APC Crisis: Aisha Buhari speaks, says most appointees not known to president

Photo: naij.com
Photo: naij.com

President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha, has weighed in on the ongoing crisis rocking the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, saying the row has become a serious worry for the administration.

“Many people have started dividing the leadership of the APC and that is really making us feel not too good,” Mrs. Buhari said in an interview with BBC Hausa.

A part of the interview was aired Tuesday. The full interview will be aired on Friday.

The first lady said those behind the crisis felt aggrieved that they laboured for, and helped the APC to power in 2015, but received no compensation.

“They are doing that because they felt they laboured for the party and deserved to be compensated,” Mrs. Buhari said. “People who do not have voters card are those who are given appointments and enjoying the government.”

Her unusually public remarks about politics came amid an unfolding clash between a former governor Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, and the national chairman of the APC, John Odigie-Oyegun.

The latest infighting stemmed from a disagreement over how the party’s candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial election in Ondo State emerged.

Mr. Tinubu, in a scathing statement, accused Mr. Odigie-Oyegun of  having manipulated the primaries.

Mr. Oyegun denied the allegations, and accused Mr. Tinubu of falsehood, and of waging a media war against him.

The APC, a coalition of four former political parties, came into existence in 2013. The alliance was formed to challenge the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party, and possibly wrestle power from it.

Mr. Tinubu, who led one of the former parties, the Action Congress of Nigeria, was widely credited as the architect of the APC victory in the 2015 elections – the first opposition win at the federal level.

The party began to face internal crisis early after the polls, as different leadership factions struggled for available positions in the cabinet and National Assembly.

Mr. Tinubu’s candidates for the positions of Senate President and House of Representatives Speaker, lost out.

The Ondo election crisis is the latest manifestation of the lingering feud.

Mrs. Buhari said the power tussle resonated in varied ways, especially because majority of her husband’s cabinet members were not known to him – meaning they were foisted as part of the power grab.

She added: “Among all the people he selected, if he is asked among 50 people, he does not know 45. I don’t know them despite staying with him for 27 years”.

For those behind the crisis, which was affecting the administration, she said “What I am afraid for them is the rebellion of 15 million people,” ostensibly in reference to the number of people who voted for the president.

Asked whether her husband knew those creating problems for his administration, Mrs. Buhari said, “Whether he knows them or not, those who voted for him know. There is nothing I will tell him. He can see.”

When asked whether her husband planned to run for second term in 2019, Mrs. Buhari said she did not know. But said for her personally, “I have made up my mind about that.”

She did not say what her stance is on the matter.


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  • Ahmed m sabitu

    Oga madam why are you scared?your old baba husband should just forget about contesting election for second term bcos he’s not ready for it with his incompetency

    • dami

      Give us a better candidate then…and don’t try your edo state moves with us by nominating the house boy of a known thief.
      Let you and all those who don’t like Buhari stop bitching and complaining and provide a better option a better candidate, a better path to follow…a man of known integrity…if you can’t then pls keep quiet or continue to wail.
      And do not generalize…that candidates plenty…mention a specific name(s).

      • Teflonjones

        Any graduate Nigerian with means should endeavor to leave that country ASAP. That country is devoid of solutions.

        • musa aliyu

          Because you succeeded crossing the Atlantic without drawning? We’ll remain here to salvage the broken country you stole from

          • Teflonjones

            You only live once bro. Do whatever you want with your life.

      • Gary

        So you want to be spoon-fed with candidates rather than than be an informed voter as is your civic duty?
        How many candidates ran for president in 2015? Who limited your choice to only GEJ and Buhari? Did you consider or even know the names of the other candidates? And whose fault is that?
        Only an ignoramus should complain after willfully self-limiting his own options.

        • dami

          On the contrary I’m not conplaining…I was very satisfied voting for Buhari and I still am…no regrets whatsoever.
          He has his shortcomings and has made mistakes but with open rebuking I and others make this known…however those that have problems with him and have chosen to personalize it…with no suggestions as to how to fix it or as to who can come and fix it are gonna be wailers for a long time.
          I knew the other candidates (as per 2015 elections) but they were paper weights with no real structure or offering.

          • musa aliyu

            Don’t mind the rebukes. We didn’t vote for an Angel but a fallible human. The difference is in the gravity of the fallibility. What can anyone do when oil is the mainstay of the economy and it’s sabotaged, left, right, and center? How long will it take find an alternative? If the pdpigs have come back there would have been no Nigeria by now.

        • prince A.Ajimo

          I prince Ajimo.A.I Adeola,In my own advise to all Nigerians people will need a total prayer for our country Nigeria

      • Edon B.

        Mr. Peter Obi. You may kindly also add your own prospective candidate!

        • dami

          Great choice!…and makes a lot of sense…he’ll do a stellar job I’m sure…

  • Maria Darego

    People would be well advised to listen to her carefully and analyse her words very well!!! Her words are calculated and loaded! Those who have ears, let them hear!! My take is that the President does not know, does not trust, and does not have a relationship with 90 percent of his appointees! For those who are wondering why so little is getting done, there lies your answer.

  • thusspokez

    She added: “Among all the people he selected, if he is asked among 50 people, he does not know 45. I don’t know them despite staying with him for 27 years”.

    Is this woman claiming naivety or intentionally trying to mislead Nigerians and even laying down the excuses that her husband will one day use as reason for his incompetence and failure?

    Is Mrs Buhari implying that all the power grabbers are from the North — as reflected in the number of his appointments from the north. Is she claiming that the majority northern appointees — including his relatives — were unknown to him prior to appointing them or just trying to pull wool over the eyes of her audience?

    • musa aliyu

      You guys are mischief makers. The woman was defending the accusations that he handpicked his appointees to suit his personal ego. The answer is that he picked them on merit not because he had known them before. And that’s the mark of a good leader.

      • JC Kunle

        Musa Aliyu, why are u wasting your time replying these deluded set of people. It’s hard to think outside the box when hatred has clouded their viewpoint. I just read and shake my head knowing some of them will one day aspire to be leader one day. A typical product of Jonathan’s incompetency.

        • musa aliyu

          Thanks Kunle. May God save us from enemy within. All the best.

      • sab

        Musa please tell that to kids. Do you take the rest of us for gullible? If he picked them on merit, how comes he no longer know them? How did he ascertain their qualities and suitability? Is this not the same PMB that told Nigerians that he had to spend FOUR MONTHS to assemble his ministers because he was looking for saints.

        • share Idea

          dd t the fact that he claimed to appoint more people from 97% to 5%…lol

      • thusspokez

        The answer is that he picked them on merit not because he had known them before

        So this is your understanding or interpretation of what she said?

      • SirKen

        It is very unfortunate at this age and time that people will intentionally misinform others. Try to analyse her words with an open mind.

  • UOU

    First buhari blamed Jonathan and his govt, later he went abroad blaming every Nigerians worldwide, later he came back to blamed pdp 16 years including Obasanjo, yaradua then later he went to blame the US.UK,EU and developed world and now he is by proxy, blaming his own appointees, gradually buhari will blame himself and his life. Buhari sure will leave nigeria like a country of the 40’s when that biting recession almost consumed the world, far worse than fellow old WADE left senegal

  • Gary

    So Madam is openly confessing that Oga is being misled by the people he depends on in picking his appointees.
    Madam, tell him what the rest of the country now knows – he sacrificed competence for personal loyalty in picking his kitchen cabinet.

    Everything about the government went downhill when he put Abba Kyari & Sons Ltd. in charge of forming his govt. And the party and country are suffering as a result.

    • Lanre

      Thank you Gary for your brilliant post. I am going to appropriate that term – Abba Kyari & Sons Ltd, improve and expand on it.

      • Gary

        Be my guest! Buhari is only Chairman of the Board while Abba Kyari is Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Abuja-based company dedicated to the welfare and development of the Emirate of Daura and allied Fulani kingdoms.

  • Really

    This is the Woman that landed at Durres international Airport Washington D.C, What else
    should one add to or remove from her story. As usual one can say.

  • George

    Oh yes the same people who made your yeye husband president without a school certificate are now foreign to you and your husband. Thanks to Tinubu his rewards are coming gradually.

  • George

    When these callous group of nomadics wants to air their views they go to their backyard Hausa BBC to do it even when they are in power now. Very shameful indeed.

  • vagabonds in power

    The same old tales by moonlight—from the mouth of the Apes in APC—————via the lady gays of the Halliburton fame—in the USA——Now head of the Fulani Women in Power Association–FWIPA——–in Aso Rock!¨¨———How do u appoint people u hardly know anything about—-and without asking questions—or for party faithfuls to vouch for them—-AFRTER BEING VETTED BY DSS ATI EFCC—————-This is the same Buhari who was a serial presidential candidate for the Fulanis in Niger Republic——Does it mean he relied on baboons—to sell jihadist ideas————Added to this is the fact that he was once a Head of state for 2 years–and I am being told he does not know those he appointed to position of authority——in his government——–? Tell that to the Marines—-The same seed of discord that the Fulani elites sowed in PDP before they jumped into the camp of the CIA———–created party the APC—Is what is haunting them Apes in APC—–now——————-If Buhari was interested in the welfare of Nigerians–he would have taken the pains to study the type of advisers and Ministers to appoint—–This is a man who waited for over 6 months before offering his agents like Amaechi and Fashola a job——To enable them operate—in his fake government of Fulani ati Yorubas—and their Ibo Errand boys at large in APC————————–So baby pancake keep these yeye lies bingo Buhari told u over 25 years ago–in ya regional Fulani soul—I begi———-animals

  • Taiwo


  • packingson

    good to hear that, now the wife has come out to say that the husband does not know what to do, doesn’t know right from left, have no clue of the people he appointed,if there are competent or not, thier incompetence is taking nigeria backward, that it is other apc members that are doing the appointment for him, this is serious because saraki the other day say some element have taking the apparatus of executive arm of government from the president, then garba shehu said(bahari is not a stooge to anybody) dismiss such as mere misconception but now the wife have come out to say to the world that the husband doesn’t know what to do. this is in line with what saraki said.

  • Lanre

    It is now clear that the North continues to hold the South to ransom. A majority of the 15m of these Buhari voters can be found in the North. They are happy with his nepotism and bigotry. They are pleased with Muhammudu Buhari, Abba Kyari, Mamman Daura, El-Rufai, Usman Jibrin, Farouk Aliyu and Partners Unlimited (Apologies to Gary) who currently continue the project of Ahmadu Bello, The Kaduna Mafia and the Hausa-Fulani Political Project. What Aisha is saying is that the violence Nigeria is experiencing will be a child’s play to the 15m Northern Almajiris that will be let loose when Buhari leaves power.
    Aisha, I take God beg you. We don’t want you sacrificing human blood to your gods. Please tell your husband to let our people go. We do not have arms. No guns. All we want is our freedom from the rule of the Hausa-Fulani. The nepotism and bigotry of your husband which makes him appoint as the Managing Director of Nigeria Ports Authority someone without any experience in Ports Administration. We are tired of your Nigeria. This is my appeal to you.
    Finally, I know because of what they will eat, you will have some Yorubas like the current appointees (who are more catholic than the Pope) lying to you about the feelings of the people. Do not listen to them. LET MY PEOPLE GO! May God bless you as you listen. Amen.

  • Al

    Buhari and his wife Aisha are two different people, they don’t share anything in common. From all indications the woman has lost control and ground in the power play rocking the seat of power, she seems to enjoy no patronage like her predecessors Turai yaradua, Maryam Abacha, Mama peace of Otuke.These of you who think the president has been cage by cabal have been proven wrong and should think otherwise. Buhari is a strongman by nature and Man of God. Kudos to PMB

  • Daniel

    The APC and its government is a pain on Nigerians who trooped out to vote them into power.

    I do hope the party will collapse because it has no philosophical foundation or economic direction for Nigeria.

    We need another party in 2019.

    This is not what Nigerians bargained for.

    • Gary

      You have/had other parties. Most of them fielded presidential candidates that you people ignored to focus only on PDP/APC. Like you are again stating here.
      Nigeria is NOT a two-party state so WAKE UP PEOPLE!

      • Daniel

        We need another party and a serious mind for president.

        We have discredited PDP and now we have an APC disaster.

        So we need real change.

  • Simeon Nigel

    The in-fighting rocking APC now is burnts out of selfishness and potent greediness by those working against APC due to them for not gaining Federal Givernment’s political positions in order to have their own shares of avenue to enriching themselves for their efforts for APC party last electoral successes in 2015 year. Becuase, our country today needs a serious urgent salvations and much needed rescuing packages by all hands ought to-be put together by every Nigerians in the current face of current economic recession and the in-depth corruptions dieases and insurgencies by Niger-delta militants and by North-east zone killing infestation by Boko Haram murderous of their destructives activities ravaging on a daily basis in Nigeria. For God’s sake, why cann’t those APC members that now assuming themselves to have had worked very hard for the election success of APC party into power and able to unseat PDP party from political power by the last 2015 year general election, should considers their efforts as their parts for contribution towards building up their fatherland-Nigeria, and getting rids-off of ‘wild’ spending drifts by PDP party in power for 16 years democratic rule for 1999 to 2015 years with no tangible overall benefits to all Nigerians during PDP period, rather than by APC aggrieved members causing chaos within the party structures and coercions for just simply because they do not gets “a returns back in investments for their hard-worked as their expected compensation rewards” due to APC electoral success in 2015 year. Honestly, President Muhammadu Buhari whose main name did secretly made it very possible for APC party to even won the 2015 general election in the first place. Also, it is the ordinary Nigerian citizens that really worked-hard in the last general election to enable the APC party dislodged highly corrupted PDP party in power in 2015 and not by those APC aggrieved members parading themselves today as the key bare-rock and back-bones of the APC party to be in the seat of power today. These disgruntles APC members are indirectly and slowly killing Presidnt Muhammadu Buhari serious efforts in fighting corruptions varied poisonous diseases in Nigeria that were eating up deepest in every fibrics of the entire Nigerian society up and down the whole entire country today.

  • Hassan Lawal

    …seriously I don’t know what these people have to fight Tinubu…its obviously impossible .it’s unlikely for them to retain power in 2019.
    They just realised how dumb tha APC chairman’s decision Amd it’s cost to the party’s chance in 2019..

  • Don’t undermine the Aisha’s interview to BBC. It can cause a complete turnaround within the cabinet structure. Where the loyalty of a woman is really matters. This can be a political move by Asiwaju himself to force Buhari to make changes he expected. In politics, you bring your friend close and your enemy closer. Anything can happen with the power of a woman.