How 21 missing Chibok girls were freed — Officials

Chibok girls being accompanied by soldiers after their release 

Photo Credit: CNN
Chibok girls being accompanied by soldiers after their release
Photo Credit: CNN

The Nigerian government has given an insight into the negotiations that led to the release of 21 Chibok school girls.

A confirmation the girls had been freed came Thursday morning.

The girls –nearly 300 – were abducted by the extremist sect Boko Haram on April 14, 2014, from a secondary school in Chibok.

Some 50 of the girls managed to escape and about 218 of them are still missing.

Previous efforts by two Nigerian administrations to free the girls were not successful.

The latest success came after the intervention of the Red Cross and the Swiss government.

“The release of the girls, in a limited number is the outcome of negotiations between the administration and the Boko Haram brokered by the International Red Cross and the Swiss government,” a statement issued by presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu, said.

He said the talks will continue.

Separately, officials briefed about the deal told PREMIUM TIMES that the girls were swapped for four Boko Haram insurgents. Names of the militants were not released.

Boko Haram demanded the release of its members held by the government, as condition for freeing the girls.

The officials told PREMIUM TIMES that the exchange took place Wednesday night when Nigerian military officials, alongside personnel of United Nations, Red Cross and National Emergency Management Agency, conveyed four Boko Haram militants by a chopper to Banki, a border town in Bama local government area of Borno State.

There, 21 released girls were picked up. The girls were brought into Maiduguri Air Force base at about 8.30a.m.
A source said most of the girls had babies.

They were immediately flown to Abuja at 9a.m.

Many residents of Maiduguri were woken by the sounds of aircraft hovering in the air Thursday morning.


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  • Rommel

    I hope those Boko Haram people were properly primed before being handed over

  • gamba

    They had impregnated the poor girls!
    Honestly, this religion gives me the shivers.

    • jon

      They have destroyed the lives of those girls by impregnating them.

      • emmanuel

        The religion is driven by sex, greed, violence and deceit.
        A guy who had committed so much evil sat down reviewed the Jewish religion and Christian faith, went ahead to produce a document called quran and began a religion that has unleashed violence in the World.
        The man was known to be adulterous, greedy, incestuous, paedophile and covetous. He took what belonged to others; including wives, properties and land.
        How else does anyone expect his followers to be sane?

        • Nasir Deedat

          Your father really waste school fees money. Bastard son of a DOG.

          • Alhaji

            Is everything he says not true?

          • emmanuel

            a dog that paid my school fee is better than your ragtag father who dwell in the bush with cows and have s*x with them.
            You foolanis are liars by heritage and birth. So you tell lies that fall through each time you do that, like this recent one.
            Tell us about Mohammed, i have done in-depth research of that man and can only conclude you are demented to follow such a character with the little education you have had.

        • Baker

          These your statements testify clearly that you cannot be sane. Pls prove me wrong. What a pity!

          • emmanuel

            prove me wrong if your people who engage in violence across the World are not doing same to have seventy virgins when they die for such cause? Tell me how much you know of Mohammed?
            Have you ever read or researched to have the geniuses in the World think like zombies?
            My brain is not dead and i cannot serve a defenceless god!

          • Baker

            Silence is a better answer for people like you.

          • emmanuel

            complete it ….. ‘best answer to a f**l’
            Geniuses can not be f**ls. Think!

        • Shehu

          You will never see peace in your life by the grace of Almighty Allah.

          • emmanuel

            God give peace, not some miscreants like you. Have you ever offered anyone peace since you were born?

  • emmanuel

    Are these Chibok school girls or girls from Chibok community abducted by Boko Haram?We need someone to clear the air on this.
    It would be nice if some independent Chibok people brief Nigerians through mediu, outside of FG’s arrangee press briefing. We have not heard anything of the last two shows on Chibok Girls, the ones whose mother and brother were dislodged and dislocated from the girls.
    We already have Cinema houses across Nigeria and do not want to be bored by open air drama in the midst of depression.
    Abi na the numan right abuse in the recemnt killing of sh’ite muslims una wan cover up?

    • Abi

      I wonder how people waste their precious time responding to this disgusting apes from the shoeless grand looters Kingdom of evil. It will never be well with you. Baby factory products.

      • emmanuel

        Hahahahahaha, e don better for me finish and God dey keep the little when he give me.
        Alhaji Bingo never start you dey talk. Hunger go finish you before you realise.
        N350 billion and N280 billion said to be released to contractors is a big lie – no cash backing.
        Nigeria has gone back to the foolani way of life – begging. AB has gone to Germany to beg.

        • Mufu Ola

          Better for u? With the kind of brain you have? Unless you’re “tibitibi”

  • dami

    This is really sweet / bitter news
    It’s good they are free, but how and why are these girls pregnant?
    And then we have some people here arguing for dasuki’s release…claiming that he deserves human rights and rule of law…like as if his indirect victims (these girls) are getting human rights and rule of law.

    Pls those of you that supported the brazen theft of monies meant to equip our boys to motivate them to fight this evil pls come and wail some explanations here…or is because none of your daughters were kidnapped? You stay in your homes and comment on premium times in comfort and security and you feel others are not going through the horror of these scum of the earth called boko haram…therefore it is ok?

    May dasuki and his co-looters rot forever.

    Well done messers Buhari and co….there are still more to be released, pls go on do not be deterred.

    • blueeyedkitten

      Amen. May they never see the light of the day. Evil men!

    • Burning Spear

      These childish propaganda by the Apes in APC does not hold water any longer in Nigeria————And it is a shame that a man like Bingo Buhari, who since he assumed the mantle of leadership from the American CIA—has not till date bought a single arms for the soldiers—and been depending on the weapons purchased by Ijaw man Jonathan, with my crude oil revenue from the SS, will still have the guts to have Hired TROLLES in APC—- sing his praise–here again and again without an iota of shame-?-DISTURBING OUR EARS with the same songs which now sounds like music from a broken record–to us————–Aware it is nothing but lies—————Why is Bingo Buhari refusing to prosecute Dasuki for all to see——–?—–Jonathan used his Security votes as it pleased him–with Dasuki—There was never a period in the history of Nigeria where gentlemen Jonathan, took money meant for the purchase of arms—and used it for politics as Fulani Buhari-has been trying to tell Nigerians————U can only sell these fake news items to——the poor Yoruba ati Fulani women and men in the rural areas–of Mali and Togo-Not us–in Nigeria pls———Animals————————–

      • ricky

        You should be ashamed of yourself, you are so deluded and mentally fragmented I feel sorry for the people who live around you, people who have to put up with u everyday

        • emmanuel

          Guy only you dey use a hundred moniker, na wa for you.

  • Kelly

    Nigeria is dealing with the biggest scam of the millennium, Now this is the new deal, any time there is an uproar against this government’s failure or high handedness, they will release a set of Chiok girls to divert attention. This is what we will be dealing with from henceforth. Their will be a release of Chibok girl or girls any time the government is under scrutiny, to keep the press and other people busy. This man has no single integrity

    • Stephen

      If your clueless brother from Otu-eke had released them to divert attention as you claim, Nigerians won’t have voted him out, weither they were released to divert attention or not good people of Nigeria are happy with this news. Congrats fellow Nigerians

      • Kelly

        Your myopic and little mind told you that there is anything called chibok right? when you come back from the fools paradise that you are presently, then we can talk about the Nigerian project, for now you are among the noisy mob that have been hoodwinked with the daily propaganda because they know your brain is on vacation. Pathetic!!!

      • emmanuel

        Which girls? chibok village girls abducted during the crises or Chibok school girls abducted. Were are the two they scammed Nigerians and the world with this year?
        The last girls brother spoke and that was enough for discerning minds to know that the scam was well scripted.
        The guy was short of saying the FG did not meet the part of the bargain, when he said they were abandoned by the FG after taking their daughter to custody.
        May be they need this one to collect some grants from German President Angelina (Jolie) sorry Michele or is it German Chancellor Angela Markel?

    • emmanuel

      Government by propaganda and no action.
      They said they released N350 billion and N280 billion to construction contractors. It is confirm that the said release have had no cash backing, so it is sheer propaganda.
      These people are shameless and came to destroy Nigeria. The contractors are afraid to talk to the prees about the scam, as that will earn them blacklist and refusal to pay them.
      Where on earth were the girls kept? The Army had moved into the rest of the forest to carry out clean up and reconnaissance recovery, yet they never got to the Bermuda triangle in Sambisa where the girls and their so-called abductors were..
      Tales by sunlight!

    • dudu

      Your sense of reasoning is pure evil. When the girls were not swapped with those evil lot called boko haram, you claimed there was nothing like missing chibok girls, your cohorts blamed the President for inaction, now following an internationally-brokered-negotiation, you claim it is a scam. Please crawl back to whatever hole you came from. Away with you! sadist.

      • emmanuel

        Not to worry, i days, the truth would surface. We know Liar Muhammed would have stage managed the press before hand. But do not forget that there are indigenous people of NE called Chibok, the ones who are annihilated; with well planned genocide to eliminate. They would speak up through some medium someday.

        • Pat

          Meanwhile, It was not during Buhari administration that it was established that Boko Haram Kidnapped the Chibok girls. The last administration even used the unfortunate incident to commit more looting.

          • Julius

            You are assuming that the person you are responding to is smart and reasonable enough to understand what you are saying. Dont waste your time on an incoherent delusional bore like him.

          • emmanuel

            Cockroach, i watched a video on SR TODAY and the Girl who spoke – her surname is Yakubu, said she was in JSS.
            So tell he how a JSS was writting WAEC when they were abducted? the 279 girls according tto the peorveyoys of the scam were gathered from different school to write senior WAEC, while all the JUNIORS WERE AT HOME, HAVING CLOSED DOWN MOST SCHOOLS AROUND THERE; BEFORE THE DATE OF ABDUCTION.
            Na who nor get brain, Desert rat?

          • sab

            May be like stealing and selling the food items meant for the IDPs hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as has been the case in the past months and govt keep quiet

    • sab

      Niger Delta Avengers should be crushed by the military but the Boko Haram fighters should be granted amnesty. It is now a piece of news worth celebrating about the swapping of Boko Haram murderers. At least for a while, the gestapo-style invation of judges houses and their arrests would enjoy a measure of media quietness. Hope to wait if LAI MOHAMMED won’t come out to deny this news story.

  • Eugene Stephen

    Swapping such mindless and bloodthirsty Suicide bombers to regain the freedom of the abducted chibok girls is not such a palatable news. Were there no other options? I hope the federal government understands the possible comeback of this wicked souls to inflict more harm.

  • vagabonds in power

    The same old lies and propaganda from the camp of Bingo Fulani Buhari—ati the Apes in APC———from the south west————This is just one of those fake Press Releases–often issued by certificate less Buhari——and his team of propagandist from the CIA——-Again as a news media-organ———-U do a critical analysis of the news items—by giving out the names of those who were exchanged for the fake Chibok girls—And a brief history of where the Fulani boko Haram fighters—were captured and how long they have been in detention—inside Aso rock—————————-Let us also know if Kabiru Sokoto was among those released by Bingo Buhari?—-As far as we Nigerians are concerned————–the freedom granted these wayo Chibok girls are the usual lies–from the pit of hell—-Often sold to us to raise the hopes of 9jas–over the economic down turn of 9ja ati the dwindling fortunes of the Fulani Boko haram fighters from Mali in Aso rock——————Over 300 girls were abducted———–out of which we have only 21–women with kids—–freed——————-while 4 Fulani fighters————–were handed over to the Fulani Jihadist Brigade commanders in Nigerian army Uniform abi?————The entire story does not till date make sense—one little bit———————The girls are among the women often kidnapped by Boko haram fighters in Borno state in recent times—–And not the Chibok girls—If actually they were the media would have been allowed to interview them and take pictures of them—Besides, let the Government of Buhari tell us—the name of the Fulani Boko haram fighters—that freed the girls to us–Was it Shekau–or the inlaw to the late leader and founder of Boko haram———————–All these are lies and propaganda produced from the pit of hell by the Fulanis and Yoruba government of Bingo Buhari in Aso rock–tribalism again abi—-Separation is the answer—not these lies again——————–animals

    • mybros

      Honestly, I will advise that you think about what you write before you post them next time pls.
      your position on this matter is almost bizarre to say the least. And to think of it that you decide to play politics with something as sensitive as these kidnapped girls who have caused so much trauma to their families all these yrs. I pray that God gives you more understanding in these issues. – best of luck.

      • onyearmy

        If you don’t reason, others do. The way Buhari and his rented challattans are going about it gives reasonable room for suspicions and theories. This government lies a lot.

        • Oladele

          You dont know when to stop; do you?

        • Mufu Ola

          It’s only lazy “mentalos” that will be search for for ‘theories’ in any obvious & straight forward issue.In any case what way is Buhari going? Chasing away your bandit “brother” from Aso Rock?Is that a sin?

          • emmanuel

            severally, your lame brain foolani brother have presented some JSS girls in the name of abducted Chibok school girls. One of the two presented in APC FG SOAP OPERA THIS YEAR SAID SHE WAS IN JSS WHEN SHE WAS ABDUCTED THAT SAME YEAR.
            How did a JSS student join seniors to write WAEC.
            Your brain sure does not work effectively, having got your basic education by cramming Quran; as taught by your alfas who are also three quarter illiterates, instead of engaging in education through intellectual development and critical reason.
            It is therefore not strange that you take everything sold to you without questioning your brain.

          • Abubakar Sani

            The earlier w all realise that Nigeria needs to b separated the better for us all……an igbo man will never take a Hausa man his brother…like wise the later. Nigeria was and will always remain a dream…..God I Beg u…use whoever u want to make nigeria n more, so that peace will reign. Ameen!!!

          • Mufu Ola

            I don’t need your puerile brain.I know u & your gang are in serious agony now those are coming gradually.May God continue to wallow you in your self induced agony..

          • onyearmy

            Your poor and disjointed grammar tells me where you belong. Lazy, coward, half- educated bandit. Unfortunate bi – product of free education.

      • vagabonds in power

        Just lies and lies and lies–period–what is so sensitive about the fake Chibok girls-?—Train your thoughts on the hundreds of thousands of Nigerians who have died—because of the Luciferic Buhari economic policies———————Thinks for once about the people who have been sleeping with crude oil pollution for over 60 years in the niger delta—what about the Ibos that were killed by the Fulani boko haram agents–in the south east’ ? Where is Kabiru Sokto————-Animals

        • IG

          Because of the incompetent your lord Jonatheif

    • Mufu Ola

      You’re so useless mentally. The Red Cross, Swiss govt are also lying.Right? When you remove bigotry from your brain, you will be in position to think rationally.

  • michro

    Bravo! That’s a good one

  • arelio

    So the government is trying to make us believe the International Red Cross, which is a foreign organization, knows where Boko Haram leaders and Chibok girls are located, but the Nigerian government does not? Buhari and the Hausa/Fulani used Boko Haram to regain control of the government, so they can continue their stealing and exploitation of Niger Delta, and that was at the cost of thousands of people beheaded by Boko Haram. Buhari the liar had said during election campaign “no amnesty for Boko Haram”. However, this confirms Buhari and the northern leaders have all along known where Shekau and the Chibok girls were.

  • Datti

    Who are we to believe now, PT or FG? One says no swap and the other said there was a swap

  • Cleartruth

    Swiss government must have given these bokoharam some good cash in addition to the swap. We need the girls back even if it means swapping their men and given them money. These innocent girls have suffered enough.

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