How we plan to free more Chibok girls – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed optimism on the release of more of the kidnapped Chibok girls, after 21 of them were freed by Boko Haram Thursday, following more than two years of captivity.

Speaking at a joint press conference with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday in Berlin, President Buhari said negotiations will continue until all the girls secure their freedom.

“On the Chibok girls, we have been able to secure the release of 21 of them, so over 100 more are still in the hands of the terrorists somewhere in the Lake Chad Basin area which include Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria.

“In getting this 21 out, we hope we will get enough intelligence to go about securing the rest of them.

“We are very grateful to the UN for their participation in trying to secure the release of these girls.

“Please don’t forget that as a result of terrorism in Nigeria, no fewer than 37,000 Nigerians were killed by Boko Haram.

“Right now we have about 2 million people in IDP camps, 60 per cent of them are women and children and 60 per cent of those children are orphaned.

“This is a major challenge for government; we have to provide infrastructure especially for education and health, take them back to their villages and towns and reintegrate them so that they can have normal life,” he said.

The president thanked the German government for their humanitarian assistance and support for Nigeria in dealing with the effects of terrorism.

Responding to a question on the BBC interview with his wife, Aisha, the president said his wife and the opposition needed to appreciate the depth of the problems he met on the ground.

He caused laughter at the press conference when he said: “I claim superior knowledge compared to her and the opposition,” referring to his three attempts at the polls to become president of Nigeria over a 12-year period, succeeding in the fourth attempt.

He also said; “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room”.


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    After more than two years in captivity by Boko Haram, Nigeria’s government now said today that 21 of the schoolgirls whose abduction triggered the #BringBackOurGirls campaign have been released. But in APRIL 2014, the Nigerian military said over 100 of these abducted girls were freed; IN APRIL 2015, same army said it rescued 200 of the same girls; then May 2016 (this year), the very same military again claimed it rescued over 100 of the hostages. Please read the links below and be the judge in the CHIBOK SCAM – the biggest CAMPAIGN RIP-OFF in Nigeria’s history.

    APRIL 2014


    KANO, Nigeria (CNN) – Heavily armed men descended on the school as the girls slept. Bullets flew as guards fought back, but they lost. The men, Boko Haram militants, herded more than 100 students onto buses, vans and trucks and drove off, flanked by motorcycles, authorities said. It was not immediately clear how the girls became free. Their conditions were also not clear.

    •Red Cross Refutes Nigerian Presidency’s Story On Release Of Chibok Girls

    Red Cross Refutes Nigerian Presidency’s Story On Release Of Chibok Girls -WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Burbank

      The Red Cross did NOT refuted the Nigerian Presidency’s story, LIAR.
      The Red Cross was a neutral intermediary to ensure that the girls are released safely.

      “The role we played was neutral intermediary.”
      Elodie Schindler, Spokesperson
      www premiumtimesng com/news/headlines/212743-red-cross-speaks-role-release-21-chibok-girls.html


    was it the Shekau Boko haram Fulani fighters that released the said girls–or the group with the backing of ISIS———————PLS LET US KNOW THE TRUTH–SINCE THE RED CROSS SAID THEY WERE NOT INVOLVED IN THE NEGOTIATION AND RELEASE OF THE FAKE CHIBOK GALS

    • Iskacountryman

      shekau has promised to pick up a fresh set…so the account will balance…

    • Burbank

      They were release by Donald Trump from your cupboard.

  • Iskacountryman

    shekau has just announced that he released the 21 so that he could pick up fresh ones…

  • Simeon Nigel

    It has become very clear today that president Muhammadu Buhari do not have respect and value our Nigerian women. It is sad also that our President do not care to show some dignity towards women, too. Our dear mother and her excellency Aisha M. Buhari is now being classed as only belonging to the Kitchen. President M. Buhari should not forgets that our dear mother and her excellency Aisha Buhari did political campaign so hard in the last 2015 general election for Buhari as her husband and the president should not, at the end appears, to be robbing muds on her past electoral campaign efforts after he has now already won the presidential election in 2015 yr and then he is vomiting an open disrespecting, unkind, dehumanizing and ‘vile’ comment about our beautiful and dear national mother. Her excellency Aisha Buhari is also the Nigeria national president too as she is now representing the entire Nigerian female folks in the Country. By this premium times’ readers comment and opinion forum platform, I am hereby calling upon all those Nigerian organisations and NGOs fighting for women rights today in Nigeria that they all should now start challenging and boldly take-on our Daddy President M.Buhari over his unkind comment over our dear and her excellency mother, Aisha Buhari. She cannot be only assigns to Buhari’s kitchen status but significantly also as our current special mother being that she is by far the best closer confident to our Daddy Buhari, and equally also the best national adviser to the President than his so called all Federal Government appointees and special advisers put together, but they are the ‘inner’ enemies which M. Buhari probably is not even aware of his top advisers of destructive scheming. See what happened to his immediate past President Jonathan E. Goodluck.

    • Burbank

      “See what happened to his immediate past President Jonathan E. Goodluck.”

      That’s what happened to you when you allow your wife or anyone else to step on your head.

      • Simeon Nigel

        Her excellency Aisha M Buhari does not appear to have, (by any standards or norms), step on the head of our Daddy M.Buhari. She is only expressing a situation that Nigerians the world over, to know about something brewing badly that were not going on correctly in the seat of power these days, that all. Do not forget that Aisha Buhari is also a president per say as she stands to be representing all of Nigerian women folks and growing ups girls and daughters in the whole of the entire Nigeria landscape. You should know now, since you present yourself as more educated that also do specializes only to criticize and not making any form of intellectual inputs with your half-baked Nigeria Universities system of education which is full of infested a cultism practices and where training of how to kill fellow students are so rampant or so much prevalent as well as our Nigerian universities girls, our Nigerian future mothers, are practicing prostitution by “doing runs” with sugar daddies and also all Nigerian universities often having a very short studying time and what follows very often is strikes upon strikes for months and thereafter all students later considered graduated. This is the sortsof learning education system that you have had in your life in Nigeria. I school and studied in Europe in my entire life as opposed to your half-baked education system. No wonders that you are only good at criticizing in negatives ways and your thinking faculty is always negative due to your graduation from Nigerian universities’ infested with a cultism studentship understanding ways in you.

        • Burbank

          Well, if only the 16 years of PDP misrule had not destroyed the local universities.

  • Busy Bees

    Editor Sir,

    All I can
    say is sorry to the naïve Nigerians who look to President Muhamadu Buhari. He
    is too backward to conceive CHANGE and may actually need CHANGE himself
    because he doesn’t understand the world around him.

    President Buhari expressed a grating opinion on his wife’s place whilst
    standing beside a female Chancellor and head of government of Germany who will
    vicariously feel resentful at such talk.

    Someone with lax sense of description might
    classify President Buhari’s faux pas as another example of mordant humour, but
    wise heads know better what a low opinion of women sounds like.

    • Pointblank2000


      • Simeon Nigel

        Pointblank2000, I really support your powerful comment and you are very correct, yes Buhari has now turns in the person of a MEGALOMANIAC of a kind, believed me. I am extremely shocked about his comment on his wife whom is our beautiful, dear mother, Her excellency Aisha M. Buhari.

        • Burbank

          “I am extremely shocked about his comment on his wife whom is our beautiful, dear mother, Her excellency Aisha M. Buhari.”

          No need to be shocked – you treat your wife worse than Buhari.

      • Burbank


        Especially those corrupt judges and politicians that looted you for decades.

    • Simeon Nigel

      You are very right and I do like your comment which actually did hit the correct ‘cord’ and our daddy President M. Buhari should read this your vital comment himself, which I so wish that he should come across it. Or either his media team should draw his attention to this your comment. As he will be ashamed of his himself. Also I will be expecting him to strongly apologize to our dear and the most beautiful mother, Her excellency Aisha Buhari immediately and urgently at that. We will continue to be challenging him every steps of the way if he fail to apologize to our mother, Aisha Buhari soon.

      • Burbank

        “We will continue to be challenging him every steps of the way if he fail to apologize to our mother, Aisha Buhari soon.”

        Start by apologizing to your own mother for being a useless offspring.

        • Simeon Nigel

          Burbank, you are residing inside the dustbin of Nigeria environment because you have no known value and dignity ever left in you no more, because you are living a lowest and nuisance begger kind of life under the current Nigeria economic recession biting you so hard, and that hunger is eating you so deep that your low life is to be eating a hard left over load of bread, and no wonders you are an offspring of a smelly ghetto environment in one of those Nigerian cities. People like you is sadness to humanity on earth because you are no different from those Boko Haram human blood suckers and heartless thinking low life like you. Please, try to fly into USA, spring corner in South Dakota or fly into UK and come to Manchester, probably I will see your ugly low life face and I will give you some pounds sterling to enable you feeds up your hungry wretched life in Nigeria.

          • Burbank

            Have you apologized to your own mother for being a useless offspring?

          • Simeon Nigel

            It is you thath ought to apologise to our one and only mother Aisha M Buhari for your support to Buhari vile comment against his one only wife. I am sure you are one of those who do not value women in your life. I beleived

          • Burbank

            So you have not.

        • emmanuel

          He is trully a useless offspring.

    • Burbank

      You, as an enemy of progress at work, should start taking your cyanide medicine.

  • Simeon Nigel

    Everyone have now ultimately knows by far better about this evil Boko Haram sects, the murderous and vicious killers of a satanic nature were being supported by those United Nations-(UN) members states that all along were having the most odious hatred for Nigeria as a country in Africa, due to the fact that Nigeria is posing a growing nation in Africa and also becoming rapidly powerful in the entire Africa sub-regions and as a result, those countries, including powerful countries, got into a destructive planned of a subversive nature of economic and unrest attacks against our dear fatherland, Nigeria. No wonders that Abubaker Shekau has been so confidently displaying deadliest “youtube” videos to the whole world to see without a possible trace, despite for all the most highest advance technologies now available these days, and all the Europeans-EU, and world’s most powerful countries did only stood-by and merely also only watching without even assisting and helping Nigeria to eliminating this murderous, evil, satanic and vicious killers like Boko Haram completely. And this same group are yet to tell the whole world as to which particular verses of the Islam’s scared holy book, Quran, that actually sanction and supporting their wanton killings, just imagine over 37,000-(Thirty-seven thosands human beings souls) were gruesomely killed whilst many others were wickedly buried ‘alive’ for Voodoo practices and Fetish sacrifices by this same deadliest killers, Boko Haram sects. How I wish all Boko Haram members should be ‘roasted alive’ as well as they should be put inside a shallow hole and have them baths with raw acids liquid for them to also feels the agony, pains and miseries they had also deeply caused in their 7 years deadliest insurgency in North-East of Nigeria.

    • Burbank

      Just like IPOB and the Niger Dleta terrorists, the Boko Haram terrorists must be killed without mercy.

  • Simeon Nigel

    Omoroyo you’re perfectly right

  • St

    Dem dey use una play media panorama, una dey believe or u think say if them get issues dem nor go sort am for inside house… Kudos to the president for the progress so far and pains accumulated too. If you don’t believe these girls lost their homes and parents, then pray it happens to you too, so that when you are more than 1000m from me, I nor go still believe your story for TV. Thanks for Security to this level now

  • emmanuel

    El-Rufai is coming fast and swift while you are busy with propaganda and do-nothing. Atiku is visiting everybody hoping to win Presidency after three attempts, Tinubu is working hard to remove the carpet, Sherif is destroying to have a smooth sail.
    In all, Foolani have just blown their chances for good.

  • Lanre

    Thank you Muhammudu Buhari. Now I see the game plan. Each time there is a crisis (arrest of judges); more girls will be released. And the game continues for the next two years. Good luck to gullible Nigerians.

    • Olatubosun

      Our president is working.
      Nigeria is progressing let’s support the agent of change for the brighter future of our glorious country

  • Olatubosun

    God bless my president……….
    You are more than a leader……….

  • Olatubosun

    Thank you my president

  • Olatubosun

    President Mohammed buhari is working towards a great development.
    Our girls must come back…… Thank you my president.