Dasukigate Court Drama: EFCC witness says AIT boss Dokpesi got N2.1 billion through due process

Raymond Dokpesi
Photo: insuranceadvicenigeria.com
Raymond Dokpesi
Photo: insuranceadvicenigeria.com

A prosecution witness in the ongoing trial of the founder of Daar Communications and Holdings Plc, Raymond Dokpesi, has told a Federal High Court in Abuja that payments made to the defendant were legitimate by the Central Bank of Nigeria’s standard.

The witness, Aliyu Mohammed, a staff of the Central Bank and manager of its payment section, said disbursements made to Daar communications were in conformity with the due process for such by his office.

Mr. Dokpesi is facing trial for alleged involvement in the diversion of billions of naira meant for the purchase of arms by the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

The broadcast magnate was present at Wednesday’s sitting.

Mr. Mohammed had said during examination by prosecution counsel, Rotimi Jacobs, that disbursements of funds follow a given procedure where verifications for payment-instruments are made before they are finally authorised.

“The procedure for payment is such that the paying organisation will bring the payment instrument through an officer authorised to do so. The officer will confirm the mandate before us by writing his name, signature, status, phone number and thumbprint as well as the date. After we receive it, it will be passed for verification.

“The verification will include cheque of the authorised signatories of that account, (operators of the account). The mandate must also be written in a letter headed-paper. The date and account number to be debited will also be included.

“After the verification exercise we will check whether they have complied with all due processes for the payment. We will then pass it for payment and debit the account stated in the mandate while crediting the beneficiary accordingly,” he said.

Mr. Mohammed added that his office had authorised the disbursements of over N2 billion in four trenches to Daar Communications from payment-instruments forwarded to them, (CBN) by the office of the NSA, early last year.

He said the payment mandates received from the office of the NSA were signed by Mr. Dasuki and the Director of Finance at the NSA, S. A. Salisu.

The payments were for the purposes of media campaign by Daar communications, he said.

During cross-examination by counsel to Mr. Dokpesi, Wole Olanipekun, Mr. Mohammed said similar disbursements are currently ongoing at the CBN, from payments instruments passed on to his office in the same manner, as was done under Mr. Dasuki.

The following conversation ensued between the defence counsel and the prosecution witness:

Mr. Olanipekun: Did you follow the due process before the account was opened for the said payments?

Mr. Mohammed: Yes we did.

Mr. Olanipekun: Are Dasuki and Salisu still the signatories now?

Mr. Mohammed: No it is the present NSA and his director of finance.

Mr. Olanipekun: While the signatories to the account have changed. The procedure for payment are still the same. Are you still following the same procedure?

Mr. Mohammed: Yes we are following the same procedure.

Mr. Olanipekun: Apart from the authorised signatories. You also have another column to show that the payments were duly confirmed.

Mr. Mohammed: There is provision for confirmation before me.

Mr. Mohammed then explained that other payment instruments were contained in the same documents as those used for transfer of funds to Daar Communications presented in court.

He said N2 billion was paid to a company, A. R. security solutions, for personnel support, while N500 million was paid to Dalhatu investments for equipment’s procurement.

He added that over N600 million was paid to fund the Presidential Air fleet, from the while N13. 6 million was also paid for supply of rice to Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs.

Another payment of N75 million was also made to CinC Security Department.

Other payments were made to accounts belonging to various beneficiaries, including Onile Nigeria Ltd, which received N200 million for consultancy services: Vibrant Resources Ltd, N450 million for security service; and Jawaz Multipurpose E-Venture Ltd which received N148 million as payment for supply of security equipment.

Several other beneficiaries were also paid based on Mr. Dasuki’s instructions, he said. These include General Hydrocarbon Ltd whose account was credited with N100 million as payment for energy consulting and another sum of N293.5, million which was said to have been paid from funds belonging to the NSA for de-radicalisation project.

Another N400 million was also paid to Coose Ltd for supply of security equipment, said Mr. Mohammed.

Asked whether the payments made were all legitimate, Mr. Mohammed responded in the affirmative.

Mr Olanipekun: All the payments on the vouchers are legitimate.

Mr. Mohammed : Yes sir; they are.

The prosecution counsel, Mr. Jacobs, visibly surprised by his witness’ testimony, attempted to question Mr. Mohammed based on his last response; but the defence counsel objected.

An argument ensued.

After the argument, the trial judge, John Tsoho, asked the witness to clarify his response and he repeated what he had said.

“Because they have complied with all the due process. We are comfortable and the process is legitimate to us,” said Mr. Mohammed.


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  • dudu

    In order words, as long as the money follows due process, it is legitimate right? And the beneficiaries has no case to answer right? And the money cannot be recovered to the nation’s commonwealth right? Somebody please enlighten me on this. This is preposterous and words fail me for I cannot seem fathom or to rationalize what is going on in this country.

    • absam777

      I am totally with you on this. The issue is not the legitimacy of the payment but the purpose and the source of the payment. I think the defence is trying to confuse the prosecutor. I hope he doesn’t buy the bullshit. Also, the gap or gaps between the hearings gives room for corrupting the witnesses, especially in a country like Nigeria, where some people will sell their conscience for money.

      • dudu

        Absolutely I agree with you.The unending adjournments of the various suits will definitely give window for corruption and even loss of lives. The defence lawyer did an abracadabra and it appeared as if he had already collected the money like a pickpocket.

        • absam777

          Hahahaaaaaaaaa. Pickpocket? I like that!

      • George

        Shout up boy, the government has more to offer than a man inside the prison so who is corrupting who here.

        Truth is far from your household.

        • Dualpolemedia

          Can u say dt again?

        • absam777

          Don’t stop taking your medication. Abusing someone you don’t know is madness and a sign of depression and frustration

    • AlBsure23

      The filing of the case was the problem here. EFCC should have focused on diversion of fund for arms purchase, but instead focused on beneficiaries who are proving that due process was followed to obtain such money. EFCC should have filed a case of diversion of fund with hardcore evidence. If that is achieved, then the beneficiaries has gone into bad business and must return the money given them even though due process followed.

  • Sarah

    There is a difference between LAW and MORALITY.
    It appears Dasuki’s lawyer is trying to prove that the withdrawals and expediture were legal; therefore Dasuki is not guilty of breaking any LAW.
    The CBN official has even confirmed that the same procedure is being followed by the current NSA and Director of finance.
    The strategy appears to be to degrade the case against Dasuki from a range of angles so that at the end of the day, the core offence left to address, if any, would be just a trifling

    • The Wise Traveler

      The same process of payment is still active and could mean that payments like that of Dasukis’ is still on going. I keep saying this, we reform and keep reforming once we find a process short.

    • bib

      As far as CNN is concerned they followed due process. This clears CBN of aiding and abetting corruption. But did Daar Communication’s contract with NSA legitimate? That’s the question.

      • AlBsure23

        If it is not legitimate, the transaction will not be legitimate. The question you should be asking is: If the money is for arms purchase, does Dasuki have the power to divert it for election purposes?

        • bib

          You have answered my question very correctly. The transaction is not legitimate. That leaves both Daar Communication and Dasuki still in the quagmire.

  • Patrick

    Where is the drama?Dokpesi us not being tried due to noncompliance with due process. I find it hard to understand what this reporter wants to convey.

  • utolason

    The news headline is very misleading. Legitimacy of payment isn’t the same as legitimacy of transactions. CBN is only a banker, whose role is to make payment as instructed by its customer. For example, you can issue a cheque to a hired assassin to commit a murder. The payment of the cheque by the bank would have complied with its payment procedure. It isn’t the role of the bank to question the person as to the purpose for which the cheque was issued to him. What is important to the bank is that the cheque was issued and signed in accordance with the signature mandate.

    Unless Premium Times report is missing something, I do not understand why the prosecutor is wasting his time on the point of the CBN compliance procedure. CBN is not on trial.

    • Tori Osa

      God bless you plenty. Well said.

    • Nothing but the truth

      Correct!! It is a no brainer. CBN only managed to absolve itself of any wrong doing. Your explanation says it all. This is not the issue unless efcc has ineffective operatives that dont know where the meat of the issue lies

    • share Idea

      By this time last year your type was claiming that Dasuki was working into CBN vault and withdrawing all the money, now that the story have changed, you people have changed the narrative

      • utolason

        No, the narrative hasn’t changed at all. CBN is saying due process (for payment) was followed by them (as bankers). So the narrative STILL remain that funds meant for arms procurement were diverted to election campaign. funds. Nothing in this report or my comment has changed that.

        • Gary

          Yes, if the CBN followed due to effect the duly authorized payment of a cheque for an official transaction, then the recipient has no case to answer. Mr. Dokpesi could not have known nor was it his business to know the source from which the Office of the NSA would pay his company for services duly rendered.

          I know you folks get mad when the law or facts don’t fit your propaganda narrative but…it is what it is. Unless there’s more judicial mago-mago involved, this prosecution has collapsed. Just like the case against Dasuki will ultimately collapse if he can establish that he was duly authorized to disburse security votes by the President. The President in turn will in turn claim he acted on the advice of the Attorney-General of the Federation for the authority given to the NSA. Based on acting in good faith, he can claim immunity from prosecution. End of story and all the hullabaloo about sending people to jail.

          So, until we make certain office holders and their actions legally accountable for malfeasance, all the talk about fighting corruption is mere noise-making and playing to the gallery.
          The AGF is key to ending corruption in high places in the government. If I know this, without a law degree, surely a govt. led by a Law Professor as VP; plus the permanent committee led by Professor Sagay can also figure this out.
          They are more interested in jailing their political opponents and using them as an excuse for their clueless government, than seeking institutional reforms to tackle corruption. That is the sad truth.

          • utolason

            Again you missed the legal (as well as the moral) point. That CBN followed due process in paying the money doesn’t mean the recipient has no criminal conspiracy intent. For a start, Dokpesi knew that Dasuki wasn’t PDP treasurer and the funds paid to him came from federal treasury.

            I suggest you hold fire as many more revelations are yet to come!

          • Gary

            Mr. Dokpesi is a private businessman contracted for a job by a govt. official for which he was paid by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Pray tell how he then becomes part of a conspiracy to defraud govt. or diversion of public funds. Your desire to nail someone does not negate the need for evidentiary proof in court. When cases like this then go against your wishes, folks begin to howl about judicial corruption.

          • utolason

            DOKPESI WAS PAID BY DASUKI NOT CBN. CBN processed the payment as instructed by NSA office. It is not different from you issuing a cheque to someone and your bank processes the payment instruction.

            If after what I have explained to you above you are still confused on this matter then you’re beyond help!

          • AlBsure23

            You are not totally correct. What was the position of Dasuki at the time of that transaction? Of course NSA. He acted on behalf of the federal government on the contract with Dokpesi, and Dokpesi got paid. If money for arms was diverted, it wasn’t Dokpesi that diverted it. The case of diversion has nothing to do with him but Dasuki. If Dokpesi is culpable as you are trying to portray, then Buhari is guilty too for having accepted SUVs and some cash from Dasuki though he denied collecting cash from Dasuki. It seems that EFCC has a bad case here.

    • sab

      Let us detach sentiment from facts please. In your haste to nail Dokpesi and Dasuki you make mistake in filing your case which is the same thing with Saraki at CCT and Saraki/Ekweremadu. Read the story well, the CBN official says the same procedure is still being practised now by the APC led Federal Government despite the change in NSA and the Finance Official at the ONSA.

      • utolason

        I’ve nothing to gain any more than you if Dokpesi is nailed. The issues most not be clouded in sentiments. In fact, I will be happier if his hands are declared clean by the court as it will increase confidence in him. My comment is simply to clear the misconception in Premium Times report. My suspicion of an error in the report (see my last paragraph) has now been supported and better reported by Vanguard Newspaper online.

    • So oju abe niko

      I cannot believe how easy it is to manipulate Nigerians with sensational headlines. Are we that empty headed? As you explained, all that was in the story is that a bank paid a recipient based on the instruction of the account-holder. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t even know why both lawyers had to waste time on this, unless the recipient specifically denies receiving such a payment, which doesn’t appear to be the case.

      And the part about following the same procedure with the current NSA is no indication that the current NSA is distributing a slush fund like his predecessor. It simply means that the protocol in place for paying NSA contractors are still being followed.

  • George

    Dasuki is coming out to be the president of Nigeria strict.

    Confused Buhari can’t get any single thing right. After all the shouting no case against Dasuki, SHAME.

    • henry

      To be the President of where you come from because you are the only group that is a fan of corruption. In fact he is already your President congratulations. Ewu

      • GodsaveHispeople

        You are a daft. the corruption going on in aso rock is called “military corruption”, fully supervised by Mamman Daura and Abba Kyari. Where do you think is the TSA money for the past 1year seven months?. Remember ALL payments in Nigeria today goes through TSA and yet you and your likes are starving of hunger and malnutrition.

  • Pat

    The issue at stake is whether the money meant for arms procurement is diverted or used for that purpose. If the money is diverted, the due process claim is not correct. Diversion, definitely, is breaking due process principles.

    • MNO

      This witness statement only absolves cbn of wrong doing in the disbursements not that dasuki & the beneficiaries did right by their actions. If monies meant for arms are diverted, it’s criminal especially if the NASS did not appropriate for such clandestine transactions.
      Premium times goofed with the headlines. I don’t see any drama in the court proceedings.

    • sab

      When will people learn? I have said earlier that wrong filing of cases is reason most case are lost by supposedly people with genuine reasons. But most times, EFCC, DSS, or even the CCT hurriedly drag suspects to court without properly getting their case files arranged. That is why Saraki, Ekweremadu have triumphed. That is also reason why Dokpesi has seemingly triumphed in this case. You don’t win cases by brutal force or intimidation. It is all abouts facts and spirit of the law.

  • Sean


    • Nurudeen

      Sorry O. We will inform premium times of your advice

    • Sammy Charles

      propaganda is part of war against the enemy. Since due process was followed in the payment, Dokpesi has no case to answer. The case is technically dead

    • ficus

      hahahahahahahahah……………. u no dey shame?

    • dr paul ojeaga

      Buhari is chasing shadows. You do not probe security votes of a president or governor supreme court shall decide finally.

  • Abidilagungun

    Naija Soap Opera, Opera Oloshi!
    More tales out of EFCC

  • partafamilias trippi

    APC… yawns…

  • vagabonds in power

    The EFCC has as a matter of fact, outlived it usefullness to its

    orignal founder,OBJ.

    OBJ is nomore in power,and therefore EFCC must now be dismantled.

    The Chief,Olusegun Obasanjo,our erstwhile President, had in

    his time, used the EFCC to hound his political foes,real or imagined.

    But today,our rogue Fulani President,Muhammadu Buhari has

    reconstituted the EFCC as one of his Jhadist Institutions, like

    his Miyetti Cattlle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria, and its

    ramapaging Fulani Herdsmen, to intimidate and oppress us……………………………………………………

    indigenous Nigerians.

    The EFCC is now used by the Caliphate of Sokoto in its grand

    plan to Islamise and make our fatherland its Usman Dan Fodio


    • Hah!

      … but the prime mover in the scandal happens to be a scion of Sokoto caliphate, what a contradiction

      • Arabakpura

        Theses days we reason through somewhere else and not from the God-appointed place!

  • Sammy Charles

    based on the fact that the payment followed due process, the case against Dokpesi has technically collapsed

  • UYI111

    Buhari and his barking Dog called malami has fallen on their faces case close good over evil !

  • Sammy Charles

    let’s assume for the purpose of argument that Dasuki diverted money meant to buy arms and decide to use it to buy tomatoes at oyinbo market, are you going to arrest the tomatoes seller at oyinbo market. Dokpesi has no case to answer

  • Etomi

    Buhari has no problem but this: he is braindead!

  • Man_Enough

    The case will hinge on weather a proper and legal contract was entered into. Without due process, no bank worth its salt will honor a check.

    • isioku

      It is not the responsibilty of a bank to inquire into the contract of parties before it honours a customers mandate for disbursement. In fact, it exposes itself to a serious damnation in damages if it fails to honour a regularly issued cheque unless the mandate is irregular, insufficient funds or a countermand. If you give your wife a cheque does the bank ask her whether she wants to cook peppersoup with it?

  • vagabonds in power

    What makes Nigerians believe that if evidence did not matter in General Abacha’s case, why should it matter in General Buratai’s case? Why should evidence matter in General Dambazau’s case? Did Nigerians forget so soon how Buhari allowed retired Vice Admiral Murtala Nyako who stole the commonwealth of Adamawa State dry not to be detained? Are they surprised that the case has since receded into the background?

    But for someone under whose nose $2,8 billion disappeared when he was Petroleum Minister in 1978, this ought not to be too strange. For someone who fails to account for the 100 Billion naira Petroleum Trust Fund that he presided over under the same Abacha, this should not be strange. For someone who led Nigerians in a lie that he did not have a house in Abuja when the contrary is true, why should this be news?

  • Seyido

    I want to believe that the Premium Times reporter received a big brown envelope, because the headline written makes it look as if the case is dead.
    The fact that a disbursement follows due process doesn’t mean that the transaction is not fraudulent.
    As a practising auditor, we see legitimate disbursements diverted fromantic their original intention. This is fraud.
    The case here was that funds allocated for arms procurement was diverted for pdp publicity campaign.
    Therefore, for all intents and purposes, fraud has occurred. Mr Dopkesi is a receipient of diverted funds. Both the giver and receiver are guilty.

    • Insider


      When will PREMIUM TIMES come to the obvious conclusion that President Muhamadu Buhari
      does not have the knowledge or the gumption to fight corruption? Buhari does not know and
      he does not know he does not know. His lack of knowledge is an albatross on Nigeria today.
      It takes an incompetent person to bring a witness to court to approve an accused person.
      Muhamadu Buhari is a misfit in constitutional democracy where knowledge is the key.

      • Foreign Reel

        “Muhamadu Buhari is Nigeria’s problem, not its solution. Muhammadu Buhari writes of building
        an economic bridge to Nigeria’s future. It is hard to see how his administration’s inflexibility,
        lack of vision and reactive approach, will achieve this. Buhari notes that building trust
        is a priority for Nigeria. But an anti-corruption drive that is selective and focused on
        senior members of the opposition party, creates deep political divisions.
        Meanwhile, members of Buhari’s own cabinet, accused of large-scale
        corruption, walk free..”

        ……………….Pete Hoekstra

        (U.S Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman)

        [June 20th, 2016]

      • Pointblank2000


      • Wahab Raimi

        Mark you, Cbn is only talking on d procedure of payment and that alone can not legalise this criminal act

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      CBN is not expected to have the PV and other details of the payment. They only said what they made of the process.
      The payment must be fraudulent being made out of national defence budget. The criminal is NSA not Dokpesi. or AIT.
      I understand that he might have received stolen goods?.

    • isioku

      You have written like an auditor but i am afraid to say this is not an auditing matter. I agree with you that the case is not destroyed just because payments to Daar followed disbursements procedure of the CBN. However, your conclusion of guilt on the part of the receiver in a case of diversion is not sound. The prosecution has the burden to prove that 1. the money so disbursed was money appropriated for arms purchase. 2. It has to prove that the receiver (who has a legitimate business with the government) has knowledge of such appropriation and in fact that the disbursement to him was a diversion. In the absence of proof of such knowledge, guilty knowledge will not be imputed by the court and the key requirement of mens rea in criminal responsibility would not have been proved. The man then walks free and you all shout “the judge has taken bribe!”.

      • Seyido

        Sir….I disagree with you. In companies where these incidents have occurred and prosecuted at the law courts, both the giver and receiver were found culpable.
        Ignorance is not an excuse in the eyes of the law.
        Again, precedence has already been set by other politicians who have returned money in regards to this case.
        Mr Dopkesi has only complicated his case by going to court rather than negotiating a repayment.
        It’s up to the efcc not to bungle the case. I want to plead with you not to receive money from any source without investigatingthe source.
        Many company staff have gone to jail whether knowling or otherwise.

        • isioku

          Thanks for your advice. Nevertheless, i think it is wrong to use the fact that others have returned money to imput guilt on Daar or dopkesi. People returned money for different reasons not because their defences dont have merit. Some cant face the embarrassment. Some cannot face detention for even 24 hours or attending court at every adjourned date…many other reasons, most against the advice of their lawyers who felt the case was arguable. If you read my contribution, i emphasised “legitimate business” in form of a contract with the government. It is different if Daar is a reveiver of stolen goods or a reciever of a bribe. Surely in the former, even absence of knowledge that the goods were stolen absolves the receiver. However, a simple proof by the prosecution that the stolen goods were bought far below market price is enough to show that the receiver knew it was stolen hence the low price. I dont know the facts of the “precedents” you referred to but a basic ingredient in establishing guilt is guilty knowledge. In this case it is the duty of the prosecution (EFCC) to prove that at the time Daar received the money for the performance of the contract, it knew that the money was meant for another thing and was diverted to it. I see EFCC arguing that payment by the NSA for such non-security related contract ought to have alerted Daar to a diversion. Now, there is also an answer to this. But it is ultimately for the court to decide. Ignorance of the law is different from absence of guilty knowledge. Ignorance of the law has not arisen here.

          • Wahab Raimi

            Was there any contract awarded to that effect ? Was dasuki the information Minister ?
            We all that there were diversion/fraud, even if Raymond is freed, dasuki can not escape conviction.

          • Seyido

            The key to all our debate is still very simple…that is public money was converted for private use.
            Whether you know the source of funds or not, you must return the goods.
            Dasuki was the source of funds for many politicians, everyone that received money from him received public property and they must be returned.
            That’s why Metuh, Omisore and all others have no choice but to return the goods.

          • Prince

            Seyiodo,I totally agree with Isioku submission. I support the fight against corruption but it must follow due proces. As an auditor, U can detect fraud based on diversion or misappropriation of funds but tis a different kettle of fish in criminal trials where the prosecution must prove both the act of committing the crime and d mental element which in latin is called actus reus and mens rea. If Dokpesi did not know d source of the funds he is absolved of guilt. He may show a legitimate contract with govt if he wants to make the case more difficult for EFCC but EFCC has the duty to prove the knowledge that he knew the money was meant for arms purchase. For example, if an armed robber is caught and he briefs a lawyer &the lawyer charges him & he pays weda personally or through his relations, and it is discovered that part of the lawyer’s fees was stolen, will the court hold the lawyer guilty for receiving proceeds of crime when he neva knew or asked the source of the money? Definitely NOT. Ignorance of the law means that a man’s ignorance that an action he takes is a crime does not absolve him from criminal liability. In other words, if a man rapes his sister or beats his wife, it will not be a defence to say he neva knew such action is a crime. or if a man take a one way road, it will not be a defence to say I neva knew the road to be one way. So it is different from the knowledge or mental element which the EFCC must prove to establish Dokpesi guilty. I see him walking away if EFCC cannot establish his guilt moreso he has hired Chief Wole Olanipekun, one of the most experienced lawyers in Nigeria

    • Wahab Raimi

      They lack sincerity in their action, and would find it difficult to see the truth.

    • suleiman

      Mr. Auditor, tell your story to the dogs! Many of you hooligans will support any corrupt act as long as it is done by the APC government. Time will tell how the 2.6 million barrels per day production quota recently approved for Nigeria by OPEC is being distributed to cronies. Corruption has many definitions in Nigeria but I know of only one universally accepted definition. God is watching. Keep fooling yourselfs that this government means well for Nigeria. You can run but you cannot hide!

  • Kevin Peter

    The most important factor to consider is that there was a contract and that due process was followed. Government cannot be questioned about its source of funds for execution of contracts. Definitely, Dokpesi would therefore not be pressured into knowing the source of funds used for award of contacts by government. The use of arms procurement funds to execute different projects by the government of the time should therefore be left to the previous government to answer. The propaganda must stop forthwith.

  • Shehu Monguno

    Hmmmmmm. Is this true?

  • UOU

    Very vital, the current NSA is still making payments even heavier from the same account in the same way and manner, wonderful revelations. Then Dasuki is just half corrupt and daura is completely swimming in corruption, this govt, this govt, hypocrisy, anyway, let them finish and we will see how burdened this people are, likewise abacha who was shouting corruption, corruption, corruption during his regime but when he was gone, everyone saw who was actually corrupt

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  • UOU

    Legally this case has failed, technically and otherwise. Dokpesi can even sue for Malicious prosecution if he desires..guess what, this clowny govt will now encourage and galvanise their propaganda machine, using most especially saharareporters and their E-rat supporters, to try nailing or make a public judgement on the matter, too bad.

    • The testimony of a single witness does not determine the verdict of a case possessing as many as fifty witnesses and convincing evidence