Four killed as youth attack Shiites in Kaduna

Youth set the residence of a Shi'a leader in Kaduna alight, on Wednesday, Octobr 11.
Youth set the residence of a Shi'a leader in Kaduna alight, on Wednesday, Octobr 11.

Irate youth in Tudun Wada community in Kaduna South Local Government Area, attacked and killed four suspected members of the Shi’a sect, and torched the residence of their group’s leader Wednesday, witnesses said.

The mob also demolished the Shiite’s Islamic school in the area.

The incident occurred a day after a clampdown by Nigerian security forces prevented the Shiites from embarking on their planned annual procession.

“It’s the police that ordered the youths to attack us and to destroy our buildings,” one Shiite leader told PREMIUM TIMES by phone. “We shall address a press conference to give account of our encounter later,” he said.

This newspaper learned that an attempt by the Shiites to address a press conference at the Nigeria Union of Journalists secretariat, was botched as all of the journalists went underground.

Mallam Bala, a shopowner at Zango road, said the angry youth prevented the Shiite members from entering their communities after being dispersed by police tear gas.

“They were not in their traditional black dress, while being dispersed with police tear gas, but were being identified by vigilant youths who engaged them in a fight. Those who resisted were killed; the house of their leader Mukhtar was burnt down and their Markas (school) is currently being demolished by youths,” he said.

He said fire service helped put out fire at Mukhtar’s house.

“The situation is under control,” a police source has confirmed to our reporter.

Bashir Sani, another resident of the area, said the youth broke into the Shiite leader’s house, carted away valuables before setting the house ablaze.

“The Shiite members died of injuries sustained while being lynched with sticks and machetes,” he said.

There was however, no official confirmation of the number of death.

Police spokesperson, Aliyu Muhammad, did not respond to calls and text messages.

The attack came a day after a standoff between soldiers and members of the group, outlawed last week by the Kaduna government.

Worshippers had gathered to commemorate historical events associated with the Islamic month of Muharram that are particularly significant in the Shia calendar, UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, said earlier Tuesday in a statement.

Later, the gathering was encircled by armed troops.

The standoff ended later in the night after the troops withdrew.

The military activity around the area earlier on Tuesday was reminiscent of the run-up to the massacre last December of hundreds of supporters of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria by the army and the arrest of its leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Mr. Zakzaky remains in government custody.

One resident said Zango community members have always complained about the activities of the Shiite group gathering at Mr. Sahabi’s residence.

“For me I will never support violence but Sahabi’s house here is risky for us. Every evening they gather at his house singing hate songs against the governor and Buhari and even none Shiite people,” said the resident.


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  • ahmed

    Buhari is creating another Boko Haram like Yar Adua. I am advising the Southerners to very careful and watch your back because another Boko Haram is coming.

    • Dejandon

      What has Buhari got to do with it?

    • Otito

      I agree. If this sect should go underground, another Boko Haram is born. Then God save Nigeria. From all indications, Nigeria is about to witness Shiite – Sunni crisis and Buhari is surreptitiously fueling it while el-Rufai is executing it. For a primer, Buhari was ready to commit Nigerian forces to support Saudi – led – Sunni-dominated coalition in Syria against the Iranian- Shiite- supported Syrian forces. Definitely, the Shiite issue in Nigeria is a spin-off of the rivalry of the Sunni/ Shiite sects in the Middle East. Nigerias should wake up.

    • Smart

      This is PMB not Yaradua or GEJ
      Mark you BURUTAI is still alive and healthy,
      They will crush you as they crush your Iranian spy xacxa……

  • Dejandon

    Boko Haram Part 2 is about to be unleashed.
    Part 1 sponsored by Saudi. Part 2 will be by Iran. God help our country


      No you are wrong. Saudi wants another Boko Haram but it will not happen. Few days before Elrufai banned the Shiites, they received a highly placed Saudi visitor who is the Imam of the Mosque in Medina. He visited both Buhari and Elrufai. It is inthe news. The Izala group supported by the Saudi’s called for the banning of the Shiites and Elrufai followed suit. Now they have unleashed their foot soldiers to attack the Shiites.

      • Otile

        The persecution of the Shiites is ungodly. We want the First Lady to intervene and end the agony of this people.


          The whole Northern elites are complicit in this. If they don’t speak out against this injustice, it will consume all of them and the whole nation. There is an estimated 10 million Shiites in the North. They have so far vowed to remain peaceful against all provocations. I hope they continue to be so as people of conscience will ultimately be on their side.

          • Smart

            Who will be on the side of people who did not believe in Nigerias constitution, constituted authorities, flag, army, etc

          • Otile

            Leave them to be, killing off a group of people on the basis of their religious belief is immoral.

          • ABUBAKAR AUWAL

            The last time I checked the Shiites hired Femi Falana and co to fight for them in the Courts. So this propaganda against them will not hold water. If they do not believe in constitution why do that?

      • Smart

        Shietes and Muslims again

  • marcos avelino

    Let the christians start gloating over this. This is due to stark ignorance – five million christians butchered each other in the congo while in ruwanda even the church participated in the tutsi massacre of 800,000 christians. A hundred years ago christian europe caused the death of over 100 million people now christians lets hear your holier than thou talk.


    So the Police developed cold feet as peaceful Shiites were attacked …well the persecution of Shiites is now state policy in Kaduna so maybe the worst is yet to come.

  • Otile

    This is religious bigotry. Imam Buhari’s intolerance is becoming ungodly.

  • Datti

    Another Maitaisine, Boko Haram in the making.

  • Cleartruth

    It seems buhari and his men want to radicalize this group. The injustices meted on them can make them become bokoharam part 2.

  • LadyRosely

    I pity Kaduna State. They will become the theatre of war. Iraq, Syria and Yemen are examples of countrues that have managed the Shiite, Sunni conflicts badly. Kaduna must be intersted in this fate.

    Pls let the Shiite world know that the Southwest muslims are not part of this stupidity. It is Buhari, ElRufai and northwest

    • Otile

      Oduduwa Southwest cannot betray this people and abandon them to the cruel hands of Buhari and his Sunni fighters. We hate to see Buhari commit genocide on them. We still believe in freedom of religion.

    • Peaceometer

      The south west muslims support not hooliganism of shias type

  • Basiru

    Extra-judicial killings, remained unreservedly condemned!

  • George

    Does Buhari and El rufai actually believe these their actions will bring peace to Northerner Nigeria.

    Nobody to advice this callous elements at all. Very big shame

  • Bature Shehu Abubakar

    Please keep away from this discussion if you don’t to know what is Islam and what is Shi’ah.

    • Otile

      You want people to play dead in the face of genocide. God forbid.


      It is ignorant and intolerant people like you that are responsible for what is happening in our country. Even your pay masters the Saudis have Shiites in their Kingdom and they did not openly attack them but they instigate you to do it in Nigeria

    • Kñîghtš Tëmpłær

      Section 38 (1) of the 1999 constitution and Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right, provide:“Every person shall be entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom (either alone or in community with others, and in public or in private) to manifest and propagate his religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance….

  • u-best

    BH extended plan activated

  • partafamilias trippi

    Another Boko haraam loading..

  • Alhaji

    Both Shiite and Sunni are islamic terrorists. So, if terrorists kill terrorists, Nigerians should be happy for reduction of calamities in the country.

    • Mallam Soja Mariam

      Don’t say that it is alright to kill on the basis of sect. As an atheist, I have always believed that everyone has the right to their religion. This is a slippery slope and I don’t like it at all. Sona ne ina de she Mutum Mariam.

      • Alhaji

        I don’t like killing either. But since Mohammed tells them to kill for allah, and they have been killing innocent people since, who are you going to blame when God turns their swords against them for the blood of innocent people they have been shedding for Mohammed and allah? Are Boko Haram, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Shabab not muslims? Do you know how many millions of innocent people these muslim terrorist have killed for allah?

  • Simeon Nigel

    The molems of Northern Nigeria should by now begins and starts to reasoning that the past killings of innocent Christians in great numbers in Kano, Nasarawa, Kaduna and Plateau states due to these christians own rights religion choice of worships inclination or been at the receiving-end by daily basis of an in-direct insults manner by these same Northern zone moslems calling them negatively as ‘infidels’ or ‘kafferis’ (in Hausa language daily down-grading name calling tone by majority of Northern moslems in Nigerian Federal Government seat of power and moslems heading almost all Nigeria security agencies in Nigeria), that the spirit of mighty Jesus Christ, begotten son of the supreme God or Allah, is now spreading out over all Northern Moslems’ eyes opener tracts by Jesus Christ’s powers of holiness of grace and spirit against some of these Northern moslems today. Because, they do not releasize that Holy Jesus Christ does fights back when not least expected against those on earth that harms Christians faithfuls still living on earth. Past years Kaduna religious riots in which Christians were attacks and murdered blunt blank in fashioned brutal and gruesome ways also in Nasarawa, Plateau and Benue states till today and still going-on by moslem fulanis herdsmen and moslem youths often assisted by either the moslems miliatry top commanders or the police moslems top zonal Asst. IGPs officers in zones under control and watchful eyes by these same police Assist. IGP officers in those states stated, and now it is the turns of moslems fighting among themselves by the holy spirit natural powers of the utmost Jesus Christ miracles.

  • Otile

    It seems Buhari likes Boko Haram more than the Shiites. Is it because Boko boys are his fellow Sunnis Mohammedans?

  • iknoble


    I am not interested if Shia Muslim is killing Sunni Muslim or vice versa or am i
    carried away by the arrest of Supreme Court Judges. I am focused on Buhari’s
    economic destruction. Nigerians are committing suicide everyday. They leave
    suicide note behind that they cannot afford the general prices of things. Today’s
    newspapers carry different cases of such suicide.

    Yet, things are getting worse
    and the President Buhari who caused this mess has no solution. Rice in a small
    tin of De Rica is now 350 Naira. Transport cost has doubled. Rent has doubled.
    No employment anywhere but retrenchment. School fees for children has doubled.
    Let all Nigerians come out and fight against this nonsense policy of Buhari. It
    makes no sense to kill yourself when you can kill the bad policy instead

    • ???????????


  • Factsay

    Sunnis are terrorists

  • vay

    This is genocide,every One are entitled to their beliefs n practices. Y r northern youths so barbaric n blood thirsty rogues? Sometimes it baffles me to associate myself as a Nigerian with these blood thirsty rogues.

  • vagabonds in power

    The army should move in and overthrow the government of Buhari–period—————-The Fulani man from Mali has lost control of the affairs of the Nation———-It is true that the Army under the orders of their Commander in Chief—Alhaji Bingo Buhari—-directed the soldiers and his Gestapo the DSS people to kill Shiites most of whom are not Fulanis——-and burn their houses———–of the real Native-Northerners–who are members of the Shiite sect group—-The orignal owners of the land——————–that the Fulanis from Mali—Niger Republic ——Chad——–ati Sudan——–Yearn to murder the Natives and take over their lands—————————Again Is this not the Very Fulani Buhari who swore to ursher in the peace dividends? Has Kidnapping stopped———–?———The Fulani boko haram fighters ended their suicide bombing campaigns?———————Bought any weapon for the soldiers till date?——————————————–What about the cost of our staple food———————–gone up—But does Bingo Buhari care——-?—————-He does not—————–U know why——————-because-he wants to punish Nigerians——————It is because they never voted for him———————————————–

  • The-LAW

    My people languishes for lack of knowledge. Why dying for nothing . God has no there religion than LOVE.

    • taiwo

      It bothers me now that Muslims are now fighting and killing one another in Nigeria. May God forbid, soon we may start having them bomb one another. Enough of hate songs and killings. What God desire is love of Him and our neighbour. Your neighbour is that Christian or Muslim who doesn’t share ideas or beliefs with you. Northern Muslim leaders should be careful in managing this situation and not worsen the insecurity in the country. Gov El rufai take note.

      • The-LAW

        Imagine people killing each other in this 21st century for religious issue when education, and innovation are positively inventing the world. They should relocate to Saudi and Iraq if the nation is no longer enough to contain the two groups.
        Probably the evil they perpetrated against Christians is hunting them back.

        • jallo

          I wonder how you would react, if a group calling itself christian association will be casting aspersion
          on Saint Paul or the Mother of Christ

          • The-LAW

            I’m a Free-thinker, I never vilified either of the groups. All I wish among Nigerians is peace and tolerant. Life is precious ,and do not need be waste for nothing . All religion claims to speak about God; but have forgotten the true meaning of God; LOVE.
            “Nothing goes for nothing” You kill them today, tomorrow may be your turn. Making life unbearable for all . I doubt Christians would kill each other religiously like Islams. Just a fact not sided! Muslims should give peace a chance on earth.

          • jallo

            I like your attitude. That is the only way we can have peace in the world. Even if you disagree with a position respect the people who hold the position. But I cannot pretend to love someone who calls my mom a prostitute.

          • Okay

            Muslims all over the world especially in Nigeria cast aspersions on the Bible,Paul and everything about Christian and still no genuine Christian can go violent because of that.We have so many groups that called themselves Christian association casting aspersions on God,Jesus,Paul and the Bible and still no one can be violent and help God judge them.You got it all wrong sir.

          • jallo

            Not at all. You don’t believe in quran and Muhammad, and we have no problem with that. Can you quote anybody abusing christian personality including Paul. We may not believe in him as we believe in Christ and John the Baptist. But not abuse as you want me to believe. Furthermore, want will be your reaction to someone who calls your mother a prostitute? One can have his view of your mother and even refuse to support her on the basis of that view, but calling her a prostitute is not something you could bear. You have Jehova sect which does not believe on Sunday, but believe in all personality of Christ. If they were to cast aspersion on Mary, the story would have been different. That is why you have blasphemy law in Europe to prevent religious civil war in Europe. In Islam we have Ahmadiyya sect, which is considered an non Islamic, but my practice their creed without casting aspersion on the major Islamic group. I am against violence, but vehemently against Shia philosophy. Let Iran get another country for its mission , but not Nigeria. We have enough religious crises in the north. We should be left to live in peace.

  • Josephine

    When you allow dunces to get to positions of political authority, all you get is confusion, killings and absolute disorder. Clearly, under Buhari Nigeria can be described as a crime scene or better still, a BURIAL GROUND. When will the Blood stop flowing? When?

  • Excisionist

    What would the Kaduna state do if young Shiite Muslims would attack Sunni Islamic gathering? Make no mistake about it, when they finish with Shiite Muslims, they will go after others including Christians. So complacency is not an option if you love your freedom in Nigeria

    First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    Pastor Martin Niemoller (1892–1984)

  • Abu Jawad

    I think Buhari and ElRufai have ignited a fire that will consume everyone. My only regret is that I have brought my 5 children into this mad country called Nigeria.

    • George

      You better marry them out now as under age to the Northerners governors to save them

    • Jafbawa

      What an ingrate u are, only concern about your family. What about those that have already losed love ones .Carry them to Haiti

    • Dumbo

      Take them back to where you brought them from. Sure Buhari and El Rufai haven’t seized their passports. Good luck

  • vagabonds in power

    The army should move in quickly and overthrow the government of Buhari–period—————-The Fulani man Bingo Buhari from Mali has lost control of the affairs of the Nation———-It is true that the Army under the orders of their Commander in Chief—Alhaji Bingo Buhari—-directed the soldiers and his Gestapo the DSS people to kill Shiites most of whom are not Fulanis——-and burn the houses———–of the real Native-Northerners–who are members of the Shiite sect group—-The orignal owners of the land———in most parts of the Fulani North———-which the Fulanis from Mali—Niger Republic ——Chad——–ati Sudan—-yearn to murder the Natives and take over their lands——and install Fulani emirs again———-Besides, Is this not the Very Fulani Buhari who swore to usher in the peace dividends rto us after the unexpected Amaerican organized departure of Jonathan? Has Kidnapping stopped——-in Nigeria since the installation of Bingo Buhari—-?———Again has the Fulani boko haram fighters ended their suicide bombing campaigns in the Fulani North?————-Bingo Buhari ever bought any weapon for the soldiers till date?—–Are the Nigerian troops not still depending on the weapons Jonathan bought for the army?—————————————What about the cost of our staple food—-such as Garri—–Rice Amala—Tuwo Chinkafa———–all gone up—But does Bingo Buhari care——-?—————-He does not—————–U know why——————-because-he wants to punish Nigerians————–who never voted for him——last years–Aware it was the USA via Obama that put him in Aso Rock———————Separation is the answer—fellow Nigerians–

  • Lorgne

    Who will make some sense please?

  • igboham

    Biafra must leave the zoo.