Nigerian soldiers surround Shi’a gathering in Kaduna


Nigerian troops have surrounded a gathering of Shi’a Muslims in Kaduna, with worshippers trapped inside, days after the state government proscribed the group.

Worshippers gathered to commemorate historical events associated with the Islamic month of Muharram that are particularly significant in the Shia calendar, UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, said in a statement Tuesday.

“Shortly before the Kaduna Markaz mosque on Zango Road was encircled by armoured military vehicles carrying heavily armed soldiers and also an ambulance were among a convoy of 18 military vehicles seen nearby,” the group said.

It called on the Nigerian government to withdraw the soldiers and allow the worshippers to continue to exercise their constitutional right to freedom of assembly and worship.

A witness told PREMIUM TIMES that the standoff was at the residence of a senior Shi’a leader, Muhtar Sahabi, and not a Mosque.

He said dozens of armed soldiers and mobile police officers surrounded the compound and were waiting for those gathered inside to leave.

He said some women and children who started coming out were sent back by the soldiers.

“It appears they want to make arrests following the recent ban,” the source said.

The confrontation follows a spate of arrests over recent days of members of the Shi’a sect, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, after a state-wide ban on Friday, proscribing membership of the movement.

“As was feared, the new law appears to be being used as an attempt to prevent the movement’s supporters from attending ceremonies commemorating the month of Muharram,” IHRC said.

The military activity is reminiscent of the run-up to the massacre last December of hundreds of supporters of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria by the army and the arrest of its leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Mr. Zakzaky remains in government custody.


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  • Dejandon

    Brewing in Nigeria – Book Haram Part 2.

    I pray God gives the government the wisdom to handle this one so it does not get to this movie title.

  • Capt

    Force has never defeated religion anywhere in the world.

  • Washington

    This moron is inviting Iran terror and anger upon Nigerians.Second Islamic terror movement to be born but only the north will suffer it because we are not going to take in any refugee in the south i swear to God.Buhari is a terrorist terrorinzing everybody in the name of commander in chief when the time reach make sure you saudi arabia to come and wage the war for you and mind saudi arabia has never defeated Iran in any act of terror.I hope u know the consequences of what u are doing imbecile

    • Tori Osa

      Just shut up. You are basically dull, writing nonsense


        He just wrote the truth.

  • Gabriel Olasebikan

    The fronts are becoming too much.

  • Freedom Bini

    Hezbollah-Shia Political party should never be allowed to have its roots in Nigeria.

    • Factsay

      u are fanatic. Freedom of religion for everyone


      There are millions of Shiites all over the world including the western democracies of Europe and the USA, they are very peaceful. THE PROBLEM IS THE SUNNI WAHABISTS WHO MANIFEST IN THE FORM OF AL-SHABAB,AL-QUEADA, AL-NUSRA, ISIS, BOKO-HARAM ETC.

      The Shiites do not kill Nigerians, the Sunni terrorists kill thousands of men ,women and children in Nigeria. PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG !!

      • musa aliyu

        All the gunrunners that shoot people in the West are Christians. Does that make any sect responsible? If anyone claims he’s a Muslim or Catholic does that make him one, by mere pronouncement? If you are a Shiite, know that your end is here. If you’re their apologist, Kaduna is no place for the miscreants. Give them a place in your village.


          Intolerant,bigoted and uncivilized extremists of your sort have no place in a sane modern society.

          • musa aliyu

            The tolerant and civilised you should carry them to your “civised” world na?! We don’t have a place for you and them!


    Buhari’s Sunni Islamic caliphate of Nigerianstan cracking down on Shiites . Imam El Rufai the pigmy governor is the main Sunni enforcer and tormenter of Shiites in defiance of the constitutional rights of Shiite citizens to freedom of religious worship and freedom of religious assembly.


  • Factsay

    Freedom of religion is a constitutional right for everyone.
    Buhari and his brothers in Sunni should not turn our country into Sunni and Shia war. Allow every human being to choose how to worship or not to worship.

    • musa aliyu

      So the nation should fold its arms to watch miscreants trampling on other people’s rights simply because they have a right? Invite them to your doorstep, but certainly not in OUR Kaduna

      • Solomon Brown

        Tell me how they have trampled on you or any other person’s right?

        • musa aliyu

          Just give them your neighborhood, since this is one Nigeria. You will see.

      • Factsay

        the only known terrorists are all sunnis. Allow others to live their life

    • Simeon Nigel

      Really!!! How come Christians in Nigeria were daily and often being subjected to hostilities and psychological terrorizing ‘silent’ attacks by majority moslems of Nigeria, especially those moslems brothers and sisters from the whole of Northern zones that do displaying all forms and shape of mockery and negatives insults at Christians of Nigeria, more particularly those Christians from the Middle-Belt zones. A typical example is about Nasarawa, Niger, Kebbi, Kogi and Kaduna states, where majority Christians were under sieges by their moslems brothers and sisters inside these states in Nigeria. Nasarawa and Kaduna states have had never for once gotten a christian governor successfully elected since the creations. especially Nasarawa state in 1996 by General Sani Abacha, even though the original entire natives in this state were majority Christians, while their moslems brothers and sisters working at Federal Government levels and including INEC-electoral Commission do often make sure that a Christians candidate for governorship election does not win the governorship post, with a solid conspiracy with other minority moslems population inside these states. Even most moslems voters inside these above states do often swear and openly that they will never and often pledges that it will be over their dead bodies that they would cast their votes for a christian candidate for governorship post, (in those Christians’ majority own fatherland ‘soil’ states), but the Christians do often casting their votes for a moslem candidate for each governorship election period. So, if it is really a constitutional rights for one own choice of religion worship in Nigeria as a legal law, why is it then that majority moslems of Nigeria, especially from Northern zones does often showing a mockery and scorns also killing attitudes towards Christians that they daily come in contacts with in the whole of Nigeria.

  • wasiu

    This high level of injustice and arrogance is not leading Buhari Govt to any where that failure.

  • Omoba1

    Kaduna state government should be careful about handling this issue. Negotiation and compromise is a good solution than force

  • Obeserver

    BuT wailers said Buhari wants to Islamize Nigeria, now I see that they are Ironically wrong. We cannot allow a few under the guise of religion, cause Chaos and despair in our country, never… We relaxed for Boko haram, and they turned our Northern region to unrest. Well done Mr president.

    • AlBsure23


    • Simeon Nigel

      Bam!!! you have hit the right cords and correct ‘notes’ for President Buhari and his fellow caliphates choosen ministers as being that President Buhari himself is a “sunnis” type of brand of Islam sects. Others are kadiriyas, Mahamidiya, Jumatu Nisru Islam, Herzobola, Shi’ites, Alliywarths of Syria and Zaddiriyas. The most violents sects of all them is the Sunnis and Herzobolas. The rest of others are slightly liberal ones in their relationships with none-moslems and Christian faiths believers.

    • Nobody’sPuppet

      Your Naivity is alarming. Buhari’s priority is to islamise Nigeria. Buhari and El Rufai are playing smart with the intelligence of those Christians in Nigeria. His strategy is to use the Shi’a sect to cover up their true intention. Later, they will make laws that will force Christians in Kaduna to flee the state. Christians who are supporting them today will regret it tomorrow.

    • I sigh

      Buhari wants to Islamize Nigeria Sunni style only. That being said, fighting the Shia is just a necessary part of the process.

  • Simeon Nigel

    I am so surprised that a fellow moslems, whom majority o them were today in-charge of Federal government’s vital organs of Nigeria seats of power, will show a strong disdains violations against another group of moslems sects, but not the same strong disdains to Boko Haram’s 7 years of killings and their evil brand of Islam sunnis sects’ destructive ideology belief, and as majority of Northern zone moslems population were majority sunnis brand type of Islam, including President Muhammadu Buhari himself is a sunnis sects, because his fulanis diatribe of Northern Nigeria were all sunnis sects brand of Islam, as so also all Boko Haram murderous and evil killers group were all also sunnis sects brand of Islam. That is why a lots of Nigerian top military commanders do often willingly interested in assisting Boko Haram top Leaderships during Presidnet Jonathan Goodluck regime period against their national oaths they took to serve in the military for Nigeria, and they the Boko Haram keep on waxing stronger for over 7 years till date and also able to staging a bold attacks at our military troops, because these brands of ‘sunnis sects’ type of Islam top military commanders whom majority of them are inside the whole of Nigeria military establishments, including Lt. general Turkur Burutai himself is a sunnis sects too, keep on staging and displaying an open easier ways and opportunities for Boko Haram to continue to carrying out unexpected forms of attacks against villagers and then do later shares some of their loots obtains from their deadly attacks, with some of these sunnis sects Nigeria top military commanders station in Borno state, North-East trouble hotspot areas of Nigeria..

    • I sigh

      The answer to you questions are not far fetched. If you like, have all Sunni in a country, there will still be jihad and chaos because Muslims always fight whoever that they think is not Muslim or Muslim enough. The Sunnis think the Shia is not Muslim enough. The Shia is less radicalized as your comment made clear also. If you leave them as a whole, they will even destroy themselves until the last or only the MOST Muslim is left.

  • najabbiri goga

    They massively voted for change in 2015. What is happening to them now is the consequence of their action. Next time you should think twice before you vote.

  • CousinBrother

    What are the major differences between the Sunnis and the Shiites, if I may ask. And why are the Sunnis against the Shiites, Hindus, Christians, Judaism, Taoism, Confucianism, Bahais? In fact, why are the Sunnis against the world? Could anybody help with an answer, even if it is that terrorist called KEU for FAILURE!

  • Solomon Brown

    El rufai put a stop to this madness and call off your dogs, you are creating unnecessary tension in Kaduna state by trampling on the rights of a religious minority. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

  • LionHeart

    This is democracy, as long as the group are not a menace to the society, allow them practice their religion in peace.