Nigerian Presidency clarifies Buhari’s ‘wife belongs to the kitchen’ comment

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The Nigerian presidency is scrambling to fend off attacks being directed at President Muhammadu Buhari over his shocking remark that his wife belonged to his kitchen, his living room and the other room.

“I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room,” Mr. Buhari said Friday in the German capital, Berlin, in response to a remark by his wife, Aisha, that his government had been hijacked by a cabal.

The president’s comment, made while he was having a joint press conference with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, one of the world’s most powerful women, immediately triggered anger and condemnation across the world.

In Nigeria, citizens took to social media to condemn the president’s ‘primitive’ and ‘misogynist’ remark about his own wife.

Kayode Ogundamisi, a social commentator and activist, who campaigned hard to get Mr. Buhari elected in 2015, said the president’s views were not compatible with modern ideals.

“The president should know that his distorted thinking that Nigerian women or any woman for that matter belong in the bedroom or kitchen is unacceptable,” Mr. Ogundamisi said in a statement.

But as criticisms mounted, the presidency moved late Friday to downplay the president’s remark, saying Mr. Buhari was only joking.

“My friends, can’t a leader get a sense (of) humour anymore? Mr. President laughed before that statement was made,” Garba Shehu, the senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity, said in a statement published on twitter.

“He was obviously throwing a banter.

“Mr. President respects the place of women in our society. He believes in the abilities of women.

“Politics sometimes should be spiced with humour. Those of us around him know there is never a dull moment with him.

“One of Nigeria’s most sensitive office today is headed by a woman, Mrs. (Kemi) Adeosun. This is an evidence of the confidence he reposes on women.”

But Mr. Ogundamisi said Mr. Buhari’s remark was “not the kind of joke that the President of any country should be engaged in.”

“The president should know that the world has indeed moved on and that women play a very key role in our society,” he said.

The activist demanded immediate apology from Mr. Buhari for his comments, which he said constituted an embarrassment to Nigeria.

Mrs. Buhari had irked her husband when she gave an interview to the BBC saying a cabal had hijacked Mr. Buhari’s government and that she might not back his re-election in 2019 unless he shakes up his cabinet.

In the interview, Mrs. Buhari also said the president “does not know” most of the top officials he appointed to office.

Mr. Buhari has not indicated whether or not he will seek re-election, and according to his wife, he has not told his family too.

“He is yet to tell me (if he’ll seek re-election) but I have decided as his wife, that if things continue like this up to 2019, I will not go out and campaign again and ask any woman to vote like I did before. I will never do it again,” she said.

The Nigerian leader is allowed by the constitution to seek re-election for a second term in office.

Should he seek re-election, he is expected to be the candidate to beat for his All Progressives Congress, APC, party; although he could be challenged by former Vice President Atiku Abubakar who lost to him in the 2014 primaries.

Mrs. Buhari also gave indication of something which has caused silent anger amongst some leaders of the APC.

She said some of the president’s appointees did not share the vision of his party and were appointed because of the influence of a “few people.”

“Some people are sitting down in their homes folding their arms only for them to be called to come and head an agency or a ministerial position,” she said.

Asked to name those who had hijacked the government, she refused, saying: “You will know them if you watch television.”

One name that has been repeatedly mentioned as having a strong influence in Mr. Buhari’s appointments is his cousin, Mamman Daura.

Mr. Daura, who holds no official position, is said to be the most powerful man in the presidency and is said to have Mr. Buhari’s ears.

There had been rumours within the Aso Villa of him having clashes with Mrs. Buhari over his influence on the president.

On whether the president was in charge of his administration, Mrs. Buhari said: “That is left for the people to decide.”

Mrs. Buhari’s decision to go public with her concerns may shock many people, but it shows the level of discontent with the president’s leadership, the BBC quotes its reporter Naziru Mikailu, as saying Abuja.

Speaking further on the appointments, Mrs. Buhari said, “The president does not know 45 out of 50, for example, of the people he appointed and I don’t know them either, despite being his wife of 27 years.”
She also mentioned the improvement of security in the north-east as her husband’s major achievement.

“No-one is complaining about being attacked in their own homes. Thankfully everyone can walk around freely, go to places of worship, etc. Even kids in Maiduguri have returned to schools,” Mrs. Buhari said.


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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    It all just confirms that certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari is a dinosaur who wouldn’t have become President in any sane clime.

    • adegbola

      You must be one of those bitter pdpigs who is yet to recovered from the last defeat but this government of PMB will succeed because it’s sincerity in bringing about positive change in Nigeria.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        You are a buffoon. What’s my political leaning got to do with anything? Just go back to school to learn English.

        • adegbola

          Hahaha I laugh in Japanese

          • Seesaws

            Muhamadu Buhari is too local.

            He sounds and thinks like a fossil of the 19th century. He can save
            Nigeria’s blushes by keeping quiet. Muhamadu Buhari has never made sense
            at Press Interview. He talks nonsense for the most part.

  • taiwo

    Even if the president’s statement is a joke, he should come out and say so and apologise. No one expects a leader of a country to joke in response to a serious matter raised by his wife. Remember the ‘locker room talks of Donald Trump. Groping of women is being downplayed as a joke.

  • adegbola

    This is one of those challenges that comes with positive change and because of the sincerity of this government PMB will surely succeed irrespective of where ever the attack is coming from.

    • Busy Bees


      All I can
      say is sorry to the naïve Nigerians who look to President Muhamadu Buhari. He
      is too backward to conceive CHANGE and may actually need CHANGE himself
      because he doesn’t understand the world around him.

      President Buhari expressed a grating opinion on his wife’s place whilst
      standing beside a female Chancellor and head of government of Germany who will
      vicariously feel resentful at such talk.

      Someone with lax sense of description might
      classify President Buhari’s faux pas as another example of mordant humour, but
      wise heads know better what a primitive opinion of women sounds like.

  • Rosebud

    It was no joke, and even if it was, it was a joke taken too far. Her Excellency, First Lady Aisha Buhari is neither a house maid nor a sex slave which the so-called joke implied that she was. Garba can spin it anyway he wants, it won’t change the fact that some serious damage has been done. Those words flowed out from the abundance of Buhari’s heart, it was calculated, reflected upon and deliberate. When Buhari claims he doesn’t know what party our First Lady belongs to, what was he thinking? When he lumped our dearest First Lady along with the opposition, what was he saying? That our brave First Lady had turned coat and joined the PDP, all because she told him some home truths? Garba shares in this epic political fail by virtue of his office, and it’s no surprise that he now chokes on his own vomit.

    • Concerned

      Why is self interest always bring dressed up as the truth by certain sections of society
      Mrs Buhari’s comments had no real substance and came across as the ramblings of a woman spurned
      I agree his response should not have been expressed the way they were
      But the media attention on this storm in a teacup is both diversionary and sinister

      • Bigtin


      • Rosebud

        Ok, but it wasn’t Aisha’s reflections that kicked off that storm. It was Buhari’s contemptuous retort that did. It stopped being a storm in a teacup the moment Buhari opened his mouth. Look, Buhari showed the ugly face of religious fundamentalism for the whole world to see. You don’t call your wife and a nation’s First Lady, a maid and sex slave, on a world stage and think you can walk away with calling it a joke. Buhari should know Aisha is not merely his wife but our First Lady too, she’s not a trophy on his shelf but a woman who is most beloved to a great majority of Nigerians. She is as much a part of him as she is also a part of us.

    • Concerned

      Misrepresenting what happened and what was actually said – only adds credence to my comments

      Where were the words maid and sex slave used in his comment??

      Words similar to what he actually said have been used to describe the so called ‘perfect woman’ from a mans perspective

      They have never caused so much mock angst as in this instance

      • Rosebud

        You are better than this. Do not for the sake of an argument diminish your intellectual outlook publicly. Let me ask you, where does a sex slave belong? But of course, she belongs in the other room along with the sex toys. Where does a maid belong if not in the kitchen? Buhari doesn’t need to spell it out for anybody, the intention and meaning of his words was clear enough for the discerning to comprehend.

        • Concerned

          Your level of knowledge about slavery is at best amusing

          and where does the cook belong – or does your poor maid double up as both??

          • Rosebud

            Does it make it any better or more acceptable that he called her a cook?

          • Concerned

            Absolutely some cooks are Michelin starred and highly respected – and my mother is the best cook in the world and I love her for that !!

          • Rosebud

            Good, would that be saying that your mother belongs in the kitchen and in the other room?

          • Concerned

            If you read what I said as that you must either have dyslexia or some other affliction

          • Rosebud

            Why do you find it offensive for me to ask if your mother belongs to the kitchen or the other room? What’s sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander. If you find it offensive when applied to your mother, you should equally find it offensive for anyone else.

  • Willie Angus


    Muhamadu Buhari lacks exposure to understand global issues and sees democracy in terms of seizing
    national opportunities for 95% of those who voted for him. This is like announcing he’s a thief on CNN,
    because 65% of Nigerians who are neither registered to vote nor lawfully belonging to any party are
    those Muhamadu Buhari said he’ll rob of their property rights for the benefit of only those who voted
    for him. I am ashamed that his media aides cannot think that Muhamadu Buhari is an outrage to be
    hidden away from the world audience. Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina do Nigeria no favours.

  • Ahmed m sabitu

    It’s unfortunate that our inconpetent president could not manage his home properly,how can we expect him to manage our country. Just one single wife a whole general cannot handle

    • wode

      And what do you mean by him handling her, to beat her, tie her down or divorce her? Are you married at all? Do you know anything about handling or managing women, who are of different characters like the men folk? Is the fact that the office of the first lady is not declared and virtually non-existence in this administration not enough what a principle husband should do?

      • Ahmed m sabitu

        What Oga madam was complaining is the cable surrounding her husband to be precise Mammam Daura and his boy kyari,what I mean by handling is he should separate his affairs with his uncle from that of his wife so that they should not be having a conflicting interest on national issues. I’m married for the past 14years now I have two wives almost 7tears now so I think I have little experience of handling women.on issues of First Lady office kwankwaso governs Kano for eight year have u ever hear or see his wife even in television in any function? That a principle husband

        • Rosebud

          Why do you bother with a retard? Can’t you see the delusional creep is a wife beater and abuser, undeserving of even a gesture from your middle finger. Wode ko, ode ma ni.

  • George

    Mr. Kayode Ogundamisi is among the must diabolical Yorubas that ever exist. He campaigned
    hard to get Mr. Buhari elected in 2015 that brought this calamities upon the Nation Nigeria and now he is saying the president’s views were
    not compatible with modern ideals and I WANT TO ASK MR. KAYODE A QUESTION;;;;; which of the Buhari views that ever compatible in his life time to moderm ideals?

    Could Kayode honestly point one of the Buhari views that compatible to human or moderm ideals.

    Its terrible the Yorubas voted for him out of anger against GEJ because he is from minority region otherwise Buhari has nothing doing near government house not to talk of him being a president of any country. Its a big shame to Yoruba in particular and Nigeria in general.

  • George

    Just imaging this man calling his own adopted wife a MAID and SEX slave far away in Germany.

    This will show you how this man is seeing us the rest Nigerians if he could described his own wife in that manner.

    His wife belong to kitchen, bed room and other room for exploration in sexology. Waoooooooooo up Buhari and this seconded Mr. Dino views on Tinubu Remi. APC is the best.

    • Gee

      Who called who a “sex slave”? You should be mindful of your words . Just because he has done something wrong doesn’t mean he has gone that far. Just be careful what you say to your leaders, because whether you like it or not they are your leaders.

      • Rosebud

        Mr Man, the bedroom is for Mr & Mrs, the other room for the sex slave and sex toys. Did you hear Mr Buhari say “bedroom”? You should grow some balls and condemn leadership when it goes awry.

  • Lawrence Efana

    Much to admire from the First Lady. The picture in this particular post speaks of a very “tender” wife. One so in love with her husband. One who somewhat sees deep and to be figurative here feels the need to open-up, intrude/share within the family circle, knowing that the presidency is the “house” of advisers and experts. What is done out of pure family love in the public sphere might, of-course, be risky and so subject to rational and irrational interpretations and reactions. You probably might ask: was it better to make it the “other room” discourse theme (me and you)? Emotional feelings can also pressure, in which case it takes a lot to understand and manage. Two things are therefore interesting in this episode: (a) the 1st lady’s public action/the complicity of politics in a rough and almost broken nation/the timing, place, style and medium to let-go-it all; (b) the President’s choice of words when responding to the emotional situation, possibly as tempting as it could be for him. Could he have taken time to do what the 1st Lady forgot as a result of emotion and pressure? This is where we enter into the handling situation room in which two wrongs hardly make a right! The reactionary forces outside might probably not know all the story. That is, the public space is wild and opportunistic in situations like this! This is a situation in which pressure, emotion, power, culture, sense of freedom and opportunity tap in. To judge right, you have to distribute the factors among: (i) public sphere interests, (ii) the 1st Lady’s drive and the President’s (husband) response in the heat of confusion! Since the 1st is always what it is anywhere in the world; it would probably have been better if the 3rd recognizes while responding to the 2nd, that to whom much is given, much is desired. It might not culturally be simple though it pays always to be positively sensitive and forewarned. But under pressure for all, it would be a disservice to go too far blaming and scandalizing. Nigeria is a country with layers of problems. They pile-up, produce heat that busts in different ways like smoke – with fire in some places. That makes people near and far nervous and even sometimes rash in reactions. To work under pressure is a balancing game, but pressure itself is never too good. The contents of Mrs. Buhari’s interview with the BBC should not be easily dismissed on competence issues of political appointees – the presidency’s staff to make her husband less exposed to certain attacks and criticisms. At the same time, political appointments are what they often are – more challenging because of how the APC in the heat of the elections got itself organized as a single political force (party). It can be difficult for the President to know all the appointees well and deeply. Names are given, processed and accepted for mandated functions. Reshuffles are possible. You have also to chance trusting in politics. But for a country with Nigerian political history, life-style of peoples, levels of commitment and quality of service rendered, chancing that trust – even if by intent you are good and honest can be dangerous for a leader. The rampant corruption is a part of the reason. Mrs. Buhari does well to stand by her husband and brush-up his awareness – even if we know we can be made to learn more and do better. The case of the dominating position of the President’s uncle has been of great concern for a long time in the administration – with the challenging question: can the President moderate it all and truly show that he is the leader? Nations learn. People learn. Our lives and our relative senses of perfections are formed out of many debris: trials and errors. We often come out stronger by learning to listen, think and reason deeply, watch and see, even if we sometimes or most of the times have to do that with the help of others. Moments of peace of mind are a great asset. Let’s not feed on scandals and trouble-making but pray for God’s wisdom, forgiveness, love and mercy. We can shape the path of the progress we want with humility and hard work.

  • thusspokez

    “My friends, can’t a leader get a sense (of) humour anymore? Mr. President laughed before that statement was made,” Garba Shehu, the senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity, said in a statement published on twitter.

    I don’t know of any spokesperson of any head of state in the world who posts comments as much as Garba Shehu does.

    Garba Shehu needs help to cure his addictions and delusion because he seems to believe that he can run government from social media. He is not only a social media addict but also suffers from delusion.

    His boss is currently in Germany and I am wondering if he has contacted him for verification — as any professional spokesperson would do — before rushing off to social media?

    • wode

      And what do you expect his work to be if not to talk about and represent the president? How does the separation of of geographical presence of the actors matter in timely communication, most especially in the age that we are. I don’t see any point criticizing Garba in this case. He’s doing his job and doing it very well. My take!

      • thusspokez

        And what do you expect his work to be if not to talk about and represent the president?

        I am not sure that he represents the view of his boss. We have seem in the past and on several occasion where he had said one thing only to be contradicted by Buhari himself.

        Issuing official statement on behalf the office of a head of state is not a simple matter of one spokesperson rushing off to social media. There are procedure to follow; there is investigation, scripts to read, verification before agreeing on an official text to release. It is only then that the spokespersons would issue a public statement. I don’t think that this is the way Garba Shehu works; he seems to be one-man band.

        • wode

          Is there any evident to suggest that he hasn’t spoken to his boss? He can’t just keep quite for goodness sake. We are in information age where news spread in an unimaginable proportion and dimension. A wrong impression needs to be corrected to douse and correct a misinterpretation and that has to be done fast. In my view, that’s what he has done.

          • Rosebud

            Look! Just STFU!

          • thusspokez

            Is there any evident to suggest that he hasn’t spoken to his boss?

            I should likewise ask you about your own evidence that he had discussed the issue with his boss? But let’s be serious here.

            Buhari insulted not just his wife but women in general and a lot of Nigerians and western women would take this personally. He was also disrespectful to his host Angela Merkel.

            The insult and damage was done in Germany, but (as I type), there is still no press release or an apology in Germany from Buhari’s spokesperson with him to quell the shock and displeasure in the German press.

            If Garba Shehu had discussed the issue with he boss, unless Garba Shehu is a mediocre spokesperson, commonsense would dictate that a press statement be release by Buhari’s spokesperson accompanying him to the German press. This has however not been done either because Garba Shehu has not discussed the serious matter with his boss or Garba Shehu has no clue how to handle this sort of situation.

            It is naive and inept of Garba Shehu to think that writing a few lines in his Facebook or twitter that his boss was joking will make the matter go away. How many Germans and Western media organisations follow him on his Facebook or twitters?

          • wode

            Apology for what? I give up!

      • Rosebud

        Your take ke? Olodo! Garba Shehu is on all fours lapping up his vomit with damage control and all you can add is geographical presence and timely communication? O ma se o!

  • Excisionist

    The impression one has about northern Nigeria Muslim women is that they are neither meant to be seen nor heard. But Mrs Buhari has shown herself to be different, apparently due to her education and family background. She is highly educated compared to Buhari and she comes from a powerful well to do family there in the North.

    Her statements in the interview show that she can connect with the feelings and aspirations of ordinary Nigerians. She can as well connect with their sufferings at this time and, despite the risks, she is not afraid to say it. By this, she has earned my respect and, I believe, the respect of millions of Nigerians. She thinks like a true leader. The kind of leader that Nigeria is yet to have.

    @thussspokez has described the consequence of Buharis’ reaction in the most appropriate way. He talks like someone who does not understand the world we live in. He has stirred the hornet’s nest. Not ony German women, women around the world, Particularly in the West will be up in arms. I pity Buhari, not because o what Aisha said but because of consequences of his own reckless utterances

    • Du Covenant

      How quickly we forget things in Nigeria this is why we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Do you remember when insults were hurled at Mrs Turai Yar’adua for doing what the current first Lady probably aspires?. Nigerians called Mrs Turai as over bearing, controlling and even accused of running Yar’adua’s government? I have no problems if the first lady is a registered member of a political party with her own convictions. After Mrs Patience’s performance as a first lady Nigerians started questioning what the so called office of the first lady means in our country?. I agree Buhari’s choice of words on this occasion was not appropriate in this day and age especially when being hosted by a pragmatic and visionary leader-Mrs Merkel, it was unfortunate. By the same token our first lady has no business discussing policy issues in a trap set by the BBC. Being the wife of a President alone does not qualify her to engage in policy discussions about our country and we should condemn such nonsense too!.

      • Shehu

        I did not read where the first lady was discussing policy issues.
        She was worried that people that did not know how the party came into being are now running the govt .
        She might have spoken to her husband many times . But since Buhari does not listen to anybody , she decided to voice out her frustrations.

        • Sir Louis


  • Scatter

    I think it was meant to be a light-hearted joke, aimed at laughing at himself, but made at the wrong place and in the company of a wrong person — a female leader of global standing.

  • ed

    That’s the man we elected president.

  • wode

    For me, it’s wrong for Mrs Buhari to have criticized her husband in public in such manner. It’s most unfortunate. With a lot of pressure the husband is going through, she shouldn’t have aggravated it. Yes, she can always have contrary opinion to that of her husband and they can both “fight” and disagree indoors based on principle, that is not to say that she should go to public like this. You hardly see this type of thing elsewhere. Those that are praising her are just unmindful, or care less, of the risk to her, her marriage and the family bond. They too need to put themselves in Buhari’s shoe. The husband would find it very difficult to believe that she is not actually being used by some other forces outside which put him, as her husband, at any form of risk. Mrs Buhari needs to be guarded and she should never be carried away by the antics of politicians to the detriment of her own self, her husband and the family at large. Her husband really needs her unalloyed support to be successful. She should know that all politicians, both the accusers and the accused, always love to be in control.

    For the PMB’s comment, immediately I heard it, I knew it was a humorous response to dispel further public discussion of division within the family. The comment was an expensive joke anyway, given the environment and different perceptions by different people of different orientations. By and large, I don’t see it as something that people should unnecessarily magnify into further public discussion. There is a lot more troubling the nation that need our energy to be directed to. Husband and wife would meet where none of us is and they would settle their differences. Life goes on.

    • Rosebud

      Bla, bla, bla… and l guess that makes it ok for him to call her a house maid and sex slave ba? That is what you consider humorous and a joke?

      • Oladele

        He said “My wife” not my house maid or sex slave. SO get your nose off their affairs OK!

        • wode

          There are some people that don’t really deserve your response. I mean the sick ones.

        • Rosebud

          So, do you think your own mother belongs in the kitchen and the other room? Is that what you heard your father say to her? Is it the same thing you say to own wife? Is it what you’re teaching your own daughter to believe, that her place is in the kitchen and the other room? If it isn’t, why not? If it is, then your mother and wife are sex slaves and housemaids, irrespective of if you know it or not.

        • Shehu

          Buhari indirectly referred to his wife as a maid. It is a house maid that belongs to the kitchen.
          He also insinuated his wife is meant for sex when he said” and the other room ” meaning the bedroom”.

          • dele20

            It seems you lack wisdom of what PMB means,……. So,if I may ask, is your wife the head of the family?

    • Oladele

      Because you have common sense. I am so disappointed in Kayode Ogundamisi, I never knew he is such a sick guy. I recognised that as a joke immediately too. The woman was discussing “Kitchen” cabinet so her husband joked that she is also a member of the same cabinet she is critisising just to douse the tension and make people move on!

      • Factsay

        Which part is joke? Is it that she doesnt belong to any political party or that he has superior knowledge bcoz he has succeeded in becoming president?

  • Bee

    All the time we have been warning of such imminent disasters, the backlash commentators
    always claim that our comment s are either sponsored by or from PDP. Now we
    have a situation where Buhari was not in a Bar where people throw jabs at one
    another neither was he there on a personal visit or political outing, but as
    the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Infact what Buhari said in this
    podium is almost tantamount to what Nigeria’s Opinion is, the proclaimed lovers
    and haters of Buhari alike, the aim of the official visit notwithstanding.
    Of cause one does not need to guess long to know that there is a family problem, and
    that is where I am most concerned. Here is Aisha being a woman, doing exactly
    what women are good at in such situations, and that is talk to whoever is ready
    to listen. On the other hand every man knows or should know that the best
    quality a man could ever possess is being able to ignore or rather not respond
    to every jab, coming from the other side as we can never equal them in this
    property Mother Nature has given them. As I wish them well, I just hope that the extended families (even though now being
    taken for granted but one of the greatest gift God gave Africa) of both sides
    swing immediately into action to restore cordiality.
    But exactly here is where I have problem with Buhari’s media advisers who all along were
    busy with presenting the Chibok girls which they deem the highlight to be
    discussed with Berlin to buttress whatever request they were to make. They
    forgot or rather ignored the ignited family fire which I am sure they should be
    away of. Even the BBC interview of Aisha I presume should have been known to
    them prior to it being broadcasted. But behold just as all attention was at the
    Chibok girls, the bombshell exploded from the family side .Comparable to a
    student in Bible knowledge exams who prepared very well for questions about Moses,
    but surprisingly in the exam he was presented with questions about Jesus. An
    articulated crisis management signs which could mean things as simple as do not
    comment seems also to be lacking and could have saved the country such
    embarrassment. Yet here we are in such an embarrassment, and Garba Shehu has
    the guts to call it a Joke from the President. Simply adding insult to injury.

  • haba mallam

    This time both the president and his wife made silly comments I hope they learn from it and move on. The president need to change his entire press crew and seek a more sophisticated image make.

    • chukwuemeka chimereze

      Oga, this not about media/ press crew, its a simple truth of an uncultured or uncivilized man far removed from civilization, politeness and the new world order. Not even being in the presence of a smart woman leader, could have sting him to know that women presently has more and efficient role to play now than before. Or could have Angele Merkel’s husband said such role is fit for his wife seeing the tremendous growth Germany witnessed under her care and watch, what has Buhari offered first as a head of state and now as a president compared to what she have achieved? So let him go and hire a million press crew, they’ll never speak for him in any one on one press interview

      • Haba mallam

        If you think the President is not aware of a such a simple issues that you just stated above, such as women rights and respect then you’re the most ignorant, uncultured, uncivilized and I may add primitive person in this country. President Buhari is a devout Muslim and he knows what the its means to be a husband, a father and a leader. We have total confidence in his intellectual capabilities. Our president is not a coward who curse in dark when nobody is there, our president is an honest man who walk the walk and talk the talk EVEN in the presence Mrs Merkel who has no husband but a boyfriend fornicating on a daily basis, our president doesn’t need her to say the truth, he is maigaskiya. You see that’s the difference between you IBOS and us FULANI we say what we say and the world can go to hell.

        • Sir Louis

          And yet with all these great qualities, Buhari went to Germany to beg for help!

        • onyema22ohaka

          Still shows the anachronistic Islamic relic you & ur buhari are.Embrace your ignorance moron! .

          • Haba mallam

            Alhamdulilah they called me a moron, Allah I thank you, wallahi I could have been very worried if this man called smart.

        • chukwuemeka chimereze

          Its only an ignoramus brings up religion as a defence system to a pure truth from heart. You’re living by a standard not yours but borrowed from your Mohammed and expect me to join issues with you. I quote no fools as such.

          Ordinarily, I don’t talk or reply fools such as you too, but I think I may put you in your better place when you do judge others.

      • Mufu Ola

        See who’s talking of “culture& civilization”.Buhari may have gaffed but a lot of hypocrites are on the loose.Especially those whose culture does not even respect women in the 1st case & don’t believe they deserve elementary things like inheritances & treat just as baby manufacturers.

        • chukwuemeka chimereze

          When a kid thinks from clueless assertion a wise man knows too well. Let the statistics do the calculation when it comes to success of women from the east in areas of education, freedom and upbringing.

          You can dance around about baby factory as though you are a product of it. Lolz.

  • FreeNigeria

    Buhari just need to take his wife’s advise before Nigeria fall in his head. The affairs of Nigeria is not a joke. Except if he considers himself a clown

    • haba mallam

      You mean the clown looking at you in the mirror!

    • dele20

      PMB is meant to be re-elected in2019, PMB is really working great

      • onyema22ohaka

        This can only be great for afonja & almajiri reprobates. Enjoy it!

        • dele20


          • onyema22ohaka

            Not suprised as you’re used to trash.
            Enjoy it!

  • Bulldozer

    PMB….All your press interviews has always been controversial like this. Can somebody please advice him to stop granting press interviews? You are completely out of tune with modernity and civilization no wonder the country is falling apart. I weep for Nigeria.