Amid raid on judges, Buhari appoints new Supreme Court Justices

Nigeria's Supreme Court
Nigeria's Supreme Court

President Muhammadu Buhari has requested the Senate to consider and confirm the nominations of two judges as Justices of the Supreme Court.

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, read the letter conveying the request after the Senate returned from closed-door session on Tuesday.

The nominated judges are Sidi Bage, Nasarawa State, North Central; and Paul Jauro, Taraba State, North East.

In the letter read by Mr. Saraki, Mr. Buhari said his request followed Section 231(2) of the Constitution of Nigeria, as amended.

The President sought expeditious attention of the Senate, Mr. Saraki read.

Mr. Jauro, who was born on June 26, 1954, became judge of the High Court in 1998. Ten years afterwards, he was appointed Justice of the Court Appeal.

Mr. Bage, born on June 22, 1956, became Federal High Court Judge in 1992 before his appointment as Justice of the Court of Appeal in 2000.

The two Judges had been recommended for appointment as Justices of the Supreme Court by the National Judicial Council.

Their nominations came amid a clampdown on allegedly corrupt judges in the High, Appeal and the Supreme Courts, by the State Security Service.

Of the 15 said to be under investigation, seven were arrested weekend.

They were granted bail on Monday on self-recognisance.


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  • Don’t this man ashamed of giving every available post to North?
    When is Buhari going to repent?

    • Raji Bello

      How did you miss the part that said they were recommended by the NJC which is made up of many southern judges and lawyers?

      • BankyMons

        Really? The proverbial ostrich springs to mind………

    • javscong javscong

      Your question should be addressed to the NJC, the body charged with the responsibility of screening and recommending to the President. The problem is with our existing constitution in particular the non sense aspect of “national character” at the expense of ability and proven track records.

    • ebong

      Was it Buhari that recommended the two judges for appointment?Be wise,and don’t let tribal sentiments becloud your sense of judgment.

    • tundemash

      Dunce .

      The two Judges had been recommended for appointment as Justices of the Supreme Court by the National Judicial Council.

  • Moses Musa

    Those coming on board must learn from the mistakes of those being indicted.

  • Lanre

    Where are all those claiming that the raids were meant to sanitize the judiciary. When Lanre was here shouting himself hoarse that this was an attack on the South, gullible slaves sought to contest my well founded opinion. Yorubas will not be slaves to anyone. We keep watching.

    • tundemash

      Your stupid1ty know no bounds;

      The two Judges had been recommended for appointment as Justices of the Supreme Court by the National Judicial Council.


        Nigeria is not a nation, their corruption level is booming allover the world, let the north the yorubas and the easterners go on their seperate ways and build their country,we are not one people we are not one reliigion we have no love our faculties are in divert form,we are dieying untimely others are suffering,there is no respect for human despise our resouces and blessing yet we are suffering..division will bring sanitisation.

        • Chukwuka Okoroafor

          I think you should research the partition of India in 1947. There was thinking at that time that dividing India would bring sanity. Apparently, this never happened as India and Pakistan have fought wars against each other off and on, they are threatening nuclear war now, and Pakistan then broke up in 1971 and all three nations have secessionist movements inside them today. Let us not forget that on top of that at minimum, 500,000 people died as a direct result of the partition. Sudan and South Sudan was similar in thinking that sanity would return if divided. Both countries are just as unstable today. Some sanity huh?


    These new Judges Were Elevated Based On Recommendation of NJC.

    The President Responded To Recommendations of NJC. Do Not Be Mischievous or Spread Incorrect Comments. The Appointments Were In Order.

    Tired Of Your Elected Leaders? Elections Are Coming Soon,You Have The Opportunity To Vote Them Out!

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  • George

    And no Southerners to be recommended except those who used recommended results from their principles that qualified.

    I hope that Tinubu is happy now.

    • deewon

      are you blaming NJC or the President? Please learn to write from informed angle

      • George

        Nobody to blame but Tinubu the omo-ole who brought this calamities

        • A Grim Sociopath

          Your stupidity cannot be measured

          • kazkaz

            So unfortunate!

          • Tunsj

            You got that right.

    • Simon Tor Gideon

      Why should a southerner be there when there is no vaccancy from that zone?These two are replacing supreme court judges who retired from their geopolitical zones,if a vacancy exists in the south the vacancy will be filled by a southerner,boy wise up

      • George

        So quarter systems has entered Nigeria judges appointment. Backward goats.

        • PolyGon2013

          They are certain position that requires quota. And it has to be done considering our multi-ethnic society, unless the zone doesn’t have any competent judge.

          • Otile

            Why can’t oil bloc allocation be one of those positions that require quota system? Why can’t any quota system favor the South?

          • PolyGon2013

            It should be. But you don’t just allocate unless someone bids for it, and be ready to explore the oil. Yes, SS should be given some allocations.

    • tundemash

      George the monkey, read the news before you respond :

      The two Judges had been recommended for appointment as Justices of the Supreme Court by the National Judicial Council.

      • George

        Yes they were recommended and I asked you from the tribe of Monkeys and Baboons whether there is no Southerners judges qualified to be so recommended.

        • PolyGon2013

          They are replacing those who had retired from their zones.

        • tundemash

          George the monkey, go ask NJC!

        • Tunsj

          Please look in the mirror and you will see exactly who is a Monkey. You are a loon.

  • Conscience

    The new appointments are not replacements for the arrested Supreme Court judges. It is mischievous for Premium Times and the writer of the story to create such impression. The new judges had EARLIER (before the arrest of judges) been recommended to the President by the National Judicial Commission (NJC) for appointments. They are replacing recently retired Supreme Court Justices from their geo-political zones. If there is need for the arrested justices of Supreme Court to be replaced, the replacement will come from their geo-political zones.

    • PolyGon2013

      Thanks for clarifying this

      • Abba

        Hmmm! Pls check the number of Supreme Court justices. 9 are from the south out of 15. Of the 6 from north 2 are retiring, y can’t he nominate northerner to replace them. Secondly Hw many Muslims are nominated

        • PolyGon2013

          I can understand about North and South, but I really do not care about whether a Muslim or Christian is nominated in as much as the judge’s decision will not be be allowed to based on religion. Nigeria is a secular state. But it appears that the North are heading to non-secular state!

    • Rumournaire

      Thanks again for this. Before you know it, mischievous people would start to scream Northern domination again.

  • chidi

    The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice
    Mahmud Mohammed from the north is about retiring and needs to be
    suceeded by the second in rank according to rules guiding the NJC and
    not just by mere appointment. But unfortunately the second in rank has
    been indicted. By name Justice Walter Onnoghen, born in 1950 at Okurike, Biase Local Government
    Area of Cross River State, is the second in rank to Mohammed in order
    of seniority.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The chief justice of Nigeria,justice Mahmud Mohammed, himself is an epitome of corruption and must be replaced if president M.Buhari, really want to cleanse corruption crimes from all strata of government.Any judge and justice found guilty of bribe-for-favourable judgement must be arrested,prosecuted and penalized and removed from the bench.Also, Nigerian police requires immediate reforms and vigorous anti-corruption measure to clean the police of charge and bail trade mark.

    • Chukxharry

      Yours is a media trial of the CJN!If you know him as corrupt and among those trading “favourable judgements” for bribe in the bench,have you petitioned any relevant agency about his suspected misconducts,giving instances of bribe-takings by him?While mine is no attempt to defend him,I am only saying we mind how we make categorical comments on issues we may never be able to prove beyond doubts about others. I know that, there’s no-one of the members of the ruling class that is innocent of corruption,present or past.I say this because, there’s absolutely now way anyone can go from zero to counting in hundreds of millions or billions on a government salary. It’s impossible!Whatever can’t be justified from someone’s legitimate earnings are proceeds of corruptions,take or leave it.


    Buhari’s lack of diversity in appointments is creating a schism which will outlast many generations of Nigerians . The appointments to the Supreme Court must reflect the diversity of Nigeria to make sense. It makes nonsense of equity and fair-play for the Supreme court to be monopolized by the north when in fact the South by far has produced more lawyers and best legal minds of Nigeria historically and currently.

    It is now clear that the harassment of judges in the past 2 days was just a designed to justify the northern-centric appointments and possibly deny the south the position of Supreme court boss which is due to be vacant soon. The charade was meant to paint southern Judges in bad light whilst cannonizing the ones from the north appointments.

    • shekonlumi ABDULLAH

      Can you name 5 top ranked judges from the southern states that are being denied appointment.


        Can you name the 5 top ranked judges from the north who have written law reports used at the Nigerian law school ?

        • pheliciti

          Judges writing law reports? You sir, are a real dunce…


            Most Judges were once ordinary lawyers and attorneys.

      • Otile

        Can you name 5 top ranked judges from the North who are intelligent?

    • WeeFree

      In Nigeria judges are nominated or promoted by the NJC not the president, the president is sent the names just for his approval and then forwarding to the Senate for ratification. Judging from recent developments in the judiciary you should know that the NJC does not access outside guidance on this.

    • Danbatta

      For any to think that Buhari appointment to replace two Justices in the supreme Court is lopsided should have his/her head examine.
      Hatred will always make someone unable to reason justifiably.
      There are two outgoing Judges who happened to come from two geopolitical north. Replacing any judge from any other zone will mean creating imbalance in supreme Court structure.
      But prejudice die hard for those who hate the name Buhari because he has succeeded in blocking their illegal means of survival at the detriment of the nation development.

  • fosi

    I used to think i’ll never bring myself to d level of many bigoted and chauvinistic Nigerians to start analysing appointments on the basis of where one’s from. But these days im beginning to change the way I have always reasoned. Is it a strange coincidence that both proposed supreme court justices r from d north? I’m usually very reluctant to spare any tot for such silly talks. Or I should jettison these foul thoughts from my head!?Perhaps d President’s choices r informed by the fact that 2 northern supreme court justices – d present CJN and Galadima – r retiring n therefore it is only right to fill up d vacancies with justices of d same extraction as d outgoing ones. Whatever d case is, our selection process in this country is indisputably terribly flawed n needs to be urgently reformed if we r to make any meaningful progress as a people. My two cents’ worth.

    • Local Observer


      There’s been no growth in legal thinking in Nigeria. The Nigerian
      Judicial Council is the cause. Judgeship in the Supreme Court is turned into civil
      service job on the basis of length of civil service employment and state of origin
      – whichever conduces to the likes of an incumbent head of state.

      This is why law has stultified rather than grown in Nigeria. Decisions
      issued by a civil service Supreme Court hardly bear logic or make sense to an
      increasingly annoyed general public. President Buhari comes into office with
      false slogan of CHANGE whilst proving in practice as status-quo-in-chief.

      has been done better but rather worse since President Buhari assumed office.
      The Western nations see nothing to regret in that outcome anyways. An African
      ruined into poverty rather ruled into an emerging global power is in the
      strategic interest of the Western nations. Nigerians are the ones who must bear
      the burden of their electoral choice of BUHARI and live with it as best they
      can suffer its consequences, if they feel unable to force the regime’s hands or
      replace it legally.

    • WeeFree

      In Nigeria judges are nominated or promoted by the NJC not the president, the president is sent the names just for his approval and then forwarding to the Senate for ratification.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      urrent Justices of the Supreme Court in order of seniority
      1. Hon. Justice Mahmud Mohammed GCON
      2. Hon. Justice W.S. Nkanu Onnoghen CFR
      3. Hon. Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad CFR
      4. Hon. Justice Suleiman Galadima CFR
      5. Hon. Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour CFR
      6. Hon. Justice Nwali Sylvester Ngwuta CFR
      7. Hon. Justice Mary Ukaego Peter-Odili CFR
      8. Hon. Justice Olukayode Ariwoola
      9. Hon. Justice Musa Dattijo Muhammad
      10. Hon. Justice Clara Bata Ogunbiyi
      11. Hon. Justice Kumai Bayang Akaahs OFR
      12. Hon. Justice Kudirat M.O Kekere-Ekun
      13. Hon. Justice John Inyang Okoro
      14. Hon. Justice Chima Centus Nweze
      15. Hon. Justice Amiru Sanusi OFR

      I look at the above and I immediately see 9 Justices from the south out of 15. The CJN from the North is retiring which will leave only 5 Justices from the North. So, why is appointing two Justices from the North at this time so bad.

      • fosi

        Wonderful clarification. I always knew d talk about one-sided appointments was a humbug, an unnecessary redherring to distract from d puny successes being recorded today.

      • Chukxharry

        This latest regional balancing of appointments, hope it will continue?All the while,it had been imbalance all the way and those it favoured praised and/ or defended it,when those it was against raised question.Ours is a plural society and this plurality must always be at the heart of our consideration in fairness to all,so it’s being parochial and myopic for anyone to think issues about one-sided appointments are “a humbug” and “red herring”.People should always be objective,empathic and balanced in their judgement of others or events.Under some immediate past regimes,I heard or read of the North complaining of marginalization by the South,even when almost all the key government appointees,including service chiefs,came from the former. Complains and accusations of marginalization have been part of us,as a multi-ethnic,multi-religious and multi-cultural nation.

        • Ajayi Ifayemi

          A lot of time the complaints are ill timed and misplaced. Like now, if people just bothered to look at the composition and the practice in the past, they will see that there was nothing wrong with the appointments. The same with many of the appointments we complain about. If you just do a little research and find out about things, you will find the government is making an effort to balance things out. However, the opposition has basically decided on a campaign of calumny. It does not help, it just polarizes us more.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Did you miss this bit in the write up?

      “The two Judges had been recommended for appointment as Justices of the Supreme Court by the National Judicial Council.”

      Take a chill pill, bruv.

    • thusspokez

      This is the Buhari policy of CHANGE — It is the only policy he has achieved since coming to power.

  • Abidilagungun

    The incorruptible ones are now being appointed, Heil Mallam!

  • peter

    The new judges will now be positioned in the states where the government will need their services. That is why the arrested judges are being made the scapegoats. Sorry for Nigeria.

    • Comfortkay


    • Sean

      There’s only one Supreme Court and that’s in Abuja!!!

  • Mariam, Da Colonel