Nigeria deploys ‘state-of-the-art’ technology in search of oil in north

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has embarked on a more rigorous exploration for oil in the Gongola and other inland basin using the latest seismic data gathering technology.

A statement by NNPC’s Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, Garba Deen Muhammad, made this known in Abuja on Saturday.

The NNPC Group Managing Director, Maikanti Baru, the statement said, made the disclosure when he paid separate visits to the governors of Bauchi and Gombe States.

Mr. Baru said the latest technology was similar to the ones used by neighbouring countries to discover oil there.

He said the exploration was in strict compliance to President Muhammadu Buhari’s mandate.

NNPC, he said, had therefore commenced activities in the Gongola Basin by awarding the contract for seismic data acquisition of over 500KM2 3D seismic data in the first instance.

“NNPC is deploying state of the art technology in the present data acquisition and we are confident that these efforts will lead to clearer definition of the prospectively of the basin,” he said.

He said that the contractors awarded the contract for the seismic data acquisition in the Gongola Basin, was Integrated Data Service Limited (IDSL).

Mr. Baru said the contractor was a subsidiary of the NNPC and Bureau for Geophysical Prospecting, a subsidiary of Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (BGP/CNPC) were mobilising to commence the project.

The GMD said that the seismic data acquisition activities and exploration well drillings would provide employment opportunities for the youths.

Mr. Baru said the multiplier effect of the envisaged employment would contribute to the economic empowerment of the surrounding communities and the nation at large.

He said that NNPC was in the process of awarding the Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi and Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola.

In their separate remarks, the governors of Bauchi an Gombe, Mohammad Abubakar and Ibrahim Dankwambo, applauded the president for the pragmatic move to rigorously commence exploratory activities in the area.

They both stressed that the move would further grow the nation’s oil and gas reserves.

“I want to assure you of the unflinching support of Bauchi State and its good people towards this project.

“We are ready to provide offices and accommodation for all NNPC staff that will work on this project,” Abubakar said.

“Already, we have assigned two ministries that will work with your team on this laudable project.

“I will work with my colleague Governors in the North- East to galvanize support from our people towards this project,” Dankwambo said.

Mr. Dankwambo also called on the media to support this renewed oil search in the area.

Giving their royal endorsements, the Emirs of Bauchi and Gombe reassured the Federal Government of their readiness to support the project, mobilise their subjects against interrupting the smooth operation of the exploratory activities in their domains.(NAN)


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  • Harry Haruna

    Good one there

  • shakara123

    LOL…. Even if it is found . will it be in commercial quantities and then look at the oil market. This i sa complete waste of time and resources. But Iet them do it so that the powers that be can know once and for all that there will be no more reliance on a commodity based economy. The north must embrace the new economy or find itself perpetually poor.

    • Burbank

      And your region is richer than Singapore !

      • shakara123

        By no means are richer than Singapore(At least for now) but we are definitely richer than anything north of the river Niger and in more ways than one.

        • Burbank

          So you are still poor.

          • shakara123

            Aren’t we all. At least relative to someone else.

          • Burbank

            Relative to Bill Gates.

          • Kenny Donbilly

            The very seed on which this country was built is corruption…Nigeria or whaeva its called can never be 1 and in unison….Even d first nigerian election was rigged by the british for d hausa fulanis favour..for pple dat thinks seperation is not the key i think they are high…two can never work except they agree …..we disagree with almost everytin in nigeria ..d hausa/fulanis mans life is so sophisticated u wudnt dare joke arnd it…if two cant agree there cant be any progress even in 200years to come…

          • Burbank

            “Even d first nigerian election was rigged by the british for d hausa fulanis favour…”
            And long after the British left, some clowns still voted their local politicians to support Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff as the PDP boss, and still blamed the Brits!

  • vagabonds in power


    • hh

      Yes! And continue with your gari and bush meat.

    • Burbank

      So now the Chinese
      National Petroleum Corporation is also staffed by fulanis !
      God help you!

    • Tanko Maihula

      so that we may have another southern-sudan

    • Hank

      Haha! You think separation is the answer? You truly don’t know your people. Take a good look around your community and tell me what your people has done differently to develop their region and make life better than the rest of the country. Are your people different in terms of corruption? Do you have better roads, hospitals, schools, manufacturing jobs in your region? Please educate me on these subjects…..

      • Burbank

        He fantasizes that his village is richer than Dubai.

    • Burbank

      Start by begging your elected PDP governors to lift their ban against biafrans NOW.

  • Sonny Martin

    Best of luck!

  • tunde

    Is this a prelude to secession from the south if oil is discovered?Think about it fellow nigerians.

    • Solomon Brown

      Stay calm and keep your cards close to your chest.

  • Solomon Brown

    Please Lord help them strike oil, the problem isn’t about discovering natural resources, it is always how to use the proceeds to the benefit of all people, so far both the north and south of Nigeria, have failed its people. AGAIN, LORD HELP THEM STRIKE OIL. SO MUCH FOR ALL THE TALK ABOUT DIVERSIFYING.

    • Lanre

      Thank you. I just made the same prayer. Let them find the Oil in the North and let us go our separate ways. Can’t wait.

  • Lanre

    Please find the oil in the North and leave with your sharia.

  • Excisionist

    There we go again – reckless spending of unavailable capital to enrich the lazy drones.
    First of all, see who took control of NNPC after Buhari came. People from the oil producing areas, where the wealth is generated were brushed aside and replaced by these CONTRACT maniacs.

    Second of all, anyone who is familiar with the geology of Nigeria will know that the prospect for petroleum in this area is very low. The area with better prospect is the Chad basin in the north-east (Boko Haram area) and perhaps the Illumedin basin in the north-west
    So, there is a deliberate intention to squander a huge amount of money on an area with little prospect. Obviously the aim is to divert money and enrich the lazy Mohammedan cabal who cannot survive without this kind of misguided CONTRACT. EFCC should investigate this useless project.

    I really wish that they can strike oil so that they may leave the rest of Nigeria alone BUT they are looking at the wrong place

  • bootypoppin

    God bless the North, God bless federal republic of Nigeria and all of its states and its people. Miscreant, internet trolls and bigots have their make believe world just here. In reality they are nothing but nuisance to their societies and themselves!

  • Taiwo

    I thought Buhari wanted to diversify the economy to agriculture. Now he is preparing the North for separation.

    • Dogon Colonel Mariam

      You just nailed it, bloke.
      This is simple a move to extricate the North from Nigeria and nothing else.
      Good luck to anyone who plans to diversify the economy without the necessary brains in power.

      • Col. M

        Forgive the typos as I am frustrated wasting my time trying to post here.

    • Alnight

      Because Buhari is the head of nnpc


    I honestly hope they make a find so that the north will stop obstructing the progress and advancement of democracy, fiscal federalism and the reward of merit as opposed to entitlement.It is time to rearrange the system and free other Nigerians to develop at their own pace . Oil does not make lazy people work harder, it actually makes people lazier .

    • onyema22ohaka

      Pointed point!

  • emmanuel

    Dreams are good. But God does not place oil in the land of killers and extremists who are lazy and love not peace but to kill, kill and kill. What the North need is re-orientation and education then oil will make meaning if ever found. Prospecting for oil is just another way for the ever willing corrupt Northern politicians to steal monies

    • Alnight

      Hmm, i guess the biaffrans, avengers and all the criminals and murderers in the south just go around giving hugs and kisses.

  • Motion

    Oil in the North is oil for Nigeria. Why do some posts sound like sour grapes. It doesn’t matter where it is found, the more the merrier. If oil dries up everywhere and we have nothing to turn to but our land, population and mineral resources would that dose this misplaced hatred? I believe it would. Has anyone asked what we have gained from being an oil producer? To me it has been nothing but a curse. The Niger Delta; with the 13% derivation, amnesty, NDDC, Ministry of the ND and 6yrs of GEJ still looks the same in terms of devpt as Yar aduas regime. So what is the issue here. It certainly isn’t Nigerias unity or the North or Buhari. Bad leaders will still rule us with or without Nigerias existence and if we waste our time and energy spewing filth against each other here or any where else things will never ever get better. #Allow Nija

  • Watch man

    Abeg make una try hard to get oil there so that Nigeria will have peace.

  • The Knights Templer

    @Excisionist I agree with you completely.
    It is another white elephant project whose actual aim is to siphon money away to the cabal pockets

    There have been similar excises in the past. Some Northern Islamic bigots complained that there are Sea Ports in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Calabar and therefore they mush have ports in the north. So they embarked on white elephant money guzzling dredging projects in order to have “sea ports” in the north. At the end they achieve nothing except the huge amounts siphoned into their pockets through the dubious “CONTRACTS”

    Another name for the northern Islamic cabal is LAZINESS. Without these dubious contracts, they will not survive

    They are good at wasting money that they do not generate

  • MC

    Hahahahahah. Buhari and him people dey find water inside desert! kikikikikiki!!! I no go die for lafta oo. Too late peeps, give up. E no go work. May una come back. Hahahahaha. dem wan find oil. lol

  • thusspokez

    He said the exploration was in strict compliance to President Muhammadu Buhari’s mandate.

    I am sorry but this is stµpid. At a time when due to low oil price, many oil exploration countries even in the USA are going out of business; and even the big players like Shell are cutting back on investments on exploration, Buhari is going ahead with a venture that makes no economic sense. It is a waste of money. Indeed it would be like spending 1 dollar to make 10 cents.

  • LionHeart

    This government is confused. Concentrate on one thing at a time. For the past one year you have been talking about diversifying the economy. Why not work on this?