Nigerian government approves 8 new universities

University of Ibadan (UI) [Photo:]
University of Ibadan (UI) [Photo:]

The Federal Government of Nigeria has approved eight new private universities across the country.

The approval was granted, Wednesday, during a meeting of the Federal Executive Council, FEC, which held at the council chamber of the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The Minister of State for Education, Anthony Onwuka, who briefed State House correspondents, said the ministry “submitted a memo seeking approval for eight private universities after recommendation by the NUC”

He said the eight approved universities include Anchor University, Ayobo, Lagos; Arthur Jarvis Akpabuyo University, Calabar, Cross River; Clifford University, Owerinta, Abia; Coal City University, Enugu; Crown Hill University, Kwara; Dominican University, Ibadan, Oyo; Kola Daisy University, also in Ibadan; and Legacy University, Okija, Anambra State.

Mr. Onwuka said the new universities were given three years provisional license.

He also said all the new universities are to be mentored older ones.

He said Anchor University will be mentored by the University of Lagos, Jarvis University by the University of Calabar and Clifford University by the University of Agriculture, Umudike.

Coal city University will be mentored by the University of Nigeria Nsukka; Crown Hill University by the University of Ilorin; while the two new universities in Oyo State, Kola Daisy and Dominican universities, will be mentored by the University of Ibadan.

Legacy University, Okija, will be mentored by the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

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  • Bayo Ola

    More universities for less infrastructures; for less funding; for low quality; for less (or no) job for graduates. What is wrong with us as a people? The system is broken. Fix the broken system before you approave more schools!

    • Eziokwu

      True talk my brother. I’m just fed up with Nigerian leaders. I don’t really understand how they reason. Is the establishment of new universities our priority, while most of the existing ones are glorified secondary schools? It’s just sad.

      • Dr. Olu adeleye

        This is madness! additional madness!!

      • Iyanda

        But these are private universities. Government should not stop private individuals from starting universities if they can meet up with the required standards.
        As for government universities, I agree with you that new ones should not be started until the existing ones improve their standard.

        • Bayo Ola

          Even private universities need enabling environment to thrive: standardised methodology; govt oversights, etc., all of which are currently not there or weak. We need to put in place a good structure that will allow student of the poor to access student loans and students of the rich to be comfortable enough to attend our public or private universities in Nigeria. Now, it appears that Ministry of education officials only license these new schools to “rub the back” of their friends who own these new schools. Tragically, most of them do not even send their children to thes schools. they send their kids to schools in UK, USA, Canada, etc.

    • Dejandon

      Those are not govt funded. These are private institutions and expect they likely will get better funded because of tuition being collected from the students. If we allow our Public University to charge tuition, their infrastructures will improve too.

      But we need to make student loan available so that indigent but brilliant people can still go to university. Believe me, it will likely eradicate cultism in our higher institution, because students now have a skin in the game. You would not want to stay a day longer in school when you know it will cost you extra.

      Our unis are what they are now because it is too cheap and every Tom, Dick and Harry gets into Uni, even when they have no business there but to cause problem. What you don’t pay for, you don’t value.

      • Bayo Ola

        I agree with you that the govt must provide student loans to indigent students. But I disagree that licensing other glorified secondary schools as universities is a solution to our educational crisis. There is nothing wrong in licensing private university. There is nothing wrong in licensed universities setting their school fees to capture their investment in reasonable way. My concern is that you cannot build a good structure on a weak foundation. The government needs to address the ill in the system before forging ahead to create an enabling environment. Most of these senior government officials send their kids overseas for training because they know the system has collapsed. We need to rebuild our educational system, and this is the focus that one expects from the Ministry of Education; and of course rebuilding process can go hand in hand with establishing licensing more schools. But it is disturbing to be licensing more schools without making effort to improve on the quality we are producing. That is my beef!

    • NaijaMindOfChange

      Stop accusing buhari’s govt like u know d solution to nigeria problem

      • front man


      • Bayo Ola

        Where is the accusation? If you have problems with English comprehension request a translator so I can know how to communicate with you. Criticising government policies in a democratic system is not accusation of wrongdoing. You criticise the govt you love because robust debate on policies results in pro- people policies. Anyway, it is not the fault of Nigeria of your generation, but that of a system that churns you out!

      • woman leader1

        Don’t mind him, all he knows is propaganda.

    • front man

      Calm down guy gradually things will change for good

      • Bayo Ola

        How? I’m not a pessimist. I’m optimistic only when there are movements either ‘up or down” but not when we keep going in cycles doing the same things over again and expecting different great results?

      • Olatubosun

        Don’t mind that guy …. He knows nothing

    • woman leader1

      We Will surely get their, we have a leader that knows what we are facing.

  • Arabakpura

    Everybody clap for Buhari! There is no university of Daura like the university of Otuoke!

    • Alhaji

      Build one there and make Sekau its VC.

    • sab

      Have you forgotten Daura Helipad? The one and only project so far started and quickly completed

      • Arabakpura

        A helipad is a 15ft circumference concrete meant for the landing a helicopter! You can build one in a day and use it 2days after when it would have set! It is nothing to compare to attracting a University to your state and siting it behind your compound! It is immoral!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Quite very unfortunate that the FGN approval of eight new private universities, which will turn almost all public and private universities as mushroom-universities.University education in Nigeria, lacks quality as most Nigerian universities graduates-products, are more or less like secondary school holders of 70s and 80s. Most Nigerian degrees are unrecognized by World educational authorities.
    The minister of education supposed to have embark upon education-revamp to improve quality of education in Nigerian universities.Nigerian education is in decline in quality.

    • Dejandon

      Dr, please read my comment below. We should not generalize

  • Aminu Baba

    Why none approved for North East and North West who have very few universities (both private and public) compared to the SS, Kwara, SW and SE? What do they want us to do with teeming youths who are coming out of secondary schools every year? John cults like the Shia and Boko Haram?

  • vagabonds in power

    Once again the Niger Delta has again been schemed out-because their leaders who could have established the said Universities are in the gulag of—–Bingo Buhari or are being hunted down by the Buhari Gestapo the Efcc and DSS————Again why should such a story be regarded as breaking news————–by Premium Times—-

    • Dejandon

      Your brother Asari got enough money but went to set up his own in Republic of Benin. Can you see the life of your leaders?

  • Dr.Alfred Branson

    What hope for the children of the poor.Private Universities meants for the rich and wealthy men .

    • Iyanda

      You are right my brother. Hope government urgently improves the government owned Universities.

      • Dr.Alfred Branson

        The private Universities are not for masses but for the few.Government is not ready to do anything to improved the state of government universities with a better learning conditions that can benefit the masses.

    • Dejandon

      The last i know, Havard and MIT are private

  • Rommel

    These are private universities,why are some people angry with government for approving institutions that meet set requirements?

  • Lina

    Whatever they do can the universities should make sure they employ qualified English teachers and admit people who can express themselves to start with.
    On a different note I thought private education institutions were folding up because parents can no longer afford tuition fees. How come these proprietors are able to even start these ventures with the current hardship in Nigeria. I hope government has made sure they have sound economic and academic base to offer sound all round education.

  • Dàn-gôte gròup


  • Amir

    Legacy university Okija with Orji Kalu as VC

  • Oladele

    Failed Universities mentoring new Universities to eventual failure!

    • woman leader1

      Shut up, grow up and stop reasoning like a kid.

      • Jaja Majaja

        Woman leader1, the online troll, have you been paid your salary ? or is Lai mohammed still oweing you ?

      • Oladele

        I wish you can grow up too! Anything you swallow, is that OK? government cannot do any better than we expect of them. Let NUC provide quality regulatory framework that is all I am saying in a codified language. Once you start by asking some University folks to provide mentoring, you have created another avenue for “patronage” which eventually will fuel corruption the more and deplete quality even further killing the University system. These new schools will be treating their mentors well as well as treating NUC well. Mark my words!

  • Jeno Cosi

    What are they going to mentor them? I guess how to churn out undesirables like hookers, muggers, kidnappers, gang bangers, yahoo boys and girls, cultists, how to sort their teachers, and most importantly, how to produce barely literate graduates

  • Olatubosun

    Buhari the father of education……..
    God bless Nigeria and God bless buhari and his cabinets

    • woman leader1

      Amen and Amen.

  • tony H

    They left these ones out :
    Boko Haram University of Maiming, Zamfara

    Sunni Massacre University, Zaria

    Almajiri University, Kaduna

    Boko Haram College of Explosives, Kebbi

    University of Looting, Minna Hilltop

    Parasite University, Abuja

    University of Forestry Studies, Sambisa Forest

    • yukkmouff

      Na wa for you oo!!

    • Meche


      • tony H

        lol,..Thank you! Bless you too.

  • woman leader1

    We have a president that know the pain of Nigerians. Thank you sir.

  • thusspokez

    The Federal Government of Nigeria has approved eight new private universities across the country.

    Remind Nigerians of the effect of creation of 36 states. Instead of investing to improve the existing universities to meet ISO world standards, the government wants to create yet more glorified secondary schools — called universities in Nigeria.

  • Universities for who?

    The sad truth is that the idiots in government who approve Universities instead of equipping the existing ones and maintaining standards send their own children to Universities in Europe and America. We are aware that Tinubu, Buhari, Kachukwu, Oyegun & Co …all educated their children abroad while they preside over a country with about 176 Universities. Also fellow idiots in the Legislature not only send their wards to schools abroad but waste tax payers’ money or the Niger Delta’s money to go on periodic Seminars in USA and Europe for one Legislative training or another. So, who are the Nigerian Universities meant for?

  • willi

    Well our leaders did not really know NIGERIA problems,universities establishment is not our problem,
    The govt should see how equip and staff the present ones to standard.
    Beside, number of graduates already looking are so much,
    U if NIGERIA examination bodies should real exam without
    malpractice it will discovered that there will be enough candidates to the present universities available,
    That is over 90% of universities admission seeking are not qualify and immatured to pass through universities system.
    What should focus is bringing all those companies like steel companies, agricultural companies, equipment production companies etc back to life for employment of over populated graduated.

  • Dàn-gôte gròup


  • Manaseh

    All 8 Universities are in the South, East and West. There is none in the North. If these Universities were to be state sponsored, then more than 50% of the Universities would have been cited in the North. But because these are private Universities, you don’t find the laggard region represented. Shame on all of you.

  • LionHeart

    It is not about establishing more universities. Look after the ones you have and bring them to an acceptable world standard.

    • Abj.


  • omo naija

    let the new universities include Bsc BUS CONDUCTING in their curriculum to produce more graduate bus conductors for lagos state governor and his fellow clueless APC governors

  • Meche

    i wonder why they did not establish ‘lie University” so that Lie Mohammed children can go there

  • Yemmy Lampard

    This is pure madness. Nigeria does not need new universities. What Nigeria needs right now is to: (a) ascertain quality assurance of existing universities that are churning out half-baked graduates; (b) ensure the creation of jobs or encourage entrepreneurship so graduates can either enter employment or create jobs.