“Corruption is fighting back vigorously,” Buhari says

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has reassured that the ongoing anti-corruption campaign in Nigeria will be won in spite of the fact that “the anti-corruption war is tough and gruelling”.

A statement released on Thursday in Abuja by Femi Adesina, the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, said Mr. Buhari gave the assurance at a meeting with the American Secretary of State, John Kerry, on Wednesday.

The meeting was on the margin of the conference on climate change, COP22, in Marrakech, Morocco.

Mr. Buhari was quoted as saying: “corruption is fighting back vigorously”.

The statement further quoted the President as saying that corrupt people had accumulated a formidable arsenal of illicit wealth, which they were now deploying against the government on diverse fronts.

“But it is a war we are determined to win, and which we will win.

“People of goodwill are behind us, countries like America and many others are with us, and we will surely win,’’ the president said.

The statement said Mr. Buhari updated Mr. Kerry on the war against insurgency in the north-eastern part of Nigeria and the efforts being made to tackle humanitarian problems arising from the insurgency.

It also said that the president informed the U.S Secretary of State that a presidential committee had been inaugurated “under Gen. T.Y. Danjuma, a man of high integrity.”

On the unrest in the Niger Delta area, which manifests in the sabotage of critical oil and power installations, President Buhari said the engagement process was proceeding rapidly, adding that it was rather difficult bringing the main protagonists of the insurgency under one umbrella.

According to the statement, the president expressed Nigeria’s happiness with America’s support on different fronts and assured that the economic challenges facing the country are being “frontally tackled’’ so that the country can overcome them as soon as possible.

In his remarks, Mr. Kerry expressed delight at the many successes of the Buhari administration.

He pledged continued U.S support in Nigeria’s bid to overcome security, humanitarian, political, and economic challenges.

As the Barrack Obama administration exits next January, Mr. Kerry said he would love to continue engaging with Nigeria, even in a private capacity.

He described President Buhari as “a strong international partner in the battle against violent extremism.”


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  • Rommel

    PMB should be circumspect with how he describes people albeit with borrowed robes so he does not embarrass himself,Danjuma,a man of high integrity? this word integrity must have a different meaning in Nigeria

    • David Adeniran

      I was of this same reservation when I read that statement. Thanks

    • James Ojapa

      Integrity truly has a different meaning in buhari’s dictionary. What a joke! Danjuma ,man of high integrity indeed.

  • Faith That Conquers

    RE POSTED After 12 months(1 year) and 1 week now.

    Nigerians please and please obey and find solution to your problems.
    There will remain confusion, disunity and immense hardship all through Buhari’s regime. Not my wish but what Nigerians will witness because Buhari has no good mission or vision for the country.

    The only things that can change these things from continuing are:

    1) Buhari must admit openly he has been manipulating the system instead of proffering solutions. This, he will never do.

    2) After that, he must sincerely look for qualified Nigerians to assist his steering this ship of Nigeria instead of APC members who knew next to nothing about their ministries.

    3) He must allow the judiciary and the national assembly stand each separately as independent arm of the government.

    4) He must fight corruption not pretending he is not corrupt, but because they have all installed and benefited from corruption and God is not happy with any of them. The implication is there should be no sacred cows being protected directly or indirectly by him.

    5) If Nigerians want God to intervene not minding Buhari, they must love and accept themselves as one people above ethnic or religious affiliations.

    6) They must agree Buhari is no messiah to save Nigeria from its predicaments.

    Finally, the choice is either in the hands of Nigerians to do the two things advice or continue to suffer all through Buhari’s regime or for Buhari to comply with the outlined instructions so that God can lead Nigeria out of its sufferings.

    • bala

      CAN YOU DO BETTER OR worse? with all your rhetorics and senseless analysis nothing better could come out of you and your co-looters. thank you.

  • Stella Dominic

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  • Decimator

    This Train has no destination; all who ignored the earlier warning signs and boarded it at their own risk have now only regrets left.
    Integrity, Integrity, Integrity, Mr. Integrity anointing a man of Integrity, SORRY. Corruption fighting the fighter back, but is to be worn. Boko Haram, defeated, technically defeated, degraded, decimated, on final onslaught, to finally surrender.
    Even a dunce would have noticed that it is getting boring.

    • Daniel


  • Deborah

    The year 2016 ends as the years before, waiting, praying, bitterness, hopelessness and lack of perspective. Do you want to continue living in distress and misery in 2017? Waiting means stagnation; find your real destiny and boost your new life up. Just tap on your menu bar: my-real-destiny and add .com Change requires positive thinking and motivated action. You don’t have to believe it; you just have to do it. What millions of people have successfully applied can’t be wrong.

    • questio publico

      Let the SENATE decide if this is a case of corruption or not………

      Within 60 days of taking office as a newly elected president, Muhamadu Buhari headed for the vaults
      and took out a whopping one billion Naira. Buhari then put the one billion Naira into the pocket of his crony – Brigadier Muhamed Buba Marwa. That was last year July, when President Buhari ran one-man government,
      without appointing any Minister. Buhari was the sole approving authority for the entire federal government of
      Nigeria at the time.

      It wasn’t until the Senate began looking into budget performance results this year that the Senate uncovered
      this inexplicable and dubious taking of one billion Naira from the treasury at a time when over 22 states in the federation couldn’t pay 7 to 8 months’ salaries to civil servants. If therefore morning shows the day, this case
      of one billion Naira will be the litmus test of President Buhari’s own claim that he’s not running a very corrupt
      government. The answer will be known shortly when the Senate begins its promised investigation.

      • FreeNigeria

        Buhari is running a failed, incompetent, corrupt Government. Giraffe neck, brain dead Buhari is “Fantastically corrupt,”

  • FreeNigeria

    “under Gen. T.Y. Danjuma, a man of high integrity.” The same way NASS members call themselves “Honorable.” If Danjuma is a man of integrity, the devil must be a “Saint.”

    • share Idea

      What can you say of a man that still believe that Abacha never stole from the country. Nigeria we hail thee

  • thusspokez

    The statement further quoted the President as saying that corrupt people had accumulated a formidable arsenal of illicit wealth, which they were now deploying against the government on diverse fronts.

    What exactly was Buhari expecting? That corrupt people will queue up with their loots to hand over to his administration in return for Olympic-type medals — depending on the size of their loots?

  • thusspokez

    The meeting was on the margin of the conference on climate change, COP22, in Marrakech, Morocco.

    There is time and place for everything except when it comes to Nigerians as evident in the statement released on Thursday in Abuja by Femi Adesina.

    The President is attending climate change summit and many people would be expecting to hear news about the events going on in the submit, instead they are fed fighting talk about corruption back home in Nigeria. This is what happens when Nigeria leaders surround themselves with mediocre spokespersons who have no clue how to manage news.


    Yes and incompetence is rife, so is insincerity and deceit, Nigerians expect solutions to our problems and not more problems, excuses, blames, vendetta, agenda, biaise,lies, deception, fraud and incompetence. Our problem is more than Jonathan and PDP, that is juts a smoke screen and an excuse to hid ethe incompetence of this current Buhari APC government, our problem is poor leadership and the greed of the political elite and it is also rampant and rife in APC, Buhari is jts a cheeky devil trying to divide us into APC and PDP, into moslem and Christian, into majority and minority when all we want is the same thing, good governance and development but it continues to elude us till tomorrow cus all we keep getting are failures and incompetent people as presidents.

  • Decimator

    It simply amounts to an overstatement to ask Mr. Integrity to solve any of the countries problems anymore.
    It is basically satisfactory enough if he should leave the problems as they were now and just stops creating more.

  • chinedu

    I had thought of Femi Adeshina as a man of integrity until someone pointed out who owned the newspaper he was the editor. Today we are hearing that General T.Y Danjuma is a man of high integrity. Well I think we are still on our own out here. All man to himself. Every person should stop listening to these people and let us work hard towards surviving the next few years. Then we can decide whether we will allow such people to superintend over our affairs again. I sincerely wish that all of us will survive this period. May God continue to protect us.

  • Sai Baba you would win corruption and uproot it with the support of all good Nigerians.