Gunmen storm Niger, kill 6, steal “700” cattle

Cattle herd
Cattle herd

Six persons were killed in an attack by suspected cattle rustlers in Kukoki community, Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State.

The council’s chairman, Mark Jagaba, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday in Minna that the attack lasted for about four hours.

He said that four Fulani’s and two Gbagyi’s were killed while several women and children were injured.

He said that members of the community reported that the suspects, numbering about 50 and armed with dangerous weapons, stormed the community at about 7.00 a.m. shooting sporadically.

Mr. Jagaba said the cattle rustlers stole over 700 cattle and undisclosed number of goats and sheep before fleeing the community.

He said the attack came barely three weeks after nine people were killed in a similar incident in Kurebe and Kwaki Chukuba wards of Shiroro Local Government Area.

He said that normalcy had since returned to the area.

The chairman appealed to security agencies in the state to assist a vigilante group in the area to curtail cattle rustlers and indiscriminate killings of innocent lives.

Confirming the attack, Bala Elkana, the Police Public Relations Officer, said that two suspects had been arrested while efforts were on to apprehend the others.

He said the command was yet to ascertain the actual number of cattle rustled by the attackers.

He said that the police had beefed up security within the community and its environs.

He said the police anti-cattle rustling team is searching the forest through which the invaders escaped.



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  • Tori Osa

    They stole 700 cows and put them in their bags????

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      lol. That sounds like the best Nursery rhyme ever!!!!!!!!!. Better than “Little Miss Muffet”.

      • Victoria

        This is ridiculous. How can 700 cows be stolen within 4 hours. They must come with at least 40 trailers to take up to 700 cows and it takes about 100 men with a lot of ropes to load those cows. No helocopters,where is the police, where are the army, where is the local government chairman, where is the governor of the state. This Nigeria is funny.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          indeed. Funny i met one of the rustlers yesterday. But being a security specialist we left the area before he could mobilize his crew to come attack us the southerners. We went 10 kilometre’s into the Bush at Nasarawa to meet fulani people and give them technologies we built to secure their cattles against theft. All were interested except one guy who horridly got up and said “he had no interest in the security solution we made”. His body language gave him away. Right then we knew this guy was a rustler and was going to mobilize his crew. we exfiled the area Asap. Later we heard his has over 10000 cattles which others couldnt explain how he got so much in short space of time. Now the cows understand a language so that is what makes it easy to move them. The rustlers are fulani people too.

      • Burbank

        Lolz…. Good one

  • zygote

    How can somebody steal 700 cattle and undisclosed number of goats and sheep? Did they come with a train or 50 trailer trucks? Where were the police, soldiers, efcc, Dss, Air force, local hunters and the council’s chairman, Mark Jagaba?

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      It does Bug the mind dont it? Yep it does. But i kinda know a bit more and YEAH! IT REALLY. IS. HAPPENING!. Makes one wonder how they could just disappear with that much livestock loot? the thing is the area’s cant be covered. Nigeria has got land mass.

    • Burbank

      There’s a guy named Dasuki and he alone stole $2 billions!

  • George

    Northerners the land that shares innocent bloods will never know peace. 700 cows missing like Buhari Chibok girls stories.

    • No Comment

      • “The United Nations warned Tuesday that 75 000
      Nigerian children risk dying in “a few months” as hunger grips the
      country’s ravaged northeast in the wake of the Boko Haram insurgency”.

      • – “Nigerians could face serious famine in January
      next year unless drastic steps are taken immediately – The ministry of
      agriculture has raised concerns about an excessive rate of exportation and
      warned the president – Nigeria is currently Africa’s largest producer of
      cereals and grains Malam Garba Shehu, the senior special assistant to the
      president on media and publicity, has notified the general public about
      possible famine in the country during his radio interview in Kano on Monday,
      November 14”.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        Yep saw that. I gotta say i did see that one coming. Not Boko-haram only is at fault for that. Maybe the are 60+% but Certain other factors contributed. We have a mega city that has surpassed London, New York and Paris + Berlin to compete with the likes of new delhi, Hong kong etc. Such a massively populated city requires massive amount of all consumables and amongst food producers there is a belief that the “selling point in the car plate add “Centre for excellence” is true (selling products, “in this case food” in that Mega city is an assured market and would generate more profit.

        Their are farmers in certain parts of the country who cant and wont go to the farms outta fright of attack by Boko-Haram herdsmen, serial Murderers, or Mistaken Identity. yeah apparently snakes in Jos too. read somewhere that they killed quite a few people last year.

        There is also the rise in dollar rate which has encourage export also. ouch! Down side to the CBN policy. “Every action causes a reaction, every reaction is followed by uncertainty”. The only thing Nigeria currently has to export in place of Oil is Food stuffs and every other thing is Dangote. The down side to that a large quantity of crops must be harvested from massive hectares of land to meet up the amount of revenue crude oil would generate in lesser metric measurements. Though oil with its all year and every minute availability and profitability, it is still an unstable economic dependent platform nor does it require further exploration when there is market surplus and drop in prices. Their are west Africans who love Nigerian food also and their requirements must be met as well.

        There is also mass migration abroad to other countries which slightly over 25% of Nigerian population today are living and Nigerians take with them a meme culture of hate and consider as disgust “foreign food”. Nigerians abroad like all Humans require sustenance and the choices of Nigerians at home and abroad are focused to eat Nigerian foods.

        Bad ancestral culture of flamboyancy Cancer: This cancer has been passed on from generation to generation making Nigeria today filled with posers, show off’s and wannabe’s and no one these days seems to be real. Evident in our wedding rituals and celebrations “posers and show off’s, Most ladies today and kids want to eat shawarma, Take-away’s or Chinese etc “wannabe’s”. Most items required in the preparation of those meals are mostly imported. And indomie, Honey-well noodles. those are really bad for food production and consumption rates.

        The culture of Get rich or die trying and at the expense of any life: Unregulated food prices. Many humans would argue regulating food prices is bad. But it is good if implemented properly and followed with continues policy upgrades. Example, a local farmer sells to a market woman goods worth N15,000, market woman transports foodstuff weighing 1 ton to the market for N12000 at fuel cost of N87 pl to hire a transport + fuelling. Transport uses 4 litres only to move her goods to the market. she sells her goods for N62,000 meaning she makes a N35,000 profit. Then Fuel sold for N141 and her gas for transport added only a mere fraction shy of 90% increase and the $ in exchange market rises from 199 to 400+. due to new exchanged rate, She gets foodstuff from farmer at an increase of N2000 0r N4000 only 17,000 to 19,000 now, transport was increased by N3000 only (15,000). then she goes to ,market and sells her local goods in Nigeria currency multiplying at the current $% increment gotten from exchange rate of the previous. her total expenses only increased between N500 to N7000 under the new recession. what gives her the right to proceeds to sell her goods X 3 of its previous rate? And she makes over 213% profit. Such actions causes good food to be expensive and unaffordable to the needy so local consumption is minimal or discouraged and malnutrition and unhealthy eating becomes a part and culture of the poor and vulnerable masses.

        There are but two more factors left. i will leave that to people to ponder.

        Finally i Believe Nigerian’s and the govt would solve this farming problem out. Now that the facts are out there. In the open.

    • Burbank

      And the South is paradise under Imam Alhaji Dokubo Asari

      • Otile

        Omo ale, you’re a sadist.

        • Burbank

          So Imam Alhaji Dokubo Asari turned the south into paradise!

  • Otile

    This must be the biggest daylight robbery in Northern Nigerian history. Haba, Northerners are damned lairs. Buhari’s regime has truly exposed the Northern way of life.

    • Burbank

      That’s why Buratai wiped out the northerners in Zakzaky’s house in Zaria.

      • Noble

        Just like Obasanjo did in Zakibiam

  • musa aliyu

    The most aalarming state of our insecurity is exemplified here. How can the movement of 700/cattle go unnoticed when police, army,immigration and customs have helicopters and reconnaissance planes? We’re in big trouble. Those who see this as a’northern affair’ will soon wake up to them grim reality as it crowls to their doors mouth.

  • Original_Raskal

    700 cows?

    700 cows?

    276 chibok girls?

    APC I hail thee!

  • Stella Dominic