60 per cent of Boko Haram not Nigerians – Army Chief

FILE PHOTO: Nigerian Soldiers
FILE PHOTO: Nigerian Soldiers

The Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, on Wednesday said that judging by the current activities of the Boko Haram terrorists, 60 per cent of them are not Nigerians.

Mr. Buratai, a lieutenant general, said this in Maiduguri when he received the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Mohammed Ibn Chambas, at the headquarters of the Theatre Command of Operation Lafiya Dole at the Maimalari Cantonment.

“Your Excellency, I want to bring to your attention that while the Boko Haram (insurgency) can be said to have started in Nigeria, by and large as at today, I can say that almost 60 per cent of the insurgents are from our neighbouring countries.

“You can see that almost all of the recently surrendered insurgents are not Nigerians.

“This is a challenge that impacts more on the Nigerian side than the other countries. But by and large, our military is up to the task and we will continue to do our best to ensure that our country is secured,’’ Buratai said.

He said that there was no doubt that the terrorists had been defeated but added that troops would continue with their operations until the insurgents finally surrender.

The army chief thanked the UN for identifying with Nigeria in its efforts to rout-out the terrorists and solicited additional support from the world body.

Speaking earlier, Mr. Chambas said that his visit was an expression of the UN’s identification with Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram and efforts to restore peace to the North-East region.

He restated the UN’s condemnation of the terrorists’ group, adding “we are behind the Federal Government’’ in its efforts to defeat the terrorists.

Mr. Chambas noted that the immediate consequence of the insurgency was the “huge humanitarian crisis’’ in the North-East and assured him that the UN had stepped up efforts to address it.

He called on the international community and donor agencies to come to the aid of Nigeria in addressing the crisis.

He said that Nigeria had always been involved in the UN peacekeeping missions across the world.

The UN representative used the occasion to commiserate with the Federal Government, the Nigerian Army and families of late Muhammad Abu-Ali, who along with six other soldiers was killed by the insurgents on November 4.

He said that their sacrifices and those of others who had died in the course of the war would not be in vain as Nigeria would be supported to win the war.



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  • ahmed

    Buhari government is full of lies. Buratai should return his stolen money.

  • Uwaoma, Chigozie

    What a hoax? What a country? Nigeria is winding up as far as it remains in the hands of these men of deceit…

  • George

    Army chief landlord in Dubai and if you could buy a house in foreign land why don’t you as well expect foreign boko haram in your land as both of you are just doing business.. You in Dubai while they in Nigeria

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      LOl… i don die with laugh…

    • emmanuel

      lol here.
      somebody don vex o.

    • Burbank

      And his boys are in Bayelsa , Delta and Rivers States killing biafrans bombers.

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    You dont need to be a rocket scientist to work that out. Are the nigerian Govt just realising this now? When Mike Okiro warned the country about Terrorism in Nigeria and he started the 1st Counter terror unit in Africa in 2007 before Boko-Haram started did he have God’s eyes to know this? He was insulted by the Armed forces and the DSS who claimed he was hitting on muslim Nigerians and claimed Terrorism could never come to Nigeria. So this proves he is a better security analyst than everyone in the Nigerian security community. its simple, we are surrounded by Islamic fanatical Nations. So a call to Jihad would invite people from other neighbouring Islamic States to take part. Period..

    • emmanuel

      Right. And Buhari said killing Boko Haram was killing muslim faithful unjustly. so why would they not come to their rescue?
      My people say somebody carry Elephant for head and he want dig cricket from the ground with his feet.
      Make we dey watch dem

    • Burbank

      Will Alhaji Dokubo Asari and PDP boss Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff be part of that jihad?

  • emmanuel

    Na wetin make you buy money/ If Banana don finish for house, monkey go dey drink milk and thief fish.
    You people brought them in to harass Jonathan and vote for you during election. Were they not part of those who collected PVC’s early enough? Now that Jonathan is gone and you now have power, dem go dey slaughter una.
    Only doses of Gum, Igbo, inhalation of latrine etc wilp make them active against you.
    God has turned them against you and it seem more lucrative to fight in Nigeria than in Mali, Chad or Niger. You must continue to pay them their patronage returns or they slaughter all you families too. So enough of Money to keep them active too. Una neva see anything
    It is now the nozzle of the gun against army officers.
    By the way, i hope the army officer slaughterings is not a way of preparing for a coup, by getting soldiers incesed? Buyers beware!.
    Afterall, Buhari was said to have known ahead of 1985 coup.

    • Burbank

      “Boko Haram is our siblings.”
      August 2, 2012

  • Okey Okoye

    Have this general cleared of corruptions leveled against him or just swept under the ruge?

    • okeyabasi


      When they say somebody is Chief of Army, is he not supposed to talk sense?
      This Lt. General Buratai is talking rubbish. Everyday Boko Haram has been killing Nigeria soldiers
      like chickens. In fact, Boko Haram has now specialized in how to kill Lt. Colonels of Nigerian Army.

      Another Lt. Colonel was killed again yesterday. Boko Haram will soon specialize
      on how to kill Brigadiers, before moving on to become experts at killing Major
      Generals. Instead of the Chief of Army Lt. General Buratai to see that big
      picture he’s talking rubbish about Boko Haram fighters coming from Niger
      Republique, Chad, Burkina Fasso. Even if they are also coming from Central
      African Republuque, is that the reason they are killing Nigerian army officers
      like chickens every day? What sort of nonsense talk is that?

      • Burbank

        Even the US military lost a General to a Taliban terrorist dressed in Afghan army uniform in 2014.

    • Burbank

      No pending charge for him to clear himself.

  • thusspokez

    “You can see that almost all of the recently surrendered insurgents are not Nigerians.”

    “This is a challenge that impacts more on the Nigerian side than the other countries.”

    For a Chief of Army Staff, he is so ignorant and naive. Maybe the Nigerian army doesn’t do military intelligence or he doesn’t read them nor does he read foreign intelligence report on boko haram activities.

    Boko haram fighters driven out of Nigeria targeted Niger to use as its new base. There, boko haram raided and looted villages and towns. There are over 250,000 internally displaced people and refugees in Niger according to both the UN and Amnesty International mainly due to boko haram. Southern Niger is the new boko haram HQ.

    Niger is the world’s least developed country. Now if boko harm can buy over a family with a bag of rice in Nigeria, in Niger, same bag of rise could buy a whole village. So Mr Chief of Army Staff should go and figure…to overcome his surprise that boko haram is recruiting foreigners to fight for it.


    Silly denial…..just like they said the killer herdsmen were not Nigerians.


    • Burbank

      And you have the statistics from radio biafra !

  • Nigerian Citizen

    May God save Nigeria, so boko haram and Fulani herdsmen are indeed foreign invaders,OH God ,may you crack this riddle for our nation to be free.May you bring to justice, all those who conspired amongst themselves to unleash this twin vampires on a peaceful nation for whatever be their intents and purposes, may all those who benefited financially, politically and otherwise from the evil exploits of boko and Fulani herdsmen pay a great price up to their forth generation. May God comfort and console all the victims of this evil riddle.

    • Burbank

      You forget the term “60%”

  • Decimator

    If the Army chief knows to this details that Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are foreigners infringing on Nigeria’s territorial integrity and has not done everything within his powers to stop them or rather has even gone as far as condoning them, then the only plausible explanation for his leniency on them could be that he is part and parcel of them and their plot, Period.

  • Luther Jens-Uwe Nigeria Lagos

    The question is however, what is the United Nations an institution of drug trafficking and
    Trafficking in human beings with the Europeans and Americans achieve profit.
    People make victims and perpetrators who are not martyr of
    Generals of other Nations only money plays a role not
    Man or life, oil and sanctions and bar faeces of the economy, the
    It is with the countries force the economic press and
    Trafficking in human beings and drugs use capital more winnings than what the
    Economic achievement can. You can buy and people the
    Action in the sense of the mafia and Mafia States.
    Rape, murder, organ trafficking donation in the health sector,
    your body for the mostly offered abroad as is the motto of
    States of the United Nations.