tied down and couldn’t run,” Mr. Anthony said. “They then labelled him a kidnapper to justify their action and take glory in public.”

The Ambassadors Glory Churches International is now being run by church members.

The family plans Mr. Anthony’s burial for later this month. His body is expected to be moved from the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital to their home state of Bayelsa on November 26.

Transcript of recorded audio

Officer: We saw the body of your…

Mr. Anthony: My twin brother.

Officer: He’s your twin brother?

Mr. Anthony: Yes

Officer: We went for raid, they took him to a dead bit, I’m sure they kidnapped him around Ada George.

These people carry out all those kidnappings around Ada George area. That camp, they kidnap people. There’s a road they follow. They enter through erm this thing and they cross water. You understand?

Mr. Anthony: Hmm hmm.

Officer: They just cross water with the victim. They cross the water and they keep him at the edge of the water.

Nobody can access that bush until he crosses that water. So police don’t go there, nobody goes there.

If they take you to that camp, nobody can rescue you, you understand? Until they carry their boat and take you out by themselves. You understand?

So we got the information from the SSS and they gave us the specific information about that place. You understand?

So we planned operation and went. Kidnappers normally, if they kidnap a person and they’re negotiating. If you go with any force, they’ll kill the victim. That one is for sure. Not even these ones that are deadly kidnappers. You understand me?

When we got ….We trekked for three hours from Ogbogoro community. In fact, four hours, inside the mangrove before getting to that camp. You understand?

On getting to that camp, they were making noise in that camp. You understand? Your brother, they tied him with his hands from the back and tied his eyes. They kept him under a tent, he was lying down. When we got there. Immediately we surrounding the compound and wanted to enter and they heard our noise, they were shocked first and they shot him first.

Mr. Anthony: They shot him?

Officer: They shot him pow! pow!.Before our troops started returning fire. If he was standing, then we could say our troops fire that got him. But no, he was tied and he was on the ground. They tied his eye. If they’re shooting gun now and you lie down, there’s no way gun can hit you. You understand? They shot him and they escaped. In the process, while they were running, we too shot them. Most of them our fire gave them gunshot wounds and we’re sure they entered the bush and they died in the bush.


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  • clairvoyance

    Why then will the Army now claim he was the leader of a militant group in their press statement when they actually knew he was a kidnapped victim. Those responsible for this haphazard operation should be brought to Justice too many innocent have lost their lives under this new Army leadership where is the professional Army we thought the change agenda will bring it’s still at best if not worse an unprofessional force.

    • muazu wali

      Why do you prefer to believe the newspaper! You need more information before you make any judgement.

      • John A

        Maybe insanity runs in your blood, your type are the very reason Nigeria is where it is today.

        • muazu wali

          Why is it difficult for you to have a civilsed conversation. Insanity is in all of us it manifests in different ways. You could be a mad man the way you respond to this conversation. It is possible that the Pastor was a spiritual adviser to these criminals. By our laws he is implicated. May the Almighty expose our enemies like the pastor and you!

          • sab

            Muazu, you got it wrong again. In law he cannot be a suspect. First, the security agencies were aware of his kidnap because reports were made to police about his kidnap. Search for his rescue by the police had also commenced. And again, contact with his abductors had been made while negotiation was ongoing. So with all these, how can you turn our laws on their heads and tell gullible citizens that the victim is a suspect in this circumstance?

          • John A

            You ran to the comment section without reading through the whole news.
            They reported the case to the police and kidnappers demanded 10 million naira for his release and the family are working on it before they loose contact with the bad guys until their den was raided by the joint effort of the army and air force.
            From the above info where did it says that he was probably their spiritual adviser?
            Maybe you lack the capacity to think or to comprehend what was written.

          • AlBsure23

            Your death is imminent and it will be worse than the deceased pastor. You will not see the end of 2016 and it shall happen as I have said.

      • sab

        When the army rolled out their press release, you believed them hook, line and sinker, isn’t it? You believed their one-way traffic statement and you concluded yes, this is a militant leader. Now you heard the conversation between the deceased twin brother and a soldier who admitted he participated in the operation yet you are still holding this view. Don’t forget, the army never knew they were being recorded by the victim’s twin brother as PT reported here. So I don’t know why any injustice against a particular person or people, group or organisation is never seen as injustice. The army press release read different from the narration of the soldier who claimed he participated in the operation. Too bad!

      • So oju abe niko

        Malam Muazu, please show compassion in your comments. Our unprofessional security forces (Army, Police, etc) kill more innocents than they do criminals. As we all know, they always make up stories to cover their illegality. Fortunately, this is one case where the dead spoke back, and we got to understand a little bit of how the man died rather just the Army fabrication.

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  • muazu wali

    We are in a state of war. You do not start asking who is who. Anyone in the creeks is a criminal. Should he or she he innocent that’s collateral damage.

    • Oladele

      Stop talking like you are a wicked soul!

      • muazu wali

        All criminals are wicked souls. Including their sympathisers.

    • St

      There are citizens living below 1USD daily in those creeks and they are Nigerians too. Criminals surround and live around them too, if d police wants to help them, even the criminals will kill them before the police come around to save them….. so have some respect for citizens living in the creek….. 1 of d links in d chain of change you crave for might come there

      • muazu wali

        Those living with these criminals should expose them to the military. Keeping quiet can be understood to mean support and sympathy for criminality.

        • Netanyahu

          Like in the south east? We warned the niger delta and their”northern brothers” but they would not listen. You are all surrounded by soldiers from your northern brothers and the consequences are branding everyone first as an infidel, then militant and finally shot. Wish you luck.

    • olu

      So because we are in a state of war all kidnapped victim should be killed by the army are saddled with the responsibility of protecting and rescuing them.?

      • muazu wali

        Which kind of commanding officer are you going to be. When faced with fire for fire you begin to take a roll call to determine who is the enemy and who has been kidnapped! That is not a real war situation.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          yes soldiers are trained to identify enemies from civilians even in a fire fight. thats why barrels are pointed down always and raised so you identify targets and engage. Nigerian soldiers are Nigerians. which means there are evil ones amongst them. same Nigerians who would burn a little kid for stealing or serve jungle justice to innocent students in Aluu or lagos are those who join the military. We have barbarians and serial killers in our security agencies.

    • Fred Duke

      We’re not in a state of war. Dont ever say that again. Even when Boko Haran was ravaging the North East, you didnt say we were in a state of war. And read the audio recording transcript and youll see that it was no war. Just some unprofessionally trained soldiers who shoot at anything in sight. I’M TOLD THAT PREMIUM TIMES HAS BANNED ME FROM POSTING MY OWN COMMENTS. SHAME ON PREMIUM TIMES. I USED TO THINK THEYRE DIFFERENT. SHAME!!

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      you read the part where the military said they saw him (pastor) with hands tied to the back and eyes covered with blindfolds? except militants play rough gay sex tying themselves up by tree’s, but i kinda think when you see someone in such a situation with armed bandits around him that person is probably a hostage. isnt it?

  • thusspokez

    Andrew Anthony and his family deserve proper investigation and justice. Nigeria is now a democracy but it would seem that under Buhari, there is a big rise in number of people killed by the army, from Shiite in the north to innocent people like Andrew Anthony in the south.

    • Rommel

      Do you know how many souls were wasted by the Jonathan soldiers in the north east while they smiled to the banks? are you aware that under president Jonathan,his soldiers were selling arms to Boko Haram and killing people,do you know how many people died as a result of that Jonathan wickedness? it was the biggest tragedy in Nigerian history after the civil war

      • thusspokez

        Do you know how many souls were wasted by the Jonathan soldiers in the north east while they smiled to the banks?

        There is no mention of Jonathan in this report, so take your obsession with Jonathon elsewhere.

        “Jonathan soldiers” would imply that you see the Nigerian army as a private army of the president. With thought process like yours, how could someone possible engage you in a serious conversation?

        • Rommel

          I was merely responding to your statement “but it would seem that under Buhari, there is a big rise in number of people killed by the army”

          • thusspokez

            I refer you to the 2015-2016 Amnesty International report on Nigeria.

          • Netanyahu

            I think you are terminally sick and need urgent help. May hell receive your wretched soul. I have known you as an active boko haram member hibernating somewhere in the south.

      • sab

        Rommel, you don’t have shame in you at all. Continue with your LIES PROPAGANDA! Jonathan was killing your tribe and religion people and you never bothered then to speak up. He was selling arms to Boko Haram and you saw it but chose to keep quiet. Now is the time for you to find your voice and vengeance. But don’t forget Buhari’s statement in 2013 that any fight against Boko Haram is viewed as fight against the Northern Nigeria. If you are still in doubt or still bent on your cover-up campaign and propaganda, please take just a few seconds to gooogle it out. Now you are justifying the army killing somebody knowing he was a kidnap victim. Yet they issued a statement labelling him a militant, haba Rommel, where is the conscience God put in you as a human being? Think and reason because tomorrow will surely come. What goes around, surely comes around.

        • Rommel

          It is only now after so much damage has been done that google and facebook have decided to start deleting the many untruths that are on the internet which unfortunately is the source of news for people like you,I am a practical man so can identify a lie when I see it.Jonathan was responsible for the evil of Boko Haram

      • Otile

        You are rotten and corrupt to the teeth.

      • Wise Head

        APC e-Rat, I thought you guys claimed GEJ formed Boko Haram? When did you guys change the story?

    • olu

      My Brother we should not blame the atrocities committed by nigeria army on this govt alone. the truth is that our military guys are unprofessional.

      • muazu wali

        Tribalism, ethnicity and prejudice at work. If na Igboman commanding he is good but a northerner no good. Are you not ashamed when most of the generals implicated in stealing are from the south? Shame on you! Profeessoonal thieves.

  • Nigerian Citizen

    If the thing never reach your door post,you may be saying whatever that pleases you,rationalizing injustice, evil and all manner of atrocities going on in Nigeria under this government.
    One day it will get to your turn,then it will dawn on you that this nation is in a grave danger under a leadership that made lying to be her official communication language. Only a miracle similar to that of America in 2016 or that of Nigeria of 1998 shall deliver Nigeria from this trap. So many innocent citizens gone and branded with horrible names and many are on their way except God intervenes. A nation that they promised to effectively secure is now living in grave danger and peril in the very hands of those who promised salvation to her.what a terrible fate that befall Nigeria.

  • Apostel


    • Deborah

      not me

  • Deborah

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    This is indeed a very sad story. This is double calamity – first, kidnapped and second, shot dead. Whoever shot him is immaterial. He was a victim of crime. I am pained but what can I say. May his sould rest in peace and I pray that God takes care of the familily he left behind and may He expose and dispose the perpertrators of this heineous act in His time.

  • North/West Allies

    we have the worst military in the world, they are clueless about their job

  • Factsay

    lying police and army killing innocent people and calling them either terrorists or militants

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      indeed. But at least the bad police men get prosecuted and sent to jail. The soldiers is a different story because the Military and NA mostly are not subjected to civilians laws and their uniforms never carries a name tag or number (unidentifiable) “UNKNOWN SOLDIERS THAT MY MAMA WEY YOU KILLLLL, SHE’S THE ONLY MOTHER OF NIGERIA, WHICH KIND INJUSTICE BE THIS”

  • Tare Daniel

    So after killing them the soldiers just took pictures and left the bodies to rot in the creek. Even the weapons and phones they saw there were not of interest to them. Professionals indeed.

    • Dazmillion

      Mehn the story is complicated. The army guys might be telling the truth because these kidnappers are not friendly folks. But we also know how trigger happy these soldiers are, they shot anything that moves and ask questions later.

      They responsibility of clearing the bodies and weapons lie with the DSS and the police that sent the army on that operation. Military operations doesn’t involve clearing bodies and gathering evidence. I think the DSS and police should be blamed for that aspect since the kidnap was reported to them.

      • Fred Duke

        So did the army report back on the operation to the DSS or the police? No. They took the guy’s photo and labelled him a thief. Just for the glory. They even issued a statement. Blood knows how to cry out. Thats why God caused that woman to identify his body on the internet.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        you did read the part where the military said they saw him (pastor) with hands tied to the back and eyes covered with blindfolds? except militants play rough gay sex tying themselves up by tree’s, but i kinda think when you see someone in such a situation with armed bandits around him that person is probably a hostage. isnt it? and as for moving the bodies and cell phones, he who goes for the operation clears the area. this was a military operation so the military clear the bodies and intels and gives them to the police. And they knew that was a victim of kidnap they are meant to recover his body but instead they removed his blindfolds, untied his hands the proceeded to take his photo and labelled him a criminal. so mate, The army lied. There’s nothing complicated about the story. the truth is in the story. you can see it if you put your sentiments aside.

    • Fred Duke

      They knew he was a kidnap victim. If they heard and saw the kidnapper kill him, why didnt they rescue his body, retrieve his phone and make announcement the way any responsible security outfit would do. No, I dont believe them. The Army rained bullets on him and decided to snap his picture, published it, called him one of the biggest criminals and took the glory for killing a thief. And now theyre lying to us all.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        “”””””They knew he was a kidnap victim. If they heard and saw the kidnapper kill him, why didnt they rescue his body, retrieve his phone and make announcement the way any responsible security outfit would do”””” good strong point there. did you also see the part the military said they saw him (pastor) seated down next to a tree with hands tied to the back and eyes covered with blindfolds? except militants play rough gay sex tying themselves up by tree’s, but i kinda think when you see someone in such a situation with armed bandits around him that person is probably a hostage. isnt it? The Nigerian Army have always been bad guys who like to kill Nigerian Citizens. If this was happening in the US, The Americans would try their best to arrest those militants, there wont be bloodshed and the militants will all go to jail. Nigerian army takes joy in killing Nigerian Citizens.

        • Fred Duke

          My brother like i posted before, this is just a manifestation of unprofessionalism. And then theyre so shameless to cover it up in a way that they would take glory.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            yep. dont mind the unprofessional Islamic army with arabic insignia on their flags and emblem. it Makes you wonder how many of their so called successful operations was actually successful? and if innocent citizens are being killed by the army and branded terrorist etc?.

          • muazu wali

            Why waste time speculating, go to the front and find out. Coward.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            Thanks but no thanks. i have over 100 kills to my name, a Victorian cross, purple heart and many more awards. Did 4 tours in Afghanistan and 3 in Iraq as SBS marksman. Now am more into science and technology building. the Boko-Haram fight is not for full spectrum warriors like my self. Its an easy fight. you should go take part you will survive it. But if this was Libya i would advice you not to.

          • muazu wali

            LIES MORE LIES

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            Thanks. Now you can go and continue living your life.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    These are boko haram who have been inducted into the supposed Nigeria army. How can people who call you infidel have regards for your life. Unless none Muslims reassess the meaning of one Nigeria the northern structured government of Nigeria will always send their killer squads to the south to annihilate our people.

    • Burbank

      Like Alhaji Dokubo Asari, Ali Modu Sheriff and Ahmed Markafi!

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    i have heard many people argue the soldiers are right and wrong. some have shown joy that a hated innocent tribe man was murdered by govt troops or kidnappers. some argue and believe the army version of things and some dispute the it. but let all let you know something, soldiers are trained to identify enemies from civilians even in a fire fight. thats why barrels are pointed down always and raised, you identify targets, then engage. truth is Nigerian soldiers are Nigerians. Nigerians are black people and a black nation, a nation its people amongst its 300 tribes are full of disunity, enviousness, Bigotry, xenophobia, hate, pretence, mistrust, division on tribal and religious grounds, jungle justice executioners. if this report is true, This means there are evil ones (Bad Nigerians) amongst The security agents. same Nigerians who would burn a little kid for stealing or serve jungle justice to innocent students in Aluu or anyone in lagos, onitsha, kano etc are still many of those who join the military. We have barbarians and serial killers in our security agencies because we are Nigerians. period.

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    Did anybody remember the part where the military said they saw him (pastor) with hands tied to the back and eyes covered with blindfolds? except militants play rough gay sex tying themselves up by tree’s, but i kinda think when you see someone in such a situation with armed bandits around him that person is probably a hostage. isnt it?

  • shola

    Sorry that this pastor could not as a visionär foresee his own future. Maybe the truth would be established after questioning the 23 suspected arrested delinquents. If the autopsy is correctly done, it can be easily established which sort of bullet killed the diseased – from the army or from the bandits?

    “They rained bullets on my brother when they could see he was tied down and couldn’t run,” Mr. Anthony said. Sad as it
    is, this is what you have to prove before the court of justice.

    • igboham

      Yes – it is his fault for not seeing hid death coming – One Nigeria.

  • Burning Spear

    The kidnappers in the SS operate with the soldiers of occupation recruited from Mali———–sue the army period