Tension in Kaduna as youth attack Shiites again

Nasir El-Rufai, Kaduna State Governor
Nasir El-Rufai, Kaduna State Governor

Two members of the Shiite movement were reportedly killed on Saturday as the group tried to rebuild its school destroyed near Zango road, Tudun Wada in Kaduna, witnesses said.

Ten other members were injured in the attack.

This has caused panic as many residents of Tudun Wada, Ungwan Muazu, Kinkinau remained indoors. Those caught up along Nnamdi Azikwe way and other streets scampered for safety.

Bala Zango, a shop owner along Zango Road, said the issue was getting out of hand as hundreds of youth were advancing towards Ungwan Muazu to hunt for Shiite members.

Ungwan Muazu is among the areas in Kaduna, where many Shiites reside.

“We heard that, two persons suspected to be members of the Shiite were dead,” he said. “It’s very scary because at the end of the day, it’s the innocent people that will fall victim.”

Some witnesses said Awwal Maikyau, the Special Adviser on Youth to Governor Nasir El-Rufai, was attacked as he attempted to mediate.

“Awwal Yaro Maikyau, the Governors SA on youths whose house is close to the scene of the incident, was also attacked while trying to mediate between them and the irate youths,” a family member confirmed.

The Shiites said they were attacked as they tried to rebuild the sect’s school that was attacked on Tuesday.

“Some thugs came to attack us with weapons, insisting that we must be evicted completely from the place,” one member told PREMIUM TIMES.

“Police arrived the scene and went with some of our members and some community members for settlement.

“As they left, 10 of our Shiite members were machete. It was rumoured that one person died, but we are still making inquiries to confirm.

“This is the danger behind playing politics with religion,” the member said.

The police spokesperson, Aliyu Usman, told PREMIUM TIMES police monitoring the situation.

“Please be patient, we are monitoring the situation, we shall get back to you later,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Shia Islamic movement of Nigeria on Friday criticised Gov. El Rufai for condemning attacks on its members, saying the governor was behind the attacks and his stance was an afterthought.

In a statement signed by IMN’s president, Ibrahim Musa, the members said the Kaduna State government was culpable of inciting the attacks against them.

“Clearly, this is nothing but an afterthought. What happened in the wake of our peaceful Ashura mourning procession was a carefully planned plot, meticulously executed with all machinery of government. The government had all along tried to give their brutal clampdown on Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) members a semblance of an altercation between IMN and the masses.

“Kaduna state governor, Nasiru ElRufai alluded to this right from the outset of the attacks in December, 2015 in his infamous state-wide broadcast. His utterances and body language since then left no one in doubt his disdain for IMN members. Using all the tools of governance at his disposal, in private and openly, often in total disregard to reason, sanity or law, he exhibited extreme hate for IMN,” they said.

The IMN said the decision of the Kaduna State government to outlaw its group was responsible for the attacks against them.

“As a fore-runner to the latest brutality, he issued an executive order banning us from exercising our rights to practice our religion with a threat to jail anyone who does up to seven years in his jail. For daring to mention that his order is in clear violation of all known sane laws of the land and beyond, he ordered the arrest and prosecution of Ibrahim Musa, the President of the Media Forum. How then can El-Rufai now shed crocodile tears having incited violence on a people through his hate posture and actions against such people? They read the body language of the government in their favour and acted based on that, and with full support of all the instruments of governance over which he presides.

“We have it on record how certain individuals and hate preachers took to the media and the podium respectively calling on the masses to join the government of El-Rufai in what they termed an “all-out war on Shia.” The government and El-Rufai has neither refuted that nor call the perpetrators to order or better still arrest and punish the culprits, since they are well known and the actions were done in broad daylight. Simply put, El-Rufai is very much culpable,” the group said.

It further said it will not retaliate the attacks but that it would seek redress in the courts of law.


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    Editor Premium Times,



  • RestructureNigeriaNow

    Nigeria is the most useless country on earth today. The Christians must speak up or it may be their turn next. Buhari, Rufai and his Islamist members are evil.

  • vagabonds in power

    Until the vision-less Luciferic government of Buhari is overthrown by a new set of soldiers——not the one led by thief Buratai—of Dubai——there-will be no peace in the Fulani North—Those Killing the REAL Native Northerners—in Kaduna—are the same Fulanis————————cowhands hands–murdering Tivs———-Beroms in Plateau–Benue and South East—-in Boko Haram–Most of the Shiites are not Fulanis—-They are the real Natives from the North–whose land were stolen by the Fulanis from Sudan and Mali—That is why the Fulanis are doing all to dominate them and their religion——Sunnis believe they are the most Purified set of Muslims on earth—–And that the Shiites have no right to exist side by side with the Fulanis who are themselves traditionalist-smuggledinot the North by Lord Lugard–via Sudan–That is why they are using Islam to dominate the other ethnic groups in the North-like the Kanuris—————————Nupes among others-

  • Fulani Mafia

    The Sultan of Sokoto is the power behind Bingo Buharis shaky Halliburton government-murdering Shiites-That is the man urging the Fulani cowhands to kill native northerners——via the sponsorship of Alhaji Dangote————-and the emir of Kano—————-among other Fulani elites——Hence the ongoing ethnic cleansing exercise by the Fulanis——-Some do not even understand why Buhari is in Aso rock——-Obama is part of the game to install Fulani power in the African region That is why————-Fulanis now want to use Nigeria and Kenya as their lunch pad—————to creating their own–country———–in the west African sub region—Since their dirty thieving Nomadic life has not allowed them establish a country of their own——-in the west African sub region—-so want to climb on the back of the armed wing of the Fulani-hegemony in boko haram to destroy 9ja via these unwarranted killings——————while Buhari looks the other way with the Apes in APC.



  • Basiru

    Extra judicial killings, remained unreservedly condemned!

    • Solomon Brown


  • Lawan Muhammed

    The Shiite people should understand that ,the Nigerians experience of Maitatsine,Boko Haram,ISIS,etc etc, it is not safe to allow any foreign religious sect to spring up again.It isbetter for the government,and the community to stop this kind of sects The time is not right for allowing gathering of religious sects.
    For sure major cities in the north like Kano,kaduna, cannot allow movements of Shiite group.

    • Solomon Brown

      Which is the indigenous sect? You Sunni Moslems think so highly of yourselves, remember you can break any law without having to worry about the consequences for now, since your guys are in power, but you will never defy gravity.

  • emmanuel

    El-Rufai is only clever be half. He took his latest position, because he already knows that the level of International awareess of this Shiites issue may end up at the ICC, so he is trying to distance himself, but is too late.
    He cannot go untried.

  • Umar Dendi

    I’m tried of reading all these trash heads insulting the North.
    Lets just expel them from Nigeria, give them their Biafra and Oduduwa and allow them to go

    • Solomon Brown

      Expel them?
      Look here raghead without them, there wouldn’t be a Nigeria to start with. Get that into your thick skull.

      • Umar Dendi

        Says who?
        Your dull little Biafran infatuated brain?
        Nigeria will always be. You can move down south and be with the Tribalists if you want

        • Solomon Brown

          Don’t try to walk back your original comment, every reader knows who the real tribal bigot is. Dig deeper you just might strike oil .

          • Umar Dendi

            How southern of you?
            Thinking that there are only 3 tribes in Nigeria.
            Northern Nigeria- Those that don’t want a Biafra republic or an Oduduwa republic are a collection of different tribes- so I am not a tribalist. Got it?

          • Solomon Brown

            I’m pretty sure in your mind, Arewa republic and its allies get to decide the fate of other minorities in the North and Nigeria as a whole. Rid yourself of that born to rule mentality you got and maybe, just maybe we can coexist, until then you’ll keep facing the backlash, the buhari presidency is experiencing.
            N.B : If it’s going to take 5 days to reply me, then don’t even bother trying.

          • Umar Dendi

            The fact that you don’t even know my tribe should tell you alot, but you’re not ready to listen.
            That is just the thing you creek dwellers do not understand. We have evolved beyond those ethnic dimensions that define your lives every day of every year. Maybe when you rid yourselves of that ethnic bigotry we can coexist. Until then, yeah- I’ll keep saying- we should expel the lot of you neanderthals! got it

    • Otile

      Umaru Dendi boy,
      Do that and perish of hunger.
      You know the North got nothing of value to sustain you hungry folks.

      • Umar Dendi

        Otile, Otile.
        Maybe we should just close our border and see you survive eating bush meat and that plastic Thai rice. then we’ll see who is hungry!

  • Babrutus

    There must be freedom of worship. Why should any religious group be outlawed if they are no breaking the law? This oppression outside of the law shows who the real outlaws are…